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Alien Conqueror: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“What are you doing?” I asked anxiously.

“I’m going to punish you,” he answered simply.

“How?” I finally managed to ask.

He chuckled and a coil of fear twisted tight inside my belly. Slowly, he patted my bottom and I stiffened with embarrassment as things started to fall into place.

He was going to spank me.

I kicked my legs and tried to squirm off his lap, but he didn’t allow me much room to escape him. He was too strong, and I was at such a disadvantage that it was impossible to get any leverage.

My feet didn’t even reach the floor. I was helpless to whatever he wanted to do with me.

“You’ve never been punished with a spanking before, have you, human?” he questioned, and I swallowed hard. I’d only seen a man slap a girl’s ass once while he rode her from behind, never like this. Over his lap like this, I felt tiny. My bare bottom seemed angled in such a way to present myself as a prime target.

Could he see in between my legs?

Quickly, I pressed my thighs together. I felt slick and when I slid my legs just so, I realized just how wet I was. Mortified at my body’s betrayal, I hid my face in my hands. My knees rubbed against one another. He grasped my hips and pitched me forward a bit more, which only seemed to arch my bottom up higher for him.

“You’re going to spank me,” I echoed. I didn’t want to believe it. To be honest, such a physical punishment shouldn’t have surprised me, but I’d simply expected him to want to fuck me for trying to kill him. That in and of itself had made me nervous, but now that I was over his knee for a spanking instead, I felt like a confused mess of fear and traitorous arousal.

Was this going to hurt?

He squeezed my bottom with one hand, the tips of his claws digging into the flesh of my cheek almost cruelly. My pussy clenched with need.

“You’ve got such a beautiful bare little bottom, human,” he purred, and I shuddered with shame. It felt so wrong to have an alien looking at me like this, touching me like this.

It felt even more wrong to want to feel his fingers somewhere even more shameful, to want even more than that.

I shut my eyes, not willing to face the mortifying direction that my own mind seemed determined to take. I pressed my thighs together. I needed to hide my feelings and persist until my punishment ended. I couldn’t stop thinking about his palm touching my backside. My clit throbbed and I released a sigh of anxious arousal.

He didn’t let me lose focus for long. He grasped the other side of my ass just as firmly before he slapped it.


Much harder than I’d seen that guy spank that girl as he fucked her.

I squeaked out loud in surprise at the deafening sound. It reminded me of the sound of a gunshot, or an ax splitting a log, but it carried with it a far more sinister feel. It echoed in the outdoors, and I gasped knowing that anyone close by would be able to hear him punishing me like this.

“Please, take me inside,” I pleaded.

“No, I’m not going to do that, Raiza,” he answered as he spanked my other cheek just as roughly. I jumped, and the sting from the two strikes soon flared to life.


“I’m going to deal with you out here on my balcony. I want my city to know how my human is punished when she is a very bad girl,” he warned, and my heart almost palpated out of my chest. I bit my lip, trying to keep from saying anything more.

My cheeks were burning with shame.

This was mortifying. Spankings were for wayward children, not full-grown women, yet here I was lying naked over an alien man’s lap getting my bottom smacked as punishment.

I tried to get up off his lap one last time, but he quickly shifted me and pinned my legs with one of his. I struggled, but there was no going anywhere now. I was trapped.

“You can’t do this,” I wailed.

“Human, it’s time you learned your place in this world,” he growled, and his palm crashed down on my backside again. This time, the pain was sharper because I knew it was coming.

His palm was relentless, painting up and down my backside with vivid fervor. Over and over again, he slapped the fullest part of my bottom and when he descended to the lower curve where my cheek met my thigh, I lost my ability to keep silent. The first cry was quiet, but I was so mortified that he might hear it that I bit down on my lower lip hard enough to hurt.

He attacked my thighs and my mouth opened of its own accord. I pushed at the loveseat with my hands even though I knew that my strength was no match for him.

“Oh! It hurts!” I cried out.

“That’s the point, little human. It’s supposed to,” he declared, and my core spiraled with heat. Nothing seemed to slow the advance of his palm. He met his target again and again. I couldn’t kick or do anything to derail him in the slightest.

“Please! I thought you just wanted to fuck me!” I wailed.

