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Beautiful Sinner: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Tears of anger.

Tears of sadness.

Tears of uncertainty.

They burned, stinging my eyes. Even though I’d told myself that nothing about the man or his world would make me tear up in front of him, I couldn’t hold back the emotions. At least I could keep my head turned away from him during the ride, trying to concentrate on the lush scenery instead of thinking about what he’d said.

Could he possibly give a damn about me? I’d asked it before, the answer far too complicated. And now? I still wasn’t certain I could trust him.

Or myself.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but that wouldn’t make anything better. A part of me was ready to humiliate myself begging for another life. At this point I didn’t care what it looked like, just not the one I’d been born into.

Had men really found a way onto the island, or had he been trying to scare me? If it was true, what did Sevastian do to them? Torture them into talking? Or just shoot them? As I closed my eyes, I remembered more than one occasion my father hadn’t stopped when I’d come into the room. He’d allowed me to see the horrors of his world. My world. I’d never wanted to be treated like a girl, inferior to my brothers, yet when faced with the ugly truth, I simply couldn’t handle it.

Sadly, he was right. I’d pretended I’d lived in a world far removed from violence, a glass house that could be crushed under the weight of a heavy boot at any time. I’d also believed that I could get away from a life that had no beginning and no end. I had to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a child.

I looked over at him, his eyes hidden behind the dark sunglasses. I wanted to hate him, but this was the only world he’d ever known. In this lifestyle, there was no righteous man, no ability for saints to be made out of sinners. I couldn’t expect him to change and there was no way out of this relationship.

Why was it that a huge part of me didn’t want to be? Why could I not get my mind off him?

After he’d almost confessed that he’d fallen in love with me, as he’d done before, he shut down. I’d finally felt close to him, if only for a little while. Then everything about him had changed.

“You will be punished.”

The four little words were frank, said with no emotion. He didn’t bother looking at me and there certainly wasn’t any remorse or guilt in his tone. My thoughts returned to the men he called assassins. Why would they be so bold? They had to know of Sevastian’s reputation. For the first time, I’d been able to see past his need for revenge, realizing the tormented man hadn’t lied to me. I’d worried him.

“I understand.”

“Do you?” he snapped, tilting his head slightly, allowing me to see his clenched jaw. “Do you know how I felt when I learned my security had been breached at the same time as finding out you weren’t in your room?”

“I… you don’t need to act as if you care about me, Sevastian.”

He laughed as he pulled into the estate. “It goes way beyond that now, Giada.”

“Are you going to punish that girl for leaving the door unlocked too? Maybe you have this sick need to humiliate her in front of the rest of your staff.”

His only reaction was to tighten his grip on the steering wheel. “She should be punished for being careless.”

“As I said, don’t be like your father.”

“Our fathers. You said like our fathers.”

I shuddered at the thought. “Yes, my father is just as brutal.”

“Then you and I are a lot more alike than we’d care to entertain.” He jerked the Jeep to a stop, jumping out while the vehicle was still rocking. The gun positioned in the middle of his back was just another reminder that my brothers were exactly like him. I’d been damn good at pretending otherwise.

“It was my fault entirely. I left.” I climbed out before he had to pull me out, waiting until he motioned for me to move forward. This wasn’t about sudden bravery or my usual state of rebellion. I simply didn’t have the energy left to fight him because it would do no good. He had been an expert at breaking me down, tearing apart the defenses I’d worked for years to form around me like a coat of armor.

As if there was any armor that could hold back the evil in our world.

I expected him to drag me up the stairs, locking me behind the same closed door until he was ready to dole out the punishment he’d promised, but instead, he guided me through the house. He said nothing, taking long strides directly into a room, closing the door behind him.

Then he moved toward the window, turning his back to me. The way he’d been on the beach had been frightening, accentuating the ache inside. However, the sight of the soldiers and the ugly towers, the realization that I’d been placed in an exquisite tropical prison had hit me harder than I’d expected. It was devastating in a way, but at least the rose-colored glasses had been ripped off permanently.

There was a presence about him, his soldiers obviously respecting him tremendously. What I didn’t think he realized is that their loyalty wasn’t about his physicality or ability to end their lives if he deemed it appropriate. They trusted him to make the best decisions, and to keep their families safe.

