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Being Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson – Serialization (Part Four)

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Chapter Thirteen

Josh tucked Sophie against his chest like a doll, spooning her so that her head rested against his arm while his other arm was free to smooth her hair back. The petting was for his own enjoyment. She’d passed out from exhaustion somewhere around her fourth orgasm.

He was barely keeping his eyes open, too. He had never come so much in his life. His muscles and bollocks ached from overexertion and emptiness.

He buried his nose in Sophie’s hair and breathed in, inhaling her strawberry scent. He was so close to losing her that night; the cops had showed him a picture of the accident site, right before they refused to give him any information on Sophie. They wouldn’t even tell her what hospital she was in.

He had been about to have a nervous breakdown, especially when he was making calls to investigators, hoping someone would realize that he was the type of guy who needed to be filled in, when an ER nurse found him and told him that he had a friend waiting for him under Dr. Richard Grundy’s care.

He felt nauseated, sick, exhausted, shaky… and then amazed when she was all right.

She had walked out of it with no injuries. It was a goddamned miracle.

He hugged her even closer to his chest as he was thinking about it. The lingering memory of how frightened he was had been keeping him up, even after all that exertion. Sunlight was beginning to shine through the windows.

Suddenly Sophie rolled her body toward him and cuddled against his chest. She moved her tiny fingers through his light array of dark chest hair. “Josh?” she asked in a small, unsure voice.

“Hm?” he asked, brushing her hair away from her face with his fingers.

“I’m sorry about your car,” she told him sincerely, sounding ashamed. She moved her thigh up to entwine her leg over his. “I didn’t mean to crash it.”

“You’re not going to get tanned because you crashed it,” he reminded her with a firm growl. “You shouldn’t have been driving it at all. Not just because you didn’t—nor would you ever—have my permission to drive it without me, but because you don’t even have your license. You don’t have insurance.”

“It was dumb,” she conceded. “It was really dumb.” She let it just hang there, which was admittedly surprising. Normally, by now, she’d be explaining why she still didn’t deserve a spanking.

 “What were you doing with my car, anyway?” he asked. There was silence.


“I went to get ice cream.”

“What was in the freezer wouldn’t suffice?” He found himself doubting her.

She buried her face in his chest.

“Who just goes for ice cream, anyway? Like, normally people go…” His jaw tightened. “Wait—did you go on a date?” Was she searching for another man? Had he waited too long before he’d taken her? He pulled himself up so he could get a good look at Sophie when she answered.

“No!” she cried, sitting up and pulling a sheet in front of her chest. “No, I wasn’t going on a date. I was out with the girls, that’s all! You know, from my class! I’ve told you about Rochelle and Annabelle and Diane…”

She had three other girls in the car with her? Suddenly his heart felt like it had stopped. “You were driving people around?”

“Not when the accident happened!” she assured with a squeak. “I was on the way home! I’d dropped them off—I wasn’t gonna bring ‘em back here or anything!” Her eyes rounded as she looked at his expression. He imagined he looked pretty grim and foreboding. “Can’t you just spank me for all this? Daddy doesn’t have to get involved.”

He gritted his teeth together a little bit. He was thinking about what would have happened if she was in an accident with three girls in the car. Not all of them would have walked away… It would have been a nightmare of epic proportions!

His brain started to peruse a mental carousel of punishments. Hell, he might even have to invent a couple! “Oh, he’ll be involved. Do you know why? Because you are part of this family, and last night you put yourself at risk. Hell, you put others’ family members at risk, too! You damn better well believe Charlie can get just as involved as he wants!” He threw his legs over the edge of the bed. “Get your homework done. You’re in for a rough weekend.”

“Josh…” she crawled toward him, looking suddenly desperate. “Don’t be angry with me. Please.”

He frowned, then picked her up and pulled her into his lap. “Sweetie?” He ran his hand down her hair. “You’re not going to get punished for revenge. You’re getting punished because we’re trying to guide you into making good decisions.” He kissed her nose, even as she frowned at him, her eyes full of worry and doubt. “We don’t want you to get hurt, or fail, and we don’t want to be devastated if something happens to you.”

“What about you?” she asked tenderly, moving her fingers across his chest, seeming to finger a particular bruise.

Lord almighty, she was a petite little thing. Her weight was nothing. He could probably take her hard against the wall until he was ninety years old without breaking a sweat! Her fingers were so tiny, especially when he captured her hands into his own. “Girl, if it was all about me, you’d live in a bubble—naked.”

She giggled slightly, then bit her lip and regarded him closely as she crossed her feet together. “I’m sorry I’m such a screw-up.”

“You’re not a screw-up. You’re a sweet girl with a naughty and whiny streak in her. And you’re going to change, because you’re young and it’s just that time in your life, and we’re going to change while you’re at it, and we’re gonna continue to love you and spank this bubbly little bottom of yours as often and as long as it takes.” He gave her a pat on the bottom to reassure her.

She heaved a sigh. “You normally give me advice on how to avoid a spanking at times like this,” she pouted.

His brow furrowed. “Well, next time you see my car keys, or anyone else’s, on the counter, don’t touch them.”

“You know what I mean,” she defended. “Daddy’s gonna kill me!”

“And you shall rise from the ashes of your destruction like the cute little phoenix you are,” he told her, bereft of sympathy. Charlie wasn’t actually going to hurt her, after all. She was going to kick, scream, and cry her eyes out by the end of the weekend; of that he had no doubt. If punished enough, she would be feeling the consequences of her little outing for quite a few days. After that, they’d forgive her and move on.

“I suppose we should get dressed,” she said, looking over at her pajamas, which were puddled on the floor.

“No way. After a night like we’ve had?” He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. She screeched and giggled. “We’re getting in the bath and turning into prunes. Then maybe we’ll gorge ourselves upon waffles.”

“I don’t deserve waffles,” she mourned.

He gave her bottom a slap as he walked into the bathroom. “You’re a naughty girl, not a serial killer. Geesh.”

Sophie found that, even with waffles with chocolate chips on them, she was in the doghouse. Breakfast was quiet, and Josh was watching her every move. When she tried to climb onto the countertop to get a glass from the upper cabinet, which he’d seen her do a thousand times before, this time she was pulled down by firm hands and given a very firm swat to the skirt of the dress he’d dressed her in that morning.

“We have a stool for a reason. I don’t want you climbing on something and pulling the cabinet—and all the glass—down on you!” he had snapped at her, pronouncing his worry with another smack.

She felt foolish, of course. He was right; she had no business climbing up on the countertop. It always seemed easier than crossing five feet over to grab her stepping stool to get to the upper cabinets. Although she feared his argument wasn’t for the longevity of the cabinet doors she’d kick on the way up; he apparently had created a scenario where she pulled down the entire cabinet on top of her and was cut to ribbons.

“No need to get all paranoid,” she lectured back, and his eyes darkened. Her hands flew back to protect her bottom.

“You have no regard for your safety, and I’m sick of it, young lady. There’s no replacing you; they only made one,” Josh growled at her, his expression hawk-like and angry rising to his full height so that he towered over her.

She pressed her lips together, although she did think he was just being stubborn that morning, but she didn’t push him.

Not that she had the chance to. Suddenly he lurched forward, grabbed her up and, as he hugged her to his body, began to possess her mouth with his. He grabbed her bottom tightly in his hands until she wrapped her legs around his waist.

She felt him walking, but only until he found the nearest wall. He pressed her against it and then released himself from his pants. His breath was trembling with what seemed like impatience.

She was nearly squeaking with anticipation. She was so sore already from his attentions the night before. She’d even noticed some blood spotting her bed sheets from her first time, and she’d had some on the inside of her thighs this morning.

He had fucked her until there were small bruises forming on her inner thighs, and now it looked like he was going to give her more of the same. Still, her body didn’t know that she’d had enough; it was wet and ready for more.

She gasped as he pulled her panties aside, stretching the fabric so he could press her length deep into her. Against the wall, it seemed like he was even deeper than he’d gotten last night. “Uncle Josh…”

“Jesus, baby girl,” he panted, kissing her neck. He began to wildly thrust his hips against her. “I love you. You make me crazy, and you’re so naughty…” Another solid thrust had her gasping out. “And lord knows I don’t spank you nearly as often as I should. You need to walk around with a bright…” Thrust. “Red.” He held her hips as he thrust deeper, thumping her against the wall. “Bottom!” He groaned and continued in her ear, “You know what’s next? You know why you’ve been naughty? Because nobody’s been giving you any attention here.” He slid his fingers through the edge of her panties, quickly finding her bottom hole and applying pressure with his finger until she was gripping his shoulders with all her strength.

“No,” she whimpered.

“Oh, yes. This bottom is going to get broken in a little today. And do you know why?”

She didn’t want to answer; her heart was pounding as she imagined anything—anything at all—going up there. Would Daddy be pressing something into her bottom? Could she live through the shame of it?

“No, Uncle Josh,” she continued to whimper, but her moaning and pouting was only spurring on his thrusts.

“You’re our cute baby girl, but you can be such a bad girl when you set your mind to it. We have to pull you back in line…” She hated how her body was reacting to his warnings, his threats. He was dirty talking, but she had a feeling he was also being serious. It didn’t matter; her back was writhing so she could accept more of him. Her cunny had no shame, and didn’t seem to care that she was dressed in a sun-yellow, cute Lolita dress with long stockings… in fact, maybe her cunny liked it. She was beginning to moan with pleasure, her toes curling in her little black shoes.

For a second, his hand reached up and pressed over the front of her neck, as if to keep her perfectly still, telling her that he was in control with a move that got her attention. If she hadn’t trusted him, she probably would have thought she was in trouble. All he had to do to strangle her was to squeeze… But of course, he never did.

“Fucked against a wall like a little doll…” he panted in her ear. “My precious little doll…”

She pressed against him, he pushed her into the wall, and she came violently on his cock. She cried out and gripped his shoulders so hard she might have worried about hurting him, but he was thrusting harder and faster than ever as she contracted around him.

“Oh, God…” he gritted, and then pushed into her again. She could feel his cock contract, spurting its cum deep into her. For some reason she had already decided to love the feeling of his essence warming inside of her. It was calming, gratifying.

He slowly lifted her enough to pull out of her, and then he placed her feet back on the floor and adjusted her panties, although she knew they were ruined from the way his cock had stretched them aside. He kissed her forehead. “Now, no games,” he told her, pulling her chin up to meet his eyes. “I’m still seriously upset with what happened last night—I keep replaying how I felt, and I don’t like it. I need to collect myself a little. Go up to your room and get started on your homework until your daddy comes home.”

She didn’t hesitate to do what he said and even took the stairs two at a time. She cleaned up her dripping pussy, still mixed with her and Josh’s juices, and then changed her panties before opening up her backpack and waiting for her doom.

Tingling from anticipation, she felt a brief spout of deep shame as she focused on how tender her pussy was. She wondered how Daddy and Liz would react to this new situation. She feared they might disapprove, since they always treated her like she was an innocent little flower. Now, she had been tainted in a way.

Doing homework was insanely difficult; she was so distracted that nothing she wrote was sounding right. Not to mention the fact that when it came to homework, she wasn’t exactly fluent in her writing. Daddy would normally demand several rough drafts that he’d help her comb through until she turned it in and would get an A. When she tried to sidestep this arduous process once, she ended up failing and Daddy went right for the cane and introduced her to it.

She really didn’t want to pay the piper about the car. Her bottom quaked even when she thought about the look on Charlie’s face…

Somewhere around the time when she was finishing her English report, she heard the door open downstairs. Muffled voices indicated that Liz and Charlie had come home. She looked at the clock and read that it was 10 am.

That wasn’t a great sign, since New York City was over four hours away.

She pushed her laptop off her lap, slowly shuffled out of her surrounding nest of papers and open books, and oh-so-quietly opened the door. She had a feeling they’d be talking about her.

“You look tired,” Josh was saying, using a tired drawl himself.

“My baby girl was in a car accident, so we didn’t get much sleep,” Charlie replied peevishly. “Finally we just gave up and checked out at six. The munchkin still sleeping?”

