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Bailey’s Little Adventure by Summer Graystone – Extended Preview

Bailey's Little Adventure by Summer Graystone

“It’s about time you showed up,” Ian exclaimed before I could get my jacket off. “I was beginning to think I was gonna have to get Dan drunk so I could take advantage of him later.” He winked at the bartender.

My breath caught in my throat. He had done it. We were really going to do this. We had always talked about how I needed a big girl night away from everything and it had really happened.

It felt like hours ago I’d gotten off the plane and checked into the hotel with him. We’d left Little Haven and taken a vacation to California. We were in the beautiful hotel when we talked about our fantasy night and he’d made it real in just a matter of hours. He’d purchased the cop Halloween costume and had rented out the nearby bar just for us—for me and my big girl fantasy night.

“Oh, shut up and get me a drink,” I said. I don’t know why I told him to shut up. I wouldn’t do that normally. This entire big girl night was putting me on edge, but apparently he could tell. He was already coming up to me with four shot glasses.

“You have the right to be sexually harassed,” he joked, holding his gaze on my ass until I noticed what he was looking at.

“Yeah? If I say your tongue, will you hold it against me in some dark alley?”

“Of course,” he said, taking the seat next to mine.

“Your tongue, your tongue, your tongue,” I said, grinning.

“Keep it up,” he said, pushing three of the four shots across the table to me. “One of these days I may just take you up on that.”

“If you do, you’re the one who better keep it up,” I said, slamming the first shot of tequila and reaching for another. I don’t know what was going on with me. I had been a little for so long that I didn’t know what the right thing to say anymore. I was being flirty and fun with my husband and I loved it… but somewhere deep down I missed being his little girl too.

“Don’t you worry about that, little lady.”

“We’ll see,” I said, pointing at the jukebox in the corner of the bar.

“What, you want that I should serenade you?”

“I’m sure you’re a fine singer, but I think I’d prefer Nine Inch Nails.”

“Coming right up,” he said, pushing the fourth tequila across the table. “Now drink up, so I can take advantage of you later.”

“You gonna frisk me, officer?” Ian winked at me as he got up.

“Nah, I’m gonna handcuff you and then I’m gonna protect and serve the hell out of you.”

“Promises, promises.” I said weakly. I couldn’t deny the thought of him using handcuffs on me sent a thrill of pleasure through me.

Trent Reznor, exclaiming he wanted to fuck some woman ‘like an animal’ belted out just the first of a long list of songs Ian had picked out, and I couldn’t help but notice Ian was acting a bit bolder than normal, pushing the very limits of what could still be considered joking. We hadn’t ever done this before and I was terrified of doing something wrong, but as the next hour passed, I became aware that this could very well be the night I had longed for since the day I first met Ian. A big girl night. A normal couples night out away from Little Haven. Just a crazy night of passion without me being little and having little girl responsibilities. Ian knocked me out of my own thoughts when he asked if I was ready to leave.

“I don’t know,” I said. “What’s to stop you from taking me out someplace dark and having your way with me?”

He leaned in close to me, so close I thought for a moment he was going to kiss me right then and there. I was already beginning to close my eyes, expecting, hoping that was what he had in mind.

“Can I be honest with you?”

“Of course.”

“Right now, and any other night since I’m being honest, the only thing that could stop me from fucking you, would be if you told me I couldn’t.”

“Is that right?”

“That’s right,” he said.

“Well, then, let me be honest with you too,” I said, my hand sliding under the table and come to rest on his leg, just inches from his hard cock. I felt him tense just slightly and the denim under my hand moved slightly, a reaction that surprised, as well as excited me.

“By all means.”

“There is absolutely no chance in hell I would ever tell you no.”

It was different for me to be so… in control. With my daddy he was always in charge; he always led things and did them exactly how he wanted them and I was totally fine with that. I loved that. It made me happy to not have to make those decisions… but this was different. I allowed my hand to slide up his leg to his crotch. When I found his swollen cock, I squeezed.

His head went back slowly as he closed his eyes, and a light guttural moan escaped his lips. I shivered and, finding his neck with my teeth, gently bit him just below his jawline. He winced slightly, but his hand found the back of my neck and pulled me into him. I pulled back, holding his skin between my teeth a few moments longer before releasing it and running my tongue up his neck to the bottom of his earlobe. After gently nibbling on it as well, I whispered into his ear.

“I live pretty close,” I said seductively. “Let’s go see just how many laws we can break.”

Ian opened his eyes and looked into mine, his hand finding the nape of my neck and placing a light kiss on my cheek.

“I’ve got a better idea,” he said, taking my hand and pulling me from my chair. I let him lead me out the door, and as we reached his car, I was about to ask him just what his brilliant idea was exactly. But I didn’t have to. In that moment, he turned me and with an effortless move with his left hand to the middle of my back, just between my shoulder blades, bent me over the hood of the car. I stifled a moan. I loved when he took what he wanted and didn’t ask. The big girl in me was so excited.

