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Being Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson – Serialization (Part Three)

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Chapter Nine

Damn Josh had turned his phone off, making Charlie swear a blue streak more than once that day. Commentating the game that afternoon had been a nightmare; for once, he hadn’t been in the mood for football. Charlie knew he’d blown something big with Sophie, and he couldn’t even figure out when he could make things right again.

He walked into the house and listened to the silence. He looked around, and then found only Liz inside. She was sitting in the office reading something from a computer screen. She turned when he stepped in.

“So?” he asked her.

She crossed her legs knowingly. “I pretty much want to kill Josh, too. I have no idea what he’s doing in the pool house, but they’re still in there.”

“Fuck,” Charlie hissed, tugging at his tie. “He can’t hold her hostage away from us!”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “You know that’s not what he’s doing, right? I’m more upset that he’s not bringing her back to pay the piper. Misbehavior needs to be handled consistently and immediately, and if running away at all hours in a snowstorm isn’t disobedience, I don’t know what is!”

“My, my,” Josh’s voice was in the kitchen suddenly, “I thought my ears were burning!”

Charlie pursed his lips, left the office, and stomped into the kitchen with Liz on his heels. “What were you doing with her?” Charlie demanded, pointing at him accusingly.

Josh, wearing pajama pants and a short-sleeved t-shirt, crossed his arms. “What, are we kissing and telling now?”

Charlie took a threatening step forward, and Josh didn’t even take a step back, nor did he flinch. He merely asked, “And what’s with the aggression? You’re the one who fucked up, and so are you.” He pointed to Liz as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a cup of pudding. “I’m merely the one who found her trying to walk all the way to nearest bus route. She was actually planning on going back to Southie, if you can imagine.”

“Hey, I know I fucked up,” Charlie snapped, “but she just can’t go running away every time she gets upset with one of us.”

“And how did I fuck up?” Liz cut in, putting her hands on her hips.

“I don’t know why she worships the ground you walk on, Liz. She’s been here two weeks and you can barely cut away from work enough to even sit down with her. You’re not exactly waxing eloquent on your love for her or anything. God forbid you do that—might make her feel secure or something.” He pulled the lid free from his pudding cup and threw it away before continuing, “And Charlie—Jesus Christ! She told you that she couldn’t sleep alone without a television on and that it was important to her to sleep with you, and you were basically telling her to toughen up.”

Charlie’s mouth widened for a second, and then he shut it, too stubborn to comply. He had been sleeping by himself—or with Liz at the very most—for thirty-two years and hadn’t had any trouble. “Well, she should toughen up!”

“She’s plenty tough, fuck head. That’s her problem!” Josh suddenly roared, waving his pudding around. “You know she didn’t even have a bed in her old place? She slept on the couch in the middle of a two-bedroom apartment packed with seven people—surely against fire code—with chaos and television ensuing around her twenty-four/seven. Sleeping in a nice comfortable quiet bed with you turning on the television block after ten is a little bit of a change for her. Why would you even do that to her?”

Charlie snorted and shoved his hands in his pocket. “I didn’t mean to be a dick, Josh!” he said defensively. “I thought learning to sleep through the night was a nice lesson to teach her!”

“Well, you’re a shitty-ass teacher. Nice communication with your little.” Sarcasm was dripping from Josh’s lips. Charlie looked over at Liz, hoping for some support, but she looked very distant. “Now you two have got to get with the program. I’m not going to let either of you fuck this up for me.”

Charlie squinted, wondering for a moment if he was hearing things. “For you?”

“Oh, yeah.” Josh stabbed his pudding with a spoon. “My world has officially been rocked. That’s it—no more ho’s. No more puck-bunnies. No more slutty nurses, techs, or interns. No more drunk chicks. I’m through. I’m just a two-woman man, now. Sophie’s shown me the way.”

Elizabeth was now ready to exchange an incredulous expression with Charlie. Her eyebrows were practically drawn up to her hairline. “Josh… are you ill or something?” she asked, stepping toward Josh.

He took another spoonful of chocolate before answering casually. “Nope. My head’s just not up my ass for once and I can see a good thing when it’s licking my dick like an ice-cream cone on the Fourth of July.”

Charlie wasn’t exactly sure what really happened when he saw a bright flash of red across his eyesight for the next couple of moments, but the next thing he knew he was trying to strangle his little brother on the floor, calling him a ‘sick, miserable fuck.’ All Josh had to do was get a good punch to his bad shoulder to get him to let go.

Josh gasped for air, clutching his throat, and glared over to where Charlie was holding his punched shoulder, which was screaming with pain like it hadn’t done in years.

When Josh was able to spit out words again, he coughed, “God, Charlie—I didn’t force her or anything! She’s young and sexually curious, as you know, because you got quite far with her last night before you blew it—literally and figuratively.”

“Christ, you two!” Liz hissed, marching between them and putting on her best lecturing stance. “You’re like dogs fighting over a bone, and it’s going to stop right now. Josh—where’s Sophia?”

“Soph’s sleeping. I couldn’t make myself wake her up; she’s exhausted. As soon as I got her home, I just gave her a warm bath and put her down,” Josh answered, and Charlie was colored surprised. Josh normally didn’t take caregiver roles—he was usually just interested in the sexual parts of age-play and nothing else. He’d been more into the role-play than the lifestyle.

“Wait,” Charlie said then, picking himself up from the floor. “Then when did the blow job come in?”

Josh eyed him wearily as he also climbed up from the floor. “I think it’s best to spare you the details,” he told him. “She’s fine, that’s all you need to know. She was all smiles when she went to sleep, I promise.”

“Why didn’t you bring her back here?” Charlie demanded, unable to keep from sounding hurt.

“Because she’s sensitive, she doubts herself and her worth, she doubts that we love her or even like her. I didn’t want her to come in here, get lectured on banging out the back door at all hours of the morning, and then get another spanking right before Liz spent the whole day in her office, you went to work, and I went to sleep. See what I mean?” He sighed wearily and hoisted himself up onto the countertop with a fluid movement. “Look, we’re doing a different thing here. This isn’t about choosing a lifestyle for her—we need to help her grow into confidence enough that she can choose it for herself. And I don’t want her to feel that, for self-preservation, she has to grow away from us. We gotta knuckle down.”

Liz smiled warmly at Josh and squeezed his upper arm. “I’m sorry I sort of brought her in here without any plan,” she admitted. “I should have been here more, paying attention.”

Charlie sighed as he continued to massage his shoulder. “Well, I like to think between the three of us, we can get her in the right state of mind and erase some of the past damage she’s been through.” He glanced at Josh, who looked like he was a soldier about to charge into battle. “Okay, Captain America—what’s the game plan?” he smirked.

Josh smirked back, then pointed Liz toward the fridge. “Liz, get this asshole some ice so he can go snuggle up to the little girl back there before she wakes up alone. I think things are going a little fast for her sexually, and she seems anxious to please us all, so let’s not take advantage of her. I gave her the birth-control shot, but I don’t plan to go that far with her for quite a few months. Not even if she begs us—I want her to feel like she’s 100% part of this family before we do that.”

Charlie nodded. “What about your new born-again announcement that you’re a two-woman man?” he challenged playfully as Liz brought him a bag of ice from the freezer and pressed it under his business jacket and onto his shoulder. He chewed down a curse at the pressure and the cold.

“Hey, I mean it, too. No more Bachelor Josh. I’m committing. Besides,” he added casually, “I said no sex, not that we’d treat her like a nun. And,” he added, holding up a finger. “I want her to get out of that stupid job and working on her studying full-time. I know stupid teenagers, and she’s not one of them. I don’t know how far she’ll want her education to go—but I’m willing to pay the bills for it as long as she goes to college nearby.”

Liz’s mouth dropped open. “You’d foot the bill?”

Josh crossed his arms across his chest with confidence. “Yeah, me. Why are you saying it like that?”

“The only thing you spend money on is booze, babes, and beaches,” Liz reminded him flatly.

“And hockey,” Charlie added quickly.

“Well, since I’m now in a nearly monogamous relationship with an eighteen-year-old, I’m going to say I don’t have to worry about the booze or the babes. The beaches won’t be a problem—I have a conference in a couple months in Daytona and then one in Maui. Besides, babe, I’m done with my residency, you know. I have over a hundred thou just sitting in my bank with nothing better to do. If you or Charlie pays for her, someone might find out and ask questions about your relationship with her and you have reputations you have to keep squeaky clean. Anybody asks, say that you’re with Charlie, and she’s with me. I’m a young doctor, for God’s sake; people expect me to rob the cradle a little and buy things for a sexy little thing on my arm. If she calls me Uncle Josh in public, nobody would even bat an eye, I guarantee it.”

Liz pursed her lips and lifted her eyebrows. “That could work,” she admitted, then looked at Charlie and added, “We can bring a little into public once we have a way to introduce her! If she’s in a relationship with your brother, then people will assume she’s not in one with us, even though she’ll be with all three.”

Charlie thought about it. Normally he had the main relationship in this circle—Liz or Josh might move in and do a scene or two or even enjoy a night or even a week with one of his baby girls, but they’d never liked a girl this much, and certainly never in an equal amount. He would actually have to share his little this time.

He grunted his approval anyway. “I’m gonna go see Sophie,” he told them, walking out of the room with a grimace.

“Hey, do you want me to look at that shoulder, old man?” Josh joked.

“It’s a shoulder, not a vagina,” he replied without turning back. “And I wouldn’t want you to even if you were a real doctor.”

Josh’s tone sounded less than amused. Snarkily, he replied, “Real nice, bro. Love you, too.”

It was twenty degrees outside, and even though the entrance of the pool house was only about thirty paces, it was grueling. It felt like a physical barrier between him and Sophie, and he wasn’t fond of barriers. No—if sleeping with Josh was going to start becoming her habit, then Josh would have to start sleeping in the main house.

He opened the door and quickly found himself frowning. Inside the nearby laundry room, a pile of dirty clothes—with Sophie’s panties on top of them all—was in plain sight. His first thought, Charlie was ashamed to admit to himself, wasn’t that Josh took advantage of her: it was that the only person who should be taking off his little girl’s panties was him.

Charlie chided himself inwardly. He and his little brother had shared girls their entire adult lives and hadn’t thought twice about it. He wasn’t going to start acting territorial with him now.

He walked into the bedroom and stopped at the foot of the bed, watching how the tiny young woman curled up in Josh’s sheets so that only her face and a couple of her blond curls draped across the pillow. Somehow, maybe because of her long, dark eyelashes and cute button nose, she was as adorable to him as a boxful of fluffy and clumsy puppies and kittens. He found himself looking around, as if he wanted to find someone else nearby who he could call over and bring the cuteness to their attention.

Instead, he carefully sat next to her on the bed. He looked down at her for a long moment. No wonder Josh didn’t have the heart to wake her. She wasn’t a peaceful sleeper; she looked like she was sleeping with intensity—in fact, as if she were dreaming about something that needed her undivided attention. But she was so sweet. He couldn’t help himself, and eventually began brushing a couple of loose curls away from her porcelain-like face.

Her eyelashes fluttered, partially opened, and then she rolled up more tightly into the covers. “Mmm,” she grumbled groggily, “what time is it?”

“Nearly six,” Charlie answered.

She frowned. “It’s too early,” she complained.

“Six pm,” he specified.

