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Beautiful Devil: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

A dull ache remained in my heart, a nagging that continued to fester. It was safe to say that while I’d managed to corrupt her innocence, she’d found a method of digging through the thick coat of armor, grasping onto a portion of me that should never have been allowed. But at this point it was too late for… regrets. I almost laughed at the thought. She believed me to be incapable of feelings when I’d learned a long time ago to ignore them.

But with her, everything was fresh, new, and the thick black coating surrounding my heart had already begun to suffer.

I took her by the hand, leading her back to the house. She’d defied me far too many times, most of which I’d allowed given the circumstances, but her blatant disregard for rules, her steadfast rebellion in front of one of my men was completely unacceptable. If I allowed the act to go without punishment, the subtle yet powerful disregard for my rules would begin to crawl its way into the ranks. That I couldn’t tolerate.

I’d ruled on the requirement of respect for years, refusing to accept any infraction. While I was known to be generous, my wrath meant any act against my regime was met with consistent discipline. That had allowed my empire to thrive. There was no doubt that Enrique had talked, telling the men that she held a power over me. Just as quickly the staff members of my household would relay overhearing her extreme punishment.

By all rights, I should spank her in front of the soldiers, but I refused to allow a single man to ever bask in her nakedness or her beauty. Any man who dared disrespect her would face a wrath they would never recover from. However, she would need to learn that any additional infraction would be handled differently.

I pulled her through the front door and past three employees. They all watched silently, their innate knowledge of my actions creating a tangible forcefield. They would listen at the door, shocked that I’d go to any extremes with the woman I obviously cared about, an anomaly in itself. Once inside my office, I closed the door then released her hand. There was such fire in Emily’s eyes, a persistent need to show me how brave and tough she was. I’d felt her fear more than once, her utter vulnerability that attracted me almost as much as her luscious body.

This afternoon was no different. She was a delightful combination of defiance and uncertainty. I’d professed how much I’d cared about her, yet I would be relentless in performing the necessary punishment. She was trying desperately to crawl inside, peeling away every layer.

“What are you going to do?” she dared to ask as if she didn’t already know.

“Remove your clothes.”

“That didn’t answer the question.”

I allowed my answer to be immediately reaching for my belt, my eyes never leaving her as I unbuckled slowly.

She chewed on her lower lip, a trait I found adorable, backing away a few inches. Her tension was evident by her shaking hands, the slight twitch I’d seen on the corner of her mouth, but she remained quiet, reaching for one strap on her dress. The moment I’d seen her walking toward me at the pool, it had taken everything I had not to indulge in feasting on her sweet pussy. I continued to be crazed with need, but I managed to shove aside my desires for now. There would be time to indulge in my proclivities.

I took as much time unfastening my belt as she did removing her dress, both determined to keep some level of control. It was fascinating to watch, especially the various emotions on her face. As I pulled the thick leather from my beltloops, I thought about what she’d admitted about her father. If what she told me was true, it was possible she was unaware of the location of whatever information Jonathan had compiled. It was also probable that the note he’d left her provided some indication.

A plan would need to be made, but only after determining what Ovachov wanted and was privy to knowing about me. My gut continued to send up several red flags. I would need to be careful in the choices I made.

Emily finally allowed the dress to fall to the floor, her expression of insolence fueling the fire burning deep within. I snapped the belt between my hands, pulling the strap under my nose and inhaling the rich scent of leather. She studied every move I made, swallowing hard as she slipped her fingers under the delicate lace of her panties. I almost lurched forward, dropping to my knees and ripping the material away with my teeth.

Jesus. My throat was parched and the only thing that could quench my thirst was her sweet juice.

When she was finally completely naked, I took a deep breath before walking around her in a complete circle. “You defied me.”


“You disparaged me in front of one of my men.”

“Yes. And I would do so again.”

“No, you will not. You can verbally disagree with my rules and how I handle business when we’re in private, but you will never disrespect me again in front of my employees. Is that clear?”

She shifted her head to the side, nodding. I pressed my index finger under her chin, lifting her head.

“I asked you a question. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

My beautiful flower refused to succumb to my requirements. My cock twisted, the ache building. “Lean over the desk and spread your legs.”

Her eyes opened wide, her mouth opening as if she was going to disagree. Then she moved around me, slowly easing her voluptuous body over my desk, spreading her arms and gripping the edges. I waited until she moved her legs apart, taking several deep breaths at the sight of her glistening pussy.

She was enjoying this. She wanted the harsh punishment. The ache in my groin escalated, my heart thudding. She was no longer terrified of what I would do to her but was craving the very acts that had stripped away her innocence. My God. Something broke inside of me, my needs completely unleashed. I rubbed my jaw, slowing my breathing. If I wasn’t careful, I’d hurt her in my exuberance and that couldn’t happen.

I ran my fingers down her spine, delighting in the usual betrayal of her body. While her mind remained uncertain of our intense connection, every touch of my hand increased the same yearning coursing through me.

“Thirty strikes will be your punishment today.”

