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Alpha Brute: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

When his palm slapped my pussy for the first time, I couldn’t stop my body from pitching forward. It caught me by surprise, the vicious sting so overwhelming that the air rushed out of my lungs in an instant. The wet splat of his palm against me was humiliatingly loud and terrible and my thighs instinctually pressed together in a haphazard attempt at protection.

It didn’t work.

He slapped my pussy hard several more times. I twisted side to side, just trying to survive his brutal punishing hand and when he finally paused, I did everything I could to catch my breath.

He cupped my stinging pussy. Then he patted it lightly and I flinched, which only made him grin with triumph.

“This wouldn’t hurt as much if you weren’t so wet for me,” he observed.

I cringed, braving a glance into his eyes and regretting it almost instantly.

“I’m not,” I denied, but he shook his head and lifted his fingers so that they were right in front of my face.

“You’re so wet for me that my fingers are glistening with it,” he continued. I shook hard and as much as I didn’t want to, I looked to see that he was right. I swallowed anxiously, refusing to answer.

“You may deny it all you want, my pretty little wolf, but you’re wet. For me,” he declared hoarsely. I shook my head, and he grabbed my chin with one hand while forcing his fingers inside my mouth. I fought him, the sweet musky taste of my own arousal on my tongue especially jarring. It was like candy, except with a salty aftertaste that would remain long after he cleaned his fingers off with my mouth.

I didn’t like the way his forceful dominance was making my pussy convulse. I didn’t like that he’d made me taste my own arousal.

I bit his fingers hard, and he didn’t flinch. Not even for a second. I knew I wouldn’t hurt him. My strength was no match for him. Teeth would not be enough to pierce his flesh.

His only weakness was silver.

Carefully, he pulled his fingers out of my mouth and quickly slapped my pussy again before he knelt down and kissed the interior of my thigh. I stiffened as his lips drew closer to my pussy and I tried to close my legs. His wide shoulders stopped me cold.

“You should know better than to use your teeth, Ashleigh. Now I’m going to have to use mine,” he warned, and I jerked away. It wasn’t soon enough. His teeth bit down on my clit, nipping hard enough to sting. I cried out in alarm as the aching pressure twisted through me like a knife.

“Please! It hurts!” I wailed and when he finally pulled away, I sighed in abject relief.

“Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue,” he demanded. With my clit still throbbing, I obeyed. He stood up slowly and roughly pushed his fingers along my soaked folds. He coated his fingers with my wetness before he smeared it all over my tongue. Startled, I went to pull away and he shook his head. The taste of myself was more overwhelming than before, sweeter yet somehow bitter at the same time.

“This is what your sassy mouth will earn from now on. Do you understand me?” he said softly, but the underlying threat was there.

“Yes,” I answered meekly, unable to stop myself from trembling.

“Yes, alpha,” he corrected.

“Yes, alpha,” I repeated, feeling my face flush as he wiped off his fingers on my tongue once more.

“Now, you’re going to come for me whether you want to or not. Then, I’m going to bend you over this bed and give you the belting you deserve, little wolf,” he said, and I shivered hard. His fingers descended back in between my legs, roughly capturing my punished clit between them. I whined, closing my eyes as the raw pleasurable sensation jolted through me. He started to cruelly circle my clit, varying the pressure constantly and forcing me toward the edge of orgasm even as I continued to try to fight it.

I didn’t want to come.

I did.

I shouldn’t.

I needed to.

Everything in the world was cruelly focused on the tiny little bundle of nerves between my legs. I found it hard to remain still. Every muscle in my body wanted to spasm and I held it off as long as I could.

He slapped my pussy hard and the radiating sting was so intense that I moaned out loud. His rough fingertips returned to teasing me, forcing my desire to come to a head once again. Once I approached the edge once more, he spanked my pussy even harder. I jolted, but he started roughly circling my clit again before I could grapple with the burning sting blooming across my most sensitive flesh.

It became too much too fast. Pain and pleasure intermingled together and soon I couldn’t tell one from the other. It was all just sensation and my tortured clit succumbed to him before my mind did.

My core burst open with pleasure, and I cried out. His fingers became more forceful, more demanding and my pitiful cry transformed into a needy desperate moan. I couldn’t stop my hips from bucking forward, riding his incredible fingers for everything they were worth. He didn’t slow when I started coming for him. He grew rougher and my orgasm deepened, blinding me with its powerful intensity and drowning me in its seemingly endless bliss.

“That’s my good girl. Come for me,” he encouraged, and I whimpered loudly, rocking back and forth until that brutally vicious pleasure finally began to ebb away. My clit pounded with sensation and when I drew in a breath, he used one hand to part my folds so that he could spank my clit directly.

I saw red.

