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Assigned a Daddy by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Assigned a DaddyDarla cried all the way home, pleading with him not to put her in diapers, but Mike could tell from her tears that the punishment would be very effective indeed. He had felt some skepticism when he read the part in the Selecta training manual about diaper discipline, but he could already see that it would work for his little girl. Mike didn’t like making her cry, of course, but judging from her reaction the day before about him watching her pee, and now at the thought of having her pussy bared and then covered up in a diaper instead of panties, he could tell that the training manual had it right.

Giving up control of her toileting is an essential part of any offender’s naughty-girl program. The correctional officer must be decisive and strict. Begin by telling your naughty girl that she must request permission to go to the bathroom, and find a way to verify that she has not gone there without permission. At home, watch her urinate, and make it clear that you have the right to see that she takes good care of her diaper area, wiping her there yourself if you think it appropriate. Be prepared to mete out diaper discipline if she violates any of your rules in this regard: shave her pubic hair to make her feel more keenly that you have withdrawn her adult privileges, and put her in diapers for at least a night and most of a day, requiring her to wet her diaper and be changed by you at least twice. You’ll find that your diaper girl learns very quickly to pay closer attention to your instructions. If you’re satisfied with her conduct at that point, don’t hesitate to reward her sexually: diaper girls often need to understand just how strongly their erotic feelings are tied to the right man’s control of their most basic bodily functions.

When they reached Mike’s house, only a five-minute drive from Darla’s car dealership, she turned to him one last time. “Please, daddy,” she said, her eyes bright with tears. “Please, no diapers. Please, just… just take away… you know, my hair down there? I promise I’ll text and make the videos tomorrow.”

“Darla, sweetheart,” he replied slowly and steadily. “I have to make it clear to you just how serious a matter this is. I need to treat you like a little girl until I see that you can behave with obedience and respect the way a law-abiding grownup woman does. Don’t make me spank you, too, for trying to get out of your discipline. Get into the house and go to your room. Take off all your clothes and wait for me to call you to come to the bathroom for your bath.”

She made an adorable, heart-rending boo-boo face, and then turned away, unbuckled her seatbelt, and began to climb out of the car.

Ten minutes later, Mike knocked on her door, and opened it to find her naked, her hands clasped in front of her pussy, her delightful little nipples standing up on the tiny, pert handfuls of her breasts. He had to concentrate hard on the matter at hand to resist taking the little peaches into his own hands. The urge to give Darla a sexual reward just for stripping naked as instructed rose a little higher and, yes, harder than he had anticipated.

But instead he said gruffly, “We’ll start by clipping your hair down there with scissors. Then we’ll put you in a warm bath to make your pussy easier to shave. You’ll lie on a towel while I get you nice and smooth.”

“And then?” Darla asked, her voice a little hopeful.

“Then the diaper, sweetheart.”

The boo-boo face returned, and a tear trickled down her cheek, but the threat of a spanking seemed to have ensured a little obedience. She preceded him down the hall to the bathroom, where he had laid out two thicknesses of fluffy white towels, as well as bringing a low stool for himself. Steam from the bath rose into the air and fogged the mirror in the white-and-green tiled room.

“Lie down and spread your knees nice and wide, sweetheart,” Mike said. He picked up the scissors from the vanity counter.

“Like this, daddy?” Darla asked meekly, lying down and separating her feet.

“Nope. Lift your knees up and take them in your hands. Show me everything.” In Darla’s face, Mike saw the extremity of the embarrassment she felt at assuming the humiliatingly exposed position, in which Mike had his best view yet of her pussy’s sweet pink secrets and the little rose of her anus, still lightly covered by her brown grownup curls.

Not for long.

“Can this be my inspection for tonight, too, daddy?” Darla asked in a sweeter tone than she had yet used that evening. This form of discipline really did seem to have a very salutary effect on her, Mike reflected.

