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Abducted: A Celestial Mates Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

All four of them zeroed in on me. Talor stared me down, his copper-colored irises darkening with each passing second. Even his purple skin seemed to flush darker right in front of me. It was as if I could feel my doom coming for me, right before my eyes.

Talor’s grip tightened and he forced me forward and down a long hallway, where at the end, we walked up a winding metal staircase. Our footsteps clicked against the steel, echoing in the silence around us. I yelped when he jerked me to a stop, in front of a large carved wooden door. I stared at it, wondering what it was doing here. It seemed a little out of place.

Biran opened the door and Talor forced me inside. He released his hold on my hair and I pulled away from him, looking around the room they’d forced me into. I expected a jail cell, some form of high-tech torture devices and metal chains and handcuffs strewn all over the place. Only that wasn’t what I saw.

Inside was the most massive bed I’d ever seen.

Even larger than a king bed, it looked big enough to hold all five of us and then some. My stomach dropped to my toes. It was clear what was going to happen next.

They were going to take my body. Against my will.

“Take off your clothes. Or Dex will cut them off and then we’ll have to punish you too,” Talor commanded, his tone rich with excitement.

I stared at him in disbelief. He couldn’t be serious, right? This wasn’t actually happening to me right now. I turned away and closed my eyes for a long second.

Abducted by the Vakarrans.

This was not how I’d seen match day ending. So much for destiny.

Biran moved close to me and gently took the bottom hem of my shirt in his fingers. He met my eyes, almost as if he was asking permission to continue. I nodded, just a little bit.

I knew I didn’t really have a choice. I could see Dex moving about in my peripheral vision. Like he was waiting to strike at the most favorable moment. I turned and looked at him, and he looked almost disappointed as Biran pulled my shirt up and over my head. That he didn’t get to cut it off of me.

Biran’s touch was soft against my skin. Nonthreatening. Safe. Well, marginally safe anyway. He was a Vakarran after all.

Ejan watched from the wall. He was trying to look uninterested, but the way his eyes met mine said that wasn’t true. He reminded me of a bad boy trying not to be into a girl. Like he was almost afraid to. Ruin his rough and tough image and all by falling for me.

I almost chuckled.

“The rest of her clothes too. I want her naked before we punish her for the very first time,” Talor declared and I shivered with reluctant desire.

What was happening to me?

Why was I getting turned on?

Dex moved closer. Like a lion about to pounce.

“Can I test out the Restrainer?” he asked excitedly. Talor’s lips tipped up in a smirk. My blood ran cold. What the fuck was that?

“I think this would be a good time to bring out your contraption and see if it’s capable of controlling our woman,” Talor murmured thoughtfully and Dex nearly squealed with excitement. It made me picture an evil villain plotting to take over the world. He walked out of the room in order to fetch whatever contraption he was talking about.

I was most certainly in trouble then.

Biran reached for the button of my jeans, slowly undoing it. Next, he took ahold of my zipper and slid the tab down the teeth and I stilled, his fingers mere inches from my pussy. It both scared and excited me, my confusion at war with the desire building within me.

He took my shoes off next before continuing.

He pushed my jeans down past my hips, his fingers caressing the hem of my panties. Kneeling down, he pulled my pants down my legs, freeing one foot at a time until I was left standing in just my underwear and socks.

Biran stood up next to me, turning me so that I faced away from him.

The back of my bra clipped open. Slowly, he drew the straps down my shoulders, leaving a trail of fire where his skin touched mine. My breasts bounced, freed from my lingerie and as he drew the bra away, my nipples hardened with excitement.

Biran’s hands flittered down my torso, sliding underneath my panties.

“I’d like to begin her punishment,” he started. I met his eyes and realized they had darkened in color, in anticipation of what was to come next.

“What do you have in mind?” Talor asked curiously.

In a swift movement, Biran took me around the waist and sat down on the bed. Quickly, he pushed my belly down on his knees and placed a hand directly on my ass. I froze, unsure of what was happening. My body burned with arousal and I couldn’t help but wonder why. I should be scared, afraid of what they would do to me, but here I was, just waiting to see what was next.

