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The Aliens’ Little Pet by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

The Aliens Little PetPenny yelped and squealed. She couldn’t believe what was being done to her. Across a large lap, she was being spanked quite firmly by Tannar as Mandau bustled about the room getting some clothes out of a drawer.

“Ouch, ow! Why are you doing this? Ow! You can’t do this to me. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m not your—ouch—child or plaything. Ow!”

Mandau stopped and stood still for a moment, breathing hard. “Ohhh, Tannar, she’s incredible! More, do more, do the scolding, please.”

Tannar laughed, not letting up for a second. “For you, sweetness, anything. You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you, Penny?”

“Huh? I… what?” she said, shivering.

Penny’s chest grew tight and her thighs twitched. It was all too much for her. She was in one of her fantasies, being treated like a little girl, a naughty one at that, and spanked naked across her ‘daddy’s’ lap. It was quite the sizeable lap at that; she felt all of about twelve next to these two. Her bottom grew hotter and that heat shot straight to her pussy, and there it built stronger.

“You have to say it, Penny,” Tannar said. “Say it and ask for the appropriate punishment.”

“Ouch! B-b-but, I’m not naughty,” she whined.

Both Tannar and Mandau laughed, and she came over to kneel next to Penny’s face.

“Pretty Penny, we know that’s not true,” she said happily. “We’ve seen your brain scan. We know you’re an adult human, but you’ve been so naughty, and this is what you want, isn’t it?”

Penny opened her mouth to scream out a protest, but couldn’t. She froze, she didn’t even yelp for the next couple of spanks. Her mind went blank and then myriad emotions and thoughts rippled through her. This was what she wanted, what she craved, what she’d dreamed of since she lost her virginity at eighteen. That moment, the very instant that she and Herman fucked for the first time, it was as if a dam burst in her mind, and all of the age-play and spanking fantasies gushed forth. Ever since, she had searched for the means of achieving them, but had always been afraid to admit it to herself.

Now she could.

“I-I… yes! Yes, daddy, yes, I… I’m a… naughty girl, very… naughty. Spank me, daddy, spank me hard, make me cryyyy-ooowwww,” she wailed.

He did so, spanking firm and steady, his large hand covering her cheeks right out to the edges, and she howled in painful pleasure. Her thighs continued to clench and relax, her pussy pulsated and grew damp, and she rubbed her breasts across his left thigh. His trousers felt like silk and her nipples grew hard. That wasn’t all that was getting hard; she could feel his penis stiffening and poking her in the ribs. Penny could see Mandau standing there; she just seemed to drink it all in. Mandau trembled, her breathing becoming labored, and she ran her long arms up and down her supple frame.

“Ohhh, Tannar, yes, yessss, almost… ohhh, there,” Mandau moaned.

Penny burst into tears, sobbing like a baby, and begged for mercy. “Dadddyyy, mommmy, I-I-I—ohhh, noooo more—ohhh!”

The tears trickled down her cheeks, her mouth opened wide, and she climaxed like she never had before. It was several minutes before her mind cleared, and then she let out a squeak of pain as she felt her panties being slipped on her.

Looking around, her breathing slowing, she watched through the open door as Tannar headed for the bedroom while Mandau dressed her in white panties and a short little pink dress. Penny then truly squealed when Mandau gathered her up in her arms and carried her off to some sort of patio area. It was a large open room with one wall of glass that faced the lake. In the corner was a sort of half wall; it kind of looked like those mini-walls that parents used to keep pets or toddlers penned. Mandau bent across the wall to set Penny down, and then straightened up.

“Now, you rest here, little one. Mommy and daddy are finally going to have sex, and then I’ll feed you. Bye-bye now,” she said happily, waving to her.

Penny watched her go, sniffling and rubbing her stinging seat, and didn’t know what to think. Spanking her was some sort of foreplay for them? She winced and looked around; she was in a kind of child’s room, so to speak. There was a table and chair, bed and dresser, and a bunch of toys. A full-length (her length) mirror on one wall and another wall afforded her a view of the lake, as it was part of the glass wall. Her jaw dropped to see herself in the mirror. She’d seen ancient photos of little girl outfits from the early twentieth century, and she was dressed just like one. The dress was frilly and ultra-short, barely coming to mid-thigh, and her panties were ringed by her red skin. She checked the dresser, but was out of luck there. The clothes were mostly the same, except for some quite little shorts, but they were too snug to wear now.