“You’re forgetting that I’m going to change your diaper later, sweetheart. That’ll be your inspection.” Mike didn’t think she’d actually forgotten, on reflection: she seemed still to be hoping that if she were extra-obedient for the baring, maybe he would relent about the diaper. If so, she had another think coming, because Mike’s hard cock had long since decided that putting Darla in a diaper needed to happen tonight, and the reward tomorrow.

He sat on the low stool, bent down to take the first tuft of her pubic hair in the fingers of his left hand, then carefully cut it off low down, near her skin. Darla gave a little whimper at the feeling.

“Have you ever thought about shaving yourself down here, sweetheart?” Mike asked as he continued to another tuft.

“Y-yes?” Darla confessed. “I mean, doesn’t everyone think about that?”

“I’m not sure,” Mike said. “I guess a lot of girls do, anyway. The right man for you might well have you shave or wax regularly for him.” Darla didn’t really have a great deal of hair on her pussy, so the job was going very quickly; Mike started to trim the few hairs around her anus now. Darla made a startled, embarrassed kind of noise that made Mike’s cock even stiffer. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that he had begun to smell a musky scent alongside the soapy smells from the tub.

“Waxing!” Darla said, with a shiver, as if trying to cover her reaction to Mike’s touch around her rosy little bottom-hole. “Why, daddy?”

“Why waxing?”

“Why does the right man want me not to have any hair there?”

“Go ahead and get into the tub, now, sweetheart,” Mike said.

“Okay, daddy,” Darla replied, beginning to get up from the floor.

As she stepped into the tub, her pussy already looking deliciously bare and innocent, Mike reflected, “Because the kind of man who can take you in hand likes to know that he gets to say whether you can cover your pussy. When he takes your panties down to have big-girl time with you in your bed, he likes to see that you look the way he decided you should, in the place where he puts his cock to enjoy himself.”

A shiver seemed to go through Darla at that, despite the warmth of the tub. Mike noticed that her hand seemed to have drifted down between her legs. He decided to pretend she wasn’t contemplating mischief, though he felt quite sure his little description of the way the right man would fuck her had stirred some rather intense sensations down there.

“Isn’t that…” Darla swallowed hard. Mike watched her try to figure out what to say next, as if at a loss at how she could protest against the arousal she clearly felt when he talked about her submissive sexual future. He took a washcloth, then, and without any preliminaries to the peremptory act, he tugged her naughty hand out of the way and began to soap his little girl between her legs.

“Oh, daddy, please,” she sighed, blushing. When Mike said nothing, she whispered, “What are you doing, daddy?”

“I’m getting you ready for the razor,” he said gently. “We’re going to get the hair nice and soft, and then I’ll be able to get you nice and smooth in your diaper area.”

“Mmm…” was all Darla could manage then, because Mike had started to use his middle finger, through the washcloth, to emphasize the overarching lesson that daddies get to say about when little girls’ pussies feel nice.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me tonight, after I bare your cute little pussy?” he asked softly. “Are you going to pee in your diaper like a good girl?”

“Oh, God…” Darla murmured. “Oh, God, daddy, I’m… I’m going…”

Mike looked into her face, which had gone very red. She had shut her eyes tightly. Her hands clenched and unclenched, and every muscle in her adorable naked body seemed to tense. Mike almost decided to give her this climax, just because she seemed to be learning to behave herself so well.

He knew, though, that it would be counterproductive in the end. Much better to teach her that orgasms were for girls who really demonstrated they had learned their lessons. He took the washcloth away and started to soap her tummy instead.

“Daddy!” Darla wailed. “Please?”

“Not now, sweetheart,” Mike said. “Remember that you would have been allowed to play with yourself tonight if you hadn’t been naughty today. If you’re a good little diaper girl tonight and tomorrow, you’ll masturbate for me tomorrow night after inspection.”

She made her boo-boo face, but she nodded, too. Then, after a pause in which the only sounds were the splashes of the washcloth and Darla’s still-labored breathing, “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Does your cock get hard when you touch me? Between my legs, I mean?”

