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Becoming His Pet by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

“Did you do this?” Greg thumbed the chipped edge of the rod. It was bent, and the end frayed from being smacked. He’d have to replace it.

“I, uh—”

“Come on, pet. Where’s all that bravado you had in the living room? All the yelling, chest poking? Where’d it go?” He left the crate and focused on the trembling girl before him. He doubted she even knew how her body betrayed her thoughts so openly.

He’d expected her to pull the exact stunt she had. She didn’t tell Bernie about him. But he hadn’t expected her to have been so bold as to try telling him off and breaking his crate.

No, this girl was different than all the rest. She had a fire that wouldn’t be put out. And he loved it.

Even if at the moment her fire was burning him, he wanted to strip her and strap her until tears fell freely from her eyes, and then he wanted to strap her some more.

“Greg.” A single word. One syllable. But it carried with it more weight than any other word she’d said to him before. Was she pleading with him or was she apologizing?

“Yes, pet?” He decided to let it play out, see where she wanted to take the moment.

“The men that are involved, the Santinelli family, they’re dangerous. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.” The most honest statement she’d made with him yet, and it had to be right before he punished her for being so naughty.

But he wouldn’t be distracted from what needed to happen. She was going to be punished. But it would be different this time. This time she would ask him for it. She would realize she wanted it to happen.

“I know they’re dangerous, pet. That’s why I have you up here in my hunting cabin. Away from them.” He took a small step in her direction.

“I can’t let you get hurt because of me.”

“I believe you.” He nodded, taking another step.

“I just wanted to protect you.”

He took another step.

“I want to protect you, and you want to protect me, so instead of working with me, being honest and letting me be involved, you decided to take the reins on this.” He crossed his arms over his chest. She stood only a step away. He could grab her whenever he wanted to, but he wouldn’t. Not until she came to realize it was what she wanted.

“But this isn’t your mess,” she continued.

He laughed and shook his head. “I think when I walked into that back room and aimed my gun at those assholes, it became my mess too. I may not be the one the cops are looking for, but I promise you Anthony and Teo aren’t going to forget about me.”

She wasn’t stupid. She couldn’t actually think they’d let him just walk away from that flower shop with her in tow when they wanted her.

“So, you see, pet, this is our mess. And I’m glad you want to protect me. But when you lie, when you misbehave, when you break my toys, you aren’t protecting me. You’re putting distance between us—distance that will get us both hurt.”

The heat in her gaze started to simmer.

“You shouldn’t have taken me up here,” she said in a pitiful voice.


“Bernie could have had me somewhere safe and you wouldn’t have needed to get involved.”

“Well, if that’s true it doesn’t matter. I did bring you up here. I did take you away from the bad guys, and now you’re under my protection.”

“I can protect myself,” she said.

“I don’t doubt that. The one thing you are not is a damsel in distress. But, you are a woman who finds herself being chased by a crime family that doesn’t hold much respect for women—especially ones they think crossed them. What do you think will happen if they catch up to you?”

It was time for some reality to make its way toward her thinking.

“They’ll kill me,” she said with a shrug. It wasn’t that she wasn’t afraid of that happening; it was that she wanted to not fear it.

“That would be a waste. How much do you know about the Santinellis’ businesses?” he asked.

“I don’t care.”

“They run one of the largest sex trafficking rings in the city. They pimp out girls on the south side, sell them to the porn industry, or just keep them locked up for their own private use. Now. Why would they kill a gorgeous woman like you when you could be added to their supply chain?”

Her vibrant color drained from her face as he continued talking.

“They might kill you, after you’ve earned them a shit ton of money.”

“And if they catch you?”

“You don’t get it, do you? You don’t understand what you’re up against here, Nora. If you did you wouldn’t have gone into that flower shop even considering revenge for your father’s death.” He took a breath. “Why didn’t Bernie help you with that? You said he knew the business.”

“He couldn’t move against Antonio. As far as he knew Antonio had permission to go after my father, and Antonio was untouchable,” she explained.

Greg didn’t say anything more about Bernie. She wasn’t ready to hear it, and he already had one obstacle to overcome at the moment.

“You really want to work with me on this?” Her question came out soft, uncertain.