He’d built a fortress not as a means of lording it over his employees that he had money, but to provide a level of protection they wouldn’t have otherwise. What struck me as odd is that he didn’t seem to like himself.

He’d seemed more powerful at that moment, his looming figure creating wave after wave of explosive energy, but the stark ice I’d seen in his eyes had intimidated me. Even worse was the silence. He was disgusted with me, furious. What I still couldn’t understand was the level of hatred I’d also seen. Whether or not it was directed at me, or I’d become the focus didn’t matter. It was the reason he’d agreed to this toxic relationship in the first place.

If only it was easy to shut down the connection we shared, but both of us were locked into a vacuum of lust and need that would never let us go.

“Who were those men, Sevastian?”

“They refused to talk.”

Both our families had enemies, which meant the men could have been working for anyone.

He threw me another look that nearly stripped my breath away.

Every time he turned to face me always took my breath away. His aura. His prowess. Just the way he devoured me with his eyes was intentionally disturbing, but I’d also never felt so wanted in my life. “I didn’t claim to know how to play by your rules. You’re right. I was kept protected in a glass bubble just like my sister. The only difference was that I wanted to learn. I demanded to be taught how to shoot, trying to be exactly like my brothers. My father humored me to a point, but that ended the day after I turned thirteen years old. A coincidence? I don’t think so.”

He seemed to study me, picking through what I’d told him. “Were you told about the attack on my family’s house?”

“No. That part of business was never discussed at the dinner table.”

After a few seconds, he nodded. “Your father commanded his soldiers to abduct my sister. That’s a line that is usually rarely crossed. If I hadn’t been there, she would have disappeared.”

The horror of what he was saying affected me tremendously. I blinked furiously, another damn round of tears threatening to derail all the false strength I believed I had. “I’m sorry, Sevastian. I don’t know what you want me to say, but if your hatred of me is because of what happened, I can understand it, but I won’t be your victim. I’m not my father just like you aren’t yours.”

Goddamn the man. He continued to keep his eyes pinned on me, his jaw clenched so tightly that his mouth was pursed. “I wanted to crush you, Giada. I longed to take away something precious like your father almost did to my family. Tatiana isn’t the same girl, nightmares plaguing her.”

“Then why didn’t you?”

His expression was dark, stone cold, a man trying to remain completely detached from what he was facing.

But as the electricity sparked between us, the air getting thick, I knew he was debating my fate and perhaps his as well.

He rounded the desk, placing his gun on the edge then heading straight for me. Then he stopped two feet away, taking several deep, ragged breaths. “Come here.”

Maybe I should continue hating the man, at least fearing him, but it was impossible, the draw too intense. The need had become so intoxicating that I couldn’t breathe when thinking about not being with him. That was sick, so much so that I wanted to run away but it was impossible. I would accept whatever punishment he required. Then I would lose myself in the sadness.

I walked closer, until we were only inches apart, ready for him to rip off my clothes, tossing me over his desk and whipping me until I would wear his marks for days.

As he gripped my upper arms, pulling me closer, I sensed a sudden change in him. He couldn’t be the ruthless predator with me that he’d wanted to be. He refused to accept the darkness that had nearly overwhelmed him.

Then as he crushed his mouth over mine, I allowed myself to feel the full depth of his dominance for the first time. Whatever we’d become, there was no turning back. He was my savior from a world of darkness just like I’d become his. I’d never wanted something as badly as I wanted this man. There was no rationality to it, no perfect answers.

The kiss was a deeper eruption, satisfying our utter starvation. He drank from my mouth as if there would never be another time, his lips guiding mine, pushing me into a place of no return. As he teased me with his tongue, lights pulsed around my periphery of vision, blinding me. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, holding me exactly where he wanted me as he raked his other along my spine. Every touch was more powerful than the one before, his lips evoking tremendous passion. Every sensation seared portions of my skin, the heaviness I’d felt earlier floating away. I’d never wanted anything like I did at this moment, no longer caring whether it was right or wrong.