“You mean the intensely naughty munchkin who destroyed my car and nearly killed herself doing so?” Josh said tensely. “No. Sleep was in short supply here, as well. She needs to probably be put down for a good long nap today, because she didn’t get more than a couple of hours last night.”

“Well, she was probably scared out of her mind…” Liz replied.

“She’s not in shock. She walked from the car accident without a scrape. Which is a fucking miracle, because this is the photo the cops took of the scene.”

Sophie imagined Josh passing them a very damning photo on his cellphone, because there was a lot of silence before a gasp. “Jesus!” Charlie exclaimed. “No way is she okay, Josh! I thought it was a fender-bender. You mean she rolled it? And walked? Your car’s totaled!”

“It’s just a car.”

There was a lot of silence following that.

“What?” Josh asked defensively. “I can just buy a new car. I mean, not one like Janette,”—that was his car’s name—“but one with a five-star safety rating like Janette apparently had. The steel cage on it might have cost me a fortune in gas over the years because of the weight, but I think it’s all been put into perspective at this point. But that’s not what made me shit a brick. You know what Sophie admitted to? She was on her way home from taxiing her friends around. Three of them. Now, this sort of accident with a full car? Somebody was gonna die. The back seat was smooshed to nothing. That’s what could have happened.”

More silence.

“Sophia Lynn! I want you down here right this second!” Liz cried shrilly, not a hint of humor in her voice.

The tone made Sophie’s heart fly into her throat.

Charlie’s voice was much calmer. “Liz, we probably should talk about this first and devise a—”

“Sophia! Now!

Sophie had trouble leaving her room now that her legs felt like they were made of lead. Her knees were so shaky, they were hard to bend with every step leading down to the first floor.

Her heart was literally beating as fast as it had been right after the accident, and was filled with that much regret. How stupid could she possibly be to get into this position?

Liz was standing in the living room like an angry goddess. She might not have slept the night before, but not a hair was out of place. She looked perfect, as usual, although frightening with her hands on her hips and a foot tilted out. Her eyes narrowed at Sophie.

Sophie wanted to scurry into a hole in a wall, if there was only one big enough.

“What were you thinking, young lady?” Liz asked. “That’s what I want to know.”

Sophie swallowed, feeling all three of them paying attention to her every movement. “I… I dunno.” And it was the truth. She was thinking pretty clearly at the time, and she was certain she’d had a thought process. But at the moment she couldn’t remember any of it.

“You don’t know?”

Sophie shook her head, daring to glance up at their disapproving faces, and then looked right back down at her feet.

“What do you mean you don’t know what you were thinking? Because a lot of bad decisions were made, and I want to know what got into your head that you thought stealing Josh’s car and taking your friends on a joyride was a good idea!”

Well, she thought she could get away with it, and it was gratifying to think she was doing it right under their noses. It had felt good to disobey them, to get back at them a little.

She wasn’t going to admit to that, and so she repeated in the same helpless mumble, “I dunno.”

“You’re going to give me a good answer before you leave this room,” Liz assured, and then she turned to Charlie and demanded, “Give me your belt.”

“Please, please!” Sophie stepped forward, her eyes widening and her hands waving around. Charlie looked less-than-sympathetic as he pulled off his belt. “Please—I don’t know why I did it. It was just stupid, okay? I get it! I really do! I’ll never do it again!”

“Not after we’re done with you, you won’t!” With Charlie’s belt in her hand, Liz strode up, grabbed Sophie by her wrist, and literally pulled her to the sofa.

Liz didn’t seem very controlled like she normally did before she spanked the stuffing out of Sophie, and so Sophie dug her heels into the carpet. “Please—no!”

At least once a day Sophie would really hate how small she was. This was sure to be one of those days that she regretted it all the way through. Liz just tightened her grip and yanked Sophie forward with ease, then tossed her over her lap.

Liz wasted no time in pinning Sophie’s legs with one of her own, keeping Sophie from kicking. Sophie gripped a nearby pillow. She’d known this was going to come, she couldn’t say she didn’t deserve it, and she’d been tanned for a whole lot less.

That being said, she had angered Mommy. The belt was used with the fury of any paddle, folded in two and slashing against her panties that Liz hadn’t even bothered to pull down yet. And it was already agony!

“I’ve seen some stupid, naughty things in my day, little girl, but this takes the cake!” Every single word had a stroke of the strap accompanying it. Sophie could barely follow. “I’ve never been so disappointed! Frightened! I am just sick to my stomach!”

There was no clawing away for escape, and Sophie knew it. This wasn’t her first time over Liz’s knee, after all, and Liz seemed even stronger than she usually did. Sophie was sweating from the exertion of trying to get away, or at least making the woman slow down for a single moment.

Right as her throat began to hurt from screaming out pleas, she looked around for Daddy, to see if he was at least overseeing to make sure Liz wouldn’t go overboard.

But she didn’t see either him or Josh. They’d walked away?

“Daddy!” she cried, but then her panties were pulled down for her trouble and she wailed.

“Daddy will see to you later, young lady! You are going to be a very—sorry—little—girl,” Liz brought down the leather even harder at these foreboding words, “by the time we’re done teaching you. You’re going to take your medicine, whether you like it or not!”

Tears began to flow, and it wasn’t going to be pretty. She was continuing her screaming, crying, and begging now, unintelligibly. Her nose was running, her face was wet, and all she could do was grip onto the pillow in front of her like it was life support.

It was pure relief when she was pulled back onto her feet and hauled into the corner. “Stay in that corner, and if you touch that red bottom of yours for a second,” she threatened, pulling Sophie’s skirts up to expose her bottom to the rest of the room, “I’m going to give you a second dose! And you better believe you’re in for a bad-baby weekend, Sophia,” she added.

“No!” she sobbed. There were a lot of parts of age-play she had never tried, and a ‘bad-baby’ weekend had been described as throwing someone into the age-play ‘deep end’… Hell, she was just getting used to the shallow end of the pool!

“Oh, yes. And you know what? You did this to yourself. You’re not new here! You knew what would happen as soon as you grabbed Josh’s keys. Do you have any idea what I would have done if you got hurt? Because I don’t!”

Liz’s stilettos stomped away and walked down the hall toward Charlie’s bedroom. “What are you two talking about in here?” she demanded after swinging the door open. She walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Sophie leaned into the corner, braving to move her hands to her backside, where her skin crawled and throbbed. She was just beginning to feel really, truly sorry for herself when she was distracted.

Liz’s voice had cried, “You did what?”

Sophie spun and scampered out of the corner to look down the hall toward Charlie’s bedroom.

“Josh! Jesus Christ! She was just in a car accident! This was not the time, you think?”

She blushed, fathoming that the secret of her loss of virginity was now out of the bag. She continued to stare at the door, craning her head to hear the conversation.

“I know, I know. It just seemed right. I was just so riled up by nobody telling me where she was, and then I was so relieved when she was okay… I just wanted to be close to her. I needed her…” Josh was saying.

“You’re eleven years older than she is! You know better than that!”

“Yeah, I’m older, but I’m not a robot!”

The door of the bedroom opened suddenly and Sophie, startled, hopped back to her place in the corner. She turned slowly to see Daddy standing there, staring at her with a frown, and she quickly faced the blank, boring meeting of walls.

“All right, baby doll, c’mere,” he finally invited.

She rubbed her eyes on her dress sleeve and turned again. She was surprised to see him opening his arms to her to embrace her, and she was more than happy to fill the gap between them just to let him hold her.

He wrapped his arms around her warmly and kissed her neck. “I missed you,” he told her.

She found herself grinning slightly. It was such an easy thing to say—that one missed another, even if it was just for a day. But she was happy to hear it all the same. “I missed you too, Daddy.”

He pressed his cheek up against hers and then sighed as he parted from her and turned her slightly to the side. “Let me see this bottom of yours.” She felt him put his huge hand across the span of her bottom, and then his finger trace along some of the spots that were the most tender.

She winced and twitched from his hand, and he began to rub her soothingly. “All right, let’s get some lotion on this, baby girl.” He pulled her panties slowly up her waist, glancing up to catch her grimace. He took her hand to guide her toward the foyer and up the stairs, but she slowed.

He turned to her, his brow wrinkled with confusion. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

He normally carried her up to her room in these situations. He was always looking for an excuse to hold her, to keep close to her. This morning she felt she needed closeness as much as ever.

Biting her bottom lip, she raised an awkward hand up to his chest.

He got it; he even gave a slight chuckle as he bent down, let her sling her arm over his shoulder, and heaved her up until her legs could wrap around his waist. He kissed her cheek and continued to trek toward the stairs. “My baby girl,” he said, rubbing her back soothingly as she leaned her whole front up against his chest.

“I’m really sorry,” she told him, resting her chin on his shoulder. “About everything. I was horrible. Did you and Mommy have fun at the thing? I didn’t ruin it, did I?”

“Nah,” he replied. “We were back at the hotel before Josh called. I think you scared the meatball out of him last night, though. We had a good time at the gala.” He didn’t go into specifics at all, as if he was being blasé and nondescript on purpose.

He stopped in front of Lacey’s door, not hers, and reached into his pocket.

It was the first time she’d noticed that they’d taken off Lacey’s name plate. Now it was just a bare door. “We’re going in Lacey’s room?” she asked with interest as he pulled his keys out of his pocket. The smallest key on the chain, looking more like a mailbox key than anything else, was the one he put into the little keyhole on the golden doorknob.

“It’s not Lacey’s room anymore,” he replied simply, then pushed the door open.

It smelled like paint, but it was a bright girl’s room filled with purples and greens and browns… her favorite colors. Her heart leapt for joy at the room’s beauty, the soft feeling of it, the character of everything from the cottonball-esque ceiling light to the white, elaborate picture rail. Stuffed animals of various sizes were everywhere. ‘Sophie’ was written in huge, fabric hangings on one side of the room.

“When did you do all this?”

“It’s not like you don’t leave us for several hours every day,” he replied modestly, putting her on her feet. “Josh and I figured that our princess needed a little castle of her own, and so we went to work on it.”

She couldn’t help walking around and investigating it. “It’s beautiful,” she said, in awe.

“It’s all for you.”

She sniffled. She didn’t deserve a new room with tons of stuff in it; not after the car, especially.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked, standing behind her and petting the back of her neck.

She shook her head. “I don’t deserve it,” she admitted.

“Of course you do,” he argued softly. “You’re our baby girl, it’s our privilege to do things like this for you. We kept waiting for a special time to show it to you, when you were more comfortable being our baby girl. But, sweetheart, you’re signed up for a pretty tough bad-baby weekend, so I figured there was no time like the present.”

Butterflies began to flap around in her stomach. She suddenly looked around and saw that there was something amuck with this room. It was huge, and overwhelming, and she didn’t notice at first, but the furniture was odd.

It was about three times larger than the room next door that she’d been calling her own, but it was nearly designed like a studio apartment. It had a small kitchenette area, it had two desks—one with a chair far smaller and more feminine than the other—and two beds. Again, one was obviously larger and more grown-up. The second bed was just a simple twin and positioned nearly on the floor… but it had rails. Rails that she could tell would pull up and reveal that it was a large crib.

It wasn’t just a bedroom, she realized. It was a nursery.

For her.

She spun around and caught sight of what she thought was a dresser but was really an oversized changing table. For diapers.

For her.

What she thought was a room divider of sorts up in the corner was really a section fenced off from the rest of the room because it was surely a playpen.

For her.

In the corner there was a little white chair—facing in, not out.

For her.

A thrill of fear, dismay, and excitement shot through her. The excitement made her stomach flutter, and the dismay made her blush and feel weak in the knees. “Please, please not a bad-baby weekend. It’s not like I’d steal Josh’s car a second time, Daddy!” she whined, walking into the bathroom where he’d disappeared.

He was filling up what looked like a rubber hot pack. “You weren’t supposed to steal it the first time, baby,” he reminded her sternly, looking over his shoulder at her. “You couldn’t have possibly thought your actions were going to be accepted well.”

