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Beautiful Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


A huge part of me still wanted to admit I’d made a mistake in flirting with the sexy stranger or allowing the dangerous man to remain inside my hotel room. However, with every stroke of his hand, every tender caress, I found myself incapable of pushing him away. Even though I reminded myself that this was only a one-time thing, a small secret I’d keep buried deep within me, I also knew my friends would ask about the evening, requiring details.

After all, this had been their plan in the making, their way of saying ‘I told you so.’

The second he’d flipped me over onto my hands and knees, I’d been forced into a mindless blur, incapable of stilling the shaking vibrations or my shallow breathing.

What could I tell them other than he was rugged and demanding, his dominance suiting him just like the five-thousand-dollar tuxedo he’d worn to the wedding? I’d leave out that his kisses had awakened a level of passion I never knew existed or that his mouth and tongue were delicious weapons of pleasure.

I’d also refused to admit that his eyes, while magnificent, also highlighted his icy demeanor, the man shut off to emotions. Even though he’d been charming, the initial meeting had provided me with a brief but important glimpse into his psyche. He’d been cold and detached, every move he’d made calculated. But now, everything was different.

He was determined to provide me with a taste of ecstasy, his raw seduction another indication of his possessive nature.

I continued to tingle all over from the lingering sensations. I’d lost count of the number of times I’d climaxed, but I’d forgotten to catch my breath. I remained lightheaded, reveling in the full force of raw ecstasy. He’d known exactly how to please me, the amount of pressure to use. Heat flushed into my face as I thought about how I’d begged him to continue.

All thoughts were shoved from my mind the second he cracked his palm against my backside. I wasn’t immune to physical pain, my arm broken twice over the years, but this was something entirely different. I struggled with the smooth silk holding my arms together as I’d done before, yet every time I attempted to break free, the knot only grew tighter. I wasn’t going anywhere, just like I’d hungered for in every scathing fantasy.

Had I been indulgent in sacrificing my private thoughts, allowing a stranger to know my deepest desires? The answer was a resounding yes. Yet when he smacked me four times in rapid succession, the sting shifting down both legs, I realized my breasts were full, my nipples swollen. I was enjoying being disciplined like a wanton sinner.

That’s exactly what I was.

A part of me wanted to continue fighting him, at least beg him to stop, but the moment I’d given into the tormented ecstasy of his mouth, I’d lost all sense of rationality. Just being able to eye him without clothes as he’d devoured my pussy had sent a wave of chills dancing into every cell and tendon. He was a gorgeous man in every sense of the word, his muscles chiseled to perfection. I wanted nothing more than to trace every colorful tattoo with my tongue, as if the vibrant ink had a taste of its own.

Takaya ochen neposlushnaya devochka,” he muttered.

“What? Tell me what you’re saying!” My sharp demand was met with another series of brutal strikes, his hand molding against my already aching bottom.

“I can see I was right. Such a very naughty girl.” He laughed softly after translating, suddenly shifting his fingers between my legs.

I was so sensitive I jumped, taking several shallow breaths as my skin prickled. “No.”

“No?” he repeated, immediately thrusting several fingers into my tight channel. “You aren’t allowed to say no to me, my lioness. That’s not a part of your fantasy.”

I almost said fuck the fantasy, but with another savage smack against my buttocks, all thoughts were tossed aside. He wanted me on edge, incapable of thinking clearly. As the spanking continued, I was cognizant trickles of pussy juice were sliding down the insides of my thighs, small beads dripping dangerously close to the comforter. The scent of him was infused in every inch of my skin, long ago filtering into my system.

He concentrated on the round of discipline for a few minutes, the prickling sensations tearing through me now entirely different than before. I was thrown onto another plane, incapable of speaking. It made no sense that the level of anguish he was providing also sent white-hot heat directly into my core. No normal woman was turned on by being disciplined. Were they? I couldn’t fathom an answer.

“You will learn that obedience has very pleasurable rewards,” he said, his rugged voice more of a sensual whisper.


