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Beast: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


I couldn’t get the word or the realization out of my mind. I’d fallen into some warped reality, every thought and vision riddled with filth and darkness. His scent was all over me, filling my nostrils and tingling my senses. He was all male, the beast reeking of testosterone. I couldn’t process what had occurred or the possibility that what Sandra had told me was anywhere close to the truth.

But here he was, larger than life.

And memories of the note weren’t far from my mind.

How could he have survived for all these years? What did he eat? Had the earthquake broken him free of his prison? How were humans able to capture him?

Were there more aliens hidden in other areas of the cave?

I was lulled into a state of shock as he moved into what had to be a room of some kind. An eerie blue light came from one of the corners, barely highlighting the space, just enough to accentuate the moment of horror I was in. I lifted my head, trying to make out anything. What I could see appeared to be a pod of some kind, the shimmering neon blue glow surrounding it. He lowered me to my feet, studying me, his eyes even more penetrating than before.

“Who… Who are you?” I managed to ask, immediately taking two steps away from him. The ground beneath me was firm but had been dug down to a level of dirt. I could tell the cavern had been manmade, carved with crude tools, likely blasted from dynamite. From what I could tell, the opening was fresh, the earthquake the cause.

Freeing the beast.

How the hell long had it really been?

A snarl curled on his lip as he came closer.

My instincts kicked in again and I tried to flee, only to be yanked like a ragdoll, the growl emitted from his throat even deeper.

“You. Will. Obey.”

“Who are you?” The silence was even more terrifying. The way he looked at me was absolutely carnal.

“Come,” he finally huffed.

“No. Hell, no. I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re out of your mind. I’m getting out of here.” Goosebumps popped along my skin as I tried to find any kind of weapon I could use. I’d been such a fool to trek into the cave by myself. I knew better. I’d let my own damn curiosity take over my rational mind.

Now I was going to pay a horrific price.

I darted from side to side, attempting to move past the beast. I could swear he stared at me in amusement before his nostrils flared, his eyes appearing darker.

And laced with evil.

He stalked toward me, backing me against the wall. “Mine!”

“No!” I pummeled him with my fists in an effort to break from his clutches, yet he snapped his hand around my neck, every struggle becoming useless.

“I’ve been waiting.”

Waiting. I blinked, trying to understand what he was saying, his words more haunting than I wanted to admit. There was a connection, a tethering that I couldn’t comprehend. I was drawn to him, to this creature from another world. Every inch of my body was on fire, encapsulated with such raw need. Even though I wanted desperately to fight my way free, all my strength had been zapped.

Within seconds, he’d stripped away my clothes, ripping open the front of my t-shirt, his brute strength too much for me.

“What are you doing?” I yelped, kicking out and catching him in the knee.

His grip on my neck increased, his fingers digging into my skin. Bad girl. Bad human.

“You don’t own me.” How could I know what he was saying? I couldn’t. There was no logical answer except I was at the point of losing my mind. Perhaps I was in shock, incapable of processing anything.

I do now.

All my will at fighting him seemed to fade away and I barely moved as he yanked off my shorts, his eyes falling to my well-soaked panties.

“Beau-ti-ful,” he whispered as he stripped me of my thong.

I was so mortified at being naked in front of this ugly… fucking creature that tears formed in my eyes. I was sick to my stomach, folding one arm over my breasts and flexing the fingers on my other hand as I attempted to cover my pussy.

He took a deep whiff, dragging his tongue across his lips. That’s when I noticed his tongue was very long and forked, the sound he made sending another series of shivers all through me. I was frozen, unable to gather my wits as he gazed down the length of me, but there was no denying his lust, his cock standing at full attention.

I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t resist, biting back a moan from both fear and a tingling shooting straight into my pussy.

Wake up, girl. This is a dream.

A smile crossed his face and he shook his head. This is no dream, little human. You now belong to me in every way, just as designed.

“No. No.” How could he read my mind? How could he know my thoughts?

I could only imagine what this… monster was going to do.

He pulled me closer until I was on my tiptoes, his hot breath cascading across my face. As he took another whiff, he lowered his head, slathering his tongue across my cheek.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

I gripped his arms, digging my nails in as I continued to struggle. This bastard wasn’t going to lay a hand on me.

You will surrender.