“I plan on it, little human. I’m just going to make sure this pretty bottom is bright red before I do,” he chided, and I realized how very far out of my depth I was with him.

“I’m sorry I tried to kill you,” I tried next. Maybe he just wanted an apology, and this was all a ruse to make me say the words.

I just wanted the spanking to end. It hurt and still he showed no signs of stopping.

“You’re not sorry enough, little female,” he answered. His hand spanked me at a furious pace, and I soon became worried that I wouldn’t be able to take that much more. I arched my hips as much as my position might allow and he took advantage of that by spanking just beneath my bottom.

That stung so much more than all the rest.

He went down my thighs after that, edging further than he had before and I lost the ability to form words. I tried to keep my eyes closed. I told myself that this was just something I had to get through. He’d tire himself out eventually.

A particularly hard strike against my mid-thigh made me yelp.

His palm was so broad that it covered far too much of my flesh in every single blow.

Soon, nothing else mattered except his hand. One spank turned into another and another until it all started running together in one endless stream of painful chastisement. It hurt so much that I finally realized that my bottom would give out long before his hand.

Would it ever end? Was he looking to turn my bottom a certain shade of red? Or even purple?

I blinked as my eyes watered. Did he want me to cry? Was that his goal?

Quickly, he readjusted me again and I was far too surprised to do anything at all to try to stop it. He pressed one leg in between mine, and I swallowed anxiously when I realized I could no longer hide my most private places. As if he knew the direction of my thoughts, his palm glided forward, and I struggled the hardest that I ever had before he cupped my pussy in his hand. He would know without a doubt that I was wet now. He clutched my mound more tightly.

I froze at the possessive warning in that single maneuver.

Without a word, he slapped me there too. My mouth opened in shock and a strangled wail escaped me as agony blossomed over the sensitive lips of my pussy.

“Don’t!” I begged.

He didn’t listen.

He started spanking my pussy just as firmly as he’d spanked my ass. I tried to close my thighs. I panicked over his lap, trying to keep quiet and hold back my cries. The sound of him spanking me in such a shameful place was wet, but I had no time to focus on that as the fierce fire of his palm punishing me there took center stage.

“I’m sorry!”

A sob tore free from my lips as the first tear dripped down my cheek. It took only moments, but soon after that, I was crying in earnest and the spanking still didn’t stop.

I cried as he continued, but there was no longer the tension of resistance rippling through me. His palm alone had subdued me.

He peppered my backside with hard slaps.

He struck my thighs several more times. Then he smoothed his palm over my scalded backside. He did that over and over as I tried to get a hold of myself. I sniffled, not bothering to wipe my tears off my cheeks. I glanced down, noticing that there were several wet pools of them beneath me on the fabric of the loveseat.

One of his hands glided over my lower back, circling gently and I took comfort in that temperate touch. I don’t know why. I knew I should hate him.

My heart pounded and I drew in a shaky heated breath. I shifted just a little, but it did nothing to soothe my scalded flesh.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned, and a warm heat blossomed in my core. I closed my eyes, trying to grapple with the confusing comfort those two words brought me. I wanted to smile at them at the same time I wanted to push them as far away as I possibly could. I cried a little bit harder, and his hand smoothed over my bare bottom again.

“You took your spanking like such a good girl,” he said, and I sniffed back my tears. He slowly massaged my bottom cheeks and I relaxed. My hips lifted toward his touch, almost seeking it out.

His fingers dipped in between my legs, and I gasped.

I was so impossibly wet. His fingertips glided along my inner thighs with ease until they began to explore the wetness captured within my folds. There was no hiding how I was reacting anymore. He knew how turned on I was.

“I want to see this little pussy. Show it to me. I want to see how pink it is after it’s been properly spanked,” he demanded. I cried out in shame, but I did as he asked. I wasn’t certain if he’d continue punishing me and right now, I wasn’t ready to find out that answer.

I arched my back and spread my hips a bit wider, displaying myself for him as my face burned red hot. My bare bottom and my pussy throbbed with aching soreness, but it was the arousal I was showing him that made my punishment thoroughly complete.

His palm returned to cover my mound, grasping it just enough to make me cry out as the agony he’d painted there scalded anew. He patted it lightly and I jerked away. He cruelly pushed his fingers through my soaked folds.

