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Beautiful Villain: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The woman was tearing apart my layers one at a time. Being with her was more dangerous than I’d originally thought, but not for the reasons I’d brought her here. She had a way of getting under my skin so completely that any concept of rational thinking had been tossed aside.

I’d wanted her to hate me. That would make it easier on both of us, but I’d seen the look in her eyes. I could tell the sexual game we’d both enjoyed playing had already shifted into something else altogether.

I should walk away right now, return to business and stop thinking about her. I could ensure her safety and provide her with food and clothing. That should be good enough.

Except it wasn’t.

Every time I looked at her, I wanted more. Every. Single. Freaking. Time. It made no sense. Then again, what had in my life?

Just like now. I should walk away and close the door behind me, but my need was far too great.

I parted her legs even more as I eased down, putting the full weight of my body over hers. Candy whimpered, but not from the fact I was crushing her with my hefty size. She was already longing to reach down and touch me.

That would only make things worse. I had to think of her as a possession and nothing more or I wouldn’t be able to carry out my missions with the same advantage as usual. My cold, stark methods of hunting then killing my prey were well known. People feared a man they’d never seen. All they knew was if the man with the green eyes appeared, you could kiss your ass goodbye.

A dull rumble crawled into my chest, as if I truly had a beast living inside of me. As I peered down at her, I was surprised her eyes had yet to focus, as if she’d fallen into a permanent dream state.

Only this was no dream for an innocent like her. This was a nightmare.

I remained on my elbows, the lust only increasing with every passing second. The tip of my cock seemed to have a mind of its own, shifting against her wetness, throbbing in eagerness. Who was I to deny my needs? I thrust into her in one long, brutal drive, my actions much more aggressive than I’d been with her before.

She bucked against me, gasping for air. “God, so big.”

I pulled out, waiting for her to catch her breath before slamming into her again, the force shoving her small body into the mattress. I enjoyed being able to see every inch of her. The third time was just as savage, pushing the air out of her lungs. Then I slowed down, developing a rhythm, yanking one of her legs around me.

Candy kept her eyes open, her mouth pulled into a rounded O, the look sexy as hell. I remained on one elbow, yanking her folded leg up even further, taking my time to press kisses along her heated skin. She was so damn hot to the touch, which pushed my needs into overdrive. After licking across her knee, I eased her leg away and pushed myself up onto my palms. As I pumped into her long and hard, she seemed to regain her control, her breath skipping as she stared into my eyes.

The connection was entirely different, the closeness something I’d never felt with any other woman. I’d been shocked she’d asked such a terrible question. How could I think of her as a whore? She was far too delicate and refined, her innocence like a babe in the woods. She was precious, something to be kept perfect. Growling, I both hated and understood why I still considered her a possession and nothing more.

I couldn’t change who I was, and she would never be able to tolerate a monster sleeping next to her in bed. As soon as the novelty wore off, she’d run as fast and far away from me as possible.

That is, if I allowed her to get away.

A strangling sense of anger rushed into me, the various emotions something I needed to shove aside. She’d lied to me. That had to be handled. It was funny I had to keep reminding myself of that fact.

I pulled all the way out, sliding my arm under her, jerking her up and onto all fours.

“What are you doing?” she dared to ask me, as if anything was going to change.

“I’m fucking you.” I pressed my hand on her back, driving my cock back inside. Her muscles were tighter tonight, and she was so wet I craved feasting on her all over again. That would come later.

After I returned.

After I handled business.

I pounded into her, taking everything I wanted. I planted my hands on her hips, holding her in place as the slick sheets constantly forced her body forward.

She was panting, her moans still filtering into my ears. There was nothing more that I enjoyed than hearing her cries of pleasure. Within seconds, there was no chance I could hold back any longer. I would take her again.

And again.

It was my right.

I closed my eyes, yanking her back to meet every brutal thrust, the sound of my balls slapping against her skin the only thing I could concentrate on. The animal was living up to his reputation. I threw my head back, glaring at the ceiling, wishing the damn pain would go away, the ache in my heart increasing.

Now she was adding to the anguish because at some point I’d be forced to let her go.