She frowned and ran her fingers up and down the doorframe. “Well, I didn’t think it would go that unwell.” She got on her tiptoes to see what he was doing in the sink. “What’s the old-fashioned water heater thing for?” she asked him.

“That’s not what this is,” he informed her dryly, putting the stopper in.

“What is it?” she asked, then ran her sleeve over her face again.

“This is an enema bag, sweetheart.” He folded a towel until it resembled a fluffy pillow and hung it over the edge of the bathtub.


Gosh, that word sounded familiar. She had a feeling it was something she’d heard in a medical setting, but her brain wouldn’t settle on what it was. It wasn’t like the word was in common usage.

She stared at the bag. “It looks like a water heater,” she said doubtfully. “You know, like one of those old-fashioned ones? Like something Bugs Bunny would put on his head when he was sick or something?”

He didn’t crack a smile at the imagery. Instead, he closed the bathroom door, shutting them in there together, and then he turned her gently around and started to undo the buttons on the back of her dress.

The undressing was making her nervous. She didn’t want to ask, and she’d hoped that he was just going to rub some lotion on her bottom and then redress her, so she let him without a fuss. Her dress fell down around her.

“Do you know what an enema is?” he asked, sounding suddenly very suspicious.

“Kinda,” she said in lieu of saying flat out “no,” especially since it seemed like something she should know.

“Describe it.”

Damn. She narrowed her eyes to give herself a good think, then said, “Well, probably… something to do with…” She looked around and saw a nondescript bottle of what seemed like lotion, and felt confident enough to say, “lotion?”

“No,” he replied seriously, kneeling in front of the door and then hooking his thumbs into her panties and pulling them down. “Baby, I’m going to clean out that bottom of yours by filling it full of soap and water and flushing it out. Then I will put in a bottom plug and put you in diapers.” As her brain was busy exploding behind her eyeballs, he added, “Welcome to your first bad-baby weekend.” He looked at the panties now pooled around her ankles. “Step out.”

Her mind was still exploding, hearing was going in and out, and she actually felt a little faint. All the while, she let Charlie help her out of the panties with a vacant expression on her face.

“Bend over the tub—ow!” he winced as she made a sudden leap for the door, flung it open and hit his bad shoulder with the doorknob. Unfortunately, he was quite in the way, and the door opened the wrong way to create an efficient escape route.

“Sophie! Sophie? Look at me.” Daddy was suddenly holding her shoulders with both hands, keeping her still.

She struggled against him only for a second, when she realized that even if she were two feet taller and a hundred pounds heavier, she still couldn’t beat him in a wrestling match. She couldn’t believe that he’d want her to do this, though! That he would… cleanse her? That was crossing the line. Actually, it was annihilating the line with a bulldozer.

“Sophia Lynn.” He was putting on his warning voice now. “Look me in the eye right now.”

It was difficult, but she did it.

And then she started sobbing again, because there was no hesitancy in his expression at all. He was prepared to go to battle with her over it, and Daddy always won his battles.

She whimpered, “Don’t, Daddy. Please? Please, no.” He was going to think she was gross for the rest of her life!

“Sweetheart, this is not the first time I’ve given a bad girl an enema, and even though I want you until the end of time, I’m sure this won’t be your last cleansing. You have to trust that Daddy loves you, he’s not going to break your spirit, and he’s not going to hurt you. He’s just going to punish you so that he can trust you won’t do something like this ever again.”

She knew that this was her cue to feel like she had completely trampled on the trust of all her partners and for her to just throw herself over the side of the tub with her ass in the air so that he could trust her again.

Instead, she tried to make another break for it, hitting him with the doorknob again.

Ten minutes later, the enema had gotten cold, so Charlie remade it while Sophie, who now had cuffs on her hands and feet, hung over the side of the bathtub, whimpering and begging for Charlie to change his mind about all this, and asking if it was truly necessary.

“Can’t you assign me more chores? I can wash your car! I can scrub floors with a toothbrush or something,” she suggested.

“Military-esque punishments don’t really work for us,” he replied, then hung something up on a hook in the wall. “If it makes you feel any better, I also won’t be beating you up with a soap-filled sock later.”

“What’s that hook for?” she demanded, rolling to her side to look up at him.

“Exactly this purpose,” he replied, grabbing the nondescript lotion bottle and squeezing some onto his fingers.

“You mean you put a permanent fixture in here for this? What’s wrong with you people?” she groused sharply. “Nobody in the world does this! This is beyond sadistic! This is—” Charlie came up behind her, parted her bare bottom’s cheeks, and found her bottom hole with his greased finger. That ‘lotion’ had apparently been lube.

“Daddy, donnnn’t!” He pressed his finger, without welcome, into her bottom. “No! Nooo! Stop it!” Her complaints got shriller. She felt so violated; this was certainly very different than what was done when they just fooled around, or when Josh was having sex with her that morning.

“Stop it!” she squeaked just before he dipped his finger into her all the way up to his knuckle. Her toes were curling upon the chocolate-colored bath mat. It burned, and stretched places that had no business being stretched.

“You’re going to get more spanking as it is, so don’t add to it. Stop whining,” he demanded firmly. He pulled his finger out, and then dipped it back in. “This is one tight little bottom, baby girl. You might like this sort of attention, you know, if you ever learn to relax this bottom of yours.”

“I would relax it just fine if your finger wasn’t in it!” she gritted.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be for long,” he replied. With that bit of mysteriousness spoken, he slid his finger out and replaced it with something cold and hard before she could even sigh with relief.

It was smaller than his finger, but not at all comfortable. Especially not when it started to pour warm, soapy, burning liquid into her bowels. “Eeeep!” she squeaked. “Eeeeek! I hate you forever!” She squinted. “It burns!”

“Because it has a soap solution in it. Some people give themselves these every day, Sophie. You’re going to live through it,” he told her as if she was making mountains out of molehills.

“What? Nobody does these every day! Nobody!” she snapped, trying to get up.

He grabbed her ponytail and brought her to heel like a puppy on a short leash. “You’re making me lose my patience with you,” he said with a tiny, yet very domineering yank. “Is that what you want?”

Nope. He was scary when he lost his patience. She’d seen it before: it normally ended up with her getting a wood paddle out of the closet for him to turn her bottom practically purple before sending her to bed absurdly early.

Well, God only knew what his anger meant today. He seemed to be opening up a whole new arsenal of punishments. “No,” she pouted.

“No, Daddy, I want to be a good girl and take my punishments without throwing one tantrum after another?” he prompted, as if he was so sure that’s what she really wanted to say to him.

Her lip trembled, but she repeated him.

The hot water continued to flow up into her, making her feel full, and not at all in a sexy way. More like in a soapy-water-balloon sort of way. This feeling was new.

And then her stomach began to feel weird. Just weird at first, not painful, but then it quickly escalated into painful… in the ‘I have to go right now!’ sense. “Daddy…” she began, trying to think of the right words that would get him to let her alone post-haste. “Daddy… I… I need to go to the bathroom.”

“You are in the bathroom,” he reminded unsympathetically, although she had a horrible notion that he understood what she meant and was just being difficult.

“I need to go potty,” she told him in a childish whine, using childish words, and actually it was the best way she knew how to phrase it.

He reached up over her and jiggled the red bag. Apparently not all the torturous fluid had yet made the mad rush into her bowels just yet. “Not yet. You’re not done.”

“No, right now!”

Sophie.” This was a good, solid warning, and one that made her quiet down and think of anything else than reality.

Oh, thank sweet baby Jesus. He finally pulled the tip out of her. “Okay. Okay,” she panted. “Can I use the potty, Daddy, please?”

“Not for another three minutes. Keep it in.”

Despair. She was in complete and utter despair! Why did she steal Josh’s car? She could have gotten a taxi, probably. If she’d called Josh and asked him to hire a taxi with his credit card, she was sure she could have treated all her friends to a ride to the mall if they were unable to find a car.

She also promised herself she’d never drive ever again. Even when it was legal. Even if Daddy or Liz begged her to. Why didn’t she just break her arm or something? Because there was no way if she’d gotten just a little hurt, but not really, really hurt, from the car accident, she’d be trying not to go to the bathroom all over the floor right now. Knowing her ‘family,’ she would probably be in bed getting pampered right about now instead.

“All right,” he finally said, glancing at his watch, then helping her up with a strong arm. And then he did something she would never forget—that much she was positive of—until she died of incredibly old age.

He picked her up and sat her down on the toilet like she was a two-year-old needing potty training. “You can go potty.”

She looked at him in horror. “Can you… go?”

He crossed his arms and leaned up against the wall as if preparing to get comfortable. “No, baby girl. Babies get full-time supervision.”

Fuck! It was official: she was living out her worst nightmare. Actually, no—she wasn’t so sick as to actually dream of something like this. She’d take Jason chasing her around a lake any day!

“Go on,” he urged, sounding nearly impatient.

“I’m not going,” she gritted. “I’ll hold it in until you go away.” She hoped that would happen in the next thirty seconds.

“Don’t give me attitude, and address me respectfully. You’re in deep trouble, young lady, now do what you’re told.”

She crossed her feet, which were dangling above the floor. One thing she really hated about living in this house? The fact that she needed a step stool to feel comfortable on the damn toilet. She was living amongst giants and had been preceded by women who wanted to feel small and tiny so that they succumbed more into their childlike headspace easier. No doubt Liz, Charlie, and Josh felt perfectly comfortable, but she felt like she was a doll using human furniture.

“Eehm!” she moaned, pained and desperate. She looked up and gave Charlie her most sad puppy-dog look, which she was still busy practicing in front of the mirror most every day.

He lifted his chin, more resolved and unsympathetic than ever. Apparently she had to practice the puppy-dog look harder.

She couldn’t hold it any longer. She just couldn’t. She put her head in her hands, and released the soapy enema from her bowels. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t cute, it wasn’t romantic. In fact, it was almost as painful on the way out as it was on the way in. She sobbed like a little girl, completely humiliated. She just wanted the floor to open up into a dark abyss that she could fall into and plunge to her death.

And just when she thought it was all over, he stepped forward, grabbed a moist towelette from a box above the toilet, and said, “All right, baby, let’s clean you up and get you started on the second one.”

She looked at him like he had sprouted horns, and then began to sob again. Worst day ever.

Chapter Fourteen

Sophia could cry all she wanted to, Charlie told himself about fifteen minutes later. Josh had showed him photos of his Jeep.

Charlie hadn’t normally had to deal with near-death sort of naughtiness. Disobedient little girls? All the time! He’d had little girls who threw tantrums over going to their doctors’ appointments, or who wouldn’t take their medications or vitamins. He’d had a little who had even driven home while being drunk as a skunk. That had been a severe punishment…

Borrowing a car without a license and crashing it? That was new.

He was cursing himself that he hadn’t at least put her in diapers before now. He thought there’d be plenty of time to initiate her into the process slowly. Instead, Charlie regretted how lazy he’d gotten, since he had just treated her like a naughty schoolgirl, which was also a fantasy of his… Because she was a naughty schoolgirl. He didn’t have to make up assignments for her; she had them. He didn’t have to make up scenes about how her teacher called him because she was disrupting the class… Because she’d done that, and her teacher ratted her out to him! He’d been so busy with that fantasy that he’d let it roll, even though he had no intention of never pulling out the more intensive age-play.

He’d loved being Sophia’s daddy, nearly too much. There was something so damn gratifying about being the first person she’d go to when everything in her world went right or wrong. Or being the person she’d go to for advice or when she began to think about future careers she wanted to explore, or assignments she was having trouble with, or teachers or other students she was having trouble getting along with.

He even enjoyed being the guy from whom she was constantly looking for approval. Not that he’d ever deny her his love, or his affection, but she was always trying to get him to say ‘yes’ about everything, because she truly did care about his opinion.

That was probably why she was acting like he’d just given her enemas with lava as the main ingredient, and not soap. She was embarrassed. He had never seen one’s whole body blush before, but hers was now.

He tried not to let her humiliation turn him on too much, but he was having trouble with it.

