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Alpha Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

He had never understood what people meant by gob-smacked… until now. His first sight of Jordan James had rocked him back on his heels. He’d always been a greedy bastard and he had no intention of sharing. Her lowering her eyes was the first sign of her acceptance of his dominance. He should have known she wouldn’t trust him or what she had to be feeling. He felt it too. Fitz knew he could be an intimidating bastard, and right now he needed to use that to his advantage. Jordan wasn’t a woman to be wooed with pretty words; no, she was a woman who needed strength and dominance she could rely on. If he couldn’t hold her chained doms at bay, he’d have to fight. The idea of turning Jordan loose or losing control of her was not even under consideration. So far, so good. If he could get her upstairs, he could deal with her defiance privately, which was his preference.

Fitzwallace would have preferred that she submit completely and ask him to take her upstairs, but he realized she just couldn’t. He would need to make the choice for her.

“Do ye want me to carry you in my arms or toss ye over my shoulder?” he said, his native brogue deepening as it did when he was highly aroused.

No woman had ever had this profound an effect on him. He should only be thinking of disciplining her and making her wait for any kind of sexual satisfaction from him. He should make her suck him off because he damn sure was going to get some relief from her for his massive hard-on. He wasn’t going to fuck her—she didn’t deserve for him to fuck her—but God, how he wanted to fuck her, to drive deep into her over and over until he’d brought them both to climax.

“When I give ye a choice, if ye willna choose, I will do it for you,” he said, stepping into her body and tossing her over his shoulder.

As she started to try to rise, he walloped her behind, his hand feeling the merest wisp of lace as well as her swollen and wet labia. To hell with just having her suck him off. Oh, he was definitely going to fuck her. He would need to make sure she knew it was for him and not for her.

“Enough, Jordan, yield or instead of the two of us alone upstairs, it’ll be you, me, Adam, and your two doms in one of your private playrooms.” He waited and let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when she relaxed. “That’s better,” he said, rubbing her ass… God, she had a glorious ass.

He headed up the main staircase, bypassing the second floor and taking her to her private loft. He heard the electronic lock click and made a mental note to thank Adam for his assistance. Jordan might be in for a rough session, but he was sure everyone else in the club would be feeding off of their connection.

He let them into her loft. It was obvious that it belonged to a woman, but it was not overly feminine. He grinned—she had a leather chesterfield sofa. It was the perfect couch in his opinion, great seat height to administer a spanking, but low, wide back and arms that could easily accommodate bending a woman over for either discipline or pleasure. He set her on her feet and sat down, spreading his legs and never turning her loose. He needed to help her yield.

“Over my knee, Jordan.”

“No,” she whispered.

“Yes. I gave you more opportunities to make the right choice tonight than I will in the future. I should have hauled you into one of your private playrooms with your two lapdogs and Adam in tow and taken my belt to your ass. I’m done being indulgent; submit, Jordan.”

“You can’t… we’re not…”

He shook his head. “I can and we are. I’m going to help you into the position I want you, but the next time I tell you to put yourself over my knee, I’ll expect you to obey me.”

He guided a reluctant, but highly aroused, Jordan so that his knee was between hers. Tearing off the skirt and opening the bodysuit, he gently encouraged her to lie down so that his hard thigh ran down the vertical midline of her body and her head was resting on the couch. This put her ass in the perfect position to be spanked while supporting her entire torso and kept her pussy and bottom hole on display for his perusal and enjoyment.

God, her ass was truly perfection. He caressed the handprint left behind from his hand landing a stinging blow downstairs. Her skin was smooth and felt like fine silk. Other than the one handprint, her rounded cheeks were a beautiful pale ivory… they wouldn’t remain that way for long.

He could feel the tension warring with arousal throughout her entire body. He gave her bottom a preliminary slap. Fitzwallace swatted her once, twice, three times, establishing a rhythm and then began to spank her in earnest. He wanted her to feel his discipline for the next few days while he focused on pleasuring her to the point that her pussy rivaled her bottom for soreness. His cock was rock hard and throbbed in harmonic tempo to her spanking.