My thighs slapped together, and I moaned, shaking with both the aftereffects of such an intense orgasm and the hard spanking between my thighs. I slumped down, held up by the belt and he bodily lifted me from the floor. He reached up and undid the strap, catching me in his arms. I hated how my hands wrapped around his shoulders, holding onto him as he turned me over and laid me face down over the bed.

I sighed into the firm softness of that mattress. My quivering muscles slowly relaxed and my body temperature followed. I felt more sated than I ever had before, at least until he laid the belt down on my back. I stiffened and pushed my palms against the bed in a panic, but his own on my upper back pressed me back down before I could get any momentum. I squeaked in surprise, and he cleared his throat. He ran his fingers across the bareness of my backside, and I shivered, both in pleasure and anxiety because I couldn’t forget the thick strap of leather laid across my lower back.

“I’ve watched you from afar for a long time,” he murmured, and my pussy pulsed hard. He forcibly spread my legs wide and I knew better now than to try to close them. Maybe I could convince him to fuck me now. Maybe I could make him forget that he ever wanted to belt me in the first place.

I lifted my hips, arched my back, and displayed myself for him as obscenely as I could. His fingers brushed the side of my hip as he moved behind me.

“Elijah,” I whispered, and he slapped my ass hard.

“Alpha,” I quickly corrected, and he made a sound of approval as he stepped to the side. “Wait! I’m sorry. Please fuck me. I’ll be a good girl for you,” I pleaded.

“Raise your hips. Show me that wet little pussy,” he demanded.

I did. I arched so much that my back felt sore the longer I held it, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt as much as his belt would. His fingertips trailed across my skin, and I shivered, but my pussy clenched in anticipation of his large cock pressing inside me.

He trailed his fingers across my lower back and picked up the belt.

“Wait! Please! I won’t fight you! Take what you want,” I said hurriedly, and he didn’t take the bait.

“It’s time I used this belt in a different way,” he replied.

“Please! Not the belt!” I exclaimed desperately.

“You’ve had this coming for a long time, little wolf. I’m going to take great pleasure in striping this pretty little ass red,” he growled and the harsh swish of the belt cutting through the air caught me off guard.

I wasn’t ready for that first terrible lash.

A blazing line of fire cut across my ass, vicious and brutally cruel enough to take my breath away. I keened and another one followed, this one just a little bit lower than the first. Fearfully, I tried to close my legs and the belt descended even lower, striping every inch of my backside with a stinging ruthlessness that left me spinning.

“Keep your thighs open. I want to watch how much wetter your punishment makes you,” he demanded, and I shook hard. The belt stung enough to dampen my defiance and I opened them, moaning into the sheets beneath me as the ache radiated across my bottom and deep into my core.

My sore pussy throbbed almost as if it was asking him for more.

When he paused, I bit my lip as he ran his fingers over my marks. I hoped my ordeal was over, but little did I know it was only just beginning.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he instructed, and I held my breath as I did as he asked. I whimpered when he pinned them. Whatever he had planned, I told myself that I would remain strong. He wouldn’t make me scream and he mostly definitely wouldn’t make me cry.

“I think it’s finally time for the real punishment to begin,” he growled, and the belt whipped across my bottom hard enough to steal my breath away. I rasped as I tried to draw in air, but the next wicked lash of the belt was upon me before I had a chance.

The belting before had been nothing more than a warmup. This was the real thing.

One after the other, the belt licked into my flesh. The end of the belt snapped against both sides of my ass, cruel and viciously intense. He whipped my poor defenseless ass from the very tops of my cheeks to the bottom curve where my thighs began.

It was overwhelming and cruel, and I bit my lip to try to keep any cries I made quiet. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

I wanted to take his belt gracefully, but there was no hope of that. From the first moment that punishing belt lashed across my cheeks, I twisted from side to side in hopes of him missing. The hand that held my wrists captive pressed down more firmly on my back, holding me in place despite all of my struggling.

My teeth bit down harder on my lip as I struggled to take it. I was successful in keeping quiet for a period of time, but when the belt descended onto my thighs I cried out before I could stop myself.

The sound rang out around the room with an embarrassing echo. I slammed my lips shut, but when he strapped the backs of my thighs, I screamed out loud. His aim was perfect no matter what I did, and the overwhelming lines of fire truly began to blaze. I could feel each mark rising on my skin, thick welts that simmered long after the painful kiss of the belt.

Over and over again, that dreaded leather punished me.

My fingers curled around his wrists, holding on as he took complete control of me. I’d tried to fight him. I’d stood against him every chance I got, but here I was lying face down on his bed getting the first belting of my life.

It hurt so much more than I imagined it would.

