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Bed of Thorns: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Did I deserve to have such a beautiful woman in my arms?

All the feelings of betrayal were past, the need to have her pay a huge penance for the lie and the deceit fleeting in my mind. The burning need left me incapable of accepting anything less than having her by my side, indulging in the kind of passion reserved for true love. Was this love or simply infatuation, the darkness of obsession? It no longer mattered. One taste of her had been just the beginning.

What I wanted was much more.

I needed everything, all of her. Nothing else was acceptable.

I’d studied her during the night, easing off the bed only after she’d fallen into a deep sleep. Then I’d watched her as I sat on the chair near her desk, finding it impossible to take my eyes off her until the first rays of color blanketed the sky with soft hues, a warm glow flowing through the blinds. I’d wanted nothing more than to awaken her, taking her time and time again, but I’d felt paralyzed, the realization that I’d broken the barrier between us weighing heavily on my mind.

I craved her loyalty and needed her trust, but I wasn’t certain even after she’d issued the very words that I’d longed to hear that it was possible. How could she trust a man like me? I was nothing like the young man I’d been. What eagerness I felt was all about crushing the people responsible for ending my life. She deserved so much better.

Mercedes didn’t move as I stepped back, removing the rest of my clothes. When I pulled my belt into my hand, sliding the thick leather between my fingers, her breath caught. I would punish her if only to satisfy the anger still dwelling in the pits of my soul. But not now. I hadn’t been prepared for the fact that she was a virgin. The realization had nearly gutted me.

If there was anything left inside that was remotely human, I should have allowed someone else to share the true joy of giving the greatest gift a man could receive. Until now, I’d felt dead inside, no longer an eager young man to face the world.

Then her innocence had called to me, the softness of her touch awakening something I’d feared could never be resurrected.

When I closed the distance once again, I wanted to warn her that this time I wouldn’t be gentle, but I sensed she’d already realized my crazed desire had reached another level, a plateau that would be difficult to jump off.

Unless it was from the precipice of a cliff. I envisioned the jagged rocks below breaking every bone, twisting my spine as I fell, tumbling into the abyss. She was my savior, and I was hers. Together, we’d become a force no one could fuck with.

I yanked her even closer to the edge of pure ecstasy, bending her back until her head was draped over the other edge. Every sound I made was gruff, every breath a clear indication that I was close to losing control with her. When I eased her arms over her head, the single moan she issued was laced with as much lust as had already consumed me.

I rubbed my hands along her sides, brushing the backs of my fingers along her delicate skin. She was hot to the touch, so much so that the tips of my fingers were scalded. My cock was fully engorged, throbbing until every muscle in my body ached. My breathing scattered, I slowly lowered my head, leaning over her and studying her luscious body. I was surprised she had no real understanding of just how beautiful she was, her porcelain skin shimmering in the early morning light.

How could I not break her, dragging her into the same hell where I remained? How could I share anything but sadness and a breach with reality? I made myself and this gorgeous lamb who’d placed her trust in my hands a promise that I would never waste a moment of sharing our joy, of providing everything she needed.

I only hoped it would be enough.

Her strangled moans continued as I dragged my tongue along the side of her neck, swirling the tip around her pulse before licking the shell of her ear. She shuddered visibly, finding it difficult to hold her arms in position. I continued caressing her as I slowly slid my tongue down further, easing it between the softness of her voluptuous breasts. My balls were tight, adding another layer of anguish but I tried to hold back, to enflame us both until not even the fire of purgatory could control our hunger.

I rubbed my lips from one breast to the other, flicking my tongue around her already taut nipple, relishing in her soft purrs and ragged whimpers. She had no idea what she was doing to me, driving me to the point of madness. I pulled the tender tissue into my mouth, sucking for several seconds as she wiggled underneath. There was no way I could hold back for long before impaling her, thrusting my cock in so deep the tip entered her womb.

While I took my time savoring her sweet flavor, my mind continued to fill with vile thoughts, my longing dirty and sinful. When I bit down, her trembles shifted into shudders, vibrations skipping along her skin, goosebumps appearing down her arms.

I rolled my lips to her other breast, repeating the gentle action, flicking my finger around her other nipple then pinching it between my thumb and forefinger. While she cried out, I sensed she enjoyed the few seconds of pain. My hunger only increasing, I licked and nipped her skin as I continued my exploration, moving to her bellybutton, encircling the small indentation several times. When I gathered her legs into my arms, she jerked up, panting several times. Her eyes were no longer focused, her pupils dilated.

