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A Gift for the King by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

A Gift for the KingLana woke in a dark room. She blinked, her eyes struggling to find light while her mind wrestled to make sense of what had happened. Last she remembered, she had been with Jake, and had run off. She shivered, remembering his cold rejection. A vision of the tall blond-haired man crossed her mind, and she jolted out of her semi-aware state, suddenly fully awake.

She found herself in a big room, which was actually a cell made of massive stones. Strangely, it reminded her of something out of the Renaissance. Other women were in the cell with her, but everyone was silent. She didn’t dare make a sound either, but she did creep toward the bars of the cell to peer out. Continuing to observe her surroundings, she saw the man who had taken her from the beach talking to a few other men, all of them oddly gorgeous. Every man was well built, like something out of a male review calendar, and each one exuded a power she could only guess at.

She looked at the other women trapped in the cell with her. They were all beautiful, ranging from pale and blond to tan and brunette. There were even a couple of redheads as well. She noticed that all the women were young, in their early to mid-twenties, just like her.

Lana looked back at the men, and noticed the blond man watching her. Narrowing her eyes, she stood boldly, courage coming from someplace unknown.

“Why am I here?” she yelled in his direction, her anger getting the best of her.

The other women gasped and shrank away from her, terror in their faces. A dangerous look came over the man’s face. He looked at the other men he was talking to and smiled.

“My my my, what do we have here,” he said, walking up to her cell. “We’ve got a brave one, men.” He paused, and his eyes perused up and down her body. “The king is going to like that.”

Suddenly his arm snaked through the bars and his hand grabbed her throat. He lifted her off the ground while she struggled for air. Her hands tore at his fingers but to no avail. She couldn’t breathe. His fingers felt like they could crush her throat with any more pressure. She kicked and tried to struggle, but it was all for nothing.

“The king is going to enjoy breaking you. He likes them feisty,” he warned, sternness dripping from his every pore. He threw her backwards and she landed on her back. The blow was harsh, and she struggled to take in air, making her panic a little. When she was finally able to gulp in as much air as possible, her eyes focused to realize the man was smirking at her. Oddly enough, she could have sworn she saw the slightest hint of a sad warning there, like he was imploring her to keep quiet. He eyed her as she shrank away. None of the other women came to her aid, but kept their eyes strangely averted. She wouldn’t make the mistake of challenging that man again.

Lana made her way toward the back of the cell and sat down, pulling her knees into her chest. She hid her face in her hands. Who were these strange men and why did they have these mysterious powers? Why was she here? Why had she been taken?

It seemed like hours before someone came to the cell again. This time, it was a beautiful woman with porcelain-like skin and thick waves of blond hair. Blue eyes pierced into the cell as the woman looked from face to face. The other women were careful not to meet her eyes, but Lana did so out of sheer curiosity.

“Open the cell,” the woman ordered.

The man who had threatened Lana procured a key and opened the cell gate while making a point to look in Lana’s direction. The woman walked into the cell, her shapely body swaying with each step. She pointed at a few of the women, and the men filtered into the cell, roughly leading the group out of the cell. Lana noticed she picked a variety of women, from brunette to blonde to redheads.

Lana gulped down her fear as the woman’s eyes fell on her. “This one too.”

The man with the blond hair made his way toward her. Not wishing to be forced to her feet, Lana stood bravely and walked to him. His hand slowly touched her shoulder, and she flinched as his fingers gripped a handful of her hair at the nape of her neck. She whimpered softly at the sudden pain as it blossomed across her skull.

He put his mouth close to her ear, and began to whisper to her. “Keep quiet. Don’t make me be harsher with you than I need to be.”

She nodded slowly, as much as his grip on her hair would allow. Why would he be telling her this? Did he not enjoy hurting her?

He led her out of the cell and up a flight of stairs, into a well-lit room.

Lana blinked, not believing what she was seeing. It looked like a Roman bathhouse. There were steaming pools everywhere, beautiful tile lining every surface, and attendants in long robes waiting by each one. She was guided to one close by.

The man finally let go of her hair and she breathed a sigh of relief as the pain drifted away. Her hand rubbed the back of her neck as she met the eyes of the attendant he had brought her to. She seemed normal and wasn’t extraordinarily beautiful like the rest of them. Lana let her eyes flicker between the blond man and the woman in the robes by the bath. She appeared human. Lana’s eyes shifted back to him. He looked otherworldly, or at least very different.

Other girls were led up from the cell in much the same fashion, with each one brought to a separate bath attendant.

Lana’s attendant tapped her shoulder, and Lana turned to face her.

“I need you to remove your clothes now.”

Lana looked at her, confused, if not defiant. She shook her head and instead started asking her questions.