This is insane. I’ve got to get out of here. I don’t care if it’s a fantasy come to life, I didn’t agree to this.

I want to go home! Ah, here we go. I can get out of here easily.

She saw that by pushing the dresser over to the wall, climbing over the wall was a breeze. Doing so did hurt, as it exacerbated her poor throbbing bottom, but at least she was free. She walked around the patio area and looked through the doorway to the adjoining rooms. There were the living room and kitchen, and a door in the latter stood ajar. There was also a door from the patio to the back yard. Penny tried that one first, as it was closest, and was rewarded with her freedom.

She raced out into the yard and spun around. It felt good to be free. Then, as she looked around, she realized that escape was impossible. Where could she go? She remembered another detail about Zuma: there was no Earth embassy there. She had no one to appeal to for help. Hanging her head, she accepted the fact that she was trapped. Taking a deep breath and looking around, she tried to figure out her options. Their world was incredible, like some sort of blending of winter and summer. The lake was blue, yet its surface shimmered like ice. The trees were in full bloom, filled with multicolored leaves and fruit, yet they looked like snowflakes and ice crystals. The grass was warm and soft under her bare feet, and bright blue, but she felt like she was standing on a snow bank as the grass seemed to crunch like snow when she walked on it. She spent the next several minutes studying the neighborhood.

“Penny, what are you doing out of your pen, and outside?” Mandau said sharply.

Spinning around, she saw Mandau standing at the door to the kitchen. She did not look happy.

“Ah, I… I was… curious about your world. It’s okay; I stayed in your yard.”

Mandau marched over to her and grabbed her by the wrist. “It is not okay! You do not leave your pen; you do not leave the house without permission. You’ve been naughty, and it’s a real naughty this time. You’re getting a dose of mommy’s paddle.”

Penny squirmed and struggled against her, but it was all in vain. She was dragged to the kitchen.

“No, wait, you can’t,” she whined. “I’m already sore. I’m not a child; I can take care of myself!”

Mandau sat in a large chair, pulled Penny over her lap, and grabbed a stout leather paddle off a hook on the wall. Smack! It struck, and it hurt. Between its firmness and size, and her tush already being tender, it hurt a lot.

“Ouch, ow! No, Mandau, stop, you can’t do this to me. How can you not understand? Ow! I’m not a child. I’m a grown woman—ouch!”

“Little one, you’re being silly. We know all about you humans from the Gorians. You’re very simple primitive beings with a world equally simple. We know best how to care for you, and we will. So, you must learn to behave and do as mommy and daddy say. It’s dangerous for you to be outside without supervision. If you don’t obey, mommy will have to paddle you. This is our way: males for pleasure, females for discipline.”

Penny wailed and howled, the leather driving pure fire into her poor cheeks. It was not a good spanking at all! Her dress was so short that it immediately slid up to expose her panties, and they gave scant protection. Besides, Mandau tugged them down after the first two dozen swats, and then Penny’s bare bottom got another two dozen. She was sobbing before the final dozen had started, and then Mandau led her to the corner.

“You stand here and think about what you did, and no rubbing until mommy says or it’s another two dozen,” she ordered.

“Y-y-yes, m-m-mommy,” she choked out.

Mandau positioned Penny’s hand behind her back so as to hold her dress up. With her panties down around her ankles, her bare red bottom was on display when Tannar entered. The humiliation rose within her and was doubled when Mandau gave him a full report on the incident. It seemed he’d been asleep. It also seemed Zuma males were just like Earthmen: have sex and fall asleep. She stood there, sniffling and sobbing for half an hour, and only then was she allowed to dress and leave the corner.

“Now that you’ve been properly punished, all is forgiven,” Mandau said.

“We hope this teaches you a lesson, and now we’ll eat,” Tannar added.

A new torment was added to her life. Tannar strapped her into a highchair and locked a tray in front of her while Mandau made them lunch. Penny squealed and squirmed in her seat, but couldn’t get free. Once the food was on the table, Mandau fed her. Her wrists were likewise secured.

“Okay, open up for mommy,” she said with a smile.

“Mand-mommy, I can feed mysel-ulp,” she said, cut off when the spoon was crammed in her mouth.

“Now, now, little one, it makes mommy happy to feed you,” she replied, wiping her chin.

“Our whole future as adults depends on you,” Tannar said, “which is why you and the other human females are so valuable.”

