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A Little Atonement by Maggie Ryan – Extended Preview

She felt tears welling as he spoke so softly, his eyes locked with hers, the love and sincerity in them so intense that she could barely breathe.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy.”

“Say that again.”

“I’m so—”

“No, the last word.”


When he nodded, his entire face lighting up, she realized that it was the first time she’d addressed him as her daddy since she’d returned.

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, baby girl. Very, very much.” He pulled her closer, wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. Pulling away, he kissed the tip of her nose. “I’m still going to roast your bottom, but never ever doubt that you are the most important person on this earth to your daddy.”

She couldn’t speak for the lump in her throat, but she nodded and that seemed like it was enough. He guided her again, this time positioning her to lie prone on the couch, her legs supported on one side, her torso on the other, her bare bottom—his target—centered perfectly over his lap. Experience had taught her that as comfortable as the position was, it didn’t make it her favorite. Not when she knew it meant he could spank a very long time without the blood racing to her head as it would do if she hung upside down over his knee. It also meant there would be a consequence to pay if she didn’t keep her legs down… if she kicked up, her bottom would not be his sole target. The backs of her thighs would be added into the equation. A naughty girl who’d earned a spanking was expected to behave during its delivery.

She felt her sweater being pushed up further and obediently lifted herself slightly so that it could be moved out of his way, lowering back down when the soft cashmere rested beneath her breasts. His palm rubbed against her bare buttocks, fingers stroking as if to familiarize themselves with the topography they’d not traveled in quite a while. When she felt him give each cheek a final, soft pat, she knew it was time.

Despite those swats when she’d been naughty in the corner, this first stroke still startled her. The second had her gasping. Had it been so long since she’d been spanked that she had forgotten how much it truly stung? And this was only his hand. Granted, his hand was so large that he could almost completely cover one of her buttocks. By the sixth, she’d pressed her cheek harder into the cushion in front of her and dug her toes into the one behind. She was determined to accept her punishment with dignity.

“You are not to ever…” he began to lecture, his palm crashing down against her right buttock, “ever believe you aren’t worthy.”

“You are amazing…” Her left buttock received its own punishing swats.

“Intelligent…” These four landed against the middle of her ass.

“Loving and deserving of love.”

Each pause had a set of four strokes landing on one globe of her ass, identical ones landing on the other side, then a set given across both of her now burning buttocks. Each word spoken was driven into her heart as his hand delivered the lesson on her rapidly heating flesh.

“Are you listening to me, Elena?”

“Yes!” she practically shouted, her legs twitching, so wanting to lift, to curl to cover her posterior.

Crisp, sharp slaps peppered across her bottom at a pace that didn’t appear to be slowing in the slightest. “Are you learning?”

“Yes, sir! Ow!”

Strokes continued to descend in a steady cadence. She lifted her head to howl and caught the sight of the fire in the fireplace. God, how could his hand not burn as hotly as her ass, for it already felt as if she’d taken a seat on those logs that were blazing?

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry as well,” he said, fingers gliding across her hot flesh. “I’m sorry that this is necessary. But you need to know that each and every time you step out of line, every time you test either me or yourself, this is exactly what is going to happen. You’ll find yourself over my lap, your bottom bared and then blistered until you truly regret your choices. We’ll finish with twenty from your brush.”

The brush? He went upstairs and got the very implement I can now feel running across my ass? “No! Please, Daddy! No brush! I do regret my choices; I swear I do! That’s enough.”

“Elena, little girls do not dictate when they’ve been punished enough. Nor do they dictate what implements will be used to teach them a much needed lesson. Whose job is that?”

“Yours… but, my bottom hurts already!”

“This would be a rather worthless exercise if it didn’t, now wouldn’t it?” he asked, his tone informing her that he was totally unconcerned that she was about to spontaneously combust. “You need to understand that there is a price to be paid for your behavior, a higher price paid for your lack of trust in yourself and in your daddy. I won’t make you count them this time. Do not put your hands back, Elena. I don’t want to accidently strike them.”