“I’ve heard many things that can be used to break a human, but one thing that I’ve always wanted to do is put a woman over my knees, bare her, and give her little ass the spanking she so richly deserves. In many reports I’ve read, it’s very effective when you punish in this manner,” he explained, and I suddenly started to struggle once I realized what he was going to do.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” I exclaimed, but it didn’t do any good. He was too strong, and, in this position, I couldn’t think of any defensive maneuvers to escape him. His arm wound around my waist, holding me like a vise to his knees as he grasped my panties with the other.

Slowly, torturously, he pulled them down and bared me to the entire room. I shrieked with mortification. My panties slid down my thighs and both Ejan and Talor murmured softly with curiosity. I tried to keep my thighs closed, trying to hide my nakedness.

“She’s wet already. I can see it from here,” Ejan said. I blanched with shame.

It was the first thing he’d said since we’d come into this bedroom and I shook with humiliation from it. Biran ran his palm up and down my ass cheek, squeezing it and allowing his fingers to drift closer and closer to the juncture of my thighs.

My pussy clenched with anticipation.

His palm left me and came back down softly at first. The vibrations shook my cheeks a little, igniting my clit with each and every smack.

It lit my body on fire in a way I wasn’t expecting.

Soon, my back was arching to meet his palm and the intensity of his punishment grew in nature, although instead of merely pain, I also felt pleasure coursing through my body. Taking over it without mercy.

Periodically, he would pause and gently ran his hands over my scorched flesh, rubbing away the residual sting and inching closer to my pussy with each movement. Gently, he squeezed my thighs, his touch coming dangerously close to my inner lips.

I should be fighting this. I should be kicking and screaming and doing everything I could to escape what was happening. Instead, I was lying over his lap like a willing captive, feeling the bulge of his erection pressing into my stomach and splaying my legs like a dirty slut, getting a spanking like a naughty little girl.

I should hate this.

I should be stronger.

But a man had never touched me like this before.

And now, four wanted me. All to themselves. Could I handle all of them?

It was an intriguing concept. I’d been abducted, taken against my will by four huge, powerful Vakarrans. If I struggled, it would probably be worse for me. Or… would it?

Even if people were actually out there searching for me, which I doubted, they’d know what the Vakarrans were capable of. They’d know that the Vakarrans expected my complete submission and if I didn’t they’d hurt me. Badly.

“Don’t you dare let her orgasm. She’s being punished,” Talor said firmly and Biran responded in agreement.

“She’ll be lucky if we even let her come once,” Biran replied.

I shivered. Biran lifted me from his knees as though I weighed as little as a feather and sat me on the bed beside him. I gasped slightly when my sore ass met the comforter, but I was soon distracted as Talor moved in front of me and spread my legs wide.

I held my breath as he stared down at my pussy. I felt ashamed, weak, but incredibly aroused. His hands touched my thighs and I flinched a little.

“Completely hairless,” he murmured with wonder.

“It’s part of the processing of matched brides,” I whispered huskily. His eyes never rose to meet mine. Instead, his thumbs brushed against the wetness that had seeped down my inner thighs and I couldn’t help but moan quietly in response. I snapped my lips shut when I realized what I had done.

Talor smirked slightly. I glared down at him.

His head moved forward and before I had time to react, his tongue slid up my cunt and my head flew backward in reaction to the bolt of pleasure that pierced through me. He did it again and I shivered with ecstasy.

“Please don’t,” I begged.

I don’t know why I said that. I wanted it. I didn’t want it.

My brain was a mess of confusion. Pleasure and anger at war with one another inside me. I’d come in this room convinced that I was going to be treated with cruelty, but instead, they were setting my body on fire with pleasure.

Hadn’t expected that. I’d never expected to be punished in such a manner.

I’d been prepared for cruelty. For pain and anger. I thought they’d hurt me, beat me to within an inch of my life, and force me to take their seed. I wasn’t prepared for pleasure like this.

It was unnerving. And amazing. I didn’t know what to do.

Even now, sitting down before Talor, I could think of a million ways to snake my legs around his neck, cutting off his air supply and escaping from the four of them, but I did nothing. I couldn’t convince my limbs to move, to fight back as Talor’s tongue snaked around my clit. Touching me, teasing me. I quivered under his touch.

A few moments later, Dex came into the room with some sort of robot on wheels. It was smaller than I expected, a cylindrical rolling computer of some kind comprised of black, red, and gray colors. It followed him into the center of the room and his dark gaze met mine. The promise held within them shook me to the very core. My pussy clenched in excitement.

