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Alpha: A Rough Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

My punished backside ached, the residual smolder from the welts left by the switch still burning hot. I ached to touch them and soothe the painful marks, but bound as I was, I knew I wouldn’t be able to for some time.

He didn’t pick up that medium length switch right away. Instead, he stood before me and admired my naked form, taking his time to let his eyes drift up and down so that he could see absolutely everything. He circled me and I’d never felt more like a lamb left out to slaughter than I did at that moment. His fingers glided down my back and onto my bottom, tracing the welts he’d left behind.

“It gives me great pride to see my mark on your beautiful skin. Your bottom is so very pretty when it’s properly reddened and welted to my satisfaction,” he murmured, and a shudder of desire raced down my spine and pooled between my thighs.

His touch skated along my flesh, circling my hips and smoothing across my stomach until he lifted my right breast in his palm. He grazed his thumb over top of my nipple, causing it to harden under his touch. Gently, he pinched it between two fingers and a moan of desire managed to escape my lips. He smiled knowingly and he lifted his other hand to capture my left breast too.

He teased my nipples, pinching them softly and making them pebble under his skillful touch. Gradually, the pinches grew harder, the twists rougher and I tried to turn my body in order to break his hold. Instead, he took each nipple firmly between his fingertips and lifted my breasts with them. I whimpered, feeling how very heavy they felt with desire and then he pulled them away from me.

I whimpered because it started to hurt. His fingers squeezed and twisted harder. He punished my nipples until I couldn’t stop myself from crying out, pain lancing across my breasts. When he finally released them, I bit my lower lip as a second wave of hurt followed the first.

Then, using his hand, he began to spank my breasts. I whined in alarm as they jiggled shamefully but as he slapped them a bit harder, I no longer cared what they looked like. I was only concerned with the fact that it stung. Over and over he slapped each one, ensuring that he covered the entirety of my vulnerable and tender flesh. He didn’t stop until my skin was bright pink and I was once again whimpering for his mercy. After that, he returned to punish my nipples, pinching them hard enough that I knew they would remain sore long after he released them. When he was finished, he slipped his hand in between my thighs.

“You’re soaking wet, mate,” he said loudly, and I shivered with shame. He coated two fingers with my wetness and removed them from my pussy, only to press them against my lips.

“Open. You’re going to clean these off for me,” he instructed.

I obeyed and opened my mouth. He pressed his fingers in between my lips and onto my tongue. My own sweet musky flavor surprised me. I didn’t hate it, but it felt so shamefully wrong to be made to taste my own arousal like this. Tentatively, I began to cleanse his fingers with my mouth. I did the best that I could, ensuring to swirl my tongue around his digits until the taste of myself gradually faded away.

“Good girl,” he murmured softly, and I could have sworn my heart leapt in my chest. I found myself suddenly wanting to hear those words fall from his lips again.

“Are your nipples sore now, little mate?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I answered. Perhaps he’d decided I’d earned his sympathy.

“Good,” he replied, before he turned around and lifted the medium switch up off the nearby bolder.

“Such pretty pink nipples you have, little mate. It becomes you to have your beautiful breasts spanked bright pink to match them,” he said, carefully admiring his work. I couldn’t help but notice the incredible hardness of his enormous cock and my pussy clenched down hard with need.

Carefully, he laid the switch against my breasts. He took his time to line it up with the peak of my left nipple and I trembled as I waited for what I imagined would be far more painful than being switched across my bottom.

His hand hardly moved as he flicked his wrist, so briefly that I almost didn’t notice. The result of that motion though was agony. The tip of the switch whipped directly against my nipple and the terrible pain that seared across my breast was far worse than I’d imagined it to be. He repeated the same treatment on my right nipple, and it was that much crueler because now I knew exactly what was coming.

I wailed and the switch punished my breasts next, talking care to welt more of my chest than just my poor little nipples. My cries only seemed to encourage him. They even appeared to make his cock even harder than before.

“Please, sir,” I begged. Even my own voice sounded desperate to my ears.

None of my words even made him hesitate for even a moment and my needy pussy clamped down hard as a result. He’d decided I’d needed to be punished and taught my place. I was just beginning to really understand what that meant now.