“Over my dead body. Get away from me. Get the hell away from me.”

The laugh pushing past his lips was surreal, husky in its telling of exactly what was going to happen.

He was going to ravage me in every manner, taking what he wanted.

Using me.

Punishing me.

Fucking me.

When he positioned his other hand to smooth down my hair, the move gentle and almost caring, I used that second of letting his guard down to rake my nails down his face. I could hear a tearing of his skin, as if years of incarceration had made his body brittle.

He broke the hold, throwing back his head and roaring. The sound was unlike anything I’d ever heard, so loud and rippled with vibrations that I was forced to cover my ears.

As he snapped his head down, his eyes were glowing, the flecks of blue and gold covering every centimeter. They were hypnotic, calming to the point I could no longer feel my legs. I was suddenly paralyzed, unable to move anything. Even my breathing was affected, my throat tightening.

“You. Will. Be. Punished.” The words spoken out loud were even more unsettling, but the smooth and rich tone was intoxicating.

He wasted no time, pushing me hard against the wall, jagged stone biting into my skin. Whimpering, I could still feel the effects of whatever trance he must have put me under, although the rough touch of his hand created another sickening wave of desire. Even the way my hardened nipples were crushed against the rock was tantalizing, pushing me into a crazed state of bliss.

How could that be? How could I even want this beast, this horrible alien?

Because you are mine.

He had control over me, reading my thoughts and understanding my longing. This wasn’t real. This couldn’t be anything but a damning sickness, yet with every passing second, the concept of familiarity grew. Another flash of images swirled all around me, visions of a cage and shackles, a darkened room.

As his hand came down, smashing against my bottom, pain exploded immediately. I opened my mouth in a silent scream, trying desperately to kick out.

To save myself.

To protect myself.

He smacked me again and again, moving from side to side in a perfect rhythm. I was shocked at the level of pain crisscrossing through me. I’d never been spanked before, couldn’t stand a dominating man. And this… alien thought he could take what he wanted. As the spanking continued, the heat built up on my skin, moving down my thighs much like juice trickled from my pussy, sliding ever so slowly down my legs.

I was sick inside, falling into a lull. Wake up from the nightmare, Annabella. Wake up.

“Anna-bel-la,” he repeated as he lowered his head, nuzzling against my neck. The scent of him was inebriating, adding to the confusion. Now he knew my name.

“Please don’t. I will kill you.”

He snarled, his lips only inches from mine. I could swear he was going to kiss me. I pushed my hands against his chest. His body was solid. There was no way I was budging him even an inch.

“You can try, human. You could have died. You will be punished for your actions and you will learn.” His words were commanding, yet if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were laced with concern. God, I was now rationalizing the emotions of a true beast.

Learn what? That I’d dropped into some wild and very dark fantasy? That I’d hit my head on the rocks, causing brain damage? Was he correct that my impetuous behavior could have gotten me killed? Yes. Damn him. I wouldn’t make that mistake again. I’d pushed the limits but punishing me? The fucker truly thought he could come to this planet and own a human. He didn’t know me or what I was capable of.

But he does. He called to you almost every night.

The realization that I hadn’t been hearing things in my sleep or dreaming of some huge man, but that we had some unnatural connection was almost as terrifying as everything else. I was pitched into blackness in my mind as his hand came down several additional times, until the pain morphed into something more…


My body exploded with sensations, dazzling in every way, as if we’d known each other before. Or as if I did truly belong to him. I could no longer think or focus on anything. I closed my eyes, succumbing to the alien’s actions, even allowing myself to be punished like some bad little girl. The guilt and shame for my thoughts remained, hitting me hard but I couldn’t deny the sickening attraction.

To a beast.

To an alien.

I had no idea how long the spanking went on, but the moment he pulled back, I sagged against the wall. There was nothing rational about this, nothing that would ever make any sense. This was pure insanity; I’d gone nuts from the overwhelming heat and the drudgery of the work. There would be no one coming to save me, human or otherwise. I was lost in a nightmare.

When he pressed his hands on either side of me, sucking in a deep breath, I knew he was going to ravage me. Very slowly he eased his fingers down my spine, taking his time exploring the feel of me. I could almost fall asleep from the gentleness of his actions, but when he slid them down the crack of my ass, I stiffened.