The question sounded so very innocent that Mike didn’t know how to respond. If Darla had asked it in a wicked way, he thought he would have spanked her—maybe even hauled her out of the bath and spanked her that instant. But she seemed really to want to know, as if she had regressed in her thoughts and feelings to a point where her emotions all looked different to her, and she wanted to try to put them together anew.

“Yes, sweetheart, it does,” Mike finally said, looking into her sweet brown eyes.

“Do you want to put it inside me, when it gets hard?” She gave a tiny smile at that, as if she wanted him to know that if he thought it was a good idea to fuck her, she would try to be a good little girl, and let him enjoy her young body however he liked.

“Sweetheart, we just met yesterday,” Mike protested, his cock truly so hard that he had to shift on the stool.

“I know, daddy,” Darla said, sounding a little abashed. “I’m sorry. I just… well, I feel like I’m starting to understand what it means to be a good girl, and you keep telling me about what the right man will do with my body—you know, in my mouth and my bottom and my pussy, when he comes to my bed and pulls my panties down. I kind of want to feel what it will feel like. Are you allowed to do that?”

Mike realized that his own breathing had become a little harsher.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, Darla, and then we’re not going to go any further with this talk tonight. We’re going to get your pussy bare, we’re going to put you in your diaper, and you’re going to show me you can be my diaper girl. We’re not going to talk about having sex.”

“Okay, daddy,” she replied meekly. “What’s the truth?”

Mike took a deep breath as he decided he mustn’t beat around the bush, but should use the grownup terms, to emphasize the gravity of the matter to Darla. “The truth is that I’m allowed to fuck you, if you consent.”


Mike knew Darla was about to say that she consented—was probably about to beg him to fuck her. God, how he wanted to do that right now: to get in the tub himself, turn her over, and ride her like a cute little pony, holding her hips firmly until he shot his seed deep into her sweet pussy.

Instead, he did what he knew he had to do. “Not another word, Darla, or you’ll have a spanking before I put the diaper on.”

So he could fuck her, if he wanted to. But he didn’t want to.

Or… Darla thought about what he had said, about how they weren’t going to talk about it anymore.

Maybe her daddy did want to fuck her, but just as he had stopped playing with her pussy through the washcloth, her daddy wanted her to understand that if he fucked her, it would be because he wanted to and not because she did. What was wrong with her, that made that submissive thought send a quiver of arousal shooting out from her pussy and seem to fill her midsection with fiery light?

“Okay, sweetheart,” he said, taking a fluffy towel from the bar next to the tub. “Time to get out of the tub.” He handed her the towel. “Once you’re dry, go ahead and lie on your back on the towel on the floor, with your legs spread just like before.”

She snuggled into the towel, which smelled fresh and felt warm. The scent of the detergent was different from the one she was used to, and that seemed to Darla to emphasize in some obscure, but somehow also very nice, way that her daddy had begun to take her in hand. The shivery feeling she had gotten the very first time she heard that phrase, the one she had tried so hard to pretend she didn’t feel, only seemed to grow, now that Darla knew what taking in hand meant: washcloths between your legs, a shaved pussy, and a promise that if you were good you’d be allowed to play with yourself while your daddy watched to make sure you were doing it right.

Thinking about all that, and feeling how the shivery feeling had seemed to move rather boldly into the inexperienced pussy that her daddy would now shave, she had fallen still, but Mike said, “No dawdling, Darla. Do as I’ve said. It’s time to bare your little pussy, so lie down and open yourself up.”

Open yourself up. Darla obeyed, putting the fluffy towel, now a little damp, back on the bar from which Mike had taken it and feeling despite the warmth of the bathroom a tremble go through her body to be naked once again in front of her daddy. That never seemed to go away—the feeling that something about being daddy’s good girl involved having to be his naughty little girl, too, only with her naughtiness under daddy’s control.