I no longer cared that I was naked, that he’d torn my clothes off my body and pinned me beneath him. My vow to keep quiet and take his belt had long since fizzled into nothingness and I was doing everything that I could to simply survive it. The vicious whip of the belt had taken me captive, and it was all I could do to surrender to it.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat as my fingers tightened around his wrist. My eyes watered and I tried to blink several times in order to stop myself from crying.

“Please. I’m sorry, alpha,” I whispered in a rush.

“I know, sweet girl, but we’re not finished yet. Spread your legs. It’s time that perfect little pussy got a taste of the belt too,” he replied. My heart stopped and I forgot how to breathe for several seconds.

“Please forgive me. Please don’t belt me there,” I wailed.

“You’re already earned three, little wolf. Should I add more?” he asked.

“No, alpha,” I whimpered.

“Then spread your legs. That little pussy is going to be bright pink before I punish it with my cock,” he declared, and shiver of fear took hold of me. I don’t know where it came from, but I found the will within me to obey him. I trembled as I waited, but I was not prepared for the stinging kiss of the belt when it came.

It was more vicious than his hand or his belt across my ass. This was something much crueler. He let the sting from the first lash really sink in. I struggled to keep my thighs open, and his foot forcibly kicked them wider before the second slap punished my pussy especially hard. It smacked against my soaked folds, the sound of leather hitting wet flesh especially mortifying but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I could only think about how I had one more strike of the belt on my pussy to make it through.

“Wider, sweet girl. Show me what a good little wolf you can be for your alpha,” he purred, and I whimpered as I tried to follow his instructions. My pussy was on fire and when the final lash fell on my sensitive flesh, it was meaner than all the rest.

I wailed as the pain escalated between my thighs. Every bit of my pussy felt scalded and all the work I’d done to keep myself from not crying failed. The first tear escaped me and rolled down my cheek, quickly followed by another.

“I’m sorry, alpha,” I murmured, trying to sniffle back my tears. Soon enough, I was able to get ahold of myself, but the stinging of my pussy burned long after with ruthless intensity. In the wake of such a painful taking of control, though, my desire returned with incredibly powerful force. My thighs trembled with it and my aching clit pulsed heavy with need.

His fingers dipped down between my thighs and even just a gentle touch stung. I blinked several times, and he growled quietly with satisfaction.

“It’s alright, sweet mate. You just needed to be taught a lesson, didn’t you?” he asked. He released my hands and I pulled them forward. My fingers were shaking and clutched the bed sheets in order to make them stop.

“Yes, alpha,” I whimpered.

“You’re mine now, Ashleigh, and you’re going to beg me to claim you,” he demanded tenderly. He petted my pussy lightly and I was mortified to realize that even though both my pussy and my ass were incredibly sore, I was wetter than I’d ever been before. My clit throbbed even though he’d already made me come once and the only thing I could think about was his cock sliding inside me. My pussy clenched hard at the thought.

“Please claim me as yours, alpha,” I whispered shakily, stepping from one foot to the other in an effort to relieve the growing sting he’d painted between my legs.

“Beg me to make it hurt,” he continued, and I wailed in mortified embarrassment. I hid my face in the blankets beneath me and he cleared his throat in warning. When I didn’t answer right away, he grasped my bottom cheeks firmly enough to hurt and spread me apart.

“I had planned on only fucking your pretty little pussy tonight, but I could certainly teach this tight hole a lesson instead,” he threatened, and I cried out with open shame.

I couldn’t believe he was looking at me there. His thumb glided down the cleft of my ass, just glancing across my tight rim and I opened my mouth so fast that my head spun.

“Please fuck my pussy! Please make it hurt!” I pleaded desperately. I shook beneath him, and he didn’t let go of my ass right away.

“That’s a good girl,” he praised and when he finally released me, I sighed in relief. “I will leave that reluctant little hole for another day when you’ve been a very bad girl who needs a very hard lesson indeed,” he warned, and I couldn’t help but tighten my muscles protectively against his open threat.

Would he really do something like that? Would I like it if he did?

I was so caught off guard by his promise to fuck me there that I hardly heard the sound of his zipper descending before the blazing hot head of his cock pressed against my pussy.

I froze and he slowed, likely feeling my trepidation. His fingers slipped in between my thighs, lightly touching over my entrance.

“You’ve never been with another, little wolf,” he said softly. It wasn’t a question, but more of a gentle observation.

“No, alpha,” I whispered hoarsely. I wasn’t lying. I’d never been with a man. My father had kept me sheltered as best as he could for all my life. I’d never gone on dates or courted anyone. There had been no reason to. I’d always known my fate would lie with whatever husband my father arranged for me.

I’d never imagined my first time looking anything like this.

“I won’t lie to you, sweet mate. What comes next is going to hurt, but I promise you that you are safe with me. You’re mine and I will always protect what’s mine no matter what,” he vowed, and his possessiveness did something odd to my heart and my pussy at the same time. Both tremored with feeling and I did my best to push it away.

