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A Gift for the Commander by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

A Gift for the Commander“You will never be able to be my master. You can’t handle me!” she shouted, her voice carrying around the room. Wes’ gaze darkened considerably, and he smirked up at her, his eyes traveling down her body and settling on the peaks of her painfully hardened nipples. The entire room hushed as Wes pushed himself up from the bench to stand beside her, his massive form towering over her tiny one. Olivia breathed in deeply, his manly scent filling her nose, and the air caught in her throat at his words.

“My, my, seems I have quite the naughty kitten tonight. I see I’m going to have to teach her who’s the boss of her in this castle. What do you think?” His voice was deafening over the hush of the room. Olivia’s heart beat loud in her ears, the sound thunderous and terrible.

Cheers sounded throughout the room, and Wes’ big hand snaked around her throat, pressing down hard enough to cause slight discomfort, yet she was still able to draw in a shaky breath.

“I’m going to strap your naughty backside until once and for all, you call me master for everyone to hear. Is that clear, Olivia?”

She trembled at the dangerous intensity in his voice as the wetness between her legs steadily dripped from her folds. Her body trembled in anticipation of the pain and pleasure he was about to give her. She couldn’t help but smile as she spoke her challenge. “I’d like to see you try.”

His fist closed around her long blond waves, and he jerked her head back so that she arched up on her tiptoes to try to relieve the sudden pain. He pulled her body close to his, and shoved his thigh in between her legs. Her hips rocked toward him and she nearly moaned out loud, the pain in her head quickly molding into fiery pleasure racing through her veins.

Slowly, he walked up to the stage with her in tow, his hand tangled in her hair. Soft whimpers escaped her lips as the other four climbed down. Kade and Dante had pulled up the girls’ panties and rearranged their skirts to cover their well spanked behinds. Olivia was vaguely aware of them sitting back down at the table, the men cool and confident, and the women sitting uncomfortably on very sore cheeks.

Wes led her over to an x-shaped cross that she hadn’t had the chance to notice, so enamored as she’d been with watching the public spankings. The cross was in the center of the stage, and leather cuffs hung from all of the arms. Swallowing nervously, she sighed in relief the moment Wes released her hair, and didn’t fight as he buckled one leather strap around her wrist, and then the other. He kicked her legs open wide and cuffed her ankles to the wood. She tried to move but found her situation inescapable. Despite the fact that she should be nervous, she smiled into her shoulder, her blood sated for that very moment.

Her back to the crowd, she breathed heavily. Wes’ hands came around her neck, his touch igniting her skin. She felt hot, broiling with need for him, and for his lash.

Suddenly, his fingers left her skin and grasped the fabric cascading around her body. The sound of fabric tearing filled the room, and within seconds, he pulled the garment away from her flesh. With a gasp, she realized she was completely naked on stage, lashed to a cross, in front of an entire crowd. Her body betrayed her even further, her hips rocking lewdly back and forth. Her head told her she shouldn’t want this, but the need overtaking her body was too strong. Her insides seemed to be alive, awakened to what she truly craved. She moaned as she felt his fingers trail down her spine, a shiver taking over her entire sense of being.

“Please,” she whined before she could stop herself.

“Please what, Olivia? What do you need?”

“Wes, I need… I need to be spanked. I need you to punish me.”

He dragged his fingers across her bottom, along her curves until he pressed them in between her thighs, gliding across her soaked and incredibly aroused pussy lips.

“Well, indeed you do, my naughty kitten. I promise you that I will give you a very well punished bottom before the night is through, and you will never lay a hand on me again, or hesitate again when you address me as your master. Do you understand, little one?”

She couldn’t form words, and only moaned in response.


The first spank fell and she cried out at the pain and pleasure of it. Wes hadn’t started slow or gentle, and she didn’t want him to. Spanks rained down on her naked behind, and she imagined her white bottom cheeks changing color from white, to pink, to red under his punishing hand. Lifting her bottom to meet his palm, she arched her back into each punishing blow, the pleasure throbbing deep in her core at overwhelming levels. He paused for a moment and she heard sounds behind her. Not being able to look, she could only guess he had retrieved one of the implements sitting on the tables on stage with her.

