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Alpha’s Mate: A Rough Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Come to me,” Akuma said with total dominance in his voice.

I was frozen for a few seconds. Then I backed away, causing another growl to push up from his beast. There was no doubt his tiger remained close to the surface, itching to resume control.


I knew the meaning of the powerful name—fire spirit or devil. In my mind, the name suited the superb beast. He was magnificent in stature, his body shimmering as if sent from the heavens, but his purpose wasn’t spiritual.

It was carnal by nature, the primal beast claiming what he believed belonged to him.

“I said. Come. To. Me.” He lowered his head, his nostrils flaring.

The scent of him already covered every inch of my body, filling my cells and igniting the embers inside. I felt lightheaded, almost drunk given the exotic, woodsy fragrance.


A part of me remained in shock as I continued to read the tiger’s thoughts. I was even able to catch a portion of his lurid visions and all the dirty things he craved doing. Danger. While he reeked of it, his thoughts remained embroiled in the doom awaiting his people. The Breeds were in danger. All of them. The dissidents were preparing an attack. What in the hell was happening?

I’d mulled over everything I’d experienced during the last few days, including my sister’s bizarre behavior. I’d also attempted to find out any information about the school where I taught. I was certain I’d been able to look up details before I’d accepted the job. For some reason, I hadn’t been able to find out anything. It was like the location didn’t exist on any of the web portals. Poof, the place had disappeared.

I’d remained on edge the entire day, my mind called to the only place I’d found peace.

My beloved spot by the banks of the river. Had I been hoping to see Akuma? Had I been drawn to him like he continued to tell me?

There was no rational explanation for what had occurred two nights before or the fact I was so connected to him. But he was the beast I’d drawn for several weeks as well as the man who’d been inside my house.

I was now certain that every occurrence had been real. Perhaps I’d placed a mental shield around my mind for protection. Whatever the case, I could no longer pretend what we shared was anything but the truth.

And a beginning.

The hunger building deep within me had lingered, my pussy aching, my nipples hard. He was the most incredible specimen I’d ever seen, strong and virile, his six-foot-five physique unlike anything I’d seen. My mouth was dry as he advanced, his expression that of a true predator. Whatever the reason for my attraction, it was undeniable.

And in my mind… damning.

“As I said, you need to be punished.” He managed to grab my arm just as I attempted to bolt away, using his other to fist my hair and yank me onto my toes, dragging me closer to him. Every husky sound he made only created another whirlwind of dazzling sensations. There was no doubt what he had planned.

Taking me.

Using me.

Fucking me.

Capturing me.

When he pressed his throbbing cock against my tummy, I let out a single whimper, wave after wave of longing rushing into my system. I was so drawn to him, taken in by his forceful nature and wicked desire. When he lowered his head, crushing his mouth over mine, the world around us seemed to disappear.

Only a small part of me continued to fight him, slamming my fists against his chest. There was no way I could budge him a single inch.

The kiss was nothing but a raw and blissful moment of erupted passion, brutal yet incredible. He thrust his tongue past my pursed lips, exploring every inch of my mouth, growling the entire time. The vibrations between us continued, my heart hammering against my chest.

He reeked of testosterone and the mixture with the scent of my feminine wiles was overtly intoxicating. While I loathed that my body had betrayed me more than once, I couldn’t deny the freedom I felt in his arms, or the almost desperate need that had already built to the point of combustion.

I was his prey.

His mate.

His… pet.

His kiss became a wild and manic moment shared between us, a beast claiming what rightfully belonged to him. I finally leaned against him, grinding my hips back and forth. My nipples were ultra-sensitive, aching to have his mouth around them, sucking and licking.

When he broke the kiss, he continued to hold me close, forcefully brushing his lips across my lips to my cheek, moving ever so slowly to my ear. He nipped my earlobe before issuing a dark whisper, a promise of things to come.

“You will surrender to me in every way, no matter what I ask, no matter how often I demand. And in return, I will give you sheer bliss.”

An involuntary whimper left my mouth as I clung to him, digging my nails into the skin of his sculpted chest. When he blew across my neck, every inch of my skin tingled.