Fitzwallace counted in his head. He probably should make her count each strike or at least count out loud, but he wanted her to learn to yield and not fight him every step of the way. She was proud and had never had a steadying hand. Counting silently allowed her to accept and relax. By accepting his authority and that he would give her what she so desperately needed, she would learn to submit to him.

Her body began to soften as he got through a little more than two thirds of the spanking. He felt her melt against his thigh. He continued to spank her, but with a little less sting. The joy he felt when she began to softly cry interspersed with moans and sighs was oddly profound. Pain and desire were doing their wicked dance in her mind and body. Her arousal had kicked in full force. When he allowed his hand to catch her between her legs, she caught her breath as he felt her wet heat and heard the distinctive splat that only an aroused cunt could make.

Fitzwallace finished the final swats, each one making her body soften but ramping up her desire. He allowed the strikes to land a bit softer, holding his hand in place to keep the heat against her skin. Her backside was no longer the same pale ivory as the rest of her skin. Her entire body felt like warm, softened butter. This was what he wanted, her body yielding and aroused, accepting of his role in her life.

He helped her off his lap, inhaling her deep, sweet earthy scent—lavender and vanilla. It was intoxicating. He pulled her into his lap; she was soaked and most likely would stain his leathers, but he suspected it wouldn’t be the last time. He’d just have to replace his leathers more often. She was weeping softly, and he cuddled her against his broad chest, crooning to her and encouraging her to tuck her head against his neck.

Jordan sat in agony in his lap as he softly rocked her and made comforting noises that did not contain words but that her heart understood. God, the man had a wicked hand. How the hell had this happened? Why did she just keep sitting here all soft and warm against him? He slid her onto her knees directly in front of him where she was confronted by the large, hard bulge being confined by his leathers. Leathers that were now stained with the evidence of her shameful need.

“Unlace the fly, Jordan. Take my cock out and suck me.”

She couldn’t look him in the eyes. She’d never felt more confused, more distressed, or more aroused in her life. Not knowing what else to do, she reached up and did as he’d told her. Jordan knew instinctively that this would not be a blowjob she controlled; no, this would be Fitzwallace making her pleasure him the way he wanted.

Jordan licked her lips before running her tongue down the length of his cock, reveling in the taste, feel, and smell of him. She took long swipes down his dick as he leaned back and placed his hand on her head. He was in complete control and they both knew it.

“Take my cock deep, Jordan.”

She swallowed, enjoying the feel of his cock slipping to the back of her throat as she forced him down. Fitzwallace groaned in absolute male gratification and she felt a certain feminine power in knowing she could afford him this pleasure. Jordan closed her mouth around him and focused on giving him everything she had. She brought her hand up to loosen the placket on the front of his leathers, increasing the size of the opening and allowing her to cup his balls with affection as she addressed his cock with the reverence it was due.

Her tongue played with the underside of his staff, laving it with attention. His hand on the back of her head fisted her hair and pushed her mouth back down his cock as it thickened in preparation of climax. His skin was drawn so tightly over his member. He brought his other hand down, cupping her head and stilling any movement she might make as he began to fuck her mouth.

Fitzwallace forced her head forward until once again she had completely encompassed his dick, working him to the soft, yielding back of her mouth. She held him there for a moment, forcing her throat to relax before swallowing. He drove deep into her throat as he climaxed, sending thick ropes of his cum down her gullet and into her belly. She took it all, mainly because she had no choice. She longed to feel him fill her throbbing pussy with that same cream.

When he leaned back, she licked him clean. Jordan didn’t want to stop. She suckled him and was rewarded when she felt his cock begin to stir. God, he had a fast refractory period; he was already semi-erect, and she wasn’t doing anything but sitting at his feet while he stroked her hair. She could feel his touch as though it encompassed her entire body and not just her head.

