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An Old-Fashioned Life by Jessica-Rose Heath – Extended Preview

Elicia ran up the stairs to the bedroom just as he had instructed. Her heart was banging with a strange mixture of nervousness and excitement for she knew that he was going to chastise her. Chastise! The word alone made her heart race with excitement. It was just like those e-book westerns she read… used to read. She couldn’t read them now, of course, but she remembered them all so well. In the still small hours of the night they had sent her imagination soaring.

“Maybelle, leave that kitchen work and go on up to the bedroom.”

“But Joe, why?”

“You know why, wife. Pastor Sinclair preached powerfully against gossip and yet what did I catch you doing? Why, gossiping with Ma Jenkins.”

“But Joe…”

“Bedroom, now. I want to deal with this before the boys come home.”

Maybelle Lewis fled up the stairs with a sob. She hadn’t been disciplined in quite a while. Surely, she was getting too old to be spanked. But, in her heart, she knew he was right. She had been gossiping but that didn’t make getting spanked any easier.

Maybelle ran straight to the corner of their bedroom and, lifting her skirts, undid the ties to her drawers, which promptly fell right down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and gathering the skirts of her dress in her hands, held them up around her waist. She stood in that uncomfortable position for what felt like an eternity before she heard Joe’s heavy tread on the stairs.

She heard him go to the dresser and guessed it was to retrieve her hairbrush. How many times before had the heavy wooden back of that hairbrush cracked down on her bottom? She stifled a little sob. She didn’t want to be spanked but knew she deserved it.

Passages like that had always set her heart racing, but now it was about to happen to her! It was quite exciting to actually experience what she’d read about so many times. But her excitement was cooled by the thought that being spanked hurt. Her brain told her that it must, of course, and she’d seen Claudia get spanked, but her books were truthful about that too. They were full of the wails and cries of the women getting spanked who mostly pleaded for it not to be too hard. Often the women had difficulty sitting down or at least sitting still. Such passages always sent a little thrill through her.

“Your father was very upset with me that I didn’t tell him about your first choice for college. Very upset indeed.” She shifted around on her seat uncomfortably and saw her daughter’s keen look. How embarrassing; her only daughter knew she had been spanked.

That was a real thought. Would Jessica know she had been spanked? Probably, because being honest with herself, it wasn’t exactly uncommon for a wife in this town and Jessica was one smart girl. Claudia would know too. Come to think of it, Matthew Carrick already knew so the rest of the servants would know shortly.

Elicia glanced across at her dressing table. She had several hairbrushes. One was a fancy silver-backed one that would never do for spanking. Another was a light one with a painted back that he would surely reject. The most likely one was the big heavy one with the plain wooden back. She’d bought it from Clifford’s Emporium to keep her long hair fine and glossy. Yes, that was the one he’d most likely use if it was to be a hairbrush. Since he’d never chastised her before, maybe he’d just use his hand.

His hand! Jack’s hand was large, work spread, and callused. Despite his current position in life he insisted on doing practical tasks. Her bottom was smooth, soft, and delicate. Being spanked with his hand would hurt. Of course it would hurt, why, she’d seen him in action, but… Jack would never do anything to really harm her. She had discovered just how kind, sensitive, and even gentle he was. A good man but with a strong sense of right and wrong and not a man to accept disobedience, disrespect, or rudeness from his wife.

Elicia sat on their bed waiting and thinking. Her mood continually fluctuated between eagerness and anxiety. Their marriage had surprised her. He had been tolerant and forbearing almost as if he sensed she was not what she appeared. Their marriage was young, it was true, but he had not disciplined her and that was unusual in this town. New wives often felt the smart of their husband’s hand on their rear end as they adjusted to marriage.

The door opened abruptly and Jack walked in. He frowned when he saw her sitting on the bed. “Why aren’t you in position?”

Elicia was bewildered. “What position do you mean?”

She saw the irritation on his face. Was that directed at her or at himself?

“I assumed it was something all women knew. Or at least all married women.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t know.”

He put out his hand to help her rise from the bed. “Very well, I’ll show you. Come to the corner. Now stand facing it and, in this position, you must lower your drawers and gather your dress up around your waist and then wait until I arrive.”

