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Babygirl: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Korey Mae Johnson – Extended Preview

Braum bent down, grabbed me around my torso, and hoisted me easily up to my feet before turning me around to face him. He had a face that was unreadable, a mask that seemed void of sympathy, except that he was cleaning up the tears that were running down my cheeks with a handkerchief before pushing my hair back behind my ears. His eyes passed over my mouth, my chin, and then the front of my dress, seeming to be checking that all his friend’s cum was cleaned up.

“We’re leaving,” he informed me simply in his gruff, Slavic tones. He pulled off his suit coat and slung it over my shoulders, then guided me down the stairs and towards the exit. I turned, trying to make contact with Rabbit’s cousin at the bar, but he turned me around and kept me close to his side. His walk reminded me of a CEO walking to a business-meeting, with his shoulders back, his chin up, and like everything was as it should be.

His car was pulled right up front when we stepped outside. Braum kept me close to his body as he guided me into the backseat, where I scrambled across the car to the furthest seat from the entrance and looked around.

The door shut, and it was just Braum and me in the car. I was trying to school myself from shaking uncontrollably. I had never been so nervous. Being with Braum had never felt so charged before; it used to be as easy as breathing. But when he stared at me, instead of seeing concern and empathy like I usually did, I saw heat and desire instead.

“Have you not been in limo before?” he asked, gesturing around the car. I was now looking at everything but him.

I lifted one shoulder. “I haven’t been inside a car in ages. I might have been twelve.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Really? In Seattle?” He gestured toward the window. “Is always raining!”

I shook my head. “I was kept close to the compound,” I explained, rubbing at my arm.

Suddenly, he reached forward, grabbed both sides of my torso, and pulled me against him, easily maneuvering my legs until I was straddling him while facing him. My cheeks flushed as I immediately realized that my groin was pressing up against his, and he was packing a very hard cock in his pants. I squirmed but he held both sides of my face in his hands, and I was forced to look at him straight-on. “We will protect you, but it is not our desire to cage you like bird,” he promised, maybe because he remembered my enthusiasm for going new places, trying new foods.

He stared at me, and I could see the flecks of amber in his light brown eyes. “I’m not sorry,” he finally said, his hands finding my waist and holding me exactly where I was so I couldn’t squirm. “I cannot tell you how often I’ve dreamed about owning you, and then it happens. You fell right into my lap, and now you are mine.”

I couldn’t garner up an extra blush, though I was surprised at his dreams. His dreams, it seemed, were very unlike most men in romance movies. Most men wouldn’t hope the girls they had been trying to pick up for such a long time would suck their best friend’s dick. “I’m just as much Wilhelm’s as I am yours.” I felt like I had to remind him this, as if he didn’t know for a fact whose seed was in my throat still.

He made a dismissive grunt and waved his fingers for a second before they returned to my side. “What is mine has always been his, anyway. What is his, is mine. It does not matter.”

I couldn’t help but pout out my bottom lip at this. “It doesn’t matter to you, perhaps. You know how I feel about Wilhelm. Hell—you know how he feels about me!”

He sighed and pursed his lips. “Wilhelm can be…” he stretched out this sentence, searching for a word. “Difficult.” Difficult was not the word I would have chosen. “He does not understand you; he does not know why you are what you are. He thinks you are scorpion; that bad is your nature, and you will always return to it. It will take much to earn his trust, but you are in good position.”

“A good position?” My nosed wrinkled, my eyes wide with incredulity. “You mean on my knees?”

“Despite popular belief, the best way into a man’s heart is not through stomach.” He paused, but seemed to need to specify, “It is through cock.”

I curled my lip through disgust and rolled my eyes.

“You are difficult woman, too,” he accused. “So give him break.”

“Hey, nice goes a long way for me,” I assured immediately, pulling back my shoulders.

He didn’t have an easy smile, and I rarely saw it, but a look of amusement washed over his eyes and he arched an eyebrow skeptically. “Between us, you are not nice one. I am nice one. I take care of you, protect you from Wilhelm although you were set on disobeying us for months. And I let you, because I have soft spot. On my niceness, you have benefited greatly. You—you just take. It is all that you understand. So go ahead and pout about how mean we are that we gave you everything you asked for.” He waved at me dismissively, but his other hand held me tightly behind the knee.

