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Bad Men: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


That’s the only way I could think about both men. Yes, I’d attempted to run away, figuring it was likely my last chance. Yes, I’d defied their orders. Yes, I hadn’t even thought about taking a weapon with me, not that I could have gotten ahold of one. However, I had paid attention when the odd little man had brought us here. I was good with directions, something few men ever gave a woman credit for. I’d found what I thought was the location of where someone might be able to help me.

But I’d overestimated my abilities.

Now I was being spanked like a bad little girl.


For a second time.

And worse, I was just as excited as I’d been before. The way both men drank me in with their eyes was thrilling, although I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life. However, through the haze of lust and uncertainty, I knew both men would protect me with their lives.

Without a doubt, I was crazy as a loon. There was no reason to believe that, except if they’d wanted to sell me off to another monster, I would guess they’d have done that by now. Were we safe? I knew better than to think we could be while still in the country, or even on the continent.

I buried my face into the pillow, refusing to show any emotion, even though the pain of the spanking had shifted down my legs, curling my toes. Both men knew exactly what they were doing, making certain I wouldn’t be able to sit for a full day, maybe longer. As far as giving them respect? They didn’t know me very well.

I’d been the ballbuster all throughout school, getting myself into trouble more than any other girl. I know my parents had been called more than once in the middle of the night for the various pranks I’d played.

“I didn’t hear you,” Diego said as he rubbed his fingers across my bruised and aching skin.

I bit back all the nasty things I wanted to say. There were two of them and one of me. “I said… Yes. Sir.”

“Hmmm… I can tell we will need continual attitude adjustment,” he half whispered, lust dripping from every word.

The two men were a yin and yang and not just because one was blond and the other deliciously dark all over. While I knew both had been through an arduous past, Jack was the one remaining directly on the edge. He was a volcano, the kind that once erupted could never stop.

“Five more,” Diego stated, sliding his fingers down one thigh and up the other, tickling my swollen pussy with a single finger.

Unable to bite back the moan that had been lingering in my throat for several minutes, the tone when I did was nothing short of sensual. I tried to control my breathing as he toyed with me, his touches light, fingertips barely brushing across my pussy lips.

I closed my eyes, trying desperately to keep from spreading my legs as if ready to accept they owned me. This was a terrible experience, two men who believed they could punish me. Two men who believed they could dominate me.

Two men who’d enticed the woman hiding deep inside.

The desire burned to the point I was flushed, aching all over.

To be used.

To be fucked.

To be… owned.

Panting, I gripped the bedding, fisting my hands in an effort to remain in position. When Diego pulled his hand away, I almost cried out. How could his touch arouse me as much as it had? I was almost thankful as he cracked the belt again, holding his stance for several seconds before striking me a second time.

The pain was blinding, even as my pussy clenched and released, driving me close to an orgasm. Nothing could have prepared me for the dichotomy of both emotions as well as the electric current jolting into every muscle. I was alive, a dancing wire full of apprehension as well as excitement. The rush kept me breathless.

When he’d delivered the last strike, only then did I take a deep breath, still clinging to the bed as I tried to control my heart rate.

“I think maybe she’s learned her lesson for tonight,” Diego half whispered.

I heard him toss the belt and cringed. Jack was the wild card, the one who seemed to be in authority, although they remained at odds. That much was easy to tell.

“I guess we shall see,” Jack retorted, laughing under his breath. “She fooled us before.”

As I shifted, a single moan slipped past my lips and when I turned my head, the way Jack was looking at me was even more intense than before. He didn’t just want to fuck me. He wanted to devour every inch of me. His cock was at full attention, stretching hard against his pants. The look alone was provocative, forcing a tightening of my throat.

I was thirsty, but the kind that couldn’t be satisfied by cool water or even the finest liquor. I wanted to see all of him, every inch of both of them. I wanted to touch their sculpted bodies, to have the heat of their skin sear the ends of my fingers. No. I couldn’t think this way. I just had to stay focused. This was all about getting out of here alive.

But what if…

I didn’t even like Jack in the least. He was cold and calculated, brutal on every level while Diego was hard yet sensual in his mannerisms.

“Maybe we should lock her into her room for the night,” Jack stated, his chest rising and falling. A part of him was serious.

