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Bartered: A Western Romance by Mary Wehr – Extended Preview

Emma had to bite her tongue in order to keep from screaming her head off even though it was Dory on the other side. Jake hadn’t mentioned anything about having the others witness her upcoming humiliation and she wasn’t about to remind him.

No doubt Dory was downstairs telling everybody she was in the room alone with Jake doing heavens knew what, but her reputation was in tatters already. Another tear wouldn’t make much difference.

As he had ordered, she kept her eyes on the wall. “Do you really trust Dory to do right by the girls?”

“Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, Emmaline, you haven’t been here long enough to question Dory’s integrity.”

“Maybe because I can be more objective than you,” she replied softly.

“Brat, I wouldn’t worry about something that doesn’t concern you. What happens next should be the only thing on your mind right now. Come here, Emmaline.”

Emma took a deep breath for courage before slowly turning around. His hands were resting on his belt buckle, his expression dark and his demeanor clearly foretelling. Any thoughts of a simple warning vanished.

“Please, Jake, don’t do this.”

“You mean Papa Jake. You’ve been a bad girl, Emmaline.”

He flipped the buckle open and pulled the belt from his waist. The zip of leather sent a shudder of dread throughout her entire body. She eyed the door. Could she outrun him?

“I wouldn’t if I were you. Simply because wherever I catch you is where I’ll bare your bottom.” Evidently, he had guessed her intention.

“What if I swear not to disobey you ever again?” She frantically searched his face for any sign of mercy and found none, not even a teeny tiny smile.

“We’ve been through all that before and the result is always the same. You refuse to listen, but it’s not all your doing. Your father did a piss poor job of raising you and I intend to correct that mistake shortly.” With belt in hand, he strolled to the bed and settled himself close to the edge. “You’ve never been spanked before, have you?”

“Ma didn’t believe in paddling. She always made me stand in the corner when I was bad.”

He actually cracked a smile. “You must’ve spent a lot of time in the corner when you were little.”

“I wasn’t bad every minute of the day,” she retorted crossly, her eyes on the folded belt dangling between his spread knees.

“Let’s get a move on. Times a-wastin’.”

She hesitated.

“Each minute you dilly dally I’ll add another stroke to the twelve you’re already getting.”

“Twelve!” she exclaimed.

“Uh-huh. An even dozen.” He pointed to the spot between his legs.

Emma stomped over to him and spat, “Jake McCabe, there are times when you make me want to scream.” With him sitting they were finally of the same height, and when he grinned, she could almost feel her heart flip-flop inside her chest.

“Women tell me I have that effect.”

“I don’t want to hear about your women.”


She was jealous all right, but she’d die before admitting it. “Of course not and wipe that stupid grin off your face.”

“Enough stalling. You’ve been asking for this since you were a little girl.” He pulled her forward. Losing her balance, Emma fell against him and he wasted no time tossing her over his knees.

“Hands flat on the floor.”

“I can’t reach the floor, you big bully.”

He shifted her position. “What about now?”

Fed up with being bounced around, she angled her head and glared. “Barely.”


“Ouch, that hurt. Are you trying to kill me?”

“Poor baby.” He dished out two more lashes then she heard the belt hit the floor.

A minute or two had passed without one word from Jake. She raised her head slightly. Was her punishment over? Should she get up? Three swats with his belt and all was forgiven? If that was the case then she’d gotten away easy.

Emma gently tensed her buttocks and blew a sigh of relief. There was very little pain, only mild discomfort. She had escaped serious punishment. She grinned. She knew he wouldn’t carry out such a severe spanking, but it wouldn’t do her good to crow about it. She’d act contrite. Assure him that she had learned her lesson.

It was on the tip of her tongue to offer him a sincere apology when she was lifted onto her feet and forced to stand between his knees.

“Papa Jake, I…”

He placed a finger to her mouth, cutting off the rest of her words. “Pull down your pants, Emmaline.”

Forget the apology. Taken aback, she slapped his finger. “But I thought you were finished.”

“Finished?” Chuckling, he shook his head. “Baby, I’m just getting started. Now, do as I say.”

Emma tilted her chin. “I won’t and you should be ashamed of yourself for ordering me to do such a thing. It’s indecent. Only my husband has the right to see me without clothes on.”