“I’m afraid you’ve been a bad girl,” he said, pulling one of my hands behind my back. Before I could say anything, I felt the cool steel of his handcuffs as he clamped them over my wrist. I happily put my other hand behind my back and soon it was connected to the first. I felt a quick slap to my jean-covered ass and gasped softly. A second and a third smack came fast before I could ask him to stop. I felt myself getting wet and blushed. “You are in big trouble, missy. You didn’t pay for your drinks before you left.” A sliver of fear went through me as I realized that he was right. We didn’t pay for the drinks. I was really in big trouble.

“Hey, easy, Bailey. Look at me.”

My eyes snapped to his and I saw my daddy looking back at me.

He spoke in that voice he knew I responded to. “It’s alright. Relax, baby girl, I’m just trying to play the part of the cop. I paid for the drinks. Calm down, sweetie…” He held my gaze until I had relaxed. “Do you still want to be a big girl?”

“Yes, daddy…” I giggled. “I mean yes, officer.” He opened the back door of the car, I slid into the back seat.

“I know a quiet place we can go,” he said, sliding behind the wheel and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Is it where you take all the girls?” He laughed at this.

“No, I’ve never taken anyone there,” he said, smiling at me in the rearview mirror, “though I have gone out there by myself before when I got to thinking about you.”

“Is that right?”

“That’s right… on more than one occasion, I don’t mind telling you.”

I could feel that warm tingle between my legs as I imagined him out in the middle of nowhere, masturbating to images of me inside his head. I sat quietly as he drove, listening as he told me of a long-held attraction that mirrored the one I held for him. He was playing his part perfectly. The cop friend who had never been bold enough to ask me out. I shivered slightly when I thought about how the night would end.

When he turned off of the main highway onto a gravel road, I knew where we were headed. It led to the lake, to a deserted picnic area that I imagined kids liked to use for partying. The spot was perfectly engineered for such activities since the road topped a hill several miles from the spot and you could see the headlights of any approaching car long before they got to you.

When we came over the last big hill, the spot was empty. There were no headlights and there wasn’t a sound. As Ian pulled up to the edge of the picnic area and turned off the headlights, I glanced back out the back window to make sure we were alone. As he opened my door and helped me out of the car, I realized he had turned the radio up so we could hear it even outside of the car.

“Are you going to leave the handcuffs on, officer?”

“Why yes, I am, young lady, now come with me,” he said, leading me by the arm to the front of the car after closing the door behind me.

I walked beside him, my anticipation growing with each step as Tom Petty’s voice drifted harmoniously through the night air around me. When they reached the front of the car, Ian turned me around to face him, looking down at me with quiet admiration. I could see the reflection of the moon as it shimmered across his eyes. He took my face in his hands and gently held me there for a moment.

We were a good ten feet from the edge of the water, but my emotions were swimming as I stared into those dark eyes, longing to taste his kiss. When he leaned in, his thumbs each caressing one of my cheeks, I lifted myself up on my toes to meet him. His mouth was hot and my breath wilted as his tongue found mine and began to dance. I pressed myself against him, feeling his hard chest against my breasts, and for a moment wished my hands were free so I could wrap them around him and never let him go.

As he darted around my tongue, playfully teasing me as I tried to catch up with him, he unbuttoned my shirt and it fell along my arms, coming to rest on my wrists behind my back. My hair fell loosely back onto my shoulders, but he brushed it back behind me with his hands and kissed me on my neck, just below my chin. As I leaned backward against the car, I felt his cock pressing against me through his clothes, indicative that his desire clearly matched my own.

My bra was black lace and it opened in the front. He had no trouble removing it and leaving it resting against my arms. I marveled at the hunger in his eyes when he first saw my naked breasts. His approval was evident, as a telling smile crossed his lips.

He lowered his head, and taking one of my breasts in his hand, circled the nipple of the other inside his mouth, his tongue flicking against it in an elongated circular motion. His hand cupped my other breast with a firm gentleness, his thumb sliding easily across its peak with the steadiness of a surgeon. In one swift motion he had pinched my nipple and squeezed hard, causing me to whimper as I arched my back.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment,” he whispered with a labored breath in the brief time it took to rise again to my neck, kissing me forcefully. “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” I managed, my words coming out almost in a breathless plea.

He pulled back from me slightly, and as he stared into my eyes, seemingly into my very essence, I felt his hands find the button on my jeans. I stared back, content to swim helplessly into those dark shimmering pools of passion, knowing nothing else existed but this moment we had come to together.