After cleansing her bottom with a wipe, he picked her up and carried her to the oversized changing table. She was easy to handle now; she was contrite, quieter, and of course she was still tied at the hands and feet.

“All right, sweetheart. Let’s get this diaper on you. Are you going to be a good girl so I can untie you?” He looked at her wearily as he rested her gently down on the changing table. All she had to do, and she knew it, was to kick his right shoulder, which she could reach with one of her feet in this position, and he’d be on the floor. His shoulder was already throbbing because of being beaten with a doorknob during Sophie’s flurry of escape attempts.

Sophie nodded, and swallowed. It looked like her throat was hurting her, and he was unsurprised. She’d done a lot of screaming and yelling, and for what purpose, he didn’t know. She had to have known that Josh and Liz weren’t going to help her, not this time.

“You know this isn’t a punishment for everyone,” he told her calmly as he began to untie her feet. “Some girls love baby time. They like not having any responsibilities, they like reverting back into trusting someone will take care of them.”

“Back?” She shook her head. “I don’t revert back. There’s nothing to revert back to.”

“You were a baby once. Surely, you wore diapers.” He put the silk binding aside and then began to use another baby wipe on her bottom.

“I had a day school teacher who potty trained me because my mother and grandmother used to ignore me so bad that I kept getting infections,” Sophie told him, a coldness in her tone. He froze. “I don’t remember much of it,” she added, looking toward the window. “I remember sleeping in the bathtub until I was six. I kept wetting my bed, and my mother used to keep slapping me for it—I’d wake up to her slapping me. So I stopped sleeping in the bed for years. Why would I want to go back to that?”

Charlie had frozen still, his heart twisting in his chest for her. “Oh, sweetheart.” He shook his head. “I can’t imagine how that must have felt. Thank you so much for trusting me enough to tell me about that.” He took a deep breath. “So are you opposed to being our baby because you think we’ll neglect you or because it brings up some bad memories? Or both?”

Sophie looked completely confused. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I guess… because of both. But it’s not just that. I never said I was… opposed. It’s not… it’s not that.”

Charlie took a deep breath, realizing that she was talking about something she viewed as very embarrassing and very awkward. He couldn’t miss this opportunity; apparently he had broken down one of her major barriers. “Do you want me to treat you like a baby?” he asked, and saw her face twist with an amalgamation of fear, panic, and utter humiliation. “Are you ashamed about wanting it?” He pressed forward, carefully reading her expression.

Her eyes, which had been more focused on the window, or anything else except him, suddenly met his own. They were glassy, filled with tears. “It doesn’t make sense that I’d want it.” She sniffled, and there was a tremor in her bottom lip. “It doesn’t make sense!”

“Sometimes, baby girl,” he told her, “a broken bone needs to be reset so it has the chance to heal properly. I think you yearn to trust someone to give you the affection and care you’ve always wanted, and that you want us to force you to take it so that you don’t have to ask for it. People are drawn to some experiences that will help them like that.”

Suddenly, her taking Josh’s car was making sense. She’d wanted to get caught. She’d wanted to be disciplined for it.

“I’m so scared,” she whimpered, not arguing with any of his assertions.

She was the most adorable little thing on the planet. He leaned down and rubbed his nose against hers. “Don’t be, little one. Daddy’s here.” He kissed her cheek, and then her lips. “I love you, baby girl. There’s nothing you can do that will keep me from being your daddy and loving you to death. Nothing you can say. Nowhere you can go. So, if this ends up being too painful for you, we never have to do this again. You don’t even have to give me a reason. But I don’t want you to worry that we won’t take care of you because we will, Sophie. I promise you.”

She nodded.

“You trust me to take care of you today?” he asked her.

She nodded again. “Yeah.”

“You have nothing to worry about, nothing to be ashamed about, okay?”

She nodded again. “Okay,” she said with a raspy voice.

“Okay.” He pulled back and continued to prepare her for her diaper.

He did notice the reddening of her pussy, and the couple of bruises on her inner thighs. He locked his jaw, thinking how Josh should have been gentler with her in her first time. He pulled her legs up and squeezed some lube on her cute little puckered bottom hole. “I’m going to be putting something up your bottom, honey, and you’re keeping it up there for a couple of hours. You know why?”

“Because I was a bad girl?” she guessed, her eyebrows twitching with regret.

He couldn’t help grinning. “Yes, baby. And I want you to trust me with this little bottom hole of yours, too. I know I put it through a lot already today, but when I eventually take you there—not today.” The look of concern in her eyes made him waver. “But I will one day, and it will feel better if you’re trained nice and slow, level by level.”

“You’re too big to go up my bottom, Daddy,” she quavered.

“Right now, I think you’re right. That’s why I have to bring you up level by level,” he repeated calmly, then opened a drawer near him and pulled out the smallest bottom plug, one about the size of his finger. She was more used to the size, since he had penetrated her bottom with his finger before, and had already today. He didn’t want her to fear it, after all. He smeared some lube across the tip, then lined it up to her bottom. “Deep breath in,” he told her.

She hesitated, but eventually, she took a deep breath in and held it.

“And breathe out.” She loudly exhaled, and he firmly pressed the plug into her bottom. Her sphincter accepted the little ball hilt near the end with a pop as Sophie let out a whimper.

“It hurts!” she whined.

“Give it a second and relax,” he cooed at her as he cleaned some lingering lube off his hands. “Relax your bottom,” he directed again, a bit chidingly, when the little crinkle that appeared above her eyebrow when she was in pain didn’t disappear.

Slowly, the crinkle faded. He cleaned away any remaining lube, then rubbed lotion all over her red bottom. “See? It’s just something to keep your attention, isn’t it?”

She nodded slowly, and he picked up her bottom and put a diaper under her. She was back to not looking at him, but that was perfectly okay. She was trying to get herself together, especially because being diapered was embarrassing to most of the even most hard-core age-players. This one was a little big for her. She was going to waddle when she walked, for certain, and it probably felt awkwardly bulky as well.

He sat her up, and she looked down, apparently thinking what he was thinking: that she was a little too small for the furniture. She seemed rather high up. “All right,” he said, petting the back of her neck for a second before opening another drawer and pulling out an extra-large pacifier. “Babies don’t get to talk, little one, so once I put this pacifier in your mouth, that’s it until tomorrow evening.”

She sniffled. “But—but what if—”

He pinched her chin gently between his thumb and forefinger. “There are no ‘what ifs.’ We’ll take care of everything for you,” he told her. “You’ll be with one of us the whole time. Forget about class, forget about what happened yesterday, or future jobs, or whatever it is you worry about. Those are big-kid concerns, okay? Not baby concerns.”

She frowned and pouted, “But what about my homework?”

“You’ll have time to finish tomorrow,” he assured and lifted a tissue to her nose. “Blow.”

She did, but as soon as he threw away the tissue, he put the pacifier to her lips and she drew away, dodging the pacifier. “I’m thirsty, Daddy,” she informed him, looking concerned like she thought he’d say something like liquids only being for adults.

He’d already figured that she was. She’d probably cried all the liquid out of her. “Thanks for the tip.” He put the pacifier in her mouth.

She looked like she didn’t like it at first, and then she began to chew on it. Eventually her eyebrows moved upward, as if surprised that it wasn’t all that bad.

“Good girl.” He helped her down on the floor and she went to her knees immediately. He grabbed a long-sleeved t-shirt from her dresser and then dressed her in it.

He watched her wander on her knees toward the bookshelf filled with books and DVDs and then walked to the kitchenette to make her a bottle filled with apple juice. By the time he came back, she seemed to be making a mental itinerary of everything she had in her room.

He smirked and then grimaced as his shoulder pulsed with revised pain. He walked over to Sophie and stood behind her. She picked up a book and blinked at him. He grinned, glad she liked him reading to her as much as he enjoyed doing it.

“All right,” he grunted, as if he wasn’t looking forward to snuggling with her. “But only one chapter, baby girl, and then I’m putting you down for a nap.”

He didn’t actually have to put her down for a nap. She accepted the bottle with only a slight whine in response and then snuggled into him. As soon as she was halfway done with her juice, and he was only a couple of pages into Trumpet of the Swan, she was out like a light, curled up on his lap.

Charlie closed the book and petted her hair adoringly.

“She’s napping while plugged?” Josh whispered from the doorway. If Charlie wasn’t used to years of Josh sneaking up on him like a goddamned ninja, he might have startled and awoken Sophie. “Impressive.”

“Not really. It’s not a big plug. Besides, she was exhausted. Perhaps if someone let her sleep last night instead of humping her to death, she might have had more trouble.”

The blame in his tone hadn’t landed with Josh. He came in and walked to the kitchenette. “Yep. Good thing I humped her to death; at least one of us is getting a good nap in. Liz is pissed at me about it. She cut me off cold turkey until her next dungeon session. Apparently, I’m not even allowed to choke my chicken until she says so. She’s a hard-ass.”

Charlie winced at the influx of far more information than he wanted. He wanted to turn his head around enough so he could see what Josh was doing, but his shoulder was screaming with pain.

Suddenly a pack of ice was pushed against his bad shoulder. Charlie gritted his teeth, but then relief flooded into him. “You got to start wearing your shoulder brace more often,” Josh lectured, coming around the edge of the sofa and plopping down just in front of Sophie’s feet. “Your shoulder’s swollen practically to deformity. You gotta take it easy. The last thing you want is another surgery before you get to go on your honeymoon. You won’t get to do half of Liz’s favorite positions.”

Charlie grinned. “So Liz told you?”

“She didn’t fit in that news around the lecturing of taking a girl who might have been in shock from a car accident, but while she was slapping my arm, I did notice something shiny on her finger.” He grinned. “Good for you, man.”

“Thanks.” He looked down at Sophie. “I do worry about how she’ll take the news.”

“Sophie? I think she’ll have a little bit of jealousy, but she’ll be happy about it at the end of the day. I’ll tell her for you, make sure it sets in right. I’m way better with talking with her than you are.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow at him.

“I am,” Josh assured, “always have been. Besides,” he added, looking over at Sophie, “I’m sort of in love with her. Not just in a daddy dom way, either.” He played with a loose string at the frayed bottom of his shorts. “In a different sort of… can-you-come-to-my-hockey-games-for-the-rest-of-my-life kind of way.”

“Was sex that good?” Charlie asked after digesting this.

Josh shot him a glare. “I’ve been thinking about it since Liz brought her home and she was just so… perfect for us. She fits, you know? Only I think about her all the time, like an obsession. I don’t have nightmares about normal stuff anymore. I just have nightmares where she’s gone. Either died or ran away or was never born. And then when the cops last night only said that she’d been taken to the hospital—not even letting me know which one she went to because I wasn’t anything to her—I just felt this desperation. I thought I had walked into my nightmare. Now, if I was married to her, then she’d be a Hobbes. She’d have my last name, we’d be together, and because I was her husband nothing would ever be kept from me.”

Charlie understood; hell, it’s all he’d ever wanted to have Liz joined permanently to him. He wanted to officially be part of her family. Still, protectiveness over Sophie was eating at him; he didn’t want her to have to grow up too quickly or be tied to something she wasn’t ready for. “She’s got a lot of trust issues to get through, bro. Not to mention that she’s only eighteen,” Charlie warned, his voice low. He did not want Sophie to wake up and listen to the conversation.

“Undoubtedly she has trust issues; she grew up in hell,” Josh replied, leaning back and turning on the television in front of them to a hockey game, skillfully and quickly setting it to mute. “One of the things I like about her is that she’s a tough little bunny.” He shrugged. “She talk to you about some of what she went through?”

Charlie nodded slowly and repeated what she’d told him.

Josh seemed a little more rigid all of the sudden, but then he ran his hand over her leg.

Sophie shifted, murmured something sleepily, and then began to softly snore again.

“Well, at least she wants this and is brave enough to admit it,” Josh finally said. “We can’t go back and fix the way she grew up. This is really all we can do, and all we know how to do, but we can do it well!” He looked down. “I’m gonna put her to bed. She’s zonked.”

I’m gonna put her to bed, thanks,” Charlie replied crisply, feeling strangely possessive.

