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The Alpha’s Captive by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

The Alpha's Captive“I’m not alright,” she said with a bitter laugh. “I’m… I came all this way because of a stupid book and look at me. It was all just a stupid idea and…” She let her voice trail off, not wanting to tell Lorcan any more about her mad idea. He would probably laugh at her. He already thought she was a silly girl who couldn’t handle her drink—or a bath, for that matter.

“You’ll feel better once you’ve been held to account for your actions,” he said in that same confident tone as before. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to travel and explore the world. You just got a little out of hand.”

“Held to account,” she sighed and looked up at him. “What does that even mean?”

Lorcan sat next to her on the bed, and for a moment Hannah thought he was going to offer some kind words of advice. He reached out and put his hand over hers.

“It means you get a long, hard spanking.”

“What? No!”

“What did you think was going to happen?”

“I thought you’d say something nice, tell me everything is going to be alright. Tea and crumpets, eh wot?”

“That’s not how we deal with miscreants in this part of the world.” He patted his dark denim-clad thigh. “Let’s get this over with, pup.”

“No!” Hannah’s exclamation sounded strangled. “I mean, please, mister, I don’t know why I did any of that, but I promise I don’t usually do things like that. That was my first night drinking…”

He let out a snort. “Well, you had a hell of a first night. And there are consequences for that. So come here and lie over my lap.”

Lorcan spoke with almost soothing tones, though there was a firmness that reminded her he was ordering her to let him spank her bottom.

“I’m not from here,” she said in an attempt to invoke some kind of cultural immunity. “So I, uh, didn’t know that I could… that this would…”

“You thought you’d get away with it,” he said, his lips twisting in a dark smirk. “That’s not any reason to let you.”

His hand closed a little around her wrist, spurring Hannah into immediate, panicked action. She squirmed out of his grasp and dived away from him, every part of her naked body exposed to his eyes as she flailed across the bed and tried to make an escape. It did not work. If anything, she played directly into his hands, the towel falling away to leave her completely naked.

He leaned over, wrapped his strong arm around her waist and pulled her back over his thighs in one smooth motion that was not at all impeded by her wriggling and complaining.

As Hannah found herself face down against the coverlet, all she could think was that this was yet another embarrassment and indignity to add to the many she had suffered since arriving in Darkwood. She could almost have resigned herself to it, if not for the promise of pain that accompanied the undignified position.

“I don’t know what cultural significance this has for you,” she said in an attempt to be understanding, “but this wouldn’t be appropriate where I’m from.”

“Would getting blind drunk be appropriate?” Lorcan smoothed his large masculine palm over the bare curve of her bottom, and suddenly Hannah forgot all about her reservations. His touch sent a tingle racing through the very core of her, reigniting the excitement from the bath and making her forget her regrets almost immediately.

“Maybe not,” she admitted as her hips made involuntary squirming motions. Thus far Lorcan had not seemed to view her as a sexual creature. Even when naked in the bath his looks had not held a great deal in the way of observable ardor, but now Hannah was sure she could sense something between them. She was not sure of that though. In matters of love, she was something of a novice. She had never been with a man before. She’d never had to bathe herself in front of a man before either, and she’d certainly never been spanked by one.

Lorcan’s palm lifted away for a moment, then returned with a hard swat that sent a shock through her body. Hannah let out a squeal more of surprise than of pain.

“That hurts!”

“Spankings tend to,” Lorcan replied dryly.

“No, I mean, it hurts,” she whimpered. “Why would you want to hurt me?”

She sounded pitiful even to her own ears, and hoped that it would work to change his mind. Lorcan was a big man with big hands and a powerful arm. If he’d wanted to he could have smacked her bottom a lot harder than he had, but the sting she was already experiencing was more than enough.

“I don’t want to hurt you, brat,” he rumbled in his deep refined tones. “I want to teach you a lesson you’ll remember.”

“You don’t think I’ll remember waking up in a stranger’s bed and having a bath with him? You think I have amnesia or something?”

