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Anna’s Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

“In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m what’s known as an ‘old school’ type person. Do you know what that means?”

“Um… you went to school a long time ago?” she said slowly, not having a clue what he was talking about.

He chuckled. She smiled and ran her hands down his long firm legs. Despite her current position, she couldn’t help but feel good. He was a nice man, his body was most delightful, and he was kind and compassionate.

“Gee, am I really so old?” he said with a snicker.

“I… ah, I don’t know what to say? After all, you are older than me, but…”

“Oh? You intrigue me, Anna, what’s your qualifying statement?”

“What’s that mean?” she replied, twisted around so she could look up at him.

He laughed harder. “Oh, you young people today. What I mean is: what makes you feel I’m not old?”

“Ohhh. Well, it’s a couple things. You sure are fit and firm, and you’re not so grumpy like some older guys are.”

“I see. Well, I thank you for the compliments. Anyway, ‘old school’ means I follow the old-style kind of rules, especially when it comes to how I live, and how I treat my woman.”

“How you… treat her? So, that’s me, right?” she said, feeling a little nervous about their future.

“Exactly. I hold the door, walk on the pavement side of the sidewalk, pull out chairs, and in general treat a woman like a lady when she deserves it.”

“Wow,” she said slowly.

He softly chuckled again. “I take that as another compliment. However, that also means I discipline a young lady when she’s naughty.”

“D-Discipline? So, you’ll… punish me more in the future?” she stammered.

“If you deserve it, but always in a manner appropriate to the offense,” he explained.

Her brow wrinkled. “Huh? Ohhh, wait, I get it, it’s like my dad used to say: ‘Let the punishment fit the crime.’ Is that it?”

“Exactly,” he said, patting her firm butt. “And now I think it’s time for you to truly ‘get it.’ Prepare yourself.”

She cringed and bit her lip. “Yes, sir,” she said softly.

His hand left her behind, she stiffened, her butt becoming rock hard, and she grit her teeth. Smack—his hand landed. She shivered and let out a small yip. It hadn’t been too bad, definitely not as severe as the paddlings she’d gotten in the past. His hand lingered for a moment and a slight grin crept across her face.

His hand felt soooo good!

Swat, smack, spank—he peppered her with a series of firm swats.

“Eeep, oop, oh,” she yelped. She did a double take as she heard laughing and his lovely supple hand again came to rest on her pert bottom. “What’s so funny?”

“I’m sorry, sweetie, I didn’t mean to laugh or make you feel embarrassed, but it’s just your little… sound effects. They’re not what I was expecting.”

She blushed. “Oh. Ah. Well, you see, I’m used to the paddle, and your hand is so nice. I mean, no, it’s not nice! Yes, you have wonderful hands, but not when they’re spanking me.”

He laughed harder. “Anna, it’s okay, I understa—wait a minute, your old boyfriends didn’t just paddle you, they were… severe?”

“Um… yeah. I hated it, but, well, my parents taught me to accept my punishments when they’re called for.”

“Ah, very noble. However, being mature enough to accept discipline is one thing, letting some guy walk all over you is quite another. Anna, under no circumstances are you to allow some guy—even me—to beat you! So, we’ll continue.”

With that, he resumed the spanking, and Anna tried to consider his words. Was there a difference between a punishment and a beating? Her mind oscillated between pain and clarity; his hand was relentless, swatting and smacking her poor ass over and over. It soon became clear that Ryan had quite the routine: alternate cheeks for a while, then focus on the center, and then shift down to her sit spots. Her mild yelps and squeaks eventually became loud squeals, and then he stopped.

She heaved a contented sigh. That wasn’t too bad.

He eased her up to stand next to him. “Okay, now on to part two.”

“Wha-what? Wait, there’s more?” she gasped, her eyebrows going up, and then she looked down at she felt his hands at her waist. Her jaw dropped. He was undoing her belt and pants. “Ryan, what are you doing?”

“What, have you never been spanked on your panties?” he said casually.

“I, um… well…” she stammered. “No.”

“Well, you’re about to.”