A shameful cry escaped my mouth, sounding more like a moan than anything else. I blushed even harder.

He captured my clit between his fingers, and I couldn’t stop the way my hips sought out those cruel fingertips.

“Under the lights, your naughty little pussy is bright red after your spanking,” he announced as he slowly slipped a single finger inside me. I keened, unable to keep myself quiet. His finger was thick, and my entrance grasped at him greedily, but the worst part of it all was that he slid into me unheeded. I was that wet.

In that moment, I was thankful to be over his lap this way. He couldn’t see the look of pleasure that was sweeping across my face at this entire sordid display.

A second soft moan escaped me, and he pumped that single digit in and out of me. He was slow and steady and when it started to become just the slightest bit painful, he paused.

“You’ve never had a man touch you before,” he observed. He didn’t ask it as a question. It was a statement and I flushed harder because of it.

“No,” I answered shakily, and he growled with delight.

“Oh, Raiza, you are an absolute treasure,” he replied as he pulled his finger free from me. He pressed two of them directly over my clit and started to rub me lightly. His movements were gentle and soft, but after about a minute they started driving me insane with gripping need.

“Oh!” I exclaimed.

He worked between my legs a little bit faster. I squeaked in surprise as sensation blossomed in my core. It was warm and far too spellbinding. I wanted him to stop at the same time that I didn’t. My mind was so reluctant, but my body seemed primed to do whatever he wanted.

My legs started to tremble with need as my pussy clenched tight. I couldn’t stop myself from riding his fingertips. I bucked away when the throbbing desire grew even higher, but he didn’t allow me to pull away for long. When he pressed those knowledgeable digits back over my clit, I gasped in protest and relief at the same time.

I whined softly, and he increased the pressure. Shamelessly, my hips rocked back and forth. My legs fell open wider, and I thrust back down against him.

I couldn’t make myself stop. I’d lost control and cried over his thighs during my spanking, and now I was falling apart in an entirely different way.

I moaned again and I covered my mouth with my palms. I didn’t want him to hear the embarrassingly needy sounds I was making. I didn’t want anyone else to overhear my shame either, so I did my best to quiet myself as his fingers danced on top of my clit.

“Put your hands behind your back, little human. You are not allowed to silence yourself with me,” he demanded. I sighed in mortified defeat as I slowly bent my hands behind me. He captured both of my wrists with one hand, never allowing his fingers to stop torturing my aching clit.

“I can’t,” I whimpered.

“You’re going to come for me with your bright red bottom on display, little female. I’m not going to stop until your screams of obedience echo throughout my city,” he demanded.

I tried to hold out.

I failed.


For one minute, I remained strong. The next, I started writhing over his lap. After that, I angled myself just so that his fingers only glanced against my clit, but he found it again and again. His fingertips were too good.

One moan after the next fell from my lips until at long last, it felt like my core was going to explode. I cried out in fear, not knowing what was happening and yearning to find out.

“I can’t! Please!”

“Come for me,” he commanded, and my body practically vibrated as he spoke. My hips rolled and the more I tried to resist, the stronger the heated sensation became until I felt like I was drowning in it.

My defenses shattered before I wanted them to.

That first orgasm began in the very tips of my toes. I curled them as my hips arched upward, rising with the swell of pleasure unbidden. My moan started as a soft cry, gradually building in pitch until the sound of it surrounded me with shameful desire. My core squeezed tight, my inner walls fluttering inside of me as I writhed over his lap like a whore.

I’d never been brave enough to do this by myself.

He continued to work his fingers over the top of my clit, forcing my pleasure that much higher until it practically consumed me. My veins burned with fiery sensation, and I squeezed my eyes shut, suffering and enjoying myself with every panted breath.

When it finally reached a fever pitch, I rode it out, crying out from the intensity of it loud enough to make my own ears hurt. I gasped when my release finally began to fade. My entire body throbbed with it from the tips of my fingers all the way down my legs. My thighs quivered and I drew in a shaky breath.

That was incredible.

I closed my eyes as the raw shame of what I’d just done washed over me.

There was a certain numbness that throbbed through my limbs, leftover residual pleasure from my orgasm that had ensured the burn across my spanked backside had lessened, at least for a time. Now that my need had been sated, that fire returned with a vengeance.

His hand stayed over my pussy.

