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Auction House: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“I’ve been patient with you, Georgia. However, I’ve grown angry with your antics and your constant questions. You’re going to be punished. Severely.”

I didn’t have time to react, he closed the distance so quickly. When he yanked me against his heated body, I gasped, struggling instantly. He wrapped his arms around me, lifting me several inches off the floor and pulling me backward as if I weighed nothing.

“Let go of me!” I snarled, fighting to release my arms. My sense of self-preservation kicked in more than my need to solve the case. The man had far too much control over me. He didn’t react, although his breathing was labored. As he dragged me through the house, he hummed. The song? ‘Unforgettable.’ It was the last damn song I’d sung before the end of the set, less than two hours before he’d kidnapped me. He was stronger than I’d envisioned, grinding against me as he took his damn time taking me from room to room.

And his cock was rock hard.

“You overplayed your hand. Now, you’re going to pay for your disobedience.”

He continued humming as he headed into the living room, depositing me in front of the damn piano. After dropping me onto my feet and turning me around to face him, he issued a series of deep growls. “Punishing you will be my pleasure.”

With no effort, he ripped the front of my dress, yanking the remains away then tossing me over the edge of the piano. The hard thud of my body hitting the surface knocked the wind out of me. I was shocked by his strength as well as his calm, cool demeanor, as if this was nothing but a slight hindrance in his twisted plan for me.

He snapped his hand around the back of my neck, holding me in place then bringing his palm down against my naked bottom. While the belt had riddled my body with horrific anguish the second he’d slapped the strap across my ass cheeks, this was more intimate. As he brought his hand down several times, moving from one side to the other, I gasped for air, slamming my hands against the surface of the piano.

But he was far too strong, the weight of his hand crushing me against the piano. Still, I continued fighting, refusing to play the victim while he controlled every aspect of my body. Stars floated in front of my eyes as he continued the harsh punishment, his hand coming down rapidly. There was no way to count how many times he’d smacked me, but as the pain quickly morphed into a flash of arousal, I was unable to keep from whimpering. How the fuck could I be excited from what he was doing to me?

His laugh was even darker than normal, and he took a few seconds to caress my bruised and heated bottom, rolling his fingers from one side to the other. “I can tell how excited you are, Georgia peach. And just remember, this is only the beginning.” He slid his hand between my legs, fingering my clit, rolling his finger around the already sensitized bud.

I did everything I could to keep from moaning, but the pleasure was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, so incredible I could no longer think clearly.

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five.”

The fact he was counting them off himself caught my attention. Why was he doing that? As I listened to his mutters coming from under his breath, I could swear the single syllables were laced with sadness. I was thrown with the agonizing sound, pushing my mind into trying to picture what his life was like both now and in the past. Then I found myself not feeling sorry for him, but eager to learn more.

No. No, I had to maintain a partial wall between us to endure what he would put me through.

“Your skin is the perfect shade of crimson,” he whispered then thrust his fingers past my swollen folds, flexing them open and taking his time pleasuring me. “And you’re so wet. You are enjoying this. Aren’t you, Georgia?”

What the fuck did the monster want me to say? My body was shaking like a leaf, but the bastard was right. I was enjoying this. The realization was sickening, forcing tears to form in my eyes.

He kicked my legs open even wider, every sound he made deep and guttural.

The bastard was making me crazy.

“I need an answer,” he commanded.

“Yes. Fine. Yes.”

“There is more where this came from as long as you remain very obedient. Do you think you can do that for me?”

Just do it. Tell him what he wants to hear. “Yes, sir.”

Goddamn it, the man continued to hum the same freaking song. As he continued the spanking, I was pushed into the place in my mind I’d trained in order to tolerate the pain.

He alternated between issuing brutal smacks then driving his fingers as deep inside as possible. I was pushed to my limits of acceptance, doing everything I could to retain what could prove to be a resolve I couldn’t keep. Everything about the man was powerful, overwhelming in a way no one could have predicted. After a few additional cracks of his hand, his loosened his hold, crowding his body between my legs.

“I’ve always prided myself in keeping away from the merchandise, a deal I made with myself after creating my world. However, I find it impossible to keep that promise. I’m going to fuck you, Georgia. While I believe you will enjoy the experience just like you did before, at this point stripping away some of the thick layers you have surrounding you is my sole intent.”

My God. This was clinical to him, as if he was doing me a favor. The man was truly one sick fuck. While he continued humming, the sound had changed, the song I’d learned in record time becoming… strange. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but when he sang a verse, I was shocked how much he’d changed the words.

He’d made them sound dirty and disgusting, but beautiful in his twisted format. I was pulled into whatever world he’d created for himself, remaining splayed out over the piano even though he wasn’t holding me down.