She jumped as her pants hit the floor, and her hands instinctively went to cover herself. He chuckled. She blushed, and then her head went up in flames when he eased her back down across his lap. The fronts of her thighs rubbed against the denim of his jeans. It felt especially nice! His left hand came to rest on the small of her back, his right lightly brushed the back of her right thigh, and then she felt a tug at the edge of her panties.

“Really, Anna, old-fashioned granny panties?” he said.

“I… um, prefer them,” she lied.

Truth be told, she longed to wear some sexy little lace thong or fancy panties with an intricate pattern to them, but she’d never had the nerve. Pretty much all of her boyfriends had laughed at her reluctance and embarrassment. After all, they’d be covered by clothes. Yet, she couldn’t get past the idea of it being too revealing. It was kind of a contradiction due to the fact that she did wear pants with all kinds of tears to them. Of course, she was always careful to only wear ones that had rips at the legs. She didn’t mind showing them off.

“Now, why would you prefer such plain panties?” Ryan said warmly. “This little fanny is so round, so firm, and so damn perfect it should be on the cover of a magazine! Wait, that’s not the right way to say it. Ah, I know, an artist should immortalize it.”

“An artist?” she repeated in surprise. “You mean, like in a painting?”

“Yeah, there you go. If I had a portrait of this gorgeous behind, I’d hang it over my fireplace. Well, well, Anna, you are quite the tattooed lady.”

“Oh… ah… yeah, I do have a couple,” she said meekly.

“A couple? Let’s see, I saw a dove on the front of your right thigh, an eagle on the left, and now I see a full-color rose on the back of your right thigh, a very intricate spider’s web on back of the left, and my sharp eyes detect a couple more under your panties.”

“Yeah, they’re my two latest; they’re a—”

“No-no, no spoilers,” he said quickly. “We’ll get to them in part three. Now, here we go.”

Anna braced herself for the impact of his lovely hand, and then her jaw dropped and she gasped. He hadn’t landed a smack. She’d just processed what his last words were, extrapolated from what she already knew, and came to a shocking conclusion. He was going to finish the punishment with a bare bottom spanking. Never in her life had anyone done that to her. In the past, with her previous boyfriends, it was always the same: she bent over for a good dose of the paddle, strap, or hairbrush. Yet, those had been over her clothes.

She was brought back to the here and now following a series of very firm smacks to her behind. Once again, Ryan was making it clear how good a spanker he was. His hand danced from one cheek to the other, got her sit spots, and then went round and round until every square inch of her delicate bottom was enflamed. Now the sting was truly building.

“Ouch! Oh! Ow! Ryan, please slow down,” she begged.

“Young lady, you don’t decide how I spank you,” he scolded. “This is a punishment spanking, not… well, we’ll discuss that later.”

“Huh? I mean, I’m sorry, sir, ouch! I understand, and I accept—ow—whatever you think is best.”

“That’s my girl,” he beamed with pride.

She actually smiled, then yelped anew as he again added heat to her tender ass. The sting went deep into her flesh, and she fought the urge to throw back her hands to block. Her old boyfriends tended to crack her knuckles with the paddle or whatever implement they were using on her. Reaching down, she grabbed the legs of the chair as hard as she could, and howled as fire consumed her behind.

And then it stopped.

She took a deep cleansing breath and tried to calm her body, and then she stiffened at his words.

“Raise your hips,” he said simply.

“Ah… ah… ah…” she choked out, as she knew what he had planned, and yet she still complied.

His fingers gripped the waistband of her panties. She sucked in a deep lungful of air. Her panties slid down across her tender right cheek. The cool air tickled her hot skin. The elastic was stretched tight across her sore behind and she winced, and then shivered when he took ahold of the left side. The process repeated. She squirmed at the waistband being super snug under her ass; it gave her cheeks quite the lift. His hand went back to the right side. Slowly her panties were lowered to mid-thigh, and then they drifted to her knees of their own accord. She could feel the delicate fabric tickle her skin as the garment made its gentle journey.