Blushing, she raised her knees and took them into her hands again, opening herself for her daddy’s eyes, and the shaving lotion he began to rub into her pussy so delicately that it was even worse than when he had soaped her with the washcloth and made her think about whether he might be getting hard, and whether he might like to put that hardness inside his good little girl’s pussy, once he had bared it. She tried to look at the white ceiling with the recessed light, but she couldn’t help herself: she looked down her body to see Mike’s handsome face as, intent on his task, he began carefully to use the pink plastic razor on her most private places.

Nor could Darla help following his gaze and catching sight of her own pussy, as she had never seen it, for she had always found it terribly shameful to look at herself even on those rare occasions when her posture might permit it. But her daddy’s commands had put her in a position now where Darla, her knees held firmly back in her own hands, could see the forbidden places, and see how Mike had lathered them for their final baring.

Each stroke of the razor took some of the lotion away and left a smooth strip behind, and every time Darla couldn’t suppress a little whimper at the sensation and then the sight of herself, being prepared to wear a diaper, to be her daddy’s diaper girl tonight and tomorrow. She had no idea why the thought of peeing in a diaper could both make her face go hot with shame and raise in her some of the filthiest thoughts she could ever remember having.

She found, as Mike continued the shaving ritual calmly, relentlessly, and without speaking, that she couldn’t get rid of one terrible mental picture above all.

In her mind’s eye, her daddy decided to teach his diaper girl the sternest possible lesson. He decided to take her bottom’s virginity with his hard cock. Under him the diaper girl cried out that even though it hurt she would learn to be his good girl. He said, as he rode the little bottom, that her submission pleased him, and she must have him there in her bottom every night from now on, after her bedtime story, to help her fall asleep.

She looked at his face again, and saw on it a concern to make sure he wielded the razor with precision. The care he took with every detail of her training suddenly seemed to Darla to deserve no description better than it deserved the word noble. As soon as she had thought it, that her daddy had a nobility about him despite the many roughhewn parts of his personality, his chiseled chin and his strong cheekbones sent a tremor of desire through her that she had never felt for any man before.

“Alright, sweetheart,” Mike said, wiping the last of the lotion onto a washcloth. “I’m going to give you a washcloth and have you rinse your pussy, now. Be careful, though. No funny business. Daddy will be watching, and he’ll put you over this stool and paddle you with the bath brush if you get naughty.”

“Okay, daddy,” Darla said in a quivery voice. “I’ll be good.” Her hand trembled as she reached it between her legs to take the washcloth, soaked in warm water, that her daddy brought her.

“Rinse that pussy well, Darla,” Mike said. “I don’t want any complaints that you’re itchy in your diaper because you left some stubble there.”

Darla tried hard not to whimper as she ran the washcloth, which felt shamefully lovely, back and forth.

“Yes, daddy,” she said.

“It’s just about the cutest little pussy I ever saw,” her daddy said. “Sometime soon I think I’ll have a little taste of it, to see if it tastes as sweet as it looks.”

“Oh, daddy,” Darla said, as of course the pussy her daddy referred to fluttered at his words. He must be playing, now, right? “Wouldn’t you like to do that right now?”

“No, sweetheart,” Mike said sadly, turning his attention from her task with the washcloth between her legs to her face for a moment. “Daddy has to punish his little diaper girl tonight. Maybe I’ll taste you tomorrow, after you show me how you play with yourself.”

“If I’m a good girl tomorrow,” Darla whispered.

Mike nodded. “That’s right, sweetheart.”

Oh, how she wanted to ask what she might have to do, to have him teach her a lesson with his cock. But he said, “Alright, that’s enough. Your diaper is laid out on your bed. Go lie on top of it. I’ll come in in a minute to put the baby powder on and do the diaper up.”