The only thing able to rip me out of the horrific vacuum was the sound of his zipper being pulled. He was making good on his promise. I finally reared up from the piano, no longer paralyzed by fear.

“That’s not being good, Georgia.”

Goddamn it. If he didn’t stop saying my name, I wasn’t certain I could keep from lashing out. “You’re not going to fuck me.”

“Oh, yes, I am. I thoroughly enjoyed the last time.” He wasted no time, thrusting the entire length of his cock inside my tight channel.

“Oh. Oh!” My scream of pleasure was involuntary but seemed to please him. He laughed as he dug one hand into my hip, pulling out then driving into me again.

Every sound he made was savage, predatory as hell. I continued to be thrown, the vibrations sweeping through my body something I would never have expected. I was unable to catch my breath, fighting the extreme pleasure even though every cell was seared from his touch.

Steele slowed momentarily, grinding into me as he lowered his torso until I was able to feel his hot breath cascading across my neck and back. “You feel incredible. I’m going to enjoy this more than I anticipated.” As he bit into the soft flesh of my earlobe, I jerked up, arching my back.

He slipped one hand under my body, capturing and crushing my breast with his fingers. The pressure was intense, only adding to the incredible building sensations.

I closed my eyes, no longer certain why I was fighting him, the rapture that amazing.

After licking the shell of my ear, he murmured the dirtiest things I’d heard in a long time before flicking his fingers back and forth across my nipple then plucking it between two fingers.

Another biting wave of pain coursed through me, but there was no way to deny the way he was yanking me closer to raw ecstasy. I no longer had the ability to thwart off the connection we had or the tingles as several jolts of electricity shot through me.

“Let go, Georgia. Let go and experience the moment.”

His statement wasn’t about romance or even pleasure. It was about control. He was beginning his full attempt at breaking me away from everything I’d believed my entire life. He was also setting the tone for everything else that would occur in the future.

And for a crazy moment in time, I was looking forward to it.

When he pulled away, there was no possibility of hiding my whimpers, bucking against him as he plunged hard and fast. I was driven against the piano, my slickened body sliding back and forth as he continued fucking me.

My nerves remained rattled, but as he dragged me close to an orgasm, I closed my eyes, refusing to acknowledge the reason I was here. His thick cock continued to expand my muscles, my pussy clamping and releasing, concentrated shivers dancing from the tips of my fingers to my toes.

He smacked my bottom several times, laughing after doing so. “Go ahead and climax for me.”

“I just…” My mouth was dry but as I slid my tongue across my lips, the ragged pulsing of my heart formed a knot in my throat, making it almost impossible to breathe. Just hearing his tone, the deep yet soft velvety baritone was enough to pitch me into that rare moment of sheer bliss. No man had ever brought me to such a powerful orgasm.

“Let. Go,” he commanded again.

There was no possibility of holding back. The climax rushed into me with the ferocity of a lion. “Oh. My. God!”

“Yes.” He rubbed my back as the orgasm took on a life of its own, exploding in such a way I laughed nervously as my body trembled.

When one led to another, he thrust several times, his actions even more jarring than before.

He smacked my bottom several more times, continuing his rough actions until I was wrung out, pressing my face against the smooth surface of the piano.

I was barely cognizant that he’d pulled away completely until a wave of cool air pulsed between my legs. However, I couldn’t move, couldn’t think clearly.

When he brushed the tips of his fingers down the back of my neck, slowly trailing them along my spine, I knew he wasn’t finished with me yet.

“I’ve waited a hell of a long time to find anyone who could understand me. I believe you’re that woman. Are you, Georgia? Are you the single female on the face of this earth who can satisfy my needs?” He slid his fingers down the crack of my ass, his once gentle touch becoming rougher.

He shoved his fingers into my slickened pussy, thrusting several times then pulling aside one of my ass cheeks, driving the same fingers into my dark hole.

The pain was blinding, several scattered moans erupting from my throat.

“Oh. Oh!”

“Or are you the woman who will finally manage to lock me in a cage?”

I bit my lower lip to keep from crying, now clawing at the surface of the piano.

Every time he laughed, I had the feeling he’d found out everything about me and was doing little more than humoring me until he’d taken his fill. He backed away again, still chuckling. I had no energy, yet I was desperate to see what he was doing.

“I guess time will tell,” he added, now standing at least five feet away from me. What the hell was the man doing?

Using what little strength I had left, I pushed up, taking several deep breaths and looking over my shoulder, blinking until I was able to focus.

The man had removed his clothes completely. He stood with his legs several feet apart, his expression concentrated as he stared at me. And as he stroked the flats of his hands up and down his carved chest, I was torn with the filthy thoughts running through my mind.