The hairbrush was nothing like his hand. The wood made a thudding sound every time it connected, the weight compressing her flesh even deeper, driving the ache past the fatty tissue of her ass, assuring that she’d feel the paddling long after it was done. By the time he’d laid ten strokes across her bottom, she was sobbing, her promised composure a thing of the past. This hurt!

“Please… please… please,” she begged, her body beginning to twist, to squirm as she ignored his instruction, self-preservation having her hand reaching back in an attempt to throw off his aim, to save herself from even one swat. Her feet kicked up but when she felt herself being lifted as he moved forward, she instantly arched her head back and began to plead.

“Wait! I forgot… please, Daddy…”

He ignored her, draping her over his left knee while his right leg trapped both of hers. Her hands scrabbled for a hold as he tipped her forward, her butt lifted higher and yet she knew that it was no longer his target… not for these extra strokes.

“Please, don’t… ow… ow… ow!” Rapid swats against the tender flesh of her thighs had her wails so loud that she was sure the squirrels deep in the woods paused in their hunt for nuts to sit up and take notice.

“Is it naughty to kick up?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“Is it naughty to reach back?”

“Yes, I’m sorry!”

“Are you going to forget again?”

“No, Daddy!”

“If you do, we’ll start the count over, understood?”

She sobbed as she sputtered that she did, and he easily moved back on the couch, settling her once more face down, bottom up over his lap. Grabbing the pillow he’d slept on the night before, she buried her face in it and shoved her toes in the crack of the cushion behind her.

He waited until she settled and then the brush… the brush she now remembered she hated with a passion began to smack against her poor buttocks again. She bucked, she squirmed, she twisted, but she did keep her arms wrapped around the pillow and her legs down. It took the return of his hand to her bottom, the none too gentle squeeze of his fingers to have her understanding that the paddling was done.

Lifting her face from the depths of the now sodden pillow, she sucked in huge gulps of air. A final pat and then she felt him lifting her… not onto his lap to signify her punishment was done, but to guide her once more to stand between his legs.

She continued to sob, her hands reaching behind her, needing to assure herself that the flames she felt were only those of imagination and not truly dancing across her ass.

“No.” Reaching out, he pulled her hands down. “No rubbing, young lady. You let that fire you feel remind you what happens to naughty little girls. Go put your nose in the corner,” he ordered, pointing to the one she’d recently occupied. “Think about the fact that though your choices belong to you and you alone, making the wrong ones will have your ass burning each and every time.” With a none too gentle swat, he sent her on her way.

She’d already come to hate corner time. Every moment spent had her thinking not about what had sent her there but the fact that his eyes were on her, her punished bottom presented to the room while her vision was filled with nothing but plaster. Embarrassment over the fact that she couldn’t even walk properly but had to shuffle due to the clothing at her ankles caused her face to burn. Well, at least you have matching sets of blazing red cheeks.

“Very fucking funny,” she muttered.

“What did you say?”

Oh, Lord, had she really said that out loud? Freezing in place, she felt him come up behind her.

“Really, Elena? Cursing? So not a good choice, my dear.” He tucked her torso beneath his arm, keeping her tight against his side and began to smack her bottom again. Her feet danced, her bottom wagged, and she wailed. When the barrage ended and she found her balance again, she didn’t even speak but suddenly couldn’t wait to be in the corner, more than ready to hide her shame at being so naughty so soon after he’d punished her.

“Nose to the wall, sweater up, legs spread, and push that very red ass well out.”

“Ye… yes… sir,” she stammered, putting herself into the corner, exactly the place for a naughty little girl.

She had no idea how long he made her stand nose to the wall but it was long enough for her tears to stop and her breathing to even out but not long enough to really cool the fire in her bottom. Still, when he called her to him, she turned immediately, keeping her sweater well up. She didn’t have to shuffle this time for he was standing directly behind her. His arms opened and she threw herself forward, landing hard against his chest, but when his arms wrapped around her, she knew she’d been forgiven.

