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Auctioned: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I stood in a fog as Draze advanced, peeling away the remnants of the shirt from my shoulders. His shirt. The one that I’d enjoyed wearing. I couldn’t get the scent of him off my skin, as if he’d stained me permanently. I had difficulty breathing as he cupped both sides of my face, lowering his head until our lips were only centimeters apart.

The way his sizzling breath lingered, heating up my skin was a torrent of fire swimming through me. I could no longer deny the electricity the three of us shared any more than Draze was able. Whatever had occurred between them all those years ago had something to do with a woman. And Draze was usurping as much control as possible.

He was in charge.

He was the true dominant.

Greson remained in the shadows, nursing his drink as Draze dragged the tip of his tongue around my mouth, sliding it along the seam as he pressed his fingers into my skin. “I want you,” he whispered.

There would be no denying him, his dark cravings and his requirement for me to obey. I was much more than his pet. I could feel it in my heart and in the way my body reacted around him. He excited me in every way, from his touch to his dazzling stare. The man had looked through me, peeling away the hard layers that had been necessary to develop over the years.

He’d ceremoniously stripped me of the lingering fears and inhibitions. Even though my skin remained flushed, my heart skipping beats, it was from the extreme excitement coursing through me. I rose onto my tiptoes, forcing our lips to touch. I slid my arms around his neck, reveling in his powerful neck muscles. Everything about him was solid as a rock, chiseled.

He took several breaths before capturing my mouth, holding me still as if savoring me.

My scent.

My touch.

My taste.

And I was thrown into the most amazing flash of light, so vibrant in hue, my mind reeling from the kinetic energy flowing through us. I was on fire, lit from my toes to my temples, blood rushing into every vein and muscle. I was alive, more so than ever before. I had no way of knowing whether this was some kind of synthetic urge, perhaps a tampering of my mind and body’s reactions.

But I no longer cared.

I simply craved what he was offering.

What he was demanding.

He growled into the kiss as he slid his tongue inside, dancing the tip back and forth. The taste of him was sweet, the hint of liquor only adding fuel to the flame. I could no longer feel my legs as he rubbed the knuckles of one hand down my spine, kneading my bottom at first before issuing several hard swats.

I knew there would be more to come.

When he yanked me completely off my feet, I wrapped one leg around his thigh, reveling in the roaring passion. The kiss was manic, crazed in every manner and I was no longer able to breathe, my eyes watering.

I sensed Greson’s presence. He was forever watching, needing. I heard the hard slam of his drink glass as he set it down, advancing like a true predator. His words were like rocket fuel. “She belongs to me as well, brother. And I am very hungry.”

Seconds later, Draze broke the kiss, nipping my lower lip then my chin, slowly moving to a full standing position, his breathing heavy. “We will take you hard, claiming you.”

“Yes,” I whispered. His pupils had dilated, the dazzling colors mesmerizing.

“For now. Forever,” he added.

“Yes, oh, yes.” I almost laughed out the words as he bit down on my neck, goosebumps floating along every inch of skin. How could anything this wrong feel so damn amazing? How could I want this? Oh, but there was no ability to deny anything any longer. I wrapped my hands around his arms, tugging him even closer.

I was pulled into a vacuum as fingers probed my pussy and my tight asshole, thrusting in and out in a wild and forceful manner. Both men growled, their desires increasing.

Greson slipped his hand under my thigh, holding me in place as he fingered my asshole, pumping in frenetic moves. The slight hint of pain was exquisite, stealing my breath. I lowered my head, pressing my lips against Draze’s chest as I attempted to catch my breath. Seeing his erect nipple was far too enticing. I swirled my tongue around the swollen bud, keeping my eyes clenched tightly closed and allowing the joyous sensations to rocket through me.

Draze tangled his hand in my hair, his fingers caressing my head as he had difficulty breathing. “A little tease. That’s what you are.”

“Yes,” Greson answered, adding a third then fourth finger to fuck my dark hole. “She needs to understand that she has no control.”

“Agreed,” Draze huffed. The way his fingers rolled around my clit, pinching the tender tissue was nothing short of ecstasy. “After we feast on her sweet flesh.”

With another guttural growl, he moved away from Greson, shoving me against the window, pushing my legs up and out.

“Oh. Oh!” I slapped my hands against the cool glass as he pushed me up even further, taking his time and lowering his head. Panting, I realized I’d never felt so exposed, even though there was no way anyone could see us.

Or could they?

What if they were watching? What if this was a part of their playtime? I struggled to try and see over my shoulder, almost swearing there were people hovering in the close windows, enjoying the freaking show.

“Pay attention,” Greson instructed.

I licked my lips, nodding as he eased his hand down his stomach, stroking his cock.

Draze continued making savage sounds as he buried his face into my pussy, twisting his head back and forth. The friction created was almost enough to send me over the edge.

“God! Yes.” I heard my strangled voice, the ragged breathing as I became lightheaded. I tried to focus on the sight of Greson as he stood watching, slowly removing his clothes in anticipation of another kinky round of brutal sex.

When he’d tossed his clothes aside, he squeezed his balls with one hand, pumping the entire length of his shaft with the other. He would only wait for so long to claim his prize.

