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Becoming Daddy’s Girl by Normandie Alleman – Extended Preview

Becoming Daddy's Girl by Normandie AllemanKimberly and Charles barely made it past the front door of her apartment before clothes were flying off. He lifted her off the floor, and for a second she marveled at how light he made her feel as he picked her up so effortlessly. With her legs wrapped around him, he began to devour her mouth while striding purposely toward the bedroom.

When he got to the end of her bed, he tossed her on it. She landed on her back and relaxed to enjoy the show as he slid his last remaining garment, his underwear, to the floor revealing indisputable evidence that he was happy to see her. “So you want daddy to dominate you?” he asked, surprising her. She nodded even though she hadn’t expected him to go for it this early in their time together. Maybe it was time she got used to the quick pace with which he liked to move their relationship.

“I think you’re supposed to use your words,” he teased.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“I don’t know if I want you to call me sir yet, but I know I’d like you to call me daddy,” he said, stroking his cock. The muscles of his abdomen rippled slightly as he moved, and her mouth watered in response. Damn, she wanted to touch him.

“Okay, daddy.” Her voice came out a squeak and he chuckled.

“Take those panties off and spread your legs for me,” he said.

She gulped and a flutter of desire erupted in her tummy. “Yes, daddy.”

“Now see, I like that,” he said.

Self-conscious and blushing, she peeled off her panties and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. Then she locked eyes with him and slowly opened her legs.

He took her in and said softly, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Normally a man saying that while staring at her spread-eagled and naked would have made her more than a little uncomfortable, but in this instance his words helped strengthen the connection between them. He’d asked her to make herself extremely vulnerable to him. She’d done so, and he rewarded her with his admiration and respect. It felt amazing.

He knelt at the edge of the bed, grabbed her calves, and pulled her toward him. “Set your feet on my shoulders,” he commanded.

She did as requested, and he cupped her ass and lifted her pussy, bringing it to his face. Being so exposed, she let out a sharp cry.

“Shhh, baby doll. Let daddy take care of you,” he said before burying his head between her legs.

Oh, dear God. He rubbed his face against her sex, teasing her with the stubble of his two-day-old beard. A part of her wanted to protest, wanted to give him pleasure, but the velvet touch of his tongue exploring her intimate folds squashed that thought, and she let her head loll to one side as she embraced the sensations. He invaded her with his fingers, first one, then two, then he licked up, down, and around her cunt. He made circles with the tip of his tongue, nipped gently with his teeth, all the while teasing her by avoiding her most sensitive button. The more he toyed with her, the more excited she became.

If she wondered if he was torturing her on purpose, he answered that question when he asked, “Is there something you want, Kimberly?”

“Yes.” She squirmed against him, hoping she could adjust her position enough to grind against him…

“What is it? You have to ask for what you want.” His voice was seductive, almost making it easy for her to admit to her most carnal desires.

She whimpered. How could she talk like that? Communicating via the Internet was easier. She was a writer, she could write all about her innermost wants and needs, but saying it out loud… how could she?

His mouth, his fingers—they danced so near it, yet he wouldn’t touch her there! It was maddening.

“Tell daddy what you want.”

He whispered so encouragingly that before she knew it she blurted out, “Suck my clit, daddy, please!”

He didn’t bother to answer, but instead closed his lips around the tiny bud and rolled his tongue over it as he sucked, creating just the right amount of pressure. His mouth was like magic, and she helplessly gave herself over to the intense pleasure he gave her. A sensation of divine bliss washed over her like a wave of joy that carried her to another plane. Her body was rocked with the most delightful spasms, and her legs shook so hard that he clasped her ankles and held them on his shoulders.

His tongue continued to lick her pussy with sweet, delicate strokes until she set her hands on his head and begged him to stop. “Please, please stop. I’m too sensitive.”

He released her, stood up, repositioned himself beside her on the bed, and scooped her into his arms. Stroking her hair and kissing her cheek, he whispered, “I love so much to make you feel good, baby doll. If there was one thing in the world that I’d want to be best at, it’s that.”

Peering over her shoulder, she asked, “Loving me?”

“Yes. Your daddy may be good at a lot of things, but if I lost you, none of it would be worth anything. You’re the most important person in my life.”

She giggled. “You’re not going to lose me.”

“Well, I’m not taking any chances. My goal is to spoil you so much that no other man can compete with the kind of love daddy gives you.’

“Well, I’ve had some experience in this area, and you are by far the best.”

He winked at her. “Oh, baby girl, I’m just getting started.”

With a thrill, she realized she believed him. “But what about you?” He’d made her come, but she wanted him to have his release, too.

“You’re sweet to be concerned about me, but don’t worry. I’ll take what I want.”

