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Sam’s Little Girl by Pepper North

As she enjoys her cotton candy at the state fair the last thing twenty-two-year-old Hope Anderson expects is to end up riding the Ferris wheel with a handsome special ops soldier who calls her little girl, but Sam Memphis knows a woman in need of a daddy when he sees one.

Hope soon learns the hard way that Sam meant what he said about naughty girls getting a sound spanking, and it isn’t long before she’s being put in a diaper with her bottom still bright red. She delights in every moment of her daddy’s intimate attention even when it leaves her blushing, but will a visit to the doctor for a very thorough exam prove more embarrassing than she can bear?




Publisher’s Note: Sam’s Little Girl is a stand-alone novel which is the fourth entry in the Soldier Daddies series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Pepper North

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 35,000 words


Sam shifted her easily to lean back against his body. His hand stroked back down her thigh. Gently, he lifted each of her thighs to rest over his knees, spreading her legs slightly apart. That caressing hand glided up her inner thigh. When Hope tried to pull her legs together, Sam widened his, exposing her most private area. She froze in place as his fingers traced the seam of her intimate lips and dipped inside to glide through Hope’s pink folds.

The breath caught in her throat as he explored her. Maybe she shouldn’t allow him to touch her like this. They had just met. Hope pulled her thighs together but was stopped by his hands, restraining her legs in place. She could feel the wetness of those exploring digits against her skin. She was so turned on.

“Relax, little girl. I will memorize every part of you. Let your daddy make you feel better,” his husky voice directed. “Daddy’s in charge.”

Hope lifted her hands to cover her face. She hid behind the barrier. It was easier to give him control that way. Her body yearned for his touch and the promise that he planned to know her intimately. He already seemed to know her secret desires.

Releasing his hold on her inner thighs at her surrender, Sam refocused on his explorations. He stroked his fingers along her inner lips to her clit. “You are so beautiful, candy girl,” Sam praised in soft intimate whispers as he pressed hot kisses along the graceful line of her neck to reward his Little.

Hope squirmed on her hot bottom as he circled the sensitive bud with his fingertip. The combination of the sting and the pleasure pushed her arousal higher. His slow, deliberate caresses blew her mind. Sam’s words replayed in her brain and she felt her body respond with a gush of fluid. He was indeed memorizing her body.

The breath caught in her throat as tingles gathered. Unable to process everything, Hope allowed her eyelids to lower. Concentrating on the delicious sensations he lavished on her body, she bit her lip to stifle the sounds that welled from deep inside her.

Sam lifted one hand and ran a wet fingertip across her mouth. “Let me hear you, candy girl.”

Her tongue darted out to lap at the juices he’d spread with his touch. A forbidden thrill zinged through her at the taste. “Mmm!” she moaned, opening her eyes slightly.

“Good, huh? Let me try.”

Hope watched his glistening fingers rise to his mouth. Sam’s firm lips parted to suck on his fingertips. She held her breath.

“Mmmm,” he echoed. “Little girl, I’m going to need to savor you often.”

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