I heard the belt jangle behind me, and I flinched, but as he leaned forward and looped it around my neck, my pussy flared with heat. He slid the end through the clasp and pulled it tight around my throat like a leash. He didn’t pull it tight enough to choke me at first, but the threat was there all the same.

I squirmed, knowing that soon he would be the man to steal my virginity.

I expected him to take me right away, but as he slid his cock up and down my wet slit, I found myself enjoying its wicked heat. I was so wet that his length simply slid against me and when it pushed up against my sensitive clit, I gasped with pleasure. I jerked away slightly, and he pulled the belt just a little bit tighter.

The belt was a message that he was very much in total control of me. I opened my legs a bit to show him that I understood.

He teased me with his cock, rubbing his heat against my clit as I squirmed beneath him. My core spiraled with need, squeezing tighter and tighter until the only thing on my mind was the next time I was going to come.

I’d only ever brought myself to orgasm in the privacy of my own room in the dead of night. I’d used my fingers long enough to have one. I’d never tried for two in the same day, let alone so close together. I trembled, bucking and rubbing my clit even more firmly against him.

He growled in appreciation.

“That’s it, little wolf. I like it when you lose yourself on my cock,” he purred and that only made me squirm even more wildly.

Slowly, he angled his hips back and the tip of his cock just pressed against my entrance. He tightened the belt around my throat slightly, forcing me to lift my head. I whimpered fearfully, but my pussy practically wept at the proximity of his cock. I was so wet that my inner thighs were dripping with it.

“This part is going to hurt, sweet girl, but I promise you that I will make you come for me several times before your claiming is through,” he said darkly, and he gripped the belt tight as his hips surged forward.

His cock slammed through my virgin barrier with primal savagery, and I wailed as he sank himself inside me. He was so impossibly big, and my body fought against him. With every inch, he stretched me wider, and it burned hot for far longer than I had anticipated. He didn’t release the belt, only pulling it tighter to show me that I was going to get fucked, that he would decide exactly when and how hard.

He thrust roughly enough for the tip to push against my cervix and my pussy spasmed around his cock. I suffered from the burning sting for several long seconds until it finally crested and started to calm. He didn’t move yet, and my core tightened greedily. The edge of the belt cut into the skin of my throat, aching a little but the feel of it made me quiver with shameful desire.

It had caught me off guard at first, but I realized now that I liked it.

“You’re just as tight as I thought you’d be, little wolf. This pussy is absolute perfection. I’m never going to tire of it no matter how many times you need to be put in your place,” he said, and his words carried with them a wicked seduction that I couldn’t ignore. My clit throbbed. He was still frozen, his cock sunk all the way inside me, and I fidgeted.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

“Please,” I begged. I couldn’t see his face and I didn’t know what his intentions were, but I did know I needed him to do something because the passionate desire in my core was demanding it.

“What is it, Ashleigh?” he pressed. There was an amused air to his voice, like a man that knew he’d irrevocably won.

“Please fuck me,” I begged, and he slowly pulled out of me only to slam back inside. Hard. I cried out, but the delicious friction was too magnificent to ignore. The burning ache that soared across my bottom and my pussy from his belt only made it that much more intense.

Pleasure. Pain.

It was everything.

“I’m not going to be gentle with you, Ashleigh. If you are going to come again for me, I’m going to make sure it hurts,” he warned, slowly sliding his cock in and out of me at a leisurely pace. It was enough to drive me mad with fervid arousal.

“I don’t care,” I wailed.

His grip on the belt tightened and he slammed his cock into me several times very quickly. I cried out in shock, my body continuing to fight the monstrosity that was inside me. It hurt, but I wanted more of it at the same time.

This was madness.

Raw instinct took ahold of me as my body clutched around him. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

“You need this, don’t you? You need an alpha that isn’t afraid to put you in your place at the end of his cock,” he murmured and my pussy spasmed around his length. I gasped, the choking sensation from the belt around my neck making me feel lightheaded with delicious insatiable desire.

“Yes, alpha!” I howled, and my fucking truly started. The shame from being so thoroughly punished rattled through me as his cock surged in and out of me, rutting me from behind so hard and so thoroughly that I feared I would burst into flames.

The more his thick length speared into me, the more I lost control of myself. The belt around my throat and the hammering ball of need pounding in my core was more than I was prepared to handle and soon enough, I was teetering on the edge of orgasm. It felt like a balloon filling to the brim deep inside me and I moaned, too overwhelmed by pain and pleasure to do anything but feel.

“Come for me. I want to feel how much tighter this sweet pussy gets when you’re coming all over me,” he demanded, and his words were too much for me. I lost it and my world exploded into a fiery display of white-hot bliss.

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