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Assigned a Mate by Grace Goodwin – Extended Preview

Assigned a Mate“This isn’t an exam. This is—” A strong electrical surge pulsed through the walls of my pussy to my ass, and I fought to maintain control of my body, but another zap to my clit sent me over the edge. The walls of my pussy and lower abdomen pulsed and spasmed so strongly I felt like I was coming apart. “Oh, God.”

My body bucked on the table, beyond my control. I struggled against the bonds on my wrists. Shivering and spent, I turned my face away from my new mate. I tried to catch my breath as I fought back tears. The device inside me quieted to a small, nearly imperceptible hum. But after the overwhelming shock of the forced orgasm, that small vibration was easy to ignore.

Tark’s pressure on my abdomen and thighs lifted and he reached down between my legs to remove the alien object from my pussy. I wanted to run and hide, but I was bound. How could I have responded like that to a stupid little medical tool? What had he done to me?

He looked at a display screen attached to the blunt silver tool and nodded his head. “Excellent, Evelyn Day. The medical probe indicates you are fertile, free of disease, and both your reproductive and nervous systems are functioning at optimal levels.”

“Let me go.” I tried to close my legs, but he held them open at the knees.

Looking up at me with his dark eyes, he said, “You are mine now and I won’t let you go. Not when your body is so very eager to know me.”

“Eager?” I questioned. “You forced that pleasure upon me. Look at me! I’m bound to the table and my bottom, my bottom is sore.” A tear slid down my cheek.

Wiping it away from his finger, he responded, “The tests had to be done. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a small taste of pleasure while submitting to them. Submitting to me.”

A strong, blunt finger traced my folds and I was embarrassed to feel how easily it glided through my wetness. “See? It makes you wet. Being bound and open for me is what you like.”

“How would you know?” I countered.

“Because you are my mate. Do not question or fight what is a perfect match.” He found my clit and my hips tilted toward him, his to command and eager for his curious touch. Clearly, my body and mind were not in synch.

“You are, indeed, much like our females. You should enjoy my finger here… and here.”

I shook my head. “I-I shouldn’t,” I countered.

He used three fingers now, his thumb on my clit as he slid two more deep inside.

“You are allowed to come from my touch, even if we do not know each other. Our bodies, our minds, our very souls are connected. Give up, gara.

My arms began to shake and I relaxed on the table. He finger fucked me and found that sensitive spot inside. While the probe had brought about intense pleasure, his fingers elicited something else entirely. They were much more adept and a part of him. Still aroused from my examination, I moaned and rolled my hips beneath his hand, eager for more, unable to deny my body’s desperate need to come all over his hand.

“Yes, you are very similar. Ah, my mate, I can tell by your reaction that I have found the secret place inside you that will drive your pleasure. See? I’ve kept your hands in the restraints because I know you like it. It heightens your pleasure.”

He’d found it all right, and every other secret place that made me hot. If he kept at it much longer, he’d make me come again. I was panting now, and wet, and mortified that I’d reacted so strongly to him. A complete stranger. This couldn’t be happening to me. There had to be some rational explanation. “Do they drug the women when they transfer them?”

“No.” His gaze changed instantly, from generous and indulgent to cold and insulted. “We do not drug our women for pleasure. As you can feel, it is not necessary. Is that what the cowards on Earth do to their mates?”

“Some of them.” I had insulted him, and I hadn’t meant to. But seriously, what in the name of all that was holy was happening to me? “I’m sorry, I just…”

“No man of worth needs drugs to seduce his mate.” He slowly and deliberately removed his hand from my pussy and I felt abandoned. Needy. Weak. Reaching up, he released one wrist, then the other from the bonds. As tears gathered once again in my eyes, I knew that, without a doubt, I was losing my freaking mind. Maybe the last few days had finally caught up to me. The murder I’d witnessed. The plan to send me off-planet to stay hidden and safe. The new identity and processing. The terror of being sent to a new world, to a man I’d never met.

“I’m sorry, Tark. I didn’t mean to offend.”

“You are tired and on a new world.” I watched now as he put his glistening fingers in his mouth and grinned.

Oh, my God, he was tasting me. It was a very erotic sight and I clenched my thighs together to ease the ache.

“Sweet. Like the rova fruit.”

