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What She Was Missing by Vivian Phelps – Sample

What She Was Missing by Vivian Phelps (Post 200x300)Chapter One

Rebecca gazed out of her office window. She couldn’t remember the last time when she wasn’t tired, and she had just arrived at the office. She was officially late at 9:30 AM, but no one dared say anything to her. She was the number one revenue generating lawyer in the firm.

Rebecca stood up and stretched her body long and hard. Her back hurt, her feet hurt, and she had a headache. As she sat down again, her assistant, Sheila, came in to retrieve the documents that Rebecca had been signing.

“Thanks, Sheila. I appreciate that so much,” said Rebecca.

Sheila reached down and took the papers up into her arms, then looked at her intently. “How are you feeling today, Ms. Stafford?”

Rebecca smiled. “I feel okay. Why? Don’t I look alright?” Rebecca asked.

Sheila just shook her head slightly. “You look fine, just a little tired, that’s all. When is this merger going to be finished?”

“Well,” Rebecca replied wearily, “we’ve been almost finished three times, but this time it looks like we’re going to finish the projections tonight. We will present them at the board meeting on Tuesday morning and then we should be done for a while. And you will be happy to know, Sheila, that I’m taking the weekend off,” Rebecca said with determination.

Sheila smiled. “Good for you. You deserve it. Okay, I’ll get these off to Accounts Payable and I’ll see you later.”

“Thanks, Sheila,” said Rebecca.

Sheila walked across the thick carpeting and then turned back and smiled at Rebecca before gently closing the door. Rebecca stood, went around her desk, and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling windows. From the 24th floor, the Chicago view was spectacular. Rebecca hugged her arms around her body—today the view seemed a little cold.

Just then the phone rang and Sheila’s voice said, “Ms. Stafford, Mark Venard is on the phone. Do you want to take it?”

“Yes, thanks.” Rebecca went over to the desk, sat down in her chair, and picked up the phone.

“Rebecca Stafford, how may I help you?” Rebecca said out of habit.

“Rebecca? This is Mark Venard. How are you?” His deep smooth voice was like velvet.

“Hello, Mark. I am fine, how are you? What’s up?” asked Rebecca.

Mark sounded serious, somber, almost a little boring. He said to her, “I would like to take you to dinner tonight, are you available?”

“Oh, that sounds nice, Mark. But you know we are working on our projections for the board meeting. Although it has been changed to Tuesday morning, we are still pulling the package together. I’ll be working late, so I don’t think I can come tonight. How about another night?” she asked.

There was a silence on the other end of the phone and finally, Mark said, “Well, you certainly shouldn’t miss your dinner. We could have dinner, and then you could go back to your office and finish your work.”

Rebecca thought for a moment. This was a plausible idea. “That sounds good to me,” said Rebecca. “What time?”

“How about 5:30?” suggested Mark. “Meet me at my condo and we’ll go to dinner from there.” Mark paused, then said, “I look forward to seeing you again,” followed by another awkward pause. It seemed that neither of them knew what to say.

“Thanks very much, see you tonight,” Rebecca said, and then hung up the phone.

She gazed over at the windows. She had a very unusual relationship with Mark. She had met him at the home of a good friend while attending an American Bar Association dinner.

After she was introduced to Mark at the dinner, the chemistry had been apparent almost immediately. Every time their eyes met, electricity had coursed between them. Time after time she had seen Mark’s eyes smoldering at her, and she had become more and more uncomfortable. Finally, Mark had taken her by the elbow and said, “Want to take a walk?” Rebecca had looked up into his face and said breathlessly, “Sure! We should get our coats.” Without a word, Mark had turned on his heel. Rebecca had been smart enough to linger for about three minutes, so nobody would see that they were leaving together. She had caught up to him in the guest bedroom where the coats were stashed. Rebecca’s mind wandered as she remembered what had followed…

Rebecca quietly stepped into the guest bedroom and closed the door behind her. The bed was piled high with coats and jackets. Mark was standing looking out the window at the night sky, but when he heard the door close, he turned around. For a long moment, they stared at each other, and then Mark suddenly strode across the room and locked the door. Rebecca smiled, guessing what he had in mind.

With two long strides, Mark was guiding her to the bed and they pushed all the coats and jackets onto the floor. Once the bed was cleared, they flopped down on it, Rebecca on her back and Mark leaning over her. He kissed her deeply and wetly. He began to breathe harder, as did she. His hand traveled down her body to the hem of her dress, and with his wet sensuous mouth on hers, he gently pulled up her dress. He smiled when he felt her tiny thong. He slid his hand under the triangle and pushed his fingers into her wetness. It felt delightful!