“Don’t you dare,” I snapped.

“I don’t like that idea either,” Diego whispered. “The truth is I’m not certain we can allow her out of our sight. She is very devious.”

“You have a good point. Maybe then we leave her undressed, take away her clothes. She won’t be able to go anywhere then.” Jack’s tone was even more defiant, his eyes glazing over.

“No,” I spouted, jerking up onto my knees. “Don’t you dare do that. When I give my word, I mean it. I’m not going to be stupid enough to try and leave. Besides, I know one or both of you would find me, dragging me back here then God knows what.” The last words I snapped were biting, directed entirely at Jack. “You got exactly what you wanted, Jack. You punished me. Isn’t that enough?”

Jack shifted from foot to foot as he stared at me, amusement riding his expression. “Enough? I’m still not sure we can trust you, Doctor. One wrong move and the whole thing goes to shit.” He tapped his lips as if debating, only infuriating me even more.

“I think we can trust her,” Diego muttered as he sat down on the bed. While he wasn’t looking in my direction, I could almost read his mind, the debate he was having. “Besides, what’s the point in frightening her? She’s highly intelligent and knows what’s at stake.”

Just being so close to him was both terrifying and evocative, keeping my breath skipping and my pulse racing.

“Because she needs to understand the truth,” Jack retorted. There was the same edge in his voice as before, only the verve was entirely different.

This couldn’t happen. No matter the level of attraction for both of them, breaking down additional barriers wasn’t going to do anything but create problems. I managed to move off the bed, yanking my clothes from the floor and holding them in front of me. “Just go. I’m not running anywhere. Take my boots if you’re so terrified that I’ll try and leave. But you will not do that again. I’m not a child.” I hadn’t realized I’d walked closer to him until I managed to gather a whiff of beer on his breath.

“Then don’t act like one,” Jack retorted.

“You are such an arrogant bastard. I don’t get it with you, but you’re not going to take out whatever shitty past you had on me.” I glared at him as Diego eased onto his feet.

“This isn’t getting us anywhere,” Diego huffed.

“Nope. Just get out of my room.” I pushed Jack’s chest in an effort to get him to leave. In the next few seconds as he tipped his head to stare at me, the shudder rushing down the length of my body stole my breath. He was so damn powerful, rugged and tempting, his prowess edged in every inch of his body.

“I don’t think you want that, Doctor. In fact, I think you want something else,” Jack whispered, daring to inch even closer. “I think you’ve desired a firm hand your entire life. Isn’t that true?”

“Hell, no,” I retorted, although my voice was quaking.

“In fact, I think this is exactly what your fantasies have been made of all those nights you spent alone. Two men taking full control over you. Whipping you. Training you. Fucking you.” Jack chuckled after issuing the words.

Every inch of my skin was on fire, the white-hot heat searing every muscle to the point I was melting. Jack pressed his lips against my cheek, dragging his tongue to my earlobe.

“And I think you want us to fuck you right now,” he added.

It was like before, the kiss the most sensual yet irritating thing he could have done. “Not a chance, buster.”

Why did I feel Diego’s heated breath behind me, skating across my neck and shoulders? I could no longer feel my legs, my heartbeat echoing in my ears.

Jack’s upper lip curled as he yanked the clothes out of my hand, tossing them before fisting my hair and yanking me forward. “Listen up, our mischievous doctor. You’re going to do everything we say no matter what we command. No matter what is required of you. I assure you that we have no issue disciplining you when necessary, but we will also give you extreme pleasure. But only if you’re very good.”

His lips were dangerously close to mine. I took shallow breaths, biting back a whimper as Diego brushed a single finger down my spine. Oh, my God. I could no longer breathe or think at all, my mind one hazy fog. “No, I…”

“Uh-huh,” Jack whispered and rubbed his lips across mine. “That’s not an option. Period.”

He darted out his tongue, tracing my lips before sliding the tip across the seam of my mouth. Diego continued his exploration, now crawling several fingers down my back, gently caressing my bottom. He leaned over, pressing his lips against the base of my neck then dragging his tongue up to my ear. When he whispered, it was hoarse, the sultry accent creating a wave of goosebumps.

