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Wedded to the Warriors by Sara Fields – Sample

Her body was so hot, her skin burning with a blaze that could not be quelled with even a splash of the coldest water. Fire pulsed from her toes to her fingertips, so warm that she felt feverish. Need throbbed deep inside her core and there was little she could do to relieve it. Her arms were lashed to an x-shaped cross, rope twisted around her wrists and ankles, spreading her wide for them, for her three men. One of them walked toward her, maneuvering a black silky blindfold over her eyes, taking away her sense of sight. With this new development, she moaned, feeling her body heat even further until she was sure she was in the fiery pit of a volcano, mere seconds away from an unescapable and magnificent release.

Moist desire pooled between her legs, trickling down her thighs and she groaned as she unsuccessfully tried to squeeze her limbs together. Her chest heaved with arousal and their lips began to brush against the tiny hairs of her skin, igniting shivers throughout her body. Two of them kissed either side of her neck and the third began to caress her breasts, heavy and tight with her lust. Her nipples pebbled at his attention, hardening painfully as he took one and then the other in his mouth. Tongues swirled across her flesh and she arched into them. Hands stroked her aching buds, squeezing and pinching her nipples, while yet another grazed her neck and pushed up into her long dark locks. His fist tightened, pulling her hair back painfully, but she moaned at the feeling as electric desire shot straight to the bundle of nerves between her legs, already desperate for their attention.

The first voice that spoke was soft, almost sweet, making her yearn to please him in whatever way he demanded of her.

“I heard you were a bad little girl, kitten. And that means you’re going to be spending some quality time over my knee getting your bottom spanked until I decide you’ve learned your lesson.”

She moaned out loud, imagining her naked body lying over his thighs, his heavy palm spanking her bottom cheeks red for her disobedient behavior. Another voice whispered in her ear, this one gruffer, expectant of her immediate obedience.

“I told you to get on your knees and suck your men’s cocks and you failed to obey me. Instead, you’re going to get spanked by me too, only I’m going to use my leather belt on your naughty backside to teach you to never hesitate when I give you a command again.”

Her bottom tingled in anticipation of his leather lash and she whined with need for it. Her hips rocked, almost as if his punishment was already about to descend on her quivering, trembling cheeks. A third voice met her ears, low and sensual, yet full of confident promise. Her pussy ached to be filled by all three of them, one after another and she moaned, all her senses heightened to such a state that she didn’t know how much more she could handle without combusting in a never-ending orgasm.

“You denied me access to your body, gorgeous. I cannot condone such naughty behavior. I’m going to stretch that naughty bottom of yours nice and wide, then fill it with my cock. I’ll make you beg for me by the time I’m finished with you,” the third voice whispered into her ear.

Her muscles tightened in response to his threat and she felt her arousal deepen even further. Her body was in a molten state, liquid heat bubbling through her veins. Her bottom cheeks clenched, imagining him claiming her in her darkest, naughtiest place. She shouldn’t want to be taken there, but she couldn’t help it as a soft smile edged at her lips at the very thought of it.

She didn’t know who, but fingertips glided across her wet pussy lips and centered above her needy clit. Crying out as those digits began to move in a steady circular motion, she rocked her hips forward in rhythm with him, seeking her release with a frantic pace. Her entire body quivered at the edge of a cliff, ready to fly off into the clouds with her passionate lust.

Just one more second. One more firm touch. Just one and she would be there.

Moaning loudly, she pressed into the fingers that were stroking her pussy and all at once the hands gliding across her burning skin disappeared, leaving her alone in her lust. Keening, she tried to move back toward them with little success.

“Please. Please let me come.”

“Aimee, I don’t care how much you beg for it. You will not come until I decide you have earned the right. You will obey me in this. You don’t want to know what I would do to you as punishment if you disobeyed me, believe me.” His fingers pressed harder on her clit as he spoke and she threw her head back in response.

“Yes, sir,” she moaned, knowing those were the only words he wanted to hear. She knew better than to press any further and did everything she could in order to calm the riptide of lust hurtling through her limbs. Gripping the ropes and concentrating on her breathing, she prepared for her men, knowing she had a long night of punishment and pleasure ahead of her.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A foreign sound came to her from seemingly far away and she opened her eyes. No longer was she blindfolded and at the mercy of three men, but instead, she was lying on the soft suede couch in her parents’ library. Blinking at the sunlight that streamed through the nearby window, she pushed herself up to a seated position. Yawning, she stretched her arms over her head, groaning as she felt the throbbing remnants of her dream beat through her body. Her stomach growled angrily, reminding her that she’d skipped breakfast that morning. Still caught up in the images that her dream had stirred up inside her, however, she didn’t focus on her ravenous hunger. Her dream had been about them, the savages on a faraway alien planet.

Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee had heard terrible rumors about the savages that inhabited the planet Ollorin, lightyears away orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. Even though it seemed like such a great distance away, it was the closest planet that showed evidence of life outside the Earth’s solar system and even now, at age nineteen, stories about it continued to fascinate her. She’d searched for information on the internet incessantly, so much so that she knew every site that mentioned Ollorin and every author who wrote stories about the mysterious people of Ollorin.

Not much was known about the culture of the people who lived there, in the far reaches of space. Unless specifically invited, no one set foot on that planet with the hopes of ever leaving it. It was said they were a primitive people with old-fashioned beliefs. Men grew to massive heights of seven or eight feet tall, while their women remained small, dwarfed by the difference in size. Whispers conveyed that they lived similar to the savages of old, dressed in animal pelts with sticks and stones stuck in the tangles of their unruly hair, hunting for their food and cooking it over an open fire inside dank, cold, dirty caves. The women were subservient to their men and were subject to their rule, no matter what that entailed. The rumor that arrested Aimee more than anything else was the idea that a woman served not only one man, but sometimes two or three in a single marriage.

In all her years growing up on Earth, the savages of Ollorin had been treated like modern day boogie men. Aimee’s mother and father would constantly threaten her with the idea that they would send her to the planet Ollorin in order to make her behave, but that didn’t do much good. Instead, she would feel a mysterious but insatiable need deep inside her at their warnings, a feeling that she didn’t quite understand. She would stay up late at night searching the web for more information about the savages, scouring forums and reading stories online, no matter the content.

She knew that they were not part of the Intergalactic Federation, the confederation of planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy that worked together in order to maintain unity in times of peace and loyalty in periods of war. Other than that, everything she read about was conjecture.

Nonetheless, there was plenty of literature on the subject to entertain her. Her favorite sites were devoted to fiction written by people throughout the galaxy, who would make up stories about what it meant to be a wife to the savages of Ollorin.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Groaning with annoyance, she glared in the direction of the massive doors guarding the entryway to library. It was really her father’s space, the wall adorned with books from long ago, many of them acquired from the closure of much of Earth’s libraries due to lack of government funding. Her father had spent more money than she could ever imagine on the masses of volumes here and she hadn’t read a single page of them. Honestly, she didn’t really care to. She had better things to read.

The doors to the library swung open and she turned toward the sound. Her mother stood there, her face pinched with worry and stress.

“The population police are next door searching the neighbor’s mansion, so they’ll be here any minute. You must disappear into your room, sweetie. Remember to keep quiet; we can’t have them find you.”

“Again? They were just here a few weeks ago!” Aimee complained, her voice clearly perturbed at the disturbance.

“Yes, hurry, Aimee,” her mother whispered, her eyes looking back nervously at the opulent front door, almost as if she expected someone to knock at the door that very moment.

“I don’t want to. I wanted to go see a movie this afternoon with my friends. Father was going to take me. He promised!” She crossed her arms over her chest and pushed her hip to the side in response.

“Do as I tell you! Why must you fight me every time this happens?”

“Because I hate you both! You’re the reason I have to hide in broad daylight all the time,” she yelled, stomping her foot. She was the third child, the forbidden child in her family. Back in 2250, long before she was born, the Earth was in serious danger of being overpopulated and hundreds of natural species faced extinction because of the billions of humans inhabiting the land. The United Nations passed a law, a unanimous decision limiting family size to four individuals. The law allowed a married couple to raise two children and no more than that.

In desperate times, the government would grant couples permission to have a third child, but only if there was a couple that gave up their rights to have children altogether or didn’t have the capability to have babies at all. These passes were exceedingly rare. Her parents hadn’t applied to have her, nor were they granted any sort of permission; instead they just did as they wished without a care to the repercussions it would have on her life. She hated it, everything about it.

As a result, she hardly ever left their house, instead staying hidden away in the depths of her parents’ massive mansion. All the servants who worked in the employ of her father were paid handsomely in exchange for their silence. Even their neighbors were bribed for their quiet, just on the off chance that they may see her passing by a window. Her father had even bought a forged set of legal papers, which he would bring with them when he allowed her to venture out of the safety of home, which was a rather rare occurrence.

“Aimee, please! Don’t do this now!”

“Fine! If I do this, then you’ll owe me, big time,” she pressed, not really wanting to waste time or energy fighting with her mother for any longer than necessary.