As my balls swelled, I issued a guttural roar, a direct expression of the sweeping agony. And even as I filled her with my seed, I was forced to face that the devil incarnate could never be allowed a mate.

Or a lover.

Only gilded possessions were allowed for soulless creatures.

My heart pounded in my chest as my body shook and I continued to snarl at the ceiling, as if I’d find some sort of answers, a release of the anguish. What a fool I was.

I draped my body over hers, both of us trying to catch our breath. The sensation of her crowded against me was one of the best feelings I’d had in a long time, one I’d remember until the day someone put a bullet between my eyes.

Even though I wanted to remain exactly where I was, that wasn’t possible. This wasn’t about love.

Or was it?

Half laughing, I finally moved away, easing off the bed and raking my hands through my hair. Goddamn it. What the hell was wrong with me? When I glared at her, taking gasping breaths, all I could think about was fucking her again. She continued to clutch her fingers around the bottom sheet, tugging at it as she dropped her head.

When she looked over her shoulder, I could see trepidation in her eyes. She knew what was next. Rules were meant to be obeyed. I dragged her closer to the edge, shoving one of the pillows under her stomach and gently pushing her down.

“I won’t lie to you again,” Candy said in a much demurer voice than she’d used before.

“No, you won’t. I think the use of my belt will help you remember.”

She threw her head over her shoulder again, glaring at me. Good. She was finally accepting that I wasn’t some lover she’d picked up on the street but a man who required rules to be followed at all times.

I grabbed my trousers, yanking the belt from the loops. She never took her eyes off me, nor did she whimper even once. Everything about the woman surprised me, including her refusal to give into her fear. She had to be out of her mind with terror, yet since arriving here, she’d acted as if the incident had been no big deal.

She had no way of understanding that men like Rory and his buddies would likely never have let her go. They weren’t playing a game any more than the Bratva were. Still, something nagged at me, pulling on my sixth sense.

I’d find answers by the time noon crawled into the sky.

Or else.

I slapped the strap once before folding the leather in my hand. Her breathing was heavy, her face pinched as she stared at it.

“We’ll start with twenty tonight.”

She turned her head away, muttering under her breath. She was the kind of girl who refused to back down to anyone. Another trait I admired. I rubbed my hand from one cheek to the other, marveling in the feel of her soft skin against my rough fingers.

Then I took a step back, snapping the belt across the width of her bottom.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, kicking her legs several times. “You’re a bastard.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Her nasty words turned me on, my cock already rising to the occasion. I cracked the belt across her bottom twice more, regaling from the slight blush already creeping up on her dazzling unblemished skin. The bastard in me wanted her to wear my marks. Hell, I’d love to tattoo her with my name, so every man knew she belonged to me. The thought was sinful and arousing, but not possible.

“I hate you.” While she issued the words, she closed her eyes, a moan escaping.

“Good. Keep hating me, Candy. That’s what will keep you alive.”

She bristled, my words obviously startling her. I brought the belt down again.

And again.

Her cries of pain shifted into ones of pleasure, her pussy glistening from building desire. When I eased my hand from one side of her bottom to the other, she shivered.

“You enjoy pain,” I half whispered.


“You’re wet. Tell me the truth. You crave my firm hand, the feel of my belt against your beautiful bottom.”

She threw her head in my direction, panting. “Yes. Okay? Yes…”

For several reasons my muscles tensed, especially from the thought of someone trying to hurt her. That would never happen again. I moved closer, rubbing both cheeks even though she growled at me.

She’d actually growled.

I was delighted, which was ridiculous, but she was formidable, not the kind of woman who was comfortable in stilettos and fur, diamonds and expensive clothes. She was a real woman, one with verve and a lust for life, capable of making a goddamn pair of tennis shoes, red no less, look sexy as hell.

My cock continued throbbing, driving me fucking crazy. She did this to me. No other woman had ever before. I couldn’t get enough of her, hungering to take her for hours on end. I wanted to push us both to the outer limits of what we could tolerate, the passion unequaled. I craved having her skin stained with my cum, her body filled with my seed.

