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Beast’s Claim: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Pain tore through me, every cell and muscle exploding. There was also a wave of desire that rippled into my loins, the hunger driving my beast into a frenzy. I eased onto all four paws, gathering the scent.

Her scent.

The exotic fragrance of her sweet pussy wafted into my nostrils, yanking at every ounce of control. I’d known the moment she was close, the aroma carried for hundreds of yards.

She was mine.



A single growl erupted from the depths of my being, the husky tone reverberating in the small cave. She remained asleep, her long dark hair spilling over her shoulders. The injection she’d given me pulsed in my system, keeping my heartrate higher than normal.

As I padded closer, I took a deeper whiff, relishing in the scent as electricity soared through me. I’d felt her, had still sensed her the moment I’d been brought into this wretched location, tossed into a cage like an animal. And I’d been forced to remain as a panther. I pawed the earth, realizing that I’d regained some of my strength; however, my appetite was out of control. Every aspect of my being was on hyper-drive, needs requiring fulfillment.

Now I had the urgency to shift, to return to human form for a single reason.

Taking her.

Tasting her.

Fucking her.

Overwhelmed by the desire, I dragged my tongue across her shimmering skin before sitting back on my haunches. I sensed her arousal, even in her slumber, her erect nipples pressing hard against her thin shirt. I wanted nothing more than to bury my tongue into her pussy, lapping her sweet cream. I was overwhelmed by my hunger, barely able to think about anything else.

She had no idea how much danger she was in, her appearance both damning as well as exactly what I’d been craving. I needed to protect her, but there would be no way from behind the caged confines. My mind remained foggy, preventing me from formulating a well thought out plan.

While I’d called to her, I’d had no way of knowing whether our connection had been strong enough. I needed to mark her again in order for the mating process to provide a tighter union. I should have sensed that the attack on the village had been nothing more than a premeditated warning. While alarming, I’d concentrated my efforts on protecting my kind instead of eliminating the bastards when I’d had the chance. My capture had been intended, the dissidents taking an alpha for the very reason my father had described. The assholes would face my wrath, as well as that of the other Breeds.

But first…

I would take her.

Nothing would stop me, my primal needs all I could think about, the thought all consuming.



The command was obeyed almost immediately, her eyes opening, blinking several times in an attempt to focus. As soon as she realized just how close I remained, she gasped, scuttling to get away from me, out of my clutches. I hung my head, swishing my tail as I lumbered in her direction, issuing a low-slung growl.

“Jabari. You’re… awake. Thank God.” She reached out, almost instantly jerking her hand away and curling her fingers as if terrified I would ravage her.

And I would.

I could also sense her desire, the same kind of carnal need continuing to fester in my every inch of my body.

Her lilting voice rushed through me, further fueling my beast. My hunger knew no bounds, the kind of longing that left pangs of anguish gripping every taut muscle. I studied her as she finally dared to approach, holding out her hand.

“Listen to me. I was forced to inject you with a serum I’ve developed. You should heal from whatever fucking drug they gave you, but your strength won’t last. I haven’t been able to determine the final formula. We need to get out of here.”

“Who sent you here?”

“I don’t know for certain, but it would appear he’s a scientist who’d attempted to perfect the same kind of serum that I’ve been working on, one that will help the Breeds reproduce. However, I think I may have discovered something else, but I won’t know until I can get you back to my lab.” Her breathing ragged, she scanned the opening to the cave. “I don’t think we have much time.”

She was riddled with anxiety, her lower lip quivering. My keen eyesight allowed me to focus on the pulse throbbing in her neck. I ran my tongue across my canines, another deep growl rumbling from my chest. While I understood what she was saying, my primal needs remained in the forefront of my mind.

Raven took a deep breath after scrambling to her feet, backing away slowly. “Jabari. Come with me.”

“You hunger for me.” We remained connected, our bond growing stronger even without marking her. I could sense her confusion as well as her building excitement.

“No, I… I just…” She swallowed hard and pressed her fingers against her voluptuous lips. “I can’t want you. I’m not your mate.”

