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Singing for Her Master by Rose St. Andrews

First he made her obey. Then he made her his pet.

Stephanie Lobo has the voice and the moves to be the next big pop sensation, but when her immature behavior threatens to derail her career her boyfriend decides to put her in her place.

From now on when she’s naughty she’ll be bared and very soundly spanked, and when she’s been truly bad she’ll be put in a cage wet, well-used, and wearing nothing but a collar and tail.

Each day on stage, she will sing for her master.

Each night in his bed, she will beg, cry, scream, and climax for him.




Publisher’s Note: Singing for Her Master includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 48,000 words


She stayed there, bent over, hands on knees as he slowly took aim. Never in her life had she been so embarrassed. Yet, other emotions washed over her. For some reason, she felt cared for and loved, which made no sense. Then there was how turned on she was, which was truly the most bizarre sensation of all. The air was sucked away from her bare cheeks. She froze and tightened her body. A mighty whoosh and… smack, another fire erupted in her cheeks.

“Eeep,” she choked out, trying to not make too much noise.

“That’s one,” he said simply.

She turned her head. “Hey, wait a minute, that’s two,” she whined.

“No, the first one was a penalty for ignoring me,” he scolded. “You want me to add more?”

“No, sir,” she said meekly.

“Very good, you’re learning. Now, face forward!”

She did so. Another tap came to her tender cheeks, and then—smack, the paddle landed. It seemed to go in slow motion. The wood impacted her flesh, her glutes compressed as the paddle’s energy was transferred to those muscles, ache and sting grew, she lurched forward a bit, her nails digging into her knees as she tried to hold position, and she let out a louder yelp.

“Ow,” she moaned, still trying to keep quiet.

After that, he set up quite the steady routine. His arm went back, he swung hard, fire grew in both cheeks as the paddle was long and wide, and thus able to cover the area in question with ease, and her howls grew steadily in volume. Eight, nine, ten landed. Her ass felt as if she was sitting on a stove and she thought her nails were going to draw blood from her knees. She braced for the next swat, her eyes shut tight, and then nothing happened. Slowly, tentatively she opened her left eye and looked around. Alan was still in position, but the paddle was at his side. He stepped around in front of her.

“Stephanie, do you understand why I’m doing this?”

“Ah… because you’re mad at me?” she said, tilting her head to look up at him.

She tingled. He looked so tall and commanding.

He shook his head. “No, not at all. I would never punish anyone, especially someone I love out of anger. This is about you betraying the trust and feelings that had grown between us, and also lying, which is something I can never tolerate.”

“Never? About… anything?”

“No, of course not,” he said with a chuckle. “A little lie is nothing, but lying about an issue that’s critical to our relationship—that’s unforgiveable. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Alan, I do, and I’m sorry,” she said softly. Her eyes filled with tears as she realized he’d just said he loved her.

He gave her a small smile. “Just hearing you say that means the world to me.”

Her heart soared with pure delight, even as he again moved into position and took aim at her poor tender ass. The throbbing and sting had dimmed a bit, but also spread out to encompass her cheeks like two hot hands kneading and caressing her pulsating flesh. She wiggled and squirmed as the fire fingered her, hot thrusts jabbed into her pussy. What in the world was going on with her body?

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