He swept his tongue back and forth, his growls matching my ragged moans. As he jerked up the bottom of my dress, cupping my buttocks, a series of shivers coursed through me. He spun me around, backing me up by several feet, grinding his hips back and forth. He was rock hard, his shaft throbbing with enough power my mouth pulsed.

When he finally broke the kiss, he nipped my lower lip, his growl deep and husky. Then he pulled away, his eyes dripping with lust.

“Tell me you want me, printsessa. Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you.”

I was breathless, fighting to focus, but the answer was so easy. “Fuck me. Fuck me long and hard. I need you inside of me.”

“Yes, moy krasivyy angel. I’m going to fuck you for hours, my angel, and I want you to scream out my name.”

I was dizzy, drunk on the passion, dazzled by the ferocity in his eyes. When he took a step back, ripping his shirt over his head, I reached for him again, longing to touch his skin. He shoved my hands aside, yanking on my dress, threatening to rip it into shreds.

“No. I’ll do it.” I took a step away from him, pulling the material over my head. When I stood in only panties, he lunged forward like the predator he’d always been, slamming me against the wall, tearing at his buckle and button then snagging my panties in his fingers. The ripping sound floated into my ears, the force of his gesture almost dragging me to the floor.

He was crazed with desire, his pupils dilated. Within seconds, he’d impaled me with the entire length of his cock, driving deep into my wetness, filling me so completely my breath was stolen.

I gasped, raking my fingers over his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin as I dragged them down his back. His muscles rippled under my fingers, fanning the fire as it roared between us. When he pulled out, slamming into me again, I couldn’t avoid a deep, throaty whimper as my muscles stretched.

He yanked one leg around him, rolling onto the balls of his feet as he fucked me long and hard, the tip slicing against my G-spot.

“Oh, yes. God. Fuck me. Harder. Please.”

I’d never wanted it rough like this, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. My mind remained a blur, the pleasure building to a perfect crescendo. I was swirling mindlessly, so lost that I’d never be able to return from the moment of bliss.

He brushed his lips along my jaw, rolling them forcefully to my mouth, capturing it once again. Then he jerked my other leg around him, using the friction of the wall and the powerful thrusts to hold me aloft.

The second he released my mouth I wailed. “Sevastian!” The fine line between us was all but erased. There was no good versus evil, no love versus hate. There was only fire and ice, but the flames had already consumed our souls.

Every touch brought another firecracker of explosions, small ripples licking across my skin. As he plunged his cock inside, I clung to his neck and shoulders, brushing the tips of my fingers across his taut bow of muscles, the sweet music of my violin whispering in my mind. Even the brutal thud as he continuously slammed me against the wall was in time to the beat, my heart adding the extra string of crescendos.

He blew across my neck then nipped my earlobe, his low-slung growl permeating my eardrums. I arched my back, trying to get as close to him as possible, stretching my neck in a wicked invitation. Chuckling softly, he whispered words in his native language, the sensual tone lingering. It didn’t matter what he said. Just the depth of his baritone was enough to add gasoline to the flames.

“I crave you. Need you,” he muttered, jutting his hips forward again as he yanked my arms over my head, throwing back his head with a primal scream. I tossed my head back and forth, my throat tight, my nipples aching. His cock continued to swell, driving me closer and closer to the edge of sweet rapture.

Just as the moment of raw ecstasy slammed into my system, he wrapped his hand around my throat, his harsh whispers and rough actions pushing the orgasm to another level.

“You will always be mine. No other man will touch you. If they do, they. Will. Die.”

His body tensed, his neck muscles straining but he kept his hard, cold glare as the amazing climax swept through me.

“Oh. Oh. Sevastian!”

I couldn’t breathe or see clearly, my body electrified, the orgasm continuing, pushing me harder, taking me to the utmost sublime moment. Light flickered as he erupted deep inside, his growls and guttural sounds evocative and carnal. And I loved every noise, every single touch.

My God. I could fall in love with this… man.

We both gasped for air, our breathing scattered. He lowered his head, nuzzling against my neck, nipping my skin. Everything was a blur, the sweet release of exhaustion even more powerful than any other time.

Ya tol’ko nachinayu,” he mumbled.

