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Balancing the Baby by Stardawn Cabot – Extended Preview

Balancing the Baby by Stardawn Cabot“You’re supposed to be in the corner,” Wes scolded.

Sarah looked up from where she had thrown herself down on their bed and narrowed her eyes at her husband. “I don’t want to.”

“I didn’t ask if you did. Move it, young lady.”

Sarah blanched at the tone, but was currently feeling a little too stubborn to give in too easily. She gave Wes a healthy eye roll before getting up and slowly making her away to her usual corner. It was only after she settled in that the realization that she was flirting with disaster finally hit her.

She may not agree with Wes’s decision, but then it wasn’t the first time her own stubbornness had gotten her into trouble. As she stared at the wall, her thoughts drifted to the past and she remembered one time in particular. They’d been married for close to two years, and Wes had recently broken the news that they’d be moving again.

The move from her home in California to Arizona had been bad enough, but this time they were going clear across the country. New Jersey might as well be a foreign country, for all the enthusiasm she had for it, and Wes didn’t understand. It wasn’t just about dealing with the snow, cold, and other crazy weather; it was that she’d be 3,000 miles away from everywhere and everyone she knew.

He’d been after her for several days to start packing, and she’d resisted his every attempt. That morning though, they’d gotten into it. He’d pulled her over his lap right there in the kitchen and had given her a good dozen or so warning swats, and then he’d practically ordered her to have the large hall closet cleaned out and packed by the time he got home. After that she’d pouted and squirmed through breakfast, but as soon as Wes left for work, she’d given herself a sympathy rub and promptly called her one and only friend she’d made in Arizona.

The rest of the day had been a blur. She couldn’t remember what they did, but she did remember Wes’s reaction when she’d finally returned home. He’d been mad, more than mad actually; he’d been disappointed, and that was the worst.

“All right, little one, if this is the way you want it, fine,” Sarah remembered him saying as he removed his belt.

Sarah’s eyes got wide as she realized just how much trouble she was in. She had willfully and deliberately disobeyed him in a way that she’d never done before. This wasn’t just giving him a little attitude or throwing a fit about not getting her way; this time he’d given her a direct command and she’d blatantly ignored it.

“Well?” Wes prompted. “What do you have to say for yourself? No note, no call, no explanation?”

Sarah’s eyes merely looked toward the floor. She really had nothing to say. She knew that she had been extremely naughty and that little feeling in the pit of her stomach was telling her that she deserved to be punished. It had been a while since she’d been spanked. In fact, she was probably overdue. She was a little scared though. He’d threatened, but had never actually used a belt on her before. But then, she’d never been this naughty before either.

Apparently her inability to answer his question only spurred his displeasure for the next thing she knew, Wes had grabbed her arm, spun her around, and delivered a very hard swat with the belt. Even through her jeans the stripe had stung. She let out a cry of surprise and could only imagine what it felt like on the bare.

“Well?!” he again demanded. “I’m waiting for an explanation. Where have you been? And why isn’t the closet clean?” With that he let her have another heavy thwack with the belt.

Sarah let out another cry of protest and pain as he continued. “And why aren’t you on your stool, like I ordered you to be this morning?” he demanded, letting her have two more cracks with the belt.

She had forgotten that he’d told her he wanted her on her stool. Well, she hadn’t really forgotten, but had let the day’s activities distract her from the idea. She knew when she left that morning she would be in trouble, but at the time she hadn’t cared. After all, it was just a spanking. She’d been spanked before. And it would be worth it… or it would have been if he hadn’t upped the stakes and taken off his belt.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah finally managed as she tried to twist away and protect her backside. The tears were already coming. She couldn’t believe how much it hurt. “I’m sorry I disobeyed you. I won’t do it again,” she started to sob.

“You bet you won’t do it again; you have a lot to answer for, little one,” he lectured and then started pushing her toward the sofa. Sarah tried to drag her feet, but he had a vise-like grip on her arm and she knew there was no escape.

As they came to an abrupt stop, Wes gave her a small push. “Bend over,” he commanded.

Sarah looked at the arm of the sofa as if it were on fire. “Please, Wes. I’m sorry.”

Wes seemed to hesitate and as she looked up into his blue eyes, she searched for a sign of leniency, or mercy, or hope.

“Over the arm,” Wes repeated. His voice was softer this time though, and it gave Sarah a moment. “You went too far this time, little one. Now, bend over.”

Sarah sniffled. She didn’t want to do it, but in the end she knew she had little choice. Arguing would only make it worse, and Wes was right, she had gone too far. With a resigned sigh, she finally built up the courage to lie across the arm of the sofa, only to feel Wes’s warm hand on her back as encouragement.

