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Alien Daddies: A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Daddy Zane tossed her nightshirt onto a nearby chair. She stood in front of him, stark naked, with her hands at her sides as she resisted the urge to cover herself, recalling with full clarity what had happened the last time she had shielded her nudity. His eyes drifted to her bosom, and the caress of his heated gaze alone caused her nipples to harden. Her face became hotter and she felt a deep flush course throughout her entire body.

She heard the water turn off automatically. The steam of the bath wafted against her thighs and bottom from where she stood in front of the tub. She longed to sink into the warm fragrant bath water, but she waited for Daddy Zane to give her another command. Her behind tingled at the prospect of receiving a spanking from him. His eyes appeared a bit darker—more serious, perhaps—than his triplet brothers Daddy Nagen and Daddy Vilad. Maybe she would learn to tell the brothers apart before she mated with them after all.

Correction—if she mated with them. And that was a big fucking if.

Forever. Khanndorans mated for life.

“What are you thinking about, little girl?” he asked, tipping her chin up with one finger. She swallowed hard and stared at him, the ache between her thighs pulsing hotter. His nostrils flared and she cursed her inability to control her arousal in the presence of Daddy Zane and the rest of his zoshin. Their dark dreamy eyes, delicious masculine scents, handsome faces, towering height, well-sculpted bodies, and deep sexy voices seemed designed to summon her arousal in an instant.

“I… I am wondering something,” she found herself saying, “about the Khanndoran mating process.”

His eyes darkened further, his nostrils flaring wider as his jaw tightened. She had no doubt his cock was probably rock hard in his pants and she fought the urge to step closer to him in an effort to detect his own growing lust. She took a steadying breath as he continued to hold her gaze intently, as if searching her mind for the very question she wished to ask. Finally, he spoke.

“You wish to know how we will claim you, is that correct? Whether we take you one at a time in private, or whether we will share you—all six of us at the same time?”

Her face heated and she tried to glance away, but he shifted his hand to grasp her chin, not allowing her to withdraw her gaze from his. “I suppose you could say that is what I was wondering about. I understand, from what you said earlier about spilling your, um, seed inside me,” she uttered this last part in a whisper, “that that part is a requirement for permanent mating—the imprinting you spoke of. But for an entire zoshin to claim a female, I was wondering…” Another flush stole over her face and her throat clogged. She had been about to ask, “I was wondering… if I were to decide I wished to mate with your zoshin, would the six of you gather round for a turn with me and pass me on down the line?

Daddy Zane pressed a kiss to her forehead in a sudden movement, and his abrupt tenderness—that slight pressure of his lips to her skin as he grasped onto her arms—eased some of her nervousness. But it also increased her arousal, damn him, and she pressed her thighs together as another surge of heated pulses engulfed her center. Her nipples burned with sensitivity, the peaks had grown so hard to be painful as she stood encircled in his huge, muscular arms.

“Into the bath with you, little girl, and Daddy Zane will explain to you how a zoshin typically claims a female as a mate.” Kindness blazed in the dark depths of his eyes. Not only kindness, but patience as well. She wasn’t used to males having patience with her. Her father had none to spare, and neither did stupid Emmitt Henderson, who had always seemed annoyed when he must accompany her somewhere or arrange for another guard to do so. Neither did her older brother, Andrew, who always looked at her with frustration as if she were the most annoying creature he’d ever laid eyes on. And neither did any of the dumbass, immature guys she had found herself briefly attracted to during her first year of college—all of whom had only been interested in one thing.

Thankfully, Daddy Zane lifting her up and then placing her into the warm bath helped to tear her thoughts away from this darkness that usually kept that hole in her chest aching with permanency. One glance into Daddy Zane’s caring gaze as he sat on the edge of the tub, washcloth in hand, and the miserable thoughts that had entered her mind vanished completely.

She found herself smiling up at him, hope spreading through her in vast waves of wonder that made her question whether or not she herself had dreamed of the brothers before, dreams she had forgotten upon waking. There was something familiar about Daddy Zane’s presence, as well as his brothers’. Or maybe it wasn’t anything familiar at all, but simply the safety and comfort she had often fantasized about having with a man. A man who didn’t want her just for a quick piece of ass. Daddy Zane and his zoshin wanted her for life.

