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Bear: A Dark Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Halley woke and realized her hands were unbound. She lifted her head to see that Cade, dressed only in his buckskin pants, had dragged out the copper bathtub and was filling it with water he was heating on the stove. She went to sit up and moaned, causing Cade to glance in her direction.

He walked over and she lay back on her side, uncertain of how to deal with him or what to say.

“I’ll have to remember that you sleep better when you’ve been fucked twice,” he said with a very self-satisfied grin.

“Jerk!” she huffed.

He reached for her flank and she winced in anticipation.

“It’s all right, Halley. You won’t get spanked for expressing yourself or being upset with me. Just for disobeying me, putting yourself in danger, or using language that is unseemly. But you might rethink your opinion as soon as I get the tub ready. I have one more pot of hot water to add to it and will have two more heating on the stove if they’re needed.”

He rose and went back to finish filling the tub. He came back to her, drew the covers back, and smiled as he saw her body was alight with desire. Cade leaned down and scooped her up in his arms, took her to the tub, and put her in, easing her into the water and down on her bruised backside as gently as possible. She moaned from the discomfort of sitting on her bottom and then sighed with the decadence that only soaking in hot water can provide.

She watched as Cade took a large rag and soaped it up. Instead of handing it to her, he washed and rinsed her back before leaning her back. Gently he began to wash her front, paying particular attention to her breasts and nipples before washing down her torso. He stopped when he got to the juncture between her legs and waited for her to spread them for him.

Halley had no notion as to why she was suddenly shy with him. There was no reason for her to be. He had spanked and fucked her numerous times and saw nothing wrong with taking her whenever, or however, he chose. Still, Cade made her feel both very vulnerable and very safe. It was an odd combination.

He waited and she relaxed her legs, moaning as he washed and massaged both the inside of her thighs and what lay immediately above them. He pulled her up to stand and gently washed her bottom and the backs of her thighs. She tensed as he spread her cheeks and massaged her bottom hole. She started to move away from him and found herself pressed into his arm as it cupped her mons and held her in place.

“No, Halley. I will touch you wherever I choose and you need to accept that. There will come a time I claim that hole as mine as well.”

“I’ve never enjoyed any kind of attention back there. I can’t imagine I’d like it especially with someone as heavily endowed as you.”

He pressed against her puckered hole and she clutched his arm as it gave way and allowed his thumb to enter her. Halley tried to tuck her tail, but caught between his muscular arm and his thumb up her ass, she had nowhere to go.

“Cade,” she pleaded softly.

“Am I hurting you?” She said nothing. “Halley, when I ask you a question, I expect a truthful answer.”

“No,” she admitted. “I just…”

“Will do as you are told,” he completed for her and pressed his thumb deeper.

Halley moaned.

“Relax, Halley,” he said, removing his thumb. “I’m not planning to breach you with my cock… yet. But you need to accept that I will have you wherever, whenever, and however I choose.”

“I’d like to tell you what I think of you and that statement, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”

He chuckled as he stroked the crack between her ass cheeks before plunging a finger back in her now relaxed and yielding hole. She gasped at the unexpected invasion. There was some sting associated with it and a feeling of fullness she had never experienced back there, but if she were being honest, it wasn’t painful nor was it completely unpleasant.

Halley flexed her fingers into his bicep. She didn’t want to be enjoying this, but she was. There was something incredibly arousing about the way Cade took command and expected her to accept that, if not willingly, at least without much argument… not that arguing with him did much good.

“Good girl,” he said, removing his finger and helping her to sink back into the water to soak.

Cade went and washed his hands and then came back to check her bath water. “A bit more hot water?”

“Yes, please. I could get used to this big soaking tub in front of a fire.”

He returned from the stove and poured in the boiling water down toward her feet so it didn’t scald her, but just warmed the water to a lovely, relaxing, steamy temperature. She opened her eyes to see Cade removing his buckskins and tossing them onto the bed.

“Scoot forward,” he said.

As she did so, he stepped into the tub behind her and lowered himself into the water and then drew her back between his legs so that she rested against his chest. He wrapped her in his arms and she leaned her head on his shoulder. She could feel his cock becoming erect but he made no move to do anything sexual. He seemed content to just hold her and allow her to luxuriate in the water. She closed her eyes and relaxed against him.

The water began to cool and she took both of his hands, which were holding the sides of the tub, and brought them down to her breasts. Cade enclosed both of her mounds within them and squeezed gently before tracing circles around her areolas and then rolling her already stiff nipples between his strong fingers.

Halley moaned again, but this time in arousal and not in relaxation. Cade continued to massage her left tit as he trailed his right index finger down the centerline of her body and through the patch of hair covering her mons. He deftly probed until he found her clit and began to mimic with it what he was doing to her left nipple. Halley squirmed and was rewarded by him pinching both stiffened nubs until she quelled her own need and lay back against him.


“Yes, Halley?” he murmured.

“Can we get out of the bath and fuck?”

He smiled. “Who decides when we fuck?”

“You do, but you did say I could ask.”

He nodded. “And who does the fucking?”

“You do,” she said, knowing the next question.

“And who gets fucked?”

“I do.”

“And what hole do I fuck?”

Halley sighed. “Whichever one you want.”

“Good girl,” he said as he stood.

She started to stand, but he pressed her back down and offered his cock to her mouth. “Open,” he said.

Halley did as he pushed his cock past her lips and teeth to the back of her throat and groaned as he did so. He steadied her head, indicating she wasn’t to move it and languidly fucked her mouth. He might not want her to move her head, but Halley used her tongue and her ability to suck to pleasure him. She was rewarded when he groaned heavily and his staff began to bob in her mouth.

