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A Very Bad Girl: A Dark Mafia Romance by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

Slowly opening her eyes, Steph stared at the unfamiliar bedside table and lamp, then let out a heavy sigh. Marco Moretti had swept her into a salacious vortex of pain and pleasure. The man was everything he’d been rumored to be, but scarier. She touched her tender backside, then stretched. Every muscle in her body ached.

Reaching for the water bottle, she groaned as she sat up and unscrewed the cap. Taking a long drink and spying a door off to her left, she assumed it was the bathroom. But she wasn’t ready to leave the bed. Placing the bottle back on the nightstand, she slid back under the covers and let out a long yawn.

The dream.

Max had been whispering in her ear asking questions.

There was nothing unusual about that. He was always scolding her and demanding answers. Though it came from love, she’d grown tired of the constant interrogation and had stopped telling him things. She’d even sworn she’d pulled the plug on her dangerous undertaking.

She hadn’t of course.

Not by a long shot.

But her forehead furrowed as she recalled her strange, lucid dream.

He’d been at her side talking about the license plate numbers. He couldn’t have known about them, but the vision had felt so real.

Stretching her cramped muscles and deciding she needed a long hot shower, she slipped from the bed and padded across the room. She was still wearing her tee-shirt, but glancing around the room, her parachute pants were nowhere in sight.

“Great,” she grunted, continuing on. “I guess I’ll be wandering around the house half-naked.”

Opening the door, she found a sleek bathroom with a gray granite countertop, a white bowl sink, a sizable, old-fashioned claw bathtub, and a stall shower. Pulling open the glass door, she turned on the faucets, then turned back around and opened the mirrored medicine cabinet. Finding a small bottle of aspirin, she gratefully popped two in her mouth.

The glass walls were already steaming up. Removing her shirt, she stepped under the water and took a mouthful to wash down the pills. Small containers of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel sat in an alcove. She washed her hair, then added the conditioner, and stood back under the steaming shower,

“Good afternoon.”

Literally jumping backwards, she stared, wide-eyed, as Marco stepped in.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he murmured, wrapping his muscled arms around her.

“You gave me a heart attack,” she muttered, still shocked he’d walked in on her.

“When I popped my head in to check on you, I saw the bed empty and heard the shower running. Why are you so tense?”

“Why do you think?” she retorted, and was about to protest further, but caught herself.

Rebuffing him could piss him off, and if she played along, he might drop his guard. She might even learn a few things.

“Relax, or don’t you like surprises?” he asked huskily.

“That depends what they are,” she replied, shifting in his arms and staring up into his dark, seductive eyes.

“Do you want me to leave?” His voice had softened.

An array of conflicting emotions surged through her.

In spite of her shock and outrage, she couldn’t deny he was turning her on.

“I’ll take your silence as a no,” he murmured, leaning in and nuzzling her neck. “How’s your ass?” His hand suddenly clutched her backside.

“How do you think?” she said with a gasp. “Sore.”

“Glad to hear it. That’s exactly as it should be.”


“You know why,” he whispered, his lips suddenly against her ear. “You’re a very bad girl.”

“You just like saying that.”

“Perhaps, but it’s also true, and bad girls get their butts spanked… among other things,” he said, leaning back and pinching her nipples. “Damn, you’ve got gorgeous tits. I’m going to have fun with these babies.”

As his arm suddenly tightened around her waist, pinning her against his body, she felt herself surrendering, wanting more, and aching to be with him.

“You need my cock inside you, don’t you, Steph,” he demanded, abruptly fisting her hair and jerking back her head. “Tell me the truth. You must always tell me the truth!”

Steph uttered something that sounded like yes, Sir, but her body melting against him was all the response Marco needed. Though he hadn’t been certain, he thought he’d recognized her frustrated submissive soul the night he’d watched her at the club. It was coming more evident he’d been right.

Sliding his hand over her backside and into her pussy, he shoved a finger into her channel, moving it in and out as he crushed her lips with his. Her muffled moans and puckered nipples pressed against his chest sent a surge of energy through his loins. Abruptly releasing her, he turned off the faucets.