I spread her legs wide open, shaking when I noticed how wet she’d already become. Her pussy was glistening, juice trickling down the insides of both thighs. I was now insatiable, incapable of slowing down. I was far too hungry, unsatisfied needs rushing to the surface.

All the dreams.

All the nightmares.

The wants.

The crazy thoughts.

It had all come down to this moment and the woman in my arms. I pressed my lips against her clit, darting my tongue around the sensitive tissue. Every moan was a sweet reward, every breathless sound filtering into my eardrums, thumping like the hard beating of my heart.

I dug my fingers into her soft skin, my mind a blur as the sweetness of her taste filtered into my mouth. Her legs remained stiff, her toes curled, and I could tell she was tossing her head back and forth as I dragged my tongue up and down her slickened folds, barely darting my tongue into her wetness. Teasing her.

Tempting her.

With every swipe of my tongue, her moans increased until the slight lilt was the sweetest music I’d ever heard. I closed my eyes, concentrating on feasting, licking furiously then sucking on her clit. Within seconds, the tender tissue was swollen, my cock throbbing even more. There was nothing like the way she writhed at my touch, finally murmuring words I couldn’t understand yet knew were encouraging me. Pushing me.

Begging me.

I wanted her to beg, to scream out my name every time I drove her to the sweet bliss of ecstasy. I needed her nails clawing down my back, digging into my skin and leaving a trail of blood. And I wanted to allow her to lose her inhibitions, nothing else mattering but the moment we shared.

As I buried my head in her sweet heat, shifting my face back and forth, her body jerked from the sensations, one small fist pounding against the counter. Her force was enough to jar the few items on the surface, some of them shifting dangerously close to the edge. And still I continued licking her furiously, sliding just a single finger into her tight channel. I was amazed how her muscles clamped around the small invasion, dragging it in even deeper. Unable to resist, I added a second then third finger, pumping several times as I swirled my tongue around her clit.

“Oh. Oh…” She continued whimpering, the same sweet rose kiss covering her neck and cheeks. She was even more dazzling when she came, succumbing to the ecstasy. I wanted to see that every day, as often as time and convenience would allow. Soon, I would have her all to myself, no possibilities of interruptions.

She would come with me. There was no choice. None. If she didn’t agree then I’d be forced to take her with me, to help her see this was the only path we could follow.


Always together.

Never to be apart again.

I was ferocious in my needs, thrusting all four fingers inside, using enough force her body slid across the counter. Everything was a massive blur of wonderment, the taste of her more incredible than I’d imagined.

But I wanted more.

So fucking much more.

All of her.

That’s all I could think about, my warped mind incapable of handling anything else until I was satisfied. Would there ever be a time? Would my yearning slowly dissipate or become a frenzied need, spiraling out of control?

Only time would tell but I’d risk everything in order to find out.

I sensed she was close to coming, her pants increasing, her moans floating all around us. She undulated on the surface, struggling in my firm hold. I shoved her legs up even further, exposing her dark hole, another forbidden location. Soon I would take her there. Soon I would possess all of her, every inch. Every thought.

Growling, I blew across her pussy before plunging my tongue back inside, driving us both to that sweet point of madness.

“Oh. Yes. God… Oh. Oh. Oh!” As she released, her juices flooding my mouth, I was nothing more than an animal, trying desperately to quench his thirst. I licked and sucked, my heart thudding. Her body continued to writhe and within seconds, she was thrown into another wave of one climax after another, her cries strangled and her body jerking involuntarily. I pressed my thumb against her asshole, pushing in gently. Her reaction was instantaneous, her scream exactly as I’d longed to hear.

“Edmond. Oh, God. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

My roughness increased, and I licked her like a crazed animal, pulling her into another wave of pleasure. She was far too sweet. I drank but wasn’t satisfied. More. More! I had to have every part of her. I pushed my thumb in even further, wiggling it until the thick digit was fully seated inside.

Nothing would stop me. I dragged my tongue up and down, spreading her pussy lips wide open so I could bury my face even more. My thoughts continued to reel, every one of them unsavory and brutal.

Hold on. Just hold on.

Blinded by my need, I managed to keep my beast at bay until her shaking slowed, but my control had been ripped away by years of longing.



I ripped her off the counter, holding her aloft for a few seconds before thrusting my cock inside, ignoring her cries as she threw her legs around me. I pushed her back, gasping for air as she slammed her palms on the counter, her eyes wild with the same amount of lust as I felt. When she dragged her tongue across her lips, I issued several deep, husky growls, which seemed to excite her even more.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, her large eyes piercing mine.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’re just getting started.”