“Hmmm… Then you’ll learn to do without.”

He brought his hand down four additional times, every strike harder than the one before.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I felt the oppressive heat of his body resting against mine as he placed his hands on either side of me. I moaned as soon as I felt his throbbing cock pressed against my aching bottom. When he shifted his hips back and forth in a promise of things to come, I clenched my fingers around the bedding.

My mystery lover slid one hand under my stomach, cupping and squeezing my breast with enough force I moaned from the pressure and the increased wetness between my legs. He murmured additional words in Russian, his hot breath cascading across my shoulders as he spoke in whispers. It didn’t matter what he was saying at this point, his tone enough to keep the fire burning brightly.

He wrapped his hand around my hair, pushing it aside but keeping his fingers intertwined in my long strands. Then he lowered his head, peppering my skin with a series of kisses, dragging his rough tongue in circles across my back. He continued caressing me, rolling his fingers down my back, shifting from one hip to the other. When he slowly eased the tips down my thigh, I shuddered visibly, shifting my hips back as much as the tight confines would allow.

I was breathless from imagining what he would do to me, the brutality he’d use when taking what he wanted. That made the entire experience even more sinful as our lust continued to grow. The combination of scents in the air was staggering, the powerful aphrodisiac more intoxicating than any drug.

“Fucking you will be such a pleasure,” he said, the rich, deep tone of his voice entirely different than before. “Is that what you want, l’vitsa?”

“Yes,” I whispered without hesitation.

“Then tell me.”

How was I supposed to admit anything else to this man? When I didn’t answer right away, he twisted my hair in his fingers, yanking on my head.

“When I give you a command, you will follow my orders without hesitation. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” I managed, also the single word held more disdain than an entire soliloquy. I didn’t need my law degree to tell me that the words he’d just spoken were part of the artistry of seduction. He meant them.

“My little lioness has sharp claws. That’s something I’ll keep in mind. Now, tell me what you want.” Another hard crack of his palm against my backside was a further reminder that as of this moment, he was completely in charge.

“Fuck me,” I said, the hollow tone to my voice surprising me.


“Fuck me.” This time, the sound reverberated in the room.

“Excellent. Now, you’re going to learn what fucking a true monster is really like.”

As he pushed his cockhead against my swollen folds, I’d lost all fear of the man purporting himself to be a beast. Even if that was the case, I no longer cared. I kept repeating this was only sex, a method of achieving gratification while indulging in the kind of fantasy that might shock my friends, certainly my colleagues.

But I sensed the moment he thrust the rest of his shaft deep inside, forcing my already aching muscles to stretch in acceptance, that this wasn’t just about satisfying my pleasure. There was no reason for me to think that way other than I’d gathered a sense he had a hidden agenda. By all rights, I should have grilled him for his name, requiring him to show his driver’s license, but that would have spoiled the dangerous interlude.

At least the treat was something I could hold onto, a delicious memory to savor during long, cold nights alone. “Oh!” I closed my eyes, no longer capable of breathing as my pussy clamped around his thickness. I hadn’t been expecting the intensity of the pleasure or the raw sensations scouring through me. He remained fully seated inside, his breath as ragged as mine, his firm hold on my hair never letting up.

I wanted to touch him, to stroke every inch of his body. I longed to trace the inked patterns and to drag my tongue around the two scars I’d caught a glimpse of. But I knew he’d never permit anything of that nature. It was too intimate, personal, and he would never allow me to get close.

This is just one time, kiddo.

True enough.

He rolled his fingers down my back as he’d done before, slowly sliding them along the crack of my ass. When he snapped his hand against my bruised bottom again, I yelped, blinking away a single tear that had nothing to do with pain. I remained on edge, still trying to find a way to explain myself out of the situation. Why couldn’t I let go entirely, to feel the kind of freedom that only hot sex would allow?

My muscles pulsed around him much like my heart was beating in time with his. When he pulled almost all the way out, I whimpered in response.

“Don’t worry, lioness. We are just beginning.”