If I looked down at my punished breasts, I could see each welt from the switch rising on my pinkened skin. He slowly and methodically whipped me, making sure that no spot was left unmarked. He spent a great deal of time thrashing my nipples and I soon found myself fighting back tears once more. Occasionally, he’d stop and touch the welts he’d left behind, gently sliding his fingertips against my breasts and my nipples. I lived for those moments even though even just the slightest touch was painful because his tenderness starkly contrasted with his cruelty. He allowed me several moments to compose myself before the next lash fell and I was grateful for that.

“There isn’t an inch of this beautiful little body that isn’t mine now. If I want to pleasure you or punish you, I will do as I please,” he said softly, and I felt his words down deep in the pit of my soul. It resonated within me and strangely enough, it made me feel alive. At the same time, it also made me feel free.

The switch whipped at each of my nipples in quick succession, but for the first time, I welcomed the subsequent sting of agony. Pleasure pooled between my thighs and I ached for him to touch me.

“Please,” I begged. I wanted to come. I wanted him to fuck me.

His lips descended onto my nipple and his teeth carefully grazed against the tip. I arched into that sultry kiss and my pussy clamped down hard as his fingers drifted up my thighs. I wanted them inside me so badly. I wanted to feel them caressing my inner walls. I moaned softly and he kissed my other nipple. I didn’t even care that they were sore. It made me want him all the more.

“I need…” I began.

“I know what you need, sweet mate,” he whispered in return.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“Not yet. There’s one last place on this perfect little body that needs to be punished, isn’t there?”

“Yes, sir,” I wailed. My gaze returned to the boulder where the last of the switches lay unused. I could scarcely breathe as I watched him walk over to it and curl his fingers around that slender piece of wood. Slowly, he strode back to me and cocked his head to the side, assessing the way I couldn’t catch my breath. My heart pounded in my chest and I wondered if he could hear it.

“The air is scented heavily with that sweet little pussy. You’re so much wetter knowing that you’re about to be punished there too, aren’t you, little omega?”

I wished I could turn my head. I wished he’d stop looking. Restrained with my arms high over my head, I couldn’t even use my hair to shield my mortification. He could see everything, and my very last shred of dignity fell away. I couldn’t hide a single tear or the way he was making me blush right now. I couldn’t even conceal the fact that I knew he was right.

“Say it,” he demanded, and I felt his command deep in my bones.

“Yes, sir,” I moaned, too overcome with shame. He’d stripped my clothes and bared me, but I hadn’t felt truly naked until this very moment. He’d exposed me utterly and completely and I discovered something about myself that I hadn’t known existed.

The switch caressed the tender skin of my thighs, drifting upward until it just brushed against my wet folds. I sucked in an anxious breath, unable to control just how much my core was twisting and turning in anticipation.

He flicked his wrist and the switch connected with the sensitive flesh between my thighs. I keened, overcome with a sharp streak of agony. Two more followed in quick succession and I felt myself beginning to panic. My cries carried with them a certain sense of desperation and I begged him to allow me to make it up to him.

“Shh, sweet mate. I wouldn’t ever give you more than you can take,” he whispered tenderly and the panic inside me faded away. His fingers drifted between my thighs, caressing the little welts he’d left behind with the smallest switch. He paused and teased my clit with his fingertip before he pulled away and pressed the slender branch back in its place.

My chest rose and fell with anxious arousal. His eyes met mine and I saw darkness and undeniable power within them. I felt so very small and so vulnerable there before him.

“Eyes on me, little omega. You’re not allowed to hide from me ever again,” he said dangerously, and I didn’t dare disobey him.

The switch flicked upward and he was able to watch every minute change in my expression as the agonizing bite tore through me. My mouth opened into a round ‘O’ and my eyes watered. That wasn’t all though.

I moaned.

I should hate having my pussy switched. I couldn’t. Not when it happened like this. He growled softly in return and I ached for him.

He’d been harsh and quick to punish me, but he was fair. He’d given me plenty of warning that I was pushing him and when I’d continue to defy him, he’d showed me what would happen when he finally caught up with me. He’d stripped me, spanked me, and now he was showing me that my bottom wasn’t the only place he could punish. My ass ached. My breasts and my nipples hummed with pain and now my pussy was next up to pay the price.

I was soaking wet. So wet that it was dripping down my thighs. I already knew he could smell it but now I was sure that he could see it too.