“You and your father can discuss this later. Maybe he’ll take you to buy some new earrings. I’m sure a new pair of diamonds would look lovely on you.”

“You know that’s not what I want,” she pouted.

A knock sounded at the door and her mother’s face became one of panic.

“Please go, Aimee. You know what they’ll do if they find you,” she whispered.

“Fine. Whatever. I’ll be in my room,” she huffed. She wanted to stomp away, annoyed at the turn of events of the day, but did her best to stay quiet as she made her way down the hall. Entering her parents’ room, she made her way into their closet. Pushing some clothes aside and revealing decadent wood paneling, she pressed gently on one of the panels. Hearing the telltale click, she opened the hidden door and climbed into the small hallway behind it. Turning around, she locked the panel into place, ensuring that no matter how well the police searched the home, she would never be found. Her father had paid a lot of money to construct her secret room and had allowed her to make it her own.

On her hands and knees, she crawled forward until she could stand up and walk down the twirling staircase into her bedroom. Aimee had insisted on having an interior designer have a hand in the decorating of her little getaway and her parents had paid for it. Growing up, regardless of the fact that she was a forbidden third child, they had spent a ridiculous amount of money on her happiness, even at the expense of her siblings, Jenny and Brody, but she didn’t really care. When she wanted something, she got it and she wasn’t afraid of throwing a tantrum to get it.

Sitting down at her big cherry desk, she powered on her computer. Her eyes looked around her room, admiring the pink and red quilts that adorned her four-poster cherry wood bed, the delicately carved wood towering toward the ceiling. Her dresser was full of rich designer clothing and the doorway to the right led into a large walk-in closet with enough stock to rival some clothing stores in the nearby city of New York. To her left was a specially designed armoire for her jewelry, so that every expensive piece she owned could be adequately displayed. Her mother in particular loved to give her jewelry and Aimee didn’t really complain about it in the slightest. She liked presents, the more the better.

Her room was hidden beneath her parents’ chambers, in the basement essentially. With no windows to let in the sunlight, it felt like a cave and she didn’t really like to be in it during the day. At night, though, it was an incredible escape.

Opening a browser window, she clicked on one of her favorite designer’s websites, a brand that had been around for almost four hundred years. She explored their online store, finding a new purse design she didn’t own yet. With a squeal, she added it to her cart and charged her father’s bank account on file.

Next, she clicked on the security system that monitored the house. Every room of the mansion came to life on the screen before her and she sighed as she watched the police trickle into the house. Her family gathered in the front room and both her parents and her siblings were left sitting at the dining table while the police began to search the house. With an annoyed sigh, she minimized the video stream and went back to her online shopping for a bit, before logging into her favorite Ollorin story website.

Fidgeting in her seat, she nearly cried out in delight to see that her favorite author had updated the next chapter in a series she’d been hooked on for some time. A woman named Beth had been kidnapped, shipped to the savage planet, and auctioned off to a pair of men named Tarec and Kent. She had disobeyed them in the last installment by mouthing off in front of the village elders and now she was about to be punished by her men. With a happy sigh, Aimee began to read, already squirming in anticipation of Beth’s coming punishment.

Beth swallowed nervously as she looked up at her men, her short five-foot frame dwarfed by the seven-foot forms of Tarec and Kent. Trembling, she stood before them, knowing that in a very short while her vulnerable backside was going to be put over both their laps in succession. Kent would be the one to scold her and warm up her bottom cheeks in preparation for the real punishment that only Tarec would give her. Kent would likely use just his palm, but Tarec would use the heavy wooden hairbrush that left her howling and sore and sorry in more ways than one. Kent was always sweet in his handling of Beth and he cared for her emotionally in more ways than she could count. Tarec was her master and he expected good behavior out of her at all times. He would spank her until she was a blubbering mess begging for forgiveness.

Tarec stood before her and gripped her shift at the base of her throat. She swallowed nervously as he tore the fabric open. His brute strength decimated the clothing in seconds, leaving her bare and naked before them. Trembling, she waited nervously.

Kent offered her his hand and led her over to the edge of the bed. With not a word, he maneuvered her over his broad thighs, her belly pressing against the hard bulge of his manhood beneath his furs. His palm pressed against her quivering globes and she realized just how vulnerable she was. Bare over his knees, her bottom was in no way protected from the spanking she was about to receive.

“Beth? Why are you getting spanked like a naughty little girl today?”

“I embarrassed my husbands in front of our elders. I should have kept quiet and behaved myself. Instead, I talked back to you when I shouldn’t and that’s why you have to spank me,” she rambled apprehensively.