I thought he was done now. Was the forced orgasm over his thighs a part of my punishment too? Would he let me up?

One of his fingers twitched and I jumped. He stroked my clit and I cried out, suddenly feeling far more sensitive than before. It stung a little bit and I struggled to pull myself away.


“Little human, your bottom is still bright red. You’ve forgotten that you don’t have a choice anymore. Your body is mine to do with as I please,” he dictated, and my core spiraled tight as a coil with anxious and very hesitant arousal.

“You can’t mean…” I replied.

He spanked my pussy hard several times. I was so caught off guard that I didn’t even have time to clench my muscles to try to protect myself.

Now that I’d already come, it hurt far more than it did before. I gasped and cried as he punished me there. My tears threatened to renew and when he finally paused for a moment, I pulled in a heated, shaky breath.

“It’s no longer up to you, little human. You belong to me, and you will obey me. The more you continue to fight that, the more you will be punished,” he scolded, and I rushed to draw in a breath as I struggled to take the scalding hot agony on my most sensitive place.

When he was done, he slid a finger into my pussy and coated it with my wetness. He wasted no time in slipping that same digit up the cleft of my ass until he settled on top of my bottom hole. My entire body stilled with alarm.

“Now that I’ve got your full attention, Raiza, tell me. Is it up to you whether or not you come for me? Is it your choice where I touch you? Is it you who decides when I’m going to bare your disobedient little bottom for a hard spanking over my knee?” he scolded.

“No, sir,” I whimpered.

I’d called him sir. That word felt so heavy. For the first time, I acknowledged the difference in authority between us out loud so that he could hear it.

He pushed his finger against my asshole, and I clenched tight, trying to fight his advance even though I knew how strong he was.

“Please! Please, not there,” I wailed.

I knew enough by now that he wouldn’t listen to my pleas. He wanted to push his finger into my ass, and it was going to happen.

It felt so decadently shameful and there was a part of me that sort of wanted to know what it felt like, but I wasn’t willing to face that part of me yet.

“Talyn, please.”

“I hadn’t intended to punish this tight little hole, but I think you’re going to need to be taught a much more thorough lesson. I am your master from this day forward. When I command you to fall to your knees, you fall to your knees. When I demand you spread your thighs so I can fuck that needy little pussy, you spread your thighs. When I tell you that you’re to be punished, you are to strip and wait for me with your bottom bare and on display. You belong to me now, Raiza, and it’s about time I show you what that truly means,” he said darkly, and a fierce shudder rolled through my body as his finger advanced.

It felt foreign at first, and then it started to grow painful. My bottom hole was really tight. I’d never been stretched there before, and he wasn’t being gentle like he’d been with my pussy. With aroused mortification, I tried to squeeze my bottom cheeks together. That didn’t stop him. His finger continued to advance into my virgin hole, forcing its way inside whether I wanted him to or not.

He pressed through my tight rim despite everything I tried to do to prevent it. The tip pushed inside, and it was ginormous. I felt the first knuckle and then the second and I keened as it got thicker and opened me wider than I thought possible. The stretch burned like a hot poker pressing into me for several long moments until he pushed it fully inside me and just held it there.

It was a heady warning.

“Yes, sir,” I squeaked. His finger there was my entire world. I could think of absolutely nothing else.

“Who owns you?” he asked.

“You do, sir,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Your little bottom is clenching tight around my finger,” he said quietly. Slowly, he reached another forward, capturing my clit underneath it at the same time.

I whimpered in reply. My bottom hole ached.

“I was going to take you inside to finish your lesson on my cock, but I’ve changed my mind. Right now, you’re going to come with my finger inside your disobedient little bottom. After that, I’m going to bend you over this couch and take what’s rightfully mine,” he vowed.

He teased my clit and pumped the other digit in and out of my bottom. I hated how incredibly good it felt. I loathed how my desire rose to his bait.

Even when my friends had told me of sex, they’d never mentioned having more than one orgasm. Not ever. Some of them told me sometimes they didn’t come at all.

Was it possible? Would Talyn make me come for a second time?