He kissed me firmly and at the same time, the switch thrashed my pussy hard and fast. I screamed but he swallowed the sound with that ravenous kiss. When he finally pulled away, I was left gasping as my wet folds stung hotly from his lash.

He teased me with it with the switch, coating the hard edge with my wetness. I groaned with pleasure as it rubbed against my clit and it took everything in me not to grind myself on top of it. I wanted to come so badly. My core twisted hard and I whimpered in pain, needing release like I needed air to breathe.

“Such a needy, desperate little omega,” he said darkly, and I keened with arousal.

He switched my pussy with ruthless efficiency, taking care to welt every inch of me. I screamed and cried, and he paused once more to taunt me with that skinny piece of wood until all I wanted was his cock to take its place. He teased me until I thought I couldn’t take anymore without falling apart.

My legs shook from the effort to hold myself up. My sore nipples pebbled hard with desire and I moaned, trying to show him with my body how very much I wanted him right now. My clit felt so desperately sensitive. I really needed to come, and soon.

Carefully, he reached between my thighs. I moaned again, thinking he was going to reward me now, but as he used two fingers to spread the lips of my pussy far apart, I realized I had been wrong. Through his careful movements, my clit was entirely exposed, and I stilled as he gently tapped the switch against it.

No. Please. He couldn’t mean to.

“When I told you that there wasn’t a single inch of your body that I wouldn’t punish, I was very serious, little omega,” he said sternly. I trembled hard, fearful and aroused and so very needy.

“Please don’t,” I begged. A single tear of desperation rolled down my cheek and he used his thumb to brush it away.

He didn’t answer me with his words. Instead, he answered with the switch.

A fiery crescendo of agony burst across my clit and spread through my pussy, sinking down deep into my core. I sobbed openly as the overwhelming pain took over my senses. My legs gave way beneath me and he was there to catch me, using his strength to hold me up as I processed that final terrible stroke.

“Good girl,” he murmured, saying the words over and over and I held onto them like a lifeline. With one arm supporting me, he quickly unbound me and gathered me against his chest. He swept the other switches off the boulder and placed me facedown over top of it. Gently, he guided my thighs apart and inspected my pussy, taking care to lightly touch the welts he’d left behind.

Everything hurt. My pussy was sore. My breasts ached and my nipples pulsed with residual pain. My bottom still burned from both his palm and the switch.

But then, his cock pressed up against my well-spanked pussy and I forgot how much his punishment had hurt. Now the only thing on my mind was how it would feel when he fucked me with his marvelously hard cock.

No longer bound, I lifted my hips in encouragement. He slid his hips back and forth, dragging his cock through my wetness and teasing my clit once more.

“Would you like to come for me, omega?”

“Yes, sir,” I pleaded so very desperately.

I wanted to give him all of me. More than that though, I wanted him to take it.

The head of his cock brushed against my entrance, taunting me with its wide girth and I trembled with need.

“Please, give me your cock, sir,” I begged, feeling myself blush as the filthy plea fell off my lips.

“Do you really want it, omega? Do you feel like you’ve earn the privilege of my cock?” he asked, and a jolt of intense pleasure raced straight to my core at those decadently dirty words. I panted with need, unabashed as I rocked my hips back and forth in an effort to show him how much I wanted him.

“Yes, sir,” I answered, hoping against hope that he thought I deserved it too. I was so weak with arousal that I wasn’t sure how much more I was physically capable of taking. My clit pulsed, still feeling the painful sting from the switch and my pussy tightened hard, imagining what it would be like to feel his cock sliding inside me for the very first time.

I didn’t have to wait long.

The moment that the head of his cock pressed into my tight channel, I keened with pleasure. He was huge and his entry hurt, but I didn’t care because it was exactly what I wanted right now. I’d been punished so harshly and now I wanted to be rewarded with an orgasm so very badly. Most of all, I wanted to come all over his cock as he fucked me just as hard as I needed to be fucked.

His girth stretched my sore pussy wide as he forced himself into my entrance. I cried out, pain and pleasure combining into one intoxicating sensation that threatened to consume me whole. My inner walls clenched around his length with greed. His advance into me was slow and strong, a quiet lesson that he could take me however he wanted and whenever he wished. I could feel myself tightening around him, grasping at every enormous inch until he was fully seated inside me.