“Alright,” Wes again spoke. “I’m going to make a point with this, Sarah,” Wes continued as he grabbed the waistband of her jeans and pulled them taut. The hold was not only now keeping her in position, but also pulling the material tight across her backside, not leaving any extra room for cushion or slack. “I want you to count.”

“Count?” Sarah sputtered just as the first swat assaulted her backside. “Wes!”

“Count,” Wes repeated.

“Ouch, oh, one,” Sarah managed.

“Good girl,” Wes encouraged, letting her have the second strike.

Sarah gasped, but managed, “Two.”

The third came, and then a fourth, fifth, and sixth. Once Wes got to that half-dozen mark though, he paused. He let go of her waistband and as Sarah sobbed over the arm of the sofa, he gently lifted her from it. Gathering her in his arms, he pulled her closer to his chest and let her tears soak the front of his shirt.

Sarah’s backside was on fire, and she wanted nothing more than to rub away the sting, but Wes’s strong arms encircled her and she couldn’t help but take advantage of the strength he was giving her. Her whole body was warm now, and although her backside was tingling, it wasn’t the only thing that was currently stirring. When Wes held her like that she felt safe and secure, and above all, incredibly turned on. If he let her, she would gladly take him to bed, but she knew that wasn’t possible, at least not yet.

Wes gave her a moment to settle before guiding her over to the sofa. There he sat down and gathered her into his lap. She let him and gladly curled up and enjoyed the closeness as the last of her tears and sniffles quieted.

“Sarah,” Wes finally prompted. “I need you to talk to me, little one. I want to know where you were and why you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.”

Sarah sniffled again. “I was mad. I didn’t like how you just ordered me around. I don’t think that was fair.”

“You know we need to get packed up. That closet is all your crafting stuff; I wouldn’t even know where to start with it.”

“I know.” Sarah gave a little shrug. “But that doesn’t mean you have to be mean about it.”

Wes let out a long breath. “Where were you?”

Sarah reached up and started to play with the button on Wes’s shirt. “With Becky. We went shopping, had lunch, and just hung out.”

“You know it probably would have only taken you an hour or two to do the closet, then you could have gone out without any consequences.”

“I know, but…” Sarah stopped.

“But you were too busy being naughty?”

“Yes,” Sarah admitted with a hard swallow. “I’m sorry, Wes.”

Wes kissed Sarah’s temple before giving her leg a pat. “Right, then we need to deal with that naughtiness, don’t we?”

“Do we have to?” Sarah looked up. She was hoping to find leniency in Wes’s blue eyes, but she knew he’d already made up his mind.

“We do. You need to get into position, little one. I want you up on your stool, nose in the corner.”

“Can’t I just stand?” Sarah frowned, sliding off Wes’s lap and giving her backside a good rub. “My butt still hurts.”

“If you didn’t want a sore bottom, you should have listened in the first place. It’s called discipline for a reason, Sarah Jane. Now no more arguing or stalling, go.”

Sarah frowned, but complied. She soon found herself naked and shifting most uncomfortably on the stool.

Coming back to the present, she looked at the wall in front of her. Although now she was clothed, she almost felt as naked as she had when he used to make her undress before sitting on that stool. She clenched and unclenched her bottom cheeks, knowing that soon they would be just as sore as they were all those years ago.

“Sarah,” Wes’s voice further brought her from the past. “Come here.”

With a sigh, Sarah turned. She had trouble meeting his eyes and found herself biting her lip to hold back the wave of tears that was threatening to surface. She was ashamed of her behavior and knew she’d gone too far, especially with the tantrum. Wes was right: she knew better, and she was not only a wife, but a mother now and should behave as such.

Finally looking up, she swallowed as she sought out his blue eyes. “I’m really sorry, Wes. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I threw a tantrum like a little kid and I deserve to be punished.”

“I agree. I am going to spank you, little one, but we have something else to discuss as well.”

“Something else?” Sarah asked as she wrinkled her nose in confusion.

“I think she might have shit too?” Wes quoted. “What did I tell you about the language?”

Sarah’s eyes went wide. “Come on, Wes. You weren’t serious? I was just mad… I didn’t…”

“Sarah, not only did you disrespect me, but you embarrassed me in front of my brother. You also cursed in front of our child. She’s still a baby, but I’d rather the vocabulary she learns not be so colorful. It was surprising and almost cute the first couple of times, but it’s becoming a habit and I intend to nip it in the bud.”

“But Wes, surely you can’t… can’t you just spank me? Give me a few extra swats?” Sarah tried.

“I could, but that’s not what I promised. I’m hoping this is the one and only time we ever have to do this,” Wes continued as he grabbed Sarah by the arm as he started to escort her to the bathroom.

