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Beautiful Seduction: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview



I loathed them, was often furious when pulled away from my business to handle some issue or complaint. The knock on the door infuriated me. I was wired, hungrier than I’d ever been, my cock standing at full attention. The single taste of her hadn’t been nearly enough. Her scent lingered on my skin, the sweet taste of her nectar remaining in my mouth. I threw my head over my shoulder, taking several deep breaths.

“The champagne you ordered,” Cassidy whispered, the sound even more seductive than before.

“Oh, yes. Perhaps we’ll put it to good use.” I yanked my wallet from my pants, tossing them aside and heading for the main room.

She said nothing, but I heard her slight laugh, likely surprised I would dare answer the door without clothes. What the fuck did I care? I owned half the employees, and a good portion of the hotel. No one ever questioned what or how I did it. I grabbed my weapon, remaining cautious after what had occurred near the restaurant. The instances of irritation from the Poles had been high enough every soldier had been placed on notice.

Every indication was that Casimine had a particular plan in mind. Gathering information would soon become vital in order to disrupt his attempts at wreaking havoc on the organization.

When I opened the door, allowing in the room service, I waited until they were in the room before turning on a light. The girl was shocked, her face flushing as she stared at me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… I mean…” She laughed nervously, turning away. It was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing a weapon, but I hadn’t seen her before, which would remain in the back of my mind.

I pulled out a tip then nodded toward the door. “It’s fine. Just leave.”

She barely jerked the hundred-dollar bill from my hand, scurrying out the door, giggling as soon as she’d crossed the threshold. I had no doubt she was used to seeing various proclivities in her line of work, the hotel a destination for celebrities and politicians visiting our lovely city. After locking the door, I grabbed the bottle of champagne, stalking toward the bedroom.

As I stood in the doorway, I took a few seconds to enjoy the view. Cassidy stood by the window, one hand on the glass as she peered out onto the darkly lit landscaping of Central Park. The moon was a perfect height in the sky to allow her silhouette to be highlighted, outlining every voluptuous curve, and the soft swell of her breasts.

I remained enamored by her beauty, the sweetness that only an angel could afford. However, she was a lamb to the slaughter. I’d yet to determine what I wanted to do with her. I’d proclaimed her as mine and a solid portion of my body and soul had meant the statement. However, her presence was a weakness if nothing else, a tool that could be used against me. As ruthless as I was in business, I wasn’t a monster. She didn’t deserve to be saddled with a life that would never again be considered her own.

But tonight I would enjoy a feast for the gods.

I carefully unwrapped the foil around the neck of the bottle, twisting the thick glass until the cork popped and floated into the room.

She stiffened, tipping her head over her shoulder. My God, she really was an angel, her face serene yet with a hint of mischief, her eyes gleaming from continued lust. I moved closer, taking long strides until she finally turned to face me. After taking a swig directly from the bottle, I closed the distance, wrapping one arm around her and pulling her close.

When I lowered my head, her body immediately responded, her back arching just like it had done every time I’d held her in my arms. Her hand floated to my face, her delicate touch unlike the roughness I’d extended earlier. But it was just as powerful, maybe more so, tossing gasoline on the existing fire. I pulled her even closer, dropping my head and pressing my lips against hers.

She pushed one hand against my chest as she parted her lips, allowing the bubbling liquid to flow into her mouth. I felt her shudder, her soft skin brushing against mine.

All I wanted to do was devour every inch of her.

As I swept my tongue inside, she tangled her fingers in my hair, her body language more insistent, her need increasing. I enjoyed the moment, our tongues dancing together as I explored her sweet mouth. Then I pulled away long enough to place the bottle on the nightstand, returning and immediately reaching for her.

A laugh bubbled to the surface, and she managed to dart away, shaking her head in an effort to deny me what was mine.

“You can’t have me,” she purred. While her actions were playful, she was pushing the lion to his breaking point.

“Come here,” I commanded, remaining exactly where I was, studying her intently.

“I don’t think so.”

I shook my head, taking a deep breath. “So, you’re a bad girl after all.”

“I am. It’s obvious you don’t know me very well.” She made a swift attempt at leaving the room altogether, one that almost proved to be successful.

She didn’t know me very well either. I easily wrapped my hand around her wrist, yanking her back, crushing her against my chest. When I fisted her hair, she took gulping breaths, daring to drag her nails down my neck. “You’re a bad man.”

“Yes, I am.”

I hurled her onto the bed as I’d done before, prepared for her to scamper to the other side. Then I dragged her toward me by her ankle, pushing her onto all fours. “What you’ll learn is that disobedience has consequences.”

I kept my hand wrapped around her long curls, using it as a tether as I brought my hand down against her rounded bottom.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, still fighting me.

“Spanking you. As I said. Consequences.”

As I smacked her buttocks several times, she continued fighting, but her moans were a clear indication she was fully aroused, accepting the punishment knowing she deserved it. Her scent continued to fill my nostrils, driving me to a crazed point, my heart pounding into my ears.

I delivered six in rapid succession, craving to use my belt. Heat built in my fingertips and as I caressed her skin, my heart thudded.

“I’ll be good,” she muttered.

“Yes, you will.” I raked a single finger down the crack of her ass, longing to drive my cock into her dark little hole. That would come later. Then I resumed her spanking, developing a perfect rhythm, shifting from one side to the other. Her scent exploded, filling the room, the fragrance so damn sweet I wouldn’t be able to control myself much longer.

After continuing the round of discipline for a full minute, I slipped my hand between her legs, cupping her smooth mound and darting a finger around her clit. She clamped her hands around the comforter, stifling her whimpers.