Her cheek was rewarded with a hard swat that captured almost her entire bottom and set it alight with tingling stinging sensations.

“I think you’re a spoiled little brat who needs a good spanking to teach her a lesson, and that’s just what you’re going to get, pup.”

She blushed as he used the diminutive term again, making her feel small and naughty. Those feelings passed quickly into squirming squealing ones that accompanied a barrage of firm slaps to her bottom. Lorcan was spanking her in earnest now, his palm meeting the curve of her rear over and over again with enough force to make her jolt against his thigh and feel the burn seeping through her heated skin.

It was enough to produce a cascade of apologies, some of which made sense, some of which made no sense at all.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen!” she squealed as his palm blazed against her bottom.

“Oh, I am sure you didn’t,” he chuckled, not letting the revelation in any way moderate the heat of the fire already burning on her rear. “That’s a large part of the reason why you need this. You’re spoiled. You were raised in a world without consequences.”

“You don’t know that! You don’t know me!”

“I know you well enough,” Lorcan said. “I know you by your actions.”

“Yeah? Well… why do you even care, then?”

“Because I know bad things happen to young ladies who behave recklessly. Because I hope that you’ll learn something from this and never get yourself blackout drunk again. Anything could have happened to you. You’re a long way from home, nobody to take care of you…”

“Except men who take it upon themselves. Except you,” she pointed out from her precarious position. “Do you save every drunk girl in the Rusty Shank? Do you take them all home? Do you have a bath fetish?”

He slapped her bottom again, though not as hard as before. “A bath fetish? No. But I admit, I have a soft spot for stubborn little whelps, not that I have brought any home before. We don’t find many strays quite so far from home as you in Darkwood. It’s not a major destination for bratty young women.”

“Whelp, is that better than pup?”

He swatted her bare bottom yet again. “I don’t think you’re learning your lesson. You’re doing far too much arguing.”

He started spanking her again in earnest, his palm catching her on one cheek and then the other with swift, sharp slaps that made her ass burn with new intensity. The initial slaps had hurt, but these ones were building on that warmth to create something more akin to a furnace in her bottom.

“Lorcan! Stop it! This isn’t my fault! I didn’t know! It was a mistake!” She threw all her previous excuses and pleas at him in one long sentence, which did not help one little bit. Lorcan kept spanking her with a firm determination that ignored her discomfort and instead focused on his intended goal—giving her a physical reminder she’d never forget.

There was a grimness about him now. As her pain escalated she got the distinct impression that he was not enjoying what he was doing. There was no glee in his voice, and there was certainly no indication against her hip. He was spanking her long and he was spanking her hard and Hannah was certain she would not be able to sit for a long time, maybe not even stand. Her rear felt as though it were swollen to twice its size, her skin hot and taut over two flaming rounds that no longer felt like a proper part of her.

It was just as he had said. This was something he was doing for her own good. She did not know why he had brought such a thing on himself, why he’d taken her from the pub, or cleaned her up, or given her a bed. She was simultaneously overwhelmed with the heat in her ass and the odd feeling of being taken care of and watched over.

“When you’re in Darkwood, you’ll moderate your behavior,” he lectured firmly. “You’ll mind your language, your manners, and your alcohol intake. Understand?”

“Yes!” Hannah squealed the only word she thought had a halfway good chance of stopping the spanking.

“And you’ll stay out of the Rusty Shank after midnight and well away from the heath too. It’s not safe for a girl like you. There are all sorts of dangers in this village, and you’re not equipped to deal with any of them.”

Hannah would have agreed to almost any terms to avoid prolonging the painful and embarrassing predicament she found herself in. At first she had thought that he was nothing more than a pervert getting his thrills by stripping her naked and playing with her. But Lorcan barely seemed to care that she was nude. He was treating her as little more than a naughty girl to be spanked, and spank her he did, on and on far past the point where Hannah spluttered promise after promise to behave, all the way to the brink of tears.