Suddenly panicking, Sarah tried to drag her feet. She even tried to twist out of his grasp, but a quick swat to her backside ended her struggle. She didn’t want a spanking before and after, and she was still hanging onto some hope that maybe Wes was kidding. Maybe he was just trying to scare her, just to make a point.

If he was bluffing, it was effective. He made her sit down on the closed toilet seat, and her eyes got big as he reached under the counter and pulled out a fresh bar of soap. He opened the package and then ran the bar under the water, lathering it up before he turned to face her.

“Please, Wes, you made your point. I won’t cuss anymore. I was just being naughty. You know that. I can control it, I swear.”

Wes bit his lip, making that whistling nose through his teeth as if he were debating on her plea. Giving his head a little shake, however, he replied, “Open.”

Sarah immediately clamped her jaw shut, vehemently shaking her head in protest.

“I’m not going to say it again. Open, Sarah Jane.”

Sarah sniffled and after a long moment finally gave in and opened her mouth. She wasn’t sure what to expect, and just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Wes wasted no time and inserted the lathered bar into Sarah’s mouth. She couldn’t help gagging as the wet bar slid across her tongue.

“Now bite down.”

Sarah’s eyes went wide and she started to shake her head, but Wes motioned to his watch.

“Your time doesn’t start until you bite down.”

Feeling the tears well up, Sarah willed herself to bite, gagging even more as the bar was now locked between her teeth. She wanted to spit it out, and found herself actually sitting on her hands to avoid ripping the bar from her mouth and hurling it across the room.

Wes, seeing that she’d finally obeyed, looked down at his watch again. “Sixty seconds,” he reported, before beginning the longest minute of Sarah’s life.

Sarah tried to keep her tongue in the back of her throat and distract herself with counting. She tried to shift the bar forward, but moving it only served to spread the wet lather further around her mouth. She kept coughing and gagging at the foul taste, but with her teeth locked into the bar, she was unable to do anything but sit and endure it.

Finally, after an eternity, Wes took the bar and allowed her to spit it out. She moved to the sink, desperate to rinse, but he stopped her with a hand and pushed her back down on the seat. “From now on, every time you use a foul word, you’ll get a minute with a bar of soap in your mouth. You can consider that a rule, and one that I will enforce. Do you understand, little one?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. I swear, no more cussing. Please, Wes, can I rinse?”

“Yes.” Wes nodded after meeting her eyes, his gaze stern enough to make her squirm.

She sprang to the sink, eagerly flushing her mouth out with handfuls of fresh, cool water.

Wes gave her time, and for that she was grateful. He even let her brush her teeth, which helped immensely with the soapy taste. As she spit the last of the toothpaste into the sink, however, the butterflies in her stomach suddenly returned. Wes has been patiently waiting for her, casually leaning against the door frame to the bathroom, but he wasn’t done with her yet. She still had that promised spanking coming, and for some reason that was making her nervous.

It was silly, really. She’d been spanked so many times she’d lost count. Wes was always fair, and she knew he’d never really hurt her. The discipline, including spanking, was part of the life she’d agreed to when she chose Wes as her life partner, and oddly enough it was usually something she welcomed. Well, not usually while she was actually getting spanked, but later, after it was over, her backside was warm, she felt safe, and they made passionate love; those were really the best times. It was nothing to be frightened about.

Still, it had been a long time since she’d really been spanked. Sure there was the occasional swat, or the playful times like that early wakeup call this morning, but since the baby, those were few and far between. Even more casual punishments like corner time or restrictions had been sparse. Maybe she’d made a mistake when she asked Wes to return to their pre-baby routine. At the moment it certainly felt that way.

When Wes reached out and touched her arm, Sarah shivered.

Wes frowned at her reaction. “What’s the matter, honey?”

“I’m…” Sarah paused, flustered for a moment. “I’m nervous. Even… maybe a little scared.”

Wes didn’t hesitate as he pulled Sarah into a tight hug. “You were naughty, Sarah. You had a lapse in judgment. You know as well as I do that you’ll feel better once you’ve atoned for it. After all, you were right, you did try to stay safe, and you are of age. It was just dinner and a couple of drinks. It wasn’t like you used the doctor as an excuse to go to a bar and shoot shots all night.”

Sarah paled and was grateful that her face was currently buried in Wes’s chest. If he could have seen her expression, no amount of backpedaling would be able to talk him out of discovering the truth. One thing she was sure of, the spanking she had coming was a gentle love pat compared to what would happen if he and Matt found out that Wes’s ironic statement wasn’t far from the truth. They had skipped the doctor. They had gone to a bar, albeit one that was kind of connected to a restaurant. Well, if you count the restaurant being next door. They’d also had junk food, a few shots, and a handful of drinks that Sarah had never heard of, much less tried before. Sarah had had far more then Amanda had, but they both knew they could never tell what really happened last night.