“What? Tell me what you whispered.”

He dragged his tongue down the length of my neck. “I said. We’re just getting started.”

With that, he tore me away from the wall, tossing me over the edge of his deck. Then I heard him removing the remainder of his clothes, growling the entire time.

I stretched my arms across his desk, knocking several items onto the floor. If he cared, he didn’t express anger, the man concentrating on fucking me again.

Seconds later, he pressed his hand on the small of my back, kicking my legs further apart. As he tickled the inside of my thigh, sliding his fingers up and down my sensitive skin, I closed my eyes, resting my head on the cool wood.

The hum of electricity remained in the room, so thick it took my breath away. As he caressed my bottom, pussy juice trickled past my swollen lobes. I’d never been so hot or wet, every inch of skin scorched from his touch. He thrust his fingers inside, finger-fucking me for several seconds, a prelude to more of his enraptured needs. Then he brought his hand down on my bottom, the sting only adding to the furrowed desire.

I shuddered visibly, slight whimpers escaping.

“You’ll get a dose of my belt later for your insolence and disobedience.” There was no anger in his statement, just a reminder that I’d broken the rules. His rules.

This was his world, his fortress. Everything he ordered was required to be upheld. That’s the life I knew, but the strange realization was that I craved his firm command. A part of me longed to surrender, shoving aside all worry and fear. He was my protector now.

He cracked his hand from one side to the other several more times before returning his still hard as a rock cock deep inside my pussy. Every plunge was forceful, driving my stomach into the edge of the desk. I felt wide open, fully exposed. The moment was as scintillating as it was freeing.

There was no stopping the man, every plunge harder than the one before. Breathless, I tried to grab onto anything to keep me steady, but my arms couldn’t reach across his massive desk. Even my feet were off the floor. I was incapable of doing anything but accepting his merciless plunder.

“Come for me, printsessa.”

“I don’t…” Tingling sensations pumped through me but there was no way I could reach another round of ecstasy. It would be too much.

“You will come on my command.”

The power of his demand was startling, but my body shifted away from my mind in breathless wonderment as another chilling orgasm jetted through me.

I opened my mouth to scream but my throat was tight, only a strangled sound rushing up.

Only when I stopped shaking did he lower his body, stretching his arms out and intertwining our fingers. There was something exhilarating about the full weight of his body over mine, the coupling as if we’d molded together, two becoming one. The thought was ridiculous, but inescapable.

“Imagine what else I’ll do to that beautiful body of yours.”

Images rushed into my mind, filthy and sinful, delicious in every way. “Mmm…” As the soft breeze of the open doors floated over us, I realized I’d never been as content as this moment. I was barely aware when he pulled away, gently easing me from the desk and gathering me into his arms.

I kept my head pressed against his chest as he carried me out of the room, taking the set of stairs slowly. A smile of contentment remained on my face, the fatigue of incredible sex keeping me in a daydream. I was aware he moved into a different, more luxurious bedroom, easing me onto the bed. Then he yanked me onto all fours, pressing my legs apart.

“Stay right there, my beautiful creature.”

Why did his voice continued to tingle every cell? My mouth remained dry, my mind a blur yet I watched his every action as he walked toward a closet, opening the door and peering inside. When he retrieved a thick belt, I bit my lower lip to keep from crying. He took the time sliding the leather between his fingers then bringing it to his nose, taking a deep, concentrated breath.

He held it inside, a look of satisfaction crossing his face. When he exhaled, he glanced in my direction. I’d never seen him more in such a powerful element, his incredible body glistening from sweat, the slight shimmer almost sparkling in the afternoon sun. He took his time making his return approach, his face reflecting his superiority.

The master of the house.

The man who owned me.

I was shaking but my body’s reaction was out of extended excitement as well as a strange sense of anticipation. Maybe I craved to atone for my sins, relinquishing the reality of my naughty ways. Even as I tried to shake away the thought, my good Catholic upbringing kept a firm hold.

Bad girls deserved punishment.

He walked around the corner of the bed, moving directly behind me. When he ran his fingers down my spine, tapping one side of my bottom then the other, I involuntarily flinched.

