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A Punishment Marriage by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

A Punishment MarriageDr. Luke Fredrickson specialized in punishment marriages, and he already felt quite sure he had the right match for Lily James. The business at hand—her re-matching assessment—would of course confirm that, but it also fell under Luke’s responsibilities to readjust this little criminal’s attitude about the system somewhat. Her profile indicated very clearly that either of the two men she had rejected would have been able to take her in hand quite effectively; though of course in her punishment marriage she wouldn’t have any choice about the kind of life she would lead in and out of the bedroom, Luke intended that this exam would get Lily off on the right foot.

The close-cropped hair obviously represented no misdemeanor, but Luke had been able to tell as soon as he saw Lily that not only did it not suit her—she had the kind of delicate face that cried out to be set off with the adornment of flowing locks in a simple chignon—but that she had shorn those locks as a gesture of defiance she did not truly feel. The man she had matched herself with, when she hacked the system, embodied Lily’s willful refusal to acknowledge her buried needs and desires to an almost comical extent.

A two-hundred-twenty-pound gamma with a subpar intellect and a love of horror vids, he looked a nice enough guy, but part of the bureau’s job lay in matching men and women who could bring out talents and develop skills that would benefit the community. Number 3290781 would find a bride content to go to work in the morning and watch silly vids in the evening as they cuddled. Everyone needed cuddling, but Lily James needed much more.

The algorithm always came up with the right match, as far as Luke could tell, but the administration refused to let the bureau apply any compulsion in the matter, and so the community from time to time ended up with cases like Lily’s. Nothing he could say, even as a doctor, here in her re-matching exam, would in all likelihood help her to see that she had made a mistake in rejecting her previous suitors. But when the time came and her bridegroom took her thoroughly in hand, she would probably remember Luke’s counsel, and that memory might help her find an easier path to happiness with her husband.

“I don’t… I don’t understand,” Lily stammered. She started to try to get down from the exam chair.

The tall police officer spoke. “Stay where you are, miss,” he said in a deep voice that froze the girl in place. “Go ahead and put your legs in the stirrups. I won’t look. If you do that, I’ll leave once Dr. Fredrickson has you restrained.”


“For your own good,” Luke replied, “as well as for my convenience. We need to get this over with, and parts of it will quite probably be unwelcome for you, Lily.”

She swallowed hard. “I want to see a lawyer,” she tried.

“You don’t have that right, I’m afraid,” Luke said patiently. “But Officer Johnson has the right to hold you in place while I paddle you, if he has to. You’re in the state the administration calls disciplinary circumstances because of what you did this morning.”

“But I didn’t!”

Luke held his tablet up to her face. It showed the bureau’s log of her hacking, including her home address and the log of her keystrokes. Lily’s jaw dropped a little, and her breathing quickened.

“Last chance, Lily,” he said.

He could see in her eyes, as well as in the disorganization of her body’s movements, how very conflicted she felt about her position, but the result for the moment still emerged negatively: Lily made a weak attempt again to get down from the exam chair. Officer Johnson let her get her feet on the floor before he took the girl around her shoulders and held her in place despite her struggles to break free. He looked at Luke.

Luke nodded. “We need to paddle her. I think it’s the best way.” He opened his center desk drawer and took out the clear paddle made of hard plastic with its five air holes to make the impact on a girl’s backside more painful.

The policeman turned Lily and started to bend her over, not yet forcing her into position but making it clear how she would have to move. “Put your hands on your shins, miss,” he said. “The doctor is going to give you six swats. Then we’ll see if you can do as you’re told.”

Lily had kept her silence to this point throughout the little scuffle, though her face had gone very red. Now she said, in a very distinct voice as if it were some kind of legal formula, which it wasn’t, “I do not accept this proceeding.”

“It makes no difference to me, or the bureau—or even to the man who will marry you in a few weeks’ time—whether you accept it or not, Lily. You broke the law, and you are now under disciplinary circumstances. I didn’t really want to have to punish you today, because with your tendency to defiance you’re certainly going to get enough spanking and whipping from your husband to last you a very long while. But I’m going to do him a favor by seeing if I can teach you at least a little obedience this morning.”

Johnson, on Lily’s right, had turned her so that she presented her back to Luke and now held her fast there. She looked back over her shoulder at him, bright tears in her eyes—but tears of anger and stress, of course. He saw her eyes go down to the paddle before she raised them again to his. “You can’t. He… he can’t.”

Luke looked at her calmly for a moment, and then he spoke to Officer Johnson. “Bend her over, please.”

She kept struggling for a moment, but the police officer had no trouble at all in folding Lily James up and holding her steady, as the exam gown parted naturally to reveal the whole of the girl’s very attractive backside. Luke took a step forward and placed his left hand atop her waist.

“You can’t!” Lily said again when she felt his touch, and struggled again for a moment. Then, summoning more defiance—perhaps all the resistance she had, “Don’t you dare, you fucking asshole.”

Luke brought his arm back at almost full length. This kind of spanking had to be given with great precision, and he certainly didn’t mind delivering it.

“I can, Lily, and I must, for your own good. And I feel sure your husband isn’t going to take kindly to that foul mouth of yours.”

Then he paddled her six times in quick succession as she yelped, then cried out, and finally screamed in pain, her red, squirming bottom putting on a show of unintentional lewdness as Officer Johnson held her still for her punishment.

“Fuck! Oh, God, you fucking asshole!”

“Put her in the restraints,” Luke said grimly.

When she felt Officer Johnson manhandling her back onto the chair, Lily seemed to realize she had no chance of avoiding her examination, and she merely glared at Luke with eyes from which the tears had still not fallen, so obviously thinking the words fucking asshole that Luke almost heard them in his brain. She did not comply and she did not resist, as the policeman lifted her knees and fastened her calves in the stirrups, then put the webbing belt around her waist and bound her wrists to the belt in their cuffs.