Her bottom was bare and he could see everything.

Her entire body froze, for a brief instant her sizzling cheeks turned to ice. His hand was gently cupping her right cheek. He chuckled, she shivered in embarrassment.

“Well, well, well, now I see your final tats,” he said. “Huh, tiger on right cheek and… what is that on the left, some kind of bird? Ah, I know, it’s a crane. Oh, I get it; it’s a reference to that fight technique: the tiger crane. Isn’t that part of Kung Fu?”

Her jaw dropped in shock. “Whoa, you know about that?”

“Well, I’m no expert, but I heard it used in a movie or something. Why’d you get it? Hoping to inspire yourself to be strong? Yet, why put it on your… well, out of sight? Ah, you lack confidence.”

“I do not,” she snapped, then cringed. “I mean… Holy crap! How’d you know?”

“Well, one thing I do know is that it’s a defensive technique. So, it’s clear you’re looking to motivate yourself to stand up for yourself. However, not only do you put it where you can’t see it and gain enthusiasm, you put it completely out of the way, out of sight, and on a portion of your anatomy that’s typically viewed in a—shall we say—negative light?”

The waves of pure humiliation that rippled through her body were so strong she barely felt the first couple of smacks as he resumed the spanking. He was right; he was so very right about her. It was as if the man was tied in with her brain. Then came the sting, the heat, the ache to her cheeks, and bolts of electricity shooting to her brain. His bare skin was touching her bare skin; the delicate skin of her ass. Her eyes grew cloudy. She blinked, unsure what was going on, and then realized she was crying.

Crying? I’m crying. How can that be?

It was a valid question. Over the years, despite all the paddlings she’d gotten from her various boyfriends, she’d never cried from any of them. So, why now; what was different this time? If she was able to think through the pain, she’d contemplate that question, but for now there was just pain, punishment, and the steady increase to the flow of tears from her eyes. A muffled voice seemed to be calling to her, but it was so distant and disjointed that she couldn’t make out what was being said.

“Anna, I asked you a question,” Ryan said sternly.

She blinked, her hands wiping her eyes, and she twisted around a bit to look up at him. “I’m sorry, I was… distracted.”

He tsked softly. “Really, distracted? Now that’s original. I’m asking you a simple question and I want a straight answer: have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes, sir, yes, I truly have,” she choked out.

She swallowed hard, unsure if he believed her as she couldn’t read his facial expression. Then his eyes softened, they had a distinct twinkle to them, and a small smile crossed his face. The stress in her body eased and she relaxed, and then let out a little squeak of embarrassment as he lifted her to stand next to him. Her first instinct was to cover her… herself, but she kept her arms pinned to her sides. She knew the drill, at least based on previous boyfriends. Most of them took delight in laughing at her.

He looked up at her, the love very clearly written across his face. “Then we’re done. So, why don’t you go stand in the corner for a few minutes? I’ll get things ready for the next step in our relationship.”

“Corner? You want me to stand in the corner like… like some naughty child?” she gasped, totally shocked at his words.

“Yes,” he said firmly, his face becoming stern. “You got a problem with that?”

She cringed. “I… um, no, sir. Yes, sir, I’m going.”

Walking wasn’t possible, given her pants and panties bundled down around her lower legs, and so she just sort of shuffled over there. Her hands slid back to cup and massage her poor tender cheeks.

“Anna, no rubbing without permission,” he ordered.

“Eeep! Yes, sir,” she stammered, yanking her hands away.

“On top of your head, interlace your fingers, keep them there,” he ordered.

Whoa, he’s good! “Yes, sir.”

She did as he said, even as she also heard him moving around the room. Chewing her lip, she wiggled her toes inside her shoes as she wondered what he was doing. Yet, she didn’t dare turn her head, even a little bit to steal a glance at his actions. The throbbing of her ass was enough incentive to keep her eyes glued to the wall in front of her. Anna blinked and inhaled deeply as she began to feel another pulse within her body, and it was not coming from her tender red cheeks. It took a moment for her to sort out the new sensations coursing through her. She was sweating and out of breath, trembling from the powerful adrenaline rush surging through every part of her being.