The deep gravel in his voice would remain ingrained in my mind for several nights to come. I pushed back against him, his dark chuckle a few seconds of reward. Then he plunged into me again with an intense growl, the force he used pushing me forward.

He gripped my hip, using his knee to open my legs even wider. Then he developed a sweet rhythm, the delicious warmth between my legs increasing. I was more lightheaded than before, every breath labored. He twisted his hand around my hair, digging his fingers into my scalp. The hint of pain only added to the sexual tension that remained between us.

As I pushed back against him, he became even more controlling, driving deep inside hard and fast. I’d never been fucked this way, as if every breath he took depended on the savagery. The fire burning brightly deep inside was threatening to explode, the flames roaring inside sparking out of control, a firestorm developing. The way he rocked his hips sent me forward, my arms losing strength as I tried to remain aloft.

The rhythm became erratic, pushing my limits, but he refused to stop. Beads of perspiration trickled down both sides of my face, my heart thudding against my chest. He refused to stop, rocking the bed until the headboard continuously slammed against the wall. I kept my hands curled tightly around the dense material, still unable to catch my breath.

Takaya krasivaya zhenshcina,” he growled, the words tickling my heated skin. “Yes, such a beautiful woman indeed.”

I closed my eyes, savoring the rocking motion, my toes tingling, electricity shooting up along the insides of both legs. As another climax shot straight into my inner core, I couldn’t hold back a scream. I didn’t give a shit who heard me. Let them wonder about the ecstasy, the raw bliss that had taken over every part of my system. Allow them to hunger to experience such ravaging moments of pleasure.

“That’s it, my lioness. Come for me. I need to hear you scream.” He tugged on my hair, forcing me into a deep arc as he ravaged my system, thrusting even harder than before.

One orgasm rolled into a beautiful wave that stole not only my breath but my voice as well. His actions only became more savage, the sound of skin slapping against skin penetrating my ears. The sweet release was more powerful than I could have imagined. Stars remained floating in front of my eyes as I came down off the beautiful plateau, my body still shaking from the powerful climax.

When he draped his body over mine, his cock still pulsing, he finally released my hair before nuzzling against my neck. I fell into a beautiful wave of ecstasy as he nipped my earlobe, languishing in licking just underneath. I closed my eyes, my body still vibrating from the round of intense fucking.

“As I said,” he whispered, “we’re just getting started.”

After kissing me on the shoulder, I was aware by the change in weight he’d left the bed. When he rolled me over onto my back, he pinched my chin with his thumb and forefinger, leaning over and pressing his lips against mine. This time, the kiss was soft, a tender moment that I hadn’t realized would exist inside the man. He took his time floating his tongue in and out, swishing it across mine.

When he stood back, his stare was more intense, the darkness in his eyes unable to be hidden even in the dim lighting. He pressed his finger against my lips, his breathing still irregular. The silence was nothing but a tease, or perhaps a promise of more to come. He said nothing else as he reached over me, untying my bindings. Then he backed away, leaving me to untangle my wrists.

I jerked on the silk, able to sit up within seconds, watching as he padded out of the room. As I allowed my eyes to fall down his back, I realized I was shivering from the sight of him. Shadows were unable to hide his gorgeous physique, including the most perfect ass I’d seen on a man. I wasn’t certain what he was doing, but I knew better than to follow.

Swallowing, I moved onto my knees, yanking down the covering and crawling under. Instantly, the soft sheets scratched my heated buttocks, but all I could do was smile, shimmying back and forth as another wave of vibrations shifted into my system.

Only a few minutes later, he returned and instantly my core started to pulse as it had done before, brutal in its insistency, the new wave of longing leaving me breathless.

In his hand were two glasses. After lowering them to the nightstand, he turned on the light, slowly turning to face me.

I don’t know why I wasn’t prepared for the full sight of him as he stood over me, but the man’s chest was larger than it had seemed, the ink covering a portion and his right shoulder even more colorful. His arms were sculpted, so muscular and defined that the veins were pulsing. The deep V leading to his massive thighs literally took my breath away. He’d been carved straight out of the finest stone, every inch of him chiseled by an artist. I couldn’t imagine the time it had taken to achieve such perfection.