“Who are these people? Why have we been brought here? Where are we?” Lana cried out frantically. Her desperation increased with the sound of her voice. The attendant shook her head urgently, trying to quiet the girl, and her eyes flickered over Lana’s shoulder. Lana looked back and the blond man was marching toward them. She turned to run, but her body stilled, his strange power suddenly coming over her again. Her muscles felt like cement, frozen solid.

He grabbed her, spun her around, placed his foot on the ledge of the pool, and threw her over his leg so that she was jackknifed over his firm thigh, her bottom high in the air. Shock radiated through her at the sudden attack. He smacked her ass a few times before Lana knew what was really happening. He was spanking her, for God’s sake!

When her disbelief eventually wore off, Lana realized how much her bottom was burning and that his spanks actually, really hurt. The room was silent, and the sounds rang out through the room, echoing with every smack. She cried out as the spanks got harder. Pausing, the man reached underneath her torso and unbuttoned her jeans. She tried to fight, but he quickly tore them down so that her panty-clad bottom was on display for everyone in the room. A blush crept over her face. She couldn’t believe this!

He spanked her soundly with his hand until she stopped trying to fight him. He then pulled her panties down, baring her bottom to the entire room. She cried out in shame. Lana’s poor bottom was on fire; she couldn’t remember the last time she had been spanked. It hurt, and it hurt a lot. She kicked and tried to fight, but his spanks met the mark every time. His other hand held her firmly against his leg, and she realized that escape was impossible. When he next focused on the tops of her thighs, tears came unbidden. Her body submitted to his painful assault, and she began to cry.

She felt him stop, and his hand glided over her punished skin. She slowly calmed as he held her there, secure over his knee. His hand rubbed her spanked flesh, bringing a small shred of relief to ease the pain. He helped her up and slowly began undressing her. She no longer fought, her red and punished bottom bare for all to see. She kept her eyes down, unsure of what to do as he pulled her jeans and panties off her legs, as well as her now-wrinkled t-shirt and bra.

When she was naked, he silently helped her climb into the water. His face was firm, but calm. The attendant got to work, and began to wash her hair and body.

The blond man stopped the attendant for a moment, gazing at Lana warmly, which was strange because he’d only seemed to glare at her thus far, almost like she had passed some sort of unique assessment of his.

“Take good care of this one. She’s special, meant for the king.”

The female attendant nodded and continued to scrub Lana’s head, massaging in a variety of shampoos and oils.

Lana looked up at the man who had just spanked her, realizing he was still watching her. He began to walk away and she found herself calling out to him.

“Wait,” she said softly. He turned around to face her, acknowledging her with a raised eyebrow.

“May I ask your name?”

“Wes. Now behave yourself or you’ll earn another trip over my knee. Next time, I won’t be so nice.”

Lana’s eyes grew big and she nodded almost imperceptibly. Wes smiled and turned around, walking to the edge of the room. He seemed to be waiting to see if any other girls needed his special brand of discipline in order to follow the orders they were given. None of them fought after the demonstration of authority at Lana’s expense, and they all quickly shed their clothing and climbed into the baths to cleanse themselves from the dirt of the cells.

Lana allowed the woman to do her work, primping, cleaning, and shaving her. She turned her eyes to watch the strange powerful people. Something was very off with them and she intended to find out what it was. Each one of them was gorgeous, with porcelain-like skin no matter the shade, be it dark or light. Each of them had icy blue eyes and an air of confidence she had never seen before.

Shuddering, she thought about the raw power Wes had shown her so far, and she speculated who this king was and why he would like her so much. Question after question swirled around in her head, until it felt like she was going mad.

The attendant led her out of the bath and onto a nearby table, where she massaged oils into her skin and her hair. It felt so good that Lana allowed herself to relax a little bit and enjoy the feeling of the woman’s fingers on her skin. She felt a blush rise over her cheeks when she realized how very naked she was. Lana worried that the marks of Wes’ punishment were still apparent on her backside, and guessed that her bottom was still likely pink. Embarrassment kept her eyes closed so that she wouldn’t know who was looking at her and her recently spanked backside.

Filled with a deep sense of shame, she opened her eyes when she was offered a towel, and the attendant used another to dry her off. All the while, the woman never said a word, her eyes darting fearfully about Wes and the others as she did her work.

Lana didn’t ask her any other questions, and did her best to stay silent. It was clear that she wasn’t going to get any more answers here. She wrapped the towel around herself and enjoyed the softness of it and the cover it provided over her body.

Clutching the towel close, she and the other girls were led out of the bathhouse and down an opulent hallway to a room that looked a lot like a theater. There was a stage in the center, and tiered seating all around. It was dark, except for a single spotlight focusing on an item at the center of the stage. A large table made out of steel stood ominously under the light.