Panting, she waited, not knowing what was in store for her, yet loving every second of it. Her muscles trembled, anticipating the bite of wood, or maybe something else. She didn’t have a chance to focus on everything that had been laid out, as she’d been so distracted by the two women being taken in hand right before her eyes just minutes prior to her stepping on stage.

And now she was tied to a cross on the stage, about to be punished in any way that Wes pleased, and pleasure raked through her body. The thought was heady and powerful, and she shuddered as his footsteps moved closer to her. Finally, she felt his body heat move near, and she shivered with anticipation.

Something cool and soft pressed against her bottom cheeks, and she keened loudly when she realized it covered both of her fleshy globes. The implement warmed, and she realized she was about to be spanked with a thick leather strap. It was wide, yet soft, and she knew it was about to make her bottom cheeks dance with every stroke against her bare naked skin. Her backside, already smarting from the sting of his heavy palm, pressed back against the broken-in leather that was about to punish her even further.

She couldn’t stop herself as her hips rolled, her pussy aching with raw desire. Breathe in, breathe out, she had to keep telling herself.

“Please,” she whispered, her voice heavy with her arousal.

The first stroke of the strap fell, and a line of fire alighted across her bottom cheeks. Very quickly, that pain turned into pleasure, shooting straight to her core, causing her hips to buck and her clit to pulse. Over and over the strap fell, and her pleasure began to grow to insurmountable levels. Her pussy throbbed with each punishing blow, achingly empty and needy with desire. She felt alive, and her body pulsed with electricity, the coil inside her wrapping tighter and tighter until it became the only thing on her mind. Wes strapped the lower area of her curvy backside, once, twice, three times, each lash landing directly over her pussy. Suddenly it all became too much, and her body tensed as the coil inside her finally broke in two. Screaming out her pleasure, her body shook against the cross, her wrists holding up her weight as her legs turned to jelly. Still the strap fell, and she climbed even higher, rolling into a second orgasm before everyone in the audience. Her moans sounded off the stone walls, reverberating off the tall ceiling high overhead.

At long last, her body finally calmed, and she hung limply, still lashed to the cross. Wes quickly unbuckled her and held her close to his chest.


“Yes, master?” Her voice was hoarse, her throat sore from the screams. Her eyes finally focused back down at him, and she smiled softly.

“Your skin. It’s glowing again, only this time, it’s much brighter.”

Looking down at her hands, that same white aura seemed to be emanating from her once again. It was magical, yet she knew she had no abilities of her own. She couldn’t have magic; it wasn’t something she ever expected. She was quickly distracted as Wes pulled her closer and began walking across the stage.

Wes carried her down the steps and looked back toward the table where Kade and Dante sat. His expression seemed determined, yet soft.

“See to it that dessert is delivered to my room. And see to it that extra heavy cream and melted chocolate are included with it.”

“Of course.”

“I’m going to go enjoy my submissive in the privacy of my chambers now. See to it that I am not disturbed by your curious women either.”

Olivia was vaguely aware of the smirks that befell the men’s lips as they looked back at their women. Neither Lana nor Morgana seemed to be in a hurry to come after them. Curling back into Wes’ warm chest, she sighed, feeling safe and content in his arms. Her eyes closed as he carried her out of the dining room, her body sated and her bottom hot.

She drifted off to sleep as he carried her through the halls and into his chambers.

When Olivia finally opened her eyes, she smiled as Wes looked down at her. He had sat her on his bed and wrapped her in soft, dark gray fleece blanket. Picking up a glass of water, he held it to her lips.


She gulped down the water greedily, not realizing how thirsty she was until that very moment. Before she knew it, she had drunk down the entire glass. Pulling the blanket close around her, a chill took over her body and her muscles trembled. Seeing her reaction, Wes pulled her into his chest.

“What’s happening to me?”

“You’re feeling the drop that some people go through after a particular heavy submission experience. Don’t worry, my pretty one, I’ll keep you safe and warm here, with me.”

