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Alpha of the Badlands: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Penelope Woods – Extended Preview

“Come here,” I direct her.

She climbs up on my knees, her naked bottom warming my legs. As she slides her arms around my neck, my cock rises with desire. “How does this work?” she asks.

“Like this,” I say, bouncing her on my lap.

Her scent intoxicates me. I slide my hands around her waist, her smooth ass swaying back and forth. Her eyes glow like diamonds, and I can’t hold back from tasting her lips. But she takes a step away from me, her look of confidence fading.

Last night, I got a taste of her sweet fertility. She was so tight it was hard to fit my cock inside her, which told me she wasn’t ready. But I can’t hold back another day. An aching passion burns within me. I need to fill her with my seed if it’s the last thing I do. “Come back to me. Do not be scared.”

She swallows, nodding her delicate head. A newfound bravery tinges her voice. “I’m not scared.”

I drag my hand across the bath water’s surface. The temperature is persfect now. “Get in and relax,” I say. “I’ll do the rest of the work.”

Eyes fixated on my hard cock, Naomi gracefully dips her feet into the tub, while keeping a watchful eye on me. Lowering herself into the water, she moans softly, and floats on the surface. Her skin glistens in the dim candlelight, and her legs relax against the porcelain. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a bath. Dad always told me the energy bill was too expensive.”

I grab a sponge and some soap. “It’s the least I could offer you.”

She exhales, closing her eyes with a smile. “Thank you, Ronan. This makes me feel… special.”

Someday, when Ahrimon is defeated, I will give her so much more. “Your daddy never spoiled you?”

She shakes her head and stares at her waving reflection in the water. “You know what he thinks about me.”

I lean against the porcelain, slowly brushing the wet, soapy sponge across her breasts. “Do you know how I feel about you?”

She bites her lower lip. “You showed me last night.”

I grin. “What’s the verdict?”

She takes hold of my cock. Slowly stroking, she warms me up. Desire takes hold as determination sets in her eyes. “I’m not scared anymore, if that’s what you’re asking.”

I drag the sponge toward her navel. “I never wanted you to be scared of me. I just ask that you learn. This world is worse than you think, and I cannot bear losing you now.”

I ease my hips forward. My body feels hot. I need her.

She looks into my eyes with excitement. “I’m open to more lessons.”


I slide my hand over her shoulders, down her chest, then around the curves of her breasts. My body shudders with obsessive need.

Then Naomi guides my hand to her pussy. Her eyes turn playful. “I’m a better student than you think. But I need you to promise me I’m making the right decision by staying here with you.”

I bow my head, ready to serve my omega. “I will not let you down.”

I slip into the water with her, sliding in behind her smooth, tiny body. This close to her, everything feels right. However, as ready as she claims, her muscles are still tense. She trembles as I put my hands around her belly, my lips against her neck.

The next step is insemination. “We must forge a bond that lasts throughout time. Only then can I give you a mark that lasts.”

Naomi rubs her dripping bottom against my shaft. Her heartbeat is going crazy. So is mine. “You want to… knot me?”

I close my eyes and inhale the enchanting pheromones in the room. I feel lucky to take care of her. “Trust me, sweet omega. I want to do so much more than that.”

Her voice quivers. “Make me trust you. Teach me.”

Her ass teases me below the surface of the water, her back arching against me. I get another glimpse of her pussy, her glistening lips and tiny opening. It drives me toward her thighs, and as she twists in the water I deliver a stern palm toward her hot bottom. Sweet endorphins pulse through me, her heat demanding I dominate.

“Yes,” she cries. “More.”

I slide two fingers inside her, playing with her to my satisfaction. Drawing her bottom out of the water, I feel my needs increase. I glide my punishing hand against her wet cheeks, and her soft rump tightens as she lets out a pleasurable moan.

“Mm,” I groan.

She pants through clenched teeth. “I’m not scared of a little sting either.”

The bath water laps around my hard cock. “You’re learning.”

“I have the best teacher.”

“Call me Master,” I command.

She drifts back into the water, leaning her head against my chest. Her eyes are closed as she brazenly strokes my length, bringing me immense pleasure. “Breed me, Master.”

Her hips writhe, and she moans. She’s all mine. No more fear. Just biology.