I shuddered.

He lifted an arm and crooked a finger toward me, beckoning me to come to him.

Almost as if that simple movement had its own gravitational pull, I was drawn to him. Talor allowed me to rise, moving away from me to join Dex. I stood and walked to Dex, even though I knew I was walking toward what felt like my doom. But I couldn’t help myself. I was intrigued. I wanted to know more.

He clicked his tongue and the little robot came to life.

“Bind her,” he commanded.

I should have run then.

The robot started to whir, transforming right before my eyes. At once, long limbs shot in my direction, surrounding my wrists and ankles, lifting me off the floor in the process. It moved my arms straight above my head and spread my legs wide, leaning my body backward just a bit. The cone body supported my back, but it was softer than I had expected.

My four captors watched with glee as I tried to fight, to escape the hold of the mysterious robot, but it was for nothing. The cuffs that held me weren’t forgiving. They held me tight and even when I tried to rock back and forth, the robot didn’t budge even an inch. I was trapped. And now, four alien men were looking at me with hungry gazes, waiting to see what I did next.

I shivered. Fear and desire at war.

I almost wanted to know what they were going to do to me now. If I’d like it.

“You can’t do this to me,” I said, feeling as though I still needed to fight what was becoming more and more inevitable.

My cunt throbbed, hungry for release as Talor, Biran, and Dex approached me. Three pairs of hands descended onto my flesh, pinching, squeezing, and slapping me all over. One even slapped my breasts back and forth, taking my nipples into his fingers and gripping them roughly.

I cried out.

Pain. Pleasure. Hate. Anger. Every emotion ricocheted through me and I didn’t know how to react anymore. I couldn’t think, I could only feel.

“Why are you being punished, Mya?” Talor chided, his fingers rubbing lightly over top of my clit, torturing me as I shivered beneath his touch. Deep inside, I felt myself begin to rebel. Something inside me fought their power, and I clutched onto it like a vise.

I was strong. I had to fight this. I wasn’t a weak-willed woman who would cave as soon as they touched my pussy. I’d show them what a human woman was worth.

“Because you’re all a bunch of Vakarran assholes who kidnap women whenever you please just because you can,” I replied, venom steeping from my every pore.

I reminded myself of all the carnage they’d caused. Vakarrans were an alien species like no other. They came to conquer and destroy and take what they wanted.

They didn’t care who they hurt in the process.

I had to steel myself against whatever was about to happen.

Dex reached into the side panel of the robot and pulled out two objects that looked like small pincer claws. He held them in one hand before reaching for my nipples, playing with them, tweaking them, readying them for whatever torture he had in mind.

I shivered with fear. With pleasure. I didn’t know anymore.

My breath released from my lung in shaky pants, my nipples hardening into tight little buds under his skillful touch and I moaned, low in my throat, barely loud enough for anyone around me to hear, but Dex did. He knew.

“Mya, this is the Restrainer. I call him Robo for short. I designed him with the explicit function to contain and control my female, no matter what she would do to try to escape. He also has the capability to provide me with certain accessories, meant to both punish and please you. He has a few other functions I won’t describe to you just yet but have no doubt that this piece of technology has the capability to thoroughly chastise you, no matter the offense,” Dex explained, his tone so matter of fact that it immediately unnerved me.

Gulping down my fear, I turned my head.

He took that moment to clasp the clamp in his hand onto one of my nipples and I keened in surprise. The vise that clawed into my tight bud was harsh, pointed, and felt like daggers cutting into my skin. I whined as the wave of pain came over me and shuddered as it passed through my body. When the riptide of hurt finally calmed, Dex held my gaze as he moved to put the other clamp on my breast.

I tried to twist and turn and kick my way out of Robo, but there was no escape. The clamp clawed its way onto my other nipple and I yelped as the process of pain occurred all over again. I seethed under the achy haze, before the pain eventually passed and my body was left simmering with some sort of insatiable desire for more.

Dex had stared me down the entire time.

I shivered in his darkness. The shadowy seduction that pulled me into him.

His hand reached forward, tapping each nipple once, then twice, igniting the torrent of pain once more. I struggled in my bonds, but to no avail. I wasn’t getting away from his depravity.