“Charlie, you probably shouldn’t get up at all. You’re yay-close to looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Just let your healthier, stronger, more attractive, and better-in-every-way brother do the job,” he told him, scooping Sophie gently into his arms. She hung as limp as a ragdoll when Josh stood up.

Charlie grunted and turned his body so he could watch as Josh laid her in her bed gently as if she were made of glass, and then quietly pulled the side of the crib up, closing her in with the bed rails. Then Josh spent way too long looking at her. “Don’t crawl in there with her,” Charlie ordered.

Josh looked a little torn. “But—”

“Don’t do it. She’s not having a good-girl weekend. This is a bad-baby weekend. She’s being punished. She crashed your car, the car you love, may I remind you?”

Josh shrugged, looking disappointed, like a kid who was just informed that they couldn’t eat ice cream for breakfast. “I know.”

Charlie lifted his eyebrow.

Josh walked back toward the couch, shrugging. “I do! I know. I totally get the whole mixed-signals thing and why it’s bad. She’s just my kryptonite. Not a bad kind of kryptonite, but like—”

Charlie grinned and raised his hand to silence Josh from further explaining his stupid analogy. “I got it. She makes you feel like a lusty teenager. Awesome. I am still her daddy, though, unless she tells me otherwise or moves the bill to you. So her butt still belongs to me.”

“I don’t expect her to move the bill to me. And don’t worry about me trying to be a girl-hog. You’ve shared Liz with me, I’ll share Sophie with you… as long as she’s amenable to the idea, of course. The lifestyle’s not for everybody.” Suddenly he paused and looked toward the door. “You’re… still gonna share Liz, right? Even after the… you know, marriage?”

Charlie sighed with exasperation. “Yeah. Like I could stop her, anyway. Besides, I’m certainly not going to sub for her. I love her, but I have hard limits like everyone else. The only thing that will change is the fact that we can all go out at the same time without it looking weird. And she’ll be a Hobbes.”

Josh let out a sigh of relief. “Good. Just checking.” He took his place on the couch again and they watched the hockey game until the next commercial. “So, like… How many times was the charm?”

“I only had to ask her twenty-five times. Buying the ring, though, seemed to get me in the end-zone. And the agreement that she gets to handcuff me to the bed twice a year and gets to go on top once a month and on her birthday.” He loosened the tie he was wearing. “It was a tough bargain, but I had to seal that deal before she started laying down the kibosh on the whole idea.”

“You probably should have tried out the ring earlier. Made me realize you might have been serious,” Liz said, appearing in the doorway with her arms crossed. She was grinning like the wicked vixen that she was.

Serious? Woman, I did everything short of clubbing you on the head and carrying you back to my cave,” Charlie grunted. “If I thought a rock was going to help me that much, I would have gone to the mines of Africa and chiseled you out one myself by now.”

Liz gave a quiet laugh and then walked over to Sophie. Her stilettos were muffled by the soft rug around the crib. She leaned over and brushed Sophie’s bangs to the side. “Poor baby. She looks so tired,” Liz murmured, and then turned around and came up behind the sofa in front of the nursery television. “Are you both going to watch the whole hockey game from the nursery?” she chided. “I don’t think so. There’s a television downstairs. This TV is Sophie’s.” She glanced at Josh. “I have something I need to discuss with your brother anyway.”

Josh grumbled and said, “Fine, fine. I know when I’m not wanted. Apparently, I’m still in the doghouse.”

“Pool house,” she corrected smartly as Josh got up and walked by her. “You should get some sleep, too, you know.”

“Why?” Josh spun around like a frisky tomcat, then sauntered up to her. “You want to put me down for a nap, sexy lady? Because I’d be open to that…”

Liz turned him back toward the door and slapped him on the ass. “Maybe later. If you’re a good boy.”

“Under those limitations, I’ll never get laid again!” Josh laughed as he walked out of the room.

Liz turned to Charlie and slowly approached until she was straddling his lap. Lord almighty; he might have been screwing her for over seventeen years, but Liz still made him hard as a rock. “Want practice for the honeymoon?”

Charlie glanced over at the crib, even though Sophie was lightly snoring. “Can’t,” he said grudgingly. “For starters, we can’t wake up our baby girl. Second, I fucked up my shoulder really bad.”

Liz leaned over and discovered the icepack between his shoulder and the back of the sofa. “Poor baby. That’s okay, though. I know something that will make you feel better.” She dropped down to the floor on her knees before him and reached for the fly on his pants.

“Liz…” Charlie sighed, already relieved. “You’re the best.”

Chapter Fifteen

Sophie woke up to the sound of Charlie’s snoring. He had a low, breathy sort of snore that was different from his brother’s. She thought he might be sleeping behind her. Since he became her daddy, whether he liked it or not, she slept with him often. Sometimes he would pleasure her with his fingers if she rubbed her bottom against his groin enough…

But he wasn’t there. She opened her eyes, annoyed at not finding anything to rub against, and wondering why she felt so constrained, why her legs felt so weird and why her bottom was in so much pain. She saw what seemed like bars in front of her. When her eyes finally focused, she could see that the bars were wooden spindles.

She was in her crib. Ah, now it was all coming back.

She was in the middle of a bad-baby weekend. She felt weird because she was spanked raw and had a plug spreading her anus and was put into a thick diaper.

She sat up and spied Charlie—his head was lolled onto the back of the sofa where he had been reading to her. She pushed the mattress down until she was on her knees. She looked back and forth, trying to figure out how to get the side of the crib down so she could get out and go to the bathroom to pee.

Unable to figure out where the lever was that could pull down the side, she began to climb out.

“Stop right there.”

Sophie dropped back down onto the mattress, startled by the noise. She looked up and saw Liz standing just outside the crib. “I need to pee,” she told her, hoping that the scolding look she was getting wasn’t a precursor to a spanking.

“You don’t get to speak. You’re a baby, aren’t you?”

She frowned. “But—” Liz’s look silenced her before she could actually get a full whine out.

“You have a diaper, baby muffin,” Liz reminded her. “Use it.”

Fear clenched at Sophie’s throat so suddenly that for a moment she felt like she was choking. Knowing she couldn’t get a word out, she whimpered and curled her body around a pillow.

“Baby? Are you okay?” Liz asked, reaching over the edge of the crib and running her hand down the length of Sophie’s leg. “Sophie, honey? You need to breathe.”

Sophie was presently hyperventilating. She couldn’t use a diaper—and not just because it was humiliating, because the idea twisted her stomach with worry. It made her feel uneasy, even queasy.

“Charlie?” Liz called across the room, and the snoring stopped.

Charlie was soon there, looking a little startled.

“I told her to use her diaper, she paled and then balled up into the fetal position. That’s not the usual response,” Liz explained, concern etched on her features. Sophie still couldn’t move; she felt a little frozen.

Charlie lowered the side of the crib. Apparently, the lever was at the bottom of the crib where Sophie couldn’t reach from the inside. He sat down next to her, and then drew her onto his lap. “She’s okay, Liz. We’re working on it. Bring me her pacifier, would you?”

He snuggled Sophie close to his chest for a second before the pacifier was put to her lips. “Sweetie—you know we’re going to take care of you? It won’t hurt you to depend on us for your every need. Even this one. This is a huge step.”

She pressed her face into Charlie’s chest. She was basking in his warmth and also completely astounded by what he wanted. She wanted it too, in a way, which surprised her. She wanted that sort of undivided care and unconditional love like you’d need during this little exercise of humility.

“Let’s get your mind off of it,” he suggested. “I want you to use your diaper, but wait until you’re ready.”

Liz picked her up like she was a child, and brought her over to the sofa where Sophie was given a new, cold bottle full of juice and they put on a Disney movie.

Charlie was talking quietly to Liz on the other side of the room, and Sophie blushed, guessing that he was explaining that Sophie was just a big ball of crazy.

Liz gasped about something, which only confirmed it.

She frowned, the shame within her feeling like it was folding itself into a bulky mass in her gut. She tried to rub her thighs together like she sometimes did when she was nervous, but the diaper’s bulk made that pretty much impossible.

She sighed and hunkered down to watch the movie, hoping it would ease her mind off of how much she needed to pee or the nervous feeling that was creeping underneath her skin.

Charlie sat down next to her and pulled her onto his lap again, kissing the top of her head and wrapping her up in his thick, strong arms. “Drink your juice,” he said, picking up the bottle and pulling the pacifier out of her mouth with his other hand.

She didn’t want to, and made an unhappy noise, trying to turn her lips away from the rubber nipple on the bottle. Juice was nothing but a diuretic!

“Sophie, you need to drink something. You only drank a few ounces before you went to sleep,” he said, sounding like the concerned daddy that he was. But when she refused again, he started counting down. “Three… Two…”

Fearing what he had planned for her on ‘one,’ she tilted the bottle up and took a suck from it.

“Good girl. I tell you what, munchkin; we’ll take out the plug when we change your diaper,” he negotiated.

At least it sounded like a negotiation, only she wasn’t allowed to argue or negotiate back. She pinched her face with frustration. The plug wasn’t so bad. She could definitely tell it was there, and she couldn’t say it was particularly comfortable, but it didn’t hurt like it had when he’d first put it in. The plug just had the power to bring her attention to that part of her anatomy.

Or at least it did before her bladder decided to do double-time. She wondered how long she could hold it.

Liz sat down then, keeping Sophie snuggled up between them. Every time one of them shifted, jostling her body, she wanted to scream. All of her muscles seemed to tense around her swollen bladder. She was drinking slowly, only a drop at a time, but even at this pace she was sure the urgency was increasing more every second.

Eventually, she began to whimper, her face reddening. She made a quick, sudden move, desperate not to use the diaper and to make it into the bathroom, trying to jump up and over the back of the sofa, but Liz was able to catch her by her elbow. Of course, the woman wasn’t happy, and her grip was so tight, Sophie couldn’t wrench free. She began to shed tears again, unable to help herself, the hopelessness of her situation finally revealed.

Liz softened instantly and pulled her back onto her lap, planting kisses on her cheeks.

Charlie gave Sophie a serious look and grumbled, “Nice try. Any more sudden escape attempts to use the big-girl potty, and your thighs are going to get spanked, and I don’t care if they still have color people can see on Monday. Your friends could just see what happens to naughty girls in this house.”

Sophie tried to squirm off of Liz’s lap. That was also a no-go; Liz held her tight to her breast, and then rubbed Sophie’s tummy, pressing down on her bladder. Sophie began to sob when she did that, the discomfort and humiliation too intense for just tears and sniffles, and she voided her bladder. It only made her cry harder, ashamed and even alarmed by the warmth and wetness flooding her diaper.

Some part of her was sure that, as soon as she actually used her diaper, they were going to get angry or disgusted with her. At best, they’d make fun of her. She squinted her eyes and prepared herself for the worst.

Unexpectedly, Liz squeezed her tighter and kissed her forehead. “You’re such a good girl, Sophie. I know that was really, really hard for you.”

 She held and petted her for a long time before Charlie, pulling the icepack from his shoulder with a pained groan, said, “I’ll go change her.”

“No, you’re not. I’m changing her, you’re going downstairs and putting on your shoulder brace,” Liz lectured like a put-out housewife. “You’re moaning and groaning around here like an old man. Did you even take an ibuprofen yet? Or are you just sitting there, basking in your shoulder pain like you invented it again?”

Sophie wiped her eyes and saw Charlie frown at the lecture. “Fine. I’ll take something,” he finally muttered after opening and closing his mouth a couple of times, trying to find a platform to argue from and not being able to find one.

She was sorry for hurting his shoulder earlier, but watching Charlie get lectured by Liz made her feel joy for the first time since Josh took her up against the wall early that morning.

Charlie strained to get up, but then leaned over and gave Sophie a slew of quick, playful kisses on her nose. “I’ll be back, sweetheart. Be good.”

Liz popped her pacifier back into Sophie’s mouth before she picked her up and carried her to the changing table. Sophie’s stomach clenched with embarrassment for a moment, but Liz didn’t seem fazed whatsoever. She just put the diaper into the genie nearby and continued like she’d done this a million times before… and Sophie was beginning to guess that she had.