“I don’t particularly like women who play the doormat.” He tried to sound gruff; the punishment she had coming was going to be unpleasant, and he couldn’t be swayed by anything she said.

“And you’ll let me make decisions?”

“I’ll let you explain what you want to do, but final call is mine.” He shook his head. “Between the two of us, I have a hell of a lot more experience with bad guys than you do.” He’d only served one tour in the marines, but he’d flown up the ranks and had been put in some serious shit while deployed. The Santinellis were nothing compared to what he’d seen in the desert.

She huffed.

“You can’t do this on your own,” he finally said.

“You’re right.” She bowed her head. “When I call Bernie back, I’ll tell him about you, and you can talk with him. Then all three of us can decide what happens next.”

“Good decision.” Like she really had any other options, but he was not going to point that out.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, and about the bolt. But I’m not going back in that thing.” She pointed at the broken crate.

“Well, pet, see, that’s where it gets a little muddy. Because you’ll go where I put you, and you’ll do what I say.”

“How can you say we’re partners one minute and then pull that shit the next?” She waved a hand at him in irritation.

“Because you like it.” He shrugged; even if she couldn’t come to terms with it yet, he saw it. He noticed how her eyes dilated when she looked at the crate. He’d seen it when she licked her lips when he talked about her being a good pet. And he’d known it when he hunted her down in the forest and they’d shared explosive orgasms.

“I—” She laughed. “I do not!” She huffed again, looking away from him. He could still see the deep blush taking over her neck and her face. His girl didn’t just like it, she fucking loved it.

“Another lie?”

“No! I…” she scoffed. Poor thing was probably trying to figure out how to end the conversation without having to admit she enjoyed the little games he played with her.

Too bad for her, there was no way out.

“Well. Here’s the situation. You were a naughty pet, weren’t you?” he asked, taking the last step to close the gap between them. He yanked the rope around her waist. The cotton robe fell open, exposing her naked form. How fucking much he loved her body.

He slipped his hands inside the robe, holding her waist so she couldn’t step away.

“Ring the bell for me, pet.” He stared at the little bell attached to her collar.

He smacked her hand away when she reached for it. “No hands.”

She wrinkled her brow at first, but then slowly she shook her head, making the faintest of sounds with the bell.

“Good girl, see—not so bad to obey.” He spread his fingers over her waist, gripping her soft flesh and pulling her closer to him. “Now. You were naughty, do you agree?”

“I already apologized.” She put her chin higher. It was all fake. All this show of defiance. He could see through her, see the arousal, see the need, but she hadn’t admitted it yet.

“And do you think an apology is enough?” He ran his left hand up to her breast, palming it and rubbing her nipple until it was hard beneath his touch.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

“I don’t understand any of this. I should want to claw your eyes out,” she said, trying to twist away from his touch.

“I love your choice of words.” He kissed her nose, and she growled. “You don’t want to though, right? You want to be my good pet, so you can have all the fun playtime. The fucking, the orgasms, the warm feeling that takes over your body when I’m happy with my pet?”

Her eyes avoided his, but he could still see the truth. He brushed his nose against hers and stroked the undersides of her breasts with his thumbs.

“I want to understand all of this.” She nodded with a heady breath.

“Maybe you don’t need to understand the whys, maybe all you need to know is when you’re my good pet we’re both happy, and when you’re a naughty pet we’re both unhappy. And this morning—were you a good pet or a naughty pet?”

She took a shaky breath. It wasn’t easy coming to grips with desires as dark as hers, especially when she hadn’t known she had them.

“I was a naughty pet,” she whispered, arching her back when his fingers wrapped around her nipples.

“That’s right. But I know how to make you good again. I know how to put us right again. Don’t I?” He rolled her nipples between his fingertips. Not hard, he didn’t want to give her pain yet, but he wanted her to see that not everything he did was just to hurt her.

“You’re going to punish me.” She nodded, a tear slipping from her eye.

He caught it with his tongue and dragged it across her cheek.

“Yes, I am,” he whispered in her ear and pinched her nipples until she squealed.

“I don’t like the cane,” she said on a hiss once he released her.

“Doesn’t really matter, does it, pet?” He slid his hands down her body, dragging the robe with him until it fell to the floor at her feet.