I bit back a scream as Draze shoved his tongue inside, lapping my cream in a smooth and even manner. My legs dangled over his shoulders, my entire body quivering from his actions, the force of what he was doing sliding me up and down the glass.

The sheer pleasure was breathtaking, just thinking about other creatures watching us, hungering was both embarrassing and terribly exciting. I closed my eyes as the dazzling sensations continued to build. When he thrust several fingers deep inside, I couldn’t hold back a sharp yelp. Everything in the room seemed to be spinning, my heart thudding so loudly it echoed in my ears.

I reached for Draze, wrapping my hand around his hair as he licked and sucked, three fingers becoming four. The finger fucking became even more savage, driving me straight into nirvana. “I can’t hold… it. I can’t…”

“You can and you will,” Greson said in a husky voice, the deep tone creating a wave of scorching heat between my legs.

“Or you will never be allowed to come,” Draze added, his throaty laugh so damn exciting. He lowered his head once again, licking up and down. Even in the dim lighting, I could see his face was slickened with my juice. The effect was erotic as hell, delicious in every way.

I leaned my head against the glass, doing everything I could to hold back the orgasm threatening to shoot up the insides of my legs. When Draze split me open even wider, I almost lost it. I could no longer feel my toes, my body bucking as he rubbed his face and nose up and down the length of my pussy.

The second he jammed his thumb into my asshole, I smashed my hand against the glass. “Please. Please. Please.” No. No! Please let me come. Please.

Draze threw his head back, the roar more like the bellow of one of the creatures from before.

“My turn,” Greson half whispered, tugging me out of Draze’s hold. He lifted my legs even higher, leaning over until he was able to look directly into my eyes. “You are such a little tease. I know exactly how to handle that.”

The second his fingers snapped against my aching pussy lips, the climax hit me, rushing from the tips of my toes, crashing like a wave into my pussy. “Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh!”

He smacked my pussy several times, one coming after the other. “Bad little human. Very bad. You will be punished.”

The anguish mixing with the pure ecstasy was almost too much for my system. I tossed my head back and forth as the single orgasm turned into two then three.

Greson plunged all four fingers into my pussy, driving in hard and fast. Just as quickly as he’d allowed pleasure, he returned to spanking my tender tissue.

I was exhausted, every portion of my skin over-sensitized. I lolled my head, struggling to hold onto him as he brought me to yet another climax. The rush was almost too much, the scream erupting from my mouth ragged at best, the sound quickly dying off. I gazed at the two gorgeous creatures, the sight of their naked bodies taking my breath away.

Even my mouth watered to suck on their big, fat cocks.

“There will never be pleasure allowed if you disobey.” Greson’s words were more aggressive than before, demanding. He dragged me down, impaling my pussy with his throbbing shaft. “Fuck. Yes. That’s it, little human. You’re going to ride me.”

He rolled onto the balls of his feet, jutting his hips as he thrust in wild abandon.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” I clung to him, my fingers digging into his arms, clasping my feet together as he gripped my hips. He was so damn strong, every muscle teeming.

Grinning, he took two long strides backward, shifting in a complete circle. In the reflection of the glass, I could see Draze coming closer. He was quiet in his actions, almost no sound coming from the man who loomed over me like a predator in heat. When he ran his fingers down my spine, tapping first one then the other ass cheek, there wasn’t a nerve ending that hadn’t erupted into a firestorm.

Greson shifted his arms under mine, dragging my head toward him, his hot breath skipping across my skin. As he pulled me down even more, crushing his mouth over mine, I felt Draze pressing two or three fingers against my puckered hole. There was no resistance, my body accepting almost instantly. The mere hint of pain was light, the bliss immediate, a shower of pleasure cascading over me.

When Draze seemed satisfied that I was ready to accept all of him, only then did he slide the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my ass. Greson arched my back even more, dominating my tongue as the kiss became a manic roar.

Draze peppered a series of kisses along my shoulder as he slipped the tip of his cock just inside my asshole. He rubbed his lips up to my earlobe, darting several licks inside my ear before whispering, “Now, I fuck you in the ass, just like I did before. Just like I will again.”

I would never get used to the sensations of feeling so full as two men fucked me in unison, driving in and out as if orchestrated. Being sandwiched between them was so damn incredible. The electricity built between us, the desire churning like a giant wave. I was floating, flying high as they continued thrusting. They were nothing but wild animals, creatures to be feared, but in my mind, they were so much more.

They were warriors.

They could be heroes.

Greson pulled back, one hand wrapping around my neck. He darted his eyes back and forth, whispering in his native language as he held me. “I’m going to fill you with my seed.”

The way he said the words held a different meaning and for a few seconds, he was tender, stroking my skin as he pressed his lips against my cheek.

But Draze took control, driving harder and faster. The expansion of his cock, the nubs that had been so shocking at first were now sheer pleasure. In the next several seconds, the three of us were as one. The moment they both released, filling me with their seed, a horrible sense of sadness filled me, a moment of true reality. The wave of pleasure quickly subsided. I hated the feeling, the ugly thoughts shifting into my mind but there was a reality that I had to face.

We weren’t meant to be together.

I wasn’t in a relationship with them.

I was still and would forever be… their pet.

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