“Jack is right, beautiful lady. For now, you belong to us. To enjoy. To discipline. To taste. To fuck. In. Every. Hole.” His voice had dropped to a dangerously seductive level, only adding fuel to the licking flames.

I pressed my hands against Jack’s chest, certain I was going to topple to the floor. When he cupped the side of my face, his thumb rubbing back and forth across my skin, I couldn’t stop the moan from slipping up from my throat. My entire world had crumbled and all I could think about was his rough touch, his authoritative tone.

Diego nipped my earlobe, his fingers tracing zigzags and lines until he kneaded my heated buttocks. While another flash of pain coursed through my system, the hint of anguish quickly jetted into a beautiful moment of bliss.

I realized I was leaning forward, forcing Jack’s lips to capture mine. While the first kiss had been aggressive, a man asserting his authority, this was entirely different. He was exploring my mouth, allowing his tongue to dart inside after using his lips to open mine. My entire body exploded from the electricity the three of us shared together and I could swear I heard the rapid beating of their hearts.

As the kiss became more passionate, I tugged at Jack’s shirt, finally able to free the edges from the tight confines of his pants. The moment I slipped my hands underneath, he growled then nipped my bottom lip. Gasping, the tips of my fingers were seared, my pulse skipping.

“I am going to fuck you, woman,” he whispered, his fingers tangling in my hair.

For a few seconds, I could see into his soul. His dazzling blue eyes were like a beautiful pool of ocean water, allowing me access to the man hidden behind a mask.

With every swipe of Diego’s fingers as he danced them down the backs of my legs, I could feel my body shaking even more. He rubbed them along the insides of my thighs, kicking my legs apart with one of his own. I was totally at their mercy, sandwiched between them like a feast meant for a king.

Jack once again devoured my mouth, holding me in place as I caressed his rippled muscles. I couldn’t believe how carved his body was, every ridge pronounced. As I’d predicted, the tips of my fingers were red hot, the feel powerful. Our tongues entwined, the taste of him more like a rush from a hypnotic drug. Even the scent of both men, musky and full of testosterone, was enough to keep the fire burning.

“So beautiful,” Diego whispered as he licked my ear, his fingers tickling my pussy lips. “Chica mala,” he added.

I felt like a bad girl, one who’d fallen into the pit of sin. The kiss became a crazed feast as Jack’s grip on my face became stronger. I was lightheaded from the words and the vibrations shifting from my legs to my arms then back again. When Diego dipped his fingers between my legs, swirling my clit with the tip of his finger, I moaned into the kiss.

Jack leaned back, rubbing his thumb harshly across my lips as he smiled. Everything about the man was dominating, his control not to be denied. Whoever he’d been in his former life, he’d been the one in charge. I was shocked I was drawn to his sexual prowess, the almost brutal way he handled everything.

He snarled like a wild animal before ripping his shirt over his head, tossing it away. His nostrils flaring, he cupped my breasts, immediately squeezing them.

“Are you ready to be licked, angel travieso? My lovely naughty angel,” he repeated.

“Uh-huh,” I managed as I closed my eyes, resting my head against Diego’s chest as Jack rolled his fingers around my nipples, finally pinching them between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Are you ready to suck our cocks?” Diego continued as he rubbed several fingers up and down my pussy.

“Yes. Oh, yes.” I could hear my voice, but I no longer recognized the tone. I was in some other land where bliss and pleasure had taken over, my mind unable to accept anything else. It didn’t matter this shouldn’t happen. It no longer bothered me that I didn’t know them or couldn’t be certain I could trust either one. The only thing that mattered was reaching some level of nirvana.

This also wasn’t about romance. This was about pure raw sex, animalistic in every way, so primal that we would be left drained and satisfied. The thought gave me a smile until Diego slipped his fingers past my quivering folds while Jack pulled and plucked my hardened buds.

I fumbled to unfasten Jack’s pants, managing to unzip without any problem. When I peeled back the material, I heard the admonishing sound roaring up from his throat.

“You aren’t in control here, Doctor. Something for you to keep in mind.” He pinched even harder until I couldn’t hold back a gasp.

“Yes. Yes… sir,” I said, although I bit back a laugh from daring to issue the words. That just wasn’t me and would never be. Not that either one of them cared. I knew they both meant what they said.

I belonged to them if only for now.