Her eyes shot open. She looked straight ahead, her body stiffened, and then she sat up so quickly that her untamed curls fell over her face. “Wha—?” she blurted as she flipped her hair back over her forehead to peer at Charlie. “Daddy!” she gasped, her eyes rounding nervously. “I’m really, really sorry. I promise I—”

Charlie couldn’t be more pleased that her first reaction was to call him ‘Daddy’ instead of Charlie. He had worried that the progress he’d made since she came there had been lost already because of what had happened between them during the night. “Sophie, you’re not in trouble,” he clarified, trying not to chuckle.

She blinked. “You mean… you’re not mad? Josh said you and Mommy’d be pissed.”

“First, little girls don’t say words like ‘pissed,’” he informed her firmly. “Second, we were worried for you. We didn’t know where you were; I was checking snow banks for you all morning until Liz called and told me Josh had you. But I’m the one who’s sorry. I tried to get you to open up and tell me what your needs were, and then I dismissed them when you did.”

He combed her hair back tenderly with his fingers. “I’d never mean to hurt you like that, Sophie. I meant to come and talk it out with you before you went upstairs, but I’d already said the wrong thing by then… done the wrong thing. Daddies make mistakes, too, you know. So, I’ll take it slower with you and really try to be more attentive to your needs. If you want, we can even put the age-play in the back drawer. We can date like normal people do. And if you want to try age-play later on with me, or Liz, or Josh, then we’ll do that. On your terms, so—”

She was blinking at him, looking very intent on his words, yet she began to raise an eyebrow wearily at him until she cut him off. “Daddy,” she said firmly. “I like age-play.” She straightened her shoulders. “I think… It’s actually way hotter than I thought it’d be, and I’m getting the hang of it still, but I’ve read that book Liz got me front to back about a million times. If I don’t like it, I don’t know why I’d read it so much. I mean,” she added as he was opening his mouth to reply, “when you drove me home yesterday, I was hoping you’d do daddy stuff, like make a snack and watch a movie with me and read to me until I fell asleep… and I was really happy when you did.

“And then, I was even happy when I was watching the third or fourth—I think they’re all the same, really—Friday the 13th. I was hoping you’d wake up and take me to bed. I was just hoping it would be your bed, or that you’d stay in mine with me…” Her shoulders slouched as she added sadly, “I get lonely, and I was having nightmares, and you make me feel… safe. Not that Liz wouldn’t do a good job, but she’s a girl, and it’s different when it comes to nightmares and stuff. Anyway… That’s why I wanted you. I wanted more daddy, not less, and not just during the day, I guess.”

Charlie didn’t know what to say for a moment. He had a momentary flash of shame for not acting much like a daddy earlier. She needed someone to care for her, and best of all, she wanted it, too. For most of two weeks, he probably was acting grouchy enough only to remind her of the environment she’d just come from.

He patted his lap. “Come here, baby girl,” he invited. She skootched promptly toward him, hampered slightly by the extremely large shirt she had been sleeping in. He helped her settle on his lap and then he put his arms around her. “Thank you for giving me another chance, sweetie,” he told her. “I’m going to be the daddy you need, okay?”

She nodded and wrapped her arms around him.

“If you run away and worry me like that again, though, you’re going to get tanned raw,” he added after a moment of holding and rocking her back and forth on his lap.

She gave a single wry chuckle. “I know,” she admitted. “I won’t do that again.”

He put his nose in her curls and drew in a deep breath. A deep calm washed over him. It was a new day, and he was a daddy who had his baby girl.

Chapter Ten

Six Months Later…

Liz watched as Sophie, dressed in a short skirt and a plaid cardigan, poke at her Froot Loops with a sneer on her pink, pouting lips. Sophie had been with them over five months now, and she had absolutely blossomed. Before Christmas she had been looking rather sickly, but now that she was eating—and eating something other than smoothies and frosting—she had a beautiful pink hue to her cheeks.

What was never cute was when Sophie was grumbling something hostile under her tongue. Liz was sick of it. “Drop the attitude, missy, right this second,” Liz ordered, pointing a finger sharply in Sophie’s direction.

Sophie slammed her spoon down on the table. “I wasn’t doing anything,” she snapped like a teenager who needed a good paddling. “You’re the one who’s embarrassed over me,” she added grumpily.

Liz rolled her eyes. Sophie was trying to manipulate her—again. It wasn’t as if Liz didn’t constantly do things with her. Maybe in the beginning of their relationship, Liz had dropped the ball on several occasions, but that wasn’t the case anymore.

If anything, Liz felt like she had been stretching herself a little thin. Liz was trying to be everything for everyone nowadays, and she was barely even getting good sleep because of it. As far as Sophie was concerned, Liz had made the time to take her consistently out on lunches and dinners, or stayed in for a movie night with popcorn, and just last weekend she had taken Sophie to a spa for a full weekend. Sophie’s complaint rose Liz’s hackles. “This is a big deal for me, and I’m just taking one guest, and that guest is going to be Charlie. That’s final, Sophia.”

“It’s always final,” Sophie snipped. “You never care about my opinion or my feelings.”

“All right, young lady,” Liz said, sharply putting the coffeepot back in its holder. She turned and pointed to the corner on the far side of the room. “Get your ridiculous little butt in the corner, now.

Sophie’s mouth dropped open, aghast. “I’m eating breakfast!” she said, pointing at her cereal as if she’d just been quietly eating it and not throwing a mini-tantrum all morning.

Liz looked at her threateningly. “Do I need to put you in the corner?”

Sophie shrunk down in her seat. “No,” she pouted, obviously not wanting for Liz to come over there and spank her bottom a bright red before she physically led her there.

“Then get moving.”

Sophie groaned, pulled herself out of the breakfast nook, and marched toward the corner, stomping her feet when she had her nose only a foot away from the corner of the room. She had her arms crossed tightly in front of her. The posture was less than pretty, and less than what was required of her.

Liz marched to the corner. “You’re not new here. Hands on your head, Sophia Lynn. You should be walking on eggshells with me right now.”

Sophie turned at the sound of Liz’s approach, wide-eyed, but Liz just spun her back around, lifted Sophie’s skirt, and peppered her with about six or seven loud, crisp spanks that had the girl already pleading for reprieve.

When Liz got Sophie back into place and released her, Sophie rushed to finally put her hands above her head like an obedient girl. Liz, feeling less than satisfied with Sophie’s new behavior, tucked the back of Sophie’s skirt into the waistband, exposing her white cotton panties. Liz then pulled Sophie’s panties down to her thighs, which made the girl’s knees buckle together in response. “Mommy, no!” Sophie pleaded.

Liz straightened and grabbed one of Sophie’s pinked ass cheeks firmly, causing Sophie to gasp. “Does Mommy deserve to deal with whiny little girls all morning?” she asked.

“No,” Sophie gasped, wincing.

“Were you a whiny girl?” Liz scolded.

Sophie nodded hesitantly.

“Yes, Mommy, I was a whiny little girl this morning?” Liz prompted firmly.

Sophie lowered her eyes. “Yes, Mommy, I was a whiny little girl this morning.” Liz saw a tic in Sophie’s jaw, a sign that Sophie was holding back something.

“You know your mommy loves her little girl more than anything in the world?” Liz asked more softly. “Sometimes, I’m going to go on dates with Daddy and leave you home. It doesn’t mean that I love you any less.” Sophie’s shoulders hunched with disagreement. “Do you love me any less when you go places with Daddy and Uncle Josh without me?” she asked.

Sophie shook her head. “No,” she murmured.

“And do you love Uncle Josh or Daddy any less when it’s just you and me?” Liz asked patiently.

Sophie shook her head again.

“Now, Mommy loves to spoil her baby,” she cooed, “but she also loves to spoil Daddy and Uncle Josh. It’s been a long time since I got to see Charlie in a tux. Besides, you’re only eighteen. I didn’t go to my first black-tie event until I was twenty-four.”

Sophie turned, looking completely exasperated. “But twenty-four is forever from now!”

Liz sighed, trying to rally her patience as she reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m just saying you have plenty of time ahead of you to go to things like this. There’s no rush,” she explained.

Sophie, still tensed and angry, couldn’t really be talked to. She’d seen the invitation to the event two weeks before and had been trying to get an invite ever since. She’d begged so much that Liz had nearly caved, until Charlie put his foot down. One of the entertainers at the event was a comedian Charlie considered to be beyond foul, and nothing for his baby girl to listen to, even if having a third friend come wouldn’t be considered odd by Liz’s colleagues.

Liz shook her head, resigned that Sophie was on-edge and wouldn’t probably be right until it was all over.

As Liz was sitting down with her coffee, Charlie came into the room, trying to tie his tie. Liz looked up just to see Sophie cower toward the wall. Liz, after all, gave her plenty of spankings, but Liz wasn’t known as the disciplinarian. Charlie was—he just made up for it by coddling Sophie more than he had any other ‘little girl’ before her.

He hadn’t noticed Sophie in the corner yet, since he was concentrating on what he was doing. “Need help?” Liz asked, putting down her coffee. She stood up, walked over to Charlie, and took both ends of his tie out of his hands.

“Sure,” he grumbled, looking up at the ceiling and putting his hands to his sides. “I’ve only done this ten thousand times in my life.”

“Frustrated about something?” she guessed, easily doing his knot for him and tightening it to his collar. Then she carefully folded the collar over the tie and straightened his jacket.

“I hate this season. You know what I heard? That Jeff Thompson’s only going to be chosen in the third round. He’ll probably go to Cleveland and that’ll be that…”

She sighed, rolled her eyes, and went back to her seat with an exasperated groan of, “Oh, Charlie!”

“I’m just saying that nobody kills a quarterback’s career or spirits better than Cleveland. Do you know how many they’ve gone through in the last three years?” He went to the coffee machine and continued like Liz was participating, and even interested, in the conversation, “Thirteen! That’s obscene! What’s wrong with those people? I don’t even know who to get mad at since they go through GMs, coaches, and advisors like most people go through toilet paper.” By now, Liz was actually quite distracted by the catalogue she was flipping through. “This job isn’t good for my blood pressure.”

He didn’t notice Sophie until he sat down and saw that he was sitting next to a bowl of soggy Froot Loops, and then the corner was the first place he looked. “Sophia Lynn! What in God’s name are you doing in the corner? It’s eight o’clock in the morning!”

She didn’t answer, just leaned into the corner more.

“Sophia needs to realize that it’s not a good idea to try to manipulate me with a bad attitude.” Liz shook her head. “Nobody ever tries to manipulate me with a good one. Nobody ever thinks of doing extra chores, studying harder, or complimenting my shoes. It’s like the walls of this house suck out little girls’ good sense. I’m not saying it would work, but it couldn’t hurt.”

“I wasn’t giving you a bad attitude!” Sophie argued from the corner. “It’s just not fair! It’s not!” She stomped her foot to punctuate ‘not,’ and her panties fell down to her ankles. Looking embarrassed from behind, her toes pigeoned.

“Sophie, come here,” Charlie ordered.

Sophie slowly turned and looked nervously over at Charlie, judging his mood. Obviously hoping it wasn’t too late to avoid a spanking, she walked over, trying to pull her panties up in a less-than-graceful movement.

“Don’t pull those up,” he lectured, pointing at her panties that were back at mid-thigh now. “Only good girls get to wear panties, don’t they?”

Sophie’s eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed. “I am a good girl!” she snapped. “You didn’t even hear my side!”