I finally was free as my pants unclasped under his fingertips. I was dying, my panties were soaking wet, and finally he was going to help me. A gentle tug to each side sent my zipper as low as it was ever intended to go, that metallic sound announcing a finality to my waiting as the cool night air found its way onto my bare skin just above the low-cut panties I had chosen on the off chance they might be seen by the man in front of me now. I let out my breath, only then knowing I had been holding it in the first place.

His hands slid around my hips, his fingertips slipping below the seam of my jeans and leading his hands to my ass. With a handful of ass cheek in each hand he pulled me against him again, his fingertips pressing into my flesh, his ready cock again throbbing against my bare stomach. I felt the horizontal metal bar that ran in front of the car’s grill and I gripped it tightly with both of my bound hands to steady myself as he leaned against me, his tongue again finding its way into my mouth, replacing my breath with a seemingly unquenchable fire.

As he pulled away from me, I caught his bottom lip in my teeth and held him, but the need to taste his tongue again was too much and as I felt it come out of his mouth, I greedily sucked it into my own. Ian pushed the back of his hands against my jeans, forcing them away from my body and then slowly guided them down over my hips. Once past my waist, they slid easily to my ankles, leaving me standing there in nothing but the scanty black silk panties, wetter now than I could remember them ever being.

I followed his eyes as they found their way down my body to the prize I had been longing to award him for too long now, and again I saw them burn with a hunger as he stood breathlessly in front of me. I caught just a glimpse of his tongue licking his lips before he was kissing me again. The skin just below my stomach flinched when I felt his fingers touch me, but before I could appreciate the gentleness of his touch, he gripped the fabric with both hands and pulled to the sides, separating my panties from my body in two pieces. I gasped in unexpected delight at the barbaric energy pulsating from him. His lips were turned up in a lustful snarl as he held the remains of my panties in each of his hands.

As his hands went around my waist, I felt the steel on my left wrist loosen, and before I realized what he had done, he had taken the cuff from one hand, wrapped the chain around that metal bar I had been holding and secured my hand again. My hands were again bound together, only now I was also chained to the car itself. A quick wink reflected in the dark eyes as he lifted me up and onto the hood of the car.

Leaning over me, Ian kissed me briefly before finding his way between my legs. With one of his shoulders under each of my thighs and his hands clasped together on my stomach, he lowered his head. I felt his wavy hair, soft and long as it brushed against my inner thighs, tickling me slightly. But any humor or urge to laugh was gone before it had time to take root as I felt the tip of his tongue touch me just below my pussy.

My eyes clenched together tightly, blocking out the stars above me as his tongue slid slowly upward, separating my lips and finding its way inside me. When he reached my clit, he reversed his direction and I felt the back of his tongue make its way back down toward the slippery opening between my legs. This time, he buried his tongue as deep as it would go inside me, causing me to cry out in pleasure.

I no longer had any need for gentleness, he sensed it, and he began lapping at my pussy roughly with his tongue, making long, full strokes from deep inside me upward to flick against my swollen clit before darting back inside me. He drove it deep into me, his upper lip slamming against my clit while his chin slammed against my ass. When his tongue dropped lower and flicked against my asshole, I thought I might scream. It was unthinkable, but at the same time, I found myself wondering if he would dare do what his tongue was suggesting he might. No, don’t do it, I wanted to beg him, but somewhere inside me was a curiosity that kept me from saying it, a willingness—almost a need—to let him do anything he wanted.

As his tongue pressed against my clit again, this time even harder than before, I felt a surge shoot through me, causing my legs to tremble against the sides of his head. It was at that moment that he did the unthinkable, the unspeakable. His tongue shot inside my ass with an assertive thrust. I came instantly.

“Ian,” I managed as I rocked against his face, my bare ass squeaking on the surface of the car’s hood.

Ian stood again just as the tremors were beginning to subside some, and I again heard the familiar sound of a zipper. My ankles were now on his shoulders as he towered over me, bound together by my pants, my white Nikes sticking up from behind his head presenting a comical, rabbit ears effect. But again laughter eluded me as I felt his cock slip effortlessly inside me several inches. He pulled it completely out and then reinserted it, again going no more than three inches.

The shallow approach was something new to me and I was surprised by the sensation it caused. The slow rhythmic motion was hypnotic as he repeatedly pulled himself completely out of me and then came back in again, and I felt myself reaching that point again, triggered I supposed by the absolute uniqueness of it. As I began to writhe under him, my breaths now coming in moan-fueled throaty rasps, my hands clenched tightly against the rail underneath me. At this, Ian buried his cock inside me in one powerful thrust and I cried out.

“Fuck—yes—oh—fuck—yes!” I knew I wasn’t allowed to say such bad words, but I couldn’t help it. I was so taken by everything I couldn’t think properly.

The wave crashed through me as my legs tightened against the sides of his head, my hands doing their best to hold their grip on the car. Ian began slow deliberate thrusts now, pulling back just shy of pulling completely out of me and then slamming it home again. With each thrust, I felt a new wave of vibrating pulses wash over my body. Not so much replacing the one before it as building on it, expanding it. The very outer edges of my existence seemed to expand to accommodate the growing sensation within me.