He tugged my body close to his, and I could feel his hardness rub up against my daisy panties. I should be angry at being called selfish, but the hardware I was pressed against demanded all my attention.

He pressed it harder against me, and I swear that his bulge was grinding against my clit. I gasped, but he merely peered at me through his dark eyelashes. “You are virgin, aren’t you?” I thought his tone was accusing, as though at some point in our relationship, I had told him that I hadn’t been, or as if there was an important meeting that I’d missed that would have properly done away with my hymen.

I sighed. “Why does everybody think that?”

Flatly, he responded, “Because you are little girl who wears flowers on panties.”

Well, he would have had a good laugh then, if he’d seen any of my other panties.

“I’m not a virgin.” My announcement wasn’t exactly said with a raised chin of arrogance. I was trying hard to remember if I learned anything useful in that short moment years ago.

His huge hands grabbed my ass, covering the full expanse of my skin easily. His voice was deep, even raspy now as he looked lasciviously at my mouth. “You had never sucked cock before tonight. Tell Daddy is true.”

I blushed so hard, so suddenly, that my face hurt. It was hard to swallow. “You’re not my…” I swallowed thickly, and the next word came out only a fraction as loud as the others. “D-D-D… Daddy.” My voice wasn’t even loud at the word, let alone firm. My confidence seemed to have suddenly deflated like a rundown tire.

“Oh yes I am.” He raised his hips slightly and his cock anchored just below my clit, rubbing against my cloth-covered core. “I have always been, but now you’ll call me that, eh? Now tell me what my little girl’s cunt has done, so I can take care of it properly.”

I found that I couldn’t answer, despite opening my mouth a few times. It’d been a long time since I’d been rendered speechless, but for some reason the way he was beginning to speak to me made my brain numb.

“Tell Daddy. What have you been up to, little girl? Who have you let inside?”

Now I couldn’t look him in his eyes. I was too humiliated, down to my toes, and butterflies were once again alive in my stomach, having a goddamn ballet. “There was… this guy. A couple years ago.”

“A guy? Any others?” he asked, and I shook my head, not looking at him, or us, or the way that his hardness was practically inside of me. I was looking at the window control for the limo, but then his fingers came to my face and grabbed my chin, pulling me towards him. “He didn’t… hurt you?” he asked, his voice a whisper, filled with concern.

My eyes widened. “No! No,” I assured, and his bearing relaxed and he combed my hair behind me with his fingers. “It was just… not worth mentioning. It happened fast; there’s not much to tell.”

“It was just the one boy? Nobody else?” he asked, and I couldn’t judge his tone. It seemed like he both thought this information was both very sad and very arousing. “Did he make you cum, little one?”

I looked away, barely shaking my head at all, but he seemed to perceive it anyway.

“Well, Daddy will, Malyshka. I promise you that. I will teach you everything.” He pulled my face down to his mouth, where he kissed me.

This kiss was not like the last one. The last one, despite the fact that I had masturbated to the memory of it, had been almost chaste in comparison.

This wasn’t a chaste kiss. Braum was a big, strong Russian who was thirteen years older than me, and by the feel of it, he had spent those thirteen years exclusively kissing. Ten seconds of merely kissing Braum was more erotic than my first fuck. He took my mouth hard and deep, his movements confident and sure.

I moaned and he grinded me down on his cock. I was quickly getting lost in the motions and I moved my hips in rhythm to his, dry humping him. His fingers squeezed my ass, guiding me to a rhythm that was hard and long. “Daddy is going to fuck your little pussy until you can’t walk,” he hissed in a promise between kisses.

This man had let his best friend force me to perform fellatio and make me a slave. And still the idea of fucking him sounded impossible not to desire, yet at the same time I feared it.

He kissed me until I lost myself, and I began to grind on my own, down on his cock, and I was close to getting off simply from the friction.

“Did Daddy tell you to come?” he panted in a growl.

I shook my head, although hearing the word ‘Daddy’ again got me freakishly close upon a single word.

“Then don’t. Not yet.” He bucked his hip so that he could loosen and pull down his pants, springing out his cock. I hated leaving the position I’d been in, but he encouraged me to continue kissing him. He moved my hand to his cock and had me grip my hand around its girth then moved my hand up and down, directing me to stroke him.