Upon further inspection, she noticed the table had ties at the sides, with leather cuffs attached. A sickening feeling began to bubble in the pit of her stomach. Wes lined up the girls, and with a strangely intense look, focused on her. He sauntered over to her and grabbed the back of her neck. Roughly he pulled her forward and she stumbled, taking a moment to find her balance as he pushed her in the direction of the table. The other girls were herded away with the blond woman, leaving her alone with Wes. Lana hadn’t seen where they had gone, leaving any possibility of escape next to impossible since Wes was blocking the way they had come.

“This one first,” Wes said, his voice low and commanding. Grabbing the towel, he whipped it from her body, leaving her stark naked once again.

Multiple hands came out of nowhere and Lana was quickly lifted and placed on the table. Her arms were pulled high over her head. Struggling, she tried to kick, punch, or wiggle out of their grips, but it was all in vain. She felt the leather shackles tighten on her wrists with a click. Her legs were bent and her feet were placed at the edges of the table. She felt another set of leather restraints clamp around her ankles. The whole thing was like a gynecological visit, without the chair part. She felt so exposed.

Voices sounded all around her, and she realized that during her struggles, the auditorium had filled with people, all finding their seats to watch whatever show was about to happen. Cold terror flooded through her.

She noticed another man standing in the center of the arena, who seemed to be commanding the attention of the entire audience. Silence quickly took over the room. Faces locked onto the two of them in anticipation.

Lana tried to focus on the lone man in the center of the room, so that she didn’t look at all the people in the crowd. Long white hair flowed down his back, almost to his waist. He wore no shirt. His back was layer upon layer of muscle, all of them rippling as his arms rose up to shoulder height. He wore pants that were a simple cream color. Even without seeing his face, everything about him screamed nobility. Every single eye in the audience was on him.

“Good evening, my great people of Terranovum. We are here to inspect the most recent batch of humans captured from the faraway planet of Earth. As your high priest, it is my honor to perform this duty for you, in preparation for the bidding that will occur tomorrow morning. Please take note of the female that catches your interest, so that you may bid on her tomorrow. Now, without any further delay, I will begin with the first woman brought before you.”

He turned around, and Lana gasped out loud at the sight of him. His eyes were completely white, with no colored iris, or even a pupil. The visual was entirely unexpected and strangely chilling. He wore a gold band around his forehead that extended to a point between his eyebrows, and the band held a gem in its center that almost looked like an eye. The blue of the gem matched all the ice blue eyes in the crowd, she realized with a shudder. The high priest’s tan skin almost glowed under the spotlight. Strange black tribal-looking tattoos circled his upper arms, surrounding chiseled biceps.

As he walked toward her, she pulled at her bonds, but it was no use. The restraints were in no way loose enough for her to escape, only to put up a small modicum of resistance. Her muscles tensed, quivering in fear at the events about to unfold. A whimper escaped her lips. Her heartbeat sounded loud in her chest, pounding louder with each and every step he moved toward her.

The high priest walked to the side of the table and ran his hands over her body, gliding over sensitive skin. Small bumps of gooseflesh prickled across her arms, and all the hair on her limbs raised in fear, intermingled with something else, something that she thought she identified as pleasure. That couldn’t be right, she thought. Rough callused hands brushed over her nipples and she felt them harden in response. Every touch was oddly tantalizing.

He began to focus on her nipples, flicking and pinching them, and brushing them with his thumbs, causing shocks of desire to shoot down into her core. What was wrong with her? Why was she reacting this way to this cruel treatment?

He circled the table, settling at the end where her feet were. Lana was excruciatingly aware of the fact that he could see everything between her legs, and she felt her body grow hotter. She began to tremble as she watched him take a long lingering look at her, his eyes zeroing in on what was between her thighs.

Next, the high priest’s white eyes focused on hers and held her gaze steadily. Once again, she found that she couldn’t look away. His power seemed stronger than Wes’. Her body grew even hotter as she felt his control overtake her small frame. Fiery desire coursed through her veins. Whatever he was doing to her made the urgent need deep within her core even worse, like she could implode at any moment.

She could hardly think. All this was so new to her. Even in college, she’d still been a virgin and no one had ever looked at her in this way. Her legs began to tremble and wetness pooled between her thighs. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess of shock, desire, and confusion, intermingled with fresh lashes of fear.

Lana jumped as she felt his fingertips trace from her ankles to her knees, to her inner thighs. She tried to close her legs, but her bounds held them too far apart for her to make any significant leeway. His white eyes seemed to capture hers as he once again began to explore her most sensitive places. Gliding his fingers across her moist flesh, the high priest began to smile and circled around the bud where all her desire seemed to center. That single touch caused Lana to release a moan so loud it startled even her. Sliding his fingers down even further, he circled around her vaginal opening before slowly inserting one finger inside, and then two.

Lana moaned aloud again, unable to control herself.