“Yet you do. You’ve longed for me since even before the night in the forest, your body craving what only I can provide you.”

While she shook her head, I could read her thoughts with ease.

I want him. I don’t understand why but I crave everything about him. How is this happening? How? How could I even think about his rugged body or his strong hold? I must be losing my mind.

“This is our destiny. You will not deny me. I have waited far too long.”

At that moment, another wave of anguish jetted into me, every synapse beginning a breakdown, the electricity soaring through eliminating the desire. In its place was a realization. Whatever she’d injected me with had counteracted the other drug, pushing me into transformation, a return to my human state.

I backed away, another roar rushing up from my throat as I began to shift. While my vision became cloudy, I could see her clearly, her horrified gaze remaining. She stifled a scream after hearing the cracking sounds of my bones, several already breaking through my fur. The agony was even worse than before, my heart thudding against my chest walls, my ribs splitting in two. Whatever drugs I’d been forced to endure made the transformation brutal, nearly tearing me apart.

Rearing up, I tumbled even further into the dark confines of the cave as human bones began to replace those of my panther. While my beast fought the change, there was no way I could prevent what was occurring. I released another bellowing roar, finally able to know what the other Breeds were thinking, the anguish they were experiencing even more pronounced than my own.

“They will come for you.”

“They will kill all of us.”

“You must free us, alpha beast.”

Yes, I would break them free of their chains. Then every Breed would retaliate in kind, ripping the humans responsible apart.

She shifted closer, trying to find me. “Jabari. You’re not strong enough.”

Using every ounce of energy, my vocal cords slowly altering, I bellowed, the words spouted in human speak, “Stay… away.”

“Oh, my God,” she half whispered, her voice shaking. She fell back, gasping for air. “It’s working.”

I could smell her fear, could almost taste it. My entire body shook as fingers protruded past my claws, fur slipping away. A buzzing sound pulsated in my ears as organs changed, legs struggling to form the correct shape. As the final stages began to take place, a bright light suddenly surrounded my body. While I threw out my arms and roared, trying to warn her, to keep her safe, she refused to leave.

“Jabari. I…” Her voice faded away when I finally lowered my head, allowing her to see that the beast remained just under the surface, my eyes always the last to accept the powerful transformation.

As my lungs filled with air, my pulse beginning to slow, her terror only increased. “Ra-ven.”

Raven dropped the light, a single whimper erupting from her mouth, stumbling as she backed away. The shift was difficult to watch, the transformation one few humans ever witnessed. When she took off running, my natural instinct kicked in.

The desire to capture her.




My desire was entirely savage in nature and one I couldn’t avoid. While I remained shaky, I took off running, the muscular structure of my human form far too powerful for her to avoid. Before she had a chance to make it to the gate, I snagged her arm, dragging her against the heat of my body. “No, you don’t, my pet. You. Are. Mine.” My cock was fully engorged, my balls filling with seed.

Struggling to take several shallow breaths, she smacked her hand against my chest as her eyes darted back and forth. As she dug her nails into my skin, the hint of pain made me feel even more alive. “Jabari.” The flicker in her eyes highlighted her increasing desire, her body betraying what her mind told her to do. Her whisper was sultry, provocative. She arched her back in my arms, her lips pursing. “My God. What is happening?”

“You are becoming mine. For-ever.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer, crushing my mouth over hers, immediately thrusting my tongue inside. The first taste of her was incredible, the electricity soaring between us. I dominated her tongue as I pulled her onto her toes, sliding my hand down her back. I’d waited a lifetime to find the right one, the single mate that I would spend the rest of my life with.

Now that I’d found her, no one would ever take her away.

Or they would die by my hands.

After a few seconds, she smacked both her hands against me, breaking the connection.

“I can’t want this. I just can’t.” She fought me, struggling hard enough she managed to get out of my hold. While she threw a punch, I managed to catch her hand, using the momentum to yank her forward once again, fisting her hair with my other hand.

“But you will. I have waited for you. Hungered for you. And I will have you.” My tone remained husky, my body aching from the shift as well as the rocket fuel that powered through me. I had no control, no will to stop my actions.