For life. These two words echoed in her head over and over as he set about wetting the washcloth and running it over her shoulders and arms. She closed her eyes and surrendered to his masterful touch as the fragrant steam wafted against her face, relaxing her further. For as many luxurious spas as she had visited, on Earth and on Phennulos, those experiences did not come close to this one in comparison. Every nerve ending in her body tingled with pleasure, and she felt weightless in the water, as if she were floating in a humid rain forest, surrounded by lush green splendor. She was certain that the moment she opened her eyes, she would be in another place, an exotically beautiful location, rather than aboard the Rithona. So she kept her eyes shut and reveled in the moment.

“When you finally beg us to claim you as our life mate, Kenna,” Daddy Zane said as he moved the washcloth over her aching breasts, “Daddy Torin will claim you first, in private. He’s the alpha of our group—the oldest in our zoshin and a single birth. Next, twins Daddies Aras and Kameel will claim you together, sharing you between them. And finally, I will claim you along with my triplet brothers Daddies Nagen and Vilad, the three of us sharing you between us. During each of these three mating sessions, we will all spill our seed inside you and mark you as ours.” He cupped her breast and squeezed, and she arched into his touch with a moan, breathless at his description of how the mating would occur.

“I… thank you,” she breathed. “That answers my question.” Her mind was reeling though, erotic images parading through her consciousness at the speed of light while she tried not to wriggle too obviously in the tub as she pressed her thighs together.

“These three mating sessions will occur in quick order, all during the same day if possible. Once Daddy Torin claims you as his life mate, the rest of his zoshin will be ravenous to claim you, our spirits calling out for you and unable to settle until we’ve planted our seed inside you.”

She finally opened her eyes and stared at him, wanting to see the heat in his gaze. She wasn’t disappointed. He looked rather ravenous to her in this moment, and she gulped past a sudden dryness in her mouth.

He leaned closer, his hand moving to cup her other breast. “After the three mating sessions, the six of us will take you in any order and in any circumstance that we wish. Alone, or perhaps with four or five or even all six of us together. Touching you, enjoying you, loving you. I daresay your little pink pussy is going to be well-tended to soon, my little girl, along with your… other holes.”

She straightened in the water. “My other holes?” She tried to back away from him, but he grabbed her nipple, halting her escape as he squeezed it just on the side of painfulness.

“Yes, little girl. Your other holes. In addition to your tight little pussy, we will make use of your mouth and your ass.” A low animalistic growl sounded in his throat. “How else did you think the permanent mating would occur? We must all plant our seed inside you, but it does not necessarily have to be in your pussy. You’ll take a cock in your pussy, of course, but another in your mouth, and yet another in your ass, when it comes time for me to claim you with my triplet brothers Daddies Nagen and Vilad.”

Kenna’s heart pounded rapidly in her chest and she gasped for air. She tried to back away from Daddy Zane, even as he tightened his grip on her nipple, but though the bathtub was large she could only attempt to back up so far. He extended his arm as she backed up, thankfully not pinching her nipple too hard, as if sensing she needed a bit of space as she reeled from his recent revelations. He scooted closer to her and released his hold on her breast, then placed his hands on her shoulders as he peered down at her, his dark hair gleaming in the overhead lights.

“You needn’t be afraid, little girl. We will not hurt you during the mating.”

“Easy for you to say,” she grumbled, somehow finding her voice in the midst of her previous speechless surprise. “You’re not the one who must take a cock up your ass.”

“Oh, so you’ve agreed to mate with us, then?” he asked, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“No, not at all!” she said with as much indignance as she could muster. “I was only speaking hypothetically, of course. I have not made any firm decisions yet.” This last sentence felt thick and awkward on her tongue, as if her future self already recognized it as a lie. “Besides, the judge might very well decide to release me to travel to Phennulos. Daddy Torin thinks I’ll have to remain on Khanndora for one to two years, whether in jail or placed in the custody of your zoshin, but I have not yet stood before the judge and been sentenced yet. Perhaps the judge will free me and allow me to conduct myself as a tourist while I await passage to Phennulos,” she said, lifting her chin and trying to look brave, even as every cell in her body screamed for her to beg Daddy Zane to reach between her legs and assuage the unbearable achiness. Her clit must have tripled in size, for as hard as it was pulsing.

Daddy Zane’s visage turned firm and he tightened his grip on her shoulders. “I know our legal system better than you presume to, little girl,” he said with utmost certainty, “and I am confident that you will remain our captive, whether you like it or not.”

Well, I don’t like it, she almost said. But she couldn’t force the words from her mouth, because they weren’t true at all. The very thought of parting ways with Daddy Zane and his zoshin made her heart ache. After longing to escape her controlling father though, she couldn’t help but harbor resistance at being told by anyone how she would live out the rest of her life. To have all choice taken away from her riled her to no end.