“Still so wet for me, dolce angelo. I think you thrive on pain.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Mmm… I’m never wrong.”

She wasn’t nearly as nervous as before, but she continued to have soft whimpers laced with her hot breath. I pulled her over, immediately crawling onto the bed. The sight of her splayed out in front of me was a powerful draw, the savage deep inside encouraged to ravage her while the man wanted to take time exploring every inch.

But the hunger was too great.

I shifted my cock against her thigh, my balls pulsing from the ache that had started in the restaurant.

“You’re too big,” she moaned, pushing hard against me.

“Don’t worry, my sweet angel. You’re wet enough to handle me.” I brushed my fingertips along her stomach, teasing her by rolling them down her pussy. She turned her head to the side, pinching her eyes closed.

I yanked her leg to the side and forced her knee against the bed, roughly dragging my fingers along her calf to her thigh. The moment she pressed her hands against my chest, all patience was lost. I thrust the entire length of my cock inside, throwing back my head as the explosive sensations powered into me. The feel of having her underneath me was unlike anything I’d experienced, pushing the boundaries as well as my needs.

“Oh!” She fisted my hair with one hand, writhing under me as I pushed the full weight of my body against hers.

Potrei devastarti per giorni, angelo, portandoti all’estasi,” I whispered.

I could ravage you for days, angel, driving you to ecstasy.

The words spoken in my native language were the truth. I could spend days taking her to new heights of pleasure and it still wouldn’t be enough. I was a man without a conscience and fucking her was already one of my greatest joys. I should feel guilt for destroying the very innocence I’d craved, the flickering moment of uncertainty not something I was used to.

I pulled out, easing onto my arms and staring down at her. “Look at me, sweet angel.”

She acted as if she wouldn’t obey, her eyes clenched shut, her lower lip trembling. She had enough guilt for both of us, trying to pretend as if this moment didn’t exist, as if she could go back to her normal, happy, boring life.

That was impossible.

I nudged her knee further out, plunging past her sweet folds again. The utter elation as her muscles clamped down around the thickness of my cock was invigorating, creating a wave of electricity that confused the hell out of me. Maybe it was her softness, or the way she’d defied me from the beginning that kept me so aroused, but I couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

“Look. At. Me.” My command was darker, more insistent.

She turned her head, her mouth wrenched. I could swear there were tears in her eyes. I’d warned her it was too late. Nothing had changed. I shifted my weight, pulling all the way out, sliding my fingers between her breasts to her stomach, circling her belly button before moving lower.

I slipped my fingers into her wetness, growling as I heard her soft pants. “Do you like that, dolce angelo?”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t or you won’t allow yourself to?”

“Both,” she whispered, her eyes now glassy from fueled lust.

“Then I guess I’ll have to remind you.” I swirled my finger around her clit several times, finally pinching the tender tissue between my fingers.

She smashed her hand against my chest, jerking up. “My God.”

Laughing, I slipped a single finger into her tight channel, my cock aching to the point I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself for long. When I added a second finger, she tossed her arm across her face, her entire body quivering.

“Come for me, angel. Come.”


I added a second finger then a third, pumping gently while I bent all three, easily finding the spot that seemed to bring her the most pleasure.

Her body jerked, her arms flailing. She tossed her head back and forth as I continued pumping, her mouth twisting from trying to ignore the bliss.

“Come for me, Cassidy. Now.”

I was surprised when she obeyed without question, her entire body lurching as another powerful orgasm swept into her. My fingers were covered in her sweet cream, her muscles pulsing. I continued pumping for several seconds, studying her intently.

“Tell me. Do you like that?”

After a few seconds of hesitation, her entire face lit up. “Yes. God, yes.”

“Then tell me what you want.”


“Tell me.”

There was no struggle left inside, her conscience losing the battle, her desire too great. “Fuck me. Please. Fuck me.”

I pinned her to the bed, rolling my hips, grinding them against her heated body. My cock had a mind of its own, slipping inside, her muscles straining but accepting it easily. There was nothing like the rush of adrenaline, the crush of her voluptuous body against mine. I yanked her hands over her head, intertwining my fingers with hers.

She never blinked, didn’t even consider looking away as I fucked her, driving my shaft so deep inside the force pitched both our heated bodies forward. She dug her fingers into mine, the tiny sounds she made dragging my beast closer to the surface. When she wrapped her leg around mine, I pivoted my hips, thrusting like a crazed man in search of a fix.

I shifted into a slow and steady rhythm, savoring the ability to stare into her eyes, relishing what I was doing to her.

The passion we shared was powerful, the connection unbreakable. I was relentless in fucking her, taking what I wanted while hungering to hear her scream out my name. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead, trickling down both sides of her face. She continuously dragged her tongue across her lips, her moans escalating.

“Come for me again, sweet angel. I need to hear you scream.”

There was an innate control within her, an unwillingness to let go, but as my brutal fucking continued, her body betrayed her as it had done so often. Within seconds, every muscle twitched as she bucked underneath me, tossing her head back and forth as a climax burst into her system.

“Yes. Yes… Yes!”

Her eyelids were half closed, her mouth twisting as the moment of sheer ecstasy rolled through her. I was unable to stop, driving her hard until another orgasm tossed her into sweet nirvana. There was nothing like watching her face, the resplendent reaction to the pleasure that only I could provide. As the wave began to pass, I shifted beside her, taking several deep breaths.

There was nothing like being on the edge, capturing a little bird seconds before its first flight. She was a beautiful dove, perfect yet fragile. And all I could think about was defiling her in every way.

When Cassidy tried to roll over, her breathing uneven, I pulled away, jerking her onto all fours.

“We’re not finished yet. We have all night to indulge.”

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