She cleaned Sophie up and massaged her red bottom before taking out the bottom plug. Sophie sighed, realizing how much she’d felt it all along and was now much more comfortable when it was out.

Now the only thing to pay attention to was Liz’s warm hands moving over her most intimate parts. Of course, she should have been used to it by now. Liz was constantly petting, stroking, or fondling her. She claimed that she liked the feeling of Sophie’s skin, because of how soft it was, and because of how much she responded to her touch. Yet, instead of feeling like this was just petting as usual, Sophie’s whole body felt like it was blushing. Being diapered was strangely intimate in a way Sophie couldn’t have fathomed.

A procession of cleaning clothes, creams, and powders were applied before a second bulky diaper was wrapped around her, and Sophie did nothing except suck on her pacifier. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say she was drugged! She shouldn’t want this, shouldn’t be cooperating, should run away screaming. Instead, she was filled with a warm and fuzzy sense of relief.

“You’re such a good girl, Sophie,” Liz told her in what Sophie was mentally beginning to refer to as Liz’s particular ‘mommy tone.’ It was somewhere between how one might talk to a child or even a pet, combined with a thick, heady tone of a woman in heat.

Liz picked her up, and Sophie put both arms around her neck, letting Liz carry her without squirming around like she normally did. Eventually she settled back on the sofa by the television, where Sophie’s movie was still playing.

Sophie didn’t really want to watch a movie. She felt needy after the diaper change, even aroused. She scooted and shifted uncomfortably in her seat until Mommy demanded Sophie stop squirming about with a firm slap to her diaper-covered seat. Sophie popped the pacifier out of her mouth and gave a slightly rebellious look to Liz.

Relentless, Sophie moved toward Liz’s breasts, beginning to nibble at the area through the fabric in a silent plea to get Liz to expose herself.

Liz, groaning something about how spoiled Sophie was, began to unbutton the front of her blouse. Months ago, Josh had taught Sophie exactly where to touch on Liz, allowing her front-row seats to one of their encounters together. Sophie had been amazed by the different ways to please the woman, and delighted at the naughtiness of being shown what to do in that manner. She doubted many women got such a lesson.

However, Liz was easy; she was obsessed with her own breasts. They were quite perfect; the nipples so delightful; long, yet with small, light-colored areoles. The skin was flawless, the size and even the weight of the breast satisfying to the touch of Sophie’s hand.

Liz unhooked the bra from the front, and Sophie was now facing the breast she wanted to tease. Pawing her small hand over one of the ample breasts, she massaged one of the nipples with her tongue and lightly suckled on them. She found she was doing it almost for her own comfort, because it felt right. But then she felt a hand sliding down the front of her diaper, and Liz began to dexterously massage her swollen, throbbing little nub.

Sophie let out a groan of gratification. This was what she’d wanted all along; it felt like an itch she’d had for hours was finally being scratched. She nibbled on the nipple, and Liz gasped with pleasure.

They went on for maybe ten amazing minutes before Sophie was picked up from behind. She was so, so close to what she was certain was going to be a world-rocking orgasm, yet she had been jostled back to reality in a very blunt move.

She kicked her feet as Charlie carried her to her crib. “Daddy!” she moaned angrily.

“No speaking,” he said firmly, setting her upon her bed and yanking up the crib rails, trapping Sophie inside quite efficiently. He turned to Liz. “She’s being punished,” he reminded tersely.

Trying to pull herself onto her knees, Sophie looked through the crib bars, expecting to see Liz get the self-righteous expression on her face that she wore so often, but instead Liz looked… contrite. “I’m sorry, you’re right.” She frowned. “But you have no business picking her up with your shoulder like—”

“I have a brace on,” he told her firmly, warding off a lecture. “I’m fine. You, on the other hand…” He pulled Liz up to her feet and she was thrown over his good shoulder. Sophie had never seen this done, and was astounded that he could do that with Liz—who was six feet tall herself!

“Charlie!” Liz screeched. “Really! Put me down!”

He didn’t until he carried to the much more adult bed, where he dropped her and then slapped the bottom of Liz’s skirt, which was stretched across her bent-over ass. Liz glanced at Sophie and Sophie saw… embarrassment.

It was officially impossible to even blink. Sophie was fascinated; she’d never seen Liz embarrassed before! “Charlie! Not in front of Sophie!” Liz snapped at him as Charlie pushed her onto her back and violently pushed her skirt up her thighs.

Sophie had certainly seen the two fool around. Hell, she’d been inches away a couple of times as Josh taught her how to do proper cunnilingus. She’d even walked in on Charlie and Liz in the pantry with Charlie apparently hammering her between her thighs. That being said, Sophie had turned and walked out of the room, figuring that it was less-than-couth, even in this household, to just stand there watching, maybe even grabbing some popcorn.

“Charlie, stop it!” Liz hissed as he wrinkled her skirt up toward her waist. “I don’t want—oh…” Charlie had taken one of Liz’s nipples in his mouth, and Liz’s back arched as she moaned.

Charlie began to pull Liz’s black lace panties down, then he pried her thighs, which she was rubbing sensually together, apart so that he could put his whole body between them.

He pressed his hand to the mound underneath her skirt, and Liz drew in a shaky breath before he pulled out his fingers, wet with her juices.

Sophie swallowed, her own nipples hardening like stones as she watched. She sat down on her bottom, crossed her legs, and drew a nearby stuffed animal onto her lap.

This would be her soon, she realized. Charlie would be between her thighs, sucking on her nipples, causing her to moan like that. And she couldn’t wait, except she distantly wondered if Josh would even allow it. Last night he had been so possessive, like he owned her, and that he had no intentions on sharing.

But then again, Charlie was acting the same way with Liz. He was possessing her, like an animal might his own mate. He pulled down his zipper and, at Liz’s jarred expression, he thrust his manhood aggressively into her. He grabbed her bared breasts and began to hiss something into Liz’s ear.

Sophie surreptitiously leaned forward, trying to listen to what he was telling Liz. Whatever he was saying was obviously something that Liz wanted to hear; she was opening up her body to him wantonly.

She caught the words, “Don’t you, you greedy little slut?” but just as quickly, Sophie dismissed them. She couldn’t believe Charlie—a caring daddy dom—could ever say something like that, and it seemed even more ludicrous that Liz would let it be said to her, or even relish it!

Sophie was certain that nothing could have distracted her from watching as their fucking—because that’s what it was; heavy, unadulterated fucking—reached a climax.

A diamond ring on Liz’s finger did it. The damn thing sparkled, leaving rainbow colors to speckle the walls. In fact; it wasn’t just a diamond ring. It was an iceberg attached to a platinum band.

Worry puddled in Sophie’s stomach for a moment. Liz and Charlie were engaged now, apparently, and she was beginning to think that it would mean that they would stop wanting a relationship with her.

She remembered Josh then, saying that it would never happen, and she also reminded herself that they were still putting her through a bad-baby weekend even though the engagement had already happened.

Sophie realized she would have to sit and wait to see how she was treated from today going forward. Would Charlie only see Liz sexually now? Would he continue to share her with Josh?

She chewed on the ears of the stuffed teddy bear on her lap as she watched Charlie move his hips with hard, certain strokes until Liz was screaming with ecstasy. Not long after, he gasped and his body jerked before falling limply on top of Liz.

In a few seconds, he propped himself back up on his elbow. “Relieved a little?” he asked Liz, grinning down at her. “Think you can restrain yourself from the baby girl for another twenty-four hours?” He kissed her red lips adoringly.

Liz’s face was completely pink, even as she nodded. She looked over and softened; maybe because Sophie was eating her bear like a nervous puppy. She sat up on the bed, pulling her skirt down. “Sorry, honey,” she told her, standing up on wobbling knees. “Daddy’s right. Bad girls don’t get a release until they’re done being punished.” She popped her breasts back into her bra, which had long been yanked down, and then she began to button up the front of her blouse.

Sophie wondered what would happen once she was a ‘good girl’ again.

“And don’t be in a rush to stop baby-time, either. Enjoy it,” Charlie added with a warning in his tone, pulling himself up and zipping up his pants. “It ends with the spanking of your life.”

Chapter Sixteen

“You know that color makes you look gay.” At first, Sophie thought Charlie was talking to her. He had been talking to her as he fed her applesauce, and his attention still seemed to be on her.

That’s when she saw that Josh had come in wearing his rose-pink scrubs, pulling off his leather jacket. “I’m not concerned about homosexuality flaring up because of the colors I wear,” he told his brother smartly. “I wear this because it makes me look like a nurse. On the whole, nurses get asked a whole lot fewer questions than doctors do. I spend half the day talking about circumcision otherwise, and it’s not my favorite topic.”

He sat down next to Charlie, and Charlie looked at his crowding presence with irritation. “What are we? European? Ever hear of personal space?” Charlie grunted at him.

Josh was looking at Sophie. “I’m waiting for the invite to take over. I never get to play a daddy role,” he reminded, and it sounded as if this was something that Josh had complained about quite often in the past.

“You’re gonna be waiting a long time for that invite,” Charlie replied, giving Sophie another spoonful.

“Charlie,” Liz lectured from the kitchen, “give Josh a turn.”

Charlie scowled at Josh’s taunting look, and then passed him the applesauce and the spoon. “Crybaby,” Charlie huffed under his breath.

Josh grinned, and exchanged a teasing grin with Sophie as Charlie sulked off. “Why does my baby look so tired?” he asked them, frowning with concern. “She looks all dark under the eyes.”

“We put her to bed in the crib. I slept on the nursery bed,” Charlie added before Josh could lecture him. Josh was her main supporter in making sure she had a bed-mate every night, even when he was working. “She apparently had trouble sleeping there. I put her down for a nap already, but she’s pretty fussy still.”

Fussy, Sophie decided, was a word only used when she was acting like the baby they were treating her like. Although she had to admit to herself she was going to miss this a little bit. She wasn’t looking forward to a spanking and a load of homework, or the week filled with a tight schedule and responsibilities.

She didn’t have any responsibilities when she was a baby. Everything was done and decided for her. There was something amazingly freeing about it, even though it also made her a little emotional and needy, greedy for the attention that she had been basted in all weekend.

However, the reason she hadn’t slept well last night wasn’t the lack of someone to snuggle, nor even Charlie snoring from a few feet away. Instead, it was surely the plug that he’d put in her bottom before putting her to bed the night before. The words ‘anal training’ came to mind; the plug was only a sliver larger than the one she’d had earlier that same day, but she still felt full, stretched, and uncomfortable.

“When does big-girl Sophie return then?” Josh asked, spooning some applesauce and coaxing her to open her mouth. This was embarrassing, but it was better than the formula they’d had her suck down the night before.

“After lunch,” Charlie said, nodding toward the food set in front of Sophie while she sat in her oversized highchair. “Then I’ll take her on a little drive and a little walk. She’ll come back with a little more appreciation for orders and rules.”

That sounded worrisome, indeed! She wasn’t going to get punished at home? Then where?

Josh suddenly stroked her cheek with his thumb and then jiggled the spoon. Something about his expression begged her not to worry; his kind smile always did a lot to ease her troubles. He made a ridiculous airplane sound and she hesitantly opened her mouth for some more, although she suddenly wasn’t at all hungry for it.

Josh leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Charlie’s not going to go too far,” Josh reminded her. “You know he won’t. Afterward it’ll be over and you can start fresh, okay?” She knew he was talking to her like a frightened child, and undoubtedly that was how she looked.

She was surprised to discover that Josh was just as much into age-play as Charlie and Liz were; in fact, the night before, after he woke up from sleeping most of the day away, he came up and changed her diaper. He promised her that if she was a good baby in the future, then these games would be even “funner” for her. Being treated like a baby, in other words, normally didn’t have to be part of a bad-baby weekend. There were good-baby weekends, as well.

Such things were an exciting concept.

But right now, Daddy was sitting at the table, finishing his own food, and surely about to teach her a lesson she’d never forget as soon as he was done.