She had never been so chastised. She had never felt her bottom heat and swell until every slap was played across her rear with an impact like a drum, resonating through her body, zips of electricity bolting from the tips of her toes, making her fingers fizzle with an excited heat that accompanied a thoroughly unexpected arousal.

Oh, God. The final humiliation. To have tears streaming down her face, and to have her pussy beginning to grow wet. Her reaction was as unfathomable as it was uncontrollable. Her body seemed to be acting of its own accord. Her lower lips were swelling, the bud of her clit tight and rubbing against the rough denim of Lorcan’s jeans. The harder his hand landed, the more her arousal grew, a force all of its own that transformed discipline to something else.

He might have thought of her as nothing but some waif to be rescued, but Hannah felt like he was much, much more than just her rescuer. Back home she had been so focused on getting out of there that she’d never bothered to pay more than cursory attention to the boys around her. But Lorcan was not a boy. Lorcan was a man. An attractive man holding her naked body against him and welting her bottom until tears began to trickle down her cheeks in much the same way her juices were starting to flow between her thighs, slicking her labia and the top of his jeans.

She let out a gasping sob as the spanking stopped for a moment, not knowing if it was a brief reprieve, or if Lorcan simply had some other torment in store for her.

He palmed her right cheek, his fingers settling low into the crevice of her ass, less than an inch away from her wet lower lips.

“Have you learned your lesson, whelp?”

Hannah blinked furiously to try to get the last of the tears out of her eyes. She knew he would be able to hear her tears in her voice if she could not stop crying.

“Yessir,” she mumbled quickly, the ‘sir’ coming naturally.

“Good,” he said, his voice rough and tender at the same time. He slid his hand back and forth over her cheeks, rubbing across the center of her ass in a slow motion that soothed some of the sting away but also allowed the very tips of his fingers to brush lightly against her pussy. Hannah caught her breath and stayed very still, not knowing if he’d meant to touch her like that. It felt amazing, the brief strokes allowing her some pleasure in what was otherwise a painful interlude.

She should have hated him for spanking her, but instead she felt a closeness and an openness, which made very little sense to her. Instinctively her thighs spread a little wider and her hips rose a fraction of an inch. She was offering herself to him, though she could never have admitted as much. A part of her was responding to him without words, and without thought.

Hannah was rewarded when his hand slid from her hot bottom and she felt his fingers close over her bare pussy, cupping her gently. She let out a soft moan as his touch acknowledged what she could not—that being spanked, and spanked hard, had made her more aroused than anything that had ever come before it.

She could feel him gently massaging her between her thighs, a touch that was almost more comforting than sexual, though her pussy was slicking his palm and fingers and her arousal was growing by the moment. This was more than she had ever experienced with any man, and still it was not enough. Something had awakened inside her, something that made her even more reckless and even more full of primal desire than she had been when she first tasted the Rusty Shank’s beer.

Her hips began to rise and fall as she began to grind against his hand, shamelessly pleasuring herself against the same strong fingers that had first punished her. Lorcan slid his fingers up and for a moment she was deprived of his touch, but a moment later she felt the tip of his finger sliding along the center of her lips and pressing slowly inside the tight channel of her pussy.

Hannah let out a little moan as Lorcan pushed himself inside her. Just his finger, but the finger stretched her pussy and it made her walls clench around it and she finally knew what it was to have a man become part of her.

It was all happening so fast she was not sure what to make of any of it. Her body had taken the lead, her desire had taken over from sense and she wanted more, more of him.

Lorcan gave a small sigh. “I knew you were going to be trouble,” he mused almost to himself as his free fingers brushed close to her swelling nether lips, the one still inside her swirling gently with a slow motion.

“I’m sorry…” She moaned the words, not certain precisely what she was apologizing for, but not wanting him to stop.

“Don’t be sorry,” he said. “You took your spanking, and you can’t help being what you are. I’m the one who should have more self-control.” He began to slide his finger out of her pussy and Hannah let out a plaintive whine.