I couldn’t respond, for what did I say to a man who’d just licked my pussy juices from his fingers?

“While you were asleep, Bron’s standard scans picked up no other medical problems. As you responded to this last exam with only pleasure—no pain—I will assume the transfer was just too much for your fragile female body to endure without rest.”

I could only nod. I should feel shame or fear or embarrassment at having Tark touch me so intimately. I was still naked, exposed, and vulnerable and definitely under his control. I felt all of those things, but my mind and my body were at war because his touch made my body feel safe, desirable, and very, very aroused.

I didn’t know Goran had returned until he spoke. “The doctor is on the last convoy to Outpost Seventeen.”

Tark didn’t turn his head from me. “Good. Is everything ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

Tark set aside the silver probe, stood to his full height, reached down and scooped me up, placing me on my feet before him. I could now see what the instrument looked like. It was definitely an otherworldly dildo. If they sold them on Earth, Tark would make a fortune.

Goran handed Tark a blanket and he wrapped it about me like a cape.

“From this moment on, your body belongs to me. No other man shall see what is mine without permission. Do you understand?”

Without permission? Did that mean he would allow it? I was confused, but before I could question, he lifted me into his arms and carried me out of the tent, following Goran. The air was warm and dry, but it was dark outside, the only light provided by small solar stakes that glowed in precise intervals along the ground. I could just see the outline of numerous tents. Tark and Goran both moved like ghosts, their footsteps quiet. Not many people were about; perhaps it was very late at night. An animal noise, something like a braying donkey, broke through the stillness. The men’s footsteps were too quiet for their size.

I looked down and realized that Tark carried me across a vast sea of sand, just as I’d seen along the edges inside the medical tent. I had been transported into some kind of desert camp. He’d said the name of it… Outpost something. I couldn’t remember.

Goran held back a flap of another tent—they all looked the same to me in the darkness—and Tark ducked to carry me inside and lowered me to my feet. Soft carpets were placed in a patchwork that completely covered the sand that I knew was beneath them. A bed of soft blankets and furs was on one side of the tent and a small table littered with bowls of odd-looking purple and blue fruit stood on the other.

“This is my tent for our stay at Outpost Nine. As I’ve discovered, you are not hurt from the transfer and easily aroused.”

Tark walked me over to an odd table in the middle of the room, placed me on my feet before it, and tugged the blanket from my shoulders. My breasts swayed as I moved, the chain brushing against my belly and tugging on my nipples. They tingled from the movement and the weight.

My cheeks burned at his words and I darted a glance at Goran. The man’s expression held no emotion. What did that have to do with being in his tent?

“I will fuck you now,” Tark added. He spoke as if he said he’d drive me to the grocery store. This wasn’t Earth and Tark most definitely didn’t mince words.

My eyes widened. I tugged against his hand as I began to panic. “What? Why? We… wait! I don’t want this.”

He didn’t release me, but his free hand began to stroke up and down my bare back. How was his touch so warm?

“As your mate, gara, I know your true desires. I also know and understand how to protect you here, on my world. Remember, I may not always give you what you want, but I will always give you what you need.”

I didn’t like his response one bit. How could he know my true desires? We’d only just met. My pussy, however, clenched at the continuing reverberations from that medical device. Stupid dildo-shaped apparatus.

“I don’t need to be fucked,” I countered, although I didn’t need to look down at my nipples to know they’d tightened at his intentions. When he’d played with my pussy with his fingers, he’d only left me more achy and aroused than ever. Unfulfilled.

He grinned at me and he looked so different, so handsome that my breath caught in my throat.

“Are you sure about that? You were dripping on my fingers just a few minutes ago. You cried out with pleasure with the neurostim exam. I licked your juices from my fingers. Would you deny this now?”

I tried to squirm away, but he was too strong. He stroked his fingers over my folds once again, then lifted them up so we could both see the glistening wetness.

My cheeks flamed.

“Your body disagrees with your mind. Obey me or you will be punished again.”

I gulped at the formidable tone of his voice and still felt the sting on my bottom. “Again? But I’ve done nothing wrong!”

Tark sighed. “You are thinking too much. Sometimes a punishment is just what you need.” He tugged me closer to the small table, although my feet slowed and stalled his progress.