But they won’t claim you as their life mate unless you beg. It is your choice, a little voice whispered in her mind. She blinked hard. My choice, my choice, she told herself over and over, the mantra replaying in her head lending her strength.

“Now, my little captive,” Daddy Zane said. “I want you to be a good little girl and get on your hands and knees in the bathtub. Daddy is going to wash your privates. Thoroughly.”

Kenna’s first instinct was to argue, but one look into his no-nonsense gaze, so dark and unyielding, had her changing her mind. She moved onto her hands and knees as ordered, the position causing her bottom to hover just above the surface of the soapy water. She flushed with shame despite the fact that Daddy Zane had already cleaned her privates earlier, when he’d swiped the wet cloth through her folds before the entire zoshin had tucked her in for a nap.

“Good girl,” he said, and the note of praise in his voice warmed her heart. He cupped her bottom and scooped water over it, using his bare hand rather than the cloth. Despite the heat of the steaming water, her flesh tingled with rising goosebumps. When one of his fingers trailed down the crevice between her behind cheeks, dancing over her bottom hole, she clenched against what she feared might be an imminent intrusion. “You have the cutest little puckering hole, Kenna.”

Her breath caught and she trembled in position, but somehow she managed not to collapse in the water. He trailed a digit over her asshole again and again as he scooped water over her bottom, each touch on her most private place becoming more insistent.

Though no one had ever touched this part of her before, she found she rather enjoyed his teasing caresses, and rather than clench against the approaching touches, she was soon arching her back to keep her bottom wider for Daddy Zane.

Until she’d met this zoshin of warriors, she had never known she possessed such a wanton side.

“Very, very good girl,” he said, with more praise in his voice than before. He pressed a finger to her anus and held it in place, leaning over her until his lips caressed her ear. His hot breath wafted over her face, and a rush of endorphins prickled her scalp, leaving her dreamlike and disjointed.

“Please, Daddy,” she said, lifting her bottom higher. She didn’t know if she was asking him to switch to caressing her pussy, perhaps to shove a finger or two inside her aching womanhood, or if she was asking him to shove his digit into her ass. She only knew one thing for certain—that she needed him inside her in this moment. There was an aching in her that needed desperately to be filled.

“Does my little girl want Daddy’s finger in her bottom?” His breath tickled her neck.

“I…” Makenna flushed and her voice became stuck in her throat. Was she really about to ask him to push inside her ass? “I…” she tried again but her vocal cords refused to cooperate. She settled for pushing her bottom back against Daddy Zane’s probing digit, as if trying to impale herself upon his finger.

“Little girl,” he said, “you’re going to have to ask for it. Ask Daddy to slide his finger in your bottom hole.” He applied further pressure but didn’t breach her entrance, which only left her increasingly flustered. She felt the exact moment her brow broke out in a sweat as she yearned for him to shove into this private part of her.

She forced a few deep breaths and thankfully, when she next tried to speak, her voice finally worked. “Please, Daddy, will you please put your finger in my bottom hole?” she asked in a low tone, all but whispering the last several words. She quivered with need, her legs trembling beneath her as her desire swelled to unbearable heights. And to think he wouldn’t allow her to come unless she begged him to take her as his life mate… well, this thought had her wondering if any of his brothers would let her come again anytime soon. But the sensation of his digit entering her tightness erased all thought of what his brothers might or might not allow, and she writhed in the water and moaned as he obliged her request.

“Your bottom hole is very, very tight, little girl,” Daddy Zane said with a growl. “Tell me, have you ever had anything inside it before?”

“I… no, Daddy.” She struggled for air as he pushed deeper. Though he wasn’t touching her pussy at all, let alone her throbbing clit, the feel of his large finger thrusting into her behind hole brought a measure of relief and more satisfaction than she had imagined.

“No wonder you’re so tight,” he said, withdrawing slightly only to push back inside, deeper this time. He rested his free hand on her lower back, as if to steady her while he continued shoving into her tightness. Again, he pulled out partially only to drive straight back in, with more force this time, and he soon made a rhythm out of it, pounding her ass with his huge thick finger. “A fortunate thing that you enjoy a good bottom hole fucking, little girl, because we must train you to take a cock back here. I can’t speak for my brothers, but I personally plan to spread your bottom wide and claim your ass on a regular basis. Of course, I plan to take your mouth and your pussy frequently as well. All your holes are tempting, little human.”