Maybe I’d pick up an ass plug on my return. I fisted my other hand, the sinful thought far too delicious. I’d wanted to be as rough with her as humanly possible, but I’d fallen for her spell all over again.

Damn it. That couldn’t happen.

Ty uznayesh’, chto ya nastoyashchiy monstr,” I whispered.

You will learn I’m a true monster.

I only hoped that when she did and accepted who I was she wouldn’t already be broken.

Maybe I did have a conscience after all.

I snapped my wrist, savoring the whooshing sound as the belt jetted through the air. I could be a cruel man. Everyone knew that. Hell, I could be a damn serial killer given the way I handled needed assassinations. I had no guilt over them whatsoever, but the single thought of hurting her had ripped away the thick armor, targeting the man inside. Even teaching her a lesson was entirely different than any other experience. She was mine to keep.

Mine to protect.

And I would not hurt her.

Goddamn it, woman. What are you doing to me?

The words slammed into my mind as I peppered her with four in a row.

She kicked out once again, gasping for air, her moans becoming ragged. “I’ll be good.”

“I know you will. Only a few more.”

I brought the belt down three more times, struggling not to drive my cock back into her sweet pussy.

As I stumbled backward, I threw my head back, glaring at the ceiling as the ugliness of who and what I was continued crushing in on me.

Her back heaved as she took several deep breaths, the sound unlike anything I’d heard before. I’d broken men of all sizes, forcing them to blubber and beg, even promising me everything they owned if I didn’t kill them. Hell, I’d had more than a few piss their pants. Nothing had bothered me. There hadn’t been a single time that I’d even second guessed my decision, pulling the trigger or dragging a blade across a man’s neck without looking back.

But this.


“Please. Just fuck me,” she said, her voice dripping with lust as her need continued to build. She turned over, her voluptuous mouth pursed, her eyes glassy from the crazed need that had already consumed both of us.

I closed my eyes, trying to yank in the beast. I moved toward her again, easing onto the covers. Another part of me was ripped away by the realization that she’d like it. The domination. The pain. She craved what only I could give her.

And I couldn’t imagine spending a day without her by my side.

“You deserved the punishment, and you know it.” My growl was laced with the same level of desire her voice held and as our eyes connected, there was no real need to speak. No one would ever be able to tear us apart.

God help them if they tried.

“Why? Because I didn’t know you were a ruthless killer? Because it didn’t dawn on me that my cousins made such a difference in your life? Really?” She glared at me with all the defiance I’d seen since day one, but there was an entirely different spark inside of her that continued to manifest itself in a spiraling jolt of electricity. Together we were fire.

And I needed more. So much more.

“Stop fighting,” I said as I moved to untie her. She flailed against me and once freed, she smacked her small fists against my chest several times.

“You bastard. You’re such a fucking bastard. How could… How could this happen? You? You fucking happened in my life. You ruined my life because…”

While she didn’t finish, there was no need. I’d never lied. I’d told her that one day I’d ruin her.

I allowed her to smack me several additional times then pulled her toward me, cradling her in my lap.

When she jerked her head up, the fire in her eyes matched the flames singing my insides.

Then she dug her nails into my chest as I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck.

This time, her request would be rewarded.

“Fuck me.”


Love. Hate.

The fine line had just gotten thinner.

He was dangerous and powerful, yet I’d seen a few moments of tenderness.

As if I’d changed him somehow. But I knew the brutal man remained just under the surface, his darkness a threat that continued to terrify me. He wasn’t the one who’d changed.

I’d been the one, no longer accepting the common sense of my inner voice.

It was as if he was my breath of life, the tether that held me together. And I couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

If I had any rational mind left, I knew I should hate him, doing anything in my power to keep him from touching me. But the attraction was too strong, my needs increasing every time he brushed his hand across my cheek, or I gazed into the lust-filled looks in his eyes that inflamed my senses. Today was no exception.

Even the brutal spanking hadn’t deterred my hunger. My body had betrayed me as it had done from the first night, my pussy and my nipples aching. The pain had sparked a burning need that I could no longer deny.

As he crushed his mouth over mine, dragging me against his heated body, I tangled my fingers in his hair, holding him as if being separated for even a second was too long. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he pulled me onto his lap, every cell exploding, the sparks becoming a firestorm.

