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Sentenced to a Punishment Examination by Carole Archer

Megan Miller is out celebrating the completion of her college exams when a drunken dare ends with her throwing eggs at the campus doctor’s windows. Delinquent behavior is not tolerated by the strict government of late twenty-first century England, and when her misdeed is discovered she is given the chance to avoid a trip to the punishment clinic and a criminal record only on the condition that she submits to a thorough punishment examination from the man she wronged.

After agreeing to the arrangement, Megan is brought to the home of Dr. Simon Wilkie, where she will spend the night before her punishment the next day. She is promptly scolded, spanked, and put to bed. In the morning, her ordeal begins with a humiliating cleansing followed by a series of spankings which leave her with her cheeks blushing and her bottom burning.

But as Simon moves on to examining her in the most intimate, shameful ways imaginable, Megan finds herself becoming more and more aroused by the handsome doctor’s stern dominance, and as the time approaches for him to finish the punishment by taking her long and hard, she cannot help wondering whether she will end up begging for mercy or begging for more.

Publisher’s Note: Sentenced to a Punishment Examination is a stand-alone book set in the same late twenty-first century world as Sentenced to the Punishment Clinic and Sentenced to the Nursery. It is not a romantic story and it is not for the faint of heart. It includes harsh spankings, humiliation, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Carole Archer

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 37,400 words


“Now you listen to me,” he said, landing a solid swat to the base of each buttock. “You’ll do as you’re told or you’ll be spanked.” Megan hissed out a breath as his hard hand landed another smack to the same two spots. “I suggest you stand up and let me undress you or the next spanking will be on your bare backside.” He finished his scolding with a final swat to each cheek.

Megan blinked back tears as he helped her to stand. Gazing into her eyes, he grasped the hem of her sweater and slowly lifted it. “Raise your arms,” he instructed, and she obeyed immediately, closing her eyes as the fluffy sweater was eased over her head and dropped onto the floor. Reaching around her, he unfastened her bra, easing the shoulder straps down before lifting it away. Megan’s cheeks flushed and she raised her hands to cover her breasts.

“Put your hands at your sides,” he told her. “Naughty girls do not get to keep their modesty when they’re being prepared for their punishment.” He stared at her hands and she slowly lowered them to her sides, humiliated when his gaze remained on her breasts. “Your actual punishment tomorrow will be much more embarrassing than what is happening now, young lady, so I suggest you get used to this.”

Megan shuddered as he reached out and cupped her breasts, before running his hands down her body and unfastening her jeans. Kneeling down in front of her, he unfastened the laces on her trainers. With her hands on his shoulders to prevent her falling over, she lifted one foot at a time, allowing him to remove her shoes and socks. He then eased her jeans down her legs, his hands caressing her outer thighs as the material slid down to the floor. She stepped out and looked at the growing pile of clothing beside her.

When his hands grasped the sides of her panties, it was too much. “No,” she shouted, stepping back and covering her breasts with her hands. “Please stop.”

Shaking his head, Dr. Wilkie stood up, gripped her wrist and pulled her toward him, tucking her under his arm in a bent-over position. She stamped her feet and cried out as he landed a volley of hard smacks on her behind.

“Let’s try again,” he said, turning her to face him and taking hold of the sides of her panties. He gazed into her eyes as he peeled them over her buttocks, then squatted down in front of her as he eased them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, shaking her head and squeezing her eyes tightly shut as she stood naked in front of him. Lowering one hand, she shielded her sex, covering her breasts with the other arm.

“Hands on your head, let me look at you,” he said.

Megan shook her head. “No. You can’t see me naked. You just can’t. It’s wrong. Go away.” Her eyes were wide as she tried to shield her body from his view.

“I’m going nowhere, young lady. Do you really need another spanking so soon?” he asked. Shaking her head once more, she chewed her lip anxiously as she gazed up at the ceiling, at first moving her hand from her breasts and placing it on top of her head, then raising her other hand to put on top of the first.

“Good girl, that’s much better,” he said, stroking her cheek. Stepping behind her, he ran a finger down her spine. She shuddered as his finger continued its descent, tracing the cleft of her buttocks. Moving back in front of her, he once more fondled her breasts, tracing her nipples with his fingertips. She gasped as his finger ran down between her breasts, over the soft swell of her stomach, dipping into her belly button, before moving down over her mound. He stopped just short of touching her slit, before removing his hand.

“Now, get into the bath,” he said.

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