I had experienced multiple orgasms before on a couple of rare occasions, but never anything like this. It was one long, seemingly never-ending climax, building in intensity with each new wave, growing more powerful each time Ian slammed his cock inside me. I lost the ability to speak in any rational dialect, my words reduced to mere halfhearted syllables. I felt my mind struggling to register what was happening entirely as I drifted through levels of consciousness reserved for infants and Shamans. I had just enough time to realize I was holding my breath, and then I passed out.

It lasted only seconds, but it was enough time for Ian to remove the handcuffs and scoop me from the hood of his police car. I opened my eyes to see him waddling like a duck as he tried to get me into the back seat, his own pants at his ankles. I realized with immediate clarity that it had scared him, and he was planning to take me to the hospital. I started laughing. Ian stopped just as he was about to lower me into the car and stared at me, puzzled.

“I, are you okay?”

“Dear God, I’m fine,” I laughed. “That was fucking incredible.”

He still wasn’t convinced, however, and kept looking at me with a very worried look on his face, and that only served to make me laugh harder. When I put my hands to my face to try and make myself stop laughing, I felt the wetness on my cheeks.

“Jesus, when was I crying?”

Now Ian was able to smile, and I was glad to see the color come back into his face. For a minute or two, I was beginning to think that he was the one who might need to go get checked out at the hospital. He was that pale. Even his beautiful dark brown eyes had begun to look white in the light of the near full moon. He carried me back to the front of the car and sat me on the hood. On the hood beside me was what remained of my panties. I had paid more than twenty dollars for that pair, hoping to someday show them to this very man, and he had torn them to shreds in a second. Guys had been in a hurry before—hell, most of them were in a hurry—but no one had ever done anything like that. He had been lost in his own lust for me and had just sex-hulked-out on me. It was fucking awesome.

“I always heard it was better to give than to receive,” I said, tugging at his belt as I grinned.

“You don’t have to do that,” he said, but the look on his face said he’d appreciate it just the same if I did.

“After a fucking like that, there’s no way you’re getting out of here without a proper blowjob,” I said, “now get ‘em off, officer.”

“If you insist,” he said with a grin, already reaching for his belt.

He sat back on his hands as I took his shoes off and pulled his pants over his socks. Just for a grin, I had planned on ripping his underwear off of him as well, but I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any.

“Going commando, I see,” I said.

“Yeah, I love Tom Petty.”


“You know, from his song… Free Balling.”

“Forget I asked,” I said, taking his still semi-hard cock in one hand.

I knew there probably wasn’t a male equivalent of what I had just experienced, but I intended to make this the best night I could for him. With my hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, I slowly began to lick the underside of his cock, my tongue circling around its tip each time I reached the top of it. In a matter of seconds, he was hard again.

I leaned forward and took it into my mouth, slowly sliding downward until I could feel it hitting the back of my throat. I heard him moan his approval immediately and slowly began bobbing up and down on him, allowing my tongue to trail along its underside as I went. From the corner of my eyes, I could see his hands moving restlessly beside him, clenching into fists and then straightening out flat onto the hood of the car. I sped up, tightening my grip around his cock as I went.

Now Ian was unable to keep both of his legs straight at the same time, raising one knee and then the other. I began stroking him with my hand as I worked it between my lips. I noticed that bending his knees was no longer an option at all, as his legs stiffened, sticking straight out past the edge of the car’s hood. I could feel him tightening up and knew I had him on the brink. Perhaps another time, I might slow down at this point and prolong the moment for him, but that would be another time. There was still plenty of darkness left in this night and I had every intention of having that big stiff cock inside me again before it was over.

Up until this point, I had been maintaining the same rhythm, with my hand and my mouth, but now I switched, causing my hand to meet my own lips and then separate again, causing a dual sensation that I knew he just wouldn’t be ready for. I was right. Immediately, I felt his hand at the back of my head, gripping my hair, pushing himself deeper inside my mouth. I felt his legs as they began to shake and I knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

With my free hand, I reached between his legs and took a firm hold on his balls, and with a gentle squeeze, sent him over the edge. He rocked to the side on the car and his fingers clenched around my hair tighter as he shot the load into my mouth. I felt the hot stickiness hit the back of my throat, and I knew he was just as happy as I was. I stopped moving and let him finish. When he finally released his hold on the back of my head, I looked up at him and winked.

“Damn,” he said, catching his breath, “thank you.” He looked into my eyes. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your swear words, young lady. You have a spanking coming.”

Well, big girl time had ended and I could admit I was happy. I missed feeling so relaxed and comfortable with him. It was easier to be a little than a big girl sometimes. “Yes, daddy. I know. Let’s go home…”

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