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A Shameful Examination by Parker Fox – Extended Preview

Even though there was a part of her that still wanted to jump off the table and run out of the room naked, and another slightly wiser, but no less humiliated part of her which wanted to do the same, except with a quick stop to grab her clothes first, Amy reminded herself that if she could endure not one, but two enemas, she could certainly get through the same kind of basic exam she’d had at the gynecologist on many occasions. Granted, she hadn’t usually been completely naked for those exams and the doctors hadn’t been as infuriatingly sexy as the gruff man standing in front of her. Still, she’d had a doctor’s gloved fingers on her breasts and even in her pussy before.

Your pussy wasn’t sopping wet during those exams though…

When that voice inside was right, it was right. She was deeply aroused, and there was absolutely no way she could even pretend to pretend that there was any possibility that Dr. Davidson wasn’t noticing her body’s response to the exam. To make things even more shameful, she was beginning to flirt with admitting to herself that there was a part of her that was glad her arousal couldn’t be hidden. A part of her that wanted him to know that there was a naughty side to her that was looking forward to his touch on her bare breasts and on her soon to be spread open pussy. The aforementioned pussy clenched at that idea.

Being visibly wet was one thing. If she kept this up, she was going to come all over his fingers when he examined her. She did her best to contain those thoughts until she felt the doctor’s fingers gently circling, probing, and prodding first her right breast and then her left. Though his touch felt clinical, the butterflies in her tummy nonetheless went wild imagining those hands—those strong, manly hands which were far more calloused than you would expect for a medical professional—on such an intimate spot.

The breast exam felt physically the same as every similar exam had every year since her first annual visit in her teens, but it reminded her of something else. In her mind his hands were a lover’s hands, and not a gentle lover either. A man who knew how to take what belonged to him.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. She was definitely going to leave a wet spot on the exam table. Coming helplessly all over his fingers during the upcoming vaginal exam was quickly moving from a shameful but unrealistic fear to a very real possibility.

Then, suddenly, he did something that almost made her climax on the spot. He pinched her left nipple. Not hard, but not lightly either. He didn’t pull or twist or do anything especially cruel, but he didn’t let go right away either. But there was more to it than the physical stimulation itself. It felt almost possessive in a way, and very, very not clinical. This was definitely not something a doctor had ever done to her before.

There was a part of her that was affronted and wanted to protest, but there was another part that was intensely excited by the fact that the man she had developed such intense fantasies about over only the last hour or so was obviously taking pleasure in her body as well, no matter how much he might try to play it off with a professional demeanor. Putting to rest any thought that it might be an isolated slip on his part, Dr. Davidson followed up by doing the same to her right nipple.

Her body’s response was instant, and her arousal increased exponentially. Once she could have written off as an idle gesture she misinterpreted, but twice meant it was on purpose. He had wanted her to know that if he chose to pinch her nipple, he would pinch it, and that thought went straight to her core and ignited a molten fire of lust. The part of her that wanted to protest was utterly silenced now by the part that wanted him to fuck her long and hard right here on the table.

Looking up and meeting his gaze only aroused her further because she found no apology, no sheepishness, nothing that gave the slightest hint that what he had just done had been anything other than something he had every right to do and would do again if he so chose. With her eyes still locked with his, he proved just that by moving his other hand up so that he could give both of her nipples at once a much more painful pinch.

She cried out, but what began as a yelp of pain ended with a moan of arousal as he continued to tease and toy with her stiff buds, sometimes pinching them, sometimes even cruelly twisting them before returning to teasing them with his fingertips. Her moans became continuous, interrupted only by occasional whimpers at the more painful moments. This was no longer anything even close to an ordinary exam.

She felt herself almost lifting her bottom from the table, wishing there was something against which she could rub her aching clit. She had never come purely from stimulation of her nipples before, but she was pretty fucking close right now. Then, suddenly, he stopped and smiled down at her. It was not a condescending smile. The look was dark, almost predatory, and it both terrified and excited her.

He stepped back then, leaving her squirming on the table, both relieved that her aching nipples were no longer being manhandled and yet already missing his rough treatment at the same time. After a long moment, Dr. Davidson moved down to stand at the foot of the table and reached underneath to snap into position a set of gynecological stirrups. Almost in a daze, her mind clouded by her intense arousal, Amy complied without hesitation when instructed to place her feet in the stirrups, leaving her legs spread wide and her pussy utterly on display.

She wondered if he would return to his clinical approach for the next part of the exam or if it would be like whatever it was that had just happened. He wouldn’t think of pinching her… there, would he? Her clit was far, far more sensitive than her nipples, and she knew that if he treated it anywhere near as roughly as he had treated them she wouldn’t merely yelp, she would scream.

While you come all over his fingers…

She tried to dismiss the mental image of a shattering orgasm with her sore, throbbing clit held tightly between his callused fingers, but she failed miserably until she was finally interrupted by the snapping sound of Dr. Davidson putting on a pair of latex gloves.

“I’m going to need to do a thorough vaginal exam, both internally and externally,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Yes, doctor, I understand,” she replied as bravely as she could manage.

He began his inspection by sweeping one finger through the wetness coating her inner lips, which were visible due to the parting of her outer lips brought about by her shamefully spread-open position.

“It isn’t uncommon for patients to become sexually aroused during examinations like this, but your arousal response seems to be significantly stronger than it is for most patients.”

Amy blushed both at the observation itself and at the dispassionate tone with which he delivered it.

He’s not calling you a wanton slut. He just can’t help but notice that you are one.