“This female,” he began, his voice steady, “is a virgin. Bidding will start at a much higher price due to her value.” He began to pump his fingers slowly in and out of her. Lana arched her back, her nipples hard and her breath shaky, panting in little gasps. She was very near to losing complete control, and she knew that this man was fully aware of it. She felt her hips roll, and another moan escaped her lips.

The high priest continued to move the tips of his fingers in and out of her, until Lana felt she could hold back no longer. Just before she felt her orgasm overtake her, he took his fingers away and she breathed a sigh of relief, with a twinge of disappointment.

He smiled softly and trailed his fingers down her wet lips, further down her cleft. Shame rushed to her face as she slowly realized his intentions, where he was going to explore next. He couldn’t mean to, could he? She wanted to squeeze her eyes shut, but he still controlled her with his strange power. No matter how hard she tried to move, he controlled every muscle in her body. His fingers continued to drop further until they grazed over her bottom hole. He circled it, seeing her discomfort and shame and relishing it. Anxiety flew through her, and she whimpered. She wanted him to stop, but at the same time, her body didn’t want him to. Wicked, shameful desire seemed to come from deep within her, its source unknown. His smile grew as he observed her reactions.

“This female is also an anal virgin. Her price will rise even higher.” The priest reached into his pocket and took out a packet of sorts. Breaking eye contact, he tore it open and ran it over his fingers. When he touched her again, she realized that it must have been some sort of lubricant. He returned his attentions to her bottom and she tried to shrink away. Spreading the lube around her bottom hole, he slowly pushed a finger inside her.

It felt foreign, stretching her in the strangest of ways. After he had worked one finger in, he pulled it out and worked a second in. Lana cried out at the invasion. It was such an uncomfortable feeling, and as the priest pushed his two fingers in farther, he left them there for a moment.

She was able to look away into the audience since he had broken eye contact. Every eye in the audience was trained on her, on her naked body, and how this man was violating her. Strangely enough, her nipples peaked and her body grew boiling hot, her bottom full with his punishing fingers. Shame passed over her at her body’s wanton reactions. Her heart throbbed so loud, she wondered if the whole room could hear it.

With a sudden finality, his fingers left her, leaving her feeling empty and bereft. Using a cloth, he wiped off the lube and all traces of her. He barely even glanced back her way.

He walked away from the table, leaving her utterly alone in her humiliation. Her gaze raced across the crowd, embarrassment overtaking her at her wild and wanton reaction to what this man had done to her. She blushed, and wished she would wake up from this terrible dream. Shutting her eyes, she tried to imagine she was somewhere safe, like in her bed back home.

Rough hands unshackled her arms and ankles, lifting her as if she were but a child. She opened her eyes and realized the man holding her was Wes. Oddly enough, his eyes seemed to contain some sort of warmth rather than the usual anger, like she had passed a test and done well. Allowing herself one simple comfort, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder, not wanting to see the faces of anyone else. Closing her eyes again, she held back tears of frustration at her lack of release. Her pussy throbbed, unused to such attentions, as his strong shoulder muffled her cries. Lana wasn’t sure if they were moans, or sounds of fear. She felt so confused.

“It’s alright,” he whispered in her ear. “That’s the hardest part.”

Quickly, he whisked her out of the theater into a room that she hadn’t noticed before when they were led in. Vaguely, she realized another girl was being restrained to the table, and did her best to ignore it.

Wes lowered her onto a soft couch and untangled her arms from around his shoulders. He left her for a moment, in order to fetch a glass of water. The moment he presented it to her, Lana realized just how thirsty she was. Gulping it down, she felt the spinning emotions in her head calm a little.

“Thank you,” she whispered, her voice hardly audible. Wes knelt in front of her and nodded, placing his hands on her knees.

“You did well. It was necessary for you to be inspected to make sure you were worthy to be gifted to the king. I chose you especially for him.”

“Where am I?” she asked, her confusion still overwhelming.

“We are on the planet of Terranovum,” he said, his voice laden with softness, almost with a twinge of understanding. “I took you from planet Earth.”

“How is that possible?” She looked back at him, her face painted with disbelief.

“We put you in a form of stasis for some time during our travel from your home planet. It is entirely safe, and is the easiest way to transport humans while on our ship as we travel through space.”

Lana looked at him in disbelief. This wasn’t possible. It was insane, too crazy to even imagine or dream about.

“You’ll understand more with time. I don’t want to overwhelm you even further than you are already. I will leave it to the king to explain everything else to you.”


“No buts. My advice to you is to do your best to obey any command our people give you. If not, you will face punishment.”

Wes reached aside and pulled a blanket over her.

“We will wait here until the inspections are complete. I must go assist with the other girls. I want you to stay here. Keep the blanket over you so you do not catch a chill.”

She nodded, curling the blanket over her body up to her neck. The soft fleece felt intoxicating over her sensitive skin. Trying not to think about anything she was just told, she closed her eyes as sleep quickly overcame her.

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