He sighed, grabbed around her waist, and effortlessly pulled her onto his lap. She pulled her skirt straight, trying to cover the front of herself as if anyone in the room would forget that her panties were around her knees. “I’ve heard your side for the last two weeks, Sophie, honey. If we gave into your tantrums, we would not be a good mommy or daddy, would we?”

It was her cue to say, “No,” of course. Sophie wasn’t stupid, unlike the others from her family. Liz had the misfortune to meet a few of them; Sophie’s stepfather had come into the office looking for her once, and since by then Sophie had quit her job to go a private high school nearby, Liz went to meet him instead. He was a stupid, mean sort of man who obviously thought he could pluck money from Sophie even though he’d kicked her out of his apartment.

Still, Liz didn’t worry about the future welfare of the country until Sophie’s mother came in the very next week, demanding Sophie’s contact information. The woman had raised the bar on stupid; if there were more in the population like her, America on the whole was doomed.

Sophie, on the other hand, had cogs in her brain that obviously still turned. She pressed her hand to her chest, apparently about to play the ‘innocent’ card. “Daddy, you know I didn’t mean to throw any tantrums… I’m so sorry…” She turned to Liz and blinked innocently, but Liz merely crossed her arms in front of her chest. She had seen this act before. “I’m sorry, Mommy—I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was throwing tantrums! I was just…” And now the sad act; she hung her head. “I’m just really disappointed. I wanted to do something like that once in my life…”

This technique she was pulling worked well on Josh. Josh, although he was becoming more mature lately, and even threatened to give her spankings, seemed to be putty in her hands. Josh spoiled her, filled her with confidence and love, but unfortunately he let the girl talk her way out of everything.

Charlie, however, didn’t let his guard down. “This isn’t the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You’re not dying; you’ll go to something like this one day, and I don’t care if you did or did not realize that you can’t snap at us and stomp your feet everywhere just because you don’t get what you want. In case you’re not aware, that is what a tantrum is. Now, go get your red paddle.” He gave her a pat to instruct her off his lap and put out his hand flat. “Panties.”

She stood and clenched her hands stubbornly into fists. “Daddy, c’mon! It’s eight in the morning!”

“Eight-oh-five, actually,” he corrected casually. “I don’t like giving spankings before noon, but I’ll do it for you, Sophie, because that’s how much I love you.”

“I wish you’d stop loving me, then!” she snapped, once again stomping her foot angrily.

“Unfortunately for you,” he replied calmly, “it’s a force that cannot be stopped. Do you want me to go up with you and show you where the paddle is? Because it’s been a long time since I looked at your wall, and I might find something that will do a better job.”

The red paddle was the lightest of Sophie’s implements. It was made of leather, which Charlie liked because it didn’t bruise Sophie’s bottom but still left a good sting.

Elizabeth’s own favorite implement was still the hairbrush. In the dungeon, with Josh, she’d get creative. She’d spanked Josh with everything from fraternity paddles to tawses to canes to crops. It was all a game with him; he was her slave in the bedroom, but outside he wasn’t even submissive. Indeed, since the arrival of Sophie, he was acting more and more toppy outside, more responsible, and his language had even cleaned up.

That being said, he wanted to be taken to the dungeon about once a day. Being with a two-woman man when one of the women was a virgin was wearing Elizabeth a little thin, already. Not that she minded sex, and a lot of it, but with two men prowling around with sex drives of teenagers, she felt if she was home and not eating, then she was probably in the middle of a sexual scene with one of them. She felt so exhausted that she’d nearly given up her morning jogs.

Sophie frowned theatrically before shucking off and stepping out of her panties and slapping them into Charlie’s palm. She walked away, covering her bottom with one hand while the other pulled her skirt out from the waistband.

“She wearing you down?” Charlie asked with a grin, nodding toward the upstairs where Sophie had disappeared.

Liz gave a small laugh, and waved her hand dismissively. “Sophie? No. She’s a sweetie, really. She’s just being pouty this morning. You and Josh are wearing me down. Sometimes I walk around and I’m feeling hunted.” When she put her coffee down, she looked up and saw his most predatory look. She frowned. “Stop it.”

He laughed. “Stop being sexy and I’ll stop chasing your skirt,” he replied huskily, reaching across the table and taking her hand away from her coffee mug, bringing it up to his lips. “You’re a goddess. Really, you can’t blame us for noticing.” He gave her a squeeze and let go, then contemplated Sophie’s panties thoughtfully. “I never get sick of her naughtiness,” he admitted, pocketing them.

She raised an eyebrow. “That’s good, because I think she’s just getting started. The more she understands that we’re not going to kick her to the curb, the naughtier she gets.” The side of her lips twitched up. She looked at the ceiling, hearing Sophie’s racket upstairs as drawers were being opened and closed angrily. “Were we ever that age?” she asked, trying to think of what it was like at eighteen. It was only fourteen years ago, but it might as well have been forever. Before college changed her, before she fell in love with the law, before she was even interested in being a domme, before she’d even had sex with Josh.

“Yeah—remember, I bought that pickup just so we could throw pillows in the back and hump like rabbits in the starlight?”

“No, you bought that pickup so you could hump Joannie Thompson like a rabbit under the stars, and then you walked in on her in the janitor’s closet with that one guy…”

“Right, right. But then I came crying to you about it and you gave me pity sex in the back of the truck.” He grinned maniacally at the memory. “Dirty, crazy pity sex. Then it rained on us… and we kept at it!” He laughed, then furrowed his brow and rubbed his neck. “Eighteen-year-olds are very sexual creatures,” he mused.

“So are thirty-two-year-olds, apparently,” she hummed. She listened to a lot more angry stomping overhead before she looked at Charlie, assessing him. “When do you think Sophie will be ready for sex, do you think?”

As if Charlie had been pressed with a very deep question, he rubbed his chin with his fingers. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t get aroused by Sophie; as far as Liz was concerned, the man had lived in a state of perpetual arousal since Sophie had moved in. Sophie was his dream submissive, and lit a fire under him that he had to try to fit into his trousers every day.

That being said, he was in so much authority over her, he didn’t want to do anything with her that she might regret. Liz feared he was waiting until Josh did the honors first. In the past, Liz would have suspected that Josh would have taken a girl’s virginity as soon as he was able, but Josh hadn’t yet, and Sophie had been with them for over five months already.

It was so odd, since Josh was practically love-struck by Sophie, but Liz was beginning to wonder if Josh ever would. And Liz? Well, Liz couldn’t do it without some more serious toys, and she couldn’t help feeling that it would be so sad, after all this time, that Sophie would lose her hymen to plastic.

“I don’t know,” Charlie admitted, then picked up his coffee mug. “I don’t want to hurt her.”

Liz gave him a blank stare until he added, “Well, spanking isn’t hurting. Not like that. And you know it. Once she loses her virginity, she can’t get it back. And what if tomorrow she decides that she doesn’t want to be with us anymore? I don’t want her to regret—”

“She’s been with us for nearly half a year. She’s more comfortable with us than ever. I don’t think she’s even contemplated leaving for months; this is her home, and she loves us. You can tell.” She pressed her lips together. “Did you and Josh have an arrangement about it or anything?”

“No,” Charlie said. “I mean, he used to joke about calling ‘shotgun’ and all that, but he hasn’t made any jokes like that in a long while. You know how he feels about Sophie.”

“Big pile of mush?” she replied, lifting her eyebrows.

He nodded. “Yep. He’s turned into that. Half the time I wonder if he’s gonna start spouting poetry. If he wasn’t still having sex with you, I’d be worried that he’d get really possessive of her. She’s less subby around Josh; they have more of a relationship that you could call ‘normal’ in public. It should be him who moves before I do, but I don’t know what he’s waiting for. Unless he’s waiting for her to be done with high school? Who knows!”

They stopped talking when they heard Sophie leave her bedroom and stomp to the stairs, down each one, and into the kitchen, muttering something about life being unfair and how everyone was ‘riding her ass’ these days.

“Young lady,” Liz said, tensing. Normally Sophie was a little savvier as to when to stop digging. “I will wash your mouth out with soap. Is that what you want?”

Sophie replied snippily, “Ass isn’t a bad word anymore. It’s PG.”

Charlie, as always, was on Liz’s side. He’d never let a little’s language get out of control, and with Sophie he was a bit more on the strict side than usual. He had strived to be consistent with her, and because of that, he was firmer and less likely to let Sophie get away with much of anything. The edges of his mouth tilted down as he looked at Sophie, who was already sulking. “Last I checked, baby girl, the MPAA doesn’t make the rules in this house, do they?” He put out his hand for the paddle. “Besides, we’re not riding that beautiful, bare little bottom of yours. You’re riding ours; we deserve to go on an exclusive date every now and then.” After she didn’t hand the paddle to him, he took it out of her hand.

She gave an unhappy little whine of disagreement. “But…”

Charlie stood up and arranged a chair away from the table. “But?” he challenged, his look assuring her that she would not want to continue arguing about it.

She rubbed her hands down the side of her skirt, possibly considering how bizarre and helpless she felt to be in front of a man like Charlie without panties. Liz couldn’t imagine, but the humiliation factor did seem to put littles in their place. “Nothing,” she pouted.

“Good, then we’re done talking?” he ascertained, sitting down.

She nodded unhappily, and then Charlie grabbed her hand and guided her over his knee. God help her, the girl was already squirming. She didn’t take a spanking gracefully like Charlie’s past littles had done, but then Sophie wasn’t a masochist. She certainly tended to get aroused during a spanking, but Liz had no doubt that it hurt. Sophie felt pain, and that pain in itself obviously wasn’t pleasing.

Charlie adjusted Sophie over one of his knees and wisely locked down her legs with his other to control her eventual kicks.

“Why are we in this position again?” he asked her like a lecturing school master. Liz found herself smirking into her coffee.

“God help me,” Sophie fumed. “I have no idea. Because you hate me?”

She got a loud slap on the ass that made her cry out. “Because of your attitude,” Charlie reminded firmly. “If you think throwing tantrums is cute, think again, young lady!”

“Well, I’ll just go write that down in my notes!” she snapped back angrily.

And, as Liz could have guessed the second she saw Sophie that morning, Sophie had signed herself up for a sound spanking.

Charlie was spanking her harder than usual, shown not just by the echoing slaps of the paddle against Sophie’s squirming bottom, but because Sophie was only four spanks in and already she was protesting against the onslaught of pain.

“Daddy!” Sophie cried, ending the angry little chirps and already going into a plead. “Stop! Stop, you’re hurting me!”

“I’m not hurting you,” he gritted as he methodically brought down the red paddle firmly against one squirming bottom cheek and then the other. “I’m making sure you feel this. I don’t care if you don’t sit down all day—you will not snip at us, you will not throw tantrums! It’s one thing to be spoiled; it’s another thing to act like it! I will not let you become a brat! You’re a sweet, smart, savvy, and understanding young lady and you will start acting that way!”

Liz swallowed, somehow feeling sympathy for Sophie, who was already red-faced, miserable, and beginning to wail. Sophie deserved this—she was acting like a brat. In the first few months, sometimes Sophie would push Liz and Charlie’s buttons or brat them just to see if they’d do anything about it. Littles did that often in the age-play community; they tended to act out when they were in the need of attention or love. Really, they weren’t very different from anyone else that way. Still, it was a call for Liz and Charlie to put their foot down and make sure that Sophie felt loved, cherished, protected, and guided. That they loved her even at her worst.