“No, sir.” She shook her head.

Lacing her hand in his, he tugged her back to the wooden horse he’d strapped her to for her caning.

“Your job here, pet, is to do what you’re told and learn from your mistake. Let me wash away the naughtiness and make us whole again.”

She nodded but still the trepidation was clear when she looked at the horse.

He put her in position, cuffing her wrists and ankles in place so that she couldn’t escape the sensations he was giving her.

The tail he used for such occasions was in the first drawer he opened. He’d used it on the last girl he’d brought to his cabin. Laurel. The memory didn’t bring about the usual arousal it did when he thought of it before.

Before Nora.

He wouldn’t use it on Nora. He tossed it onto the counter with the mental note to throw it away. Nothing from his past would tarnish Nora.

Finding another tail, one he’d bought recently and hadn’t had a chance to use, he got it ready for her.

“Now. I told you if you were naughty you’d have to wear the naughty tail, didn’t I?” he asked, rubbing the oil over the silicone plug.

“Yes, sir,” she said, though the sound was mumbled with her speaking while upside down.

“Good, pet.” He grinned down at the tail. All lubed up.

When he joined her at the wooden horse, her ass clenched up.

“Ease up, pet.” He patted her cheeks. Such a pretty little bounce to them. The bruises from her caning were fading into soft purples and yellows. It would be a few more days before they were gone completely. Hopefully she’d manage to stay out of trouble that long.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart, he found the tight hole. He promised himself he’d fuck that hole one day. And soon, but today, it needed to be punished.

“Push against me, pet. Accept your punishment.” He pressed the tip of the plug against the tight ring and waited until she bore down and the ring relaxed before he thrust forward. He didn’t take his time, he wasn’t gentle, he shoved the plug into place.

She cried out and tugged on her binds, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Shhhh.” He twisted the plug to the right and left before seating it fully into her ass. “It’s going to get worse, save your energy.” He stroked the long hairs of the ponytail he’d inserted.

“Oh! No! Something’s wrong!” She wiggled and tugged, but he kept stroking her tail.

“Nothing’s wrong, pet,” he assured her.

“It’s burning me! It burns!” she cried out.

“That’s the ginger oil doing its job. When you clench it makes it worse, you might want to relax.” He spoke softly.

“Please! I said I was sorry.”

“And I said to accept your punishment. Now be quiet,” he continued, petting her tail.

“Take it out! Just use the cane!” She tugged again, making the wooden horse jolt.

He delivered three hard swats to her right ass cheek. “Bad pony!” he chastised.

She moaned but stopped tugging. Slipping his fingers between her legs, he found her wet sex. Wanting and waiting. And it would continue to be deprived.

Naughty pets didn’t get orgasms.

“Greg! It burns bad,” she said again.

“And it will for as long as it’s in your ass,” he assured her. “Now if you can’t be quiet, I’ll put in your bit.”

“My bit? No! Just take it out!”

He sighed. His pet still wasn’t giving over.

Going back to his drawers of toys, he found the wooden bit and made his way back to her.

Cupping her chin, he pulled her face up to meet his expression. “You have to be a good pet if you want the tail out. Now, open your mouth.”

She shook her head.

“If I make you, I’ll have to punish you more, do you want that?”

Her eyes flickered from his face to the bit in his hand. She wanted to give over, but some form of her pride still fought her.

“Be good for me, Nora. Take your punishment and when it’s all over you’ll feel good. I promise.” He brought the bit up to her lips.

Slowly she parted them, and he fit the wooden piece between her teeth and strapped it to her head.

“I’m going to unbind you now. You’ll drop down to your hands and knees and stay that way until your punishment is over. Understand?”

She nodded with fresh tears welling in her eyes. So much beauty before him; if he didn’t sink his cock into her soon he’d explode in his pants.

He unbuckled all the cuffs and watched her climb down from the wooden horse and sink down to the door.

“Now, about the crate.” He grabbed the strap at the back of her head and led her to the cage she’d broken.

Her cheeks were bright red, and a few tears fell from her eyes. Her body responded to the humiliation, but her submissive side responded to the punishment. She didn’t like this, not the part where she was being chastised.