Elicia’s excitement burst out with, “Oh, so that’s real, not just made up in books! That’s truly awesome!” Jack looked in astonishment at her glowing face but already she was undoing the ties on her drawers. He waited until she was in the correct position and fetched her heavy wooden hairbrush from the dressing table. He sat on the bed and looked at his wife. Such lovely legs, he thought, and such a shapely rear end. She was amazingly attractive but she was due a good spanking and he would see that she got it.

He left her standing there for a good five minutes and then called her over. She looked at the hairbrush in his hand and pulled a face. “Oh, please, Jack. This is the first time you’ve had to do this. Please, can you just use your hand?”

“When you are being disciplined like this, you must call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Husband.’”


“Are you being disrespectful?”

“No, Jack, honestly I’m not. I just don’t understand.”

Jack stared at his wife, who once again was presenting a little puzzle. This was basic knowledge. Everyone knew that a wife in trouble had to show that respect. “It is to show that you respectfully submit to my authority as your husband. This is not the time for loving intimacy so you use more formal terms.”

Elicia processed this information and quelled the inner rebellion. She was a wife now, and anyway, she had been disobedient and therefore disrespectful. By the standards of this town and this age, that was a matter for discipline. She had reveled in the fictional spanking of wives; now it was time to experience it for real. Perhaps it really would do her some good; it always did in the books, and she knew that she wasn’t a good wife by local expectations.

“Thank you, husband. I understand now. So please, husband, will you just use your hand?”

“I plan to do just that but when I have spanked you I intend to give you half a dozen with the hairbrush as a warning against further disrespect. Now, wife, you will come over my lap and I shall correct your disobedience.”

Elicia found that placing herself over Jack’s knees was an awkward experience, especially trying to hold the skirts of her dress up at the same time. Her husband assisted her and soon she was lying with her head and upper body on the bed, her feet dangling down to just touch the floor, and her bare bottom perfectly placed in the center of his lap. Then the spanking began: Jack’s hard hand smacked down on the right cheek of her bottom and Elicia yelped shrilly. She simply couldn’t believe how much it hurt. There was a fiery sting that immediately turned to heat but before she could react further, his hand smacked down on her left cheek. “Yeow! Jack, please, not so hard. That hurts.”

She could hear the disbelief in his voice. “Of course it hurts, woman! It’s meant to. I am punishing you. Lord, I told you not to go out riding without me. Right back when you asked me to help you with riding, I warned you that there would be consequences for disobedience, and I wasn’t your husband then. Your rear end is going to smart by the time I’ve finished.”

With that his hand smacked down hard again on her right cheek and back onto the left. The shrill yelps they produced merged with the speed of his hand. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Elicia couldn’t believe how much Jack’s hand hurt. The soft, delicate skin of her bottom turned to one vast stinging heat so quickly that she simply couldn’t keep still. She wriggled and began kicking her legs in a vain attempt to ease the smarting. With a shock she recognized that reaction from her old e-books.

Jack paused for a moment and she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the spanking was over. It wasn’t. Jack simply began to scold her. “It’s not just the disobedience, Mrs. Phillips, or the disrespect that shows. Oh, yes, I know Mr. Carrick tried to warn you. There is also the danger you put yourself in. Starlight is placid enough but suppose a dog or a small boy or something had spooked her. You are not experienced enough…” Jack suddenly stopped, realizing how odd it was to say that. To cover his confusion, he began spanking again: good solid smacks but just to her right cheek. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Elicia’s yelps turned to high-pitched squeals as the burning sting grew exponentially.

“Jack, no, please…” but she was ignored as his hand just spanked that one cheek over and over again while her legs kicked and her squeals became deafening. Abruptly his hand switched to spanking her left. The smacks rained down ruthlessly and Elicia’s free hand at last shot round to protect her bottom. She had tried to be a good wife and take her punishment but her bottom was on fire. Jack was unfazed. He simply grabbed her hand and held it firmly against her back, barely interrupting the rhythm of the spanking.