“Obey,” he repeated as he looked down at me. “Lean over the table.”

I looked at the strange table, certainly not the kind that one would eat from.

“Why?” I asked, frowning.

He sighed once again, but remained calm. “Are all Earth women this contrary and curious or is it just you?”

With a hand on my upper back, he bent me over the table. His touch was gentle but the intent behind it was clear. He would have his way, and deep down, I wanted him to.

The table was narrower than I’d first thought, only covering my belly, and I hissed as the cold surface pressed to my skin. My breasts hung down and the chain dangled. I felt the table rise automatically until just my toes were on the carpet. Tark squatted down and affixed my right ankle to one table leg with a smooth leather strap, then the left to another. I tried to kick out, but it was wasted effort. The bonds were very secure.

“You may fight against the bonds, but it will do no good,” Tark murmured, standing once again to push my upper body back down. His voice was hard. Bent over as I was, I tilted my head and looked up at him, but my long hair fell in the way. His eyes were so dark, so intense. His square jaw was clenched. “The claiming process must be completed so no others attempt to touch you.” Tark ran his hand up and down my bare spine with gentle attention to every curve and swell. “You will be fucked. Your only decision is whether I will spank you again first.”

He ran a hand over my sore bottom and I winced. It wasn’t overly sore, but it was definitely a reminder that he would do as he said.

My mind latched onto something else he said. Others? Trying to touch me? Would they try to claim me, too? Was some asshole, like Bron, going to try to fuck me? I didn’t like the sound of that.

Tark took my hands and placed them on small handles, and bound my wrists to the other table legs. Once I was secured to his satisfaction, he stood. I knew that my red bottom and my pussy were on display, the wetness between my legs causing a slight chill as the air glided over my naked flesh. I had never felt so vulnerable or so aroused.

I’d never been tied down during sex before, certainly not like this. The feel of the restraints that wrapped around my wrists and ankles was tight, but also oddly freeing. My mind fought everything that Tark was doing, my thoughts had been constantly tugging at me since my arrival with guilt or shame every time my body responded to him. But now, these straps set me free. Just like with the hand restraints when he’d examined me with that dildo thing, I could only give up, to give over control to Tark. He was going to do what he wanted—what he’d said I needed—and I could do nothing, even now, but submit. I had no decision to make, no guilt to feel for making it. No one would judge me or call me a whore if what I wanted was to be taken hard and fast. And here, now, bent over and about to be fucked by the biggest man I’d ever seen, I admitted, for the first time in my life, that being taken like this was exactly what I wanted.

Tark was my mate. Matched to me. Only to me. He’d taken away my choice, and in doing so, freed me in some strange way.

“Tark, I—”

“You will call me master.”

“Master?” I frowned upside down. “Are you serious, because—”

A hard slap to my bottom had me biting back the remainder of my words. It was harder than the strikes he’d given me earlier and I cried out.

Gara, feisty gara. A good fucking is what you need.” He leaned forward and flicked the chain affixed to my nipples and set it in motion. I gasped at the delicious feel of it. “Do you accept my claim, gara? Do you accept my protection and my devotion?”

I hung my head. Good God. I was well and truly trapped… one last tug on my restraints had me confirming that. Tark had aroused me, tied me down, and told me blatantly and clearly that he was going to fuck me. What man had I ever met that was so direct and bossy? And why did my body like that so damn much? I wanted Tark. Only Tark. I didn’t want anyone else on this crazy world. His touch, his attention, had me so hot I could barely think. He’d done a good job of arousing me, making me come, then keeping me so turned on that my brain had turned to mush, because otherwise I would have fought and yelled to be released. Instead, I waited to feel his cock fill me.

It was only for a few months until the trial. Then I’d be home, back to my normal life. Back to my boring, lonely, normal life. Back to men I knew were not matched to me, none that would be so perfectly in tune to my psychological profile. In this moment, I had a hot, virile man ready to take me, ready to give me something that I never even knew I wanted.

I lay there, my ass in the air, stinging and eager for more, and I admitted the one glaring fact—the processing center on Earth had matched me to this man, and all the arguments in the world weren’t going to convince me to deny myself this pleasure. There was only one thing I could say. “Yes.”

