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Author Interview – Sara Fields and Korey Mae Johnson

Since they recently put out their first-ever co-written book this week, we took the opportunity to ask Sara and Korey some questions about whatever came to our minds.  Our questions and their answers are below.

Who’s your favorite character you’ve ever written?

Sara: Kieran Murphy from Take Me, Daddy. Hands down. He’s the perfect daddy figure that’s loving, sweet, but also dominant and take-charge. Firm and rough when he needs to be. Yes please. He’s just utterly delicious. One of my favorite moments with him is when he sits outside Leah’s door for hours, waiting for her to open the door just so he can see that she’s okay after her abusive ex catches up with her.

Korey: WOW. Hard question for me, for sure. Moriarty Miles was definitely one of my favorites (from the Her Master series). Every time I had him even around a chapter it seemed to fly out of me, and he wasn’t even the main interest. Pursuit of Glory isn’t even out in publication anymore, but Logan Liam was my favorite book daddy for so many years that I still get that little love-sigh thinking about him. If I had to choose a character to be with on an island for the rest of my life, then Josh Hobbes from the Their Baby Series, because I don’t think we’d fight a lot, he’d bring out my best self, lay good pipe, and keep things positive.

How have your heroes and heroines changed over the years? Have they gotten darker? Grittier? Hotter?

Sara: My heroes initially started out really dark and they still are, but I’ve been giving them a bit more of a softer side when it comes to their women. I love taking a strong man that falls for no one and then telling the story of the woman that brought him to his knees. I’m also really enjoying developing the relationship between my main characters a little more and making it a bit more of a journey. That’s been quite fun.

Korey: I don’t know if they’ve changed as much as my writing style. My writing style has morphed dramatically over the last 21 years so that it can appear like my characters are getting darker and grittier. My heroes, I think have gotten slightly less pragmatic and more opinionated, and my heroines aren’t as bratty (funny enough, I’ve made them MORE pragmatic). But something that’s always been important to me, that I think I’ve been better at showing in later years with my heroes and heroines, is that they are all faulty. None of them are perfect, none of them live up to their own standards or the standards they set for others. The tops/doms aren’t perfect tops/doms, the submissives aren’t always happy or turned on by being topped or dominated. That’s what I do because that’s what I know from my life experiences. I haven’t met a perfect human yet, and I don’t think I ever will.

What’s your favorite scene out of any of the books you have written?

Sara: My favorite scene I’ve ever written is from my favorite book of mine, Daddy’s Property. In order to win back Cami, Mason declares his love for her at the podium, on television, for everyone to hear, and it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever written. I actually teared up while writing it, and I still read it from time to time because I love it so much.

Korey: I think it’s in Keeping Their Baby. To sort of keep her own entity, the main heroine, Sophie, leaves for over half a year from her relationships with Liz, Charlie, and Josh, who are her doms (and boyfriends and girlfriend), and she doesn’t tell them where she’s been, and then Charlie goes in and rekindles things, and then she promptly goes and rekindles things with Josh. Those scenes were really important to me, everyone was understanding and forgiving, but also there was a good amount of tense undercurrent that felt real, and I was happy with the way it turned out.

What’s the spiciest thing you’ve considered putting into a book but haven’t yet?

Sara: One idea I had was for the heroine to flirt with another man and the hero sees and decides to punish her for it. She’s his and his alone, but he spanks her and makes her orgasm in front of a group of his men, and then he allows the others to tease her with toys, like pressing a remote-control vibrator to her clit and putting a plug into her bottom, all before he fucks her bottom long and hard, and forces her to come over and over until she begs for mercy, which he isn’t going to give her. She’s going to come as many times as he wants. 😈

Korey: A public breeding scene, honestly. And emphasis on the breeding—if I ever put it in my books (like I did in Babygirl) I was majorly holding back, so I don’t want to do that, and I do want to do one where breeding and erotic humiliation are combined to create a sort of yummy mix for us all to enjoy.

What book of yours do you wish would get more love?

Sara: I wish my Alpha Brotherhood series would get more love. There’s so much mythology and intrigue that went into writing those five books. I had a blast writing them and incorporating myths about the gods and their story. Norse mythology is really cool. Plus, I really love the secret society I wrote into that one and how everything is revealed in the final installment, Enigma.

Korey: I wish His Untamed Mate would get more love. It was a weird release because I wrote it for Bethany’s Woodshed forever ago, got the rights back, and then REWROTE it in my ‘new style’ and then rereleased it. Some readers get really bothered by the fact that Ellie (the main character) gets a lot of spankings and DOES NOT LIKE THEM. Like, not even a little bit. She loves her mate and does very grudgingly get aroused when she’s spanked, but she doesn’t like discipline and really tries to perfect doing shit behind his back so she can be a badass while not having to deal with getting punished. That makes some readers uncomfortable, but her mate is an alien, so what can you do? Cultural differences.

Who’s your favorite author and what’s your favorite book they’ve written?

Sara: I love Carissa Broadbent, especially The Serpent and the Wings of Night. It reminds me of The Hunger Games and Divergent all rolled into one. I love a good story about an underdog and this one had vampires, which is an all-time favorite love of mine. I highly recommend it and the sequel, The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King. Right now, I’m currently devouring all of hers and own paperbacks of everything she’s ever written. I’m that obsessed.

Korey: Um. Huh. I read a lot—like a LOT—and I get obsessed with so many different authors and books that it’s hard to choose. For erotica, my favorite author is Kresley Cole and my favorite book of hers is Lothaire, because Lothaire is a fun character and she paired him with Ellie (a West Virginian mountain girl), who I love, love, love. It’s well pieced together, but the way she does characters makes it so I could read a whole book of just them talking at the breakfast table with each other. On another note, Audible informed me that I just spent 1160 hours listening to Pride and Prejudice this year alone (yeah…) which is legit. I have it going on all the time. I fall asleep to it pretty much every night. It’s soothing. But my favorite “I’m sick and this is the only thing that will make me feel better book” has been The Martian by Andy Weir. It’s just a masterpiece and I love how he incorporates so much accurate science in his books like it’s nothing.

What’s coming from you next?

Sara: Share Me, Daddy. I can’t wait for you to see Connor and Caden’s story. They’ve got a firecracker of a woman on their hands with Anastasia. There’s also maybe a surprise story coming from me about Liam, the Murphy family consigliere. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Korey: I’m a way slower writer than Sara. So probably the next one released will be the one we’re working on together about dragon shifters. But I also have another billionaire romance in the works as well, so that will also be coming out this year.

That’s all for today. You can find Sara and Korey’s new book, Mate: A Dark Wolf Shifter Romance, on Amazon.