His fingers boldly slipped inside the waistband. “I don’t give a damn about decency. Do it, brat, or I will, and I won’t be gentle.” He looked her over and frowned. “It’d be much easier if you wore a dress. I swear I’m gonna burn these pants.”

Tilting her nose, Emma totally ignored him.

“Goddammit, why must you try my patience?” He pushed her pants down to her knees and expelled a string of curses.

Sweet Christ almighty.

A fleeting glance of what looked like soft downy curls was all he saw before Emma blocked his view. Growling his displeasure, he captured her wrists and pinned them behind her back. Lust fired his blood. He leaned forward and pressed his cheek against her belly.

She caught her breath and he could feel her belly quiver against his ear. Her woman’s scent drifted upward, filling his nostrils, and his cock swelled. Jake closed his eyes. Just a taste of her creamy skin was all he needed.

Who was he fooling? This was Emmaline. One taste wouldn’t satisfy. He’d just want another and another. Emmaline was an innocent yet somehow he knew she’d be different.

He released her wrists and settled his hands on her hips. He prayed for the strength to push her away, but when her fingers dug into his scalp he lost all sense. He trailed his tongue along the skin just above her mound and dropped his hands.

Shit. What the hell was he thinking?

Emma’s erratic breathing amplified in his ears. He looked up and saw her staring down at the patch of skin still wet from his tongue. If he hadn’t been the one who caught her sneaking around, another man might be savoring this moment of madness instead of him.

He visibly quaked as he fought for self-control. When his breathing returned to normal he tugged her pants down to her ankles.

She took a step back. Her arms flailed in the air as she tried to regain her balance, but he caught her and turned her over his lap.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” He brought his hand down and slapped her bare flesh. “We have something else to discuss.”

“I’m not in the mood,” she retorted sarcastically. The audacity of the man. Here she was face down over his lap with her bare behind up in the air and he decides he wants to talk.

His hand came down again and she let out a squeal.

“Too bad. Here’s how it’s goin’ to work. I ask a question and you’re going to answer.”

“Go to hell.”

Another whack and she sucked in her breath. Her tender buttocks throbbed fiercely from his discipline, but another throbbing she could only describe as delicious began deep inside her core. How could she feel both pain and pleasure from spanking?

“Your attitude better change and quick. I can do this all night, Emmaline,” he said without remorse.

“Fine. What do you want to know?”

“Much better.” He began to idly caress her bottom. “Why didn’t you tell me Chad Montgomery tried to kiss you?”

“Because it wasn’t a big deal, that’s why.”

“It’s a big deal to me, you little imp.”

“And how was I supposed to know that? After my ma died, you never bothered coming around.”

“True,” he said.

“I handled it, Jake.”

He cursed. “That’s not the point. Do you have any idea what could’ve happened if you got caught with your ear jammed against the door?” His hand landed once again on its quivering target.

“Oh, I got caught all right. By an oversized bully,” she retorted saucily.

“Instead of being mouthy you should be thanking me.” Jake brought his hand down again. “I’m gonna blister your hide ‘til you can’t sit for a month of Sundays.”

Each slap stung like the devil, but he didn’t let up. Emma twisted this way and that, trying to escape his hand. Jake put an end to her squirming by curling a muscled arm around her waist, keeping her in place.

He brought his hand down again and again.

Emma thought for sure she’d never be able to sit comfortably again. “Please stop, Papa Jake,” she pleaded between sobs. “I can’t take it anymore. I promise I’ll be good.”

To her surprise, the spanking ended. Breathing a sigh of relief, Emma crumbled over his lap. She jerked when his hand circled her buttocks.

“Relax, little one. Your punishment is over.”

Was it? The painful stinging may have receded, but his tender caresses were causing a more enjoyable kind of torture. When she’d been squirming earlier trying to get away, somehow her clit was now aligned with the bulge in his pants.

Emma spread her legs and began to move her hips. The rough material of his jeans rubbed her clit. Never before had she felt such wicked pleasure. Her blood ran hot. She craved more.

Gripping his legs, she rocked her hips back and forth. His hand moved lower and when his fingers brushed her wet cleft, wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her.

Her legs trembled. Sweat covered her skin. With gentle hands, Jake placed her on her feet. As weak as a child, she held onto his shoulders as he methodically pulled up her pants.

She could feel his gaze upon her, but was too embarrassed to look at him.

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