Steele was even more attractive than I’d realized, every muscle well defined. Seeing his forearms before hadn’t provided a full understanding of just how gorgeous he truly was. He had the kind of broad shoulders that filled out a suit to perfection, his chiseled jaw covered by a slight shadow, as if he’d refused to shave that day. With the sun streaming in through the bank of windows, the golden light accentuated everything that was spectacular about the man.

Not the darkness spreading through him like a fatal disease.

Even his dazzling green eyes held a luminescent shimmer sparked by his obvious desire. While he was a creature of true beauty, his cock was a masterpiece: long, thick, and throbbing. My pussy muscles continued to throb from the rough fucking they’d just received. But even though I was more attracted to him than I could have imagined, there was still something so cold about his movements and the way he was looking at me.

When he approached again, his upper lip curling, I held my breath in anticipation of what the hell he was going to do to me.

Gently, almost lovingly he turned me over onto my back, lifting first one leg then the other, spreading them wide open. His chest heaved as he peered down at me, every muscle in his body tense. When he had me in the position he wanted, he opened his hands, allowing all ten fingers to brush up from my stomach, cocking his head and watching my reaction. He remained silent, which only fueled the fire of excitement.

He kept his odd smile as he swirled the tips of his pinkies around my nipples several times. I was more aroused than before, my thighs coated by my recent orgasms. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on my breathing but as he continued teasing me, pinching then releasing my aching buds, I was forced to clamp my fists together, digging my nails into my skin to remind me what I was doing.

But he knew exactly what was happening to me, my body’s betrayal.

As he finally gathered my legs into his arms, my muscles tensed. I stared at him with hazy eyes, my eyelids half closed. He was watching everything I did, likely contemplating another method of tormenting me. When he lowered his head, he did it so slowly that I realized I’d been holding my breath. The moment I exhaled, he did as well, his hot breath floating across my aching pussy.

A series of deep growls pushed past his luscious lips just before he darted his tongue around my clit. Then he lifted his head. God. The man wanted my unabashed reaction, as if I was going to give him the satisfaction.

But as he repeated the move three times, I tossed my head back and forth, my legs shaking from a rush of adrenaline. “Oh. Oh!” As soon as I issued the strangled cry, I was rewarded. He thrust his tongue inside, growling the entire time he lapped my cream.

Nothing could have prepared me for the kind of pleasure he was giving me, taking his time as he feasted. I was floating on air, suddenly outside myself in an attempt to forget who I was for just a few minutes.

His actions became more aggressive, Steele adding two fingers alongside his tongue, thrusting long and hard. Then he returned his attention to my clit, swirling the tip of his tongue around then sucking on my swollen bud for several incredible seconds.

I gasped for air, moans erupting continuously. My toes were curled, my heart hammering to the point the sound was echoing in my ears. He kept me splayed wide open, licking furiously as he finger fucked me. Within seconds, his brutal actions shoved me into a climax.

“No. No. No!”

“Yes,” he murmured, jamming two other fingers inside, my muscles clamping around the invasion as the orgasm continued, the tidal wave encapsulating every inch of my body as well as my mind. He knew exactly what would drive me crazy, every move he made keeping me on the very edge. I wasn’t just pushed into ecstasy; my state of being was sublime, as if I’d shifted onto another plateau.

I slapped my hand on the piano, trying to catch my breath as he refused to let me go. Within seconds, another powerful orgasm rolled through me, creating wave after wave of stars floating in front of my eyes. I could no longer feel my legs, but in truth, it didn’t matter. I’d never felt so satisfied in my life, tingles trickling up and down the length of my body as if they’d never stop.

And dear God, I didn’t want them to.

“You are very beautiful when you climax. I love the way your lower lip trembles, as if you’re embarrassed by enjoying something so carnal. Imagine if you truly allowed yourself to enjoy the decadence of participating in the darkness you’ve been seeking your entire life. Would you consider what you participated in immoral or exactly what you were looking for? Or both? Would you care what others thoughts about you, what they whispered behind your back?” He pressed his lips against one inner thigh then the other, his eyes piercing mine.

I’d heard ramblings from madmen and monsters, their twisted thinking allowing them to feel superior but only until they’d been captured. But everything that dripped from his mouth was about breaking through the chains that every one of us kept woven tightly around us for fear of rejection. He’d ceremoniously given me a key to unlock those chains.

But only if I accepted the ramifications of doing so.

“I can’t do that,” I answered honestly.

He buried his face into my pussy for several seconds before rising to his full height. “You can and you will. Soon.”

I watched in near awe as he rolled his forearm across his glistening lips. Then taking a few seconds to lick off the remainder beseechingly slowly, his nostrils remaining flared the entire time. Everything he did had a sexual overtone.