While her inner voice was busy shaming her, the doctor moved on with his exam. He used two fingers of his left hand to spread her outer lips even further apart, allowing him to run a gloved fingertip over her inner lips and then slide it inside.

“You’re very tight here, Amy. So it may hurt a little when I insert the second finger.”

Without waiting for her reply, he slid a second finger in beside the first, forcing them in to the knuckle. After both were inside, he began a thorough exploration of her sopping wet channel. Within moments, her pussy was clenching around his fingers and she was moaning, softly at first, and then more loudly. When he flipped over his hand and curled his fingers slightly so the tips brushed her G-spot, she suddenly found herself at the very edge of orgasm. It was quickly becoming obvious that while some parts of this were somewhere on the spectrum of what might possibly be considered an actual exam, other parts of it were very obviously intended to bring her to the edge of climax, if not over that edge.

He continued his expert manipulations until her body tensed up and she felt herself about to fall into the abyss of a desperately humiliating orgasm. But then, at the last moment, he stopped. Leaving his fingers both inserted, he used his thumb to rub firmly over the top of her clit, pulling back the hood and revealing the incredibly sensitive, erect nub.

“I’m going to evaluate your clitoral response now, Amy,” he said, rubbing his thumb directly over her little button.

It happened too fast for her to even fully process what was taking place. She came hard all over his fingers, her pussy and every other muscle in her body clenching and unclenching, while a half-moan-half-cry escaped her lips. She slumped back to the table, as ashamed as she had been during the enema, if not more.

She had just come during a vaginal exam.

She knew instinctively that he had brought her to orgasm on purpose, but somehow that fact merely made her feel even more thoroughly and humiliatingly dominated. She’d had no control whatsoever. While she had come before, of course, she had never been forced to come, and it had been both mortifying and more intense than any orgasm she’d ever had before.

“Your clitoris is clearly very, very sensitive. Amy. Have you ever climaxed during a vaginal exam before?”

“No, doctor…”

No one’s ever touched your clit during a vaginal exam before either, she thought, but decided against saying it out loud.

“Due to the volume of your natural lubrication, I’ll need to clean and dry you in order to get a clearer view for the next part of the exam,” said Dr. Davidson. He stepped away briefly and returned with a washcloth, which she soon discovered had been wetted with warm water, then thoroughly cleaned every fold of her pussy, even dipping his fingers inside her channel to clean her there as well.

He patted her dry with a hand towel before saying, partly to her and partly to himself, “That’s better.”

But by the time he’d walked over to throw both the rag and the hand towel in the sink, her pussy was once again every bit as wet as it had been before he began the process, if not wetter. He pretended not to notice, either because he didn’t want to make a point of the fact that his ministrations had been in vain or because he mercifully decided that he had drawn enough attention to her helpless arousal already.

After another quick inspection, which once more involved the parting of her lips with his fingers, he stepped away, and she watched him open a drawer and remove a large metal speculum. He turned on the sink and ran it under the water. Was he warming it for her? That’d be surprisingly sweet considering how ungentle the rest of his exam had been so far, but her hopes proved correct when he returned to stand between her legs and placed the speculum firmly against her vaginal opening. Once more using his fingers to spread her as wide as possible, he began to force the speculum inside. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t particularly comfortable either. By the time it was an inch or two in, she began to squirm and pull away from its touch.

“You’ll need to stay in position for me to be able to complete this portion of your examination, young lady,” Dr. Davidson said in the scolding tone.

Embarrassed, Amy willed herself to stay in position, but allowed herself the luxury of a whimpered question. “Aren’t you going to lube it, doctor?”

“You seem sufficiently lubricated already, Amy, but I can use more if you’d like.” With that, he withdrew the speculum and squirted some lube on its outer jaws. Then, after once more spreading her pussy with his fingers, he squirted a liberal amount there as well.

“Better, young lady?”

The patronizing tone of his question would have annoyed her if she hadn’t been too busy focusing on the fact that the lube itself seemed to be warming every inch that it touched.

“I know the speculum can be a little cold, so I always use lubricant which has a slight heating effect.”

Slight? It felt like her pussy was warming rapidly, and while it wasn’t painful, the enhanced blood flow was only making her already-swollen lips even more puffy and sensitive. The lubrication did help the speculum slide in more easily this time, but due to its size she still felt painfully stretched by the time the instrument had penetrated to its full depth.

“I’m going to open the speculum now, Amy, to get a better look at your cervix and the inner walls of your vaginal canal.”

The doctor didn’t wait for her response, which was good because her response would have almost certainly been more whining and whimpering. Instead, he began to twist the knob to open the instrument. By the time he was finished, she felt more open than she ever had in her life. She’d been examined with a speculum before, but he had spread her far, far wider than she was used to.

With her now completely on display, he turned on what looked like a small, medical version of a flashlight and began an inspection more intimate than not only what he’d done up until now but what she could even imagine possible. While his fingers couldn’t quite reach her cervix, he probed every inch the speculum had left exposed, then used a long, thin Q-tip to prod at her cervix itself. He took his time with this part of the exam, and despite the painful degree to which she was spread open for him, the jaws of the speculum were soon drenched with her arousal. Seeming satisfied with his visual and manual exploration of her womanhood, he stood up again, looking down at her.

Why doesn’t he hurry up and remove the fucking speculum?

Her question was answered mere moments later when she felt his thumb on her clit once more. He’s not going to… he was going to, she realized, as his thumb began a rapid stimulation of her throbbing, desperately sensitive nub.

He was going to make her come with the speculum still inside her.

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