Her stomach fluttered. This dominant side of Charles was definitely a turn-on.

“All this time I’ve been in Iraq and you’ve been emailing me about this D/s stuff, I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to spank that bottom of yours.”

She turned and scrutinized his face. “You have?”

He nodded. “Oh, yeah. And I’ve been trying to think how I’d like to do it.”


“Yeah, and I get it that I can spank you if you do something wrong—punishment and all that. But what if I just want to spank that ass for the hell of it?”

Her eyes rounded. “You can do that, too…”

“It’s alright with you if I just practice? That way if you’re naughty I’ll be prepared.”

She grinned. “Okay, but I’m a little afraid of how bad it will hurt.”

“If it hurts too much, let me know and I’ll stop.”

“Like a safeword?”

“Sure. What do you want your safeword to be?”

“How about ‘no mas’? No more in Spanish. That’s something I wouldn’t normally say but I’ll be able to remember it.”

“Perfect. Now come lie on daddy’s lap.” He scooted closer to the edge of the bed so that his knee touched the edge and his feet hung off. Gingerly, she crawled across his legs and draped herself over his lap, giving him a tempting target with her bare butt cheeks available for him to carry out his whims.

She closed her eyes, wanting to shut out all stimulation except for what he was about to do to her. The intense orgasm he’d given her had calmed her, the endorphins still pinging through her system.

The palm of his hand caressed her cheek from top to bottom then down the top of her thighs. His mere touch sent skitters of bliss through her. Damn, the chemistry between them was insane.

He swatted her gently the first couple of times, tentative, like he didn’t want to hurt her.

“You can do it harder. I promise I’ll tell you if it’s too hard.”

The next swat was significantly harder and made her catch her breath. Maybe she shouldn’t have said anything.

Thwack! Another hard swat. The blow stung but she started to adjust and realized it wasn’t that bad.

The next smack moved to the other cheek, then he started to move around her entire rear end, making sure every square inch got his attention. Ouch. Her globes were warming up now.

He paused to caress her aching cheeks. “Your ass is looking a bit pink, baby doll.”

“I’m not surprised. It feels like it’s on fire.”

He chuckled. “I kinda like it. What do you think?”

“I like it.”

“Good, let’s take it from pink to red. What do you say?”


He struck her hindquarters with more force this time.

“Ay-yi-yi!” she squealed.

“Let me know it you want me to stop.”

“No, I’m good,” she said, gritting her teeth. It hurt, but she wanted to power through, wanted to submit to him. She craved the whole experience and didn’t want to wimp out now.

His hand landed on her sit spot and pain reverberated through her.

Thwack! He smacked her several more times before reaching between her legs. She wriggled in his lap but opened her thighs wider, giving him room to explore.

“God, you are wet.”

She moaned, not surprised. At that moment the only thought she had was how much she wanted him to fill her with his cock. He’d already satisfied her once, now she wanted him to take her for his own pleasure.

As if reading her mind, he repositioned her on the bed on her stomach, stood up, picked her legs up and hooked her feet over his shoulders, and plunged inside her.

She let out a yelp as the tip of his penis rocked against her cervix, and she clutched at the bedsheets. With the majority of her body suspended in midair like a wheelbarrow, she grasped for purchase, feeling like the earth had been yanked out from beneath her.

“Relax, baby doll. I’ve got you. The bed will support your upper body, and I’ve got your other half. You won’t fall, I promise. Trust me.”

All she could do was whimper as she forced herself to take a deep breath.

“Let go. I’ve got you,” he soothed her even as his cock pumped in and out of her drenched pussy.

She put the last bit of energy she had into focusing on easing her clenched muscles and opening her body fully to his invasion. With one last gasp she surrendered to him and let her body fly. He hurled her up over canyons and down through big gaping caverns of ecstasy. His erection pounded her with long, strong strokes that wrung every ounce of pleasure from her. In her mind she soared over cliffs and through the air in the most amazing flight. She came down to earth when he smacked her bottom one last time, and she trembled with one last orgasm as he spurted his load inside her.

He stood still for a moment, holding her in that now-awkward wheelbarrow position before carefully untangling her limbs from his and gingerly setting her back on the bed.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

Dazed, it took her a moment to respond. “Yeah, sure. Just wiped out, I guess.”

He curled up next to her like two spoons resting in a drawer.

When their breathing returned to normal, he began playing with her hair. “What was that like?” he asked.

She sighed a deep satisfied sigh. “Amazing.” She intertwined her fingers with his and tucked his hand between her breasts.

“You seemed kinda out of it.”

“Yeah. It was great. Like it took me to another place.”

He chuckled. “Well, as long as you come back here to me.”

She huffed. “That’s not what I meant. You were with me, it was just almost mind-altering.”