He swept his tongue across mine, our breathing ragged. The moment of passion was just as intense as a few minutes before, unfurling the last vestiges of a sacred hold on what I thought I should be as a person.

As a woman.

Without hesitation, he yanked me down, his cock spreading my muscles, the ache to have him as deep as possible clawing at my system. He rocked me, his fingers digging into my skin, his hold possessive.

There was nothing like the feel of him filling me, the anticipation of his seed spilling into me. As the kiss became a frantic state of need, every sound he made that of a savage, my core continued to ache for more. There was no sense of why I was so aroused, why the spanking had driven me to desperate yearning. The man was merciless, unyielding with everything he did.

Yet with me his actions were entirely different.

His cock continued to swell, throbbing against my pussy walls as my muscles clenched and released. When he finally broke the kiss, he kept our lips only centimeters apart, his hot breath cascading across my skin.

I was lightheaded, the vibrations pulsing in my system driving me to madness. I licked across his mouth, savoring the taste of him, his musky scent adding to the sinful moment. Everything about him was intoxicating and once would never be enough.

“Ride me, baby. Take all you want.”

Even his gruff voice kept me fully aroused, his command exactly what I needed. I pulled my head back a few inches, able to stare into his eyes, the gorgeous green burning into my soul. There was nothing that I wanted more than this. He was intimidating in his power, a threat to everyone but the one woman who’d managed to capture a small portion of his soul.

“I can’t want you,” I whispered.

“But you do.”

“No. Never.”

“You’re lying, printsessa.”

He’d seen through me the very minute he’d locked eyes with mine nights before. He’d instinctively known what I craved, had stripped away every layer of anger and uncertainty, allowing me the sweet feel of freedom.

Yet the fine line of love and hate remained. With only a few words, he could make me loathe him all over again. I’d sensed him watching me all the time, gauging my reactions, daring me to defy him.

And I had.

My world was infused with his and I was required to play by his rules, no matter the circumstances.

The punishment had been required.

As he raked his fingers down the side of my face, I leaned in, the touch enigmatic. I couldn’t stop shivering as he slowly eased his hand to my hip. As he took full control, shifting the angle, within seconds I was thrown into another incredible wave, the bliss pushing me to another climax.

I threw my head back, gasping for air, still struggling to make sense of the insanity. But there was no holding back, the orgasm sweeping through me with the force of a tidal wave.

“Oh. Oh!”

“That’s it, my angel. That’s it. Scream out my name.” His deep baritone was soothing, enticing, the pulsing sensations increasing until I was breathless. As he pushed me into a deep arc, I dug my fingers into his shoulder, so lightheaded I couldn’t focus. This was what raw ecstasy was made of.

“Kirill. Yes. Kirill!” How could anything so sinful be the exact thing I couldn’t live without? I hadn’t been alive until he’d taken me into his world and the thought was damning.

Panting, I blinked several times as he slowly grabbed my long strands, fisting my hair at the scalp. He remained rock hard even after spilling his seed only a few minutes before. There was an even more crazed look in his eyes, his savage needs unleashed. I’d awakened a monster and there would be no way to restrain him.

He fucked me long and hard, his hooded eyes never blinking, the veins on the side of his neck pulsing from the intensity of his actions. Sweat beaded along his hairline, drops sliding ever so slowly down both sides of his face, yet he refused to stop. He was mad with need, incapable of being rational.

At least for a few minutes, we were as one.

I palmed his chest, watching him as he continued the throes of passion, his body finally shaking as he lost control.

Just as he was ready to erupt deep inside, he cupped both sides of my face, every word spewing from his mouth spoken in his native language. While I couldn’t understand what he was saying, it no longer mattered. I knew he was allowing me to understand a small part of him and that was priceless.

As I squeezed my muscles, I was rewarded with a husky bellow, his body spasming. When he stopped shaking, I pressed my face against his neck, traying to catch my breath.

He was my kryptonite.

A villain.

The devil.

And I knew that whatever happened, I would never be the same. He hadn’t just ruined me.

He’d nearly broken me.

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