All of this was very confusing and Penny wanted to ask so many things, but her food was quite distracting. It was delicious! She’d never tasted anything like it. While it looked like cottage cheese, the flavor was heavenly. She couldn’t help herself; she leaned forward and her mouth opened like a hungry bird begging its mother for food. It almost distracted her from the terrible sting in her ass.

“I don’t understand,” she finally said. “What’s you having kids got to do with me? And why did you have me kidnapped and turned into a… a pet?”

“Dearest, I don’t think the Gorian explained things to her,” Mandau said, finishing the feeding.

“Well, that’s to be expected. Remember what we’ve learned about earthlings; they are very simple creatures.”

She nodded to him. “True, but it’s important she understand what’s expected of her. After all, it’s very important to us.”

He cleared the table and then resumed his seat. “Yes, you’re quite right. Penny, on our world spanking a human is a casual event, something we do for pleasure and sexual arousal. Spanking an earth woman releases pheromones that act as a powerful aphrodisiac for us, they drive us wild, which leads to sex for us.”

“In fact, we’re incapable of engaging in sex without it,” Mandau added. “When you climaxed, that was the final element for us. So, today was the first time for both of us, and we’ve been married for five years.”

“Holy shit, celibate for that long?”

Mandau wagged her finger at Penny. “Little one, no bad words or you’ll get a mouth-washing. But yes, we have been without sex until now.”

“Actually, we’re one of the lucky couples,” Tannar said. “Many wait up to ten years to get a human pet. They are incredibly prized, but also very expensive.”

“All this just for sex?” Penny said.

“And the right to procreate,” Mandau replied. “To get a parenting permit, we have to train with you to learn about sexual activities. Once we get approved, we get these removed,” she added, pointing at the tattoo above her right eye.

Penny looked. It was a seven-pointed blue star, and she noticed that Tannar had the same thing. She sighed in relief when he released her from the chair and she was able to stand and rub. The lingering sting was terrible.

“Wow, no kids without government approval. Nobody on Earth would stand for that for a second!”

“Which is why your world is so overpopulated,” Tannar snapped.

“Dearest, calm down. Remember, different world, different culture.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Penny shot back. “And on our world people aren’t made pets and sp… ah, have things done to them without their consent.”

“Now, now, precious, don’t pretend with us,” Mandau said with a smile. “We saw your scan; we know how much sexual arousal all of this gives you.”

“Of course, we wouldn’t have selected you otherwise. Based on your images and description, we instantly loved everything about you.”

Penny chewed her lip and hung her head. “Yeah, okay, I’m into the whole… age-play and… stuff, but not when it’s forced on me!”

Mandau sighed and hung her head. “That we regret, Penny, but we have no choice. To move beyond being considered mid-adults, we have to be certified. Do not worry; we will take good care of you.”

Mid-adults?” she said, her brow wrinkling.

“Yes,” Tannar said with a nod. “At age eighteen we are classified as an early adult. At twenty-five, which we both are, we become mid, and then thirty-five is a full adult. Typically that’s when people start to have children.”

“Wow, that seems so old,” Penny replied. “Wait, how long do you people live?”

“Anywhere from a hundred and fifty to two hundred years,” Mandau explained. “We have quite the long lifespan, and we’re also unique among the humanoid races; we grow continuously over the course of our lives. You can generally tell a person’s age by their height. Early adults are about six feet. By mid-adult, we get close to seven, and the very old are almost eight or even nine.”

“Wow, so that’s why you guys are so big.”

Tannar rose from his chair. “Yes, now enough talking. Let’s take our precious pet to the park. I can’t wait to show her off to everyone.”

Mandau nodded. “All right, but first some relief for her. She’s been punished and so it’s called for. Penny, come and get across mommy’s lap.”

Her back stiffened and she froze, the memory of what that entailed for her tail still strong in her mind. Yet, what choice did she have? Besides, Mandau spoke of relief. So, Penny was optimistic that only good would come of this trip. Moving to Mandau’s side, she hoisted herself up and over her lap. Once again, her dress slid out of the way, and then she trembled as Mandau slipped her panties down. Coolness suddenly swirled across her inflamed cheeks.

She sighed. “Ohhh, that feels so nice. What is that, lotion, cold cream?”

“It’s called ‘Spanker’s Gel’ and it’s specially formulated to heal sore bottoms,” Mandau explained. “You should be fine by dinnertime.”

“Yes, we want you whole and healthy so we can have sex again tonight,” Tannar said happily. “I’ll get the stroller ready. See you outside.”

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