“For the official records, Evelyn Day, are you now, or have you ever been married, matched, or mated to another man?”

“No.” His question slowed my thoughts.

“Do you have any biological offspring?”

“What? They already asked me…”

Another hard strike and my ass burned. “You will answer the question.”

“Ta… I mean master!” I cried, trying to shift my hips. “No. I don’t have any children.”

“Good. Regardless of our match, I will not claim a woman who belongs to another, nor will I take her away from her children.” Tark’s hot palm rubbed over my ass, where my soft skin had to be a bright, brilliant pink from his firm hand. “Goran, are you prepared to witness the claiming?”

“Yes. Official recording has been activated.”

I stiffened beneath Tark’s warm palm. Recording? And why was Goran still here? Was there anyone else behind me that I couldn’t see? The idea had me in a panic. They could see all of me and there was nothing I could do. They could see my bottom had been spanked before. It wasn’t Tark who scared me, but I did not want to be shared, to be a prisoner that serviced not only my mate, but others as well.

“Tark, I don’t want anyone else here.”

He spanked me again, making my thighs clench. “Call me master.”

“Master, please,” I whispered. “Punish me if you wish, but I… I will not be a whore. I’d rather go to prison on Earth.”

From my position, I could see the men’s legs, but nothing else. Tark came to my side, knelt down, and brushed my long hair out of my face. “I do not know this word whore, but I understand the meaning. No, gara, you are mine. Only mine. No one, and I mean no one, will fuck you, let alone touch you, but me.”

His touch was remarkably gentle on my skin. “But Goran—”

“He must witness and record us for the bride program’s system monitors. That is all. They use recorded neurological reactions to assess other mates and brides for placement. It is standard protocol.”

I frowned, but he said no more and rose to his feet.

As my mind tried to adapt to this new information, Tark went around behind me and stopped to stand where I could see both men’s legs. I heard the sound of a belt, of pants opening just before his fingers returned to probe my core. The sight of Goran’s boots barely two steps behind him made me furious. This would never have happened to me on Earth. Never.

“Standard protocol to be witnessed? To be bent over and fucked like this!” I cried. I fought against my bonds, but there was no give. I would be spanked again for this outburst, for it definitely was impertinence, but I didn’t care. “Is it standard to have my nipples pierced without my permission? And what if I don’t like the chain? What if I don’t want to be adorned?”

As I thought, he spanked me again. The hot sting of it—he didn’t hold back at all this time—had me crying out.

His voice and my position caused a memory to stir in my head, just out of reach. But when a vibration began from the table directly beneath my clit, I remembered. I’d dreamed of this, of being taken like this. Why? How had I seen this when I was on Earth? What had the processing center done to me? In my dream, I’d liked two men talking about me, touching me, fucking me. But that had been a dream.

Not a dream. Some other woman’s recorded experience.

So, that dream in the processing center hadn’t been a dream at all? I’d been reliving the stimulus and body responses of some anonymous Earth woman’s claiming by her mate?

Was some other warrior going to relive this through Tark’s eyes and decide he really wanted an Earth girl?

Holy shit.

Still, the processing center was one thing. I was awake now and this was not the same at all.

I forgot all about it when I felt his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy. “There, gara, that stimulator pressed against your clit should ease your mind. Remember, I will give you exactly what you need.”

“And what is it that I need right now besides off this stupid table?”

He laughed, but didn’t stop stroking me. “You need to come. You are dripping wet.”

I shook my head. “I don’t want to do this with Goran watching. You people are perverts,” I vowed, gritting my teeth at the gentle, yet very deliberate touch.

Tark laughed. “Since we have been matched, Evelyn Day, you must be a pervert as well.”

Me? Like this? Want this? He was wrong. “Asshole,” I muttered.

“You will continue to let her speak to you in such a manner?” Goran asked, his voice sounding very surprised. Why didn’t anyone argue with him?

“You can tell by the color of her beautiful ass she has been spanked for her impertinence with Bron. She has been awake and on Trion for not even twenty minutes. I am enjoying her fire and I am also enjoying seeing my handprints on her ass. She is responding now out of fear of the unknown. Even though she is aroused, her mind fights this. She is an honorable woman, not fucking just any man to quell her desires.