“Like a drug.”

She giggled. “Yeah.”

He kissed her cheek and whispered, “I’d love to be your favorite drug. Get you addicted and hold you hostage with your love for me.”

She simply squeezed his hand, knowing that she was already a stone-cold addict to this daddy of hers and his brand of love.

At first Charles was tentative with his dominance over Kimberly. He didn’t want to hurt her or upset her. His entire life people had told him not to hit women, and not to speak disrespectfully to them. Which was probably a good thing, because there had been many times over the years when he would’ve liked to have hit Vanessa, but he never even considered doing it.

What Kimberly had asked him to do was out of his wheelhouse, and he had to recondition himself that it was okay. Over the next week, Charles became more and more comfortable with dominating his ‘little girl.’

For one thing, Kimberly blossomed under his rough touch and dirty talk. She became more and more submissive, and he watched her transform into a woman who reveled fully in her sexuality. It was the biggest turn-on for him.

One day when he was worried about spanking her too hard, she said, “I’m a lot tougher than I look. I’m not going to break like a porcelain doll. I promise. I’ll let you know when to stop.”

Once he realized he could trust her not to allow him to hurt her, it made it easier for him to embrace his dominant side. He felt like someone had let him out of a cage he’d been locked in his whole life. Always making nice, always being a gentleman. That was still him, but it was freeing to sometimes be able to let the animalistic side of him out as well.

In the past he’d only been able to do that when lifting weights. Using his pure raw power to its fullest was one of the best highs he knew, and thanks to Kimberly, he could bring it into the bedroom as well.

That afternoon they came in from the pool and after they’d had a drink and cooled off a bit, he walked up behind Kimberly and grabbed her ponytail in his hand.

“I want you to turn around now, get on your knees, and suck my cock,” he hissed.

He liked to occasionally take her off-balance and switch into domination mode when she wasn’t expecting it. It took her a minute to adjust, but he could tell it excited her when he commanded her like that.

He interpreted her hesitation as disobedience and pulled her ponytail more strongly.

“Ouch!” she protested.

“I said to get on your knees and suck my cock,” he said firmly.

“Okay, sorry, sir.” She dropped to the floor and began to lick the sides of his cock, which grew stiffer by the minute.

“That’s more like it,” he said, his fingers curled in her hair, guiding her head with his hands.

“Mmmhmm,” she nodded her agreement with a mouth full of cock.

“Uh-huh. You like that?” he asked.

She gurgled. Saliva was beginning to pool up in her mouth. She pulled back, looked up at him, and gasped, “Yes, sir,” through a big smile before she went back to work on him. She licked the underside of his shaft, making his balls tighten. God, how he loved that.

He caught his breath before speaking. “Good girl. That’s a good girl.”

She raked her nails along the backs of his thighs as she moved his cock in and out of her mouth. She had the control now, and he was about to come. And as tempted as he was to spurt his seed down her throat, he wanted to extend the experience, wring every drop of pleasure from her body.

“Good job.” He pulled himself out of her mouth, and couldn’t help but smile as he watched displeasure cross her face. He patted her on the head then tilted her chin up toward him. “I think it’s time for daddy to give his girl a sensual shower.”

She laughed. “A sensual shower? I don’t know if I’ve ever had one of those before.”

He touched his lips to hers and let his tongue languidly explore her mouth. Damn, if she didn’t taste like summer’s ripest strawberries. Part of him wanted to just stand there and kiss her for hours. She made him feel as giddy as a teenager just discovering girls. But the other part of him wanted to explore being a daddy who took care of his little girl. He knew there were times when her feeling of independence reared up, and she struggled with being submissive. He needed to show her how good it could be to surrender, to be cared for, nurtured, and adored by a man who loved everything about her. He had to convince her to be his little girl forever. Somewhere along this journey it had become essential her claim her as his little girl, his baby doll.

Reluctantly, he pulled away and headed into the bathroom where he turned on the hot water and then adjusted it to a temperature he thought Kimberly would find comfortable.

“So are you going to wash me?” She popped her head into the bathroom.

“Yes. I think you are a very dirty girl.”

Her mouth formed an ‘O’ as she feigned indignation, and he gave her a hug and a kiss before swatting her on the ass and prodding her into the shower. “Hop in.”

When she drew the shower curtain back and slipped behind it, he followed.

Taking her in his arms, he positioned her with her head slightly under the stream of hot water to wet her hair. Then he picked up where he’d left off before enjoying those succulent lips of hers. He cupped her ass, pulling her to him, and he felt himself harden again as he kissed her. This was the way he’d wanted to kiss her every day and every night when they were apart. Taking a mental snapshot of how it felt to press his lips against hers, he vowed to capture that and keep it close in his memory bank for when he would need to access it.