The trail of coarse black hair heading all the way down his sculpted abdomen only added to the intense yearning to touch him. Whoever he was, God had granted him the kind of perfection only achieved in romance novels. The man couldn’t be real.

My mouth watered as I allowed my gaze to fall to his glistening cock that remained at full attention. As he peered down at me, his chiseled jaw clenched, I sucked in my breath.

Then he tore the sheets and comforter away, lifting a single finger then slowly moving it back and forth.

“Nothing will ever keep your body hidden from me, my lioness. Do you understand me?”


He reached down, pinching my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Let’s try that again. Do you understand me?”

I realized what he wanted and couldn’t keep from shivering. “Yes, sir.”

“Better. As I said, we’re a long way from being finished.”


While a part of me had wanted to keep her tethered to the bed, I longed to feel the sharpness of her nails clawing my back as I fucked her senseless. I hadn’t hungered for a woman to this level in one hell of a long time, if ever. I handed her a glass, never allowing my gaze to fall from her shimmering face as she took a sip. Even the way she closed her eyes, allowing the burn of the whiskey to slide down her long throat was enticing.

I took several quick shots before returning both drinks to the nightstand. There was plenty of time later if she wanted to indulge in an entirely different kind of proclivity after I’d departed. For now, her full attention belonged to me.

Her lower lip trembled when I crawled onto the bed, every action I took deliberate. I wanted her anticipation heightened, her pussy throbbing to have my cock buried inside. She backed as far against the headboard as possible, the scent of fear remaining, yet there was no denying the need given the way she narrowed her eyes, dragging her tongue across her lips.

With every breath I took, her scent keeping me intoxicated, I sensed the possibility of losing control. This was just the beginning of stripping away her inhibitions, creating such an intense longing that she would be easily claimed when I came for her.

I yanked her down until her long hair was splayed across the pillow. She instantly pressed her palms against my chest, kneading my skin with her fingertips. Her look of surprise was an indication that she felt the extreme heat pulsing between us, the jolt of current boosting the adrenaline rush. When I attempted to lower my head, she pushed hard against me, another mischievous smile crossing her face.

After allowing a single growl to erupt, I slid my fingers over her shoulder and down her arm, lowering my gaze as I continued my exploration. The simple evocative touch kept her breathing ragged, every sound she made the purr of a kitten. I jerked her leg up and to the side, catching her off guard when I pressed her knee against the bedding. She laughed nervously, her fingernails becoming a weapon. As soon as she scratched my skin, I pressed the tip of my cock between her legs.

She’d yet to blink since I’d crawled on the bed, her doe eyes finally slanting as she wrapped her hand around my shaft. I allowed her to ease my cockhead just past her swollen folds, taking deep breaths when she raked the backs of her fingers up the length of my abdomen, twirling her index finger in my chest hair.

“Now, I show you the true meaning of the word passion.”

My words allowed her to throw away the remainder of her fear, arching her back as she rolled her long fingers up both arms. “Then fuck me. Just… fuck me.”

I wrapped my hand around her throat, lifting her head before plunging my aching cock deep inside. She was required to watch me as I took her, deflowering whatever was left of her innocence. My lovely lioness had no way of knowing she really was fucking a monster, but she would remember this moment long after I was gone.

Until the next time.

The feel of her muscles clamping around my shaft tore at the bastard inside of me. I wanted to fuck her with all the ferocity of a beast, but she’d managed to awaken what little goodness I had inside of me. Damn her for enticing me the way she had. Damn her for making me want to feel again, to experience the joy of sharing something so private and intimate.

When I pulled out, I dug my fingers into her neck, marveling at the fact every inch of fear had been tossed aside, the defiance and fire in her eyes fueling the raging inferno.