“I think you’d better put the neck strap on, too,” Luke said, putting some resignation into his voice to show Lily he expected better. Her eyes went wide for a moment, then narrowed even more as Johnson pulled the well-padded but stout webbing around her neck and fastened it just tightly enough that Lily wouldn’t be able to contort her upper body when Luke handled her breasts.

“We’d better have the gown off before you leave, Officer,” he pronounced. “She’s forfeited her right to any modesty, I think.”

“Definitely,” Johnson replied.

“No!” Lily said, her face twisting much more with shame than it had even with the pain of the paddling that had left her bottom blazing red.

But the policeman tugged the gown out from under the belt, and undid the wrist cuffs one at a time for a moment to pull it off Lily’s front, revealing a lovely young feminine body, knees raised and spread as if to offer her most intimate charms, still furred with raven curls, to the man who could take charge of her. Her breasts were on the small side, but beautifully formed, with sweet little brown nipples with which Luke thought her husband would love to play.

“She’s a very attractive young lady,” Luke said conversationally. “It’s a shame she doesn’t know what’s good for her, isn’t it?”

“I’d say so, Doctor,” the policeman replied, casting his eyes up and down the bound form of the girl destined for a punishment marriage. “But I’m sure her husband will know how to handle her, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Luke said.

“But… but…” Lily said, as if understanding for the first time just what her hacking had gotten her. “But I still have another match!”

Luke said to Officer Johnson, “I think you can wait outside now, Officer.” The man nodded and passed through the door. When it had closed behind him, Luke sat down on his rolling stool and looked into Lily’s brimming eyes. “I don’t think you were listening earlier, Lily. Your attempt to tamper with the bureau’s database invokes a specific consequence. You are going to be matched in a marriage under disciplinary circumstances, if you choose to stay here rather than to go off world.”

“I can’t go off world! What would I do? I can’t afford a trip to another system. I’d have to go to the mining colonies.”

“I’m sure you would, but you got yourself into this mess.”

“But there are no jobs for coders there!”

Luke nodded, trying to pretend to a sympathy he didn’t feel. “No, I imagine there aren’t. You would probably end up as a prostitute, quite frankly, unless you wanted to work in the mines.”

Lily shook her head, her face despairing. Luke could see he might have a real opportunity to get through to her.

“A punishment marriage will be hard, Lily, but the men chosen are good men. There’s a reason you were matched as you were, those first two times. You made a bad mistake today, but I promise you that it can come out for the best if you start to accept what you really need.”

But Lily’s face had closed down, and Luke couldn’t tell if he had made an impression. She shook her head. “Your algorithm sucks, and you suck, too. If I accept this punishment match, it’ll only be so I can stay here. I make a lot of money, and I assume Mr. Punishment Match won’t mind that at least. And I don’t have any problem letting him fuck me, I guess. I mean, I was willing to let that ‘781 guy fuck me, wasn’t I?”

Luke had to suppress a smile, now, because Lily’s real discomfort with her sexuality shone through so clearly.

“Well,” he said, nodding gravely, “that’s a place to start. I’ll go ahead with the exam now.” He got a pair of rubber gloves from a drawer in the base of the exam chair and put them on. Lily flinched at the snap. “I’m going to start by assessing your sexual responsiveness.” Looking closely at her pretty vagina to gauge how readily she lubricated herself, Luke laid the tip of his right middle finger on the pink hood of Lily’s clitoris and began to rub with a circular motion.

Lily took a sharp breath through her nose. Luke looked up into her face, to see that she had bitten her lip and a furrow had creased her brow. He looked down again and noticed that her arousal had begun to make itself known. With his left hand he penetrated the folds of her inner labia until he could feel her intact hymen, then used the two fingers he had inserted to stimulate her gently inside her vagina as with his right hand he continued rubbing the clitoris.

Lily cried out, and her body began to writhe against the restraints. The sight of his fingers at their naughty work, while her paddled bottom squirmed and seemed almost to offer her sweet little anus to him, bewitched Luke despite his medical detachment.

“Why… why are you…” she managed to gasp.

“We need to be sure you’re a good match for your new husband sexually, Lily. You’re a very responsive young lady, though I imagine you yourself may not have even known it. Sometimes a girl doesn’t really get aroused until she’s placed in a submissive position the way I’ve done with you.”

“Oh, no… please…” Lily’s voice was strained, and it was clear that she was not happy to discover that the way to climax for her lay through a paddling and being bound in place in an exam chair while a man enforced pleasure on her body.

“You may well be distressed to learn how responsive you get in this position. But your husband will be exactly the right person to take that distress away. When he has intercourse with you, he will—by virtue of being a husband under disciplinary circumstances—have the right to enjoy you any way he likes. As his wife under those same circumstances, you will be disciplined until you acknowledge that right and allow him his pleasure, whether he takes you vaginally, orally, or anally. As he punishes you and as he exercises his full conjugal rights, you will learn to cry out in pleasure at his mastery of you, as you cannot do here today.”

No, she couldn’t cry out; she could only make a strangled little whining sound as her vagina contracted around his fingers and the rest of her body strained against its bonds in an unmistakable orgasm. She had closed her eyes, and her face had gone completely red. For a long moment the climax held her in its grip, and then she collapsed back into the chair. Her eyes opened and looked into Luke’s with a mixture of anger and shame. He returned the expression with a slow nod, to demonstrate to her that he knew what she would refuse to say: that that orgasm had almost certainly been her first.

It won’t be the last, though, Luke thought, keeping the satisfied smile off his face. I know a man who can make sure of that.

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