Only God forbid if Sophie ever did more than throw a tantrum every now and then, because she could barely handle a spanking as it was. She was trying to reach back, but she had to arch up and twist around to get her hand anywhere she wanted it.

Charlie had a habit of drawing out spankings with long, measured swats, but probably because of the morning’s time restrictions, he was lighting into her fast, barely giving her time to breathe. Liz was unsurprised when Sophie quickly broke into the first sob, her breathing now caught up in her own crying. “Puh-lease! Stop it!”

“Are you ready to start speaking nicely and respectfully toward us?” he asked her.

Normally questions occurred at the end of a spanking, and Liz could see that Sophie perked slightly up, her sobs ceasing quickly to cry, “Yes!”

“Well, I don’t think you are. I think you’re just telling me what I want to hear.” The spanking continued; Charlie was raising his arm high up before swatting the implement down.

Sophie’s tears increased at that; fear covering her features when she realized the spanking might not even be at the halfway point. “Please, Daddy, stop!” she sobbed again. “Please, I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“Behave and be respectful, then!” he replied.

Her response was one Liz hadn’t expected. Sophie opened her mouth, took a deep, rattling breath, and screamed, “Josh! Josh!” as if Charlie were killing her.

Liz was so surprised that she stood up, looking nervously toward the pool house. “Sophie!” she reprimanded.

Josh!” Sophie croaked, still calling for help.

Josh was suddenly spinning out of the pool house, looking like he was still trying to zip up his loose-fitting khakis. His hair was wet and he didn’t have a shirt on yet; it appeared that he might have just gotten out of the shower when he heard his name being screamed from the main house.

He slid the glass door open, then looked around like he was expecting a murder scene. “What?” he asked, concern etched all over his features.

Liz stood in Josh’s way as he strode to Charlie, who had yet to lighten up on Sophie one measure, despite all the caterwauling that was going on.

“Joh-oh-osh! Help me!” Sophie begged, reaching her hands out desperately, tears dripping down her face.

Josh literally picked up Liz, who had her hands on his chest, and moved her out of the way. He marched over and grabbed Sophie off of Charlie’s lap. “What the hell, Charlie?” Josh demanded firmly, giving Charlie a good shove back into his chair as he tried to stand up and grab Sophie back.

Josh slung his arms around Sophie, who cried against Josh’s bare stomach.

“She just cried for you because she knew you’d come in here and stop it,” Liz replied, stepping forward.

“Well, I hope she does when you’re going overboard!” Josh responded, tilting his head up as if proud that he was called in at all. Then he turned to Charlie, accusing, “What happened to consensual?”

“This is a consensual non-consent relationship, Josh!” Charlie argued, slamming the paddle down on the table. “She’s agreed several times that I can discipline her—the only time she wants to take it back is when it’s currently going on. She always cries; she’s just trying to manipulate her way out of a punishment she asked for! I used the red paddle, and she’s only a little pink!”

“It hurt!” Sophie cried, pulling her face away from Josh.

“It’s supposed to hurt, it’s discipline!” Charlie boomed, his face redder than Liz remembered it being in a long time.

Josh stepped back from Charlie. “Come on, Soph,” Josh told her softly as if speaking to a frightened animal. He bent down and picked her up easily before turning and walking toward the stairway.

There was silence in the kitchen. Liz slowly approached to Charlie, although she could feel the intensity shooting from him. She carefully put her hands on his shoulders. “She’s young. She probably doesn’t understand how this could have hurt your feelings or your bond. You know she adores you… When she’s not over your knee.”

He grunted and turned around. “Sometimes I think I’m trying to press a square peg into a round hole.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Is there something wrong with me? I mean, it seems like I turn all the littles into vanillas, and then I have a vanilla and am stupid enough to turn her into a little.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “She is a little, Charlie. She’s just coming into herself.” She stepped forward and straightened his tie for him. “Be patient with her.”

Charlie let out a heavy sigh before Liz felt his hands rest on her hips. “How have I gotten so lucky to have found a woman so perfect for me?” He leaned in to kiss her, and her stomach swirled with warmth.

The fact was, Liz wasn’t perfect for him… Charlie was perfect for her. He wasn’t even into age-play until Liz admitted that she had a ‘mommy’ thing she wanted to explore, and then he found his inner daddy dom. He was absolutely decimated when he found out the first time that she had slept with his younger brother, but then he decided that he’d rather share her than not have her at all. Before that, he had been monogamous. After that, he’d continued sharing her with his brother and another woman.

She realized, just then, that for such a well-qualified, good-looking, rich guy like Charlie, he had had a pretty tragic love life. And all he’d ever asked was to marry her.

She frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Charlie asked, gently squeezing her arms. “You look extremely thoughtful.”

She shook her head and smiled sweetly at him. “Nothing. I was just thinking about you in a tux and how you always end up staining it whenever you put one on.”

He laughed. “That’s not true.”

She raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged and stepped away, seeming happy to change the subject. “All right, so maybe it is true, but it’s not law. Tonight, you’ll see my grace.”

She blinked. “You mean… I’ll finally see the grace you keep talking about?” she teased.

He slapped her on the bottom and sat down at the table, grumbling, “Wise ass.”

“Fifty bucks says you can’t go through a gala without spilling something on yourself,” Liz laughed.

He grinned. “You’re on.” He looked toward the ceiling, letting himself get distracted again. “What are they doing up there, anyway?”

Chapter Eleven

“Blow,” Josh ordered, trying not to sound like he had an edge to his voice. He held up a tissue over Sophie’s nose after sitting her down on the edge of her bathroom sink.

After a second’s hesitation, probably because it was quite an intimate and childish gesture, she did was she was told. He threw away the tissue, wet a washcloth in hot water, and wrung it out. “Can you tell me what that was about, please?” he asked her, frowning.

She dropped her gaze and shrugged.

“No, no,” he chided as he carefully cleaned up her tear-stained cheeks, keeping a hand under her chin so she couldn’t look down too much. “Why’d you call me into your corner?”

“Because it hurt, Josh,” she replied, a blush reddening her cheeks. “They were spanking me just because I don’t appreciate being cast aside like I’m a toy they don’t want to play with.”

“Well, if I spank you in the next two minutes, it would be because of the exact opposite reason.” Her eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and fear, and then he added, “That way you can’t claim you’re not getting attention.”

Sophie was drop-dead gorgeous. He’d thought she was pretty—mostly just adorable—when Liz had first brought her home, but now

She didn’t have to wear makeup; her dark eyelashes and pink lips did plenty on their own. She was healthier than she’d ever been, especially since she’d been going ice skating with Josh nearly every day. She was actually sexy now, although she wouldn’t believe it because whenever he told her that, she would point out her small breasts like they were the single things keeping her from feeling all grown up.

“It’s not about attention—” she argued nervously.

He lifted his eyebrows. “So it’s about not getting what you want and throwing a last-shot tantrum hoping it would garner you a third-wheel position on their date?”

She opened her mouth in protest, although it took a second for a sound to come out. “No!” she finally denied. “I wasn’t throwing a tantrum! You weren’t even there.”

“I didn’t have to be,” he replied, throwing the washcloth in the hamper behind him. He helped her down off the sink. “I know you.” He put his hand around her upper arm and guided her out back into the bedroom.

He hated her bedroom—it reflected absolutely none of her personality. He and Charlie had been secretly trying to remodel Lacey’s old bedroom while Sophie was in school. She was easy to distract while Charlie tried to get the smell of fresh paint out of the house—all Josh had to do was offer her a driving lesson and take her to an empty parking lot, and she would be as happy as a cat in catnip for as long as it would take him to come close to losing his lunch.

“All right, bend that pretty butt of yours over the bed and pull up your skirt,” he ordered, ushering her toward the bed.

She turned, putting her hands protectively over the back of her skirt. “No, Josh…” she whined, her bottom lip pouting out.

“I want to check out the damage,” Josh told her.

She shifted on her feet a little, looking extremely awkward, but then eventually walked to the bed, pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing the most glorious backside on the planet, and then bent over. He thought about getting on his knees and worshipping it.

Instead, he walked over and traced his fingers along a couple of welts. Charlie was right; it was only a little pink. In fact, even Sophie had gotten worse. Just last week, when Charlie learned that Sophie had been over a week late turning in an important English paper, Charlie had given Sophie a bottom so heated that she had trouble sitting on it for the rest of the weekend—she sat on a pillow so she could finish that English paper with Charlie as her personal writing coach. Josh didn’t quite know what she had considered the worse punishment: the spanking or how Charlie was on her like white on rice.

“All right, bunny,” Josh said, sitting down on the bed next to her and patting his lap. “Come on. We need to have a chat with Uncle Josh.”

During lighter moments, she would make fun of how often he used the royal ‘we’ with her. On days like this, however, it obviously made her feel more childlike and submissive to him, because she slowly picked herself up and sat on Josh’s lap without looking up at him. She probably knew where this was going.

He curled his fingers under her chin and tilted her mouth up so he could kiss her. He couldn’t get enough of kissing her; there was something so enticing about her little pink mouth. “I need you to be honest with me,” he said slowly afterward. “Do you really think Charlie went overboard?”

She blinked, frowned, but eventually shook her head. “No.”

“So you just called me out of response to the pain?” he asked.

She nodded. “I guess so,” she admitted softly. “And I guess… because I was angry.” She winced. “I wasn’t thinking. I was angry about being left behind, and so… I might have been kinda snippy… Or argumentative… Or bratty…” She sighed with surrender. “Or whatever…” She swallowed. “But my feelings didn’t change just because I was getting spanked for it…” She tangled her fingers on her lap.

He found himself putting his nose into her dark blond hair. He just wanted to squeeze her sometimes. She was still adorable. “Sophie—I’m not going to the gala black-tie deal, either. Know why I’m not upset about getting an invite?”

She shook her head and looked at him with those baby blue eyes. “Because although Liz loves me, and I love her, and we are all quite happy living polyamorously, that doesn’t mean that she can take all of her partners with her on an invite. She has to choose, and the choice isn’t always easy for her, but she does it to protect us, and to protect herself. People out there are judgmental about other’s love lives, you know that.” He patted her bottom. “You watch MTV; you’re not new to this culture.”

She sighed and nodded.

“But you know something extremely cool about having you around?” he said. She blinked, apparently unable to fathom a good part in the scenario. “When Liz and Charlie are stuck in their fine fripperies,” he grinned as she giggled slightly, “you and I can actually go and have a good time, too. We got a date, baby! Each other. We don’t have to be lonely—you and I can hit the town up right.”

She straightened, and to his satisfaction, she did look much more chipper. “Really? You’ll take me out? Just you and me?” she asked, chewing on her bottom lip. Her eyes were absolutely glittering with excitement.

He nodded. “Just me and my girl,” he assured, squeezing her tight. Unable to resist himself, he found his own hand wandering up the side of her leg. He hardened even more when he recalled that she wasn’t wearing panties. God bless Charlie—that was the best idea ever; not letting bad girls wear panties.

She wasn’t complaining. As soon as he ran his hand over the side of her hot, well-spanked bottom, she wrapped her arms around his neck and crushed her mouth onto his.

He turned her over until he was pressing her against the bed, delving roughly into her mouth with his own. He didn’t have any underwear on, either, so he could feel her heat through the fabric of his khakis, especially when she was arching her groin up to meet his.