He stood and helped her to her feet. Fitzwallace ran his hand down her back, gently cupping her globes and making her wince.

“You remember that the next time you think about being obstinately defiant.” He reached down and withdrew a stiletto from his boot that she hadn’t even suspected he carried. Pointing the tip at her, he murmured, “You won’t need this for the next few days.”

Placing the knife under the satin lacing, he drew the sharp blade up through it, slicing it, opening up the back so that the corset fell away revealing the sheer fabric and lace body suit. Fitzwallace inserted the tip between her breasts and brought the knife down, opening up the entire front of the garment before sliding it and her stockings off her body. She was entirely nude, her nipples completely beaded, and he cradled her against his half naked body. This time, instead of tossing her over his shoulder, he swept her up in his arms and strode toward her iron bed.

“You’re a real Neanderthal, you know that.”

“We’re really going to have to work on how and when you speak to me. You’ve been far too long without any rules. In case you missed it, that ended downstairs tonight. I ought to send you to the corner to think about your behavior and let the sting in your tail really set in before I fuck you there. But as this is our first time, I’m going to let you skate.”

“Does it even matter what I want?” she asked quietly.

Setting her down on her feet, he said, “It matters a great deal to me, but right now you can’t even be honest with yourself about what you want, so for now, I lead and you follow. Get up on the bed.”

“It’s going to hurt to lie on my back,” she said, allowing her eyes to travel down the length of his body.

Damn, he was rock hard again. Her pussy pulsed powerfully and she had to work not to climax on the spot before he ever put his hands on her.

He chuckled. “Yer bottom is a fiery shade of red and will retain that color and a lot of the sting I put in yer tail for a few days. And I have no intention of fucking you on your back. I’ll save that for a treat when you’ve been a very good girl and I want to reward you. Yer behavior tonight doesn’t even come close to acceptable, much less good.”

Fitzwallace watched her process what he’d said. God, his dick was hard. It hadn’t even been five minutes since he’d unloaded into her belly, but his cock was good to go again.

He eyed her body. Christ, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Her breasts were large and firm. She had a comparably tiny waist that gracefully flowed into hips that a man could take hold of when he fucked her from behind, which was just what he intended to do.

He leaned down and covered her mouth with his own as his tongue swept inside hers to taste and explore. She was tangy and sweet, almost as if she were a lemon meringue pie. He brought his hands up to cup her breasts, hefting their weight as his thumbs strummed across them. Her nipples were hard as diamond shards. He was going to spend some serious time suckling her, but he would save that for a later time. Right now, he wanted to mount her and stroke her until she was screaming his name.

“On your hands and knees, Jordan.”

“No, Fitz…”

He turned her around, shoving her face down onto the bed and spanking her hard and fast five times, causing her to yowl.

“You do not tell me no, Jordan. I said get on your hands and knees, now,” he ordered.

Her body shuddered as it recognized the sound of its master’s voice. He waited and watched her internal struggle before she crawled up into the middle of the bed and stayed put. He slipped his hand between her legs, seeking her wet heat and roughly finger fucking her until her cunt clamped down and she called his name before collapsing.

“Good girl. Don’t you move,” he growled, sitting down on the edge of the bed, pulling his boots and socks off.

Standing, he shoved his leathers down past his muscular buttocks and kicked them away. His cock was now completely free and seemed to get even bigger and harder. He stood back up, staring at her. He didn’t know how he knew, but he accepted that she was his, had always been meant to be his. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. She needed him in the same way he needed her. She was the other half of his soul.

He stroked his cock, thinking that it would be the last time. From now on she would be the one that provided his cock with pleasure—her pussy, her mouth, and eventually her ass. He made no move to cover her and shove his cock deep into her sheath before plunging in and out and ravaging her pussy.