I sink my cock into her, clutching her hips as her tight walls grip me feverishly. Pumping her, my primal urges come to the fore. Her body quakes in waves, and the water fills with her sticky essence. “Give me that sweet slick,” I grunt.

The walls echo with her cries as I drive in deep, holding her close to me.

“Ronan…” she moans.

Her round ass bounces against my lap. “Feel me. Feel this cock,” I say.

My hands control her smooth behind. Rutting her pussy deep, our gazes lock, heat overcoming us. Her milky lips tighten their grip around my shaft. A powerful energy overtakes us, but it’s more than carnal pleasure. It’s our future. Our bond is solidifying, drawing us even closer together.

The helpless look in her eyes brings out the depth of her irises, amber and rose, flecked with gold. I pull and pump my hips, muscles flexing as I claim her as my own. Her passion consumes me, and her beauty is breathtaking—the arch of her nose, the sparkle in her eyes, her perfectly tiny bottom—as I drive deep into her wetness.

My cock swells still more, and I grip the porcelain’s edge to steady myself, my orgasm near. A powerful force is all around us now, filling us, my heart nearly bursting with it.

I lower my mouth to her breast, taking hold of her nipple, nipping it as a hot wave of pleasure pulses through my cock. Letting go of her flesh, I bare my teeth and stare into her eyes. “You are mine now. Always and forever.”

Her eyes are fearful, but I reassure her with a hard, lingering kiss. She smiles then. “I am ready, Master.”

I angle my jaw and bite her chest, tearing through the tough scar with ease. I feel her heartbeat against my mouth.

Holding myself inside her, a strange power flows between us. Connected, intimate, soaring. We’re captured by a love whose power could change the world.

She lets out an exhausted moan as I take her into my arms, water sloshing over the side of the tub.

Connected to her, I feel everything that she does. Our bodies hum with heat, and the thundering beating of her heart drowns out everything else. Then my climax overtakes me, and I flood her with my essence, driving as deep as I can. As I release inside her, I know we will never be the same again.

My cock swells inside her. There’s no coming back from this. “Oh, fuck,” I growl, bucking my hips against her.

Naomi purrs, lips teasing outward. “Spill your seed inside me.”

Strength is what I’ve always clung onto, but she’s teaching me softness too. And that softness opens me up. My cock spasms inside her slick pussy, the hot, tight flesh drawing every last trace of orgasm from my body.

Wave after wave of beastly pleasure spurts into her body. Her womb fills with my seed, the sticky wetness dripping down her creamy thighs. The mess it makes feels so good around my cock and my balls, as I drive even deeper.

Thighs shaking against her hips, I hold myself inside her, feeding the rest deep into her womb. She shakes, shudders, and her head tilts to the side. My knot swells, and she’s unable to draw back. We are fitted together as one, and the pleasure shatters through me as more cum flows into her.

I knot this special omega to the stars and back.

As our breathing slows, and we stare into each other’s eyes, the bond we have forged together wraps around us like a heavenly blanket. I drive forward one last time, my cock spasming with its last dying spurts.

As if my seed is an anchor, I feel myself slow down. My final release is still rippling through me, but my knot begins to soften, and with each throbbing pulse, my balls draw out the rest of my cum.

Releasing my teeth from around her clavicle, I let go of her hips and trail my lips down her body. Reluctantly, I finally pull my hips back, my still hard cock slipping from the grip of her well-fucked sex.

Seemingly stunned, and shaken, a panting Naomi clutches me, and I wrap my arms even tighter about her. Gently, I pull her out of the tub and swathe her body in a huge, soft towel. Exhaustion overwhelms her, but she manages to ask a question, her pretty eyes gazing up at me. “Am I protected now?”

“I will never abandon you, little one.”

Satisfied, I carry her to my bed, resisting the temptation to fuck her in my chambers a second time. Holding her against my chest, I feel her gentle weeping. This can’t be easy for her. As strong as our bond is, it is also new. Regardless, I’m proud of her effort. She has come so far.

Before she falls asleep, our lips find each other again. We kiss until we are breathless, and life suddenly feels lighter than a breeze, blissful.

Our bodies drift off into that dream space that only two lovers can share.

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