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Austin: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“You need to be careful, Franny. I know the kind of people who have no problem torching a building, even if people are in danger. There’s a hunger inside some people, a craving to watch things burn and acting on that gives them a sense of control.”

“It sounds like you know what you’re talking about.”

“I know enough. I’ve watched damn good men, even a few women lose themselves entirely to the sickness. You need to stop asking questions. If you don’t, whoever this asshole is won’t hesitate to consider you collateral damage.” Vader’s words were more of a demand than a request.

I wasn’t certain why his words pissed me off, but I jerked to my feet, moving away from the blanket. After a few sips, I carefully set the bottle on the ground, no longer thirsty, at least for barely cold beer. “You don’t own me, Vader. If I can help in any way find this freak, then I’m going to do it. I talked with the motel owner earlier. He was threatened to sell his property. A second owner didn’t deny it, although he hung up on me after I asked the question. Something isn’t right about this. I just don’t know what that is.”

“Their reactions should give you a very clear reason to stay clear of this. Let the authorities do their job.”

I laughed, shaking my head. “The authorities? They can’t seem to make any connections while I’ve made at least one. Now that I’ve been threatened by the same asshole, my guess is he or she is going to make a mistake.” As soon as I spit out the words, I could see the change in his eyes, the kind of profound anger as well as possessiveness that I’d seen the night of the fire.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. It doesn’t matter. We don’t have to talk about it.”

“You were threatened?”

Exasperated, I turned away. “I’m threatened all the time, Vader. There isn’t a week where I’m not burned in effigy. So what? I’m not going to stop until I find out the truth.”

I was aware he’d shoved his beer to the ground, moving into a standing position and taking long strides away from where we were. What the hell was he doing? And why did I tell him about the threat? I should have known he’d have an adverse reaction.

“Vader. I’m not going to say I’m sorry. Someone already lost their life.” I resisted going after him. The big brute could sulk on his own.

He said nothing. Mr. Man-of-few-words ignored me. Of course he did.

Groaning, I moved back toward the water, trying to rationalize why he was behaving this way. I wasn’t his possession, even though it was evident that he thought he could control me. Well, fuck him. Fuck all men.

A cracking sound drew my attention, but I refused to turn around. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that his silence bothered the hell out of me.

But it did.


We didn’t mean anything to each other, at least not really.

A shiver coursed down my spine when I felt his presence behind me. “I really can protect myself.”

“You mean like the weapon you have in your truck? Do you even know how to use it?” Vader asked in his silky, velveteen voice, the one that created goosebumps dancing over almost every inch of my body.

“I can shoot a man right between the eyes. It’s another thing my daddy taught me. I suggest you keep that in mind.” I dragged my tongue across my lips, the surges of excitement and apprehension colliding together.

When he wrapped his hand around my forearm, dragging me with him, I yelped, immediately shifting in order to pummel my fists against him. When I noticed what he held in his hand, I was floored. Speechless. A switch? Was he kidding me?

“You need to learn when to keep your nose out of things that could mean danger,” he stated with no inflection in his voice. When he reached the blanket, he finally turned, gazing into my eyes with the kind of deep and very dark possessiveness that took my breath away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I tried to back away, but he refused to let me go.

“Teaching you a valuable lesson.”

“Oh, hell, no.”

“I think we need to work on your manners as well as that caustic mouth of yours.”

The man wasn’t kidding. “I… Wait a minute. That’s not…” I’d written dozens of speeches during my career, many on the fly but I had difficult putting a coherent sentence together. Jesus Christ, the effect the man had on me was all consuming.

“Lower your jeans and panties.”

His command was even more forceful than before.

“Whoa. You’re not going to spank me.”

“If I need to, I will tie you to one of the trees. You’re going to stop interfering. You could have placed yourself in danger.”

“I knew what I was doing.” As soon as I issued the words, I knew it was a mistake. He dropped the switch, yanking both my wrists into one hand then proceeded to unfasten my jeans. No amount of wiggling managed to get him to stop, his hold too strong. I was completely at his mercy.

A husky growl erupted from his throat as he deftly managed to unbutton and unzip. “Fight me and the punishment is going to be much worse.”

While he was forced to use both hands to roll the dense material over my hips, I found myself obeying him. I was shocked that I stood almost still, allowing this man to slide my jeans and thong down past my hips. While my breathing was irregular, I couldn’t utter a word in defiance. What the hell was wrong with me? Did I actually believe I deserved punishment?

He wrapped his hand around my hair, guiding me toward one huge tree, pushing me against it with enough force the wind was knocked out of me.