She returned his passion with an enthusiasm that was so dear it made his heart ache. For so many years he’d been with a woman who had nothing but disdain for him. Having a woman like Kimberly return his love so wholeheartedly was a miracle and the rarest of blessings.

He brought a washcloth with him into the shower, and now he squirted body wash onto it. He and the other military guys just used bars of soap, even for his hair, but he’d learned enough about women over the years to know they liked ‘products.’ Hell, they could spend hours in one of those bath stores.

“Oooh! That smells good.”

He smiled, knowing he’d made the right choice. It hadn’t been hard. The bottle was in Kimberly’s shower, so he assumed she’d been the one to purchase it, but she was sweet to acknowledge he’d done something right. He wasn’t exactly used to that.

He pressed the rag to her skin and began to rub it up and down her arms, creating suds all over her now-slick skin. Then he moved to her breasts, enjoying the pleasing weight of them, caressing and washing them all over. Her nipples pebbled as he worked them, and he felt his cock strain in her direction.

Down, boy. Daddy has a job to do first.

He knelt in front of her, letting her keep the warm water streaming down her back. “Give me a foot. You can balance your hands on my shoulder if you need to.”

“You’re so thoughtful, daddy.”

He winked at her and wound the soapy rag between her toes, over and under, in and out.

She giggled. “That tickles.”

He placed her foot back on the floor of the shower and tapped the other one, which she lifted. Then he proceeded to suds up her other foot. As he moved up her leg, he dropped the washcloth and ran his bare, soapy hands up her well-defined calves and then her thighs. As he approached the V between her legs, he stopped.

Did he hear a frustrated sigh or was it just the beating of the water on their bodies? He wasn’t sure, but he planned to satisfy her before too long. “What shampoo would you like me to use?”

She pointed to a big bottle with a pump on the top.

He chuckled. “That’s a lot of shampoo.”

She shrugged. “What can I say? I’m addicted to buying in bulk.”

He shook his head and squirted shampoo into his palm. “You’re cute,” he said before rubbing his hands together and stepping behind her to lather the creamy substance into her hair. It smelled like the spice cake his mother made at Thanksgiving. “Damn, this stuff smells good. Not like any shampoo I’ve ever smelled.”

She laughed and nodded in agreement. When he was finished with that, she dipped her head back under the water and he helped rinse out her hair.

“You’re spoiling me,” she said playfully.

“That’s the idea. Now it’s time to wash that little pussy that I like to get so dirty,” he growled, adding more body wash to his washcloth.

He sidled up behind her and slid an arm around her waist. Holding her with one hand flat on her belly, he slid the other one down between her legs with the soapy rag. “Open your legs wider,” he ordered and he could feel her breath catch before she complied with the request.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, running the sudsy cloth between her folds. The soap made it glide between her legs, slickening the way. He slid his other hand up over her breast and gently tweaked her hard little bud as he suckled at the squeaky clean skin where her neck and shoulder met.

She moaned and started to tremble. He rubbed her clit as she orgasmed and when she started to wobble slightly, he held her steady. He loved bringing her pleasure. It filled a need in him that he had shut down for a long time. He had so much love to give, and having a woman who was willing to not only receive his love, but give her own back in return was like a dream come true. A dream he’d given up long ago.

As her body began to settle, she rested her body against his, whispering, “Thank you, daddy.”

He had taken a lot out of her and he certainly didn’t want her to fall in the shower so he wound down the amorous activities and started a quick wash of himself.

“Do you want me to help you with that?” she asked, almost shyly.

“Why don’t you rinse yourself off and then we’ll see.”

He made a hurried trip over his body with the sudsy cloth and allowed her to finish up by washing his cock and balls. It seemed to make her happy, and he luxuriated in her touch.

Her eyes began to droop. He’d better get her back to bed before she fell asleep standing up, so he rapidly sluiced the soap off and turned off the water. As he stepped out onto the bathmat, he grabbed a plush white bath sheet and dried Kimberly off, inch by inch. Glancing down, he saw adoration in her eyes, and he felt a little squeeze of his heart.

“Thank you,” she said simply when he wrapped her up in the towel like a cocoon.

“Sure, baby doll. Now go lie down on the bed and get ready for round two.”

She gave him a quick kiss, then padded into the bedroom.

He toweled himself off, then tossed it over the bar before stepping into the bedroom where he was greeted with a precious little snoring sound coming from his girl.

She’d wrapped the towel around her head like a turban and burrowed under the fluffy white comforter so that all that was showing was her angelic face, so peaceful in her slumber.

He shook his head. He’d worn her out, poor girl.

Crawling into bed beside her, he decided round two would have to wait.

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