As Diego pumped his fingers deep inside, I disobeyed, dragging the tip of my finger across Jack’s sensitive slit. His strangled moan was my reward but as he hunkered over, taking my nipple into his hot mouth, I could no longer concentrate. I was pushed into a moment of nirvana as both men teased me, Diego’s fingers curled, the tips slicing against my G-spot. Jack brushed his lips from one breast to the other, sucking and nipping on my tender flesh.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I couldn’t put two coherent words together, the pleasure too great. Nothing had ever felt this intense or spectacular.

I was vaguely aware that Diego had pulled away and I whimpered, licking my dry lips as I tried to focus once again.

“Don’t worry, bad girl. I’m not finished with you yet,” Diego said, drawing out the words then chuckling darkly. He rolled his slickened fingers across my mouth, forcing my lips to part. Just the taste of my wetness was filthy and sinful. When he thrust them into my mouth, requiring me to suck them clean, I was pitched into my own desire for darkness, dirty and wild.

He continued laughing in a husky manner as he pulled away. I was able to hear the rustle of clothing and my mind went to all the naughty fantasies a girl could have, ones I’d never experienced. I let myself go, able to pretend that this was a moment that could last, if only for a period of time.

Jack’s demanding voice brought me back to reality, his stern words a reminder that he was never to be contradicted.

“I will fuck that tight ass of yours first,” he said with utter confidence, as if Diego had no choice. As if the man wouldn’t fight him. He lifted his head, his eyes glassy and his pupils dilated. I’d never seen such a savage look on a man before. Another round of excitement surged through me as I was pulled into Diego’s arms, my back crushed against his chest. When he ground his hips back and forth, his hard, thick cock pressing into me, I let out an exasperated moan.

“Soon, baby girl, I’m going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours,” Diego whispered and rubbed his hands down my sides, squeezing my thighs as he continued grinding his hips. “But don’t worry, I’m going to drive my cock into your asshole as well whenever I want.”

Jack smirked as he yanked off his boots, ridding himself of the rest of his clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he stretched first then approached like the true predator he was.

I felt the pressure of Diego’s hands on my shoulders as he pushed me down onto my knees. Only then did I get a full look at the two of them. Another moan escaped my lips as I glanced from one to the other, my eyes drawn to their various tattoos as well as scars that mottled their skin.

They’d been ruthless fighters, whatever the profession, unafraid to take on any enemy. Somehow, that comforted me more than I could believe. They were gorgeous in every way, chiseled to perfection, every muscle honed from brutal work. They also reeked of testosterone, the scent overpowering. They wouldn’t be able to hold back for long.

“I’m also going to lick you raw but not before you pleasure both of us,” Diego whispered, tangling his fingers in my hair and yanking until I was forced to look into his eyes.

Jack crowded our space, his breathing scattered. “Suck us. Open that mouth of yours, our lovely doctor.”

I took several deep breaths as I wrapped my fingers around both their cocks, whimpering from the way they throbbed in my hands. There was nothing I loved more than sucking a man’s shaft, but it had been so long.

Far too long.

My mouth watered as I gazed from one to the other, delighting in the way their eyes were half closed, their lips pursed from the immediate pleasure. I blew across one cockhead then the other before darting my tongue around Jack’s beautiful shaft. I wrapped my hand around the base of Diego’s cock, pumping then twisting my hand. I could tell I was driving him crazy, his legs shaking as he rolled onto the balls of his feet.

I couldn’t get over the feel of them. Both cocks were long and thick and the thought of having both filling me, fucking me left me trembling. I had no idea if I could take them both at once, but I knew there wouldn’t be an option of saying no.

“That’s it,” Diego muttered. “Suck me.”

They crowded even closer and as I started sucking on one tip then the other, their strangled moans became a rowdy round of music filtering into the room. I closed my eyes, licking and sucking as they both kept their hands on my head. All the while I pumped the base of both shafts, finally shifting my hands to their balls.

Every naughty girl moment drifted into my mind as I rolled their testicles between my fingers, knowing I had full control.

If only for a few minutes.

I eased my mouth over Jack’s cock, staring up at him as I took him down an inch at a time, trying to relax my throat. His grip was tight, his breathing scattered as he tried to peer down at me, growls pushing past his lips as I sucked, sliding my tongue back and forth.