I thrust harder, pinning her against the bed. Even still, she managed to ease her other leg around my hip, arching her body. I demanded more of her, my actions becoming predatory. The need to consume her continued to increase as she scratched all the way down my chest, her breathing as ragged as mine. As my chest heaved, I plunged into her savagely, taking what I wanted, her moans gasoline tossed on the flames.

Easing my hand away from her throat, I lowered down, thirsting for the taste of her mouth. There was such an innocence about her even though she exuded more power than most women. The fact I was sullying her, taking what I wanted didn’t seem to bother her in the least. I captured her mouth and the feel of her soft lips against mine was even better than before.

She was no longer timid, her tongue sweeping back and forth, exploring the man who was taking her. Even as I took full control, dominating her tongue, she matched the ferocity, her soft mews becoming sweet music between us. I rocked my hips, shifting the angle as I drove as deep inside of her as possible.

Stephanie’s hands fluttered over my shoulders, her fingers tangling in my hair, tugging as if trying to keep me from breaking free from our embrace. However, the bastard inside of me took over. I wanted to see her, to watch the way her eyes changed as I filled her with my seed. When I pulled away, she gasped, still clawing for me.

I pulled first one arm over her head then the other, pressing my palms against hers, interlocking our fingers. As I rocked my hips in a continuous motion, she bucked hard against my hold, fighting to lift her head.

Her eyes were dilated, her mouth twisting in frustration. The feel of being inside of her was incredible, pushing every boundary. I could do this for hours, fucking her relentlessly and still I wouldn’t be satisfied. As her pussy muscles clenched and released several times, I realized she was close to another orgasm.

I lowered my head, breathing across her strong jaw before whispering in her ear. “Prikhodi za mnoy. Come for me.”

Her entire body shook underneath me, her heart beating as rapidly as mine.

“Oh. Mmm…” Her eyes remained glassy, every sound she made lingering in my eardrums. I thrust harder, driving into her womb. I need to feel her eruption, her juice slickening my cock.

As she tossed her head from side to side, her body undulating under mine, I gave the command again.

“Come now, l’vitsa.” The moment her entire body spasmed, her pussy muscles clenching around the thick invasion, I threw my head back, unable to stop the increasing needs, the deep swell of longing that refused to be denied. As my balls swelled, I realized I’d lost all control. I erupted deep inside of her, relishing the feel of her even more. The hard thudding of my heart was as loud as her cries of satisfaction.

She dug her fingers into my hands, her body rocking as she climaxed again, fighting to keep from screaming.

“Yes… Oh, yes.” As her body began to relax, she blinked several times, the softness of her breath against my face sending vibrations into my muscles.

I rested my forehead against hers, taking several deep breaths. The scent of sex and sweat filled the air, the taste of her lingering on my tongue. The combination had already driven me crazy and as this moment burned within me, I issued a series of barely audible growls.

When I released her hands, I pinched her chin between my thumb and forefinger, studying her glassy eyes. “So beautiful.” I kissed her on the lips before backing away. When she tried to roll over on her side, I yanked her onto all fours. “Not so fast, my lioness. I’m far from being satisfied.”


The man was relentless, the pleasure he’d given me creating wave after wave of delicious delirium. I’d never felt this way, the explosion of sensations taking me to the very edge of my sanity before yanking it back again.

As he pressed his body against mine, I was shocked he remained rock hard after filling me with his seed. When he pressed the tip of his cock against my entrance, I clawed at the tight bedding, exhausted from the hard fucking. Yet he wasn’t. The moment he thrust his shaft inside, I couldn’t hold back a scream, the man filling me so completely.

He was so large, stretching my muscles even after the first round. I was hot and wet, the force he used pitching me against the bed. Every nerve end was on fire, my skin still seared from his touch. As he gripped my hips, his fingers digging into my skin, I closed my eyes. There was no sense in fighting his demands. He would take what he wanted.

With every brutal drive, I was pushed into nirvana, oblivious of anything else but the hard fucking. While no one would ever confuse this with making love, that didn’t matter in the least. He was skilled, able to sense my needs even before I knew they existed. I lost grasp on my sanity, giving in to him the only option.