“I don’t want you to have self-control.”

“I can see that,” he murmured as his fingers returned to her pussy, this time to tease gently around her clit. Hannah began to squirm back and forth, her heated ass only adding to the sensations racing through her body. Lorcan’s touch was adept, knowledgeable. He slid his fingers down to the apex of her lips and grazed lightly around the outside of her clit, just barely avoiding touching her there, making her body ache for him.

“You’re a virgin,” he said softly. “And you’re young.”

Hannah did not reply. She was too busy uttering little moans of pleasure, enjoying his touch, wanting more so badly she could feel her juices flowing all the more, coating his fingers with need. It didn’t seem that he was talking to her anyway, he was speaking more to himself, trying to find a reason not to do what they both knew he was going to do.

She could feel his erection pressing against her hip. His cock was long and thick and broad; she knew that without seeing it. Lorcan made a little sound like a growl and slid her off his lap, onto the bed where she lay on her back, sore bottom against the bedsheets, and waited to see what he had in store for her.

Lorcan kneeled next to the bed, took her by the thighs, and pulled her splayed legs around either side of his head. With a hungry look that made her heart race, he spread her virginal pussy and pressed his tongue to the chalice between her lips. Hannah’s back arched as a pleasure like none other raced through her body, the wet heat of his tongue massaging her pussy with an insistent rolling motion, lapping along the length of her slit, catching the underside of her clit and then the tip of his tongue twirling around it, urging the tight little bud to ever tighter arousal.

Hannah reached for him, grasping his dark hair with a desperation that was both designed to draw him in and push him away. His tongue was lashing her now, lapping against the entrance of her body and at the underside of her clit in quick succession, which made her legs shake and her stomach go tense and taut as she tried to absorb all the pleasure but found it overwhelming her anyway.

The heat in her bottom was spreading fast, becoming a fire that rushed through her body, made her thighs splay wider for him. And then it was too much for them both. He had held back to the brink of her climax but the taste of her arousal seemed to spur Lorcan in a way he could not entirely control.

He let out an animal growl that resonated through her, a sound that was fierce and full of desire. She heard the rending of zippers and the tearing of fabric as he pulled his clothing from his body, presenting his naked form to her. She let out a little moan of approval. He was hot. Cut. He looked as though he had done hard labor every day of his life, muscles defined in a powerful way that made her body seem all the softer and curvier by comparison. Her eyes were drawn down his stomach, where a ‘V’ of muscle was darkly furred in a trail that led to his cock, hard and huge and utterly erect.

Rising from between her legs, he covered her body with his own, his massive bulk making her feel small and vulnerable as his impossibly long, impossibly thick cock speared toward the tightness between her thighs.

She felt the head of his cock bump against her clit, the large flare of his head massaging her little bud for a moment or two. Hannah moaned and tried to draw him closer, wanting him more than anything in the world.

Her whimpers were cut off with a rough kiss that captured her mouth and drove all thoughts of sense and propriety and safety out of her mind. He slid slowly down her slit and she felt the head of him come to a rest nestling between her lips. Her wetness was coating him already as he rocked back and forth ever so slightly, not entering her body, but making her lips part little by little.

“Do you want this?” His amber eyes blazed down into hers and there was only one answer.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes.”

Lorcan slid forward and Hannah let out a little cry as her pussy was speared open, a hot stinging sensation accompanying the sudden fullness she had never felt before. He stilled his hips immediately and looked down at her with concern as she whined softly.

“Relax,” he murmured, pressing kisses to the side of her neck.

Her lubrication was growing, as was the clenching welcome of her cunt as he slowly began to slide forward, charting new territory inside her. Hannah had never known that anyone could go so deep, or that she could stretch so wide, her inner walls gripping his cock as he pressed ever forward inside her until finally at least nine inches were buried in her belly.

She could feel his tremor of pleasure and see the self-control it was taking for him to take her so slowly. His muscles were straining, resisting the urge to pull out and slam inside her.