When he’d turned her left cheek into the same ferociously angry red of the right, he paused just for a second and then began spanking his wife’s bottom randomly. Elicia’s squeals, squeaks, and yelps turned to tears as suddenly the spanking became too much. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I’ll never ride on my own again. Not until you say I can. I promise.”

“Good. I’m relieved to hear it. You’re too stubborn for your own good. Now you have six with the hairbrush to come. This whole spanking should have been with the hairbrush. I have no idea why I am being so lenient. However, my generous six is what you’ll get. Now you may count them as I spank if you wish.”

Elicia tensed. She’d seen the hairbrush in action on Claudia’s bottom. “Please,” she wailed, “not too hard. I’m really sorry.”

“Good, and so you should be.”

Smack! The hairbrush had cracked down on the right cheek of Elicia’s bottom. Her head shot up and she screeched at the shock of how much more it stung. “Jack! It hurts!”

“Falling from your horse could be a lot worse.” Smack! Her husband brought the back of the brush down smartly on the fiery red of her left cheek.

“Jack!” she squealed. “Please, no more.”

There was no reply but just another sharp smack as the brush spanked her right cheek again. Elicia’s howl was so shrill Jack felt his ears ring. Smack! Smack! Smack! Elicia wailed at each smack, her bottom already sore from the spanking and now made sharply sorer by the hairbrush. As soon as her spanking ended she burst into tears. Jack helped her to rise and disentangled her drawers from around her ankles. He then took her in his arms and she cuddled into him, wanting his comfort.

“I’m truly sorry for upsetting you, Jack.” Her words were not always clear because she was crying. “I just have to battle my fear of the horse. I have to face it but I’ll not disobey you again, I promise.”

“That’s good. I will make more time to take you out. Marriage isn’t just an adjustment for you, it means big changes for me too, but you clearly need this help more than I thought.”

A thought, perhaps more a memory, drifted into Elicia’s head. It was unwanted but once lodged was insistent she give it attention. In her beloved e-books the chastised women often had to stand in a corner, their bottoms bared to reveal the heat of their spanking. The books made clear it wasn’t cruelty but a time to calm down and reflect on why they had been spanked. She had to ask. “Jack, do I have to stand in the corner now?”

“By rights I guess you should but you’ve really taken your discipline to heart. This time I’ll let it go. I never make Claudia do it anyhow. I guess I should do that. I don’t think I’m much of a disciplinarian.”

Since Elicia’s bottom was burning furiously from her spanking, she looked at him, amazed. “Oh, Jack, trust me, you are disciplinarian enough for me!”

Jack had to go. With so many business interests he was often busy. Elicia washed her face and brushed her hair and then had to face the household. Mrs. McConnell was far too discreet to give any hint she knew anything and must have schooled the others to be the same. Claudia, however, was direct. “Did you get spanked?”

“Yes, I was disobedient and Jack punished me for it. He was worried about me because I went riding on my own.”

Claudia gave her a long hard hug and was still hugging her when Jessica came in. No one wanted Jessica to know exactly what had happened but it was hard to conceal the fact that Elicia had been crying. Luckily Jessica misread what had happened. “Did Uncle Jack do what Mr. Reddick does all the time?”

Elicia hesitated, not being really sure what Mr. Reddick did. “Well… he was cross with me for going riding on my own.”

“He shouted at you, didn’t he? Mr. Reddick shouts all the time. It made me cry too. I’m cross with Uncle Jack.”

“Oh, please don’t be. You know, I deserved it because I was very disobedient and disrespectful.”

As Jack went about his business, his mind was partly on the puzzle that was his wife. She was so vastly different to the poisonous snake that had been Ruth Leyton, but there was more. Judge Leyton, Ruth’s father, was noted for being a heavy-handed disciplinarian. A brilliant judge, he was in many ways a tyrant in his own home. Jack had heard the stories. His wife and only daughter had been regularly and soundly chastised. Yet today his lovely wife had acted as if she had never been disciplined before. She didn’t know how to conduct herself and the really quite moderate spanking had been received as if it were a thrashing.