Nothing made any sense even as the brute yanked me in the direction a large tree, then turned sharply, dragging me toward a large set of bushes. I watched in horror as he selected one of the thin branches, breaking it off with ease.

He held the long piece of wood in front of me, narrowing his eyes.

“What are you doing?” I dared to ask, although I knew exactly what he had planned.

“When you learn obedience then I won’t be required to spank you. Until then, your punishments will be harsh and often.”

I opened my mouth to scream but nothing would come out at first. He had to be kidding me. Swallowing, I tried to pull away, only to be yanked forward again. “I’ll be good. I promise.” Why in the hell had the words left my mouth? I had no intention of obeying any of his rules. I’d worked long and hard to become the woman I was and even though my entire body trembled in excited anticipation, I refused to succumb to any man.

Or beast.

He chuckled darkly, catching my lie easily.

“Yes, little pet. You will learn. One day.” Akuma pushed me against the tree, positioning my arms over my head. “If you move, I’ll add additional strikes. Do you understand?”

I understood that the savage was out of his mind.

Run. Run. Run.

The words blanketed my mind.

I waited for a few additional seconds as he positioned himself before darting around the tree, racing through the woods in a blind effort to get away. Within seconds, he’d caught me again, still chuckling darkly as he dragged me against the heat of his body.

“You will pay for your sins.”

Sins? What sins had I committed other than painting his picture?

Over and over again.

“You always had a fascination with tigers.” The memory of Yasmine’s words hit me hard. She’d known this was going to happen. I was certain of it.

Another wave of confusion mixed with growing anger and I reared back, able to scratch his face. His eyes registered surprise, although his firm grip only tightened. This time, he tossed me over a large fallen log, kneeling down and pressing his hand against the small of my back. I was momentarily paralyzed and winded, stars floating in front of my eyes.

I wasn’t prepared for the first brutal strike, the lash landing exactly across my sit spot. The pain was mild at first then came in a rush as my skin and synapse molded together, anguish exploded. Involuntarily I jerked up, digging my fingers into the moss covering the bark. My head was already pounding, the scream I let off floating into the dense forest.

No one could hear us. I was all alone. Helpless.


The mixture of emotions and sensations skyrocketed as he delivered a series of harsh strikes, one landing immediately after the other. My bottom was immediately on fire, wails pushing past my lips.

He growled several times as he continued the punishment, bringing the switch down in rapid succession. I was shocked how loud the whooshing sound seemed to be as he wielded the implement. All I could concentrate on was the noise in my attempt to block out the increasing pain.

I was immobilized, as if my body was unwilling to fight for freedom. As the pain morphed into a severe level of cold washing into my system, all I could do was take shallow breaths. It seemed all time stopped as he spanked me long and hard, asserting some kind of magical control over me.

“You belong to me, sweet Nicolina,” he huffed as he caressed my bruised bottom, his fingers lingering as he swirled circle after circle. When he slid his fingers down the crack of my ass, I sucked in my breath loudly. “Are you wet for me, little one? Are you as desperately hungry as you were the other day?”

“No!” My word seemed breathless as well as a flat-out lie. I could feel my arousal increasing, my legs quivering from another round of sheer excitement building to the point of no return.

He laughed softly as he leaned over, pressing his lips from one side of my back to the other. “Lying to me isn’t in your best interest.”

“I’m not lying. This is…” I couldn’t even finish my words. Unwanted tears sprang to my eyes and I blinked several times in an effort to will them away. Why the hell was I crying? From the pain? I’d handled severe anguish before, the kind that would make most people lose their minds. This was nothing.

Except a beginning.

The thought morphed into visions of the beast taking me away from my home. I remained rigid as he slipped his fingers between my legs, teasing my already swollen folds then darting them just past.

“You are very wet, my beautiful one. I will take you soon. Very soon.” As he smacked me several additional times, taking his time to cover every inch of my buttocks, I managed to take my mind to other places, forgetting who I was or what was happening.

Then another series of visions crowded in, dragging me back to this very place only with the brute taking me in every hole. I was suddenly pulled into a sheer vacuum, the visions of his long and hard cock throbbing in front of me as I remained on my knees tantalizing as hell. No. No! This was absolutely insane. I wasn’t… that kind of girl.