Her body responded, the scent of her feminine wiles keeping my beast close to the surface. I licked my lips in an exaggerated manner, human growls erupting from my throat. The electricity we’d shared before was intensified, yanking on every rational human thought.

She hissed, still struggling to get away.

Tossing her over my shoulder, I took long strides, returning to the mouth of the cave where I would take her.

She refused to give in even as her body continued to betray her, her scent even stronger than before. “This isn’t real,” she insisted. I could hear her rapid heartbeat, could tell her blood pressure was rising. Every sense was magnified, the hunger even more savage. “You’re reacting to the serum.”

“This is very real.” I eased her down and she immediately tried to back away, fighting her hold on reality, her mind a complete blur.

“I don’t belong to you or to anyone. No. No…” Her voice trailed off, her eyes glistening. “You’re a beast, a Breed.”

“And one you’ve craved.”

She continued to shake her head, dragging her tongue across her lips. “All the nights I had dreams. They were you, the fantasies so real. The forest and the night at my house were…” Her words dropped off, her eyes becoming unfocused.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“All the times I saw your face in my mind. Why? How? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“You’ve felt my presence. You knew I would come for you. We were destined to be together. What your kind did to destroy the animals you call Breeds also gave us certain abilities, including calling my mate.” I took a single long stride toward her, not anticipating her lunge.

A single squeal erupted from her lips before she kicked out, managing to smack her foot into my gut. As I was pitched backward, she took off running again.

“You will obey me,” I commanded.

“No, I will not. I just can’t.” Raven shot away from me, only to stumble in the limited light, clawing at the dirt in an effort to get away.

“Then you will be punished for your actions.” The savage in me took over, racing toward her. I yanked her backwards by her pants, ripping at her clothing even as she continued to fight me, twisting and turning as she continued to kick out.

“Oh, God. You beast.” Raven refused to give in, even as I felt a level of exhaustion settling into her system. Panting, she wiggled back and forth as I ripped the shirt over her head, exposing her beautiful breasts. I yanked her onto her knees, cupping and squeezing both in my massive hands, rolling my thumbs across her nipples.

“Tell me you hunger. Tell me you crave my cock.”

She closed her eyes, digging her fingers into my forearms, panting as she darted her eyes back and forth. When she licked her lips, a moan slipped past them, further igniting the beast remaining close to the surface.

“Tell me.” Lowering my head, I dragged my tongue around one nipple then the other, struggling to hold onto some sense of rationality.

“Oh… Mmm…”

I eased the flat of my hand down her stomach, tugging on the fastener to her pants. She opened her eyes wide, searching my very soul for answers.


I sensed her excitement growing as her breath became scattered. She didn’t fight me as I tugged her pants over her rounded hips, yanking off her boots before dragging the unwanted material from her legs. Tossing her clothing aside, I was forced to take several deep breaths, my cock aching to the point pre-cum had already oozed from the slit. “Tell me that you long for me to fuck you.”

“I just can’t. I can’t want this.” But the seductive tone of her voice gave her away.

Fisting her hair, I pulled her into another embrace, tipping her head as I lowered mine. As I breathed a swath of hot air across her face, she kneaded my chest muscles, her lips twisting out of frustration.

“What’s happening?” she asked, although she already knew the answer.

“We are becoming as one.” I crushed my mouth over hers, trying to keep the beast at bay. I wanted this to last, even though the urgency to take both her as well as vacating the premises were almost impossible to repress. I thrust my tongue inside her mouth, the tip hitting the back of her throat. As I dominated her tongue, shifting it back and forth, I ground my hips against her. The scent of her wetness was overpowering, pushing me into another wave of manic need.

Everything in my life seemed to rush by in blurred images. All the years fighting my urges. All the push back to take control of my kind. Every desire to eliminate humans. And the hunger I’d experienced, never finding satisfaction in anyone or anything. She was my awakening.

My salvation.

My purpose.

As our tongues entwined, her body began to relax, freeing her inhibitions. Perhaps she was learning her place. When I finally broke the moment of passion, nipping her lower lip before easing back, her eyes were closed.