Cade grasped her hair in his hands as he used her mouth more forcefully and she tasted the first drop of pre-cum on her tongue. She had never particularly liked swallowing a man’s cum, but there was something about Cade and the way he handled her that made her want to do so for him. She also recognized that if he wanted to send his cum down her throat, he would. He rocked his hips, driving into her mouth.

Halley focused on relaxing her jaw so she could take him more deeply as he increased his tempo. Cade made noises of deep male gratification and arousal as he took her mouth; it was music to her ears. His cock seemed to swell as it began shooting his load down her throat. Halley wondered why she had never enjoyed this before. He tasted salty yet sweet and his cum going down her gullet and into her belly was warm and satisfying.

When he finished, he opened his eyes and looked down at her. Slowly he withdrew from her mouth and leaned down to pick her up out of the water. He stood her in front of the fire, took a large towel and dried her before wrapping her in a blanket he’d left warming for her and drying himself and the floor. He spread both the towel and the blanket on a rack and lifted her in his arms to return her to their bed.

He gently placed her under the covers before grabbing his buckskin trousers and putting them back on. He returned to the cook stove where he’d been warming leftovers from their meal the night before. Cade returned to their bed and stretched out next to her, offering her the first bite of food. Halley was starting to think she could get used to this… or at least get used to being with Cade. Yes, he was strict and dominant, but he was also tender and caring.

She could see that even though he’d just come in her mouth, the bulge in his buckskins was starting to grow. Halley figured as servicing him with just her mouth had been nowhere near as satisfying as having him fuck her, she might well entice him to come back to bed and see to her growing need. She reached for him, running her hand up along the front of his pants. She started to unfasten the first button. He stayed her hand.

“You ask, Halley,” he said sternly, removing her hand from his pants.

“Why? You don’t.”

“Because I’m the one who does the fucking and you’re the one who gets fucked. Do we need to go over that again?”

“No,” she said morosely as he moved away.

Halley heard Cade open the dry root vegetable storage bin and pull something out. He then grabbed his knife and began to whittle away at it. When he’d completed whatever it was that he wanted to do, he came back to her. She could detect a pungent, spicy aroma.

“On your belly, Halley.”


“Now, Halley.”

She complied without another word. Cade gently parted her legs and collected some of her natural lubricant and applied it to her dark entrance.

“No,” she whispered but didn’t try to move away from him.

He didn’t respond but separated her butt cheeks and reached beside him and lifted whatever it was he’d retrieved from the storage bin. The object pressed against her rear passage. It was about the size of his finger and she reminded herself that having his finger inserted back there hadn’t been too bad. He pressed it forward and then tapped on it until she could feel it had reached its total length and it flared out.

Cade sat down beside her but remained silent. He rubbed the small of her back as he rested his other hand on her rump. She’d never admit it to him, but this wasn’t all that bad. That thought was just completing when her back channel started to feel uncomfortably warm and the burn began to spread all along the length of the object he’d inserted.

“Cade,” she said, gasping. “Take it out.”

“No. The ginger needs to remain until it has done its work.”

“It has. Please, Cade, take it out. It burns.”

“Not yet. I’m going to let you up and you will go back to your place on the wall and stand like a good girl showing me your bottom hole and your pussy. Can you do that?”

“Yes, but please take it out.”

“No, Halley, the ginger will remain. If you behave, I’ll take it out before I fuck you. If not, it can stay where it is.”

“No…” she wailed.

Cade released her legs and sat motionless. Halley was now crying in earnest and her bottom burned in an entirely new way. She stood without his assistance and went to stand facing the wall.

“I can’t see your pussy, Halley. You will stand there displaying yourself to me for as long as I choose to have you do so. The longer you disobey and fuss, the longer that ginger remains in your ass. Obey me, Halley.”

Halley put herself in position to ensure she was presenting herself to him in the way he had ordered. The minutes felt like hours. She couldn’t help the tears that slid down her cheeks. She almost jumped out of her skin when Cade rested his hand on her aching backside.

“Has the ginger convinced you that being obedient and doing what you’re told is a much better idea than misbehaving?”

She nodded.

“Are you sure?” he asked with no rancor left in his voice.


“All right. You can go back to our bed but you get on your knees with your ass up and offer yourself to me to remove the ginger and be fucked. Seeing your naughty bottom being disciplined has made me very hard for you.”

Cade backed away and waited for her to decide to obey. She went back to their bed and put herself in position. He had told her the truth. Seeing her pussy dripping and ready for his use and the piece of ginger lodged in her back hole had been very arousing. Her whole body was flushed with desire. There was no doubt in his mind that his Halley, and he knew she was his, needed to have a man who held her accountable and kept her well laid. He was also quite certain that he was the man for the job.

He walked over to the bed and removed his buckskins. He joined her on the bed, removed the ginger, and moved behind her.

She reached her hand back for him. “I’m sorry, Cade.”

He reached between her legs to make sure she was still soaked and ready for him and smiled when her vulva pulsed against his hand. He took hold of her hips to keep her in place and rammed his cock all the way to the hilt. As he had come to expect when he mounted her roughly and possessively, she climaxed crying out for him. He groaned as her wet heat enveloped him. Never had he known a woman who filled him with such lust and a need to dominate and claim her repeatedly.

Cade drove in and out of her, listening to her moan and call for him. One thing he had learned was that once she had capitulated, Halley would withhold nothing. Her body would respond to his as if resisting him was beyond her control. Thrusting hard against her burning backside, he brought her to two more climaxes until he took her to the height of her passion once more and began to release his cum into her in what felt like long, heavy ropes. As he finished, she sighed in contentment.

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