The beast stopped again, kicking my legs further apart before thrusting his fingers inside my wet pussy. His guttural sounds and another roar indicated sheer joy.

I was disgusted yet turned on. I was angry yet riddled with another heated wave of desire.

He pumped his fingers several times then pulled out, slicing the piece of birch down six additional times.

“You are such a very bad girl.”

The sound of his voice drew me into a haze, as if his velvety tone had covered me with a warm blanket, protecting me from the elements. But there was no protection from a barbarian like him. I was his plaything. I was his…

My God, he would find me anywhere at any time. There was no getting away from him.

Because he is your destiny.

The words flowed in my mind as he swirled his finger around my clit, forcing me to pant several times. My body continued to betray me as a climax threatened to rear its ugly head. I couldn’t allow that to happen. I just couldn’t accept that I wanted him.

But I did.

A subtle yet telling series of purrs left my mouth, floating into the air.

As if I wanted this.

As if I’d craved something so rough.

When he smacked me four more times, this time across the tops of my thighs, something incredible happened. The blinding anguish turned into utter bliss. I was even more astounded at my body’s reaction. How could mind-bending anguish be considered pleasurable? Had he broken through some kind of barrier, enabling me to jump into an altered reality?

Every sound he made was nothing but that of his beast, an alpha tiger determined to break free. I was drawn so deeply into the moment that I was suffocating, my pussy clenching and releasing several times. I was embarrassed and furious with myself.

As he tossed the switch, I held my breath, my instincts kicking in.

The beast wasn’t finished.

Akuma let off a series of low and husky growls as he leaned over, blowing hot air down the length of my back. I could barely breathe or think, my mind completely foggy. The extreme heat radiating from his body was just as intense as the man himself and the touch of his fingers set off a firestorm dancing all throughout my muscles.

Every plunge of his fingers brought me closer to an orgasm. I couldn’t hold back. My breathing continued to remain shallow, the light dimming around us as I fell victim to the sheer joy of being pleasured.

“Do you want to come, little pet?” He asked the question with a darkness in his voice. When I didn’t answer right away, he used his hand to smack me three times across the bottom before pinching and twisting my clit. “When I ask you a question, you will answer me.”

Gasping, a series of curse words were ready to slip from my mouth but as he flexed his fingers open, pumping hard and fast, I hissed. “Yes. Yes. Yes!” The cawing of birds indicated they’d heard my response and it seemed they were reveling in my answer as the sound of their flapping wings all around us only added to the crazy and incredible fantasy.

His slow exhale was the only indication he’d heard me. He increased the speed, the force he used shoving me against the tree, my tummy scraping against the rough bark, but I didn’t care. I was far too lost in the extreme ecstasy rolling through me like a tidal wave.

All I could do was pant as my pussy clenched several times. Then I could no longer hold back a climax. As it rushed up from my toes, slamming into my body, I threw my head back and screamed. “Oh!”

He refused to stop, bringing me to a second orgasm, then another, all three melding together in the kind of pleasure that stole my breath. I was weak and trembling all over, uncertain of where I was or what was happening, stunned that I could let go with this horrible… dazzling beast. I laughed nervously as my body shook for a full minute. The second he removed his fingers, I shuddered vocally, my entire body heaving from the intense experience.

I managed to see him as I tipped my head over my shoulder and as he opened his mouth wide, his voluptuous lips wrapping around his fingers, all I could do was smile.

“Mmm…” His sucking sounds as he licked my cum off his fingers was filthy and amazing. He took his time, dragging his long tongue up and down every digit, holding his hand into the dim lighting as if checking to ensure he’d gotten every drop. When he lowered his head, smiling as he stared into my eyes, a series of tingles shot through every muscle and tendon.

“Now, I fuck you.”

Akuma’s voice was still commanding as he positioned himself behind me, grinding his hips and throbbing cock against my bruised buttocks. He slid the rough pads of his fingers across the small of my back, my skin prickling with every touch.

I reared up, darting a look over my shoulder into his enigmatic eyes. They seemed to be glowing, the irises shimmering in gold. I became lost in them as he gripped my hip, sliding his cockhead up and down my slickened pussy before pushing the tip just inside.

I shuddered, still reeling from the effects of the spanking, no longer attempting to get away.