I lifted her off my cock, drawing her down again, marveling at the way her muscles accepted the thickness of my shaft, expanding yet clamping down like a tight vise. Every muscle remained tense, my body shuddering as much as hers as I thrust again and again.

“It’s too much,” she whispered. “Too big.”

“Relax. Breathe for me. Take all of me.” My words were more of a command than anything, and as I drilled into her I still couldn’t get enough.

Mercedes threw her head back, arching her spine and crushing her breasts against me. The sensations rocketing through me became even more explosive. I rocked onto the balls of my feet, switching the angle as I plunged into her. Nothing had ever felt so damn good, so right in my life. With every thrust, I could tell she was relishing the slight pain, succumbing to the wave of rapture pouring through her.

I grabbed the back of her head with one hand, tangling my fingers in her long locks, making certain her face was only centimeters from mine. As I started fucking her in measured plunges, watching her facial expressions as pleasure erupted in various degrees, I breathed across her mouth and cheek, delighting in the blissful smile crossing her face.

When I pressed my forehead against hers, slowing the rhythm, she pushed up from the counter, accepting and inviting more.

“Harder,” she whispered, her long eyelashes skimming across her shimmering cheeks. My perfect budding rose was slowly opening, basking in the ecstasy we were both experiencing. Every nerve was on edge, searing sensations coursing through me as I tried to satisfy the continuous wave of primal hunger.

While I wanted nothing more than to fill her with my seed, confirming she was mine for the taking, the filthy side of me had already taken over. Her breathing remained labored, her lovely mouth pursing as I fucked her long and hard. I was floating on air, energized by jolt after jolt of electricity.

Her scent continued to filter into my nostrils. She smelled of flowers and vanilla, warm citrus mixed with innocence. My vision remained cloudy, incapable of focusing but as I dragged her off the kitchen counter, then tossed her over the edge, all my mind could think of was claiming her tight little asshole.

Then she would be mine.

She didn’t fight me, only turning her head over her shoulder as I moved behind her, rolling my fingers down her back.

“Relax, Mercedes.”

Her mouth twisted as it had done before, her back lifting and falling from her heavy breathing. She watched as I slipped two fingers inside my mouth, sucking on them for several seconds before lowering them to her bottom, sliding the tips down the crack of her ass. When she sucked in her breath, I glanced into her eyes. She was full of trepidation as well as excitement, trying to control her breathing much like I was doing.

When I positioned the tip of my cock against her dark hole, she stiffened, suddenly struggling to get away from me. I gripped her hip with one hand, pushing my other against the small of her back.

“I’m not trying to hurt you. I will never give you more pain than you can handle.”

My words seemed to confuse her, the expression on her face one I would never forget.

As if her surrender to me held more meaning than just fucking her in the ass.

I wasn’t a gentle man, at least not any longer, but with her, I wanted every experience we shared to be earth-shattering. When I pushed an inch inside, she bristled, pushing up from the table.

“I don’t think I can do this.”

Her plea was only halfhearted, her body longing for the experience, pushing back against me. I kept my hold firm as I drove more of my cock inside, struggling to control my sadistic needs. Beads of sweat formed along the back of my neck, the scent ripe, musky. I took several deep breaths, the darkness inside of me threatening to devour us both. I was close to a different edge, barely capable of remembering if I even had a conscience.

What did that matter?


I couldn’t get enough, finally driving the rest of my cock inside, shocked at the intensity of the still building heat between us.

She threw her head back, her soft wails doing little more than enticing the oppressive evil lurking inside. I pulled out, plunging even harder, pushing her stomach against the edge of the table. Within seconds, I was driven to the madness I’d avoided for years, my actions unforgiving. No longer was I capable of making rational decisions, the experience leaving me delirious. I continued ravaging her, driving deep inside in relentless, brutal strokes. I couldn’t get enough of her. I was lightheaded, my heart thudding with irregular beats and nothing was enough.

She was my everything, yet she needed to be punished for failing me, turning against me.

I was fraught with emotion, clinging to the last bit of humanity inside. I could only pray to God that she wouldn’t learn to hate me. There was no holding back, no possibility of providing anything else. I was spent, both of us exhausted from the blissful yet dangerous passion. As my balls swelled, I began to shake violently, gritting my teeth as I tried to hold back for just a little while longer.

Too late.

As I erupted deep inside, my vision was stripped away, leaving only blackness. I was already being dragged into hell. It was only a matter of time.

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