“I’m sorry I was so awful, Daddy.”

“I know you are, baby. And I know that was a hard spanking and paddling to take. Let’s get you cleaned up—”

“I took a shower this morning.”

“I know, but you forgot something,” he said, setting her back, one hand dropping from her back to move between their bodies.

Elena felt her face heat and her pussy clench as one of his hands moved between their bodies. She knew exactly what he’d find when he put his fingers between her legs. She had gone beyond moist to soaked during her spanking and not even the pain of her paddling had stopped her growing arousal. “I know I’m a little—”

“Exactly, so you know this,” he said, shocking her when his fingers didn’t move to her sex, but tugged on the copper-colored hairs between her legs, “needs to go. Little ones are allowed no secrets. They do not cover their little pussies from their daddies.”

“You want me to shave my…”

“No, little ones do not use a razor. That is Daddy’s job.” He gave her curls another tug and then released them before bending to pull up her panties and jeans. Straightening, he took her hand and led her to the stairs. “We’ll get you nice and clean and then Daddy will tuck you into your bed for a nap.”

A nap? What about… about the part where he made love to her? He had to know she was wet… that she was so needy she was shaking.

“After your nap, we will sit down and review the rules so you’ll know what to expect. All right?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, wanting to say screw the rules and just screw me. But with her bottom chafing against her clothing, she didn’t think that would be such a good idea.

Liam knew his little one was a bit confused as the punishment hadn’t been immediately followed by a bout of lovemaking. Though he couldn’t miss the glistening between her thighs or the scent of her arousal, and though his cock had been rock hard since he’d pulled her jeans down before smacking her ass during corner time, he was determined to start off on the right foot. Elena wasn’t just his submissive anymore and he wasn’t just her dom any longer. She was his special little one and he was her daddy. And with that change in roles, came a change in how he planned on doing things.

He led her into the bathroom where he’d already made some preparations while she’d stood in the corner after her spanking. Water was slowly running into the tub as he wished to time it being full for when he was ready to place her into it. A thick towel waited on the wide vanity top, items that he knew she’d never seen before placed next to the sink.

It didn’t take long before he had her clothing removed, his hands unable to keep from running down her sides, moving across her belly and finally to cup her breasts, where her pink nipples were standing hard and firm.

“You’ve lost so much weight, Elena.”

“I didn’t try. I just couldn’t eat much.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get you fattened up in no time.”

“Daddy, I think you’re a little confused.”

“Why do you think that?” he asked.

“Because you are supposed to fatten me up before you roast me.”

He burst out laughing and her giggle had him hugging her tight. It was so fucking good to hear that sound again. Cupping her face in his palms, he bent down until their foreheads were touching.

“Good thing your daddy loves to cook then, isn’t it? I can just keep practicing and practicing until I get the recipe just right.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” she said right before she giggled again.

He gave her a soft kiss and then stepped back and turned on the water in the sink. Though the vanity was long enough to easily accommodate two sinks, he’d installed one only, leaving plenty of counter space free. While the water warmed, he picked her up and sat her on the towel. “Lie back and pull your feet up to your bottom and then let your knees drop open.”

When she’d done as requested, he could see that her facial cheeks were as red as the bit of bottom cheeks revealed by her position. He’d never mind her blush as he found it absolutely adorable as well as a testament to how she was unable to hide her emotions. Soaking a washcloth with warm water, he pressed it against her pubic hair. At her gasp, he instantly pulled it away. “Too hot?”

“No… just wet.”

Liam chuckled as he replaced the cloth. “Not as wet as my little one, I do believe.” Yup, he would never tire of that flush on her skin. He allowed the cloth to remain while he mixed water with soap in his shaving mug and used the brush to whip it into a lather.

“I’ve never seen you use that to shave with,” she said, watching his every movement in the mirror.

“Ah, but Daddy has to take more care with his little one,” Liam said. “No electric shavers or disposable razors for my girl. Your skin is far more sensitive than mine.” He grinned and lifted the brush from the mug and dabbed a bit of lather onto the tip of her nose. “And, Daddy most certainly does not shave with lavender-scented cream.”