He took several deep breaths, drinking in my essence as he rolled the tips down one thigh then up the other, finally pushing his entire hand between my legs. I gasped and rolled onto my toes, blinking several times as his fingers slipped past my swollen folds, tickling me.

Teasing me.

When a single finger rolled around my clit, my body began to shake. I was lightheaded, once again unable to feel my legs but for an entirely different reason. I was excited, so aroused that my mind was foggy, my body no longer tensing as it had. I was submitting to this creature without fighting back. I almost laughed at the realization of what was happening.

Or what I’d conjured up in my mind.

Perhaps I would wake from the wild fantasy, able to detail the occurrence as if it had been real. Or perhaps I would never be free of this beast, forced to live life as his.

His belonging.

His toy.

I shuddered at the thought until he slid his fingers all the way inside my pussy, my muscles immediately clamping around the thick invasion. A single moan slipped past my lips before I held my breath, refusing to give in.

He placed his hand around my throat, squeezing hard enough as a reminder. There was nowhere for me to go, no possibility of escaping. He seemed to watch my every move, his heated breath skipping over me, his fascination evident in his eyes.

There was no denying the incredible sensations, a pool of embers that seemed to be building. There was no amount of guilt or shame that could stop the electric vibes or squelch the racing of my heart. I was at his mercy to do with what he wanted.

The beast tilted his head, inching even closer as he shoved his fingers in deeper, flexing them open. Every thrust was powerful, every plunge driving me closer to nirvana. He continued to swirl his finger around my clit as he pumped into me, as if he knew exactly what I liked and what would push me over the very edge.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” Even as the moan left my mouth, the confusion remained, a dull rumbling of sickness in my stomach. I wanted to keep my eyes closed, to block out the nightmare, but I couldn’t. Everything about this creature was such a powerful draw, truly magnetic.

And I needed a CAT scan.

The thought somehow allowed me to keep some of my sanity as a climax rushed into my system, sweeping up from my toes. I couldn’t hold back. As the orgasm swept into me, I did everything I could to bite back a moan.

But I failed.

“Ooohh!” Nothing had prepared me for such an incredible feeling, the climax shifting immediately into another, shaking me to my very core. It had been a solid two years since I’d been with anyone, my work taking precedence. I didn’t want a relationship. I couldn’t stand the thought of sharing my life with anyone. Maybe karma had a sick sense of humor.

I was tingling, lights flashing in front of my eyes, my nipples hard and aching. The orgasm seemed to go on forever. When his long fingers curled, shifting the angle as he thrust in savage motions, my body simply had no manner of holding back.

And so it betrayed me.

“Oh. God!” The jolt of adrenaline sent blood rushing to my head, my heart beating like a hammer in my chest.

I heard the same kind of growl as before, only softer, as if satisfied with my reaction. Every part of my body trembled for a full two minutes. I gasped for air, blinking several times in an effort to focus. I could swear there was an electric hum surrounding him, a live wire snapped in two.

And the look in his eyes was primal.

The creature continued pumping for a full additional minute until the wave crested, finally receding. After removing his hand, he held his finger closer to his face, his nostrils flaring.

I watched in horror and fascination as he slipped his fingers into his mouth, a moment of utter bliss on his face as he sucked and licked my cum.

A growl pushed past his lips as he entangled his fingers in my hair, savage sounds indicating pleasure. His scent was much stronger, musky and masculine. I was pulled down onto the cold ground, my fingers digging into the moist dirt. As he crouched behind me, I knew what he was going to do.

Take what he believed belonged to him.

I remained in a state of shock, a part of me refusing to believe I was really experiencing what was happening.

The other knowing better.

The alien had been set free and was hell bent on revenge. That started with me.

He raked his fingers down my back, his touch once again creating a sizzle of heat and wetness between my legs. As he inched my legs apart, I thought about exactly what Sandra had told me.

If this species had been cast out, why hadn’t others of their kind come to save them?

The alien wound his fingers around my hair, tightening his hold and keeping me in place. I was being taken like an animal, but how could this creature think of our species as anything but?

Groaning, I slammed one hand against the ground, struggling to get out of his hold. Every ounce of me wanted to be free, to find a way back to my shitty little apartment far away from this godforsaken place. Maybe a part of me didn’t want to know that humans weren’t the only species in the galaxy. Maybe I just wanted to go along like every other human, living from day to day, pretending that humans were king of all intelligent beings.