Feeling utterly vulnerable, she curled closer to him, relishing in the warmth his body provided her. Neither of them said anything for a long while, as she processed the feelings racing through her head. How could she have possibly just done all those things, especially in front of an audience? Wes must think her a terrible excuse for a human slave, having disobeyed him in front of everyone, and he must be embarrassed that she enjoyed her punishment so much that she came just from being spanked alone, on a stage no less. He must think her so wanton that even he couldn’t tame her wild ways.


“Yes?” she answered, her voice shaky with the emotions tugging at her heart.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

“Don’t tease me,” she whispered while looking away, tears prickling at the corners of her eyes. She felt her bottom lip quiver in response and she sniffed, trying not to cry.

Instead, he grabbed her chin forcefully with his fingertips, his expression calm but stern as he stared down at her. Her insides churned at his heavy gaze, his alpha male persona very clear at the moment. She knew that he was intensely displeased with her reaction.

“Your submission to me, up on that stage, the way you goaded me into punishing you; how you allowed me to lead you up on that stage and tie you to the cross; the way you moaned when I tore your clothes off of your back, leaving your naked backside open to my lash; the arch of your spine every time the strap licked across your bottom cheeks was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The way your body submitted to me, the way you flew up high into the clouds at my hand, will haunt me for the rest of my life, and only in the best way possible.”

“You mean you don’t hate me? After I acted like a wanton whore in front of everyone?”

“Olivia, I have never considered you to be a whore. Far from it.”

“Thank you,” she breathed, feeling relieved.

“In fact, you’re my own naughty slut, but only under my hand; do you like the sound of that? Are you master’s little slut?”

She should be shocked at his words, aghast at the improperness of it, the wrongness of it, but for some reason she wasn’t. She couldn’t bring herself to be, when a thrill raced down her spine and her pussy became wet. There was no denying it, she liked it when he talked like that to her, and the smirk that lightened up his face told her that he liked it too.

Her chest heaved up and down, and she felt a flush creep up her neck until it reached her face. Swallowing heavily, she brought her eyes up to meet his, which were hooded with desire. He pulled her closer and kissed her hungrily, deeply, and she panted. His tongue plundered her mouth and she moaned into him. The hardened peaks of her breasts pressed up into his chest as she kissed him back. Snaking her arms around his neck, she pressed herself even closer to him, and moaned at the pressure of his hard muscles against her soft body. His thick arms circled around her waist as he began to trail kisses down her neck, across her collarbone, and down the curves of her full breasts.

Arching her head back, she cried out as he took a nipple in between his lips, flicking and circling it with his tongue. As he dragged his teeth across the hardened peak, she squealed with pleasure, the feeling of need taking hold once again deep in her core.

“Oh, Wes.”

“It’s master to you, naughty slut, or do I have to put you over my knees again to teach you the lesson once and for all?”

“Oh, Wes, please!”

He kissed her other nipple, slowly, and his fingertips brushed against the first one, twisting and pinching as she cried out. All at once, his touch disappeared and she whined in protest. He stood up and moved closer to the nightstand beside the bed. Sitting back down, he looked darkly back at her. She whimpered, knowing he had something in mind to punish her constant defiance, yet her pussy lips were already soaked with her arousal. She couldn’t deny that every time he threatened her, her body responded, wanting whatever he was about to do to her.

“I want you to put yourself over my knee, naughty girl.”

Her bottom still hot from her recent spanking, she trembled slightly as she moved closer to him. Her fleshy globes were still hot to the touch, and stung still, especially on the fuller portions of her cheeks and upper thighs. Could she really take another spanking?

Without too much delay, she slowly lowered herself over his thighs. Jerking slightly the moment his palm laid against her hot bottom, she nearly sighed at its coolness, hoping it would just stay there, just like that. Instead, his fingers dragged across the curves of her bottom, each inch smoldering under his confident touch.

Her brow furrowed as he ventured closer and closer to the center of her bottom, his hand grazing against the cleft in between her cheeks. When he finally stopped and pushed her cheeks apart, she squealed and tried to twist away from him.

He swatted her bottom twice, catching the vulnerable lower curves and the tops of her thighs. She stilled as he continued to explore her, pressing her cheeks apart and gliding his thumb over the top of her tight rosette.