“God,” he gritted. “I love this schoolgirl skirt.”

She bit her lip and simpered, “You can take it off if you want…”

His cock assured him that this was the best idea he’d ever heard. He’d fooled around with her plenty, but somehow he hadn’t brought himself to get rid of that pesky little hymen of hers. It always gave him pause, made him think about what he was doing and especially the gravity of what he was doing to a girl eleven years younger than he. It made him ask himself if he was taking advantage, if she was actually ready for it, or if he was pushing her into something…

Damn it, he was thinking about it now! He thought a virgin would have been so exciting, so delectable, so enticing. And she was—but the virginity also brought to him a guilt complex he’d never had while chasing any other girl’s skirt.

Sophie wasn’t just any other girl. Sophie was different. Sophie, come hell or high water, was someone Josh had promised would be a permanent fixture in his life. She needed something special.

He kissed her and then smoothed loose strands of hair back from her face. “Soon,” he promised.

“I’m ready,” she assured him. It sounded cute and pleading, like a child who wanted a puppy.

“Soon, baby.” He pulled himself back up, with difficulty. His cock ached, seemingly angry at Josh using his restraint once again. “For now you have to get up, go downstairs, make up with Charlie, and then you need to get to school before you’re late.” He gave her a slap on the butt to get her to hurry.

She sighed with frustration as she sat back up. “Can’t I wait to make up with Charlie until they come back from their thing?”

He frowned, unable to keep himself from wondering how he’d feel if she’d screamed Charlie’s name to protect herself from Josh. He’d feel like shit!

“No. We wouldn’t play those games with you, and so you won’t play them with us. You know you were in the wrong, and I don’t want you getting me in the middle of things to put a rift between you and Charlie, and neither do you. Get down there, apologize, and be sincere about it.” He pointed firmly toward the door.

She grumbled, but pulled herself to her feet and shuffled out the door. Josh followed her out, but let her get quite the head start down the stairs. He didn’t want it to look like he’d forced her to apologize to Charlie, even if that’s sort of what he had done.

When they got to the kitchen, he realized why Sophie wanted to put off her apology. He could feel awkwardness spilling out of her. She scrubbed the floor a little bit with the toe of her shoe, but eventually she walked up to Charlie, who was reading the newspaper as if he hadn’t heard them enter, and climbed onto his lap like a cat would, without need for permission and without any respect to whatever it was he might have been reading.

She leaned her head against Charlie’s chest and said, “I’m sorry I called for Josh. I didn’t mean to. It just came out because I was angry. I wasn’t thinking.”

Charlie, who looked like he had been settled on continuing to be pissed when she’d first come into the room, melted visibly and put his arms around her, and so Josh turned toward the coffee pot.

“That’s okay, honey,” Charlie was telling her. “I know it hurts. But you know I’m not going to give you any more than you can take, right? I’ve done this for many years. You don’t have to feel like your safety is in jeopardy.”

“I didn’t,” she protested innocently. “I trust you, Daddy. I honestly do. You’re right. I wasn’t being fair. You and Mommy have all the right in the world to go out and have fun by yourselves.” Josh turned a bit and saw Sophie taking Charlie’s hands in hers. “I really am sorry. I didn’t… I don’t want anything to change.” She bit her lip and looked like she was waiting to see what Charlie’s thoughtful expression was brewing.

He put his hand on the back of her neck tenderly and looked into her eyes with his most serious expression. “Then I don’t think we’re done, do you?”

She frowned theatrically. Surely, this was what she’d feared the most out of the confrontation with Charlie and also why she was thinking about putting it off. She shook her head and finally sighed, “No.”

“Go over and bend over the arm of the sofa, baby girl. I’m gonna make this quick, then I need to get you to class.” He patted her bottom, and leaned into her to kiss her forehead.

Josh wiggled his eyebrows as he watched Charlie gently help her off his lap. If Charlie and Josh didn’t spend so much time together in the middle of the day to talk about things, Josh would have assumed that Charlie didn’t want the girl sexually. Charlie had moved his daddying up a notch with Sophie—he was much more gentle, tender, and patient than he had been with any other girlfriend before in his entire life.

Charlie used to pride himself about how hard he could spank, or how he could get in a girl’s head enough to incite tears. Josh had a feeling that was no longer Charlie’s end-game. Sophie could cry on her own without anyone getting ‘into her head’ quite well, and Charlie admitted he’d never spank Sophie any harder than he would a child. Yet, even though he was acting so against his norm with Sophie, Charlie seemed much more confident and happy lately.

Josh was pleased that he’d had the sense to get Sophie to apologize right away. He didn’t want her nervousness over punishment or the awkwardness of apologizing to get in the way of her and Charlie’s relationship.

As for himself, he had no doubt as to how close they were. He wasn’t the disciplinarian, and he wasn’t the spoiler that Liz was. She’d constantly give Sophie gifts, probably because she’d feel guilty about not having more free time. Josh had oodles of free time, on the other hand, and he spent most of it with Sophie, feeling that that’s what she needed most of all.

Sophie acted like Josh was Superman, and he loved it. Sure, they teased each other a lot, but it was obvious that Sophie held Josh in high esteem, and that was something that he’d never really had with Liz. Liz always sort of mothered him—sexily, of course, but she mothered him all the same. Liz had known Josh all his life; she had been there to witness every single screw-up he’d ever made. Sophie was blissfully ignorant of how horrible of a child he’d been, how annoying he’d acted, and how pig-headed he’d been all through high school.

He turned, leaning back against the countertop as he watched Sophie nervously step over to the sofa, her eyes darting toward Charlie, who was unbuckling his belt.

Josh could hear her gulp before she whimpered, “Daddy… Not the belt.”

“You’ll be okay. Bend over, bottom out, legs apart,” Charlie replied, pointing to the padded arm of their overly large sofa, which sat in the family room next to the kitchen.

She slowly bent over, sticking that round, glorious little bottom out to the entire room. She was wiggling back and forth, nervous. She jerked nervously when Charlie came behind her and pulled up her skirt to her lower back.

Charlie tapped the inside of her thigh patiently to demand she move her legs further apart. She complied with his direction, but she was clenching already so much that it was obvious that she was worried about herself.

Josh wanted to say something like, “Take it easy on her!” but couldn’t. Liz was shooting him a look that demanded he not commentate. The edges of his mouth went down. He certainly couldn’t disagree that Sophie needed discipline in her life. If she went a whole week without a spanking, she became a real brat every time and would seem to go out of her way to earn herself one.

Watching Sophie get a spanking was also extremely exciting. Yet Josh couldn’t help wishing he could keep her from them all the same.

“You’re getting fifteen. I’m not going to have you count them out because that might take all morning,” Charlie told her. “But I want you to keep your hands down and I want you to stay in place like a good girl, you hear me?”

“Yeah,” she replied with a voice barely above a whisper.

“Answer me correctly,” Charlie demanded.

She took a deep breath. “Yes, Daddy.” She also had the option of saying ‘yes, Sir,’ but she never did. Josh wondered if she forgot Charlie’s real name half the time. She never, ever used it at home and Charlie’s name was only said with difficulty in public, normally coming out as, ‘Da—Charlie.’

“Good girl.” Charlie whipped his arm back and brought it firmly and perfectly across Sophie’s flinching, pink bottom.

Sophie’s back went up and she gave a loud, sharp cry of, “Ow!”

“Get back down, baby, we have to make this quick,” Charlie told her firmly.

She whimpered sadly and then bent down again.

And SLAP! Another perfectly placed, utterly controlled strike fell across Sophie’s bottom, right on her sit spot, with enough impact that she rocked forward on her toes. “No-oh-oh!” She put her hands back and then immediately pulled them obediently forward.

“Good girl. Keep still,” Charlie encouraged. In many ways, Charlie’s rigid posture and dutiful appearance made him seem sort of like a schoolteacher. One with a thick neck and shoulders the size of most people’s thighs.

Charlie strapped the poor girl to tears. After ten, he had to hold her down; her bottom was well beyond pink, and even her upper thighs were showing marks, yet not low enough that they wouldn’t be hidden by her skirt while at school.

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” she cried into the sofa, wiggling her bottom back and forth. “I will! I’m sorry!”

Charlie wasn’t going to be stopped, apparently, by any amount of pathetic begging, because he wrapped his arm around her and delivered the rest of the strokes, letting each one settle in before he struck again.

He stroked her quivering bottom cheeks with his fingers when he was done, letting her cry it out a little before releasing her.

Instead of withdrawing, Sophie got up and crawled miserably onto Charlie’s lap, letting him cuddle her against his chest and rest his chin on the top of her head while he rubbed her back in soothing circular motions. Tears were staining her freshly cleaned cheeks as she accepted Charlie’s comfort.

“You know I love you, snuggle bunny?” Charlie asked, wiping her tears off her cheeks. Charlie looked like a giant next to her; his hand covered the full expanse of her face. Josh knew that it couldn’t have looked too different when she was sitting on Josh’s lap, but he normally didn’t notice it as much unless she was near Charlie. Josh imagined that Sophie had to feel like she was Goldilocks in a house full of bears.

She sniffled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you, too.”

“Are you still upset with me and Mommy?” Charlie asked.

She shook her head. “No.”

He kissed her cheek and squeezed her. “Thanks, sweetheart, for understanding. Now, do you have your books and everything together?”

She looked over his shoulder and he followed her gaze to the table in front of the television, where she had about three books open, pens and papers everywhere, and papers piled around haphazardly. He groaned and she said, brushing her tears from her cheeks, “In my defense, I thought I’d have more time this morning.”

He laughed, to which she immediately smiled, then he helped her up from his lap. “Stay still. I’ll put your panties back on, you naughty thing.”

Josh had to give this much to his brother: Charlie was a genius. He found sexy where most men didn’t. The idea of pulling panties down a girl’s legs being sexy was no new concept; Josh always got that. However, Josh hadn’t before imagined the scene of Sophie stepping into them awkwardly, biting her pouting bottom lip with embarrassment while the flimsy fabric traveled up her legs and scraped over her tender, red flesh, exposing both her bald little pussy and her bare bottom to the whole room as she raised her skirt enough that Charlie could see what he was doing. Her cheeks were pink, her eyes watery; the picture was so seductively perfect.

“Now what do you have to do to keep those panties on?” Charlie asked her, causing to blush an even deeper pink.

Penitently, she responded, “Be a good girl.”

“That’s right.” He gave her a pat and then he slipped back into his daddy-caregiver mode without a hitch, although now, if he was anything like Josh, he was probably packing some serious wood. “Now, hustle. I’m putting an extra granola bar and a yogurt in your lunch cooler; you can eat it in the car.” He looked at Josh as he strode into the kitchen. “You gonna don a shirt today, or is this your new look?” he asked him, pushing him aside so he could get into the fridge.

“Maybe,” Josh replied with a shrug. He turned to Liz and posed. “What do you think, goddess?”

“I think you need to tell your friends that it’s just a game, and you guys aren’t trying out for the NHL,” Liz replied, eyeing the bruises on his abs, left pec, and right arm.

“The ones below the belt are all from you, sugar britches,” he replied with a wink, sipping his coffee. He nodded over to Sophie. “What about you, bunny? Think bruises are sexy? Makes me look tough and manly?”

Sophie looked up from quickly shoving all her binders and books into her backpack to raise an eyebrow at him. She shrugged indecisively. “Yep. I guess they give you that bad-boy look.”