“That’s right. You made us look weak. Because of that, now we have to spank you and present your punished bottom to the council tonight.”

“Oh, please, do they have to know? Can’t you just punish me without telling anyone? No one has to know!”

“Of course I can’t, Beth, you know this!”

“But it’s so embarrassing!” she whined.

“So was your disobedient behavior, young lady. As a result, you are going to get a spanking that you remember for quite some time. I’m going to turn your naughty bottom a pretty pink and then you’re going over Tarec’s lap for a hair-brushing you won’t soon forget.”

The first spank cracked against her left bottom cheek, heavy and slightly stingy. Kent’s spankings were never truly terrible, him definitely being the gentler of her two men. Before long, she felt soreness build over her backside and her arousal was coating her secret folds. His fingers sometimes lingered on her skin, reaching between her legs, gliding against her wet lips and she groaned in response. Tarec watched and she blushed at her wanton reaction, knowing he could see her lust coating her pussy. It felt so naughty to enjoy a spanking, but she couldn’t help it.

Before long, Kent’s spanks picked up power and soon she was squealing at the bite of them. He attended to the entirety of her bottom, making sure not to neglect the curve of her lower cheeks and the tops of her thighs.

All at once, he picked her up and handed her to Tarec.

“Now it’s time for your real punishment to start. I’ve thoroughly warmed her skin for you. See to it that her disobedient backtalk never happens again.”

“Please, Tarec! Don’t,” she cried out, suddenly unbelievably nervous as his large body sat down on the bed, pressing her belly down over his very large thighs. Tarec was a man who didn’t expect any nonsense and she had sobbed many a time over his knee for her disobedient behavior. He usually used just his palm, which was terrible enough, but now he had a heavy wooden hairbrush in his fist that was about to deliver a stern lesson to her already sore nether cheeks.

He didn’t respond to her cries, only clamped a leg over the back of hers, wrapping his free hand around her hip. There was no escape for her. She was getting punished whether she liked it or not.

The hairbrush cracked against her bottom over and over in rapid succession and she gasped at the intense bite that bloomed across her cheeks. He paddled her hard, dominating her and showing her that he was her master and she was his woman. She tried to escape, tried to kick the pain away, but to no avail. She was at his mercy, getting chastised like a naughty little girl for her disobedience.

Beth quickly lost track of how many times the brush bit into her backside and soon enough she began to feel tears edge at the corners of her eyes. As soon as Tarec began concentrating on her upper thighs, she began to cry in earnest, sobbing out her apologies as the unforgiving brush continued to thrash her bottom cheeks.

Finally, Tarec threw the brush to the side and took her up in his arms, cuddling her close to him as she cried out her tears.

“Good girl. You took that very well. We both love you so much and we want you to know that.”

He rubbed her warm skin, his fingers trailing up and down her back. Feeling Kent sit down beside them, Beth threaded her own wrists around both their necks. Four arms surrounded her and she hugged them close, her bottom burning against their hard thighs. They kissed her forehead, one on each side and she smiled despite having just been punished by their hands just moments before. Deep within her core, her unsated need began to pound through her veins and she pressed her lips first to Kent’s and then to Tarec’s, blushing before she began to speak.

“My sirs?”

“Yes, Beth?” Tarec answered, raising an eyebrow at her devious expression.

“May I suck your cocks now?”

“God dammit, why doesn’t she write longer chapters?” Aimee wondered out loud. She didn’t dare ask her father to consider paying the author to write more sooner, since he would never approve of such raunchy material. Even reading it now, all by her lonesome, made her feel incredibly naughty. Sometimes, late at night, she would even venture her hand down in between her legs, feeling how unbelievably wet she got just from reading these stories. Just that simple act alone made her feel wild and wanton.

A red flashing light caught her attention, the software indicator telling her that the coast was clear. As a safety precaution, she pulled up the security footage, confirming that the police were indeed gone. She always checked just to make sure before leaving her room. If she were ever discovered, she would be seized and shipped off to a juvenile detainment center far off in the reaches of space until she came to the marriageable age of twenty-one. Only then, if there was space, would she be relocated to one of Earth’s many sister colonies. Her family, as punishment, would never be able to see her again.

But honestly, she never thought that would ever happen. Her parents were too rich, too well connected, for anything bad like that to actually happen to her.

Shutting down her computer, she made her way out of her bedroom and back upstairs. She had a new request for her father, since they had denied her excursion to the movies for the day because of the population police raid.

He had better not try to deny her again. If he did, she’d take it into her own hands this time. She would get what she wanted, no matter what her parents said.

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