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Untamed: A Dark Romance by Shelly Douglas – Sample


Friday, July 19

A dark tone crept into Brendan’s voice as he drew her in between his legs. “Why do you think you’re in this predicament?”

She bravely raised her chin, but his meaty fingers grasped it.

“You’re here because you disobeyed my orders. Do you understand?”

Mia knew there was nothing that would keep him from carrying out a promise of disciplining her bare bottom. Staring into his almond-shaped eyes, her heart pounded as she watched the bright color of his golden irises darken until they matched his shining black pupils.

“Raise that tight skirt,” he said, his jaw stiffening.

Who in the hell did he think he was? She didn’t take orders from anyone. Ever.

“No way!” she snapped. “I won’t!”

A snarl rolled in his chest as he crossed his arms and gritted his teeth. “I’m not in the mood for your games, young lady.”

Mumbling an obscenity under her breath, she finally shimmied the black spandex fabric up to her waist.

“You’d been warned multiple times to stop playing with fire.” Brendan’s pitch turned gravelly as he curled his hand around her hip and bent her over his lap. “What did I say would happen if you crossed the line one more time in an interview?”

“But…” Before she uttered another word, his fingers hooked under the elastic waist of her panties, yanking both sides of the soft cotton fabric down to her knees.

“Tell me, Mia. Tell me what I promised if you went off script, again.” His mannerism was eerily subdued as he rested his large palm onto her quivering buttock and gave it a firm squeeze.

“I said I’m sorry for causing trouble,” she muttered, twisting her neck. “What else do you fucking need to hear from me?”

His lips stretched horizontally before he landed five hard slaps to her trembling cheeks. “I. Need. You. To. Behave.”

At that moment, she made a last-ditch effort to squirm out of his grasp. But his hold became even tighter as he securely pinned her to his thighs.

There was no escape. Though her heart raced as if she’d just run a 5k marathon, she tried to calm herself down and make sense of the situation. The lieutenant in charge of this case just bent her over his knee, pulled her panties down, and spanked her ass. Okay, there wasn’t much to figure out—the man was obviously certifiable.

Snaking her even closer to his body, he repeatedly smacked the lower half of her bottom. “Since you were full of surprises today, how about if I give you a few of mine?” he barked, landing his hand across the middle of her bare ass.

“Fuck. That hurt!”

“You knew damn well what the repercussions would be, yet you decided to give a dramatic performance today, which got you into even more trouble. Trouble you won’t be able to get yourself out of. So, the time has come to submit to my rules—I’ll be the one in control from now on.”

She remembered fighting him off like a wildcat when he turned her over his knees two days earlier, but her resistance hadn’t deterred him one bit. If anything, the more she fought him, the harder and faster he’d spanked her. As he lifted her hips, the memory of that spanking was not only crystal clear, but now she had a burning ass, and her panties were wrapped around her ankles.

Who did this kind of shit?

Daddy thought of some extra special punishments to fit your crimes, sweetheart,” he rasped, his stiff hand volleying from one cheek to the other.

A quick breath emerged from her throat as she swiveled her head to meet his grim expression. “You’re not my fucking daddy, and you’re not in charge of me!”

“I’m sure the order to snuff out your young life has already been given, but lucky for you, I’ve accepted the responsibility to keep you safe,” he said, slapping the inside of her tender thigh. “So, it looks like I am your fucking daddy.”

Yes, she was in an embarrassing, exposed position with her bare bottom high in the air. But it wasn’t in her DNA to obey authority, and she would never want him to think he could control her so easily. “No way! You can’t decide that!”

“The decision has already been made!” His palm smacked her ass twice. “You’ll be living here with me, and since I’m responsible for you, you’ll be under my direction.”

“You’re crazy! Let me go! I can take care of myself…”

“The commissioner has notified your superiors that you’re being detained for security reasons, so no one in Quantico will be expecting you anytime soon. In the meantime, I’ll be giving you a few lessons in respect it’s obvious you’ve been lacking.” His low voice rumbled as she heard him click open a container, and then his thick digit rounded the rim of her anus with something cool and slippery.

“Oh, God…” Brendan’s stern tone along with his feathery touch caused a flurry of chills to radiate down her spine, and though she tried, Mia could not stop her fair cheeks from blushing.

“It’s a little late for prayers to him,” he growled, sliding his wet finger into her dark, nerve-filled tunnel. “Now try to loosen up this snug hole, because you aren’t going anywhere. Not until I say you can.” Releasing his lubricated digit, he dramatically sank it deeper into her fluttering pucker.