I couldn’t believe this was happening or that I’d allow any man to control me in such an egregious, horrible manner. Yet every single cell in my body was on fire, every muscle taut in anticipation of not just the round of discipline, but a single touch from his hand. My mouth remained dry, but my pussy was wet. I knew he could detect just how aroused I was, the scent floating all around me like a beacon of wanton desire.

“Arms over your head.” He issued another command, his tone just as gravelly.

And I obeyed without hesitation. I had to be out of my mind.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, Franny. It’s time you figured that out.”

Was that some crazy kind of proclamation that he actually cared for me? I closed my eyes, digging my fingers into the bark. While I doubted anyone would wander this far away from basic civilization, the fact he was spanking me in the middle of the afternoon in the open air was almost as horrifying as the act itself. I took several ragged breaths, the anticipation killing me. Why hadn’t he started?

Why was I standing here?

The second I heard a whooshing sound, I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out. When I felt a connection, I sucked in my breath. The sting was slight, almost unnoticeable, although my pussy continued to quiver, my legs shaking.

When he delivered two in rapid succession, a slight pain coursed down to my toes.

But by the fourth and fifth cracks, I couldn’t hold back a ragged moan, my body jumping involuntarily. “Ouch. Jesus.”

He growled in such a low-slung manner that the sound reverberated in my ears. The bastard even pressed his hand against the small of my back in some crazy attempt to soothe me. Like that was going to happen.

The whooshing sound was almost as unbearable as the spanking itself, but every time he brought the switch against my naked skin, I reacted by either jumping or kicking my legs as far as the tight material would allow.

“You’re going to promise me that you will leave this alone,” Vader stated.

I couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that.

But I did.

“Yes. Okay? I promise.”

“Uh-huh. Why don’t I believe you?” Vader seemed to concentrate on his efforts, bringing the switch down several times in a perfect rhythm, covering every inch of my aching bottom as well as the tops of my thighs.

With every hard strike, another wave of embarrassment crushed over me, becoming suffocating after a few minutes. I was humiliated that I was so damn aroused, my nipples pushing hard against my bra. My reaction was insane. Even the way my heart skipped several beats was ridiculous. But when I found myself undulating, rubbing my legs together as if trying to achieve pleasure out of this horror show, I was mortified.

“Stop. Okay? Just stop.”

“Not until you’ve learned your lesson.”

I could no longer breathe, my mind shutting down. Explosive heat skipped along my bottom like jabbing rounds of electricity. And the brute refused to stop.

There was no way of telling how long the ruthless punishment lasted but when I no longer heard the echoes pounding in my ears, I tried to push away from the tree.

Vader grabbed me around the waist, twisting me around to face him, immediately entangling his fingers in my hair. “I’ve never wanted you as much as I do right now.”

There was so much passion in the man, his entire body erupting in electric vibrations. He was rock hard as he yanked me against the heat of his body, taking gasping breaths as he stared down at me. There was no fighting our combined desire, no sense in ignoring what had kept me awake the night before. I wanted this man. I craved him to the point of sheer madness, my inability to stay away from him likely damning.

But I no longer cared.

I clung to his shirt as he forced my head into a tilt, slowly lowering his. Blinking furiously, I had no ability to focus or think clearly.

Other than about my burning hunger eating at my insides.

When he finally allowed our lips to touch, I couldn’t stop a series of moans. He held me close, brushing his lips back and forth, further exacerbating my desire. He was in full control, doing everything he could to remind me in no uncertain terms that I belonged to him.

I slowly crawled my hands up to his shoulders, using both hands to stroke his neck. Even the tips of my fingers were seared from the light touch and I was no longer able to feel my legs. His powerful effect over me grabbed at my sanity, dragging me into utter bliss when all he was doing was holding me.

“I’m going to devour you,” he said with no inflection. When he finally allowed our lips to touch, I shimmied in his hold. He slowly pushed my lips open, darting his tongue inside, tasting me. All as a precursor to ravaging every inch of my body.

The heat continued to build between us as the kiss became more intense, his guttural sounds matching my own, and I dug my fingers into the back of his neck. I was hindered by the position of my jeans, held captive by the savage man, and a thrill skimmed all throughout my body at the thought.

He continued the rugged intimacy for a full minute, dominating my tongue as he explored the dark recesses of my mouth. Then he slowly lowered me to the blanket, hovering over me and finally breaking the kiss. A chuckle rose from the depths of his being as he bit down on my chin.

When he sat back, I tried to focus, watching as he yanked his shirt over his shoulders, tossing the unwanted material. While my bottom ached, the blanket scratching every inch of affected skin, as crazy as it was, the sensations continued to build the excitement and desire. His next act was to remove my tee shirt, taking his time as he studied me. I could swear he was looking directly into my soul. While the heat between us was combustible, there was something almost chilling about his actions. More permanent.

As if he already owned me.