There was a sobering moment. Maybe this wasn’t an unusual cock, but it certainly seemed thick to me. Too thick. About a year before, I had once ordered myself a dildo online, and when it got there, it was about the size of the cock I was stroking right now. After an attempt to put it inside, a very failed attempt, I threw it away and then decided that it was clit vibrators forever for me.

“Do you feel what you did to your Daddy, you naughty girl?” he asked me, watching. I realized I had stopped to look at it. “That’s a man’s cock.”

“Brau—” I began.

“Don’t call me by my name. You know what I am,” he growled.

I swallowed, my stomach clenching. “Dah…” I tried, but it fizzled out of my mouth. I tried again, and all I could do was blush and think of penises. So I tried, “D-d-da.” I swallowed, feeling feverish with embarrassment from how awkward I was surely appearing. Apparently—and I hadn’t known this about myself—but there were some words that I couldn’t say, despite one-year-olds managing them just fine.

“One more time. It’s okay.” The cock in my hand was still as hard as a stone, so apparently I hadn’t ruined the mood just yet, and his tone didn’t warn that he was worried about my mental state.

I swallowed and fell back into the word, saying it quickly, “Daddy, I…” I bit my lip. This was going to sound very cliché. “It’s not going to fit inside me.”

“Oh, it will fit,” he assured me, straight-faced. “You’re going to take Daddy’s cock just fine. One inch at a time. You’re ready.”

I highly doubted that. I would never be ready for a cock that big. Not in a day, at least! …Maybe after stretching? I reminded myself that physics were at stake, and physics couldn’t be talked into things. No, no; physics would surely announce that something big could not fit into something small, and it would be firm about it.

He cleared his throat like he was about to start a business meeting and grabbed my dress. “Arms up,” he ordered, and I raised them in confusion. He pulled my dress over my head and discarded it on the floor of the car, next to his shoes.

I had dropped my arms to close them over my bra, a shriek piercing the car. “Wait!”

If I had cuckooed instead, nothing would have changed about the expression he gave me. “I want to see all of you. You’re mine. Now get your arms away from your breasts.”

Now I was the one looking at him like he was nuts, and he was not as okay with the look as I was. “Now.”

“I can’t be naked! I’m in a car!” I looked at the windows to my left and right.

“And you are about to be spanked again in a car, Malyshka, because you cannot learn to do as you are told!” he informed me gruffly, and I gasped with the indignity of such an idea.

My hands still didn’t leave my bra. I didn’t think they could; it was as if they were held together with a magnetic force. “You can’t! I’m sore and bruised already, and we’re in a car.” I gestured behind me in case he hadn’t quite noticed yet. I wondered if he had lost it. I could barely sit in a car; I wasn’t going to make myself uncomfortable in one on top of that. It was ludicrous, not to mention pervy. There was a driver in the front seat, to say nothing else; surely he could hear us enough as it was.

He did not looked moved by my protest. He looked annoyed. “I am going to count to three, and—”

I cut his threat short. “How about three thousand? Would that get us to your house in time? Because right now, we’re—”

Braum moved several body parts at once, and gravity swung me down, off his lap, only to be grabbed before my nose hit the floor where I was resettled across his lap. I did not want to be here.

“—in a car!” I shouted at him, kicking my legs, hoping to make contact with his face.

I tried to spin myself around, so that I was belly up rather than belly-down, but he held me down with a strong arm.

“Don’t. You. Dare,” I hissed, trying to crane my head and send my best glare his way, but my position was bad and my head crane was awkward and futile.

He did dare. The sound of his hand hitting my ass sounded like a clap of thunder, and the feel took my breath away. It did hurt more this time, probably because my ass was already tenderized.

I reached back, grabbed my ass, and barked in a very no-nonsense manner, “Stop! It hurts!”

He stopped literally for a second. Then he started back up again, far more annoyed than he was a second ago. “Don’t you dare presume you can snap at me, Pschelka! You are mine now; we’re not doing a scene in a club. I don’t mind doing things hard way, so start obeying me!”

Hard way? This wasn’t hard for him. I was just thinking about how big of an asshole he was, how awful this whole moment was, and why my own vagina couldn’t seem to realize that Braum Vetter was nobody to get excited about. My pussy just continued to trill with excitement, for example, when Braum yanked down my panties to my knees and continued spanking me on the bare. My brain, however, knew exactly what to do: double down.