“What are you doing?” she protested, her voice high and full of trepidation.

“I am going to teach you who is your master. I’m going to claim this bottom hole as mine one day, and I wish to begin your training immediately, since you are in dire need of another punishment, it would seem.”

“Wes! You can’t truly mean to!”

“Kitten, you’re going to be my naughty little slut and open that bottom hole of yours because I tell you to.”

That nearly undid her.

“Oh, god, yes, master,” she moaned, his words causing her arousal to soak down over her thighs. Unable to help it, her hips shamelessly rocked against his leg, no doubt causing her honey to drip down onto his dark pants.

He continued to run his thumb over and around the rim of muscles that protected her unexplored channel, and amazingly, her body continued to respond. She heard him open the drawer of the nearby nightstand, and gasped when he firmly separated her bottom cheeks. She moaned when she felt a slickness pour over her little star, and squirmed when his thumb began to push into her. Continually probing inside her bottom, deeper and deeper with every passing moment, he had little mercy for her as she cried out in protest.

Her tight rosette protested, stretching achingly slowly, but the more he pressed into her, the easier it became. He paused for a moment and rustled inside the drawer again. A cool plastic object replaced his thumb and began to push against her resistant backside.

Clenching her bottom shut at the invasion, she cried out as the object assaulted her tight rim of muscles. Painstakingly slowly, her bottom began to accept what she now realized was a large plug, stretching her naughty hole uncomfortably. Wider and wider it spread her, and she began to panic, seeing no end in sight. How big was this plug? How would it ever fit inside her?

Whimpering, she fought against him, until she felt his fist take hold of her hair at the nape of her neck.

“Aren’t you a disobedient one, not allowing me inside your naughtiest hole. I see that I’m going to have to use my belt on your wicked backside next time. Maybe I need to spank you every single day, so that you remember to be a good submissive for me.”

His words undid her, causing her body to acquiesce to his demands. As she pressed her bottom back, the plug stretched her wider than ever before, until it finally popped tightly inside her bottom. Sighing with relief, she enjoyed the feeling of fullness before realizing the terrible emptiness of her pussy. Feeling her arousal drip down her legs, her hips rocked and she whined.

“Oh, please!”

She moaned as his fingers glided across her wetness, dipping into her channel, and wailed when he immediately pulled back out of it. His fist in her hair pulled tighter, causing her to arch toward him. His other hand pressed at her lips, and she knew instantly what he wanted.

Opening her mouth, her tongue swirled around his finger, cleaning her arousal from his skin. Her honey tasted sweet, like a banana cream dessert yet slightly different. Feeling wanton as she met his lustful gaze, she took his fingers deep in her mouth, causing a moan to breach his own lips. After she had licked his fingers clean, he picked her up off his lap and put her back down on the bed, the plug seated deep in her bottom, every slight movement of her body reminding her of him claiming her there.

Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched as Wes pulled his dark t-shirt up and over his head, revealing his taut abdomen. She gawked as his shoulder muscles rippled with movement, his fingers slowly unbuckling his belt and undoing the button of his pants. Lowering his zipper, he pushed his slacks down over his hips, revealing his cock in that one single motion. It sprang free, tall and hard for her, and she licked her lips at the sight. Stepping out of his clothes, he stood over her, naked and glorious, and the sexiest man she had ever seen. Her pussy ached for him.

Spreading her legs wide, she kept her eyes glued on his large cock. She wondered what it would feel like to have her bottom full with a plug, and him fucking her wet entrance with his shaft. Her mouth like cotton, she groaned as he climbed over her, his hands on either side of her head, and his cock nudging at her needy channel.

He took her then, and he took her hard, his hips crashing into hers with wild abandon. Her desire nearly overtook her, the wet sounds of his cock slipping in and out of her pussy meeting her ears. She groaned, and her pussy clenched around him. He pushed himself up and grabbed her hips, using them as leverage to fuck her deeper, harder than before. Her back arched onto the bed at the feeling of fullness within her, both of the big plug deep inside her bottom hole and his massive cock in her channel. She felt slick with arousal, moaning as her claimed her with his body completely.