“You will learn to obey me, my sweet princess. While I can be a fair man, I provide justified punishment for every infraction. I hope you’ll take this as an important lesson learned.”

I bit my lip, holding in my breath as tears welled in my eyes. Everything about this was wrong, but somehow oh so right. It was a sickening thought, but one I could no longer ignore.

There was no pretense as he brought the belt down a single time. I heard the whooshing sound as it moved through the air, the slow motion of his arm creating bursting vibrations. There was no flash of pain, no need for me to exclaim.

Until he brought it down four times in rapid succession, the strap hitting me exactly in the center of my sit spot.

“Oh. Oh!” I jerked away, kicking my legs, gasping for air.

He yanked me back into position, leaning over and fisting my hair. “None of that, princess. I don’t want to find the need to start again.”

“Damn you.”

“Damn me for what? For teaching you a lesson or for providing you with the structure you obviously need?”

There was no correct answer. As he pulled away, I dropped my head, panting several times. The anticipation of another blast of anguish was gut wrenching, but when he sliced the thick leather across my thighs, a burst of light took my breath away. I was carried off into some strange, uncontrollable moment, bridging the gap between the very fire and ice I’d thought of earlier. Yet I remained wet, juice sticking against my thighs, the scent of our combined rapture permeating the air around us.

He was relentless, issuing round after round, stopping several times to caress my aching buttocks, my skin on fire. These were the first real marks I’d bear, but I knew there’d be more to come. He would remain insistent that I obey him, making every infraction notable in his powerful way.

Wrung out, I kept my head hung, tears sliding toward my mouth. I licked them away furiously, barely able to catch my breath before he began again. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he tossed the belt aside. I had the strength to twist my head, looking over my shoulder. He was still glistening in the sunlight, raking his hands through his hair. In the dazzling light, he appeared more like a god than a man, his superb physique even more stunning.

I was fully aroused, my nipples aching, so swollen every time he’d brought the belt down, a bubble of pain came directly from their fully engorged state.

He was just as turned on, his cock at full attention. And my mouth watered at the thought of sucking on his thick stick, tasting his sweet cum as it slid down the back of my throat.

But he had other things in mind.

When he lowered his head, his smile was devilish, but his eyes continued to hold the icy cool look of an all-controlling male prepared to feast again.

He swaggered as he approached, using both hands, flexing his fingers open then brushing then down the length of my back, easing one hand between my legs. “You remain wet for me, printsessa. You’re a little insatiable creature. Aren’t you?”


“Tell me you want more. I want to hear your needs.”

Desire roared to the surface again, unbridled and uncontrolled. “Fuck me. I need your cock inside.”

His chuckle was dark and predatory and as he rolled his hands to my hips, he took several deep breaths before driving his cock into my pussy once again. As he rocked me forward, I gripped the sheets, struggling to meet every hard thrust. Within seconds, I was floating on air, every nerve standing on end. He would fuck me for hours and I’d still hunger for more.

He drove his cock in several times, enough I lost count, then shifted the tip to my dark hole. “I want you filled with my cum, your body covered in my seed.”

The scent of him lingered, rich in cedarwood and sweat, spices and a slight coppery smell. It was dangerous and full of life, his fragrance already lingering on my skin as much as our heated sex. There was no gentleness to his actions as he plunged inside. Every muscle in my body screamed and I tossed my head back, echoing the unstated sound. The pain was a mere flash, ecstasy stripping it away.

He rocked me brutally, his hips pitching forward and backward, every sound like the savage he was. This was dirty yet perfect, fulfilling a need we’d both felt for far too long. His fingers dug into my skin as he fucked me, my bottom on fire yet it only added to the incredible sensations. Hair hung in my face, damp from the intense experience, my heart thudding against my chest. I had no idea how long he took me, pumping like a crazed man fulfilling a need that only savage sex could provide.

When his body tensed once again, I squeezed my muscles, delighting in the sound of his guttural cries as he erupted, filling my darkness with his seed.

He remained where he was for a minute, maybe longer, basking in the joy of our coupling. Then he crawled on the bed, still buried inside, easing me down and sliding his leg over mine.

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