My body seemed to believe him and the scalding burn across my backside told me that I shouldn’t push him again unless I wanted to be spanked some more. I tried to deal with the simmering ache that scorched across my needy flesh as well as the mortifying feeling of having his finger in such a shameful place.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and my arousal burned hotter. My core clenched down tighter and tighter, seemingly responding to his filthy degrading lesson whether I wanted it to or not. My muscles tensed and a fresh wave of agony radiated around my asshole. It hurtled up and down my spine. My clit throbbed with desire.

Fuck. I couldn’t come this way. I shouldn’t.

The more he touched me, the more the weight of his words began to settle over me. He’d decided I was going to come for him with his finger inside my bottom and that’s what was going to happen.

I trembled under the power of that realization and for the first time, something inside me came to life.

My desire began to strengthen tenfold. My inner walls quivered, and my bottom hole tightened around his thick finger. My clit pulsed hard several times under his punishing touch.

I moaned, the sound salacious and shameful but I could no longer find the will to care about my dignity. I could feel another orgasm in reach and even though it embarrassed me, I wanted it.

“Please,” I begged, only this time I wasn’t asking him to stop. I was pleading for him to go harder, faster. I was yearning for more.

My legs began to quiver. His movements picked up in pace, pressing more firmly against my needy flesh with every passing moment.

“You will wait until I give you permission this time, Raiza. If you come before I say, you’ll learn what my primary cock feels like in this naughty bottom rather than in your needy little pussy,” he warned.

Primary cock? What the fuck did that mean?

A jolt of panic raced through me. I didn’t want to be disobedient. I just wanted to come. For a moment, it scared me to think that way, but I pushed it aside.

When I started to lose control, he viciously pushed a second finger inside my bottom along with the first. I cried out at the sudden burst of pain, and for only a moment, my impending orgasm receded.

“Please, sir! I’ll wait for your permission,” I cried out and a hard shudder of pain rolled through my limbs. I also noticed that my thighs were soaking wet. Despite all the hurt, my body was still reacting with powerful arousal, and I couldn’t deny it anymore.

Not when he could feel it too.

“Not yet, little human. I want you to fully understand that you lost control the moment you pulled that trigger and tried to kill me,” he said cruelly.

I writhed. I tried to hold back that orgasm as best as I could, but it felt like a firework about to burst at any moment. I was standing on the edge of a cliff about to fall if I would just give in. I bucked and tried to escape his touch on my clit, but he showed me no mercy.

It started to become painful.

“Please, I’m sorry, sir,” I pleaded.

“Are you?” he pressed.

“Yes, sir,” I wailed. “I understand! I understand!”

My body was quivering with the exertion from holding back my release. My core squeezed hard in a fluttering cramp, and I blinked back tears. I needed him to give me permission to orgasm so very badly. I wasn’t ready to get my bottom fucked, especially when I was still a virgin in the more traditional way.

“Good. I’m glad we’ve come to an understanding,” he chided slowly.

My breath hitched. I couldn’t stand this for much longer.

“Come for me, little human,” he demanded.

The moment the words rolled off his lips, my world exploded in a fiery display of mind-numbing pleasure. An endless wave of white-hot ecstasy blinded me as I writhed within its clutches. His hand held my wrists tight, pinning me down and forcing me to take every second of the pleasurable pain he was wrenching from me.

My screams tore out of my mouth, hoarse moans that spoke to the primal nature of the savagery of that second orgasm.

The first orgasm was pure pleasure. This one was anything but that.

It hurt, yet it was also incredibly delicious. My toes curled, reaching for the floor but not finding it. My fingers grasped at his wrist, holding on for dear life. The raw pleasure consumed me from within and cut through me like a knife.

Exquisite blissful agony flared through me again and again and by the time it finally began to fade, I felt like I’d been ravaged, my defenses obliterated.

My skin felt feverish, and I could feel the slightest hint of sweat brewing at my brow and down the expanse of my lower back. My heart drummed loud in my chest, and I did everything I could to just draw in one lungful of air after the next. When I’d finally gotten a handle on myself, I dipped my head forward and rested it on the loveseat.

He didn’t remove his fingers from my asshole.

The residual ache from it only seemed to grow more painful with each passing second. I struggled to bear it, but I didn’t complain because I was afraid that doing so would either earn another finger or worse, his cock, next.

Even though the thought scared me, there was a small part of it that intrigued me. Would it hurt to be fucked there? Would I like it?

I shivered.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured and before I could stop myself, I smiled.

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