“For that, and that alone, I will allow it. Besides, I will revel in the lush feel of her hips, the softness of her skin.” He stroked one hand down my body, grazing the side of my breast before gripping my waist. “My cock is hard for her and I will enjoy fucking my mate immensely. Evelyn Day, gara, you will like it. Fucking is never a punishment, but a reward. It is my job to see to your needs now. You belong to me.”

He stroked his fingers over my inner lips, then circled my clit. He was rewarding me?

I sucked in a breath at the intense pleasure his light touch elicited. “Then… why do you have to bind me? If you’re so confident in your prowess, then let me up.”

His hand came down on my bottom again, then again.

“Perhaps your impertinence is because you like being spanked. Hmm, your arousal does slip from your pussy as I do it. Something to consider.”

“What?” I cried, but stilled. He thought I liked being punished? That I was arguing with him because I wanted him to continue?

“I am a stranger to you, but I am your mate. It is difficult. I understand.” His hand stroked over the hot skin he’d struck. It was odd, the dichotomy of his harsh spanking followed by a gentle caress. He was not a cruel man. I knew this already. “The bindings, your position, they are symbolic of our way of life, of the gift of yourself to me. This first claiming is a ritual that has existed here for hundreds of years. This is the way I must take you, and mark you as mine with my seed. It also ensures that we are compatible; however, I do not need to fuck you to know you were made for me. Your pussy is eager and my need for you is almost painful.”

He bent over me next, his hard length coming into contact with me in a very intimate way. His hard chest blanketed my back and I felt my body yield to his power, his dominance, as he whispered in my ear. “You are bound, so your body knows I am the one in control. You can let go of your fear, Evelyn Day. You are powerless to whatever I command.”

He parted my folds and circled my entrance as he spoke. I cried out. I couldn’t help it. There was something about his touch, as if it were electrically charged, no matter how much I fought him. It made my pussy tingle, my skin heat, my blood thicken. One finger slipped in. I could only imagine how his huge cock would feel stretching me. I wanted to see the tips of his fingers glistening with my arousal where they gripped my hips, the picture we would make with his large body covering me, his hips in place for a very thorough fucking.

And Goran watching it all, watching Tark’s cock disappear inside me. Both men’s gazes on me. There.

“Resist if you wish, but I will make you come.” Tark stood and I bit my lip to stop the sigh of disappointment that rushed up my throat at the loss of contact.

I wanted to continue to fight, to dislike what he was doing, for I had to be some kind of slut to be aroused so brazenly by a stranger. By being watched. Bent over and bound. This ache in my pussy was impossible to rationalize. The soft hum of the vibrator on my clit proved he wanted me to have pleasure. Either Tark was remarkably skilled, or regardless to his words to the contrary, they’d given me some kind of arousal agent so I would be more susceptible to his advances.

As he slid a second finger in to join the first, I didn’t really care. It was not easy to remain still. I wanted to shift my hips, to move into his touch, to take his finger even deeper. I couldn’t move, though, couldn’t do anything except take whatever he gave.

I didn’t know this man, had only been awake for a short time, but I wanted another orgasm. This time by Tark himself, not some weird alien body probe.

“Have you been fucked before?”

When his finger rubbed over a spot inside, I couldn’t think, couldn’t respond. I could only cry out. When he slipped his finger from me, leaving me empty and unfulfilled, I moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“Then answer my question.”

I shifted on my toes. “What… what was the question?”

“Have you been fucked before?” he repeated. His voice was dark and rough.


His fingers slid inside of me again. I groaned.

I heard the rustle of fabric, saw him step closer to me just before he pulled his fingers free and felt the nudge of his cock at my entrance. “I may not have been your first, Evelyn Day, but I am your last.”

His cock was large and as he pushed forward, I felt myself widen and stretch around him. He did not relent, did not give me time to adjust, just filled me completely.

I groaned as my body felt invaded. Owned. One hand gripped my hip, the other my shoulder as he began to move. In. Out. Hard. Fast. He moved, and I bit my lip, taking whatever he gave me.

“You will come, gara.

I shook my head, my hair falling down over my face. With every hard thrust, I imagined my mother’s arms crossed, her brows raised in judgment. This was so wrong. “I just… I can’t.”