“God. This is incredible but I shouldn’t want this,” she whispered.

I rubbed the hair from her face, studying her porcelain skin, the way her eyelashes floated across her cheek. I was mesmerized by her beauty, my heart thudding. “Now, I’m going to fuck you.”

She opened her eyes, her lower lip quivering. When she balled her hand, pushing it against me, I could see how hard she was struggling with her emotions. “I can’t resist you.”

As I shifted her onto all fours, I rubbed my cock against her bottom, taking several deep breaths. I fisted her hair, jerking back her head as I straddled her. “No, you can’t, my beautiful human. You were always meant to be mine.”

Moaning, she undulated her hips, her naked body more beautiful than any creature I’d ever laid eyes on. I raked my fingers down her back, reveling in the simple feel of her, allowing the touch to languish as I drank in her fragrance.

“This is… crazy,” she managed, slapping her hand against the ground.

“This is what is supposed to be, but when you try and run from me, you will be punished.” I spanked her in rapid motions, my hand fitting perfectly against her rounded bottom.

“Oh, God. Oh…” While there was nowhere for her to go, she continued to yank against my hold, panting as I issued a series of hard smacks, one coming after the other.

Fully aroused, my heart beating rapidly, I became lost in the actions, doing everything I could to hold back my dark intentions. The heat surrounding us was oppressive, the desire continuing to fuel the flames licking at every muscle and tendon. As I peppered a scalding rain of smacks crisscrossing her bottom, her cries of despair quickly turned into moans of pleasure.

Panting, Raven opened her legs even wider, allowing me to see her pretty pink pussy glistening in the dim lighting. She was so wet, her entire body hot as hell. “Stop. You can’t do this.”

“I can and I will because I own you.”

“No. No! I won’t run. I won’t attempt to get away.”

I chuckled darkly, refusing to stop. “Of course you will.” There was something cathartic about giving discipline, the blatant need to control her.

Train her.

Dominate her.

I was the alpha, a creature who’d always taken everything he desired. That had never stopped. While I’d tasted a few human women during the course of several years, none had awakened the beast inside. Only this woman. There was no understanding of why my mate was human, but I would fulfill my duties as alpha of the panthers. Our Claws would be fortified by the birth of cubs, increasing our populations, just like the lions. Soon, other Breeds would follow, increasing our numbers over weeks. Months.

As she undulated in my hold, tossing her head back and forth, I relished the beautiful shade of crimson blossoming across her bottom. She had no idea how important she’d become, or the extent of the danger that we would face. However, panthers would survive. We would thrive. And we would retaliate.

As far as the humans, they would become our pets, much like we’d been treated for decades. They simply had no understanding of what they were facing.

Now, our Claw could advance in importance, the fact my mate had been found allowing us to take our rightful position.

If only the humans knew the politics that were played in the jungles and forests, small villages claimed by the animals who had no choice but to remain in their human form the majority of the time.

I’d read Raven’s mind. I knew of her concerns, the fear she was facing. I also understood she’d created something incredible, the serum extremely valuable.

And worth killing for.

Whoever had sent her couldn’t be trusted. He would be hunted down like the others, required to divulge the reasons he’d sent her here.

I shuddered the ugliness aside, continuing the spanking until I was overwhelmed by my desire. As I caressed her bottom, she whimpered, her body tensing. When I slid my hand down the crack of her ass, she sucked in her breath.

The second I slipped my fingers between her swollen folds she shivered visibly. “So wet.”

“Yes,” she whispered, no longer fighting me, her dark urges requiring the same satisfaction.

I rubbed my fingers up to her clit, swirling the tip of one around the tender tissue, savoring her wafting scent as well as the way she thrust back her hips, her whimpers becoming purrs. When I smacked her pussy lips several times, she jerked forward, pulling against my hold on her hair.

“You will learn that you belong to me. Every inch of your body. Every hole. There is nowhere that you can run, no place you will be able to get away from me. I will. Hunt. You. Down.” I thrust several fingers into her tight channel, throwing my head back and roaring as her pussy clamped around the thick invasion.