“You were a bad pet to do this.” He pointed at the broken bolt. He bent down and pulled the blanket from inside the cage and draped it over the edge. “You’re going to take a hard fucking because of this.”

She nodded, probably thinking she was getting off easy.

He pulled on her bit until she was up and over the crate, her ass high in the air. Leaving her in place, he went back to his cabinet and came back with the reins.

“Now, let’s learn this lesson once and for all. Who holds the reins here? Me or you?” He showed her the leather straps he held in his hands.

She whined, but given the placement of the bit and the sorry state of her voice, it sounded very much like a pony cry.

“Tap your right foot once if you’re holding the reins, or twice if it’s me.” He placed his open hand on her back, holding her steady and looked at her bare feet.

Another low growl escaped her, but her foot rose, and she tapped the floor twice.

“Good girl.” He stroked her back. He wished he’d brought in some treats for her. But until he’d come in the room he hadn’t known the extent of her naughtiness.

He hooked the reins onto the bit and dropped them down her back. A tremble ran through her when he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

Pulling his cock out, he stroked himself, enjoying the view before him. She looked over her shoulder at him, those beautiful tears were still there, but behind them a deep-seated arousal. One that would be unfed this time.

He picked up the reins, wrapping the ends around his fists until they were the right length. He could pull her head back and turn her one way or the other with a flick of his wrist.

“If you’d been a good girl before, you’d get to come like this, but you were naughty and naughty girls don’t get orgasms. They take the fucking, they take the punishment plug, but they get nothing. Do you understand? One tap for yes, two for no.” He maneuvered his body so he could give her room.

One tap.

“Good.” He lined up his cock with her wet entrance. Pulling back on the reins until her head came back and she was staring up at the ceiling, he plowed into her.

She cried out when he plunged forward a second time. The plug made her pussy even tighter, and hot, so fucking hot. And he knew his fucking her made the plug tighter in her ass. The ginger oil continued to work, and each thrust brought more of a burn to her ass.

Her fingers curled around the bars of the crate, but she didn’t fight him when he tugged on the right rein, making her turn her head slightly.

“You want to come so bad, don’t you? Even with your asshole on fire from the ginger, your pussy is sucking me in, clenching hard.” He could feel his balls tightening already.

“Take your fucking, take it hard.” He plowed forward, moving the crate an inch or two with the force, but he didn’t stop. He held onto her reins and rode her until his cock couldn’t stand the pleasure anymore.

“Fuck!” he yelled out and let loose inside of her. Holding onto the leather straps, he fell forward. She grunted, probably from the pressure his body put on the tail.

Letting go of the straps, he pulled free of her body. “Come down here.” He helped her back over the crate and to the floor where she positioned herself on all fours again.

Tucking his cock back in his pants, he squatted in front of her, staring into her eyes. For a moment he feared seeing repulsion and anger. He’d used her body for his own gain without giving her any pleasure. Yes, it was punishment, but she could still hate him for it.

He searched her eyes, through the unshed tears. Unbuckling the bit, he removed the head piece along with the weights and tossed them on top of the crate. She worked her jaw open and closed a few times but made no move to wipe the spit that had gathered on her chin.

He took care of it for her, wiping it away with his hand.

“You did well, Nora,” he whispered and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Do you completely hate me now?” he asked, unable to stop himself.

“No,” she whispered. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the ass.”

He cradled her face in his hands. “You really need to work on your word choice.” He laughed and caught a tear with his thumb. “It’s forgiven and forgotten.” He kissed each cheek and then claimed her mouth for his own.

She pressed her hands to his chest, gripping his shirt and holding him in place. He let her take control when her tongue swept into his mouth. He was as much hers and she was his in this moment, and for those to come.

When he broke the kiss, a soft blush kissed her cheeks.

“Let’s get the tail out and you can lie down if you’re tired.” He sat down the floor and dragged her to lie over his lap.

He removed the plug, tossed it to join the bit, and eased her off him.

“Will you lie with me?” she asked once he had her in the bedroom.

He climbed into bed with her, kicking his boots off and pulling her close.

They would have to face some nasty shit coming their way. And it would take both of them to figure out the best way out.

But for that moment, he held her, wrapping his body around hers and letting the warmth of her soothe away all the worry, all the questions from his mind.

He had her.

At least for the moment.

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