“Lower her, Robo. I want her level with our cocks,” Dex murmured and the machine whirred to life once more. I felt myself being lowered toward the floor, my legs spreading even more obscenely. My body tilted just a bit more, at the perfect height and angle to be fucked by my abductors.

It was unnerving. My body heated. My mind raced.

Was I ready for this? Was I prepared to lose my virginity to the Vakarrans?

I bit my lip.

Dex stepped back and Talor moved forward.

He was the leader. It only made sense he would be the one to begin my torment. I took a shaky breath and lifted my eyes to meet his copper ones. I noticed then that there were flecks of red, orange, and yellow in his gaze, a veritable rainbow of fire burning toward me.

With each passing moment, they seemed to burn hotter.

He reached to caress my cheek and I flinched away, but he continued onward, stroking the underside of my breast, my collarbone, and down the line of my belly to my hipbones. Leaning forward, he kissed the right side of my hips and I quaked with the passion it sparked deep in my bones.

Dex handed Talor a small round object, which he gently pressed against my clit. He let go and it stayed in place on its own without his hands to hold it. I could feel nanoparticles working their way into my skin, creating electronic tendrils that kept the little device where it was originally positioned. The device would stay where it was until Talor decided to remove it himself. I shivered with nervous anticipation.

Talor tapped the device once.

And it roared to life. Vibrations became my entire world in an instant, only this was way more intense than the little bullet I had hidden away in my nightstand drawer back at the dating agency. This was utterly and completely consuming.

The bullet drove me up a wall, quickly forcing me to approach orgasm like a bullet shot from a gun. My skin felt electrified, my body feverish with want and I moaned softly under my breath. My fingers tightened into fists as I arched within the hold of the robot, my own hips rocking back and forth as the bullet took me higher and higher.

I groaned with pleasure, having never been forced to the peak of orgasm so quickly before. It was incredible, and I shook under its power. I was ready to come.

And then it stopped.

I screamed with agony. My entire body shuddered, my pussy throbbing with need, my core cramping painfully as I struggled to cope with the sudden loss of sensation.

Over and over, it did this.

I tried to breathe, I tried to survive, but the little devilish thing seemed tuned to my body, able to read when I was merely seconds away from orgasm and then it would stop.




My nerves blazed with a fire like I’d never known. My body shook with effort to maintain my dignity, but the longer the little bullet tortured me, the more I began to fall apart. I wanted to come. I needed to come and the demon device wasn’t letting me. My screams of frustration began to echo off the walls of the bedroom. My heart pounded loud, my blood rushing throughout my body like a tidal wave and I could hardly breathe enough air to fill my lungs.

Again, I cried out as the vibrations tortured me, bringing me once again to the precipice of my release, but never letting me let go completely. The device would suddenly lose power every time I was merely a second or two away, leaving my clit feeling hollow and lonely. I cried out with anger, only to have the bullet start up again.

My eyes rolled back in my head and my entire body started to quake, reacting violently to the vibrations between my thighs. Even though I was expecting it, when it powered down once again I yelled out with fury, shaking with the passion that was bursting at the seams within me.

My cunt throbbed, my core screaming for more, but I knew this device would never give me what I want. It was meant to torment me.

For what felt like hours, it tortured me. All four of my captors watched with insane interest. Talor, Biran, and Dex surrounded me, their fingers exploring my flesh, gliding over my belly and my breasts, flicking the nipple clamps time and time again.

I was soaked with arousal, so much so that it had begun to drip down my inner thighs. I should have been mortified with shame, but I couldn’t focus on that. All I could think about was how turned on I was, how much I wanted to orgasm, and how much I wanted the bullet not to stop. I needed it not to stop.

“Please,” I begged.

“Please what, Mya,” Talor answered.

“I need,” I began, before I clamped my mouth shut. The bullet had begun again, and my body prepared for the roller coaster that would ultimately follow. I screamed, I struggled, I tried to grind against it harder and when my efforts ultimately failed, I cried out with my frustration. My breath caught in my throat.

Tears clouded my vision and I struggled not to cry.

“Please. Do what you want to me,” I begged. “But please. Please let me come.”

“Will you obey us?” Talor questioned.

I knew I wouldn’t. I was fairly certain he knew I wouldn’t, but I couldn’t handle being on the cusp of orgasm all night. I needed release.

I would have reached for him if I could.