What the hell is going on with my body? I’ve been punished plenty of times, I’ve never felt like… like jumping someone’s bones five minutes later!

Her heart pounded in her chest, she was almost certain her breasts were swaying in sync with it, and the sexual fire between her legs kept getting stronger. She licked her lips as her blood pounded in her ears so loudly it was like a drum solo at some night club. A sudden thrust to her pussy sent her up on her tiptoes. Had Ryan taken her from behind? She cast her eyes to the side ever so slightly. No, he was still over at the bed.

Then what the hell was that?

Her mind was unable to consider the question further. Her body wouldn’t let her. She squirmed, her thighs trembling as dampness grew between her legs, and the pulses and pushes inside her became stronger and faster. The bed creaked behind her, and her mind cleared slightly.

“All right, Anna, you can leave the corner and come to me,” he said.

She turned and took a long deep breath. He was in bed and obviously naked. His clothes were scattered across the floor. It was also clear that he was sporting a massive erection.

“Oh, my,” she choked out in a whisper.

She tried to take a step and almost did a face plant. There was the matter of her clothes encircling her ankles. She promptly undressed, and in record time.

Ryan laughed. “Goodness, girl, you almost shredded your clothes. Anxious, are you?”

“I… I don’t know,” she stammered.

“It’s okay, let it go, and just get over here,” he said with a grin.

She just about leapt to the bed in a single bound like a gazelle escaping a hungry lion. The sheet flew aside, their arms and legs entangled, and their lips met. She drank him in like a fine wine; his aroma was better than summer flowers, and his touch gentle yet firm. His hands seemed to move like greased lightning, and yet he lingered at just the right places for the perfect amount of time to tease her body into reacting. No other man had ever touched her like that. All of her previous boyfriends seemed to treat her body as if it was a lump of bread dough that needed to be squeezed and pounded into shape.

Ryan knew his way around the female body.

His hands cupped and caressed her breasts, his fingers slid up and down her sides, lightly tickling her ribs, and then he gently held her face in both hands. She positively melted. His hands, so firm and strong, so capable of delivering a stinging smack to her behind, were also more than able to give pleasure and kindness. His touch was light, but also supportive; she felt as if she could just rest her head within his fingers and palms. She was atop him, straddling his rippling muscular body. It was a new sensation for her. Another feature of her previous boyfriends was their desire to always be on top. Now she sat upon his massive loins, his long hard cock sliding easily into her moist and engorged pussy.

Her eyes closed and she moaned at his first gentle thrust. “Ohhh, Ryan, sooo good!”

He chuckled. “Sounds as if you are quite ready to get it on, as we used to say. Not interested in foreplay?”

“It’s overrated,” she spat, and then lightly shook her head.

What had she just said? She sounded like any of her previous boyfriends. Once again Ryan showed how different he was from them. They were always focused on one thing: their pleasure, their climax. As for her desires, her bliss—that was pushed aside as being unimportant. It was something she had simply gotten used to. Not tonight, not now. No, Ryan was showing her the difference being sex and truly making love.

“Patience, my sweet,” he said with a smile. “All good things come to those who wait.”

“Ryan, pleeeease, I can’t… I can’t wait! Come on, give it to me,” she begged.

“Anna, it’s easy to get undressed and merely have sex,” he explained. “To open your heart and soul to someone, to let them see into your spirit, your thoughts, into your hopes and fears—that is to truly be naked and experience pure intimacy.”

Her heart seemed to burst within her chest and she almost wept. She managed to blink away the renewed tears as she gazed down at him. “Damn, you’re a true poet!”

“I have my moments,” he replied with a wink. “Now, let’s step this up a notch.”

His hands went to her waist, holding her firmly yet not too tight. He guided her movements as she continued to ride his massive and firm penis, the fire within her growing with each passing moment. She moaned, her internal fire feeding the flames of her passion, her mind soaring to new heights of total bliss. As she tried to speed up, he kept her motions in sync with his, his cock raking her clit and thrusting to her g-spot. Her jaw dropped as her eyes popped open. In her whole life, in every sexual encounter, her climaxes had been—to put it mildly—lackluster. Those men had always been concerned about one thing: their pleasure.