Still kissing her, he explored every inch of her with his fingers. Rebecca felt for Mark’s zipper but he pulled himself out of her reach. Mark’s fingers became rougher and Rebecca could only concentrate on what he was doing. She laid flat on her back while Mark violated her with his middle finger. She began to moan and writhe, and he pulled the thong off and dropped it on the floor, leaving her soaking womanhood exposed to his gaze.

Mark jumped up and whipped his pants and boxers down and off. Before she knew it, his well-muscled body was above her again. He nudged her legs apart and then plunged inside of her. Without a second’s wait, he was thrusting his way to climax. Rebecca couldn’t believe the sensations—with every plunge he hit her G-spot, sending tingling lightening to her fingertips and toes. Their union progressed and they were moving in exquisite harmony. As climax drew near, they both lost themselves in the grunts and groans of satisfaction and release.

As their pleasure subsided, Mark raised himself up on his hands and looked down at her. His face was pink and flushed and his hair was pasted to his forehead by perspiration, but he beamed a handsome smile. He got off the bed and to his feet, but then just stood there and kept looking down on her for another moment, as if taking in her beauty.

As he replaced his boxers and pants, he said, “Rebecca, you are a naughty girl, aren’t you.” It was more of a statement than a question.

Rebecca raised herself up on her elbows and looked confused. In her disheveled state, she shook her head as if to find her senses. “What do you mean, Mark?” she said.

“Flirting with me out there at the party, and then seducing me in the guest room of someone else’s home? What if someone had needed to retrieve their coat? Very, very naughty,” Mark said with both hands on his hips.

Rebecca was shocked, and for a second fury rose within her, but then she noticed the playfulness mixed in with his strict tone, and the hint of a smile which he was trying to hold back. She wasn’t sure where this was going, but she decided to play along. “Mark, how dare you—” she began with pretend indignation, but before she could finish her sentence Mark was kneeling on the bed next to her. With one strong arm, he flipped her over, yanked up her dress and began smacking lightly her on her bare buttocks.

“Hmmm!” sighed Rebecca. Mark began a pleasant routine of caressing, fondling, and smacking her bare bottom, and soon Rebecca started to enjoy the anticipation of not knowing which was coming next.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Mark easily pulled her over his knee. He positioned her with her legs apart, one of them between his own legs and the other over his lap. Then, he began the spanking anew. Again and again he spanked her smartly, then caressed the area, and then slowly stroked her clit. Soon the variation changed, and Mark was rubbing her clit and smacking her bottom with very few caresses. Rebecca could feel the heat inside of her rising, and she closed her eyes to concentrate. Everything became a blur—she was flying towards climax but was held back from release by stinging smacks. “Oh, please, Mark…” she groaned. And with that plea, Mark began to flick her clit rapidly and brought her on toward a shuddering climax. Mark held her over his lap as she slowly recovered; she was as limp as a wet noodle.

Eventually, Mark helped Rebecca to her feet. She teetered unsteadily for a moment and he took hold of her elbow. She finally gained her balance, and as she stood there and brushed damp hairs from her forehead, Mark stood up and found his dinner jacket and coat. “I’ll call you,” he told her as he strode over to the door and unlocked it. He turned back to smile at her, and then he was gone. Rebecca stood there slightly confused. She was naked from the waist down with a tingling bottom and a throbbing clit.

And he had called her. Each time they saw each other, Rebecca would blush, which was quite embarrassing. She was sure that Mark noticed because each time it happened he had a smirky smile on his face. Maybe it was the way he looked at her in his appraising sort of way that made her blush. When they went to Mark’s place the sex was always astounding, and sometimes Mark would spank her deliciously before fucking her.

Interrupting her thoughts, Sheila came in and said that her next appointment was waiting. Sheila wanted to know if she could show them in, and Rebecca told her to go ahead. Shaking off her daydreaming, she immediately went into work mode and got down to what she needed to do that day.

Rebecca’s assistant brought in a lunch tray at noon and Rebecca realized that she was famished. She pushed aside all her papers and her calculator to one side of her desk and set into her chicken salad sandwich and Diet Coke. She thought about what she had to do that afternoon. Of course, she remembered that she was having dinner with Mark, but her mind wandered back to the worksheet she had been working on. She used her quiet lunch time to mentally work out the details of the spreadsheet. When she went back to the spreadsheet, it would only be a task of putting what was in her mind onto the page.

Rebecca looked at her calendar. “Oh my gosh,” she said to herself, “it’s Mom’s birthday today. I don’t have a card. I don’t have a present in the mail. I wish Sheila had reminded me. I’ve got to get her to look at this calendar for me.”