Josh raised his mug to Sophie in a salute of approval and turned to Liz. “You see? The chicks dig me.”

“Well, make sure you pick up the little chick from school tonight, because Liz and I have to take off early to beat traffic,” Charlie said, pulling Sophie’s lunch bag out of the fridge. “And she’s got an important paper due on Monday, so make sure she gets started on it tonight.”

Josh shook his head. “No can do, bro. No papers, no homework, no nothing—I’m spoiling her tonight. We’re gonna go and paint the town while you’re gone. Boston might not be here when you get back; we might party it off the map.”

Charlie turned his head, something between suspicion and concern darkening his features. “I thought you were on-call tonight.”

Backup call,” Josh corrected, raising a finger to point out Charlie’s simple yet amazingly wrong mistake. “That means the two guys on call would have to have to call in before I’m even on call.” He shook his head with confidence. “In short, I’m off tonight, and I’m spending it with the brat.”

Sophie snorted at being referred to as a brat, but Josh didn’t miss her seductive smile at him.

No booze.” Liz was suddenly next to him and jabbing her finger into his bruised ribcage. “She’s eighteen, and I don’t want you passing a twenty to the waiter to make it happen, either.”

“You can do that?” Sophie asked from the other side of the room.

“I wasn’t planning to.” He winced at Liz’s accusatory look and defended himself. “Hey, calm your tits. I can’t drink anyway, since I’m on backup call. Drop the worry; I’ll take care of her. I’m not gonna light her up on cocaine and then go streaking. Give me some credit, here!”

Liz put up her hands. “Fine, fine. You’re right.” She patted his shoulder. “We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, but if you need anything, we’ll have our cells on—”

“I think I know how to show a girl a good time without you,” he replied, tilting his head up and bobbling it side to side with a swaggered confidence.

Liz grabbed Sophie as she walked by with her backpack, grabbed her chin, and kissed her mouth. “Be good,” she directed the girl firmly.

“I’m always good!” Sophie replied, a little defensiveness in her tone.

Liz broke out into a warmer smile and brushed Sophie’s bangs back. “You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry. Don’t let Josh corrupt you too much when we’re gone.”

Sophie got up on her tiptoes and tilted her head up to kiss Liz tenderly on the mouth, but then turned to Charlie. “You done pulling all the good stuff from my lunch?”

“Where’d you even get this?” he asked, picking up the energy drink he’d pulled out of the bag and replaced with a bottle of orange juice and a small bag of vitamins.

“I’m not giving up the name of my dealer, Daddy. Nice try,” she told him cockily, but then winked at Josh, her dealer of Red Bulls.

Charlie gave Josh a warning glare, but then pulled Sophie’s backpack out of her hands and tossed it over his good shoulder. “To the car, let’s go,” he instructed her with a slap on the butt.

Sophie turned to Josh. “Don’t forget to pick me up,” she demanded, pointing at him with her little finger, seemingly trying to copy Liz’s firm tone.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he teased with a grin.

She smiled and ran toward the front door, scooting around Charlie on her way out.

When they were out of the house, Liz was standing there, watching him. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Liz said with a shrug. “So… You’ll have the house all to yourselves tonight, then,” she drawled.

He nodded, wondering where she was going with this line of conversation.

She smirked. “Make it special for her?” she requested.

Josh swallowed, suddenly getting Liz’s meaning. He suddenly felt a world’s weight of pressure. “There’re no solid plans for… that.”

Liz nodded, then said, “I appreciate how you’ve treated her since meeting her. I really think if it wasn’t for you, she would have left us a long time ago. It’s hard to remember what it was like around here before she came along.”

 “It did seem like an awful long time ago… She’s pretty special,” he agreed.

“Do you like her?” Liz asked, and then added, “You know, in a traditional girlfriend sort of way?”

Josh quickly blurted, “Well, I would never keep you or Charlie from—”

“I know,” Liz soothed, touching his arm. “But you know what I mean, right? Do you… have more of a thing for her than…”

“I don’t love her more than I do you,” he added softly. “It’s different with her, that’s all. I wouldn’t let her top me like you do, and I couldn’t do without you. Now, if you’re asking me if she means more to me than my weekend catches, then yes. That’s why I haven’t brought them around. She’s enough. She fulfills that dominant part of me. So yeah. Let’s just say I’m glad you brought her home.”

“She’s good for you, she’s good for Charlie, and she’s good for me,” Liz replied, almost mysteriously. She finally added after Josh stared at her for a moment, “Well, this all finally feels like home. I feel more…”

“Contented?” Josh guessed.

Liz smiled softly and nodded. “It’s nice when you have everything you want.”

“You mean two amazing boyfriends and a hot-as-hell girlfriend, a good job, a nice house, and a 401K?” Josh asked. It did seem like they had it all. Even Josh had two goddess-like girlfriends—he couldn’t ask for better than Liz and Sophie. They were very different, but because of that they seemed to round all of his bases.

She giggled slightly. “I’m a girl who wants it all, and I’m running out of things to want.”

“Next, you’ll take over the world,” Josh told her with a wink.

She shook her head. “Maybe, but when you have everything you want, the hardest part is always keeping it.” She reached forward and patted Josh’s hands. “So take care of her.”

Josh smirked, almost feeling like Liz had not just passed Sophie’s safety to him for the night, but Sophie’s well-being in a more permanent sense. And he wanted the job. “I’ll keep both eyes and hands on her at all times,” he replied, laughing.

She gave him a scolding glance, but then laughed. “I believe it. Poor girl doesn’t know what she’s in for when it comes to you.”

Josh shrugged and replied airily, “I always feel the same way when it comes to Sophie. She’s unpredictable, but I keep coming back for more.” He shook his head. “God bless those age-play–prone virgin schoolgirls.”

Chapter Twelve

Don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep… It was hard to not sleep when Sophie’s teacher seemed to be giving his best Ben Stein impression. The May sun shone outside, and she was giddy about going out in it.

She heard a buzzing in her backpack pocket, alerting her that someone sent a message. Hoping it was Josh with information on what he had in store for her that evening, she plucked it out of her backpack and unlocked the screen to see that a group of girls from her class had texted her.

She looked over and saw a few sets of eyes staring at her, and then looked back down at the message. “Got a car? We’re trying to get a girls’ night together.”

She had neither a car nor a license to drive it even if she had—for now. Even then she had a feeling if she ever was given a car, Daddy would attach so many rules to it that all the joy of receiving it would be overshadowed with worry of something happening to it.

She didn’t want to explain all that, so she waited for the teacher to turn before she quickly typed, “Can’t. Got a hot date tonight.”

She got a text back before too long.

“Oooh. Hot date? Gonna lose the Big V?”

Smirking, she replied, “Who still says I have my Big V?” When this was picked up, she looked around to see the girls’ expressions. Of course, she was still a virgin, but they didn’t know that. They thought she was a girl from the other side of the tracks who had just been taken in by her “older cousin”—Elizabeth Button.

It was a lie, but Elizabeth was happy to say anything that was going to get her into this school. It was relatively close to the house, and they were in session through the summer, allowing Sophie to catch up and graduate in the fall.

The girls started giggling in the rows ahead of her and the teacher looked over, exasperated. “Girls,” he droned, “if you’re going to ignore me and fail your next exam, where what I’m talking about now will be sure to make an entrance, the least you can do is ignore me quietly.”

Sophie bit her bottom lip to keep from mischievously giggling, although she didn’t push it. Her teacher and Charlie had a rapport, which normally meant that if her teacher even raised an eyebrow at her, Charlie was going to up-end her over his knee by the end of the day.

She was halfway through writing another text, when another came in, only this time from Josh. “A good bunny knows when to put her cellphone away.”

She blanched at the screen and immediately stuck it back into her backpack before she even looked around to try to figure out how Josh knew she was texting. She glanced out the window next to her and noticed Josh standing under a nearby tree with sunglasses on and a Dr. Pepper in one of his hands. He waved at her, grinning boyishly.

She smirked in spite of herself and shook her head. Josh was such a nut.

But damn, he was a sexy nut. She could see his light blue eyes twinkle at her all the way from where she was sitting. It was as if someone shook a magazine really hard and he fell out of it. He looked like a model even with his wrinkled t-shirt, baggy jeans, and tousled hair.

Well, she certainly couldn’t pay attention now! She looked up, wincing at the clock. What class was she even in? English? Math? When was the day going to end already?

“What’s your opinion, Miss Benny?”

Sophie’s last name drew her eyes away from the clock on the wall to the teacher, who was unfortunately looking right at her. Apparently she didn’t imagine him saying her name.

She had no idea what he had been talking about, of course. “My opinion?”

“Yes,” the teacher intoned.

She sighed. “The weekend really needs to get here already.” The class tittered with laughter all around her.

She regretted her words immediately when the teacher didn’t even give the smallest of smiles. She was certain he was inwardly deciding what he was going to tell Charlie in their next phone conversation.

But once the tittering simmered down, he replied in his expressionless drawl, “That is one opinion, Miss Benny, on which we unfortunately agree.”

She let out a sigh of relief, and another right after because the bell rang. She grabbed up her backpack and noticed other girls looking out the window. “Who’s that? Rochelle, isn’t he totally hot?” one said, jabbing her friend with her elbow and giggling. “I wonder if he’d let me get in his pants.”

“Probably not,” Sophie hummed, causing the girls to spin around.

“Why not?” the girl challenged.

“Because he’ll be too busy with me in his pants to let you in.” Sophie winked at her, enjoying the ruse she was putting on. She liked to have the girls think that she was experienced.

The girls let their mouths drop open. “That’s who your ‘hot date’ is?”

Sophie nodded, her lips curling at the edges. “Yup.”

Rochelle tilted her head as she stared. “How old is he?”

“Twenty-nine,” Sophie shrugged.

The girls gasped. “Isn’t that a little old?”

“For who?” was her confident response, which had the girls giggling. She glanced outside only to see him now pacing under the tree back and forth, looking like he was talking angrily on the phone. She could almost see his eyebrows furrowed with agitation. She had a bad feeling about his sudden turn of mood. “I gotta go.”

She left the classroom, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. She walked down the hallway and out the doors toward the nearby trees in front of the parking lot. He was just hanging up his cellphone and putting it into his pocket. She paused as she walked to him, because he looked so put out, and she thought it had something to do with her.

He then grinned sheepishly and opened his arms up wide for her. “Hi, bunny,” he said.

She closed the rest of the distance, still cautious, but eventually wrapping her arms around his large chest. She felt his hand reach up to stroke her hair, and then he crooked his fingers underneath her chin and tilted it up so he could kiss her tenderly on the mouth.

Closing her eyes with bliss, she decided that nobody—nobody in the world—kissed as tenderly as Josh. While Charlie had two kisses—one that was firm and bruising and the other that was light and familial, and Elizabeth’s kiss was calculated and firm, Josh had only one: the perfect one. It was filled with passion, but she could always tell that he was gauging her, getting on the right page, only delving as deep as she was in the mood for.

“Mmm,” she moaned, letting her fingers play with the hem of his dark blue cotton t-shirt as if she might start disrobing him right there on the grass as people passed around them, throwing them looks.

Josh finally pulled apart from her and took one of her hands as well as her backpack. “We’d better get home before we put on a free show.” Still, he held her hand in a way that kept her body close to his, as if he wanted to feel her warmth as much as she wanted to feel his.