In the past, she’d tried to hold her head high in difficult situations, but at that moment she never felt smaller or more vulnerable. A lone tear dripped down her nose as she hung her head and imagined her supervisor agreeing to this detainment.

Continuing to work the lubrication deep into her ass, he managed to get past her tight ring of muscle. “That’s right,” he said, squeezing her cheek with his other hand. “It’ll be much easier if you relax and submit to Daddy’s punishment.”

“Please stop,” she whimpered, knowing her anus was starting to grab onto his finger. It was inconceivable and humiliating she’d be aroused by him in such a way, but her own wanton scent was thick in the air, and she knew his sense of smell was keen and discernable.

Like an animal.

“You deserve everything that’s coming to you, my dear.”

She had no doubt his words emerged through a wolfish grin, and his mind was probably brimming with a variety of ideas on how to punish her ass. Brendan usually spoke in a soft voice, but at that moment, his tone became cool and authoritative.

Just like a father who was scolding his child.

“Now then, let’s have a review of why you’re here.”

“I put myself in a dangerous situation. But if you let me go, I won’t ever do it again! I swear!”

“I’d like to believe that… I really would,” he stated nonchalantly, landing a brisk smack across her rump. “But as I said, the decision to keep you here has already been made.”

She stretched a hand to rub her smarting ass, but he caught her delicate wrist and pinned it to her back. “There’ll be none of that, young lady. Right now, I want you to stand up, move to the middle of the bed, and place your bare red behind over that brand-new pillow. This tight ass of yours needs to be widened before I…”

Her eyes immediately darted over to a rectangular piece of blue foam that he had previously set on the mattress. She’d noticed the odd-shaped pillow when they walked into the room together, but never gave a second thought as to why it was there. Instantly, apprehension pulsed through her veins as she stilled and found it difficult to breathe, let alone move off his lap. “Before you… what?” Her voice became so small, she barely recognized it.

His meaty palm slapped the top of her right thigh. “I was going to surprise you, but now that you’ve asked—here’s a quick preview of things to come.” Smoothing his hand around her silky auburn hair, he twisted it around his fist and pulled her head up to meet his feral stare. “After I watch you stand in the corner with a well-strapped backside, I’m going to mount your disrespectful ass and fuck you with my throbbing cock until your knees buckle,” he said, his nostrils flaring as he took a dramatic inhale of air.

Though his words caused her cheeks to flame with humiliation, her clit quivered uncontrollably with desire. What was happening to her? Was she losing her mind?

“There’s no point in denying it, because I know my dirty little FBI agent wants me deep inside every virginal inch of her. The air has been heavy with your sweet scent since your panties came down, but pleasure will only come when you follow my directions.”

A sensation of unadulterated lust fluttered deep in her core. “How could you know…”

“That you’re a virgin? Of course, it was just a guess—but I’m right, aren’t I?”

As her face continued to burn with embarrassment, she figured it was probably the same shade of red as her ass. “Y-yes.”

“Whether you like it or not, you’re going to learn how to obey me.” His determined voice was hoarse as he boosted her hips high off his lap. “The sight of your pretty wet pussy is making my cock hard as a rock.” He tapped her slick slit. “But unfortunately, only my mate should be fucked in her needy cunt.”

Her heart pounded relentlessly, and a low moan escaped her lips.

“Now, now, don’t fret. I’m going to give that insolent ass of yours all kinds of attention. And from now on, whenever I punish you, you’ll refer to me as Daddy.”

Mia’s shaky fingers touched the smooth tile floor as he yanked the panties from her feet, and a whimper emerged from her dry, open mouth as she felt the impressive bulge in his crotch twitch against her abdomen. “You’re a fucking animal,” she whispered, knowing the essence of her dripping labia was filling the air.

His silence was deafening, as he obviously pondered the truth of her retort. “After that tight hole of yours is brimming with a steel plug, you’re going to stand in the corner and beg your new daddy to give you a solid strapping with his belt. You certainly deserve a good thrashing for your performance today.”

Her chest rose and fell anxiously as she listened to his deep growl rumble noisily, and then he smacked her ass while reciting three short words…

“Now. Get. Up.”

Chapter One

Five days earlier in Quantico, Virginia

Kathy Dern’s sigh was heavy as she extended her palm over a black steel desk. “Agent Gates, please take a seat.”

“Am I being reprimanded for something?”

Opening a manila file, the BAU supervisor rifled through a few pages. “Not this time. Although your unorthodox procedures have caused you to sit in that chair more than once, haven’t they?” she said, glaring at Mia over rectangular tortoiseshell reading glasses.