“Come on then, little one. I think it’s time to get this over with.”

Sarah let out a long breath as Wes led her out of the bathroom and back toward their bed. He then sat down, pulling Sarah in front of him as he did so.

“I’ll have you know,” Wes started his lecture as he simultaneously unbuttoned Sarah’s jean shorts, pulling both the shorts and her panties down to her knees. “That this spanking is not just for your behavior last night. It’s not even for the little tantrum you threw just a few minutes ago. This spanking is more for you, Sarah Jane. I want to get you back into a routine, and remind you what happens when you misbehave. I know we just started this again, but in a way I’m glad that you’ve been pushing me. I’m going to be gone, and this will remind you to be on your best behavior. I can count on that, can’t I?” Wes paused and met Sarah’s eyes.

“Yes, sir,” she frowned. “I know that Matt and Amanda will be here to help, but it’s not going to be easy with you gone. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too, little one.”

With that declaration, Wes then guided her over his left knee, sandwiching her between his legs and letting her upper body rest on the bed. Sarah crossed her arms and laid her head on them before wincing as she felt the first swat resonate off her naked backside.

Sarah prepared herself for a second swat, but felt Wes’s warm hand caress her cheeks instead. “I’ve forgotten how beautiful your backside is,” Wes said. “So soft, and the way it curves. I must admit, Sarah Jane, sometimes you make it very difficult to discipline you.”

Sarah couldn’t help wiggling as the goosebumps rose on her arm. She felt torn between dread and lust. She trembled at the thought that he would soon punish her, but deep down, she wanted him too. It made her face and ears warm with embarrassment at the thought.

Her thoughts though were quickly pushed aside as Wes raised his palm and again made it fall sharply on her upturned rear. She let out a yip of protest, and felt Wes’s grip around her waist tighten as the swats continued.

Sarah winced, squirmed, and whimpered. They were only a handful of spanks in, and she was already regretting her behavior. “Please, oh, Wes! Ow!” she pleaded as the heat from the swats started to accumulate.

“You know we are just getting started, Sarah Jane,” Wes scolded. He let her have a harder swat and then paused again. “Maybe you should tell me again why you earned this spanking, little one.”

Sarah squirmed. Her butt was tingling and she really didn’t want the punishment to continue, but she also knew that Wes was determined. If he said they were just getting started, she could count on that. “I was naughty,” she finally managed. “I’ve been testing you, and it’s been too long since I’ve been spanked, and I need it.”

“You do, don’t you?” Wes emphasized with another swat.

Sarah hissed through the height of the pain. “Yes, sir, please finish my spanking now.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Wes chuckled, giving Sarah a half-hearted spank before he began to build up his pace again.

Sarah gritted her teeth, but after about the fourth or fifth swat, she again started to squirm. It was getting to her now, and she knew that Wes was just coming into the meat of the spanking. She suddenly bucked as a swat struck a little lower than the rest, but Wes’s arm was securely around her middle. Between his hold and his leg pinning her down, all the kicking, squirming, and thrashing about in the world would do her no good.

The spanking continued, Wes undaunted as Sarah quickly became more and more desperate. Then finally, just after the pain reached its peak, Sarah felt herself begin to let go. Her eyes became blurry. They were stinging with tears. She felt herself push past the pain as the emotions rose to the surface. Suddenly the long nights, the lack of sleep, the feeling of loneliness, remorsefulness, and depression came rolling to the surface like a wave crashing against the shore. She took in a deep breath and slowly, slowly, the tears began to fall.

As she let go, Wes too started to back down. The swats slowed; now just a couple, and a pause, and one more. They were lighter as Wes took the time to massage and caress her flaming cheeks. His touch felt good, but the tenderness only spurred Sarah’s tears.

After a long moment, Wes coaxed Sarah off his lap and into it. Sarah continued to sniffle and wipe away tears as he held her close and kissed her forehead. Wes said nothing. He didn’t need to. It was their custom, and she loved the closeness and the security of Wes’s strong arms.

Several minutes passed before Wes again kissed her, this time on the top of her head. “How about you lie down for a few minutes? How does that sound, little one?”

Sarah nodded and sniffled again. Wes gave her a small smile before scooping her up and carrying her to her side of the bed. He pulled down the covers and helped her to lie down on her belly. “Give yourself a few minutes. Close your eyes if you want to. When you are ready, I’ll be out in the living room.”

“Okay,” Sarah managed. She then closed her eyes and simply enjoyed how good it felt to do so. She was emotionally drained and her backside was warm, which brought a level of comfort that she had almost forgotten about. All cried out, exhausted, and feeling warm and safe, she told herself that she’d just lie there and enjoy the moment. Just a moment, and then she’d get up. They had company and she had things to do, after all.

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