Ryan clearly was not like them.

Her head flopped forward and she smiled. He was looking up at her, grinning, and he helped and guided her toward their mutual delight. Then she gasped. His hands had snaked around and down to grab her throbbing cheeks. She squealed and shot higher, and yet there was something else: pleasure. A bolt of pure sexual bliss surged from her tender tush straight to her pussy, and completely electrified it. Ryan was careful. His grip was firm, but not hard. Somehow, and she had no idea how, he seemed to know the rate at which her glutes were pulsating with pain, and he knew just when to give them a proper squeeze to turn that ouch into orgasm.

“Ryan, I… I… I…” she wailed.

He groaned in pleasure. “Ohhh, nearly there, are we, my little one?”

“Yes! Going to… going to…”

“No! Not yet,” he ordered. “Come on; hold on, just one… ohhh… minute… more.”

Her heart pounded so hard she could barely hear anything other than it surging through her ears; her body shook and shuddered as sweat dripped and mingled with the juices dripping from her pussy, and she tried to command her body to wait. Somehow, she had no idea how, she did it. Seconds became hours; time and their actions slowed. It was as if they were making love underwater. It felt good! Her body was immersed and cooling down. They were together, outside of time and space, and all they knew was each other’s body.

In an instant, things changed. Like a geyser erupting and sending a stream high into the air, she was shot into orbit. Ryan had grabbed her sore behind in both hands at the same instant he came. His hot cum filled her, and paired with the pleasurable pain in her ass, she came. A deep primordial scream echoed around her, and it took a moment to realize it was coming from her. She was lost in a sea of pleasure and once more time stopped. All she knew was bliss and it seemed to go on forever.

Anna sighed contently and smiled. Her bed was so warm and firm and it seemed to be floating as she gently rose and fell atop it. She chewed her lip. How could her bed be doing that, and why were her sheets so itchy? Her eyes opened and she softly giggled. She was lying on top of Ryan. He was asleep with his arms wrapped around her, and his chest hairs were tickling her face. Another happy sigh escaped her lips. This arrangement was very nice! Previous guys had tended to have sex, roll away from her, and go to sleep. Ryan was once more showing he was a true man. She smiled again and wrapped her arms around as much of his massive chest as she could reach.

Ah, now this is how to spend the night with a man! I could learn to like this.

She settled down, closed her eyes, and was more than happy to sleep through the night. After all, it wasn’t as if Ryan would wake up anytime soon and want more sex.

Anna had a lot to learn about just what sort of man he was.

It seemed only a moment later that his fingers lightly brushed her face. Her nose wiggled, she squirmed and opened her eyes. She smiled. His warm happy face was before her.

“So, ready for round two, my sweet?”

Her brow wrinkled. “Huh, what are you—? Oh!”

She got her answer before the question was fully out of her mouth when his hard cock began to tease her clit.

He chuckled as his grip tightened like a snake squeezing its prey. “Ah, now that’s the expression I was looking for.”

“Ohhh,” she moaned as he easily slid inside her. “Ryan, I… ohhh… wait a sec—oh!”

She cried out as he grabbed her tender tush in both of his great hands. Stars danced before her eyes as she arched her back and he started to rock in and out of her. Her mouth refused to work, even as she was unsure what she wanted to say. Part of her wanted him to stop, but most of her wanted more and more. In fact, her body craved every action he was doing to her. Actually, to say her mouth was inactive wasn’t entirely true.

She could still kiss, and so she did.

Their lips came together. She drank in his firm kisses as he rocked and thrust his hard cock deep inside her. Her hands trembled as she tried to embrace him, but felt her body drained of its strength. Ryan was not so afflicted. His powerful arms wrapped about her, played up and down her body, and all the sensations drove her wild with fiery passion.

She came twice before he did and was asleep before she knew it.

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