“Sometimes we need to push the envelope to get results in this business…”

“Well, you might want to put a hold on some of those unconventional methods because I hear the lieutenant who’s in charge of your next project is a strict rule follower.”

Mia waved her hand. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Which project and who’s in charge?”

“Lieutenant Brendan Norris has spent his career taking well-known mafia figures off the streets of Florida, and he recently put a big fish behind bars…”

Her mind instantly raced in different directions as she tried to come up with a logical way out of the situation. “Why was I chosen to work with him? I’ve never interviewed anyone connected to a crime family. Everyone here knows that my area of expertise has been in interviewing serial killers.”

“We all believe you’re extremely gifted in what you do, but the brass agrees you have the talent to possibly coax some secrets from this mobster. The lieutenant’s detectives did a first-rate job in capturing Dino Ricci and now the elusive mob boss is going to spend a long time in prison. But the mayor of Starke, Florida thinks the don could become a rat under pressure…”

“Excuse me, but would you mind if I express another opinion regarding my participation in this case?”

Kathy rocked her squeaky desk chair backward and stared at a patch of peeled paint on the ceiling. “Go on.”

Mia tilted her head as a sardonic grin played at her lips. “The man has been described as hard-nosed, by the book, and methodic. Do you really think we’d make a good team?”

“There’s no doubt he’s conservative, but this has been his baby from the beginning—so he knows the players. I imagine this project will be a real eye opener for you in many ways.”

She blew out a breath of frustration. “And how does the lieutenant feel about the FBI coming in to work with him? Is he in agreement with the mayor that his department needs our help, or will he be surprised when I arrive? You know how I hate surprise parties.”

“It isn’t our responsibility to worry about Lieutenant Norris’s feelings,” Kathy responded in a matter-of-fact tone as she abruptly closed the file. “I’ll get all the appropriate papers to you this afternoon, and you’ll leave tomorrow morning. That will be all, Agent Gates.”

Bradford County, Florida

Facing the stark white wall of the conference room, Police Commissioner Kevin Deger finished pouring himself a cup of coffee and carried it over to the wood-grained table where Brendan Norris sat. “Lieutenant, you’ve gone over and above the call of duty in putting Dino Ricci behind bars, and we’re more than pleased with all your efforts on the case.”

Jesus H. Christ, what the fuck was going on now? It usually meant trouble when you were summoned by the commissioner after a criminal conviction had been handed down. “So, why have you called this meeting, Commissioner? We don’t usually get together so you can tell me how happy you are.”

Kevin’s forehead creased as he blew the curls of steam off his Styrofoam cup and raised it to his lips. “The FBI is coming to interview Ricci.”

“Why in the hell would they want to do that? The creep is finally in prison, and he’ll have to exist like a caged animal for a very long time.” Brendan’s eyes narrowed as he straightened his spine against the high-backed chair. “Hasn’t the Bureau been told this investigation is closed?”

Taking a sip of coffee, the commissioner tapped his foot onto the floor. “They think he might be able to help us put another don behind bars. We all know why mob bosses have kept their tentacles in the state of Florida. Not only has it been a sunny playground for them, but it’s remained a lucrative territory throughout their generations. There’s a lot of money to be made in a tourist town.”

“The FBI came to you with this request?”

His shrug was subtle as he fingered the rim of the cup. “Actually, it was Mayor Bartel’s idea.”

“Wonderful. So, who has our mayor selected to work with these agents?”

Kevin slowly lifted his eyes to meet Brendan’s solid stare. “There’s one agent flying in from Quantico, and you’ll meet with her tomorrow.”

“Somehow, I knew those were going to be your next words.”

“Agent Gates works in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, and she’ll be arriving in the morning to interview Ricci in hopes of getting inside the mind of a mobster.”

“You can’t be serious. What’s she going to do—hypnotize him?”

“Look, my hands are tied on this one. Who knows, maybe she’ll lead us to another big boss. From what I hear, her methods can be quite eccentric.”

“Isn’t there anyone else who can team up with her? You know damn well I like to work alone.” Brendan felt the blood rising in his face as he glared into the commissioner’s eyes. But then he instantly took control of his emotions, stared up at the ceiling, and inhaled a long stabilizing breath.

“You were the man who put Ricci behind bars, and the mayor thinks you’re the best person for this job.”

Brendan’s eyes locked with his.

“And I agreed with him.”

“Of course you did. So, how long will she be here?”

The commissioner took another sip of his coffee and sighed. “Until the mayor and the FBI get what they want.”

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