She was miserable and distracted by the idea of more spanking, since she certainly thought yesterday’s belting (and the paddling from the day before) was as much as her still-tender bottom could handle. Especially now that her diaper had rubbed her skin raw. Apparently her expression looked sickly, because Josh put his hand across her forehead, then replaced it with his wrist for a better assessment.

“I’m putting you to bed early tonight,” he informed her. “That’s not a punishment, that’s just what’s going to happen. I don’t let my babies get sick.”

She smiled crookedly at him, mostly because she thought it was sweet that he was such a worry-wart about her health. She was certain that he spent more time trying to prevent any sickness than he would caring for her if she’d actually gotten a cold or a flu.

“She done?” Charlie asked, suddenly standing behind Josh, who had scraped the last of her lunch out of her apple sauce cup with his spoon.

Josh looked up. “Yeah. Her immune system has to be teetering, so make sure she doesn’t get poison ivy during your little outing.”

“I’m glad you said something,” Charlie said, his voice full of sarcasm, “because I was just going to have her roll around in it.”

Josh gave Charlie his best ‘Don’t be a smart-ass’ glare before he stood up and walked to the fridge, giving Charlie full access to her. Charlie took the tabletop off the highchair and then began to put socks and sneakers on her. After her nap, he had dressed her in coveralls, which were true to their name. They even hid her puffy, bulky diaper.

After Charlie put shoes on her, he unbelted her from the chair and picked her up. Her arms slung habitually around his neck and he carried her out to the car, where he put her in the backseat and buckled her up, then pulled a pacifier out of his pocket and put it into her mouth. “I know it’s not easy not to talk and ask questions. You’ve been a very, very good girl this weekend. I’m proud of you,” he told her patiently.

If he hadn’t said that, they wouldn’t have made it out of the driveway without her launching a million questions at him. As it was, she stayed quiet and sucked on her pacifier as he drove her away, and in fifteen minutes they were in what she could call the wilderness. There was nothing but trees and a field out there, with no houses or people around at all.

She hadn’t even been aware there were places like this in Massachusetts. It was a far cry from what she’d been used to in Boston.

When Charlie came to her side of the car and unbuckled her, he surprised her by also unbuckling the straps of her coveralls. He tugged off her pants, then picked her up and put her down on the ground in front of the car. He plucked out her pacifier, put it on the seat, and then unlatched the Velcro closing of her diaper.

She blushed as he removed it, leaving her in late spring air, which was cool and nipping at her skin, naked from the waist-down except for her socks and sneakers.

“All right, sweetie. Your bad-baby weekend is over,” he announced, then closed the door of the SUV and pulled her along behind him toward the tree line.

She dug in her heels. “Daddy!” she whined, now that she was apparently free to talk. “I’m not wearing pants!”

“That fact has not escaped me,” was his uncaring response, his firm hold on her wrist only tightening when she tried to slow him down.

“Daddy!” she whined again. “What are we—!”

“I’m teaching you how to search for your own switch,” he replied tersely. “And you don’t get to wear any pants when you’re doing it! I want you to know exactly what you’ve set yourself up for.”

The skin on her bottom was already tingling with anticipation. She had never been switched before, but she’d been threatened with it as something she wanted to avoid at all costs. Supposedly, Charlie and Josh had been switched a lot as boys and they had a deep appreciation for the discomfort it caused.

“You see this?” He picked up a stick and showed it to her. “You’re going to want it pliable, moist, fresh, and thicker than this. You do not want it breaking when I’m spanking you, because if I have to go out and choose one for you, you will not like my choice. Bring me two.” He put a pocketknife into her hands. “You have five minutes to meet me at the car.”

She stood staring at him as he turned and marched back toward the car, leaving her standing by a bunch of trees, half-naked and alone.

She didn’t need five minutes to find two switches like he’d described; in fact, time seemed to be ticking slowly by. She prayed that there weren’t any hikers out here; people to come see her shame of running around in a long-sleeved t-shirt with belt welts still covering her bottom. It was obvious that she was in the middle of a punishment. Even her shoulders were rigid and tight from the humiliation and her anxiousness.

Daddy had opened the hatchback of his car and was sitting on the floor of his trunk. He watched her approach with a very stern expression, even though her eyes implored forgiveness. “I won’t do anything like what I did ever again. I promise,” she panted, and not because of the small hike she had to go on to find the proper sticks, but because she was suddenly short of breath in general. It didn’t seem like the world held enough air.

He put out his hand to silently demand the sticks from her. She slowly and hesitantly handed them to him, chewing her bottom lip. He began to strip the bark from them. “I know you won’t do that ever again, Sophia,” he said in a very firm, ominous way. “But you know what could have happened? What would have occurred if you were in a car accident with your friends in the car? You know why you don’t have a driver’s license yet? It’s because you’re not practiced enough to drive on your own.”

She pulled the front of her t-shirt in front of her bald mound as much as she could as she stood there, getting lectured and watching him prepare his tools for her punishment. “I know,” she replied apologetically.

When she was about to look at her own shoes, she got caught up by what she saw when he stood up. His bulge couldn’t be more obvious. Charlie Hobbes was about to punish her soundly, and he was aroused.

“Are you a sadist?” she suddenly asked, unable to keep the accusation out of her tone.

He looked up for a second before continuing to strip the bark off the switch. “No,” he told her. “Or at least not very. I don’t enjoy causing you pain, but I do enjoy seeing you punished, contrite, and walking around embarrassed because you’re not wearing any pants, because I ordered you to. I like the control, Sophie. I get off on that; but that’s not something that’s going to make me punish you for longer than you deserve. That, and I’m not the one who put Josh’s keys into your pocket. You’ve got your own demons to wrestle with. Besides, I don’t mix sex and real punishment. You know that.”

He pointed to the car. “Bend over, put your hands flat.”

She took a tentative step forward, and then eventually pressed her palms against the soft lining of the floor of the trunk compartment of the SUV.

“Bottom out,” Charlie ordered, and she bent down slowly, already wincing from the pain she expected to come.

Charlie didn’t waste any time. She heard the first switch whistle through the air before it landed. She felt like something had cut into her.

She shrieked, stood, and put her hands protectively behind her, feeling around for a cut that wasn’t there. The slice had been liquid fire!

“Back into position,” Charlie demanded.

She shook her head, her heart thudding in her chest. “No. Please, Daddy—don’t do this!”

Charlie sighed, grabbed her upper arm, and then put his knee up on the edge of the bumper. He then flung her over that knee, hoisting her up far too high for her to even come within a foot of the ground. “You’re going to get a lot more than I would have given if you’d learned how to stay still, young lady!”

“No!” she screeched. “No, Daddy! Please!”

It was no use. Out here, there was nobody to cry to, nobody to come to her aid, whether it created drama or not. There was no sympathy to be found, nothing to be done for her. She was completely at Daddy’s mercy.

She found she feared the sound of the pain coming on nearly as much as the pain itself. The stroke would only sting like lightning fire for a moment before it ebbed into an itch that couldn’t be scratched, but the sound itself was ominous, and would cause her to gasp too early; it made her sick.

There was never any hope of fighting Charlie off; he was the size of a bear. He kept her firmly planted with a hand on her back as he brought the switch rhythmically down on her.

She was beginning to understand why Davy Crockett, Samuel Houston, and God knows how many others ran away from home to avoid a switching from their fathers. There was nothing worse.

Eventually she folded over his knee like a damp towel, too in pain and too exhausted to even kick anymore. Kicking only made him miss his aim; now there were switch welts almost all the way down to her thighs. Those welts would not be fun at all to sit on during class.

Her sobs were breathy and exhausted, and Charlie finally tossed aside the second switch, because the first one broke in half during one of her more desperate kicks. Then he ran his hand over her bottom and thighs. “I don’t want to have to do that again,” she heard him say. His own throat sounded a little dry.

He lowered her back down until her feet found the ground again, and Charlie wrapped his big arms around her, kissing the top of her head as her chest continued to heave with sobs.

“It’s done now,” he cooed at her. “It’s over, baby.”

She nodded, folding her arms around him. She was so relieved that it was all over. She didn’t know what to say, or how to snap back into being his good little schoolgirl like she normally was. She just buried her face against his chest and listened to his heartbeat as he stroked her.

Amid the burning and itching all across her bottoms and thighs, however, she was overcome with a desperate urge. She had been needing some sexual stimulation all day, and somehow it was finally beginning to reach a climax as she stood out there, her bottom striped by a fully clothed man as she stood outdoors in only a shirt, socks, and some pink Converse sneakers.

He gestured her toward the front seat and helped clean off her face with a moist nap. “There,” he told her, “as beautiful as always.”

She rubbed her thighs together, a little nervous about what she was about to say.

“What is it, baby girl?” he asked her with concern.

She shrugged as if she didn’t know, but then said, “Daddy?”

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“You never mix discipline and sex?” she asked, her cheeks flushing.

“No,” he told her softly, as if he was reassuring her. That’s not what she wanted, however. She didn’t want to be reinsured that he wouldn’t.

She raised her eyes to meet his. “Can you make an exception today?”

He looked nervous for a second, but in the next moment he grinned a little mischievously. “Maybe just this one time.” He brought his lips down to hers and she delighted in his mouth, his taste, and the way his hand traced down the side of her waist until he gripped her striped skin. She gasped, and he guessed, “Tender?”

She didn’t answer, she merely continued her exploration of Charlie’s mouth until his hands wandered in between her thighs. He then seemed very distracted. “Oh, baby… you’re so wet.”

He pulled her around to the front of the car and then lifted her to set her on the hood, looking very urgent. He pulled up her shirt until her breasts were also exposed to the cool air around them, and he sucked one of her pink nipples into his mouth and groaned, opening her thighs and wedging his body in between them.

Slowly, his mouth lowered to her bald pussy and his tongue wasted no time pressing into her depths. He administrated to her there until she was literally gasping. “Daddy… Daddy, no!” she said, knowing she was on the verge of cumming. She pulled at the shirt on his shoulders, urging him up. “Daddy, I want you in me,” she whimpered.

He looked up at her like she just said the hottest thing imaginable. He had frozen still, but soon he brought her pussy down to the edge of the car hood. “Are you sure you can take Daddy’s cock, little one?” he asked, his sexy confidence back.

She blushed, recalling that he was always one for dirty talk. “I think so, Daddy. Please—fill me.”

“I guess there’s only one way to find out…” he drawled sensuously. He pulled his cock out of his pants and then she soon felt his warm, smooth cockhead pressing up and down her folds, getting lubricated with her own juices. “You hurting, baby? Need to cum really bad?”

She nodded, flushed with excitement. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she panted. “Please.

He gave a false frown. “Young lady, such language,” he admonished, but then he began to push his length into her. “But I know you’re in pain. Daddy knows just…” he gave another shove, gaining entrance another inch through her tight pussy, “what…” another hard thrust… “to…” another… she gasped… “do.”

In another thrust, he was all the way inside of her, all ten thick inches of him. He stayed still, letting her clamping cunny get used to his girth and length. She felt burning from being filled to that extent, as she had with Josh, but eventually the pain ebbed and her clit throbbed more than ever.

She was fully conscious of what was going on: she’d wanted him inside of her since the day she’d first started to call him Daddy. There was a shameful lust that overwhelmed her where Charlie was concerned; she got off on how he dominated her, but made her feel safe, loved, cared for, and feminine. “More,” she begged.

He gave her an amused expression, as if she just asked for a goose that laid golden eggs. He grabbed her hips with his large hands, pinning her to the hood of the car before he slowly pulled out of her, then thrust all the way back in, so hard it made her teeth clatter together. “Oh, I’m gonna give you more, angel. I haven’t even gotten started,” he promised.

He continued his thrusts, wedging his thumb against her hard clit as he did so. His expression seemed very dark and concentrated for a while, and then he groaned as if in agony. “You’re so tight, baby girl. Jesus, it feels like heaven.”

If he’d pulled any part of himself away from her, she was sure she was going to die. She was drunk with lust, needed release, and could only writhe against him. Like Josh, he wasn’t a gentle lover, but the similarities ceased there. Everything about this felt different, the way he filled her, the way he thrust, the way he drove her crazy with his touch and fingers, even the way he looked at her.