Tension built inside her, her core pulsing with such need that it quickly took over her senses. Her hand reached down tentatively between her legs before brushing against her sensitive bud.

“Touch yourself, you dirty little slut. Touch yourself for master.”

No longer did she hesitate, and more boldly now, she ran her finger over her clit, circling it and increasing the pressure until her body felt like it was about to explode into a million pieces. She couldn’t take it much longer. She needed release.

“Make yourself come with my cock deep inside your pussy, and my plug invading your naughty ass. Come for me, Olivia.”

At that moment, her world broke apart as her orgasm crashed over her. She hurtled over the cliff into an abyss of pleasure as her hips rocked, pressing his cock in and out of her, deeper and deeper as she clamped down around him. He groaned into her as she felt his hot seed spurt inside her, and she came again. Screaming, she clutched him before her body finally began to calm. Lying back on the bed, she breathed and met his eyes, her chest lifting up and down in efforts to calm her heart and the throbbing pulse of blood just underneath her skin. She sighed happily, sated, as she looked up at him.

He pulled out from her, and she mewled a quiet protest as she felt his seed drip down onto her thighs. Smiling, he pulled a soft cloth out from his drawer and cleaned in between her legs, gentle, his expression warm. Moaning softly, she enjoyed the feel of the fabric against her sensitive lower lips, until at long last, he pulled it away and threw it into a basket in the corner of the room.

With unexpected tenderness, he pulled her close to him and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back and curled closer to him.

A knock sounded at the door, and Wes groaned. He wrapped the fleece blanket around his waist and moved to answer the door, opening it only wide enough for someone to wheel in a cart and make a hasty exit. Wes had done everything in his power to preserve her modesty, and whoever had brought the items to the door hadn’t set foot in his room. She smiled and lay back on the pillows with a quiet sigh.

“Ahhhh… dessert has arrived,” he said, his voice low and seductive.

He looked back at her with a seductive smile so dark, her stomach felt like it flipped and flopped inside of her. Even though she had her fair share of orgasms so far today, her pussy tingled at just the suggestion of doing more. Her eyes shifted to the metal tray, a large platter with a silver cover on top of it. He lifted the silver piece off, and Olivia moaned at the sight that met her eyes. There was a big piece of chocolate cake, as well as dishes of cherries, melted chocolate, and whipped cream. With a nervous smile, she looked up at Wes as he popped a piece of the dark red fruit in his mouth. When he opened his lips again, he pulled out the cherry stem and she gasped, realizing he had tied it in not one, but two knots.

He smirked at her obvious surprise before rolling the cart next to the bed. She propped herself up, sitting up straight as he offered her a bite of the decadent chocolate dessert.

The flavors burst over her tongue with such a richness that she sighed at the intensity. Wes fed her two bites to his one, and before she knew it, they had eaten the whole piece. He leaned into her, licking some chocolate frosting off her lips before capturing her in a kiss that nearly took her breath away. He drew back, his gaze soft and sweet. Her heart pounded as she gazed up at him.

She wondered how he felt about her. She knew he was working his way deep into her heart, and the day she was torn away from him was going to be the worst one of her life. He had lost a woman who was important to him, and he didn’t want anyone to fill that role again, but here she was, lying in his bed, naked, bending to his every command. Was this really just training, or something more?

She’d had her fair share of hurt throughout her life, and she hoped she would be able to handle his rejection when the time came. Until then, she would allow herself to enjoy her submission under his dominant hands. And she meant to thoroughly relish every second of it. She should be a little cautious, yet it was so difficult to hold back with him.

Licking her lips, she edged closer, pulling the blanket away from his hips. His cock sprang to attention before her eyes, and she reached out for the bowl with melted fudge on the tray beside them. Her fingers wrapped around a spoon, dunking it in the warm chocolate before shifting forward so the melted sweet drizzled all over his shaft.

He watched her silently, not raising a hand or protesting as she knelt between his legs. Tentatively, she dipped her head low and dragged her tongue around the large head of his cock. The chocolate mixed with his essence and became something decidedly more delicious and manly in her mouth. His scent drifted into her senses and took over her thoughts completely.

