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Under His Jurisdiction by Missy McKay – Sample

Chapter One


I can’t believe how much we lucked out on the weather this weekend for my best friend’s beach birthday party. The sky is a crisp blue and the water is shimmering from the sun shining down on it. It’s the perfect day for me to work on my tan and relax with the ladies before we head out to the bars tonight to celebrate. We’ve spent the last few hours sprawled out on beach towels while sipping on our discreetly disguised beverage.

The last time I actually found a free moment to spend a weekend at the beach was well back in my early twenties, so I plan on making the most of this getaway with my friends. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire has always been one of the trendiest beaches in New England and today didn’t let us down. The light sand is peppered with beach towels, coolers, and multicolored umbrellas, leaving little space for latecomers to find a spot. Luckily, we got here early enough to scout out the perfect locale. I spin around, resting on my elbows and shaking my long brown locks off of my back to be sure I am getting even color throughout.

“Hey, Harper.” My best friend Ashlie rolls over beside me. “Thank you so much for planning this weekend for me. It has been amazing already.” Ashlie and I have been attached at the hip since she moved into the house next to ours when I was seven. I still remember how we met—she was riding her bike around her driveway while her parents and movers were getting stuff into the house. She fell off of her bike and my brother Max ran over to help her up—she got up, looked at my brother in the eyes, and with no hesitation said, “I might look like a girl, but I ain’t no wussy.” I knew in that moment we were destined to be friends for the long haul.

“No problem! I’m just glad we were blessed with good weather.” We tap our oversized ‘water’ bottles together. “I can’t wait to see the band tonight at Bernie’s!” Bernie’s is this amazing beach bar that has a deck overlooking the ocean. The view can’t be beat, and they know how to get a crowd hopping. It is the best place for night life in the area.

“Oh My God. Me neither,” she squeaks out.

We had been planning to see this band for a couple of years now and had never seemed to make it work out, so it was just perfect that they ended up here in Hampton this weekend.

“Hey!” Jamie shouts over to us, holding a purple, sparkly Frisbee. “Get your lazy asses up and let’s play.” Jamie is my other best friend. She’s… different. I really don’t know any other word I might use to describe her other than maybe unique. She’s completely herself and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about her. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more like her. It was my New Year resolution this year; come out of my shell and stop worrying about what everyone thinks so much. Definitely easier said than done, but Jamie is an expert at it.

Since we have been lying around all day, I have no problem popping right up to play. “I’m in!” The other women we are here with start shuffling up to their feet; some a little more excitedly than others. I quickly take note of the crowded space around us. “Jamie, how about we head closer to the water, so we won’t be knocking people over as we play.”

“Good idea!” she agrees so we take the short walk to the water. We spread out just far enough away from one another so we can make some good throws. Selma throws the Frisbee toward me and I catch it easily, spinning around and throwing across to Ashlie. We continue tossing the Frisbee back and forth, some of us catching and others of us dropping it; none of us will be recruited for the Olympics for Frisbee play, that’s for sure. If it’s even an Olympic sport, that is.

The Frisbee zooms in my direction; I quickly realize it is going well over my head and start to run backwards, naturally keeping my eyes on the moving target. Jamie yells, “Watch out,” but it is too late. I slam into a hard body behind me, knocking both the person and myself into the water together, drenching us both. Landing on top of the person, I take a moment to recover before looking up into a pair of brown eyes on the most ruggedly handsome man I’ve ever seen. His jaw is chiseled, his face just barely hinting of facial hair; one eyebrow is hitched up and his hair is tousled and wet.

His strong arms are wrapped around my back, reminding me that I am lying on top of him. My cheeks heat with embarrassment. “I am so sorry.” Pushing up to get off of his body, I lay my hand across his chest to help shift my weight to stand up, but his hand isn’t moving. I’m not really sure I want his hand to move either. Taking a moment to look at his face, I take in his dimples as his lips quirk into a smile. Giving him a hint of smile back, I fight through the embarrassment lighting up my cheeks.

“Honestly, there is little need to be sorry,” he says low and deep; the voice one I wouldn’t complain about hearing over and over again. “I should have been looking out for a beautiful woman running backwards.” I feel his body shake with laughter. I can’t help but join in.

“I’m so embarrassed,” I say through breaks in our laughter. He lets me fall slightly to the side to get back to his feet before pulling me up alongside him. I take a moment to look at him from head to toe. He’s all man—toned, tatted, and tanned. It definitely didn’t take much for him to hoist me up. Although I feel better having my feet underneath me, I instantly regret not having his warm body against mine.

“Are you okay?” He holds me by my upper arms to ensure I’m steady on my feet, his voice full of real concern. He isn’t shy as he lets his eyes roam up and down my body clad only in a black bikini.

“Umm, I’m pretty sure I should be asking you that.” I smile at him, watching his eyes lazily drift back up to mine as though he isn’t in any hurry to stop his perusal. “You broke my fall.” I should be offended that he is looking me over like a piece of meat he’s about to devour, but instead feel my body warm with each swipe of his eyes.

“That I did!” He pretends to hold his shoulder in pain. “I’m fine,” he laughs, but I can tell he isn’t finished with his thought—a skill I’ve built in my time as a psychologist, so I wait for him to finish. “Although,” he pauses again and comes closer to me before leaning into my ear. I can feel his breath against the side of my face, sending little bolts of shivers throughout my body. “I would typically spank a girl for touching me without my permission.” So many thoughts run through my mind at once. Weirdo, freak, asshole, and then Oh My God… he spanks women. That last thought leaves me reeling in a mix of feelings. My eyes are wide in shock, but I think more from the shock of my pussy drenching my bottoms even more than the ocean already has.

“Excuse me?” I check to ensure I heard him correctly and it wasn’t the alcohol mixed with sun. “I’m not certain I heard you correctly.” His eyes don’t leave mine as he takes in my nervous smile.

“You did.” He doesn’t waste time beating around the bush. The smile he returns to me isn’t one of nerves like mine, but one of pure confidence. “And if I’m correct, you even like the idea.” My heart skips a beat. My cheeks are now warming from something other than embarrassment.

“Ummm.” I can’t believe my body is reacting to the thought of him spanking my bare ass. What would it feel like? Would I even like it? “I should go.” Thankfully, my brain decides to take back over from my physical want—no, need. I feel his hands fall from my arms slowly, causing me to shiver slightly beneath his touch. It takes everything in me to turn away from him and walk away. I find myself imagining what it might be like to be draped across his strong legs while one of his hands holds me in place and the other spanks me. I’m certain it would hurt, but there is something arousing about the possibility of this stranger punishing me. A sexy stranger. A fucking hot stranger. Even though I’m wet from the ocean, I feel a heat pass through me. “I’m truly sorry I knocked you over,” I call over my shoulder before breaking into a jog to meet up with the other women who are standing in a group waiting for me. I take another look over my shoulder and see him still standing there with a knowing smile that is almost enough to draw me to back to him.

“He is F-I-N-E fiiiiiine…” Jamie says. The others share similar comments that I completely agree with. “Did you get his number?” Ashlie asks. My mind is spinning.

“No. I just knocked him into the water. I was completely embarrassed at my clumsiness.” I realize I know nothing about the gorgeous specimen standing only about twenty yards behind me other than he likes to spank women. I look over my shoulder to take one more peek and the sexy, intense stranger is gone.

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