He remained motionless for several seconds and I whined with disappointment.

“Do you feel in control right now, omega?”

“No, sir,” I whimpered.

“What did you learn today, my sweet omega?”

“That I’m yours. That you’re my alpha, sir,” I answered forlornly, anxiously awaiting the moment when he would start fucking me with his cock.

“That’s correct, my little mate,” he replied. “Do you feel as though you’ve been properly put in your place today?”

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered, unsure of how much longer he was going to make me wait. I felt as though I was ready to shatter into pieces and I sincerely hoped he’d let me.

“Good,” he said and swiftly, he thrust in and out of me in rough motions. I gasped with pleasure, even as my body pinched hard in an effort to get used to his enormous size. It hurt but it also felt immeasurably good and I found that I wanted more, so much more.

His hands wound around my hips and he dug them into me, pressing me down against the boulder and holding me firmly in place. He took complete control of me as he fucked me, slowly at first before he started to pick up the momentum of his thrusts.

My core twisted hard at finally being given what I desperately wanted. He drove into me roughly, using me as hard as he desired. His pelvis slapped against my punished pussy and it felt like I was getting spanked there all over again. His cock speared into me, taking me and twisting me into a wet little mess that simply wanted to be used hard. It pressed into me deeply and I shuddered with desire.

My nipples hardened into tight little peaks, pushing against the hard surface of the rock beneath me. The pressure against my spanked breasts was painful but it only served to heighten my arousal to levels I hadn’t thought myself capable of.

I was so hot. My body was smoldering with unreleased pleasure and I struggled to manage it. He fucked me even harder and I whined with need. I wanted to come badly. My inner walls shuddered around his length and I squeezed his cock, milking him for everything that he gave me.

“Please,” I begged.

“You are not allowed to come yet, omega. You will wait for permission,” he commanded, and a hot streak of desire arced straight down to my clit. I trembled as pleasure overwhelmed me and I knew it was only a matter of time before I lost control of it completely.

The longer he fucked me, the more I felt his dominance over me. He owned my pain, my pleasure, and my body and that became quite clear as he thrust into me as roughly as he pleased. I whimpered and writhed as he used me, suffering under the sheer weight of the passion that was raging inside me.

I begged him and pleaded for permission. He only used me harder and even more ruthlessly than before. He was enjoying this power over me and I could feel every last inch it as it slammed into my pussy again and again.

“Please, sir. I can’t,” I pleaded, no longer able to form complete sentences. I lost my words and struggled to piece them together, focused entirely on the pleasure humming through my veins and throbbing in between my thighs.

“Come hard for me, my little mate,” he demanded, and I obeyed. I came for him. Hard.

A tremor raced through my body, a gentle warning of what was to come. I tried to fight it because I knew it would shatter me in a way that I’d never been shattered before. Heated bliss quaked inside me, intensifying with each passing moment until I was panting for air. I was so very hot. I needed to breathe, but most of all I needed release.

My entire body started to shake, and my muscles flexed. He’d built the perfect storm inside me and now it was breaking me apart as it all came to a head. At first, I moaned quietly with pleasure but before long, I was screaming with it.

He used me hard as I came, not caring that it hurt, but that made my orgasm all that much stronger. I trembled under its power as it swept me into its thrall. My blood felt like it was boiling beneath my skin and I felt myself tense as a second orgasm swept over me far too quickly after the first.

No man had ever made me come like this. He fucked me harder and I knew in that moment that he would be the last man I ever fucked.

He was my mate. I was his and his cock was teaching me that with every last thrust.

“That’s it, mate. Come all over my cock,” he purred, and my core clenched down hard. My pussy tightened around that large cock and I took it all. I took it all because that’s what he demanded of me.

Decadent bliss hurtled through me and I found it as pleasurable as it was painful. I’d been so tightly wound up by his punishment that every orgasm felt like it fractured me into pieces and as a third one threatened to break over me, I keened loudly.

My legs shook and my toes and fingers curled as my ecstasy ravaged me from within. Endless bliss washed over me and it felt like it was going to break me apart. His hips slapped against my still very sore little pussy, punishing my scalded flesh with every last incredible thrust. He slammed into me again and again as I came for him.

I don’t know how many orgasms he forced from my body. It didn’t matter. I was going to keep coming until he decided to allow me to stop.