“You’re a beast,” she mumbled, leaning against him breathless and red-faced. “An absolute beast.”

“You bet,” he growled, bustling her from the shower and scooping her up, “and you’re the beauty who’s about to get her socks blown off.”

“But I’m all wet,” she squealed as he carried her dripping body into the bedroom.

“I know, wet and ready,” he retorted, tossing her on the bed and climbing on top of her. “Stop talking. I only want to hear your gasps and screams.”


“Would you prefer a gag?”

Staring up at him, her brow crinkled, then she shook her head.

“You can cry and moan all you need to, and you can climax when you want.”

As she stared at him in surprise, he grinned down at her.

“I’m known for unpredictability,” he declared. “Close your eyes, and don’t dare open them until I tell you.”

With a gasp, she squeezed them shut, then bleated out a whimper.

Holding her arms on either side of her head, he licked the droplets of water from her neck and her shoulders. She moaned softly, but when he released her to clutch her breasts and hungrily suck in her nipples, she cried out and raised her chest for more. He obliged, tightening his grasp and nipping with his teeth. Though she let out a yelp, she spread her legs and squirmed beneath him, trying to rub her pussy against his thigh.

“Your tits,” he muttered, slapping one, then the other, “should be punished just like your ass.”

Fervently shaking her head, she threw her arms over her chest.

“Stop pretending,” he said sternly, grabbing her wrists and yanking them away. “You want to feel what it’s like to have your nipples clamped and your tits flogged. You want to be at my club on the wheel, in the stocks, or tied and spread-eagled on my wooden X. You crave everything you saw that night, don’t you, Steph?”

She opened her mouth as if to speak, but all she offered was a whimper.

“I’m going to take you there one night after it closes. Imagine, just the two of us, and all that decadent equipment. But right now, I’m going to enjoy you for a while.”

Moving to kneel between her spread legs, he pressed his fingers into her sex and tweaked her sensitive nub.

“This needs a spanking too, and it will get one when I have you back in the basement on my spanking chair, though,” he murmured, pausing for effect, “I can give you a taste.”

He quickly delivered several slaps. Squealing loudly, she tried to close her legs.

“Bad girl,” he growled, smacking her inner thighs, evoking a high-pitched cry. “That’s why you have to be in my chair tied apart.”

Abruptly rubbing her clit evoked another loud wail. He didn’t know if it was from the threat or his erotic massage, but he continued, occasionally slapping her thighs to add spice to the tantalizing torture. Watching her closely and building her orgasm, he backed off when it appeared she was getting close.

But aching to slam his rigid member into her slick passage, he hastily rolled her over and jerked her hips into his pelvis. Gazing down at her pink, blotchy bottom, a grim smile curled his lips.

“Look at your ass. Still marked,” he grunted, landing a few hot smacks before positioning himself at her entrance. “I’ll be keeping it that way.”

She salaciously wriggled her hips.

Taking her response as an invitation, he smacked her several times before plunging forward and thrusting with quick, strong strokes. Her cries grew louder, but when she threw back her head and arched her back, he stopped.

Waiting until her frustrated moans quietened, he started again, with a slow, measured rhythm. Though her plaintive mewls begged him to increase his pace, and he wanted to oblige, he knew she’d explode the moment he began fucking her with power. Managing to control his hunger, he gradually accelerated.

But his climax suddenly loomed.

It was unnerving to be with a female who sent his blood pumping so feverishly, yet Steph did that to him, and he needed to release. His fingers digging into her skin, he abruptly pumped with abandon, battering her pussy as his lustful need took hold.

Her low, soft moans quickly became shrill cries.

She was on the brink…

At his bursting point and wanting to push her over the edge, he shoved his finger into her forbidden back hole.

She froze.

Her wails stopped.

The unexpected intrusion had shocked her, but a second later her pussy pulsed against his cock and her entire body shuddered, and as the powerful orgasm seized her, he was hurtled into his climax. He was about to pull out and squirt over her backside when the first convulsion hit. Still ejaculating as he hastily withdrew, the waves continued, sending him tumbling through a whitewash of sparkling sensations—all the while she continued screaming through her spasms.

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