Almost every muscle ached, but he refused to stop, plunging as if this was his breath of life. All I could think about were the intense sounds he made, the deep baritone continuously filtering into my ears. The pressure continued to build, the beads of sweat dripping from his face and body dancing across mine. Within seconds, another wave of pleasure rolled into me, stealing the last of my ability to breathe normally.

Every whimper I made was matched by the brutal sounds erupting from his throat.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” I was vaguely aware he’d smacked my bottom several times, the intermingling of pain with rapture unlike anything I’d ever felt before this night. He’d managed to fragment the last of my thoughts. Now I was drifting into raw ecstasy, never wanting this to end.

As the orgasms ebbed, he rolled several fingers down the length of my spine, shifting them to the crack of my ass. Stiffening, I knew exactly what he was planning and started clawing at the bed.

“Relax, Stephanie. Just breathe for me.” His grip on my hips now a tight vise, I took gasping breaths.

“I’m not…” My God, I couldn’t express the words. I’d never been interested in anal sex, refusing more than one man over the years. However, the way he caressed my skin, rolling the rough pads of his fingers along my back, tickling my skin was enough to allow me to take a deep breath.

“I won’t be rough, not with this.”

His words were a promise and for some crazy reason I believed him. I’d never felt such a connection with any other man, the electricity we shared soaring and spiking. I wasn’t the kind of woman who fell hard for any man, but what I did feel allowed me to trust him.

At least with this.

He continued caressing me for several more seconds, pushing me into a beautiful lull as his cock throbbed deep inside my pussy. Then he pulled out, slowly pushing his cockhead against my darkened hole.

I stiffened, still clawing at the bedding. When he murmured several words in Russian, his voice soothing, I licked my lips as the anticipation continued to build. As he pressed the tip just inside, I threw my head back, my ragged whimpers floating between us. I could sense the heat of his constant need, yet he kept his promise, guiding his cock into my forbidden hole an inch at a time.

Discomfort had turned into a hint of pain, but almost immediately the warmth of tickling sensations turned into a wave of pleasure. I was shocked how full I felt, how the nerve endings responded from the intense stimulation.

“So tight. That’s it, my beautiful lioness, breathe for me.”

I adored the sound of his voice, the deep timbre further igniting the blazing passion we shared. How any man could be this incredible was beyond me. When he pulled out, thrusting the entire length in once again, I realized I’d arched my back, pushing up in order to meet his hard plunge.

He chuckled his reaction, repeating the move several times, finally developing an incredible rhythm. As his actions became rougher, I pushed back against him, stretching my muscles. He wrapped his hand around my hair as he rocked his hips forward, slamming into me. Nothing had ever felt as fulfilling.

My mind still in fragmented pieces, I kept my eyes closed even as pulses of light danced through the shadows.

I was lost in the moment, uncertain how long he’d been fucking me, my breathing ragged as my heart pounded against my chest. Every muscle screamed from exhaustion, my hands slipping from perspiration. Yet he continued, every sound he made a reminder that he’d wanted me to fuck a monster.

When his body began to jerk uncontrollably, I shoved my hips back, squeezing my muscles. The sound of his primal roar filled my ears, the deep rumble skittering across my skin. I was still burning from his touch, my heart racing. He’d left me breathless, sated, and tingling all over.

As he murmured several other words in Russian, I was thrown by how soothing they’d become. There were so many unanswered questions, the prosecutor in me hovering just below the surface, trying to claw her way out.

But the other side of me, the woman who’d just had the best sex of her life wanted to keep the moment very private.

And so it had been decided. That’s exactly what I would do.

Very slowly, he eased me to the bed, breathing across my neck. When he threw his arm around me, I could still feel the pulse of his cock. I couldn’t understand why a man I didn’t know had awakened the passion I’d hungered for my entire adult life. In truth, he’d stripped me of every inhibition and if I dared spend another few hours with him, I knew he’d shatter me into a million pieces.

And I didn’t even know his name.

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