The way he removed my bra was so gentle, rolling the straps down my arms carefully. When he finally pushed it aside, he cupped my breasts, leaning over and licking between them. He made soft breathing sounds as he swirled his fingers around my nipples, enticing every inch of my body.

I couldn’t stop a series of whimpers from escaping as my heart continued to thud rapidly. When he sucked on first one nipple then the other, I jerked up from the blanket, gripping his shoulders. His expression that of a carnivore, he made several animalistic sounds as he dragged his rough tongue down my stomach.

I closed my eyes as he lowered my jeans and panties, moving oh-so slowly in his effort. When I was completely naked, I suddenly couldn’t feel his presence any longer. My eyes hazy, I made certain he was still in close proximity, enjoying the view as he finished undressing. His magnificence was unequaled, every inch of him laced with raw sexuality.

As he crouched down, he took his time rubbing his fingers up and down both of my legs, creating wave after wave of shivers. I found it difficult to breathe as he continued his exploration, sliding his fingers from one hipbone to the other. He seemed mesmerized by what he was doing, his eyes glassy, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Even his nostrils were flared as his breathing coming in ragged pants.

The second he eased my legs apart, I gasped, feeling vulnerable although I knew in my heart that he’d make good on his promise never to allow anything to happen to me. Our closeness was odd, the connection unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I found it difficult to rationalize and a part of me didn’t want to. I simply wanted to enjoy every second of being with him. There were no grandiose expectations, no belief that we’d ride off into the sunset together.

But we had here and now, savoring the moments of exploration and filthy sin.

Every action he made was deliberate, his eyes never leaving mine as he placed his hands on either side of me, slowly lowering down between my legs. There was such intensity about the man, an almost desperate need to take what I knew he believed belonged to him.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you,” he whispered. “I want to rock your world.”

He had no way of knowing that he already had. Purring, I palmed his chest, digging my fingertips in as he blew a swath of hot air across my face. I was surprised at his level of control, pressing his lips across my forehead then down the bridge of my nose.

Every part of me ached, the longing increasing to an insatiable level. While my bottom continued to ache, the excitement I felt counteracted the previous pain. All I cared about was to have his cock buried deep inside.

After a few additional seconds, every one of them driving me crazy, he leaned back. “Are you ready for me?”

To answer, I slid my hand down, wrapping it around his throbbing cock and positioning the tip just past my swollen folds. His smile was pure evil, a statement of dominance. Keeping his balance, he yanked first one leg around his thighs then the other before sliding his shaft in an inch at a time, thrusting the last few.

“Oh. Oh…” The way he stretched my muscles, filling me so completely was electrifying, keeping me on edge.

“So tight.”

“Uh-huh.” I closed my eyes, sliding my hands over his shoulders as the pleasure continued to increase. When I clamped my muscles around the thick invasion purposely, he let off several growls.

“You’re not in control. You never will be.”

I adored the sound of his voice, the way every syllable clearly indicated his command. I could only imagine him as a soldier, providing instructions in a way that made certain no one ever questioned him. The thought alone gave me shivers.

Vader hovered above me, pulling all the way out then plunging inside again, holding his cock inside, then repeated his actions. The force was just enough my breath was stolen, every sound I made ragged.

I entwined my feet together, gripping his shoulders as he powered into me, the hard slapping echoing into the surrounding trees.

Every one of his muscles were strained, veins bulging from his neck as he fucked me brutally, his hot breath skipping across my skin and creating lines and zigzags of prickles. My pussy clamped and released involuntarily as the sensations began shooting through me like bottle rockets. There was no holding back a climax, no way to stymy the rush of ecstasy as it roared through me.

“I’m going to… Oh, yes. Oh…” I jerked up from the blanket, tossing my head back and forth as the orgasm became a tidal wave, bliss erupting in every portion of my body.

Vader tipped his head back and roared, announcing his conquest to anyone who cared to listen. His actions nothing but from a savage, he pumped like a wild man, driving me to new heights of pleasure.

No longer would there just be a single orgasm. One melded into a second.

Then a third.

Every synapse and muscle was on fire, the heat searing my veins as it mixed with my blood. And the pounding of my heart had to be audible yards away. I pounded on his chest as the climax refused to let me go, the rippling effect like firecrackers in the summer heat.

When I was able to breathe, I rolled my head to the side, still trying to focus as he ravaged me. I knew he could go on for an extended period of time, bringing me to countless other orgasms. But I also sensed his desire to explode deep into me.

This time, I clamped down, squeezing with everything I had. The second his body tensed, I relaxed then repeated the move.

“Fuck. Fuck!” he hissed as he exploded, filling me with his hot seed, his body shaking violently.

Nothing could be better than this.

Being with him was… perfect.

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