I felt like I was fighting like a wildcat, but he acted like he was fighting a fly. He was impervious to my kicking, my flailing, my hitting, slapping, and pinching. I was just about to try biting, although I had feared that wasn’t going to work, either, when I was immediately stilled by Braum’s hand grabbing my hair at the scalp and holding me firmly.

“This gets worse, little girl,” he assured me in low tones. “And it’s about to. Unless you want my belt on your little ass, you will quit this.”

I stilled immediately and stopped moving for a long moment while he gripped my hair, but I stayed motionless even after he let me go. I just steeled myself for more spanking, but it didn’t go on much longer before his fingers grasped my swollen muscle and then rubbed it, as if trying to soothe the inflamed skin.

I didn’t relax for what felt like a long time. At first, I wasn’t sure if the punishment was even over. But then the pain ebbed until it no longer had any bite, and only the heat remained in its wake, and I could feel the air of the car tease my wet, exposed folds.

The feeling of his hand was quickly becoming better than it had ever been. I felt like all of my senses were on high alert, and my pussy was more sensitive and aroused than I ever remembered it being. It couldn’t be contained. I tried to relax my arousal, but I wasn’t used to having to reign it in—it never seemed to have a mind of its own before now, and it was beginning to melt to his touch and move with the strokes of his hand.

His rough, large hand dipped towards my core, and as he brushed his knuckles on those sensitive lips, I let out an unguarded moan.

If he was looking for permission to turn up the heat, apparently my moan had given it, because he immediately started to up the dirty talk, leading me on a cycle of arousal that was quickly spiraling out of my control. “What a pretty, needy little pussy you have for Daddy,” he said in a raspy, deep tone.

After playing with the outside of my folds enough to leave me squirming with need, he finally pushed one of his thick fingers into me. “Such a tight little pussy, Malyshka. Moi Khoroshaya devotchka.” My good girl.

I was suddenly very aware that I’d been lusting over this man since I had lust, and now he was finger fucking me. Some part of me spoke to another part, telling me that being his good girl was all I ever fucking wanted. A desire of the heart had been achieved, and it was making my body melt.

“Oh! Shit!” I yelped as he pulled his finger all the way out of me and then thrust it all the way back into me, hard. He did it again, and then again, fucking me with that one single digit.

“Do you like that?” he asked huskily. “Because Daddy’s going to add one more.”

I shook my head. “No, Daddy, please,” I panted, the words coming easier this time. “I can’t handle two.”

“You will. You’re going to take Daddy’s cock tonight, and that is bigger than two of my fingers, little one.”

My face nearly stung with heat at that promise, and I swallowed. There was still no doubt in my mind that his cock was not going inside of me tonight, but the fact that he wanted to try made me simultaneously terrified yet ravenous for more touch.

He pushed the second finger inside, and there was a pinch and a burn as my pussy stretched to accommodate the size. Even the wanton part of me began to feel like it wasn’t driving this. Even it was feeling overwhelmed. His fingers began to thrust, hard and purposefully, and I felt like I was spiraling towards something.

Blyad!” he grated, and then pulled his fingers out of me and pulled me off of his lap and onto my feet. My panties had fallen off during the spanking and my bra was off now. I had no idea when the brackets were pinched open, but it must have happened while I had other things to worry about. Now I was pulling the bra tightly to me with my hands as he manhandled me back onto his lap, jerking me hard this way and that until I had a leg on either side of him once again. Then he began to lower me onto his flagpole-straight cock, which was very ready for action, despite any abuse my hip might have done to it during my spanking.

I stilled, nervous as I felt him lubricate his bare cock by moving it back and forth inside the lips of my pussy before finding my entrance without any difficulty.

“Breathe,” he ordered me, grabbing my ass and supporting my weight as he thrust his hips up.

It didn’t fit. Braum got an easy inch of penetration, but then he obviously realized the challenge. “It’ll fit,” he assured me, grimacing from effort. Beads of sweat even appeared on his forehead.

My ass throbbed too much to argue, but he was surely an inch and a half wide, meaning my hand didn’t even wrap around it. That was big.

And that big, hard Daddy cock of his wasn’t giving up. As hard as ever, it pushed slowly into my core, burning enough to make me wince and look away.

“You’re so wet, Malyshka; so wet for Daddy’s cock, eh?” he said, grunting. “Oh, detka…” He had to stop and restart, pulling out and sliding deeper in, lubricating himself constantly with my juices.