She took several deep breaths but said nothing, pressing her face against the polished wood of my desk. I caressed her bottom, my fingers enjoying the warm touch. I opened her legs even wider, sliding my fingers down the crack of her ass to her swollen pussy lips, darting two fingers just inside.

“Oh,” she whispered, her single moan invigorating my senses, piquing the cruel man who’d been born inside of me the day I’d left my home country. I’d shoved my heritage aside, refusing to look back for even a second. I had no plans of doing so now.

I delivered a harsh crack across both buttocks, closing my eyes when I heard her instant cry. My throat remained dry, the sight of her lithe body driving me crazy. I brought the belt down four times in rapid succession, the sound crackling in the air.

Emily jerked up, pushing her legs together, her gasps for air a clear indication of the pain I was inflicting. I brushed my fingers across her lightly reddened skin, the thought of marking her permanently never far from my mind.

“Remain in position. I don’t think you want me to start over.”

She closed her eyes, her fingers now white knuckled, but there was no mistaking the look of determination on her face. Her refusal to allow me to break her was yet another stumbling block. Her continued belief that she could reform me would end in absolute disappointment. There was no redemption for a man like me, even with a perfect creature like Emily in my life.

I brought the belt down several additional times, finding it difficult to breathe. Her muffled wails permeated my eardrums, continuing to echo long after there was no sound in the room. The fact my vision was suddenly foggy, preventing me from my usual level of concentration remained troublesome. Did the woman have any idea the kind of effect she had on me? Did she realize that the only peace I’d ever found was when my cock was buried deep inside of her?

I continued the spanking, stopping after six additional strikes, running my aching fingers through my hair then twisting the belt around my hand. Just the sight of her glistening pussy was pushing every boundary. I thrust several fingers inside then rolled my thumb around her clit.

Her moans of agony shifted to those of pure ecstasy, her long eyelashes skimming across her cheek creating another round of arousal. My balls were tight as drums, my cock shoved so hard against my zipper I should be the one crying out in pain.

I was more impatient than ever, wanting nothing more than for her punishment to be over. She clawed at my desk, one hand shifting across several items of business, tossing them to the floor. Her yelp of surprise was a clear indication she believed I would require additional punishment. What the hell had I turned into over the years? She believed me to be nothing but a monster and in truth she wasn’t wrong. I’d been born in the fires of hell, discarded for a reason that no longer mattered, but had completely shaped the man I’d become.

That and the ugly days spent wallowing in the streets, the hunger forcing me to accept scraps, handouts from the rich and famous. No more. I could afford to purchase a goddamn country.

I was nearly blinded from the wretchedness of the past, the headache that had formed only minutes before increasing. I’d lost count, no longer caring about finishing the required discipline. After tossing my belt, I took several deep breaths then advanced, turning her over and shifting her trembling body around to face my office chair.

Then I moved around the edge of my desk, thumping down with enough fury the chair rocked at my weight. As I gathered her legs into my arms, a slight smile crossed her face. She was so wet, juice trickling down both inner thighs, that I couldn’t wait even a second longer to taste her. I watched her reaction as I spread open her slickened folds, darting my tongue around her already swollen clit.

The smile remained even as she threw one arm across her face, the warm blush slowly creeping from her neck to her cheeks matching the crimson hue of her bottom. Inhaling, I allowed the tempting fragrance of her desire to rush into my pores as I licked up and down the length of her pussy. I wanted nothing more than to lose myself in her for hours, indulging in every passion. But even as I feasted, taking my fill of her sweet juice, the rush of instincts was never far from my mind.

She would become a target soon enough if she wasn’t already. The thought kept the edge of anger in the forefront of my mind where it should be. Whoever was out for my life would face every ounce of retaliation feasible. Her moans drew me back to the moment, the goosebumps popping along every inch of her unblemished skin driving me to bring her additional rapture.

I dug my fingers into her skin, pushing her knees against the desk, then buried my face into her wetness.

When she reached down, tangling her fingers in my hair, pushing my face into her pussy, I issued several growls. Within seconds, her entire body began to shake. She tossed her head back and forth, mewing.

“Are you ready to come for me, mi hermosa flor?” I nipped her inner thigh, taking another deep breath. I was intoxicated from her scent, the darkness of my sadistic needs bridging the surface.

“Yes. Please.” She undulated her hips, jerking on my head as her moans increased. There was nothing more beautiful than a woman in the throes of ecstasy. I fell into a rhythm, driving several fingers inside as my tongue continued to work its magic.

“Then come for me,” I commanded.

She jerked up, shoving her other hand against the desk, her scream high pitched as her body started to convulse. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

I refused to let go, shifting my head from side to side. One climax shifted to another, her breath now coming in ragged pants. Even as I enjoyed every moment of providing her pleasure, Diego’s words burned into the back of my mind.

Another wave of darkness was coming soon. I would need to be prepared.

And I would need to find a way to protect her.

My perfect flower.

And the only woman who might keep me from burning in the fires of hell.

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