In a kind of daze of erotic feeling, all her thoughts seeming to whirl inside her head around the pivot of somehow finding a way to get her daddy to show her his cock, Darla let Mike help her up from the floor. He gave her a pat on her bottom to let her know she must get going, and she obediently padded out of the bathroom and down the little hall to her room.

The feeling of bareness between her legs as she walked took a great deal of getting used to. Not only did the sensation seem greater in her pussy even as the air touched places it hadn’t touched so directly before, but the idea that her daddy had brought that sensation about by taking control of his little girl’s pussy, baring it to show her that her most private places would look the way he wanted them to look, would not go away.

In her room she found that her little bed had on it a big square of thick white fabric that bore along one edge the word SELECTA. Of course the correctional company would make diapers for the program, wouldn’t they? Darla wondered with a blush how many naughty little girls were wearing diapers tonight because their correctional officers had decided they needed to learn a lesson in acting their age.

For a moment Darla just stood and looked at the diaper, trying to figure out how her face could be blazing like the sun and her pussy shamefully warm and wet at the same time. The fear that Mike would see that arousal seemed to make it even worse. What was wrong with her?

Suddenly she had an idea that seemed so naughty and wicked it sent her scurrying onto the bed, on her back just as Mike had told her, hoping to get the terrible moment over with so that she could be sure she wouldn’t do thing she had just imagined. But the diaper itself, with its innocent white softness, seemed only to make the wickedness in her bottom and her pussy grow.

Mike stood in the doorway, holding a pink and white container of baby powder and a glass of water. “Get your knees up, sweetheart,” he said. “Show me where your diaper goes.”

Darla obeyed, looking at her handsome daddy between her thighs as he approached, willing him to do up the Velcro fastenings on the diaper quickly so that she wouldn’t say what she felt herself in such danger of saying.

Mike shook powder between her legs, to keep her bare pussy nice and dry. It felt ticklish, and Darla gave a nervous giggle. “You’re doing very well, sweetheart,” he said encouragingly, as he put the powder down and pulled the diaper up and over her front. “Such a shame to cover up this sweet pussy, but someone has to get this diaper wet for me.”

Then Darla blurted it out—the terrible thing. She couldn’t help it. As she lowered her legs so that her calves and feet dangled over the edge of the bed, she whispered, “Daddy, if I suck your cock, it wouldn’t be a reward, would it? Can I suck your cock while I go pee in my diaper?”

Well she certainly had managed to take her daddy aback for the first time. Mike straightened, took a step back. Darla wondered if there was a section in the manual called When your naughty little girl asks to suck your cock.

“That…” Mike said. Darla could see him trying to process his arousal with his care for her and the need to take her in hand. But she couldn’t see how it might be wrong, to learn her diaper girl lesson with her daddy’s penis in her mouth, struggling to please him, trying to make him come and put his special daddy stuff in her belly.

“Please, daddy? Maybe I could just see it, and touch it, to help me learn my lesson? Then if you want to make me suck it, you can do that because you get to say. See? I think I understand. I know it’s kind of a treat to be allowed to see your cock, but isn’t it also kind of a punishment to have to suck it and make you feel good? Shouldn’t a firm daddy like you tell your little girl to take his cock in a place where it doesn’t make her feel good whenever it gets hard? And…” She had started, and now it seemed she couldn’t stop. “And maybe you should put it in my bottom, too, because that’s even more like a punishment, isn’t it?”

Mike started to shake his head, but not in the sort of severe negation a daddy might use to forbid something—rather in disbelief, it seemed to Darla, at what his little girl had said. Desperate to have her way, desperate to see her daddy’s penis, marveling that something could feel so wrong and so right at the same time, she compressed her lips into a tight line and felt her forehead crease.

At last Mike said, the decision and firmness coming back into his voice, “Not in your bottom tonight, sweetheart. But, yes, you’ll suck my cock while you wet your diaper. Sit up and drink your water, now, and then daddy will take out his penis for you to make him feel good with your little mouth. Daddy will fuck your bottom another time.”

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