“You have the sweetest cunt,” he growled in her ear.

Slow strokes made her spiral into ecstasy, the stinging abating as he massaged away the pain with his cock. She was trapped beneath him, impaled on his cock, completely vulnerable to his will. If he wanted to hold her there and fuck her roughly, he could have done so. He could have made her first time a punishing ordeal, but instead he was easing her into what it meant to be a sexual creature, what it meant to share her body with a man.

They were strangers to one another, but she was closer to him than she had been with anyone. Hannah lost the sense of her body being a separate thing and instead felt swept up in something greater than herself. Lorcan’s hips began to thrust harder and faster as her pussy relaxed and her juices flowed.

He was demanding more than she thought she could take, going deeper and harder, her clit grinding against his hard pubic bone, bursts of pleasure rocking through her once virginal body as she was fucked like an animal, Lorcan’s hand sliding under her ass to lift her up to his cock as he went to his knees and pulled her onto him, his hands guiding her body back and forth along the length of the thick, hard rod.

Hannah’s eyes were locked on his, plaintive, needful, wanting as he fucked her, making use of her pussy with every stroke. She felt his desire and also his ownership. She was his; in some intangible, animal way, they belonged together. She could feel it in the way their pulses matched one another, in the mixing of their essences.

She felt her head becoming light as Lorcan let one of his hands drift around and begin to play with her bare breasts, her nipples so hard they hurt as he trailed his fingers down and finally began to play with her clit, rubbing the pad of his thumb over that tight little bud that could finally take no more.

Hannah felt as though she were bursting out of her body with the force of her climax, a passionate seizing of every muscle in her body that seemed to tip Lorcan over the edge at precisely the same moment. His roar of abandon mingled with her cries of ecstasy as she locked her legs around his back, clenching him against her body as his cum began to flow and her own orgasm made her cunt quiver around him, milking every last drop deep inside her well fucked pussy. It was reckless, but she didn’t care. She did not want to lose any part of him. She wanted his seed inside her. It was as powerful an instinct as the one that made her heart beat and her lungs take air.

Bending down over her, Lorcan pressed kiss after kiss to her face and lips, stroking her hair with a touch that denoted a deep affection as they both slowly returned to the world beyond their lovemaking, limbs uncurling as they laid back on the bed, both thoroughly sated.

“I never had a one-night stand before,” she mused more to herself than anything.

His brows drew together in a frown. “I did not intend to use you as a… one-night stand, Hannah.”

She let her fingers drift down to her tender pussy, where his cum was seeping from between her lips. Unprotected sex. She’d let a complete stranger spend himself inside her. That was not one of the adventures detailed in Honoraria’s diary, but Hannah found herself more satisfied than concerned. The pleasure and abandon of the moment had been more than worth it.

“Hey,” she said with a bright smile. “Maybe I used you. It was about time I lost my virginity.”

He took a deep breath and looked at her with an expression that spoke to a great deal of unspoken things. It was as if he wanted to say something more, but something was preventing him. She could feel the weight of his silence, a particular type of responsibility that kept him separate.

“How long were you intending on spending in Darkwood?” The question was oddly conversational given the fact they were both coated in one another’s sweat and cum, but Hannah answered it.

“As long as it takes,” she said enigmatically. “I came here for adventures.”

“This is not a place known for drawing those who seek adventure,” Lorcan said, his brow rising at her.

“Well, I’ve got inside information,” Hannah said. “And this is where the trail ends.”

“Is it now,” Lorcan nodded thoughtfully. “We should speak more about that, I think, but later. I have some business I must attend to. You relax for a little while,” he said gently. “I’ll send Sacha with some clothes for you.”

Bottom sore, pussy aching pleasantly, but head pounding, Hannah did not argue. What was the point of arguing with a man like Lorcan? With a smile on her face, she laid back and enjoyed the feeling of having been well and truly deflowered.

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