His declaration sent a wave of heat pulsing outward from her pussy. She was on edge, one careful swipe of a digit over her clit away from splintering into a thousand pieces. But Daddy Zane wouldn’t grant her a release. She pressed her eyes shut and whimpered as her desperation mounted. Still, he gave her no relief. She was burning up with need and didn’t think she could take another breath before she reached completion.

In her frantic state she snapped and did something very impulsive and very naughty.

She reached between her thighs and rubbed her clit for a split second.

A split second was all it took. Just before Daddy Zane realized what she’d done and started to withdraw from her ass, a powerful quaking orgasm rippled through her. She moaned and gyrated against her hand as the fast but hard release swept over her, leaving her boneless and vibrating in the aftermath of her illicit deed. But Daddy Zane’s deep voice, thickened with fierce disapproval, soon drew her out of her blissful reverie.

“Little girl, you are in so much trouble.”

“What did she do?” came Daddy Torin’s voice from the doorway.

Makenna gasped and peered over her shoulder to find not just Daddy Torin, but the rest of his zoshin approaching. Her stomach flipped when the five of them entered the bathroom one by one, their nostrils flaring as a knowing look entered each of their stern gazes.

“Ah,” Daddy Nagen said before Daddy Zane could tell them about her stolen orgasm. “I think, given the guilt and shame written across her face, it would be safe to assume our little girl was naughty and touched herself without permission. Is that correct?”

“I was in the process of training her bottom hole when she quickly reached between her thighs and not only touched herself without permission, but gave herself an orgasm,” Daddy Zane replied.

Completely mortified, Makenna glanced from brother to brother, her sense of dread deepening with each second. She had no doubt they would punish her for her misdeed, and the idea of them all not only knowing what she’d done—but participating in her punishment as well—left her flushing hotter with embarrassment. Now that they were all here, she doubted any of them would leave until she was properly dealt with.

“Get her out of the bathtub,” Daddy Torin said. “I want her dried off and placed on the bed with her thighs spread wide.” His gaze was dark and ominous, promising a shameful punishment the likes of which she probably couldn’t even fathom.

She rose up with Daddy Zane’s assistance, her head lowered in humiliation. She’d been a naughty little girl indeed, and all six of her daddies were displeased with her. A tingle raced across her bottom cheeks, and despite her nervousness over her impending punishment, the heat of her recently alleviated arousal re-surged between her thighs.

As the zoshin got her into position on the bed, lying on her back with her legs spread shamefully wide, Makenna noticed several items had appeared on the bedside table. A stack of modest-looking panties, some plain white while others sported pastel flower prints, as well as at least ten extremely feminine-looking dresses, draped haplessly over the table as if they’d been placed there in a hurry. Most of the pastel flower print panties coordinated with one of the dresses, while others were simply a solid pastel color. She imagined how girlish and innocent she would feel when she donned one of these little girl outfits they had apparently designed just for her. Then she noticed a formidable-looking metallic stand behind the dresses that contained several phallus-shaped objects lined up from smallest to largest. In a groove in the stand beside the phalluses she also noticed a large bottle filled with some sort of clear substance.

“What-what is that for?”

“We’ve been busy with the materials replicator, little girl, designing and creating any items you might need,” Daddy Kameel explained as he sat beside her on the bed. “Appropriate panties as well as nightwear and dresses.” He nodded at a stack of nightdresses behind the device that she hadn’t noticed. “The items you are looking at are intended to help train your bottom hole to accept the size of our cocks.”

“But… even the small one is rather large!” She felt her eyes widen as a sense of disbelief washed over her. How big was a Khanndoran’s cock, anyway? If they were in proportion to the size of their massive muscular bodies, she was well and truly fucked. While she was no virgin and she had enjoyed Daddy Zane’s finger pumping in and out of her ass, she didn’t know how she would learn to accept even the smallest phallus from the… cock stand. If she wasn’t so nervous in this moment, she would have laughed at the clever name she’d given the replicated stand of dildos.

“We’ve designed the phalluses in incrementing sizes to help you work your way up to the size of our cocks, little girl. Eventually you will work your way up to the largest one,” Daddy Nagen—or was he Daddy Vilad?—said as he pushed the cock stand closer to her view. “We want that little asshole of yours ready by the time you beg us to claim you as our mate. We have no wish to harm you during the mating process.”