She laughed and reached up to remove the suds from her nose. “It won’t hurt, will it?”

“No, sweetie.” At her huff, he shook his head. “Do you remember the difference between hurt and harm?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Give me an example, please.”

She squirmed a bit and answered, “Hurt only lasts for a little while. Like a spanking. My bottom is burning, but I know the pain will go away and it didn’t harm me. Harm is something that doesn’t go away or causes injury that lasts for a long time.”

He removed the washcloth, setting it aside as he stepped in front of her. With the shaving mug in one hand, he said, “Good girl. I would never do anything to harm you. You know that, right? Not when spanking you and not when shaving you.”

Her eyes were riveted on his as she said, “I know, Daddy.”

He covered her mound with the lather, using the brush to get into every nook and cranny of her sex. Her nipples were hard as little berries and goosebumps popped up on her skin as he used the fingers of one hand to separate her bottom cheeks before swiping the brush across her perineum and over her puckered bottom hole. Setting the mug aside, he picked up the razor. He took his time, swiping a path through the lather with the razor and rinsing the blade free of fuzz before shaving another swath. She might have truly trusted him, but he noticed she held her breath when he separated the folds of her labia and carefully shaved each hair. With her mound denuded, he patted her right leg.

“Okay, baby girl. Pull your legs up to your chest and spread them wide. Keep them open with your hands.”

His order must have confused her for he had to help her into the position he required. Once she was laid open, he took a rolled towel he had ready and slipped it beneath her, effectively lifting her bottom.

“Good girl.”

After applying another layer of shaving cream, he shaved the sensitive area between her pussy and her rectum and then spread her cheeks again, which made her tense, her legs beginning to tremble. “Relax, Elena. I’m not going to cut you, but I am going to remove the hairs from your sweet little pucker.”

Her freshly bared pussy made it quite easy to see that she was glistening and her moan had his cock protesting its confinement. Keeping her buttocks spread, he continued until every last hair had been removed. Exchanging the razor for the wet washcloth, he ran it under the warm water and wrung it out before applying it again… this time over her bottom hole. He ran it around and around, far longer than it took to remove the remaining lather, lifting it to see her opening pucker so tightly and pulse with her heartbeat. Forgoing the cloth, he pressed his fingertip against her most intimate opening, hearing her gasp and seeing her attempt to pull away.

“No, Elena, relax. Just like you will no longer be allowed hair to cover your pussy, you will not pull away from me when I want to play. Every single inch of you belongs to me and I will touch, lick, play…” he paused, looking into her eyes to make sure she heard every word, “and fuck every part of you.”

Her green eyes were saucers as he informed her that her ass was no longer off-limits. He had every intention of sinking not only his cock balls deep in her bottom, but would be filling it with his fingers, his tongue, plugs, and anything else required to keep her not only obedient, but fulfilled. As if to force his point home, he began to press against her opening, watching it fight his entry, knowing it had absolutely no chance of winning. She softly panted as her sphincter lost its battle, yielding to allow his finger to slip inside.

“Oh… oh…”

“Shh, you’re fine, Elena. Just relax.” He pressed a bit further, moving his finger back and forth until her second ring of muscle stretched a bit, allowing him to press his finger completely into her bottom. “That’s my good girl. We’ll begin training this sweet little flower to open and soon I’ll take your last virginity.”

“Will… will it hurt?”

He’d never lie to her. “Yes, a little, more if you resist. But I promise it will also feel good.”

He could tell that she didn’t believe him and yet from the way her hips pressed against his hand, as if seeking the finger he’d partially withdrawn, he had no doubt that his little Elena would discover she was anal-erotic. Slipping his finger free, he continued to clean her with the washcloth and then removed the rolled towel and helped her to sit up.

Turning her toward the mirror, he said, “Look how pretty that sweet naked pussy is.”