He groaned, and she began to gain confidence in what she was doing. Taking more of an assertive role, she thoroughly cleaned the melted chocolate off of him before taking him deep in her mouth. His cock nudged at the back of her throat, and she swirled her tongue around his length. The muscles in his legs tensed, and his fists gripped the quilt underneath him. At that moment, she realized that she was capable of making him feel as good as he did her, and it was a powerful, heady feeling. She dove back into her attentions with a renewed passion.

She took his shaft deep in her mouth, enjoying his essence as it coated her tongue. She worshipped his cock with her mouth, working it faster the more his thighs quivered underneath her. Her hands dragged up and down his thighs until she touched the neglected area behind his hardened member. She began to massage him, and was rewarded by his throaty groan. Twirling her other fingers around the base of his shaft, she worked him, smiling as he trembled beneath her. As she sucked him deep, he trembled before his hot seed spurted into the back of her throat.

For a moment, she panicked, but quickly gathered herself and swallowed his essence. She milked his cock with her hands and her mouth until it softened a little. Looking up at him, she smiled coyly as he gazed down at her in fascination. Incredibly, he hardened again and she gasped in delight. The human men she’d met back on Earth had never been capable of such a feat. Wes, an Erassan from Terranovum, had stamina like no human she had ever known.

“Now it’s your turn, kitten,” he said, a mischievous grin lighting up his features. He bent down, put his hands around her waist, and threw her back down on the bed. Olivia giggled at his manhandling, pressing her thighs together in mock protest. He pressed his knee in between her legs, effectively opening her to him. He reached for the bowl of whipped cream and the spoon within it.

She gasped at the feel of the cool topping as he spread it over her nipples, down her belly and her thighs. Her gaze was fixed on his as he lowered his mouth to claim her stiff peaks, making sure to thoroughly clean her flesh with his tongue. Arching her back, she moaned as the edges of his teeth grazed against her hardened buds. Slowly, he made his way down her stomach, seductively licking every molecule of whipped cream off her body. By the time he got to her thighs, she was trembling with need for him.

Without any more care to her propriety or modesty, she spread her legs and hoped that Wes would kiss her there. Her pussy throbbed intensely, her bottom still full from the plug he had placed there. His kisses moved up her inner thighs as he grasped her hips. He met her eyes when he finally dragged his rough tongue across her clit, and she nearly came undone at that very moment.

“You are not allowed to come until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master,” she replied with a shaky voice.

His mouth ventured back down to her sensitive lower lips, gliding across her folds already dewed with her arousal. Her body began to move of its own accord as it climbed higher and higher into the world of pleasure. Any more of this and she was going to come apart underneath him before he gave her permission to do so.

“Master, please! I can’t!”

“You will.”

His tongue slowed, pressing down on her clit steadily, yet not firmly enough for her to lose control. Gradually, she felt her body come back under her command before he began suckling and laving on her sensitive bud for a second time. This time, her body rose much more quickly, and soon she was crying out her need for him, begging him to let her come. Finally, when she felt like she could take no more, he pulled back and said the words she had been so desperately waiting for.

“You may come now, kitten, and make it a good one, or else I will continue to torture this little nub of yours until I am satisfied.”

“Oh, yes, master!”

He latched onto her clit with his mouth, suckling her, and her body hurtled off the cliff within seconds. Her lust took over her body, and pleasure poured over her like a heavy rain. Her muscles quivered and trembled, her pussy clenching around emptiness. She cried out in pleasure when he pressed two fingers deep inside her, and she screamed as he tickled at her insides.

Her hips rocked and she came again and again, his tongue unrelenting, his fingers constantly moving in and out of her channel. Before long, she didn’t know where one orgasm ended and another began, so lost was she in her passion.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, his tongue left her pussy and he pulled his fingers from her entrance. He pressed his fingers inside her mouth and she cleaned him of her honey, enjoying the taste of her pleasure. It felt so dirty, so wrong, but so utterly right. Smiling, she ran her tongue up and down his hand.

“Such a good little slut you are.”

“Only yours, master.”

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