“Have you ever had a man before, Mya?” Talor asked thoughtfully, his eyes searching mine. There was a certain gentleness there that took me off guard for a moment. Out of my mind with passionate desire as I was, I could have sworn I saw a flash of concern in his eyes as he stared at me.

I shook my head, desperate as the bullet started up again.

My hips rolled, fucking the little bullet despite my efforts not to. I cried out and a single tear escaped and rolled down my cheek. Talor leaned forward, using his finger to wipe it away and I moaned forlornly before him.

I felt weak. Punished.

“Promise me that you’ll at least try to obey me,” he said softly, trailing kisses down my neck, gentle, sweet, and wet. Promising so much more if only I would submit to him. Submit to all four of them.

Would it be so wrong? To allow myself to enjoy my time here despite the fact I’d been abducted by the enemy to my people, to my species? Did it even matter?

I shuddered, struggling against the riptide of pleasure that was demanding my body to acquiesce, to give in, to submit completely.

Deep down, I felt it building. I tried to fight it, but it was too much and once again the bullet brought me to the precipice of a cliff of passion, but it wouldn’t let me achieve release.

I let all my anger fall away. Everything I’d ever remembered about Vakarrans, I threw away in that moment. I gave in to the beat of my heart and let myself feel it all. I’d allow myself freedom, just for a little while.

“Yes. I’ll submit,” I cried out when the torture device ultimately stopped once again.

Talor grinned, his thumb brushing over my lip and I sighed at his gentleness. He leaned toward me, capturing my lips with his and my heart nearly burst in my chest. He devoured me, claimed me in that kiss like nothing that I’d ever could have imagined, and I reveled in it.

His tongue probed between my lips and I surrendered to it completely. He took me in ways I had never imagined, without taking my virginity just yet. My head whirled with the implications of it.

His touch was like a drug and I wanted more of it.

I felt my heartbeat hammer in my chest, each beat like a lightning strike, a symphony of passion ready to burst at any moment and only Talor could master it. Every nerve in my body felt electrified, ready to fire at any moment.

My chest rose and fell with effort to hold back my orgasm. At any moment, if he would just touch me, I’d shatter into pieces before them all.

“Are you ready, Mya?” he murmured, and I moaned in response.

I wanted him to take me. I didn’t want him to. I didn’t know. I didn’t really care. All I knew is that I needed release and I would do anything to get it. Even let him fuck me.

“Just let me come,” I begged, my voice shaky and pleading.

Talor unbuttoned his pants slowly, taking his time while he watched me for signs of God knows what. I shook as my eyes drifted down his sculpted chest, toward the waistband of his slacks and I bit my lip.

Slowly, he pushed his pants down from his waist, revealing his cock to my view.

It was larger than I’d imagined. Long. Wide. Girthy and I shuddered with the implications of it. It was rock hard, ready to fuck me into oblivion, that much was clear.

What surprised me was that I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me. To take my virginity by force, but, most disturbingly, I didn’t want him to be gentle about it.

I wanted it to be rough. I wanted it to be hard. I wanted it to hurt.

I rolled my hips toward him, barely aware of my body’s response to him. Robo leaned me backward, rolling forward so that my pussy was lined up with his cock, presenting me to be fucked as he wished. One hand gripped my right hip, before he lined up the head of his shaft to my entrance and I squirmed nervously.

“Beg for it, my naughty little human,” he growled, dipping his cock into me shallowly, teasingly and I whined for more.

Oh, God. I felt like I was going to burst into flames at any moment.

My hips rocked back and forth, trying to force his dick deeper in me; my nipples hardened despite the clamps and I whined at the twinge of pain. His cock slid up and down my wet flesh and I made a decision then.

I’d take him. I’d submit this once, not for them. Never for them.

But for me. I deserved my pleasure. I deserved every moment of bliss these men were going to give me. I was going to beg. For myself.

I was going to come and enjoy every last moment.

I’d earned it.

“Fuck me,” I pleaded, my skin tingling with anticipation.

He surged forward in one swift firm motion, breaking through the barrier of my virginity in a single blow. My body shook with pain and tears threatened to fall, but he stilled, allowing me to process the hurt at my own speed.

I shut my eyes, my fingers tightening into fists as I struggled, but slowly, as I found my breath again, the pain began to ebb away.