“Tell Daddy what his baby girl wants,” his gravelly voice said in her ear.

“Make me cum,” she whimpered.

“You wanna come on Daddy’s cock, Sophie?” Charlie prompted, then nipped at her breasts again.

She moaned, her voice nearly coming out like a sob. “Yeah. Please, Daddy… Make me cum…” she gasped, “… on your cock… And you come inside me.”

Just the thought of Charlie filling her with his essence was extremely erotic, just like it was with Josh. It was safe, Josh had her on birth control, but somehow she was attracted to the taboo and messy nature of it.

Suddenly Charlie’s hand was in her hair and yanking her head and her eyes toward the sky. He then proceeded to take her with such vigor that she could swear that she was seeing stars. She was building up to her orgasm like a rocket. She reached forward, grabbing at Charlie’s shirt and pulling it toward her as she felt like she was losing complete control, and screamed.

Charlie gritted his teeth together as Sophie came extremely hard, her tiny muscles contracting over and over, making his every movement more and more difficult. He continued on, his pleasure turning to agony with the need to cum in her.

He’d wanted this for months, and there was nothing sexier than this girl sprawled out on the hood of his car, looking like some young pagan goddess with barely any cloth covering her. The shirt she was wearing was bunched up into a skinny wreath of cloth around her upper chest.

Her eyes were glassy and hazy with relief; she looked happy and exhausted. He, on the other hand, probably looked like hell. This feeling was incredible, encompassing, and for some reason his heart was beating off the charts.

He gripped her thighs harder and thrust into her constricted little pussy that was hugging every meter of him. He winced as he felt his seed come rushing to the head of his cock; the pressure was incredible. He cried out gibberish as he released inside her warm, youthful, little body.

He didn’t let himself collapse on top of her like he’d often done for Liz, since Sophie was so deliciously petite. He kissed her mouth and they rubbed noses affectionately, Sophie seeming happy to fall right back into the baby girl role. “I love you, baby girl,” he told her, and he meant it. Even though she had the ability to make him extremely angry and worried, he couldn’t adore her more.

In a strange way, he fingered her as the reason why Liz, after a lifetime of saying ‘no’ to his proposals, had finally said ‘yes’ two nights ago. Liz and he enjoyed sharing Sophie as their ‘little’ almost too much. It was scary how much affection they had for her, and Liz actually seemed much more settled and happy now that Sophie joined the family.

When he’d informed Josh yesterday morning that he was going to be marrying Liz, even Josh was happy about it. That afternoon, when it had come up again when they were foraging in the downstairs kitchen, Josh’s response was to lean against the doorframe and say, “Good, because I was sort of getting embarrassed for you getting turned down so much. Besides, that frees me to go and do the same thing with Sophie. I gotta make an honest girl of the little brat, even if she ends up wrecking every car I ever own!” When Charlie, though amused, reminded Josh once again how young Sophie was, Josh shrugged and added that he had time to get rejected for the next fourteen years, too, if need be.

As soon as Charlie put his cock back into his pants and re-zipped and belted himself, Sophie wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and made a happy, sleepy murmur. He put his arms around her and picked her up. “Did I wear you out?” he asked, chuckling.

“Mmm,” she said happily. He brought her to the front seat and then grabbed her pants from the back.

He began to carefully dress her again. “My little doll,” he told her.

“Will Mommy get upset when she finds out that you rewarded me right after punishing me?” she asked curiously, yawning halfway through the sentence.

He smirked. “We all have weakness when it comes to you, honey. She understands that well enough.”

She licked her lips, looking suddenly very thoughtful. “Daddy?”

“Hm?” he said, buttoning the tops of her coveralls.

“I’m still your… baby girl, right? Even though we…” She rolled her wrists around, gesturing at nothing and everything all at once.

“Of course you’re still my baby girl,” he said firmly, taking her chin in his hand to demand her eye contact. “You’re still subject to love, cuddles, and a good spanking when you need one.”

“So… I still have to do my homework, is what you’re telling me,” she said with a smirk.

The mischievous little imp! He turned her knees forward and buckled her in, saying, “Until you graduate… from grad school,” he grinned at her. “Yes.”

“Aw, man!” she groaned wearily, snapping her fingers with disappointment.

“The only thing that changes after this weekend is that since you’re so cute in diapers, we might persuade you to be a baby more often.” He watched with merriment as she flushed pink, but didn’t argue. Instead, she gave a guilty little grin, as if she secretly enjoyed him saying that.

“We’ll still spoil you rotten,” he assured her. “Josh even told me he plans to take you to a professional hockey game this week. Try not to enjoy it more than football.” He tapped her nose and then walked over to the driver’s side.

“I don’t like football at all,” she complained honestly.

He had just started the car, but slammed on the brake after going just a meter. “Girl, do I have to go back there and cut another switch?” he threatened teasingly.

“Don’t even joke,” she giggled. “It’s hard to sit down as it is. That seems to be my life now—spankings, sitting uncomfortably…”

“And a whole lot of love,” he reminded.

She nodded and grinned. “That, too.” She shrugged. “I guess life has improved in that regard.”

“Some would say love is all you need.”

She gave a happy little groan like she had just enjoyed ice cream. “And I believe it!”

He shook his head and chuckled with her. He wasn’t ever going to let her go.

Chapter Seventeen

“So? What do you think?” Josh said, plopping down in the seat next to Sophie and handing her a soda. The seats to this game were amazing, and he was pleased to see that Sophie was very intent on the game.

“Look at ‘em skate!” she hooted as they rushed by the wall at neck-snapping speeds. “They’re way faster than your team. Way more graceful, too.”

He frowned, a pucker developing over his eyebrows. “Well, they’re sort of… professionals. And we’re just…” he began to defend, then cleared his throat as he tried to find a better word than “amateurs.”

“I know! Like, it’s already twenty minutes in the game and nobody’s scored yet! Their defense is way better than the level you play at!” she replied excitedly, her eyes scooting back and forth with the players. “And a lot of these guys are even younger than you.”

“Yeah,” he conceded in defeat, then sat back in his chair. “Well, let’s just say medical school got in the way of my hockey career.”

“Did you even have a chance to play for the NHL?” she asked, looking at him.

He played with the arm of his seat for a second and then decided to change the subject. “So, Charlie and Liz… Last weekend… Well, there’s something I have to—”

Suddenly a man’s bloody face was pushed violently into the wall in front of him. They jumped back out of reflex, Josh’s hand bracing the front of her. The hit ended up in a fight, and Josh watched with Sophie as the game continued. “Okay,” he began again, shifting to the side. “So, bunny, I have to talk to you about the future a little bit.”

“Liz and Charlie are getting married, aren’t they?” she asked, looking distracted for a moment before her big blue eyes focused on him.

He was shocked by her bluntness, and for the fact that she’d known. Charlie and Liz had told him that they hadn’t told her yet, and seemed grateful to Josh for offering to do it for them. “Yes,” he finally said cautiously, looking her up and down for signs of a tantrum.

She shrugged. “Good. Charlie’s been in a better mood all week, and I don’t think his happy mood was brought on by him taking a switch to my ass. You’ve said so yourself—he’s always wanted Liz. And I think deep down, Liz always wanted him back. I think she was just worried about losing a part of herself.”

His mouth dropped open for a second, and then they had to wait as they watched another fight break out before he was able to say, “You’re taking this very well—and that’s very observant and mature of you to conceive.”

She nodded and agreed. “I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Phil.”

“Dr. Phil,” he repeated dryly, trying to keep from rolling his eyes, “a shining beacon of knowledge.” He grinned when she smirked at him and raised an eyebrow at his sarcastic manner, and then he added simply, “Nothing will change.”

“Well, sure it will,” she replied with a firm shake of her head. “The only thing you can count on in life is that things change. But,” she put up a finger as he opened his mouth to argue, to assure her that Charlie and Liz didn’t want to change their dynamic with them, that their marriage would be open, “things don’t have to change for the worse all the time. I think it will tie them closer together, the marriage stuff. Or else Charlie wouldn’t want it—hell, he acts like he’s married to her already. Though I can’t fathom the depths of Charlie just yet, but I imagine that he’s expecting change.”

The depths of Charlie.” It was worth repeating. He stole her soda and sniffed it to make sure the concessions booth hadn’t accidentally put beer into it, and then he stole a sip. “No more Dr. Phil for you, bunny,” he teased. When she glared at him, he took her hand and affectionately kissed her knuckles, and then when that proved unsatisfying, he pulled her close and kissed her.

He only stopped when a horrible thought came to mind. “You’re not expecting change, are you?” he asked her suspiciously.

She opened her palm as if she was about to palaver again about the philosophies of change and time, and he clarified, “When it comes to your life and how we fit in it.”

She shook her head, then grinned. “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think you really fathom how much I like you, Josh.”

He felt a surge of frustration, wondering how she could stop with ‘like’ with him. He loved her so much he wanted to strap her to his back and take her everywhere with him. “I don’t think you really fathom that I love you, Sophie.”

A worried little wrinkle appeared above her eyebrow. “I know you love me,” she assured. “I love you, too.” It was now time for her to divert her eyes, but not to change the subject. She played with an invisible string at the edge of her t-shirt. “My relationship with you, though, is way different from Charlie and Liz… gosh, there’s hardly a category they fit into. They’re like family that I’m having sex with. Sounds very taboo and wrong, but there’s no other way to describe it. With you, though… you’re more than family.”

He was fighting not to grin like a cat that got in the cream. Every time he looked around, there was a guy looking lecherously at her. Everyone wanted her; but she was Josh’s. “God, I was hoping you’d say that.” He reached into his jacket, grabbed a box, and put it on her knee. “There.”

She blinked and then frowned unhappily at it. “Is this a proposal?”

Suddenly, he was feeling unsure of himself. He shifted nervously in his seat. “Sorta.”

She threw the box firmly back onto his lap. “You’re not proposing to me when there’s blood smeared all across the glass in front of us. Not at a hockey game at all, and not with that blasé attitude. I want fancy romance! I want a bent knee. I don’t want you in your old hockey letterman shirt like you think you’re the Fonz.”

He stared at her, incredulously, and then shame slowly began to saturate until he was turning pink. “All right, all right, so if I did all that pansy-ass bullshit you just described, you would have said yes?”

“I don’t know,” she said elusively, cocking her head saucily. “Especially when you make fun of chivalry—makes me ponder what my answer would be. Luckily,” she added, “you have time to figure it out.” She turned her head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Josh manhandled her out of her seat until she was crowded into his own seat with him, sitting on his lap. He took a deep inhalation of her strawberry-scented hair and said, “I was so excited when Liz brought you home this winter. I felt like a puppy about to piddle on the rug.”

“Again—romance,” she chided, but she seemed very content on his lap, not fidgeting at all, and in fact leaning up against him.

“We want you to be our baby girl forever,” he told her. “But one day—and I’ll brush up on romance to make sure that this is done properly—you’re going to be my woman, too.”

“So being your baby isn’t enough?” she asked, her voice teasing.

“Being our baby is but the tip of the iceberg, bunny,” he assured, then bopped her on the nose lightly with the pad of his index finger.

She straightened, smiled seductively at him, and then grabbed her drink. “Good,” she said simply, putting the straw into her mouth. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.” She began to grind on the bulge she’d found with her thigh, and he stifled a groan. “Josh?”

He swallowed. “Yeah?”

“I feel some naughtiness coming on,” she warned, and bit her lip encouragingly.

He smirked and leaned back. “And I’m just the person to help you with that.”

She leaned close to him and pinched his earlobe lightly between her teeth, tugged at it playfully, then asked, “You gonna spank me or fuck me?” Her husky words sent an excited chill through him. After more girlfriends than he could count, suddenly he was about to abandon a hockey game for the first time in his life just to take one out to the car.

He got up and, in a business-like fashion, tilted the girl over his shoulder. “Both,” he told her over the noise of the rink. “Always both.”

The End

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