Then there was the riding itself. Elicia should have easily taken to riding again. Before the accident she’d been a brilliant horsewoman. Those skills and instincts couldn’t just disappear because of a spill in the river… could they? So many things were off: the way she couldn’t walk when he’d found her; the foul language; her concern for others. The old Ruth had never shown any concern for anyone. Surely a collapsing bridge couldn’t bring all that about. Then there was the marriage bed. Poisonous Ruth Leyton was very stiff and starchy but with her Elicia name she was anything but. Elicia was a truly passionate woman and… he mentally paused. More than passionate, she was loving and giving in their marital bed. Jack stopped what he was doing. He could see an answer to this whole conundrum but it was just too fantastical for words. He shook his head. No, that was nonsense! Perhaps he had just misjudged the old Ruth Leyton.

Jack was busy all the rest of the day and when he got home he felt guilty. It was obvious Jessica was not pleased with him because Elicia had been in trouble. Natural enough, given she saw Elicia as her savior and adored her. What surprised him was that Claudia, his own niece, and the servants were also rather stiff with him. Good Lord, a man had to discipline his wife from time to time. He’d hardly been severe! He knew that they all loved Elicia. Now there was another strange thing. Ruth Leyton had been loved by no one.

By bedtime Jack felt quite hurt. He had merely done his duty as a husband. Now he supposed Elicia would turn her back on him this night. There would be no lovemaking for him. Well, so be it. He’d done his duty, no more than that. He got into bed hurt and angry and immediately turned his back to his wife. In the dimmed light of their bedroom he felt the softness of his wife’s body snuggle against his back. An arm wrapped itself around him and a little voice whispered, “Am I still in disgrace?”

“No, of course not,” he whispered back. “I thought I was. Claudia and the servants have all made their feelings plain. Even Jessica has picked up you have been in trouble with me.”

“Oh, they’re all being silly. I told them I deserved it. I bet Mr. Carrick agrees with that. He looked most disapproving when I rode out. Now aren’t you going to make love to me? You’re usually very keen.”

Jack turned over and the couple lay facing each other. He kissed her gently. “Thank you, Elicia. I thought you were upset with me.”

“Silly man. I didn’t like being punished but you were in the right. Now let me feel your shaft… mmm, he’s growing stiffer by the second. I don’t think you should deprive him of some action. Do you?”

Jack burst out laughing. “Lord, wife, you constantly surprise me. Well, you know you’ve been disciplined today. Perhaps you’re too sore for me to give him some action.”

Elicia laughed ruefully. “My bottom is sore, husband, that’s true. Yet there are parts of me that rather like having to submit to my big strong husband.”

“Oh, I think I can solve that problem. Would you like to try something we’ve not done?”

“Yes,” she whispered and kissed him. A wave of quite shocking desire pulsed through her. Elicia’s bottom wasn’t as sore as she made out. It now had a strangely erotic warmth that inflamed her desire in a quite indecent way. She wanted to be submissive to him. For him to take her whatever way pleased him and satisfied the needs they both had. He made her kneel on the bed with her hands supporting her but with her head down low. Elicia suddenly understood what would happen and the need to submit grew stronger. She lowered her head and pushed her bottom up while moving her knees wider apart.

She felt she should be ashamed but didn’t. She simply felt very excited and eager for him to have her…. to be in her. She felt his stiff manhood on her bottom and parted herself even more to give him access. Jack began pushing slowly into her. Elicia gasped at the intensity of the pleasure it gave her. He was hard and large inside her and his body rubbed up against the soreness of her bottom in a delicious pleasure-pain. He began pushing in and out very slowly while leaning over, holding her breasts and playing with her nipples.

An intense excitement went through her that was almost painful and she cried out as her whole body felt as if it convulsed. Jack gave no sign he had noticed but carried on pushing in and out of her while gently pleasuring her breasts. Elicia felt the excitement building up in her again, but slowly this time. It grew steadily greater until suddenly it exploded in her. She screamed while convulsing and writhing with its intensity. Jack paused and began nuzzling her neck softly, sometimes nipping her ears gently.

After a while he began to push in and out again but this time harder and faster. The power of his thrusts and the hardness of his shaft built the intense excitement inside her once again. Then suddenly her excitement coincided with his and he was spurting his seed into her as she screamed out louder than ever before. Elicia collapsed down onto the bed and Jack went with her. They turned into each other and held tight.

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