“It should only hurt like that the very first time,” Talor said softly, and despite my hatred of his alien race, I felt myself melt for him a little. He cared for my pain. He searched my face, waiting for a sign from me that I was ready to continue.

Finally, the sting faded away completely, and I was left feeling tingly with need.

I bobbed my hips up and down and he smirked. My pussy clenched around his length, its size spreading me wider than I’d ever imagined.

His eyes darkened and then I gasped as his cock grew even larger inside of me.

I whimpered at his size, his dick stretching me more than I had been prepared for and then he began to move. He was so big I thought I’d be speared in two.

It hurt, but I liked it. Residual pain from my virgin barrier came and went, intensifying the experience that much more.

He slammed into me again and again, the wet sound of his balls smacking my freshly spanked ass echoing throughout the room. I moaned, my body heating even further and then the little bullet between my legs roared to life.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I saw nothing but starry white flashes of ecstasy. My arms and legs burned with it and my pussy throbbed, clenching and milking his cock for all it was worth. My thighs quivered, struggling against my bonds, wanting to wrap around his waist so that he could fuck me deeper.

As though he could sense my need, his dick grew longer inside me, pounding me and fucking me as deep as I could take it. I shivered, I moaned. I cried out with my desire.


The vibrations that tortured my clit for so long continued, escalating with each passing second, forcing my body higher and higher into the clouds. The intensity increased slowly, tormenting me, making me shudder with need.

Talor’s cock took me deep, slamming into me with dominating force and I reacted violently to it, pleasure cascading through me like a riptide.

I threw my head back and moaned low and the bullet increased in strength once again.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I was going to come, and I was going to come hard.

My limbs quivered.

My back arched.

“Have you been punished enough, Mya? Should I let you come? Maybe I should whip that disrespectful little ass of yours with my belt before I grant you release. Maybe I should make you suck my cock first. What do you think, my dirty little slut?” Talor whispered in my ear and I cried out with desire at his words.

“You wouldn’t dare whip me,” I responded breathlessly.

“Oh, I would. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second,” he replied, his smirk telling me that he was telling the truth. My ass checks clenched in response as I envisioned him forcing me down on my belly as he whipped my bare backside.

My clit pulsed at the thought.

“I need to come,” I begged.

“You want my belt, don’t you,” he observed out loud.

I didn’t answer because my body responded to his threat. Turned me on even more so than before. He fucked me harder and I whined.

“You like it when it hurts, Mya. I can tell,” Talor said, grunting as the girth of his cock widened, stretching me, hurting me with every last inch.

“Please,” I pleaded.

He gripped my hips roughly, his fingers digging into my skin and I knew I would wear his mark for some time, but I didn’t care. It made me feel wanted in a way I never have before.

The bullet paused, and I whimpered before it started again.

Dex moved toward my head and reached over my chest, gripping the nipple clamps before looking to Talor for direction.

The bullet ramped up again. Higher and higher, driving me crazy with need.

Talor fucked me harder than ever, stretching me roughly so that it hurt, but I didn’t care, I was fucking enjoying myself.

“Now,” he commanded and Dex ripped the clamps off my nipples.

My world exploded into a bright, shattering light and I threw my head back. My orgasm tore through me, my legs shaking, my muscles tensing hard and I screamed with pleasure.

Pain. Pleasure. Polar opposites, but at that moment I couldn’t tell one from another. My nipples burned as Dex toyed with them, sore in all the right ways. My clit pulsed, my pussy clenched, and I came harder than I had ever come in my life.

Talor pumped into me, grunting softly as my cunt tightened around his cock. I could feel every last ridge sliding into my channel and it was glorious.

The power of my orgasm was all-consuming. Burning. White hot in the brutality of its strength. It was so intense that my legs began to shake, and I could feel a second release coming in its wake. Talor groaned low and his grip tightened on my hips, and he took me deeper than ever.

His seed shot into my channel, pelting my insides with hot, passionate spurts.

I came again.

Burning pleasure blazed through my veins. Ecstasy like I’d never known washed over my limbs, my fingers and toes tingly with it. My core throbbed and my heart pounded in my chest.

Powerful. Consuming. Passionate.

I licked my lips, my eyes focusing on the man before me. He studied my face as he pulled out of me. I could feel his cum sliding out of my pussy, dripping down my thigh. Marking me as his.

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