Very slowly he slid the entire length of his cock inside, allowing my muscles to get used to the thick invasion. I gasped as my tight channel convulsed several times, drawing him in even deeper. The entire experience was nothing more than a fantasy, yet I knew this was just the beginning of what was to come.

With every guttural sound he made, he pumped his cock deep inside, his actions becoming more brutal with every thrust. I could no longer hold back the moans of ecstasy, the pleasure far too amazing.

“Tight. Hot. Wet.” His words didn’t seem human, more like the tiger clawing at the surface.

All I could do was whimper as the hard fucking continued, every cell in my body exploding from the increasing fire erupting from deep within. I was shoved back into the land of raw ecstasy, the beast pushing every boundary as the fucking continued for what seemed like a full hour.

Suddenly, another orgasm smashed into me. The electricity surging through me seemed to explode in a blazing series of fireworks. I couldn’t scream. Couldn’t think. Didn’t care about anything but what he was doing to me. I wasn’t certain how long the climax lasted, but when exhaustion forced me to slide over the log, fighting his strong hold, he slowed down, finally cradling his body over mine.

The feel of his massive body covering every inch was just as incredible as the savage fucking, strengthening the connection in some bizarre way.

“Do you know what happens to bad little girls who misbehave?” he asked, as if I was actually going to be able to answer.

“Um… No.”

He fisted my hair, lifting my head until he was able to nuzzle into my neck. A series of low and husky growls permeated into my ears as the vibration of his voice skittered through me. “They get fucked in the ass.” He raked his teeth down the side of my neck. They were so sharp, pricking my skin. When he bit down, I couldn’t hold back a scream.


Without hesitation, he jerked back, pressing his cock into the crack of my ass, finding my dark hole. I braced for the wretched round of anguish as he pushed his cockhead inside.

“Oh, fuck. Oh. Oh. Oh.” My muscles strained to accept his huge shaft, aching almost immediately. I was shaking all over, the anticipation he’d be a brutal monster almost too much to bear.

But Akuma was gentle, taking his time and sliding it in an inch at a time, his fingers caressing my skin, soothing my nerves.

Still, I clawed at the tree, my fingers white-knuckled as I tossed my head back and forth. I wasn’t certain I could take this. I couldn’t… I just… When he drove the last two inches inside, he held the stance, allowing me to get used to his extreme girth.

“Breathe, little one. Relax. This will feel so good,” he said breathlessly as he brushed his fingers down my back, shifting his hips back and forth until he was fully seated inside.

Relax. I wanted to scream at him, to curse him to the heavens above as my asshole throbbed, my muscles screaming at first. Tears slipped past my lashes, but not from extreme pain, merely from being taken like some kind of animal.

Maybe you are. Maybe you are a true beast.

My inner voice was nuts. I wasn’t a beast. I was a human woman with a vibrant life and so much to give and…

His mate.

The thought remained planted in the forefront of my mind as he pulled all the way out, slowly sliding inside once again. When he repeated the move, he thrust harder. Then again and much harder.

I sucked in my breath, wiggling as the agony began to shift into something else, just as the spanking had. Such pleasure that my nipples ached, longing to be plucked and twisted. Every inch of my body was fully aroused, hungry for more. Desperate for him to take me like the savage he was.

He seemed to sense my increasing desire, thrusting hard and fast, slamming his groin against my bruised ass. The sound was just as incredible and intense as his actions. For a few precious minutes, we were as one. One beast. One human.

One destiny.

There was no stopping him. He growled the entire time as he slammed his cock deep inside, my muscles spreading wide open in full acceptance of what he was doing to me. I realized I was making the same guttural and animalistic sounds, as if I’d lost my human side, turning into the same kind of primal beast that he’d been born into.

And a part of me loved every second of it, wanting more and more, thrusting my hips back in acceptance and a blatant invitation for him to take all of me.

Within seconds, the earth seemed to vibrate all around us, a thunderous noise occurring in the trees. Even the birds scattered away, their cries echoing in the denseness of the forest. I could tell he was close to coming. When he finally erupted, a heady warmth splashed all throughout my body as I trembled from the power he emitted.

Then he issued words that were haunting as well as terrifying.

“Now, you belong to me.”

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