I kicked out, managing to catch the beast in the stomach. My actions must have shocked him, the creature howling as he was pitched back a few feet. I tumbled into the darkness, my hand hitting a rock of some kind. A rush of pain jetted up my arm and I knew immediately the stone had sliced open my hand. I bit back a cry even as his hand wrapped around my ankle, yanking me back.


Another volley of hard smacks was given to my sore bottom even as I attempted to get away from him again.

Do not fight me, human.

I heard him fucking loud and clear. I was out of breath, the limited air making it very difficult to breathe. I knew well enough to know I had to reserve my strength and take regular breaths. I stopped fighting him even as he wrapped his hand around my neck, jerking me even closer. This time, I wouldn’t be getting away.

Helplessness wasn’t something I understood. I’d worked so hard my entire life to be self-sufficient, never taking handouts. To that end, almost no one had tried to take advantage of me.


The few who had had received my wrath.

This… monster would be no different. You may take my body, but you don’t own me.

The slight hesitation in his actions was the only reaction I received and for some insane reason, it caused me to laugh. I continued doing so until as he slid the tip of his cock up and down my slickened pussy.

His breathing became ragged, his hand moving to my hip, the sharpness of his nails digging into my skin as he pressed his shaft just inside.

For all the wrong reasons, I held my breath, as if the being behind me was my lover instead of a carnivorous beast. When he thrust the entire length of his cock deep inside, I opened my mouth in a silent scream.

He was so large that as he forced my muscles apart, I gasped several times. When he was fully seated inside, something unreal occurred.

His cock began to throb, vibrating in a way that was completely unnatural and the most incredible moment of bliss I’d ever experienced. As his cock filled me, so thick and long, the amazing vibrations created mind-blowing sensations rocketing through every cell and pore. I was blown away as I was tossed into pure ecstasy, raw and all-consuming. Every part of me was on fire, my nerve endings seared.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” My moans echoed in the chamber, a sick reminder that I was actually enjoying this.

He was brutal, rocking me forward with every barbaric plunge, pitching us both close to the dirt. His wild howls and roars filled the space. He was nothing more than a crazed beast claiming its prize, one he’d waited for so long to receive.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Once again, stars floated in front of my eyes as the fucking continued, his fingers flexing then squeezing my neck.

I was being fucked by an alien.




The words filtered into my mind one after the other, pleasure unlike anything I’d ever known spinning me out of control. When he released his hold on my neck, I slumped over, issuing guttural sounds of my own.

The beast dragged his fingers down my back to the crack of my ass. The moment he pushed his thumb to my puckered hole, I tensed, clawing at the dirt. “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh…”

No man had ever fucked me in the ass. No beast would ever use me in that manner. My sounds became nothing but animalistic as I tried to slap his hand, but there was no fighting this brute. He simply took what he wanted, shoving his thumb inside.

The pain was blinding, my muscles straining to accept the second invasion, my heart racing. Within seconds, the anguish shifted, morphing into something utterly amazing. I was thrown into total euphoria, beautiful and earthshattering.

His sounds became even huskier, sensual in a manner I hadn’t expected. He was freaking enjoying every minute. I was mortified of my body’s reactions just as I’d been before, struggling to shut down even though the vibrations were pushing me close to another orgasm.

I did everything I could to hold back, not to give him the satisfaction of making me come. But there was no use. The tingling of my toes was the first indication, the tremor in my legs moving to another round of my body shaking. “Oh. Oh. Oh…”

The climax was extraordinary, sweeping through me like a firestorm. I could no longer breathe, had no chance of focusing. The shattering of my resolve stole my breath, the pleasure so insanely good that in my mind I was floating, free of worry and fear.

And monsters.

His beastlike growl brought me to reality and I knew he was close to coming. I had no idea what to expect or how to react, but as the euphoria became to fade, I simply wanted it to be over. And so, I squeezed my muscles.

The roar he emitted reminded me that he wasn’t human. There was no concept of a conscience. All he knew was whatever ordeal he’d been forced to endure from decades before.

Every human was in his hunting ground, his prey.

And the gorgeous alien with the coal black eyes was the predator.

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