“I can’t,” I pleaded.

“You will,” he answered.

He used me hard and rough, claiming my pussy and showing me that not only could he punish me with his palm and a switch, but that his cock was just as formidable too. My pussy ached from his enormous length, but that didn’t stop him. In fact, it only made him piston into me with a ferocious vigor that spoke of his powerful otherworldly virility.

I came so many times that soon I began to fear each subsequent one.

I had thought my punishment had ended with that last fateful lash of the switch on my poor little clit. I soon realized I had been wrong.

He was punishing me hard with that enormous cock. An intoxicating mix of pleasure raced through my veins and I struggled to take it. I screamed. I moaned and I writhed from the intensity of the sensations coursing through my ravaged little body. As he fucked me, I started to fully understand what it meant to be subdued.

He lifted my hips off the rock and wound his arm around my waist, holding my lower body in midair, which made me take his cock even more deeply. He reached around my waist and toyed with my aching clit. Then he pinched it hard and I broke into pieces beneath him.

The next few orgasms hurt far more than the rest. He punished my sore, needy clit with his fingers, dragging out every ounce of pleasure from me that he could. I struggled to take each one, but it didn’t matter. I came because he demanded it.

His fingers were ruthless as he fucked me. Each orgasm tore through me like a riptide. My fingers clawed at the boulder as I felt every bit the naughty punished little mate. I felt his dominance and most of all, I felt his complete control over me. I couldn’t stop coming for him, even if I wanted to.

His massive cock throbbed inside me and I still struggled to take it, but I didn’t have a choice. My thighs flexed and I started to scream once more.

“These next few orgasms are going to remind you that you are right to fear me, mate. They’re also going to remind you that no matter what happens, you’re mine and that your rightful place is by my side, little omega,” he warned.

I wailed as I realized what he was saying. I didn’t know how much more I was capable of giving him. My body was his to control and he would force more pleasure from me if he wanted to.

Yesterday, I had been a respected scientist, a leader in my own right.

Today, I was an omega that had to be put in her place by her alpha.

My body shuddered with desire and I wailed as I felt myself edge toward my next orgasm. I knew even before it hit me that it was going to be more brutal than any of my previous orgasms and maybe even more vicious than all of the others combined.

“I want to hear you scream,” he demanded.

I panted with the intense volleys of pleasure and pain cascading through me. I tried to fight the oncoming onslaught of agonizing ecstasy, but it was useless. My body was answering to my alpha’s call.

He pinched my clit hard and the first orgasm of many inevitably followed.

I lost control. In that moment, I became utterly and completely his.

I broke incredibly hard.

Ruthless pleasure devoured me from the inside out. The pain and pleasure came together in a savagely intoxicating mixture that cut me from within. I felt like I was falling into a black hole of cruel bliss and there wasn’t any way for me to claw myself out. I writhed beneath him and my clit pulsed hard in between his punishing fingers. Then he twisted my poor little bud, ensuring that my orgasm was just as painful as it was pleasurable.

I screamed and before I knew what was happening, I came so hard that I started to sob.

Brutal ecstasy tore me into pieces, and I fractured on his cock. His fingers cut into my hip and then he spanked my pussy with his hand, and I came once more. I shattered and my pussy desperately clutched at his cock, even as he continued to use my tight channel as roughly as he pleased.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as he fucked me. He forced one orgasm after the next from my worn-out little body. I had no idea how many times I came. I just knew how much each one now hurt. I wept as he forced them from my body, one after another.

He’d used my need for him against me. He’d taught me what a true punishment was like. Sobs racked my frame and I tried to suck in one breath after another and still he used me hard. Soon, I was terrified that this fucking wouldn’t ever end. He didn’t even remotely show any signs of slowing down and that scared me.

I came again and my core twisted hard with pain as passion raged on inside me.

I sobbed even harder.

“You will come for me one last time, little omega, before your punishment is complete. This final orgasm will ensure that you are never left unsure of your place ever again. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” I wailed.

He circled my clit with his fingers, building my need with each passing motion until I could feel that final orgasm edging closer. I feared that inevitable pleasure more than all the rest and I cried as I realized my unavoidable fate.

I was so very, very sore and I was going to orgasm. Again.

I was going to come for my alpha because that’s what he had commanded of me.

“Come now, omega,” he ordered.

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