He leaned over me, pressing into my back, and filled me with one hard, rapid thrust. The press of his body against my sore bottom only added to the feelings coursing through my body. “I command it.”

I’d never been taken like this before. My last partner had been attentive, but not overly focused. He’d left me unfulfilled and uninterested in sex. But Tark? I had no idea how he could wield his cock in such a way to rub over places inside me that I never knew existed. My fingers were slippery on the handles. I clenched my teeth as the chain between my breasts swung with every thrust.

I shook my head, frustrated. Tears filled my eyes. I was so eager, desperate even, to come. Tark was so good. So hard. So big. “I… I can’t. I never come during… I don’t know how,” I cried.

Tears slipped down my temples and into my hair.

He stilled inside me, tilting his head so he whispered directly into my ear. “You’ve never come with a man’s cock inside you?” His warm breath fanned my neck.

I shook my head. “I can’t… especially knowing someone is watching.”

I felt more than heard his growl, for it came from deep in his chest. “It is my job, gara, to pleasure you. Obviously you can find release, for you came beautifully with the medical probe.”

“Yes, I can come with my vibrator, just not a man,” I admitted.

Tark held himself still deep inside me. “I believe I know what a vibrator is, like the medical probe with the scans, correct? Like the stim pressed against your clit?”

I nodded my head, which made my hair swing back and forth.

“Then I will just have to discover what does it for you. As for Goran, ignore him. It is just the two of us. Shh,” he crooned. “All right, gara, it is time to discover what pleases you.”

With that, I felt the vibration on my clit speed up. The section of the table directly beneath my clit began to stimulate me in earnest. I remembered this, too, from my dream. I sucked in a deep breath at the intense pleasure the added stimulation brought about. This joining wasn’t solely about Tark’s pleasure, but mine as well.

“You like this vibration speed better. You are clenching my cock with your pussy,” he growled. “That is a good sign, yes?”

“Yes!” I cried.

One blunt finger circled around where we were joined as Tark began to move again. The combination of his cock stroking in and out of me and the vibrations on my clit had me shifting my hips. I wanted to remain right where I was, impaled on my new mate’s very large cock.

“How about this?” Tark pressed a finger against my back entrance and I stiffened, squeezing down on him again in the hopes to keep his finger out. At the same time, little pulses of intense heat and pleasure coursed through me at this dark touch.

“Relax, gara. Let me in. You will come when you do. I promise.”

I took a deep breath and let it out, relaxing. I closed my eyes as he circled my virgin opening with his finger and slowly began to push inward, all the while continuing to shift his hips and fuck me.

The vibrations sped up, increasing the stimulation of my clit. I cried out as Tark’s finger gained entry into my ass. I screamed as my entire body stiffened, every nerve ending came to life and pulsed with pleasure. Somehow, the erotic combination of Tark’s cock, clit stimulation, and the tip of his finger slowly moving inside my ass set me off. I felt as if I were lost in an ocean wave, tossed and pummeled and completely out of control. The intensity of the pleasure was so much more than I’d ever felt before. Having a cock filling me to the brim only added to the orgasmic bliss that coursed through my veins. I squeezed and clenched down on him—his cock and his finger in my bottom—as if to draw them in even further.

I felt Tark’s hand grip my hip as his pace increased until he thrust hard one last time, holding himself deep inside. His cock thickened, stretching me even more, just before he groaned and his hot seed filled me in pulses.

Our ragged breathing filled the room and he remained within me as I recovered. While at first it had been similar to the processing center’s dream, it had not ended the same. It wasn’t the same. I was leaving my old life behind now and forging my own way, on my new planet and with my mate.

“We are compatible,” Tark said as he slowly pulled out and I heard him refasten his pants.

I hissed out a breath as he did so and I felt his hot seed drip out of me. He came around and, after releasing my bonds, he took my hand, helping me up. I leaned against the table as I gained my balance. My skin was flushed and my heart was still racing. I felt too spent from not one orgasm, but two, in the short time I’d been on Trion to try to cover myself now.

I glanced up at Tark. His skin had a flush to it as well and his eyes were softer, less intense. He looked over my naked body and his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched as he watched his seed drip down my thighs.

“Tell the council the good news,” Tark commented over his shoulder to Goran.

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