She picked up the phone and called her mother, but got the answering machine. Well, I’ll try again later, she thought. She had just begun to hang up when the voice recorder came on. “This is the Staffords’, leave us a message.” Rebecca decided to leave a message. “Hi Mom, it’s Rebecca, I just wanted to wish you happy birthday, and I’m sorry I missed you. I’ll talk to you later, bye-bye,” she said, and then hung up the phone.

Not thirty seconds later the phone rang, and when she picked it up Rebecca heard her mother’s voice on the other end. “Hi sweetie, it’s Mom. I’m sorry I didn’t get the phone.”

Rebecca sighed. This would probably be a long conversation. “I just wanted to wish you happy birthday, Momma. I’m really sorry, I don’t have a card or present off to you at all. I wish I could be there today,” said Rebecca.

“Oh, pooh, don’t worry about that, sweetie. I am just so glad that you called,” her mother said.

After listening to her mother talk for about twenty minutes, Rebecca broke in and said, “I love you, Momma. Happy Birthday, and I’ll talk to you later, okay? Tell Daddy that I called and not to yell at me. I’m at work, and I have to go.”

After Rebecca and her mother exchanged goodbyes, she finished her lunch and then pushed the tray to the other side of the desk. She then pulled all of her paperwork, her spreadsheets, and her calculator back in front of her. She let out a deep sigh. This particular merger was going to kill her, she was sure of it. It was one of the most difficult she had ever completed. She bent her head forward and began to read, but just as she began to get into her reading she thought about Mark Venard again. She liked him very much, but he was so different. He wasn’t like anyone she had dated before. They were getting closer all the time and she enjoyed his company. Even his interest in spanking seemed so natural, despite the fact that she hadn’t experienced anything like that before meeting him.

Mark was forty-one years old—not that much older than she—but he seemed a lot older. He had been married before and he had one son, Charles, age eight. Mark didn’t say very much, but he seemed to mean what he said, and for whatever reason he kept inviting her out to dinner. Even so, she couldn’t understand what he saw in her. Mark was respected, responsible, and dependable. He was exceptionally intelligent and his quick, piercing brown eyes didn’t miss anything. If fact, Rebecca often thought he was actually scrutinizing her from across the dinner table.

Rebecca, on the other hand, was a party girl. She had a well-known reputation for celebrating heartily after the mergers closed. Most of her peers, co-workers, and bosses were men so she partied with the men. Rebecca was all business during the merger, but once the pressure was off she was shamelessly flirtatious. And when the drinking started, her promiscuity was well known. Many of her coworkers were fiercely warned by their spouses not to get involved with Rebecca. But on the whole, nobody really seemed to mind. Her legendary track record for mergers and acquisition was also well known. In the last five years, nobody had made more money for the firm or for herself than Rebecca. She was a true professional during the merger and a joy to work with. Nobody was going to criticize her for kicking her heels up a little bit once it was completed.

Rebecca was looking forward to dinner with Mark. She could take a break from her work and then come back to the office to finish things up. She thought that once she returned from dinner she would probably be working until about midnight. Then she’d have to go back and rest and get the projections done for the next day.

She worked steadily into the afternoon, until she received a call saying that some of the board members would not be available on Tuesday morning and they would not be able to make the presentation until Thursday. This just infuriated Rebecca. She had worked so hard, and she just wanted get this behind her. But the good news was that the work was almost done and she could maybe even take a day off before Thursday morning to rest and be more refreshed for the presentation. She looked at the board package taking shape in front of her—she was very ready for this one to be finished. Once it was in the hands of the board members, they could read it, study it, and vote on it. It was a great deal and she felt this merger was really going to take place.

She looked forward to seeing Mark that night, partly because she could talk to him about her work if she wanted, since he was also a lawyer and he understood. She continued to work through the long afternoon, and she met with her accountants at 4:30 in her office. They didn’t really have enough room so they decided to go to the conference room, where they spread everything out on the conference table. They began to work on the projections that were needed for the board presentation, and as she concentrated on the work her thoughts about dinner with Mark were pushed to the back of her mind.

Seated at the head of the conference table, Rebecca looked up and she said to the accountants, “Okay guys, every single one of you is a married man. Have you called your wives? They know what you’re doing? I don’t want them mad at me!” Everybody chuckled.

“This merger is almost done. I’m here till we get this done. What about you guys?” All heads nodded affirmative and mumbled their assent. As they all went to work, Rebecca looked at her checklist of what still needed to be done. The conference room became very quiet, and five o’clock came and went, but they worked on with renewed inspiration that the merger was so nearly completed.

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