I squeaked in protest now, my mouth going agape. I was simultaneously buzzing with arousal and miserable with the burning, pinching feeling of his cock stretching me for his use. “Please!” I moaned, but I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. He was too far gone to pull out; I was already sore, and my clit was throbbing as hard as my ass. It wanted more inside. It wanted to grind against every inch.

“Shh, is okay. Daddy is going to make you feel good, little girl, although you don’t deserve it. You’re a naughty girl who doesn’t—”

Push, burn…


Push, burn.


“Daddy!” I squeaked, pleading, the pressure too much to take.

“She’s—” He pressed once more, forcefully, and he bottomed out inside of me. “Told!”

I cried with a mix of fulfillment and relief, then panted wearily. He was huffing too, and without speaking we agreed to let ourselves take a break, to get used to each other.

“It’s so tight!” he panted, squeezing my ass. He petted my hair and said in low tones, “What does it feel like to have a man’s cock inside of you? Not a boy’s?”

“It’s so full,” I replied, also catching my breath. That wasn’t true. I felt like I was going to explode.

“It will be,” he promised, then leaned forward and kissed the gentle flesh between my shoulder and neck. “Daddy is going to fill this little pussy with his seed. It will be leaking down your thighs for the rest of night.” He pulled the bra out of my hands and discarded that somewhere around us as well.

He stroked his hands up and down my back, both soothing me and causing my back to bend slightly backwards to maintain the contact. My eyes closed to the sensations as the pulsing pain inside began to ebb away. I opened them when I felt his mouth move to my breasts.

I didn’t know who started the motions first, but it might have been me. I began writhing on that fat cock of his, feeling that my edge was close at hand. I had never edged myself like this, and so I had no idea that this level of need even existed.

My moves were desperate and jerky, and his were strong and hard. He was watching me, his expression intense, like he was trying to remember this. I wouldn’t be able to forget it either.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned, feeling an intense pressure build within me. It was spinning out of control.

“No!” he gritted, his hands grabbing me firmly at the waist to slow me down. “No, Malyshka! Not yet.”

I kept grinding; there was no stopping this train. It was going downhill, and the breaks were dead. He slapped my ass, but the pain was now a million miles away.

He had stopped moving just before I flew over the edge, the wave of my orgasm riding through me like a tsunami; it was wild, uncontrolled. He grabbed me to him as I spasmed and cried out, again and again, until the hungry need inside of me began to ebb.

I wilted, never feeling so tired in my entire life.

“Bad girl!” he gritted, and pulled me off of him. I was annoyed now; all I wanted was to curl up somewhere, but he exchanged spots, sliding upwards and pushing me so that my face smooshed against the back of a seat. My ass was in the air, and after a loud, cracking smack to my skin that made me yipe, I thought he was going to spank me again. Instead, he pushed into me. This time he slid in and bottomed out without much struggle. He grabbed my hair like an owner pulling the leash of an excited dog, curving my back and pulling my chin up as he pounded himself into me.

Without the heat of arousal, I felt every inch of his cock in my sore pussy, every ridge, every groove, and all that pushed into me again and again. “You disobey me! Now I’m going to have to punish this bad pussy, Malyshka. After I’m through with you, you won’t be able to walk!”

I knew he was going to come soon. I could feel his thickness twitch inside of me. I could feel the balls bouncing against my ass harden, his thrusts picking up velocity. He started to speak to me in a Russian, his words so thick and gritty that I couldn’t understand any of what he was saying. When he came, he roared, and loudly. I felt his cock pulse over and over again, and I could actually feel the heat of his cum fill my channel.

He stayed inside of me after, and we both caught our breath again. He wrapped his arms around me and stroked my tummy with his hand and then he pulled out of me, reached for my dress, and cleaned his length off with it before discarding it to the side and zipping up his pants.

“Hey!” I gasped, alarmed, grabbing for my dress. “I need that!”

Braum was checking his appearance in the mirror towards the front of the limo. “No, you don’t,” he said, smoothing down his shirt. He turned back to me as if he wanted to see the aghast look on my face.

“There’re people outside, right? Isn’t this your place? Don’t you live in this big mansion?” I demanded, glancing out the window before pointing at it.

“Yes,” he assured. “And if you didn’t want my guards to see a red ass and Daddy’s cum on your thighs, you shouldn’t have been such bad girl.”

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