“So, I was thinking about tonight,” she began after inhaling a large breath.

“So was I,” he grumbled, sounding surprisingly unhappy.

She blinked at him.

“First,” he said, throwing the backpack in the backseat of his Jeep before he opened the door for her and helped her up the step until she was settled into the seat, “you’re going to hit me for a while, then yell at me, and then…”

As she was still puzzling, he walked to his side of the cab. “And then I’ll order you pizza or something, buy you any R-rated movie you can imagine even if Charlie kicks my ass for it, and then I have to go to—”

Goddamn it! “Don’t say you have to go in, Josh!” she whined angrily. “You promised! You’d take me out! You told Charlie that there was no way in hell you’d be called in!”

“I did say something like that, but that’s before I was reminded that the two guys on call are irresponsible douche bags.”

Sophie bunched her shoulders and crossed her arms angrily. With one sentence, he couldn’t have possibly made her more disappointed if he’d tried, and he seemed to realize it, because he let silence reign before he contritely offered, “You want to drive home?”

Normally she’d always say yes to that; she loved driving, despite the fact that he probably had worked off the passenger-side handle off, and he was normally a little nauseated afterward. At the moment, however, she was in no mood.

She stayed silent, ignoring his question completely.

“Come on, Soph. Talk to me,” he begged, reaching over to squeeze her knee.

She moved her knee away from him.

He pursed his lips, sighed loudly, and started the Jeep. “You know if there was any way I could get out of this, I would.”

“Just don’t go in then,” she said tersely, waving her arm through the air.

“What do you mean, ‘Just don’t go in’? This isn’t the mailroom, Sophie. Doctors need to go in because if they don’t, people tend to die. Women tend to give birth whether or not it is or is not convenient to our schedules. If it were you giving birth, I would like to think that a doctor wouldn’t blow off his responsibilities just so he could take his girlfriend on a date!”

Well, that certainly didn’t make Sophie feel any better. She didn’t deserve a lecture; her throat clenched at his miniature outburst. “You don’t have to worry about my turn,” she choked out angrily, “since I’m going to be a virgin forever!”

“And that’s my fault and mine alone, huh?” he charged. “Besides, I wanted your first time to be special!”

She rolled her eyes and pointed to a corner they were about to pass. “You know what? Drop me off at the corner over there. I’ll find a date who doesn’t care if my first time is special or not!”

In response, he put the child lock on the door. Real mature.

“Oh, well, that settles it, then,” she seethed. “I’ll just continue to be everyone’s fuck doll. I’ll just wait until I’m needed next.”

“You enjoy our affections just as much as we enjoy giving them to you,” he gritted, “don’t give me that. Don’t try to guilt me like we’ve been violating you this whole time.”

She couldn’t really argue with that. Even the idea of everything stopping at this point and her getting a relationship like she’d seen in the movies—aka a vanilla relationship—made her cringe. So she kept silent and continued to glare out the window.

“Sophie, how about I take you away next weekend? Rent a cabin or something, and then we can just—”

She rolled her eyes and interjected, “—Not go because work will call you and I’ll have my hopes up for nothing? No, thanks. Try to take me out on a date successfully first.”

Again, silence.

“It wouldn’t hurt you to be a little more mature and understanding about this,” Josh told her quietly as he pulled into his garage.

“I disagree,” she said, although it hurt when Josh called her immature. She was always afraid of it, especially when living in a house where she was the youngest by eleven years. “It wouldn’t hurt you.” She didn’t wait until Josh came around and let her out as he was wont to do. Now that the car was turned off, so was the child’s safety function. She opened the door and hopped down before grabbing her backpack from the front seat and slamming the car door behind her.

She spun and marched toward the main house, angry that Josh was right on her heels. “Leave me alone!” she demanded firmly. She tromped up the stairs.

Josh wasn’t giving her an inch. “Sophie, we need to talk, not just throw a—”

She slammed her bedroom door in his face and locked it.

“—tantrum,” he finished more quietly on the other side of the door. She threw her bag at the door and heard patient knocking. “Sophie, angel, open up and let me in, please.”

“Why? I get it. Work’s more important. Go to it!”

“Work is not more important than you. You’re the most important thing in my universe, bunny. I was looking forward to tonight, too.”

She sat on the edge of her bed and brought her knees up to her chest.

“Look, Tom’s working my shift too, so he’ll pick me up here in a few minutes. I’m leaving some cash behind and my credit card. I want you to order pizza or Chinese food or whatever you want. I’ll be home at two, and if you’re still up, I’ll work on your forgiveness, all right? Try to get your homework done so we can have fun tomorrow night, instead.”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t wanna to miss tomorrow,” she replied tersely. “If it’s anything like tonight I’ll want to bring my camera.”

She heard him sigh. “I love you, snuggle bunny. Be good.”

Be good. They were always telling her to be good. Hard not to be good when she couldn’t go anywhere or do anything.

It wasn’t long before she heard him call out that he was leaving, then the front door closed. She was already done with the opening paragraph of her report, just because there wasn’t anything else to do. She hadn’t wanted to leave the room, because Josh was getting her cold shoulder, and if she had gone down to grab a snack, he’d probably have been there with a cupcake and a hug and then she wouldn’t have been able to keep from forgiving him.

She didn’t want to forgive him right now; she wanted to be upset! She wanted someone to snuggle with and who would pay attention to her—it was one of those needs that she had ignored for years until she’d moved here. And Liz, Charlie, and Josh had gotten her addicted to attention and affection like crack!

She left her room, padded down the stairs in her bare feet, and walked to the kitchen. On top of the island, she saw neat stack of twenties—three of them—and a note:


I’ll spoil you in person soon. I promise.

You’re on your own tonight, so I’d suggest no scary movies, but I’ll be home soon to cuddle you through your inevitable onslaught of nightmares if you do.

Love you, Doll

Uncle Josh

She pursed her lips and then, since nobody was around to give her a swat, stuck her tongue out at the note. It only brought home the fact that Josh wasn’t going to be there until nearly dawn. Until then, she was on her own.

On her own. She hated it. She hated feeling this lonely; it was ridiculous!

She grabbed a Popsicle from the freezer and sat down at a stool in the island, staring at the car keys in front of her. They were Josh’s. He must have just put them down when he came home and hadn’t picked them up again since he’d carpooled to work.

Which meant his Jeep was still there.

She turned her head slowly in the direction of the pool house.

Her bottom cringed as she thought of an idea. She pulled out her cellphone and typed: “Still need a car? My hot date fell through.”

She knew that Josh would kill her if she took the car anywhere. She didn’t have her license, she didn’t have his permission, and she had no insurance. But, that being said, last week Josh had gushed about how much better she was getting behind the wheel.

She could do this. She could have fun with her friends, have a girls’ night out, and then put the car safely back in the garage without anyone being the wiser.

Sophie wanted to kick her own ass. Why did she think she was going to get away with this? “You are one lucky little girl, let me tell you,” the ER doctor said when he came in and shined his penlight in her eye. “That was a bad accident, Miss Benny.”

“I’ll say!” she agreed. Josh’s car was totaled.

He was going to make her into hamburger. She almost wished she had gotten a worse injury—like a concussion or a broken arm. It wouldn’t have felt great, but it would save her from a whole lot of spanking.

She had no idea how she was going to look Josh in the face. With one stupid night out with the girls, she had ruined their relationship. All for what? A trip to the mall? A movie? Some ice cream? No, she did it for revenge.

Well, she didn’t crash the car for revenge. That deer came out of nowhere. She was so damn close to home, too. She only had a couple more blocks before she was home free. She was going to celebrate by finishing off her book report while watching a scary movie.

Now she didn’t need the extra scare. She’d been so freaked by the car rolling over—twice—that she just wanted to throw up and curl into a ball somewhere. Maybe with the giant stuffed bunny Daddy bought for her for Christmas.

“You’re going through a little bit of shock, but not too bad. You might feel a little bruised tomorrow, but you’re in one piece, thank God. The police will come in here and talk to you, but if you have anyone you want me to call, then…”

She shook her head. “I don’t know the number off the top of my head, and my cellphone didn’t survive.” She sighed. “Wait—can you call Christ Cross hospital? I need to talk to an ob-gyn on call right now named Josh Hobbes.”

“You’re pregnant?” the doctor asked, startled, and looking through the sheets with a new fury.

“No, no.” She put her hand over her eyes. “It’s his car I crashed.”

Her doctor, God bless him, went to the phone on the wall. “You’re at Christ Cross,” he informed her, looking at her worriedly. “I know Josh. I’ll try to get a hold of him before the police tell him about the crash and he assumes the worst.”

A chill ran up her spine. If the police wouldn’t give him any information on her, and they called him already about his car, Josh was going to be a mess!

The doctor couldn’t reach Josh, and so he sent a nurse to track him down while cops came into the room and started asking questions about the accident, if she had had permission to use the car, or if she’d stolen it. The cops were very unsympathetic that she was scared out of her mind, but it seemed to end when Josh came into the room, darted in front of them, and grabbed her into his arms and against his chest. “Are you okay?” he asked, finally pulling back enough to look at her as if expecting her to be sporting casts and stitches. “Jesus—I was out of my mind. They wouldn’t tell me where you were, what happened to you, if you were hurt…”

“I’m okay,” she assured, choking out the word. “I’m so sorry about your car.”

“Sweetheart, I only care that you’re safe. We’ll talk about the car later, okay?”

“Hey—are you Dr. Joshua R. Hobbes?” the police officer asked after listening in on their conversation. “We talked on the phone earlier.”

Josh was pissed. “Yes, and you were oh-so-helpful. Regarding any and all important information. God forbid you tell me if she was okay.” He stepped forward and the cop actually stepped back; maybe because Josh towered over him by about five inches and about seventy pounds. “If you have a ticket to write, write it. She was driving without a license, but I’m not pressing charges about my goddamned car. You want to write me a fine for the crash? Write me the fine. And then go.”

“Look, you’re not her emergency contact or an immediate family member. You have no right to be told anything personal,” the cop defended himself.

“Oh, well then thanks for following protocol to the letter! Now I have medical questions to discuss with her, so go outside and do whatever paperwork you need to get done so I can take her home!” he boomed.

The cops, blinking, turned and left the room, even shutting the door behind them. Josh was back at Sophie’s side with her face in both of his hands in the next heartbeat. “Thanks for contacting me, Rich,” he told the elderly doctor who was writing something into his electronic tablet.

“Sure,” the old man said with a shrug. “She is one lucky duck. She’s fine, just a little in shock from the accident and only a small bruise from the safety belt; I’m surprised her collarbone’s not broken. If she were an inch or two shorter, I’d tell you to get a special safety belt or booster seat for her.” He tried to throw Josh a teasing grin, Sophie noticed, but it fell flat since Josh was too busy pulling down the neck of her shirt and checking out the bruise already formed at her collar and shoulder.

“Who is she, by the way?” he asked Josh. “I mean, to you?”

“She is my world, Rich. My girlfriend for now, if you want to get technical.” Her stomach churned at the words, ‘for now.’ Even as he called her his world, which Josh had told her before because he loved to wax eloquent around her, those words sounded foreboding. Did he mean that by next week she might not be anything to him? “Can I see her chart?” Josh asked, and the doctor passed him a metal binder, which he immediately flipped through.

