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Shared Between Them by Korey Mae Johnson

Shared Between Them by Korey Mae Johnson (Post 200x300)Considered untouchable by her kin, Kyra has been an outcast all her life. Then two massive, battle-hardened human warriors stride into her woods on a quest to kill a giant and claim a great reward, and after her attempt at petty thievery is foiled, she finds herself stripped naked and soundly spanked.

But that is only the beginning, for the reward for the death of the giant is not only gold and jewels, but the hand of an elf-maiden in marriage, and Kyra is shocked to the core when she learns that the humans have not only completed the quest which cost the life of every previous adventurer, but they have chosen her as their prize.

Taric and Draeven neither understand nor concern themselves with Kyra’s status as an outcast—all they see is the most beautiful of all the elves, a woman who they have both longed to claim as their own and fill with their seed since they first set eyes upon her. Raised as brothers, they have shared many women before, and now they will share a wife—and take her in any way they please, as often as they please, until she bears a son for them… the half-elven son of giantslayers whose birth has long been foretold.

Kyra, who had never expected to feel the pleasure of a man’s gentle touch, now must submit herself to the fierce, insatiable needs of two hulking barbarians. Yet something stirs within her, and though she blushes with shame at the very thought, she wonders if a day will come soon when she will beg for more.

Publisher’s Note: Shared Between Them is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes including threesomes and sex for the purpose of breeding, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and much more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Korey Mae Johnson

Word Count: 55,900 words

eBook Price: $4.95


“Oh, come now. A woman’s never too old for a well-needed spanking,” Taric replied above her. “Drae, you missed a spot.”

“I hate you! I hate you both! I can’t wait until you’re eaten, and you will be!” She was quickly beginning to wish that the giant wasn’t deaf, because her cries would lead the creature right to these men.

“Nnnooo!” she cried. Then, at last, she felt the leather bindings slipping away. Her hands were free! She grasped at Draevan’s leg, trying to heave herself off, but he wasn’t having any of her escape attempts, and held her tighter, pressing her chest to his thigh.

“No need to be so angry at us just because you’re a bad thief,” Draevan clucked. “Taric, can you hold her hands down? She’s getting a little dramatic, and I’m not near done,” he asked Taric with the sort of casualness that was reserved for ordering a beer at a tavern.

“Okay, okay!” she cried, as if she had completely succumb to this inquisition.

Only it wasn’t an inquisition, so even though she actually said, “I’m sorry! Is that what you want? An apology?” it didn’t help her a jot.

“I want you to stop making a racket, so we can teach you not to steal without our ears bleeding.” Draevan didn’t sound very sympathetic at all, which meant Taric wouldn’t be, either. After all, only Draevan knew how hard he was hitting her.

He stopped spanking only long enough to adjust her on his lap so she wasn’t half-way falling onto the ground like she was now. Lord, it hurt still even though he wasn’t currently smacking her! Her skin burned heatedly and stung, and she wanted so much just to reach back and rub the pain away…

SMACK. And the pain returned. Somehow, thinking for a moment that it might be all over after all and then it not being over was too much to bear. Her lip trembled as she felt her eyes begin to prick with tears. She had to get out of this!

“Aaah!” she jerked, out of necessity for survival, in such a way that her hands were now free, and all she could think to do was struggle all the more, her arms cartwheeling, as she tried to escape this new pain. The leather felt like it was slicing into her! “No, no, no!” she yelped. “No, no…”

Taric was suddenly crouched in front of her, gathering her hands into his own. His expression was oddly patient, and he watched her expression change. In turn, his face began to look not sympathetic, really, but warm. It was quite an odd contrast.

SMACK! “Please, please…” she whimpered at him. “Help…” Her throat was already sore from yelping. She could feel that any second the dam would break, and she would start crying. There wasn’t any stopping it.

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