“That’s it. Take every last inch.” Jack pushed my head, forcing me to take the rest of him, my lower lip hitting his balls. As I tried to breathe, he held me in place, jutting his hips forward. I struggled to breathe around the thick invasion, the gurgling sounds coming from my throat floating between us.

I continued squeezing Diego’s balls, finally moving my hand back to his shaft. I rolled my fingers along his rippled veins, pumping up and down. His breathing was also labored, growls and guttural sounds filling the air.

Jack finally released his hold, allowing me to move up and down on his cock. I knew Diego wouldn’t allow my attention shifted for long. When he yanked me toward him, the primal growl erupting from his gut was nothing short of a beast in need of satisfaction.

I opened my mouth wide, taking his cock inside and using my strong jaw muscles to suck. Every part of me trembled as I started moving from one to the other, the moves becoming almost frantic. I was rewarded with several beads of pre-cum from both, the taste unlike anything I’d had before.

They continued making guttural sounds, the ragged roars becoming even more predatory. I knew it wouldn’t be long until they took me their way. As the seconds turned into moments, Jack was the one who stopped the shared action, pushing away and stumbling backwards.

Diego exhaled, lifting me into a standing position, cupping both breasts as he held me. “I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours, devour every inch of you.” He pressed kisses and licks against my neck, driving me to the point of madness. “Then I’ll start all over again.”

As he dumped me onto the edge of the bed, he fell to his knees then opened my legs wide. He wasted no time dragging the tip of his tongue up and down my pussy, concentrating on swirling the tip around my clit.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I stared up at the ceiling, holding my legs wide open as he began his feast. I laughed nervously as he licked, taking his time before thrusting his tongue inside my quivering channel. Time had all but stopped as he jerked his head from side to side, sucking every drop of my juice.

He took his time, sliding the tip of a single finger down the crack of my ass as I tossed my head. I tensed, holding my breath as he toyed with me. I could no longer breathe, beautiful flashes of light spooling around my field of vision. All the while, I knew Jack was biding his time and I could hear his heavy breathing, his intense desire unmistakable.

“So sweet. So damn wet,” Diego murmured before thrusting a single finger inside.

The combination almost drove me wild, my body bucking. I shifted my head back and forth, pleasure rolling up from my toes. I was aware that Jack had crawled onto the bed and as he pulled my arms over my head, holding both wrists in one hand, I stiffened. I was their prisoner. There was no way I would be able to get away from them.

They were going to feast.

And fuck.

And take.


With every swipe of Diego’s tongue I moaned. When he added a second then third finger, thrusting hard and fast, I whimpered. As Jack lowered his head, sucking on my nipple, I shivered. Somehow, I knew this was just the beginning. I finally closed my eyes, succumbing to the pure ecstasy, falling helplessly into the world of never-neverland.

Diego issued a series of low-slung growls as he ate me, flexing his fingers open as he plunged them brutally.

I was pulled into a vacuum, an even more vivid set of bright lights swimming across my field of vision, echoes of my heart sounding in my ears. As Jack moved to my other hardened bud, biting down then sucking, taking his time as he held me down, I wasn’t certain there could be any greater pleasure.

I was wrong.

A climax swept into my body quickly, forcing whimpers to rush from my throat. I couldn’t hold back, my body jerking as I let out a bedraggled scream. Jack lowered down, crushing his mouth over mine. I continued to moan into the kiss as he held me fast while the single orgasm turned into one incredible wave pounding into me. My entire body was shaking yet Diego refused to stop, his tongue and fingers working in a perfect orchestration.

I was mad from the pleasure, my heart skipping beats as Diego brought me to yet another climax. Then another. Oh, my God. I was lightheaded, no longer able to feel my body as pulsing sensations skipped along every inch of skin. I had no idea how long it lasted but when I heard his intense chuckle, exhaustion slammed into me.

Jack kissed my forehead, finally letting my arms go. His words were barely audible, his hot breath forcing goosebumps up and down my arms. “Are you ready to be fucked?”

There were no words forming in my mouth, my mind a huge blank. When a sharp snap of fingers was brought down across my pussy, I managed to yelp.

“I’ll ask you one more time, sweet princess. Are you ready to be fucked?”

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