She hadn’t even agreed to become their life mate and already they were replicating dildos for her ass. She glared at him, though she wasn’t really in the position to argue at the moment. Not with Daddy Aras and Daddy Kameel holding her legs spread wide open. She had a very, very bad feeling about what was about to happen. Weren’t they going to spank her? In this position, they couldn’t easily reach her bottom, not unless they lifted her legs up. She glanced down at her spread pussy just as Daddy Torin sat on the bed between her legs. His eyes glimmered dark with disapproval and when he opened his mouth to speak, she knew before he said a word he was about to deliver a firm scolding.

“Little girl, you were told not to touch your privates without permission. Yet you not only reached between your legs, you gave yourself a release during your bath time. We are not pleased with your behavior and you will be soundly punished for your misdeed,” he said in an admonishing tone that made her insides quiver.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, little girl,” Daddy Zane added, and with a skip of her heart she realized she could indeed tell him apart from his triplet brothers, “touching what belongs to your daddies without permission.” He sat near her head, the uniqueness of his gaze, similar but just different enough, slightly darker and more intense than his triplet brothers, with one hand on her upper arm. He reached around her with his free hand to press upon her other arm, holding her down for whatever was about to happen.

“I-I am sorry,” she said, stunned to realize she actually meant it. She was grieved, and oh so deeply embarrassed, to have disobeyed her daddies. “I was just so wound up with desire that I could not help myself. I-I lost control. Please, you needn’t punish me. I won’t do it again.”

Daddy Torin stared at her for a long moment, as if assessing whether or not she meant her apology. Then he nodded at his brothers, all of whom were now on the bed around her, holding her legs open, her arms down, securing her in place for whatever it was Daddy Torin was obviously planning to do to her. She sniffled and met his gaze, pleading wordlessly for him to please let her off with a warning. But as she would soon discover, he could not be swayed.

With one hand, he splayed her pussy lips wide apart, revealing her delicate pink inner folds. She peered down and gasped as he moved his free hand to her privates, placing his flattened fingertips directly atop her protruding clit, which was apparently still swollen in the aftermath of her stolen orgasm.

“You were a naughty, naughty little girl during your bath time, Kenna. Naughty little girls must be punished by their daddies. By the time we are finished with you, your privates will be sore and aching, and so will your bottom, and you will have learned that we are serious about your pussy belonging to us. You will never, ever touch yourself without permission again. Any pleasure you receive will come from us and us only. Do you understand?” He lifted one dark brow at her, looking sterner than she had ever seen him.

She swallowed hard and nodded, barely managing to whisper, “Yes, Daddy Torin,” as she began to comprehend what he was preparing to do. Her pulse spiked and she struggled futilely as his brothers held her down.

He intended to spank her pussy.

“Please,” she begged. “I-I said I was sorry.”

“I appreciate your apology, little girl,” he said, raising his hand, “but you are still to receive a punishment, and a stinging one at that. You are ours to care for and guide, and when you are naughty and break a rule, you must suffer the consequences. We wouldn’t be very good daddies to you if we let you run around and do as you pleased all the time without regard to your safety or the results of your actions. I know you probably think touching yourself without permission is not a serious infraction, but we would be doing you a disservice if we allowed you to disobey us during any circumstance, whether serious or small in your mind, and get away with it. You need protection and guidance, little girl, and we will give you everything you need. Even when it must hurt.”

As the meaning of his words penetrated her consciousness, he brought his flattened fingers down sharply upon her spread pussy, centering the slap atop her clit. The sting was immediate and she cried out, trying to wrench her arms and legs free but to no avail. She was being held down securely by five pairs of hands while Daddy Torin delivered her punishment. He swatted her again and again, the brunt of each rapid thwack landing atop her nubbin.

Tears sprang to her eyes and ran down her face. She wasn’t crying from the pain though, at least she didn’t think so. Rather, she was crying from the sheer embarrassment of her situation, not to mention her regret over having disobeyed her daddies.

Daddy Torin gave her about a dozen more stinging slaps, then nodded at his brothers, who rearranged her so her legs were now shut but lifted up high, leaving her bottom on full display. Her pussy still throbbing under the torrent of Daddy Torin’s firm smacks, she gasped as he started spanking her bottom without any preamble at all. She pressed her eyes shut and hoped this ended soon, for she didn’t think she could take another slap. He alternated cheeks as he spanked her, his large hand easily covering an entire cheek as he punished.

“You will learn to mind us, little girl,” Daddy Torin said, not slowing in his rhythm, “or your bottom and privates will remain in a state of perpetual soreness. If we must keep you freshly punished to ensure your good behavior, we will have no trouble doing so. There are six of us, after all.”

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