“She doesn’t have anything wrong with her a good paddling wouldn’t help,” Richard assured. Sophie’s eyes went wide at the words, and Josh looked up with curiosity, even though the doctor was probably joking, judging by his gentle smirk.

“And when do you think she’ll be well enough for that?” Josh asked frankly.

The doctor blinked, and Sophie felt her stomach do flips. Never in her life was she so humiliated. “For what?”

“A good paddling,” Josh replied, returning to the clipboard. “I agree with you on that front.”

The doctor looked her way, confused, and somehow the expression of pure horror she had on her face made him lean toward Josh, lowering his voice. “Well, she’s really as good as she could be, considering. The adrenalin might give her a headache, but she’s just gotten a bit shaken up. Other than that, she seems right as rain. If she gets any more symptoms, though, make sure to call me or take her into her normal physician.”

Her posture crumbled when she recognized that she was in hell: the only place where an actual doctor would give her boyfriend advice on when to spank her! Was she in the Twilight Zone or something?

Josh passed back the clipboard. “Feeling a little shaky, bunny?” he asked her.

She nodded, miserable.

“So am I,” he admitted, but he picked her up into his arms. “I think it’s time we go home and crawl into bed.”

He called a taxi for them, and made her talk to both Liz and Charlie on the way home. Josh had called them as soon as the police told him his car had crashed and he couldn’t get a hold of Sophie on her cellphone.

They’d been packing up their things at their hotel when Sophie called Charlie and Liz, apparently they were aiming on heading right home. “Don’t do that!” she begged. “Just go to sleep and save up your energy for bawling me out tomorrow, okay?”

“This isn’t a time for jokes!” Charlie barked over the line. She was on speakerphone so Liz or Charlie could yell at her at the same time if they wanted to. “Do you have any idea what could have happened to you?”

“Death!” Liz snapped. “The jaws of life! People normally don’t walk out of a car rolling 180s down the road! What were you thinking?”

“At the time?” she replied, unable to help herself. She was tired and humiliated as it was. “I recall that I was thinking, ‘Golly, that’s a big deer!’”

“Give me the phone,” Josh demanded with exasperation, grabbing the phone out of her hands. “Hey,” he said into the receiver. He shook his head to something they were saying, “No, she’s really all right. Physically. She probably got the fright of her life. She won’t need coffee for the rest of her life… Neither will I.” He looked up. “Jesus.” He rubbed his hand over his face before dropping it and finding her hand and squeezing it tight. “… No, I left work. When your girlfriend nearly eats it, your colleagues let you take the night off.”

She was looking out the window for a moment before she found her body rolling toward his. She pressed her face to his chest, and he put his arm around her as he seconded the opinion that Charlie and Liz stay in the city for the night and head back the next day as planned.

He was being so gentle with her; if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d actually made his plans known to the doctor at the hospital, she might be so clueless as to think he hadn’t even thought of punishing her. He hadn’t brought up his car—the car that he loved so much—the whole evening. His only concern was her.

She listened to the constant, firm, yet soothing ka-thumping of his heart and was dozing by the time they pulled up at home.

Josh paid the driver and lifted her to carry her inside. She could walk, but she liked him carrying her. She felt closer to him this way, clinging to his strength and support. He didn’t put her down until they got to her bed. He began to pull her shoes off.

He looked exhausted. “You look like you need sleep more than I do,” she said, giving an awkward chuckle.

He raised his eyebrows, but didn’t smile. “Do you want to brush your teeth and wash your face while I get some pajamas out?” he asked her.

She nodded, wringing her hands on her knees.

“Okay,” he said, and she padded into the bathroom.

She felt butterflies everywhere; not just in her stomach, but in her shoulders and elbows. She wondered if she was going to get spanked when she came out of the bathroom, and was surprised when she saw that he’d pulled his clothes off and was lying in her bed, sleeping, in only his boxer shorts. Her pajamas, purple and covered with cutesy dragonflies, were an arm’s length away from him. She pulled off her clothes and then tugged on her pajamas before turning off the lights and crawling into bed with him. Instead of using her pillow, she rested her head on his chest.

She didn’t know if she really had gone to sleep or not until she woke up to the feeling of Josh combing his fingers through her hair. She glanced up at him and saw him staring at the ceiling. She didn’t know what he was thinking about; she didn’t really want to know. She felt so stupid, so ridiculous, and she had acted so childishly, she didn’t even want to pick his brain.

Instead, she sat up slightly so she could be level with his face, where she kissed him. She gave him a small, testing one at first, and then a harder one. Slowly, he returned her kisses with his own delving tongue, the intensity increasing between them until he turned his body. He pressed his hands on both sides of her, kissing her like his life depended on it with a dominating, masterful presence, pushing her into the mattress. He reached up and began to tug off her pajama top.

Her heart fluttered, and it was hard to swallow. Now that they weren’t kissing, she could see the expression on his face. It was hungry, even bestial. She could feel his stiff bulge press against her groin.

She knew then that it was finally going to happen—as long as she kept breathing and didn’t pass out. She’d forgotten to breathe altogether as she assessed his possible intentions.

He began to kiss her again in a way that made her moan. Soon she felt his hand cup her groin, and then his thumb pressed against where he knew her clit was. She ground her hips into it, loving the feeling, the closeness… the way his mouth lowered to her nipple as he moved his body off of her just enough to tug off her pants and panties impatiently.

He replaced his hand after her clothes were heaved off the bed and she could feel every groove of his callused hand and the way his thumb felt as it moved across her swollen clit.

“You’re soaked,” he groaned, circling her sensitive little nub again.

She took in a breath, feeling an orgasm about to hit her. Normally she wasn’t this easy; there was just something about this moment, and the anticipation, and his possessiveness.

He pulled his hand back. “Sophie—don’t come,” he ordered her. “Not yet.”

Her breath rumbled. “I… I can’t help it.” That being said, she was rocking her hips up, searching for his hand again. “I need—”

Again, he kissed her. “I know, baby. I’m gonna give it to you. Just relax for me.”

She groped blindly for his boxers, desperate for him to put himself into her. This natural urge was tormenting her. He grabbed her hands, pulled them up, and kissed her fingertips. “Relax,” he said in a soft coo, like one might talk to a frightened bird.

She swallowed and found that she was trembling. She wasn’t afraid; she knew it would probably hurt, but she wasn’t scared of it. She could do pain.

He lowered his head and kissed down the length of her body, tenderly kissing her mound.

“Don’t,” she gasped, clamping her thighs together. “I’ll come. I’m close.”

He smoothly removed his boxers, then she felt his fingers folding around hers as he moved his body up and over hers. She could feel his heartbeat through his chest when he pressed his body lightly on hers, and it hadn’t changed. It wasn’t racing like hers was; it was steady, soothing, constant.

He wasn’t nervous about this; he looked perfectly confident, even serious. “You’re mine,” he suddenly growled over her.

She blinked, startled slightly, but then nodded. “Yours.”

“And you’ll continue to be mine,” he told her. She felt the head of his cock search for her wet entrance and she wanted it in her so much. “Understand me? This isn’t a fling. This is the start of forever.”

She looked into his eyes. There was love, lust, and an unabashed amount of possession and dedication there. She didn’t want a fling, either. She never did—she wanted what she already had. They’d talked about this; talked about this until the sun came up. Josh had gone almost monogamous for her, and wanted the same from her.

She nodded her head soberly, feeling like she was in the middle of saying wedding vows.

Josh’s lips found her neck and he ran his cock over her slick entrance. It was making her writhe, and making him moan. He kept his weight on one arm, and with the other, he was guiding it around her entrance, then he parted her legs even wider and continued.

She felt like the teasing might go on forever; he wasn’t letting her move against him much, since he had her pinned. He was running the show completely… And then he looked down at her in a way that made her panic and avert her eyes.

“Sophie, look at me.” She had to force herself to move her head back so she was looking straight up at him. “Keep looking at me, okay?”

She nodded and she felt the crown of his cock press into her. It was huge. She tried to spread her thighs even more, even though it was impossible, just to give him more room to be inside of her. There was burning, but not the amount of pain she was warned about.

“You’re so tight, bunny,” he panted. He groaned, sounding like he was in pain, but then he stopped.

For a second, she thought he wasn’t going to fit. Maybe she was too small—

Suddenly he circled her waist with his arm and, in a swift, violent motion, pushed his cock forward into her helpless body.

She screamed and tried to pry her body away from his, trying to get away from the pain, but he wouldn’t let her. He just pushed relentlessly further into her tight sheath. “Josh, stop. Stop, please! It hurts,” she whimpered, feeling tears escape her eyes and fall down her cheeks. She tried to struggle away from him again, but it didn’t work. “It hurts so much, just stop.” She turned her head away from his, trying to figure out how to get her mind around this.

“Sophie, baby, look at me,” he ordered again, and his hand came up and swept her tears off her cheeks. He was still sinking deeper and deeper. Sweat began to bead on his forehead. “The pain will go away.”

“No, it won’t!” she argued angrily, as if she’d been tricked.

He pushed more, and then groaned and stilled. “I’m all the way inside of you, honey. Take a second. Breathe.”

She couldn’t breathe. She was too angry about the pain, about how he was inflicting it on her. “I don’t want it anymore,” she whimpered. “Take it out.” She was certain that if he pulled it out now, the burning and stinging pain would go away. Why was he being so merciless?

She felt his thumb press against her clit, teasing her. She narrowed her eyes at him, but then… the pain started to actually ebb.

“That’s a good bunny,” he cooed in her ear. He seemed to know exactly the right second the pain inside began to fade away. “Uncle Josh is gonna make you feel really good now.”

God help her, she always got aroused by his dirty talk… and for some reason, referring to himself as ‘Uncle Josh’ qualified. She curled her toes and wrapped her legs around his back.

The only thing she had to see Josh with was the moonlight beaming through a nearby window, but there was still light enough to see his lip curl into a smirk. He began to pull his length out of her, slowly, and she moaned. Once she thought he was about to leave her completely, he pushed all the way back into her with force, causing her to gasp. She grasped her fingers around his shoulders. He had literally taken her breath away.

It wasn’t painful anymore, but it was so tight. She felt like she could feel his every ridge, even his heartbeat inside of her. Her eyes fluttered. How could something that was feeling so lousy suddenly feel so damn good? “Uncle… Josh…” she groaned as his thrusting within her quickened.

“Ohh, baby girl. I should be strapping the hell out of your naughty little ass, but you make me insane,” he panted. “I wanted you so bad. I wanted this so bad. I wanted this little cunny of yours wrapped around my cock…” He squinted, paused, and then continued. “So fucking tight. So beautiful.” He gasped, “I’ll take it slow.”

But Josh didn’t want to take it slow. It was written all over his face; he was holding himself back, and it was agonizing to him. Uncle Josh had a lot of control.

Tonight wasn’t about control. She could feel his aggression in the air. He wanted to, maybe even needed to, lose himself. She took a deep breath. “Uncle Josh—fuck me hard.”

His eyes lowered and he focused on her with his most predatory gaze. “You want me to take you harder?” His voice was such a growl that she almost couldn’t pick out his words.

“Give me all you got,” she told him bravely. She curled her arms tighter around his neck. “I need you.”

“You trust me?” he asked her, his voice low. She felt both of his strong arms wrap around her waist.

“Yeah,” she panted, although she was quickly beginning to lose her nerve. She felt like she had just signed up for something that was going to hurt.

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