And damn it, I remained excited. I moved onto my elbows, a lump forming in my throat. He was far too controlling, but not by being physical. He didn’t have to. He had a way about him that was alluring in the danger he offered, making it almost impossible to resist what he wanted.

What he demanded.

As he raked his fingers through his hair, he closed his eyes. This was far from being over.

He left me where I was, returning to his glass of wine that remained on the table. As he threw back the remainder, he held the liquid in his mouth for several seconds before swallowing. “You truly missed out on a spectacular selection. I take pride in my choice of wines, and it pains me that you used one of my favorites as a weapon. Truly pains me.”

Steele turned slowly, tilting his head as he narrowed his eyes. At that moment, I wanted to crawl off into a corner, hiding from the world. He was unraveling the layers he’d mentioned, still trying to pry into my psyche.

He took long strides as he returned in my direction, but there was no hurry in his step. As if he had all the time in the world.



The beating of my heart was quicker, harder, as if trying to claw its way out of my body.

But there was no anger in his eyes or in his actions, just the sheer satisfaction of knowing that there was nothing I could do to avoid him.

He raked his fingers down my chest to my hips, murmuring words under his breath that I couldn’t hear before yanking me off the piano, turning and tossing me over the edge like a puppet. Then he repeated the move, rolling the rough pads of his fingertips down my spine.

“There’s nothing more sensuous than the body of a stunning woman. While I prefer to keep such beauty in its natural state, you might have changed my mind. The ruby red dress you were wearing on the first night was particularly appealing. I should have brought it with us. Hmmm… I guess I’ll make certain and collect it before the next phase of our adventure begins. Would you like that, Georgia?”

Fuck. My teeth were chattering, the arousal I’d felt earlier even more aggressive, pulling me to what had to be the edge of my own sanity. “Yes, sir. I would.”

“Very well then. I’ll make that happen for you. However, right now, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

There was something morose about the way he was talking, but charming and sensual all at the same time. I plastered my palms against the piano, every muscle ticking as another rush of adrenaline rushed into my system. Panting, I wanted to scream at him to get on with it, but he was doing exactly as he’d done before, savoring every moment spent using me.

Teasing me.

Tasting me.

Fucking me.

Next was… owning me.

Stop thinking this way. It’s just a case. A case.

There were so many ways the lines could become blurred if I didn’t continue to remind myself that this wasn’t playtime. There would be no good outcomes, no romantic happy ever after that almost all women craved. He was incapable of love. Hell, from what I already knew about him, I didn’t believe he had a conscience.

“This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.” His voice skittered through me as he pushed the tip of his cock against my asshole.

I couldn’t stop my involuntary reactions, clenching my buttocks until he smacked me twice.

“None of that. Stay a very good girl for me. I want you to feel exceptional when we’re finished, floating on cloud nine.”

The man was serious.

I nodded, purring under my breath. Let him believe I was enjoying this.

You are.

There was no way I could be.

Stop lying to yourself.

I bit back a laugh as he slipped his shaft inside, taking his time as my muscles became used to the thickness, stretching to accommodate.

The discomfort was almost too much but he was very gentle in his actions, rolling his fingers down my spine as he continued pushing inside.

“Yes, that’s it. Goddamn, you are so tight.”

I clenched my eyes shut, hating the gorgeous vibrant strings of light flashing across my periphery of vision. I couldn’t seem to stop panting until he was fully seated inside, his balls nestled against my skin.

Steele threw his head back and roared before pulling almost all the way out, driving into me again. And again. Then he developed a rhythm, plunging in and out in perfect time.

My God, he was humming the same damn song.

The force he used was jarring, shoving me against the piano. I threw my arms across the surface, staring at the collection of music, realizing a few seconds later I was smiling as the pain shifted into extreme pleasure. This was crazy. This was incredible.

This was more dangerous than anything I’d ever experienced, and I wasn’t certain I wouldn’t want it again.

He thrust harder and faster, every sound he made raspy. His grip on my hips firm, he dug his nails into my skin, grunting like an animal.

I could tell he was finally close to releasing, his entire body shaking. Yet he wouldn’t stop.

Or maybe he couldn’t release.

I arched my back, bucking against him, the hard slapping of skin against skin enticing, drawing me further into a different realm.

With every savage plunge, I sensed his growing needs, but ones that were entirely different than what he’d shown me before. He thrust harder. Faster.

Until he was fucking me at a frenzied pace.

Only when I squeezed my muscles could I tell he was finally at a point.

“Yes!” His roar was startling as it floated between us, the sound something I would never forget.

And as he filled me with his seed, I hung my head, my muscles jerking from the remaining electricity surging through me.

As he lowered his body over mine for a few brief seconds, pressing kisses along the back of my neck, I was forced to face how comfortable a portion of my body and my mind felt around him.

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