“Present your pussy to me, ass up, chest down.” When she hesitated, he swatted her very red backside. “Now,” he commanded.

This time she did as she was told. He crawled up on the bed behind her, groaning as he ran his hands down along her spine before spreading out to grasp her hips.

“You have the most perfect body for fucking—a beautiful ass, small waist,” he said as he moved his hands up to span that. “And these beauties,” he said, sliding his hands under to roll her nipples between his fingers before pinching them, making her moan in a combination of pain and desire.

His body loomed large behind her as he edged closer to her, gripping her hips, pulling her closer so that her red ass was snugged up against his groin, his cock pressed between her cheeks. Taking a deep breath, he leaned back, and his dick probed for her entrance. As soon as the broad head found its target he pushed forward, breaching her and driving to the end of her shaft in one bold move.

Jordan bit the pillow, trying to stifle the scream that signaled her climax. Her cunt shuddered all along his length as he began to thrust in and out. She was tight, but she was relaxed, and her body wanted to accept all he had to give her.

“That’s it, sweetheart, take it all,” he ground out as he pushed forward, burying himself.

He gripped her hips, holding her in place and not allowing her to move with him. He pulled back, forcing himself to drag all along her sheath until he was almost completely outside of her before plunging back in. Her body continued to soften until her cunt was easily accepting being breached.

Fitz’s head fell back as he began fucking her hard, rough, and deep. He wanted her to feel his possession, his dominance, his claiming of her body, heart, and soul. His hips rocked back and forth, his cock driving forward and deep each time as he thrust into her. He continued stroking long and hard as she came repeatedly.

Her hands curled into the pillow she was biting to keep from wailing her need. He wanted to hear her acknowledge her need. He turned her hips loose, grabbing the top of her shoulder with one hand while the other wrapped around her waist. He leaned back, hauling her up off the mattress so that her back was against his chest.

“You’re mine, Jordan James, do you hear me?” he grunted in rhythm with his thrusting. “I want to hear you say it.”

He fucked her harder from behind, forcing her knees wider, giving him better access. He pinched her nipples, keeping her tight up against him. His cheek next to hers, his breathing was labored and ragged, but still he fucked her with deep, powerful strokes. His mastery and possession of her body were complete.

“Who do you belong to, Jordan? Who is your master?”

She shook her head and he fucked her harder, pummeling her pussy, his cock never missing a beat. He forced her back down onto the bed, his cock jackhammering inside her, ravaging the walls of her cunt as he continued to wear her down. His hips slammed into her punished ass, but she couldn’t get away from him.

“Fitz,” she cried in desperation and need. “Please!”

“Who owns you, Jordan?” he growled.

“No,” she wailed.

He knew this first time with her was crucial in establishing his dominance. She needed to submit, needed to acknowledge his role in her life. Over and over he ground into her, his hips slamming into her punished backside. She was strong and willful, but he was stronger and more determined.

“Who do you belong to?” he demanded again.

“You,” she cried in capitulation.

He knew he ought to punish her obstinance and pull out and spray his cum all over her back and ass and force her to let it dry there, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. No, he wanted to drive deep and spend himself inside her, wanted to feel her cunt milk him dry.

“Damn straight,” he said as he surged forward, his arm still wrapped around her while the other hand found her tit and squeezed.

He shook against her as he held her tight, his seed being pumped deep and filling her tight emptiness. He felt her pussy trembling all along his length, milking every last drop of his cum. Fitzwallace held her tight as he lay them both down on their sides, spooning her against him, his cock still lodged inside her pussy.

He nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulders as he held her close while their breathing returned to normal. As she cradled against his body, he felt, more than heard, her quiet weeping.

“There now, Jordan. It’ll be all right.”

“No, it won’t,” she whispered.

“Aye, lass, it will. I’ll make it all right. Trust me, sweetheart, you belong to me and I belong to you. You feel it, I know you do. Don’t you?” he asked softly.

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