Her scarlet face showed her embarrassment, but her eyes had a sheen to them that spoke of arousal as he dropped a finger to stroke along the seam of her sex. Just one graze of his fingertip over her little nubbin had her jerking. Pulling his hand from between her legs, he turned her again, secured her hair high on her head with a scrunchie, and then scooped her into his arms. He’d timed everything just right as he lowered her into the tub and turned off the water.

“Go ahead and play while I clean up,” he said, dropping a family of rubber ducks he’d purchased months earlier into the tub and watching them disappear beneath the mounds of suds. She hesitated for just a moment and then began pushing bubbles aside to find the toys. By the time he had the shaving equipment cleaned and stored away and pulled up a stool, she was guiding the ducks around the tub, scolding one when it strayed from its family.

He bathed every inch of her, rubbing the cloth over her nipples until they were hugely distended, so tightly puckered that he wondered if they ached. Deciding that they must, he bent his head, drawing one into his mouth, flicking his tongue across the bud again and again until she was trembling and mewling. After treating the other to the same, he gave it a gentle nip, loving her gasp and the splash of water as her legs shook. Releasing it, he instructed her to her knees. He’d already cleaned her pussy after shaving her, but that didn’t stop him from taking several long minutes running the cloth and then his fingers through her sex until she was shaking, her fingers tightly gripping the edge of the tub.

When his finger slid into the cleft of her ass, she clenched her bottom.

“No, Elena, relax your cheeks. You are never to attempt to keep me out.”

Her whimper sounded so sweet, a sign of her submission as she slowly loosened her bottom.

Sliding his finger up and down her cleft, he ran it across her perineum, over her clit, and then back up to what he’d told her was her sweet little flower. Though she was quivering slightly, every gentle press against her opening had her gasps and her mewls growing louder. He smiled at her reaction as she arched her head back and gave a deep moan the moment he breached her muscle. Yes, he was going to enjoy every single moment introducing his love to anal play.

With one finger moving slowly in and out of her rear, he used his free hand to stroke over her vulva, flicking her clit every few strokes until she was trembling so hard he was afraid she’d lose her grip and slip. Her mewl was much louder, sounded far more distressed when he popped his finger from her pucker and gave her clit a final pat.

“Oh, please…”

“You need to come… out of the tub,” he said, barely managing to bite back his laugh when she shot him a look of disbelief. “Oh, no, little girl. Your bottom is still red, so giving your daddy such looks is not a good idea. Besides, you are turning into a shriveled little prune.”

He stood, grabbed a towel, and then helped her to stand. Wrapping it around her, he lifted her from the tub. Tucking the ends in, he once again set her up on the vanity and removed the scrunchie from her hair. He almost chuckled again when her eyes widened as he picked up the brush. This time he used the other side, drawing it through her hair until it lay about her shoulders in smooth waves.

“Naptime, little one,” he said, picking her up again and leaving the bathroom. Carrying her through his room, he paused before the door to hers. “I’ve waited a long time for this. Ready to see your room, Elena?”

“Yes, sir.”

Opening the door, he stepped inside and smiled when she gasped. He didn’t move, just stood holding her as her head swiveled to take in the room he’d designed for her. The walls were a soft yellow, the baseboards, window seat, and trim around the doors a bright white. He’d found the bed in an antique store. It was twin-sized and the iron work was beautiful once he’d removed the rust and painted it white. Curlicues and flowers filled the headboard and footboard. He’d set the bed up on risers that were now hidden beneath the yellow bed skirt. He’d placed a patchwork quilt of many colors on the top, and at the head, a stuffed unicorn sat against the pillow.

There was a white dresser with knobs in the shape of flowers against one wall, a large rocking chair angled in one corner. A small white iron table sat beside the rocker, a lamp with a yellow shade and a book on the surface. Another corner held a low stool, where his girl would sit, her bare bottom on its surface, her nose in the corner when she’d been naughty.

“It’s… it’s perfect,” she said. “Oh, it’s more than I’d ever imagined. Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, Elena. I’m so glad you like it. Now, let’s get you dressed and down for a nap.”

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