I wanted to devour every inch of her, spending hours getting to know her beautiful body, but I was well aware our time together would be limited. We would need to develop a plan of action or the other Breeds would be terminated. And the others had to be freed. I’d seen firsthand the crippling effects of the drugs we’d all been given, several of the beasts even managing to attack some of the wretched visitors who heckled and ridiculed our captivity.

They had been exterminated for their savagery.

Their stench remained clawing at my insides.

I eased my fingers from her dripping mound, immediately sliding them into her tight asshole.

“Oh, God. Oh… What are you doing?” she demanded, her rebellious side remaining intact. She would soon learn that I was in charge, capable of providing pleasure or pain.

“Taking what belongs to me.” I pumped my fingers several times, flexing them open as the heat continued to build.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Moaning, she clawed the ground. Everything about this was filthy and sinful, exactly as I preferred.

Exactly as the beast demanded.

I could hold back no longer, my body riddled with a combination of pain and the kind of burning desire that sent shockwaves into every muscle in my body. I mounted her, shoving the entire length of my cock into her tight little pussy. Her muscles expanded, accepting the thickness, her body pushing back.



“Oh. Oh. Oh!” she screeched, her body shaking. As she arched her back, taking several deep breaths, the moan rumbling from the depths of her being floated between us.

“So tight. So wet,” I growled as I pulled almost all the way out, slamming into her once again, the force shoving us both toward the cave floor. I pumped several times in rapid succession, delighting in the way she attempted to meet every brutal plunge. Even her ragged breathing had changed, the tone becoming more guttural.


Every desire I’d ever experienced rushed to the surface, priming my beast. I became lost to the need to ravage her, unable to control my actions.

Her hunger increased, her actions becoming more savage as I fucked her, thrusting in brutal actions, driving into the very core of her.

“Oh. Oh, God…” Her words faded off, her entire body shimmering in the slice of moonlight, only further fueling the kind of dark hunger that could never be satisfied.

I could tell a climax was close, her entire body trembling, her breathing little more than shallow breaths.

“Come for me, little mate. Come on my cock.”

Raven whimpered as she shifted back and forth, grinding her hips against me, forcing my cock even deeper inside. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her body bucking, her pussy muscles clamped around my shaft.

“Yes. Come. Come now!”

As she threw her head back, her eyes opening wide, a climax rushed into her. With every pulse of her sweet pussy, every scattered breath she took, the electricity between us soared. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Her sounds of satisfaction sent a red-hot wave of current dancing into every muscle. I refused to stop, pumping like a crazed animal until a single orgasm became a second.

Then a third.

“Jabari…” she managed, half laughing with a growl of her own.

Everything around us was shoved into a vacuum as I fucked her, still hungering for more. I wanted nothing more than to fill her with my seed. But I wanted all of her. Every hole. Every inch. And an alpha would take what he owned.

Leaning over, I issued a series of husky growls as I rubbed the rough pads of my fingers down her spine. “Now, I claim your tight little asshole.”

Tensing, she panted several times, once again fighting to get out of my control.

I wasted no time, sliding my slickened cock into the cleft of her ass, pushing the tip just inside.

“Fuck. Fuck,” she whispered, her back heaving from her ragged breathing.

“Now, you truly belong to me.” As I plunged every inch of my cock inside, pushing past the tight ring of muscle, I threw my head back and roared. Hot and tight, I could no longer focus, my only thought of ravaging her.

I planted my hands on either side of her, riding her like the animal I truly was, slamming my shaft in hard and fast thrusts. The sounds of our mating fueled the other beasts, their cries no longer ones of agony but of hope. We were merely continuing what had begun only a year before. We were claiming what rightfully belonged to the animal kingdom.


As our combined moans shot through the night air, my cock filling her completely, I pressed my mouth against the back of her neck. There was no hesitation, my beast sliding to the surface, allowing me to drag the tips of my canines across her heated skin. As my balls began to swell, no longer able to control the darkness of my panther, I closed my eyes and nipped her skin.

There was nothing like the rush of adrenaline or the hard tremble of my entire body as I exploded deep inside her, filling her with my seed.

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